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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 12, 2020 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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(dr enops) all right, dad. we're ready to go.s time . y-yeah. it's too bad. all: yeah. i don't know about you guys, but i slept great. that cot was so soft. i'm not always a sound sleeper. been meaning to try that melatonin. i hear it's a real game-changer. and you can get it anywhere nowadays. has it always been over-the-counter? that's kind of a funny phrase, isn't it -- "over-the-counter"? -- captions by vitac -- we begin with this. two deputies ambushed in southern california, shot without warning while sitting in their parole car. the violent act captured on camera, and tonight the search underway for the gunmen. and experts say stay indoors, as unhealthy air
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quality continues to playing the entire bay area. >> this is really the longest by a long shot stretch of bad air quality we've had in the bay area. >> the devastating wildfires burning up and down our coast continue to send thick plumes of smoke across our region. >> we'll get to that in a moment. first breaking news out of southern california. two los angeles county sheriff's deputies have been shot. authorities say they were ambushed while sitting in their patrol car in the city of compton. the male and female deputy struck by multiple bullets, and were taken to the hospital in critical condition. they were currently in surgery, we're told. the los angeles county sheriff's office tweeting this surveillance video of the minute you can see the shooter go up to the vehicle, shoot without warning and runs away. authorities still searching for that gunman. authorities are about to hold a press conference. we will listen to it and update
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you as we learn more information. but, again, to los angeles deputies fighting for their lives tonight after being shot in the city of compton. now back to the unhealthy air. today mark's the 26th "spare the air" alert day here in the bay area, and really the previous record was only 14 days. want to give you look at what it looked like earlier today from the oakland estuary just before sunset. you can see that bright orange sun in the distance. typically we would be able to see the san francisco skyline, but today it was nowhere to be scene, and it was very similar in walnut creek. this is our camera points west toward.. [ laughter ] people who got out and about today say they feel like the air quality is getting worst as the days go on. lafayette. >> it's definitely changed. you can feel it. the air feels heavier. it's not as easy to breathe for
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sure. >> san jose, oakland, and san francisco have all opened up clean ares pit centers. more on those in a minute. first we go to mark. any release in sight here? >> perhaps much and tuesday, but nothing right now to mix this smoke out. of course we're tracking fires from multiple directions up to our north and south. there's a big smoke plume offshore, as well. of course we've been dealing with these unhealthy air quality levels in the red, unhealthy and very unhealthy, essentially saying if you can, stay inside and limit outdoor activity. here is a look at the current air quality sensors out there right now. we're showing you a bunch of reds indicating unhealthy air. very unhealthy in the concord area right now, and unhealthy
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for reds city, fremont, and san jose. we have fog nearby and smoke settling in. satellite is very interesting from earlier today. take a look at this portion of the state. you can see fires burning here. one of these is the creek fire. notice that smoke plume being directed toward the bay area. so this was the main source of the smoke for today. for tomorrow, the "spare the air" alert continues, right on through monday, unhealthy projections bay area wide, and close to 200 in the santa clara valley as we head through your sunday forecast. the update coming up in a few minutes. well, the unhealthy. >> hazardous air is prompting some cities to open respite centers. sarah tells us tonight that like cooling centers, it's a place for people to get out of
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the dangerous conditions. >> you can feel the symptoms of exposure to bad air quality pretty quickly, so experts say it's really best to just avoid the bad air altogether and stay inside this weekend. the air quality forecast for the bay area isn't good. >> this is the worst spell of air quality that we've had pretty much during this entire duration of this wildfire season. >> reporter: depending on where you live, unhealthy to very unhealthy air quality will linger through the weekend because of wildfire smoke. that's why a "spare the air" alert is in effect at least through monday. that will mark the 28th consecutive alert, which beats the last record of 14 days during the 2018 campfire. >> this is really the longest by a long shot stretch bay area. >> reporter: to offer relief from the bad air, the city of oakland opened two more respite centers. there are now four locations total. you can see the list on your
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screen. they'll be opened at least through sunday. for some people, though, their livelihoods depend on being outside, like vendors at the farmers market in san francisco. >> well, we're just glad that the farmers markets are open to at least give us the option of selling and making money, because this is a very trying time for small businesses. >> reporter: but experts say you don't want to breathe these pollutants in, especially people with heart or lung disease, older adults, kids and teens. so avoid or limit time outside if you can. >> particulate matter is very dangerous. you can breathe it deeply into the respiratory system and it can enter the bloodstream and cause a variety of problems. if you live in san francisco and need a place to escape the bad air, the city
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has opened four clean ares pit centers. one is at san francisco's main library, and another on oakdale avenue. they are also available at brandon libraries on branch street and mission bay. water, free wi-fi, and power outlets will be provided. all visitors will need to do is a quick health screening before entering. well, tomorrow's 49ers game is still on for now, despite some air quality concerns. the team is facing the arizona cardinals in their season opener. kickoff is scheduled for 1:25 tomorrow afternoon at levi's stadium in santa clara. if the air quality index is above 200, the game likely will
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not take place as planned. an nfl spokesman said yesterday the league is still monitoring the conditions and will make the final call. >> the latest on the wildfires burning along the west coast. the lightning sparked august complex fire is burning, and containment has reached 25%. it has burned 875,000. it is now the biggest fire in california history. the north complex fire burning in plumas, butte, and columbia counties. 1 people have been killed in the fire, and 2,000 structures have been destroyed. greg joins us now. greg, this year's fire season unlike any other california has seen. >> indeed, andre. much of the golden state has been charred black this year with all of these wildfires. in fact, in california, acreage burned at now in the low millions, and there are still
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months to go before the end of fire season. from north to south, california is burning. so far, around 3 million acres have been scorched across the state, setting a record and dwarfing last year's stats. >> we are over 27 times the amount of acres burned. in fact, just put the acres burned in perspective. over the size of the state of connecticut has burned in these fires this year. >> reporter: weather has been a key ingredient, from the lightning complex fires in the bay area to wind whipped fires now burning to the north. >> with thing lightning, and then early wind events, that combination has allowed these record setting fire it is not only spark, but then in other cases be fanned by those winds. >> reporter: california is not alone. raging wildfires are also consuming land and property in oregon and washington. >> it sounds like, you know, propane tanks exploding, so we're thinking that it's
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definitely where houses are now. >> reporter: state officials in oregon say thousands of homes have been destroyed as two fires merge into one near suburbs outside portland. dozens of people are missing, and many only escaped with the clothes they had on. >> trying to figure out why people are giving so many -- keep offering us clothes, and then my husband remind med, because our clothes just got burned. >> reporter: cal fire said 22 people have been killed in the last month. half of them in the northern complex fire now burning east of chico, and the deadliest time of the fire season is just getting underway. >> we've already hit records and already surpassed where we were last year, but we are just now in the month where historically we experience our largest and our most damaging wildfires. >> right now, more than 16,000 firefighters are battling some 28 wildfires across the state. it is taking a herculean effort to keep these things under
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control, and it is quite possible there's more to come. andre? >> all right, greg, thank you so much. the creek fire burning in the sierra national forest northeast of fresno is still 6% contained tonight. firefighters have not recorded any containment since yesterday afternoon. that fire started one week ago yesterday near the community of shaver lake. it has burned close to 200,000 acres and destroyed at least 60 homes. they are being fueled by dead trees created by years of drought. well now to nevada, where president trump held a campaign rally tonight at a small airport, about 50 miles south of reno. the president has his work cut out for him in order to win
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voters in the battleground state. nevada hasn't voted for a republican president since 2004. tonight, mr. trump wasted no time taking shots at his opponent. >> biden's record demonstrates that if he had been in charge when the china virus arrived, hundreds of thousands of more americans would have died. as vice president, he presided over the cost and the weakest and the slowest economic recovery since the great depression. you've heard that before. it was the most pathetic recovery since the depression. no state was hit harder by bind's failure than nevada. tomorrow the president is scheduled to appear at two campaign events in las vegas before heading to california and phoenix on monday. >> i'm totally shocked and very terrified about the future of our situation here in san francisco. >> he's talking about san francisco state university announcing an 8% cut in
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staffing. the move prompting protests. ahead, a request from university officials. and a coronavirus game- changer. at 10:30, how researchers in the bay area say they can block covid-19 before it ever takes hold on the body's immune system. and the bay area sees it's deadliest days since the start of the pandemic. nearly 3 dozen people died across nine counties. more on that after the break. in just a few months, we've learned a lot more about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, please take it seriously.
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and while we don't yet have a cure or a vaccine, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. do your best to stay out of crowded spaces. and get a flu shot, it's even more important this year. ♪
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more than 4,000 new cases of coronavirus were added in california today, bringing statewide infections to more than 750,000, and 162 people died over the past 24 hours. the state death toll now stands at 14,251. the seven-day positivity rate is 3.6%. yesterday the bay area recorded its deadliest day since the covid-19 pandemic
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began. 34 people died. alameda and santa clara counties both saw double digit death counts. alameda recorded 16 fatalities. there have been 1,270 fatalities in the bay areas 9 counties and santa cruz county, too. more than 104 employees at san francisco state university have been told they'll be laid off. the university blaming a budget shortfall. but today many staffers and their supporters rallied against that decision, urging the university system to find a way to save jobs. more now from ktvu's elissa harrington. >> i'm shocked and terrified about the future of our situation here in san francisco. >> reporter: add system one of 3131 131 staff members who
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received a letter saying he would lose his job. >> when i first got the notice in my e-mail, i was completely shocked, because i thought there should be more negotiating about different ways to prevent layoffs, and it seems as though it just went straight to this point. >> reporter: bag ga kneeny and other laid off staff members say they are worried about losing a paycheck and health insurance during a pandemic and the impact this will have on their students. >> there are so many people that are struggling with health concerns rite now because of the fire, the bad air quality, let alone covid, and they're leaving us without any kind of healthcare. the unemployment right raitt right now is at the highest it's been. we have no idea if anybody is going to be able to afford to stay in the city. >> reporter: saturday, they rallied outside campus, calling on the university to use surplus funds to save jobs. >> cuts to staff here at san francisco state university be harmful to students.
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>> reporter: the labor union represents all faculty staff within the cal state university system, the leader of that union said these cuts are unnecessary. >> we know through a state audit that the system has a billion dollars in surplus funds that could be used for this rainy day situation like we're in right now. >> reporter: san francisco state university president lynn mahoney confirmed the layoffs, calling the decision painful. the current health crisis, as well as enrollment and budget challenges have resulted in significant consequences. none are more difficult than the decision to lay off staff, the statement said in part. she did say they are working to minimize any impact on students. a man robbed in a vance america cash center, and police need help to happened this afte the business located in
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raylee's town center on state farm drive. the man pointed a gun at the teller and tee handed cash. he got away with an undisclosed amount of money. if you recognize him, you're asked to call the department of public safety. bay area weather, we continue track the unhealthy air quality. still some smoke moving in from multiple directions, multiple fires up to our north and south, and there's actually a big smoke plume offshore as well, which is drifting over the past few days. take a look at the highs from this afternoon. you probably noticed the warmup, 60s, 70s, 80s, and a few low 90s. after the extreme heat a few days ago, temperatures starting to rebound over the past few days. 8:00 tomorrow morning, still waking up to smoky skies, and then in the afternoon hours, still holding on to smoke, though we could see some of it begin to move out to the east,
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based on the flow. and then perhaps some improvement later in the day on monday, especially after 3:00 or 4:00. so we'll see if this happens. finally a pattern change that could help us out into early next week. the smoke, where we have the fog offshore, and that smoke drifting in from the south and the east of the bay area. we'll check out our live camera right now, where we not only have the smoke, but also have fog out toward sfo. current numbers in the upper 50s, 60s, lower 70s. third day in a row we have a dense fog advisory, especially for the coastline. this until 9:00 a.m. on sunday. visibility could be less than a quarter of a mile. overnight lows to start out the day will be in the 50s. fog, again, coastside and around the bay, and then the fog will clear back, and temperatures from the 60s, all the way to the mid-to-upper 80s. coming up, a close look at your forecast highs. eventually we could be talking
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about rain chances to the north of the bay area. welcome change. and we'll have more on this coming up in your full forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, mark. the three major wildfires that started more than three weeks ago are now all more than 58% contained. the csu lightning flex is now 98% contained. nearly 397,000 acres have burn in what is the third largest wildfire in state history. in the north bay, the lnu lightning complex is now 96% contained. and in the santa cruz mountains, the czu complex fire is now 86% contained. 86,000 acres have been scorched there. we've been asking viewers to help us thank firefighters and first responders here. and we're getting a lot of signs of support here. check this out. lucas ryder sent us a sign, thanking firefighters, includes his aunt who is a firefighter in napa county. you can take a photo of your
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own sign and upload it to help us honor first responders all month long. you can do it by scanning the qr code on your screen, or go to vice president mike pence will no longer attend a planned campaign fund-raiser following criticism. and the 49ers are ready for their season opener tomorrow. up next, we marry from three of the men behind jimmy g, including breakout star raheem most either.
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with the xfinity sports zone everybody wins. all right, 49ers fans. we know you are more than ready for tomorrow's season opener. so is the team. as we count down the hours to kickoff, joe fonzi talked to the three fares of the 49ers backfield about what will take them even further this year. >> reporter: if this season turns out anything like last year for the fortnite, it will be hard to identify a so-called feature running back. last year raheem mostert was elevated to the top by the time the post season rolled around. camp this year has been a new persons for mostert, who spent five summers just trying to
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make a roster this time of year, much the less getting the luxury of veteran's day off. >> it was nice. itself had a vets day in six years. so it was a first ever. i still go out there and do special teams reps. i just know that when it comes down to it, you're going to get one of three or four or five running backs in that room. you're going to get the best out of them. >> reporter: the new guy in the mix this year is gerick mckinen. after two years of injury rehab, he has yet to play in a game a san francisco uniform. >> the last two camps i didn't maybe it through, so to make it through this one definitely feels good. it's been a long time running. so i'm just ready to get this thing started. i've been putting myself in game situations and game-time expectations any myself from day one. >> reporter: the third member of the trio was tevin cullen, who tied with mostert last year for most rushes from scrimmage. one topic of consensus, the
10:27 pm
guys like their offensive line, especially left tackle trent williams. >> trent is one of the most athletic o-linemen i've ever seen. he makes our decisions a lot easier as far as cutting. >> they've been fighting and finishing their blocks. they've been diverting off the ball, and we see better holes, and the o-line just gets it done. >> reporter: the 49ers through threw the ball 8 times in their nfc championship win over the packers. that's probably not their intention as they start the 2020 season, but like last year, it will be a collaborate effort by three they hope drives their ground game. again, air quality permitting, the 49ers season kicks off tomorrow at levi's, versus the arizona cardinals. and the a's played two in texas, but it's the news they got before the double-header
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that felt like a blow to the gut. and win chester's famed mystery house reopens. why it will be different than before the pandemic. but first, researchers say it's like face mask for your immune system. a new discovery at sf state that could stop the virus it enters your system.
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and with flex, it's all at your beck and call... show me parks and rec! see? the best really did get better! magnificent. switch to xfinity internet and get a flex 4k streaming device with peacock premium included for no additional cost. we are continuing to follow news out of southern california where do two deputies were shot while sitting in their patrol car. they are both out of surgery. both were shot multiple times and were in critical condition. one was a 31-year-old woman, and the other was a 24-year-old
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man. this is surveillance video showing the shooter who walked up to the car, shooting through the window, and running away. authorities are still searching for the gunman at this hour, but we are following this story and will update our website and social media pages as we learn more. >> researchers at u.c. san francisco say they have developed what could be a game- changer in combating covid-19. claudia shows us how the new science blocks the virus before it takes hold. >> researchers at u.c. san francisco have developed a kind of biological ppe. like a face mask at the cellular level, to prevent the coronavirus from taking hold. it is a synthetic nano body that puts the coronavirus in a chemical straitjacket by attaching to those unique protein spikes that attack human lung cells. they essentially block the way, neutralizing the virus it has a
10:32 pm
chance to spread. >> if we can just prevent that initial step of the virus getting into the cell, it's a very potent way to prevent infections in the first place. >> reporter: the idea is to put them into a nebulizer or nasal spray, so it can be easily administered, most likely every day during the early stages of infection. medical experts say it could be a bridge to provide protection until a vaccine is developed. >> this is not science fix. they are showing success against the covid virus that is causing this pandemic. this is definitely hopeful. and put this together with the synthetic antibodies that are already close to fda approval, and you have reason to hope. >> reporter: the solution is made of readily available sin that sized materials which would bring down the cost, and researchers say it could be quickly and easily tweaked should the virus mutate. researchers are hoping to start
10:33 pm
clinical trials in the next few months, and if all goes well, it could be a game-changer. the pharmaceuticling companies a extra dozen in the a said it will resume it covid- 19 vaccine trial. the company is working with oxford university on the vaccine. the university says in drug trials as large as this one, it's expected some participants would become quote unwell and said each case must be evaluated. the university also said about 18,000 people had received the vaccine as part of the trial. concerns tonight that another coronavirus relief bill still could be weeks away. a relief package failinged to advance in the senate this week. as lucas tomlinson reports tonight, democrats and republicans continue blame each other. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell accused
10:34 pm
the democrats of playing games with the coronavirus relief bill. the republican measure was defeated earlier this week. >> should we move forward with a floor process to deliver hundreds of millions more for kids and for healthcare, or do our democrat colleagues refuse to help families before the election. >> it is so emaciated. so filled with poison pills. it was designed to fill. >> reporter: rand paul joined the democrats in defeating the bill. president trump responded quote pelosi and schumaker want trillions of dollars of bailout money for blue states that are doing badly, both economically, and in terms of high crime, as a condition to making a deal on stimulus, but the isa is coming back strong. vermont's democratic senator also weighed in. >> senator mcconnell said he had proposed a so-called skinny bill to put before the senate.
10:35 pm
this bill isn't skinny, it's ateam in ping why are they afraid to vote? let's have our members vote them up or down. >> report: mcconnell said it's fifty-fifty whether their majority in the senate. democrats say want a bill that includes stimulus checks for individuals and money for state and local governments. house speaker nancy pelosi said she is still hopeful a relief bill can pass before the november lecure. the white house resumed public toured today. the office of the first lady said people are welcome back into the white house with new safety precautions in place. the number of guests will be limited to 18% of normal capacity. all guests two years and older are required to wear a face covering and practice social distancing. for now, tours will only be hosted on friday asks saturdays, instead of five days a week. well, the winchester mystery house in san jose
10:36 pm
reopened today for indoor tours. the new touch's self-guided tours allow guests to independently explore the 160-w compliance with social distancing guidelines. >> well, we had to review the guidelines closely from the state and the county to realize how do we tell our story given all of these new protocols. so it will be an entirely different experience than what guests are used to. >> reporter: and to ensure protocols are followed, tour groups were limited to members of the same household, and the tour has been changed to focus just on the larger rooms of the estate. coming up, why house speaker nancy pelosi said the coronavirus pandemic and global warming are intertwined. and in bay area weather, still tracking the smoke and poor air quality that will continue on your sunday forecast, but the weather pat
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learn eventually help us out in the five-day forecast. we'll have that coming up after the break. twitter once gain flagging one of the president's tweets. what he said today about voting that prompted the site to take action. ♪ (vo) my name is cynthia hawkins, the owner of hawkins house of burgers. my grandparents came here in 1939 and we've been serving this community for over 80 years. my dad always said, take care of your community and they will always take care of you. and they have done so. through the ups and through the downs. my name may be on this building, but this place belongs to all of us. ♪ but as californians we'll get through this together. if your income has been reduced
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vice president mike pence called off his plans to attend campaign fund-raiser for president trump in montana. this after the fund-raisers hosts were found to be supporters of the qanon conspiracy theory. the baseless theory. the president's re-election campaign told the associated press that pence's schedule had been changed, but did not give a reason as to why. >> well, president trump got the attention of facebook and twitter today after suggesting that voters in north carolina show up to polling places even if they had already cast a ballot. now, the company's did not take down the post, but they did put warning labels on it. officials were quick to warn that voting twice is a felony. north carolina's attorney general also urged voters not to do as the president directed. the biden campaign is working to reach out to latino
10:41 pm
voters. today vice presidential nominee kamala harris met with latino small business owners virtually in arizona. >> we have too much at stake. immigrants have too much at stake. working families have too much at stake. so we must take action. we cannot sit this out. we cannot wait. >> democratic presidential candidate joe biden is visiting florida on tuesday where the campaign has released three new continue ads in spanish. recent polls have shown that trump has a four-point lead among latino voters in florida. well, facebook is launching a poll worker recruitment in all 50 states this weekend, and the goal here is to ensure that polling places operate smoothly during the upcoming election. beginning today, facebook users, over 18, will see messaging at the top of their news feeds, encouraging no,
10:42 pm
ma'am volunteer at polling sites in their states. the bay area's largest area has its own lgbtq district, and add crow cats say it's been a long time coming. and we'll have your five- day forecast in just a few minutes. another day, another chance to bounce forward.
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we can do this. if we do it together. ♪ today house speaker nancy pelosi hosted a virtual summit on climate change. the democratic leader from san francisco kicked off the on- line event this morning. it featured a long list of big name speakers, including bono,
10:45 pm
and dr. jane good all. pelosi said the pandemic has taught the world some lessons on how to fight the global problem of climate change. >> this not the work of a single nation, but requires a long term commitment to ensure the benefits of climate action are shared by all. and as the covid-19 pandemic has shown, we can only of some the challenges facing our global community with a coordinated international response. >> this climate change meeting was originally scheduled to take place of business before a large crowd in washington d.c., but of course it was recently changed to an on-line meeting because of the pandemic. well, bay area weather, we continue to track the smoke and the unhealthy air quality across the entire bay area. looks like this will continue into your sunday. another check on the air quality sensors right now. we're showing you basically a bunch of reds, indicating unhealthy air up in the north bay, to napa and fairfield.
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