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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  September 7, 2020 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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public safety power shutoffs. pg&e has contacted about 158,000 customers in about 21 counties of possible public safety power shutoffs because of these extreme fire conditions. concerns mounting for more wildfires anpower shutoffs amid the latest record-break heat wave across the bay area. welcome to the 4, i'm andre senior. >> and i'm cristina rendon, and we're in for heather and alexander today. we begin with the hot weather. a a deadly stabbing flex alert remains in effect until at least 9:00 tonight, early sunday morning, around and seven being told to reduce 4:00 a.m., at second and their electricity use whenever broadway at a commercial area possible to avoid rolling officers arrived and said they blackouts. a red flag warning is going found a manned who been stabbed into effect for much of the once.
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he was pronounced dead at the north bay where strong, gusty scene. no arrests have been made and no motive has been determined offshore winds are happening. in the killing. there is also extreme heat and a manhunt is underway in dry conditions that have authorities concerned about new england's second largest city. fire danger. police say someone killed a man the national weather service warning is in effect from 10:00 and injured 7 others when he went on a quote stabbing spree tonight through 8:00 a.m. wednesday. and the biggest threat in the across birmingham. four different locations were north bay includes the sonoma targeted, too, and investigators still aren't sure mountain range, and much of the of the motive, saying the northwestern portion of sonoma victims were stabbed at random. county, and also covers the another weekend of unrest east bay hills and santa cruz as the nation continues to grapple with the issues of systemic racism and police mountains. pg&e could issue public safety brutality. power shutoffs tonight as early rochester, new these portland, oregon, and as tonight for napa county. they would deenergize lines and equipment to prevent fires from protests show no signs of starting during windy conditions. pg&e said this is the first time this fire season it has issued a psps watch. slowing down. jackie ibanez has thlaeporter: depending on the weather, the watch could turn into a new york, has erupted in anger warning, and that means power following the release of a 41- shutoffs are virtually imminent. pg&e said affected homeowner year-old's fatal encounter with will bed by the text, e-mail,
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police back in march that shows officers putting a spit hood call if that does over prude's head and pinning him to the ground for two happen. we have live team coverage now. minutes. despite facing criticism over how long it took for prude's death to become public, rochester's mayor refusing to tom vacars a more. resign. >> it is my solemn duty as the as we approach the fire season, mayor of this city to honor mr. though, we go first to rosemary corks who is tracking the prude, to not let his death be numbers. this is the second day in a row in rain is and do everything possible to change how we that ght, and we do have police or city to react and serve our residents. >> reporter: in portland, advisories stilt in place for protesters gathering for the another few hours. the heat advisory and the 101st consecutive night sunday. many were arrest during the excessive heat warning going until 9:00 this evening. weekend's fiery demonstrations. the advisory that is shaded some peek threw rocks and yellow there includes the firebombs at officers who entire coastline, as well as responded with tear gas. areas right over san francisco, others flowed molotov cocktails, sparking on fire. away from the coast in san francisco. that shade of orange indicates meanwhile, jacob blake speaking out from his hospital bed since a the excessive heat warning, with even a few areas looking police officer in kenosha, wisconsin, shot him seven times at 110 or so. i am seeing a little bit of change in the way of good news.
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in the back. we are looking at the coastline >> your life, and not only just your life, your legs, something right now. that you need to move around half moon bay reporting 72 and move forward in life can be taken from you like this, man. degrees. it's a very warm day in oakland, at 89, but (snapping fingers) not as hotted a yesterday. it is 112 in concord, and san well, coming up, after aft jose at 103. break records once again for afternoon highs. here a look at the 24-hour temperature change. beaumont, doctors were warning a very weak onshore breeze about the dangers of colon cancer. pulling in and giving us a bit of a drop in those numbers. down by 13 half moon bay, and the east bay sure at 1 point warmer this afternoon than yesterday has also dropped with hayward down by allow 11 degrees. our inland cities, it will take a little longer before you begin to feel that impact. still a very warm day, hot day, and as we turn the corner on this heat, as cristina has been
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talking about, a heightened risk of fire danger. more on that in a little bit. the national weather service is about to shift gears from an extreme heat warning to officially declare a red flag warning in the north bay, and that could force power outages. tom vacar joins us now with more on that part of the story. tom? >> reporter: well, this is a case of potentially going directly from the frying pan directly into the fire, especially for napa, sonoma, and lake counties, because they have already been served with warning that they could have public safety power shutoffs. northern california's extreme heat low l soon be accompanied by extreme fire danger. >> pg&e has contacted about
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158,000 customers in about 21 counties, of a possible public safety fire shutoff because of these extreme fire conditions that our meteorologists are tracking. > >> reporter: deputy cal nearly chief jonathan cox said heat and wind favor fires, not firefighters. >> it's really a two-pronged one,-two punch for us, reducing our ability to stop these fires. >> reporter: at the moment, the bay area's biggest problem remains intense relentless heat taxing the power grid. all utilities on the grid are obligated to conduct rolling outages on just 10 minutes notice if ordered to do so by hi, i'm fighting for the grid operators to prevent an last shred of civil rights that we have, and you're too stupid overall grid collapse. to figure it out! >> well, this happened in >> these record-breaking temperatures, triple-digit heat, demand guess up. phoenix. a customer at nail salon losing more people are using their her temper when asked to comply fans and air conditioners. >> reporter: even without with holt orders and wear a mandated outages, a lot of equipment is operating at mask. rhonda snider recorded this capacity, especially transformers, some of which video saturday at do nails,
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saying this woman did not wear will fail, causing local outages without notice. a face covering for her >> and the equipment just does pedicure. she said the woman then got not have time to cool down, so into a heated argument with we want our customers to be another customer who had asked prepared for possible heat- related pour outages. her to put on a mask. >> reporter: the still active signs inside and outside of the salon clearly spell out that lnu, scu, and czu fires have masks are required. >> it's not a personal cause to me. it's just something you do out forced pg&e to de-energize of respect for other human beings and to be kind. certain lines for repairs, making it tougher for grid >> well, clinical psychologists operators to reroute fire. >> over the next 24 to 48 say isolation, anxiety, fear, and lifestyle changes during hours, just means that we're the pandemic may be causing going to be chasing interior this type of behavior in some pockets that may be burning, stumps that may ignite because people. >> ride-sharing company lyft said it may be pulling out of of the wind coming back on the california. fire. >> reporter: intense smoke in a sworn statement, lyft's ceo said the business may be forced to leave in the state or from the fires near power part of the state if it is transmission lines can have have had lines actually short forced to reclassify drivers as employees. a san francisco superior court judge recently granted an injunction to give ride-sharing out, again without notice. happened in the hens fire. companies more time for a plan
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to comply. uber has also threatened to leave the state after the tom, we know that last year november election. the death of actor chadwick boseman has more people taking after the initial power safety power shutoffs, the governor a new look at cancer, which called for an investigation. do we know if there is any many thought younger patients movement in that investigation were safe from. lauren blanchard takes a look that the governor called last year? >> reporter: yes, there was at the rise of colon cancer cases for people under the age movement. of 50. >> listen to your body. pg&e has completely revamped its system, so that the power if it doesn't feel right and outages are not only small are, but they are also shorter. it's not acting t,ce. now, that's what they said. that's what they say they have >> reporter: she was diagnosed prepared for, and they have with colon cancer at just 38 convinced regulators that that years old. is probably the case. the interesting news will be unfortunately her diagnosis is what will they do and how will become more common. it actually turn out if they the world was stunned when have to do these power outages chadwick boseman's family during these next few days. announced the 43-year-old black we shall see. >> yeah, everyone will be panther actor died from stage 4 watching to see how that turns colon cancer. it's not often diagnosed in those under 50, but doctors and oncologists say data shows a out. thank you, tom. all right, well, pg&e says concerning trend. >> about a decade, about a as many as 17 counties could be affected by the shutoffs. here in the bay area, they quarter of all colorectal
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cancers will be in people under include napa, sonoma, and san the age of 50. mateo counties, as well as lake >> reporter: this medical team counties. to find out if your home could along with others say they are be affected, go to trying to raise awareness. >> colorectal cancer is not an and rosemary talking about old white man's disease. >> reporter: this year 1% of another triple-digit temperature day. we have maureen naylor now with more on how people are faring all colorectal cancer cases will be in people under 50, and in some of the hot else parts of the bay area. younger age groups have had the marijuana? >> maintain ear? >> well, it's not a matter of steepest rise in cases. 12%. >> they are not comfortable if, but how many records will talking about the colonoscopy, and sticking something where the sun don't shine. >> reporter: and health people be broken today. . >> reporter: it wasn't even noon when the temperature went watch for warning signs. above the century mark this labor day. >> even if it's rectal >> well, we wanted to get out early and get home before it bleeding, if it's painful bowel movements, change in bowel gets brutal, but we've been in movements, bloating, whatever it might be. the house for six months. >> reporter: one doctor is staying in another day is not going to happen. >> reporter: bay area running clinical trials to treat colon cancer and figure residents already in the middle of a pandemic now dealing with out what causes it in younger patients. a record-breaking heat wave unfortunately for much of the year, covid-19 meant fewer people were being screened and
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this holiday weekend. in livermore, a cooling center fewer were enrolling in trials. opened for the third straight day, but the aquatic cent here >> we are fully operational in terms of our trials, so we're that would normally offer some relief remains closed because hoping that that enrollment will pick up. >> reporter: the biggest of the coronavirus. >> definitely not as busy as it normally is on labor day message? weekend. >> reporter: three-day weekend >> colorectal cancer is 90% preventible when caught early or when you get your screening. is normally a big business day for this restaurant, and the it absolutely can save your owner said that business is down an additional 30% this labor day weekend compared of p life. that's kind of a danger is coming out. >> reporter: owner dimitri hear already invested tens of thousands of dollars to improve we could see power outages. the outdoor dining area, and now is paying more to adapt some planned, some not. >> it's really a pro-pronged with this record heat. >> we're putting up tents and we put fans and misters out, to one-two punch for us, as really try to cool people down, but uses our ability to stop these even in 100-degree weather, it doesn't really do a lot. fires. >> reporter: about 30 minutes >> the fire danger could get worse in the coming days.
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north in antioch, an unusual i'm frank umpire is. sight for such a hot day, empty >> and i'm julie haener. pools sitting still. the antioch water park posted signs it is closed this day because of the poor air quality, and called those with reservations to cancel. residents and business owners having to adapt to the ongoing we first begin with chief challenges of 2020. meteorologist bill martin. >> and one business owner tells bill, another day of record- break heat. >> yeah, where do you go but me he keeps pivoting, right to the heat, julie. adjusting, and moving forward each day. yesterday was unimaginable. >> yeah, i just feel so bad for the number of records all of these business owners that have had to move outside, and then they get hit with this heat. i can't imagine how difficult it is for all of them. >> well, especially when you're relying on outdoors. he said yesterday in livermore when it reached a record 111, he said roughly at this time, about 4:30 in the afternoon, it was a ghost town, and people only started returning around 7:30 p.m. when it finally started cooling
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off a bit. >> well, hopefully they can get some business as things cool off into the weekend. thank you, maureen. many cities across the bay area are offering cooling centers as a place for people to cool down in this heat. shear seen from concord where the senior center will be open from 1:00 this afternoon until 6:00 tonight. for a full list of what is opened, we have posted a list on our website at san francisco's ocean beach draws people from across the city and bay area looking for relief during record-breaking temperatures like we're dealing with right now. surfers and swimmers crowded the sand and surf, even though the parking lot there was was ed, and inland, people were with the smoke and the heat. >> hot, muggy, smoky. stay hydrated, stay in the shade. >> we're in the bay, so we're enjoying the cool breeze coming
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off the bay. >> well, even people who are used to very hot summers were looking to cool off. one family told us ocean beach was cooler than their own home in modesto. we'll have more on people flocking to bay area beaches coming up at 4:30. well, up next, a deadly shooting in san francisco. what we're learning from police about the incident that left one person dead two others wounded. plus we will also have more on what we're learning about what sparked a wildfire in savannah bernie county. the charges that could be filed here. ♪
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(vo) i have the best job in the world. i get to remind people of their grandmother's conchitas. give the little kids cookies... and celebrate birthdays with all our neighbors. hopefully, we'll be part of this community for many, many more years. ♪ people are looking for change, for answers.
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one answer is at your fingertips, the 2020 census. census takers will be visiting households to make sure we are counted. because an undercounted community could miss out on billions of funding for schools, healthcare and job assistance each year for the next ten years. too much is at stake. respond online today. shape your future. start here at well, one person was shot and skilled in san francisco. it happened around 12:15 this morning on mission street near ocean, not far from balboa park. officers said they found three people who had been shot, and
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one of them ultimately died. police are still looking for the shooter. police are also looking at another shoot on the great highway near ocean beach that happened at about 11:15 last night. police say the suspects ran from the scene, and the person who was shot was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. well, criminal charges could be filed against a family that started a fire during a gender reveal party in san bernardino county. fire investigators say the el dorado fire was caused by a smoke-generating pyrotechnic device being used during that gender reveal party. the fire started saturday morning in the el dorado ranch park area. the fire has burned more than 11 square miles and is just 5% contained. hundreds of people to be evacuated. and now to fresno county,
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where firefighters continue battling the creek fire. it is still burning and exploded in size saturday afternoon in the sierra national forest. it is located in the rugle foothills of fresno county. it has now burned 79,000 acres and still zero percent contained. the flames have destroyed more than 30 homes in the bear of big creek. more than 200 people were rescued by helicopter, who were trapped near a popular holiday camping area. rescue teams could not make it to mammoth pool area, leading to this urgent message. >> they are going to have to go to the water. that is your safest bet. if the fire keeps coming up to the shore edge, they need to get into the water. that will be their safest bet. >> scary moments there. this is video showing many of those evacuees getting off the
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military helicopters early sunday morning. a triage center was immediately set up there on the airport runway to treat the injured. many evacuees suffered minor burns and broken bones. governor gavin newsom has issued a state of new jersey foreign five counties. fresno, madeira, california set a new state record for the most acres burned in a year. more than 2 million acres have burned. well, all lnu lightning complex fire evacuation orders in the north bay have been lifted now. cal fire says crews have seen limited growth in the walbridge and hens fires and both areas are now safe enough for people topossible
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road closures and delays. cal fire that crews are working to clean up and reinforce containment lines. thousands of firefighters have been on the front lines battling the three fires burning around the bay area for three weeks now. 7 people have died from those fires, and more than 3,000 buildings have been destroyed, many of them homes. and here is a look at the containment numbers. the largest fire, the scu lightning complex fire, well, that is now 93% contained. officials say they believe full containment will be reached within a week. more than 619 square miles have burned so far. the lnu lightning complex fire is 91% contained, and burned more than 586 square miles across five counties, and to the south, more than 135 square miles have burned in the czu lightning complex fire.
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containment there has reached 76%. in marin county containment continues to grow in the woodward fire that is now 90% contained. more than 7.5 square miles have burned. evacuation orders on the north side have been downgraded to warnings now. so that's good news. well, there are signs of support around the bay area for first responders and ktvu wants to share your photos. take a photo of your sign of thanks, and then upload that photo to help us honor first responders throughout the month of september. scan the qr code on your screen, or go to our website, support to upload your photo. another hot one, especially inland. i would be remiss if i did not point out we have a little
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cooling going on along the coastline and inside the bay, which is some good news as the high pressure begins to weaken. we are looking at the red flag warning we've been talking about since the top of the hour that begins this evening for north and east bay hills, and the santa cruz mountains included as well. for santa cruz mountains, it will start tomorrow morning and go through wednesday morning. for very dry conditions and breezy, gusty conditions. here is a look at the current winds right now. take a look at fairfield. there's a nice surprise there. an onshore breeze to 26 miles per hour gusting through there. that is helping us out a little this afternoon with the temperatures. you go inland, though, it's another scorcher. triple-digit heat and record- brick height this afternoon. here is a look at what is going on just 5,000 feet up. notice the direction of the flow coming from a different area. eventually it's going to be northeast, and when it does, it
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becomes critically dry, and also usually tends to warm us up, and with that, we are looking at fire danger starting tonight. the air quality out there, good to moderate around the bay area. we've got moderate air quality over the north bay. i do see a few areas that are slightly unhealthy. the inner east bay, as well as portions of the south bay, unhealthy for our sensitive groups. and this shifts over towards the santa cruz area. as we get into tomorrow, another "spare the air" day with many areas expected to remain unhealthy for sensitive groups, those susceptible to the haze and smoke. temperatures 82 in san francisco. low 90s in berkeley. triple-digit heat inland, east bay, south bay, and through the east bay. i'll have a look at temperatures coming up, all the way into the weekend. more on this coming up. coming up, president trump
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focusing on the economy this th the election continues. plus the latest on efforts for another stimulus check for americans amid the covid-19 pandemic. and coming up tonight in prime time, catch draft day. that begins at 8:00. and then that's followed by the 10:00 and 11:00 news, right here on ktvu channel 2. dear california...
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we know these are challenging times. rest assured, you are not alone. we've all had to adapt. and with summer here, your energy bills might go up with rising temperatures. together, we can save energy and money. try closing your shades during the day... setting your ac to 78° or higher... or cooling off with a fan when you can. united we are always stronger. stay well, california, and keep it golden.
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unemployed a cans can expect to receive an extra $300 a week in benefits. the supplemental payment will be available to anyone who currently receives at least $100 a week in unemployment benefits, and is unemployed because of the pandemic. these supplemental payments will be retroactive to august 1st. for right now, they are only guaranteed to cover three weeks for a total of $900 per person. the money comes from funds set
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aside for federal disaster relief. california lawmakers have approved an emergency audit of the state's unemployment agency. thed a will it address numerous reports of backlogged claims call center operation in efficiency, and fraudulent claims being paid. the agency has processed almost 12 million claims of the past six months. new poll numbers focusing on the upcoming election show what is happen not guilty the presidential race. an affect of polls released over the past week shows joe biden leading president trump by nearly 7 points. 49.7% to 42.8%. president trump has the edge on the economy, but voters in most of the polls indicated they have greater trust in the former vice president on most other issues, especially when it comes to handling a crisis. and speaking of joe biden this labor day, the presidential nominee for the democratic party is campaigning in the swing state of pennsylvania. the former vice president took part in a virtual event from
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the pennsylvania afl-cio headquarter, speaking with the union. and taking questions from union members. >> you're the folks breaking your necks, risking your lives keeping the country going, in our hospitals, on our streets and our schools. i've said it time and again, and i'll say it again and again. wall street did not build this country. you did. the great american middle class and the middle class was built by unions. >> vice presidential nominee kamala harris was in wisconsin today where she toured the international brotherhood of electrical workers training facility in milwaukee. she took part in a roundtable with black business owners. president trump highlights the august job report in a labor speech ahead of a week of campaign events. as david spunt from water tells us, it comes as coronavirus
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relief negotiations remain at a stalemate. >> reporter: president trump addressing the country on labor day from the white house, and with less than two months until the election, the president is putting the focus on the economy. >> we're currently witnessing the fastest labor market recovery from an economic crisis in history. world hist prim. >> reporter: president trump touting last week's promising job report, 1.4 million jobs added in august. the unemployment range of punishment dropping to 8.4%, down from 10%. >> we're rebounding much more quickly from the pandemic. in july, the congressional budget office was projecting unemployment over 10.5% through the end of 2020. >> reporter: labor secretary eugene scalia praising the numbers, but said there are still certain industries where progress can be made. >> shanahan industry that i've focused on, because we're still down about 700,000 jobs from where we were there in
4:28 pm
february. >> reporter: meanwhile, democrats say more needs to be done to rebound from the pandemic, but coronavirus relief negotiations remain at a standpoint. chuck schumer announcing on monday he will not support the proposed gop relief bill which he said fails to address state and local aid, as well as mass transit. >> it is a bill that they're using to sort of check the box. their bill is an emaciated bill. it's not even a skinny bill. it doesn't help in so many different ways. >> reporter: the president will host a campaign rally in north carolina on tuesday, before heading to another rally in michigan later this week. the white house is threatening to withhold federal funding from california federal schools and they implement the new york times 1619 project is on their occurric up wills. it celebrates on american history told through the lens
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of black americans, beginning when slaves were brought to the virginia colony in 1619. the president tweeted the u.s. department of education quote looking into a unverified claim that the project was being taught in california schools. a spokesperson from the california department of education has not commented on the matter. coming up, check before you go. that's the message for people looking to beat the heat at bay area beaches, as many closures in place due to the covid-19 pandemic. plus getting children back to classrooms here in the bay area. the county where in-person learning could start as early as tomorrow. and we always will. ♪ ♪ for people.
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well, we all know it is hot outside, so if you are looking to cool off on the coast, you might want to make sure 20 check that the beach you are headed to is open. right now some bay area beaches are closed due to covid-19 concerns. >> reporter: the golden gate national recreation area is open this saturday, but at ocean beach parking lots are closed. this is why. this is video from just a couple of nights ago. hundreds gathered for a burning man event. video posted on social media showed crowds partying, having a bonfire, many not wearing masks. residents are worried crowds like this will lead to a spike in cases of covid-19. >> we seem to be doing better here in this area, as far as the covid, right? and we want to keep it going like that. >> mayor london breed called
4:33 pm
the event reckless and selfish, and announced the closure of parking lots at ocean beach through the weekend. some seemed not mind those closed lots. >> it's probably good for the community, but adam you can see, the beach doesn't not get trashed any more than normal, but it's nice. >> yeah. it's sad to see the trash all around, and i think the only answer maybe is to close the parking lots. >> reporter: beaches in half moon bay have been dealing with large crowds, as well, during the heat wave. the city council there decide keep beaches open, because they did not have the personnel to enforce closures. beaches in pacifica and santa cruz are closed, and in santa cruz people are still allowed to exercise in the water, but no lounging or strolling on the sand is allowed. california continues to see the number of coronavirus cases
4:34 pm
rise. more than 732,000 people have been investigated by the virus since the outbreak began in our state. there were 4,905 new cases reported today. according to the california department of public health, an additional 66 new deaths were also reported, too. more than 13,000 people in california have died from covid- 19. 15 individual schools in marin county will be allowed to reopen for in-person learning starting tomorrow. the transitional kindergarten through 6th grade schools applied for a waiver to reopen. they are required to comply to their school site specific protection plans submitted with their waiver. marin county said 11 other schools applied for in person waivers, and are waiting to learn whether they can reopen. the owners of up town nightclub in oakland posted a
4:35 pm
message on-line saying they can no longer stay in business due to the coronavirus shut down. it opened 15 years ago, and hosted popular bands such as green day and the alabama shakes inspect 2008, the east bay express named the uptown the bay area's best rock club. a report from the trade research firm poll star projected the live music industry could lose as much as $9 billion this year. one store own said he is fighting to stay in business like many our veenas round the bay area. >> people love our venue and other areas around the city, and given the chance they might contribute to gofundme, or buy mu do. 's only so have, or by >> the said the typical music venue in san francisco needs
4:36 pm
roughly $25,000 a month to stay open, and predicts without some kind of government aid, most venues will close for good. public health officials fighting the coronavirus outbreak are warning of a major spike in cases that could follow the labor day weekend, which saw more travel than expected and not enough social distancing precautions taken. charles watson has more on the concerns. >> reporter: this labor day weekend saw more americans hitting the rails, rodes, and skies than expected. and now public health officials are worried about a potential spike in coronavirus cases in the coming weeks. dr. anthony fauci says a cluster of states in the midwest and northeast mcclains are at the greatest risk for a surge, but there is also concern about overcrowding at beach communities on both coasts. >> people were ready to shop. people wanted to get you know, they wanted to travel and couldn't go far. >> reporter: the cdc is now asking all states to prepare
4:37 pm
vaccination centers by november 1st, but most virologists say it's unlikely a vaccine will be widely available by then. president trump using a labor day press conference to push back on critics who say he is putting speed first, not safety, when it comes to vaccine development. >> they'll say anything, and it's so dangerous for our country what they say, but the vaccine will be very safe and very effective, and it will be delivered very soon. >> meanwhile, more colleges and school districts are starting to reopen, but a growing number are being forced to transition to remote learning, including a high school in florida that canceled all in person classes until late september after six students tested positive. >> i expect there will be many more closures. parents who have younger children. i think they might want to make a plan. haven't right now there are two companies in the u.s., pfizer and moderna, that have vaccines
4:38 pm
in large-scale clinical trials. coming up, a car smashes into an apartment complex in brentwood. the structural damage to that building, and what police say caused the driver to crash. around the bay area this afternoon, baking once again, especially inland. we are beginning to see some improvement along the coast line and around the bay, but then our attention will turn to heightened fire danger. details coming up after the break. hey, my twitter is blowing up! dear jack box, bring back the spicy chicken strips, still waiting for the spicy chicken strips, so many about spicy chicken strips. wow, i hear you. so i'm bringing back my juicy 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo for only $5.99! all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo where you can find games, news and highlights. all in one place, right on your tv. the xfinity sports zone. use your voice to search every stat, standing and score.
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is it the juicy 100% all-white meat? or because you can spice them up or cool them down? or because a little birdie told me you wanted them back really bad... get my spicy chicken strips combo for only $5.99. a man critically injured in a vehicle crash last week has died from his injuries. we told you about it when it happen up and down officials say the 36-year-old passed away yesterined that the man was speeding in his suv at the time when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a tree. the vehicle then caught fire. no other cars or people were
4:41 pm
involved in this wreck. the cash shut down the capital expressway for almost 6 hours. the mans name has not been released. well, brentwood police are investigating a frightening car crash into an apartment complex. it happened around 10:00 this morning, and appeared to involve more than one say afte driver lost control, the car crashed into the complex on shady willow lane. one of the cars crashed through a patio wall and caused some structural damage. no reports, though, of any major injuries. a caravan took place in oakland this labor to help kick off the traditional fall campaign season. the campaign was care row van in support of proposition 15. if proposed, industrial property with the money generated to go to
4:42 pm
improve education in our state. >> so california is the fourth largest economy in the world. we have giant corporations here, like chevron and disney. who have been skirting on paying their taxes for years, and we've seen our public school systems get underfunded, particularly now with all of the budget cuts. it's essential we provide for the poorest among us, and there are over 100 billionaires in this state. traffic slowed down a bit on the golden gate bridge for a black lives matter labor day protest. the group wall of many black lives matter had planned to form a wall on the bridge.
4:43 pm
the chp stopped them at the entrance to the pedestrian walkway. in the chp said they were forced to close traffic lanes and some of the protesters jumped on to the roadway, it caused about 30 minutes in traffic delays. the heat, of course, is making all of the headlines. triple-digit temperatures recorded across the bay area. this is a live look outside at our camera looking at mount diablo in wall in the creek, where the temperature hit 109 today. let's check in with rosemary orozco with the latest right now. rosemary, still blazing hot. >> you're right, blazing hot is glad way of putting it. it will be hot for the next couple of days, although we are going to begin to trend downward. this time of year, the coast gets it first, the bay gets it
4:44 pm
next, and inland areas suffer at least one additional day. we have another "spare the air" day for tomorrow. to surprise. right? santa rosa now 111 degrees. san francisco downtown reporting 88, oakland 89, livermore 108, and san jose 103. a very hot day. triple-digit heat for our inland cities. along the coastline and just inside the bay, temperatures are down by 5, even 10 degrees or so, dillon beach reporting temperatures down by 20. we do have a bit of an your shore breeze bringing relief to some forecasts. this is the type of set-up we begin to see in the later summer, early fall, where we have system that will drop on the back side of the state, kind of plant into the great basin. in this case, it will be the four corners, and helps to create that offshore wind. that will develop later tonight, lasting into wednesday morning. notice the onshore breeze right now. sfo reporting 26 miles per
4:45 pm
hour. and san jose gusting to 23. that's a sight for sore ice. then you get only 5,000 feet up, and the winds are coming northwest, and eventually by tonight expected to become a little bit northeast. it's that northeast wind that will bring on the red flag warning. take a look the futurecast here. the fog tries to develop. notice how that northeast wind pushes it away. we may start out with patchy fog along the coastline, but doesn't look like it's going to last. maintain event, temperatures will begin to trend downward. meanwhile, a red flag warning that goes into place tonight, lasting through wednesday morning, for our north bay hills, east bay hills, for the santa cruz mountains, it starts tomorrow morning and will go to wednesday morning. out the gate, looking at 78 in antioch tomorrow, 72 in concord. 61 san francisco. a low loft mid-60s for our
4:46 pm
bayside counties, and then inseasonally hot inland, but not quite as bad as where we've been. 83 expected for san franair qua expect it bay, east bay, south bay, along the coastline, and along the peninsula. your extended forecast, temperatures dropping off a little bit more on wednesday. definitely more comfortable as we get into the second part of the business week, and then into the weekend, pleasant weather. 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay. upper 80s to low 90s expected inland. over the next 48 hours or so, it will be bringing down those temperatures and then watching the concern for heightened fire danger. back to you. >> yeah, we've got a wait a while for the temperatures to come down a bit. rosemary, thank you. major league baseball remembering an iconic player. lou brock redefined what it meant to be a leadoff hitter in
4:47 pm
19 hall of fame seasons with the cubs and the cardinals. he helped the cardinals to three pennants and two world series championships in the 1960s, and also bought the single season and career stolen base marks until they were broke bin rickey henderson. he died yesterday at the age of 81. well, the 49ers conclude on the football season on sunday. the nfc champions are spending this holiday weekend at their practice facility in santa clara getting ready for sunday's game. the 49ers will host the arizona cardinals at an empty levi's stadium. 49ers are among 26 nfl teams that will not be able to open the new season with fans in the seats due to covid-19 concerns. nfl executives say they will do everything possible to make the nfl season safe, saying it will administer covid-19 tests to all nfl players and essential team staff members every day of the regular season, except on
4:48 pm
game day. the nfl avoided major outbreaks during training camp due to dale testing and other safety measures. there are currently only 6 pro football players on the league's covid-19 watch list. well, city leaders have left their hearts in san francisco in an effort to promote social distancing this holiday weekend. it's a new campaign called heart your parks. these hearts are made of chalk and are now being used as markers on the lawns of golden gate park and four other city parks, too. these hearts were by the plain chalk circles have that recently been used in san francisco park to promote social distancing during th pandemic. protests against racial injustice and police brutality showing no signs of letting up. the latest on the nationwide unrest straight ahead.
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