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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  September 24, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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not be as good but they will not be unsafe. >> reporter: a new report from brown university shows moe k-12 schools have largely avoided big flareups that have been expected as in person learning resumes. >> we have masks and clean and we have are windows oh been. it's good. >> reporter: the virus is now disproportionately affecting a new age group, 20 to 29-year- olds, accounting for more than 20% of all cases. republican leaders are vowing to uphold democracy after president trump once again, questions the validity of election results and refuses to guarantee a peaceful transfer of power after the november
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election. >> we have to be careful with the ballot, a's a big standard. >> reporter: president trump is noncommittal if he is asked to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if you should lose the election in november. distract the president said he does not trust mail-in ballots. they are susceptible to fraud. because of that, the outcome could be tainted. we are now join live with what this means. the election now 40 days away. >> reporter: president trump is threatening to amend the constitutional order in the way things are playing out right now, we could be in for a messy presidential election. president trump doubled down on his refusal to support a peaceful transition of power should it not go his way. this may be perlis handoff in a
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contentious race for the white house. >> i don't know it can be with this whole situation, unsolicited ballots. millions been sent to everybody. will say. >> reporter: when the president first raised the possibility it drew backlash from members of the democratic party. >> you are not in north korea or turkey or russia, mr. president, you are not in saudi arabia. you are in the united states of america, it is a democracy. for many questioning whether he would not leave the white house if he lost the election. political analyst said that will not be allowed to happen. >> it would require the military or police or somebody to hold him in the white house in power, it just would not happen. >> reporter: what became
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standard political fair. of the president said one thing and we had a different explanation from his press secretary. >> the president will accept the results of a free and fair election. the question is more fittingly house of democrats. >> hillary clinton said joe biden should not concede results if it's too close to call. the president has another avenue . he's been announcing it publicly for some time now, mail-in ballots. >> there is legal ways to argue anything, including an election. >> reporter: that gets to the issue of feeling this nomination. the last time of results were
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contested was when the presidency was handed to george w. bush over al gore. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, said the winner of the november election will be inaugurated on january 20th. there will be an orderly transition just has been every year since the beginning. this is fundamental to the survival of our republic. americans leaders swear an oath. any suggestion that a president might not respect the constitutional guarantee is unthinkable and on accept double. a curfew going in louisville
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kentucky for second night in a row. live picture from louisville. the state police lined up with shields on the right of the screen and the top left corner. we saw mounted police walk by. we will keep an eye on this and bring you new development said they happen. today, protesters can their call for justice. the grand jury said police were justified in a shooting that caused her death kentucky's governor said change was needed to deal with racism. this afternoon, the mayor extended the curfew through the weekend. thousands of people took to the streets to express her frustration and anger. more than 125 protesters were detained. one man was a let arrested and
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faces two counts of assault for shooting police officers. they are both expected to recover. the mayor of louisville is calling in and of violence. >> this is a source of pain not a cure for pain. public safety and racial justice can coexist. mitch mcconnell represents kentucky. the contempt the violence well nancy pelosi called on congress to act on police reform legislation. protests against the brand grand jury decision were mostly peaceful in the bay area. there was a march downtown. an estimated 200 people marched in san francisco, ending at the police station on valencia street. many demonstrators say they
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were discouraged but not surprised by the decision. >> in san jose, it's been tough, families have lost their love ones due to police violence to get accountability. >> in san jose, demonstrations were peaceful last night some protesters did vandalize a monument. that statue commemorates the raising of the u.s. flag in 1846 when california was part of new mexico. organizers are trying to slow traffic on several of bay areas ridges. they are doing it with caravans of cars driving slowly. this was above the dunbarton bridge. the protesters are called go slow caravan. outrage over the failure to charge police officers for specifically killing breanna
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taylor. a group of protesters are gathering in a plaza and city hall. they want to stand in solidarity with the family of breanna taylor and demand accountability for local law enforcement. there are people who have been killed by police. now we hear about an event earlier today calling for more visibility and support for black women. >> reporter: at this rally in front of the breanna taylor mural in front of city hall, emotions were raab. >> i knew the outcome is what it is i knew that. my heart is still rippedout chest. i'm sick and tired and hurt because this is my people. it's like a family member. >> reporter: 200 people came to
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support those speaking out against a lack of justice for breanna taylor. in a gathering called our lives matter. it's to bring attention to violence to african-american women. >> we were the primary voice talking about breanna. we needed a place to come together where we hold each other with pain like only we understand. >> the gathering is in louisville kentucky and police officers were charged with recklessly firing a weapon but not with homicide >> i'm not gonna tell you our lives matter. you know our lives matter. so what we need is the power to demonstrate that our lives matter. >> while taylor shooting may be
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the most infamous. black women are 13% of the population, account for 20% of women shot and killed in the past five years. >> we walk every day with a bull's-eye on our back. >> most are non-african- american women that came but are upset nonetheless. >> this is another sad case that has gone with not an iota of justice. >> reporter: not only police violence needs addressing but access to education, quality jobs and a level playing field. >> we come together to say enough is enough is enough. senator dianne feinstein's husband has been named in the college admissions scandal at uc berkeley. uc regent wrote a letter that help the student that had been placed on a wait list, gain
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admission to uc berkeley. estate audit released on tuesday found dozens of students were admitted ahead of more qualified applicants because of exaggerated abilities or privilege. bluhm said he never thought the letters he wrote had much influence. the district attorney is making the controversial move to stop prosecuting up first- time offenders on a minor drug offense. this is part of criminal justice reform. >> they take up a tremendous amount of resources. >> the time has come to stop prosecuting people for minor drug offenses. >> we not only focus on the violent crimes but these entry points into our criminal justice systems. >> reporter: first time offenders won't go to court.
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they will re-be referred to social services so they can be treated. >> we increase our footprint towards incarceration. >> reporter: a group of california das focused on reforming the criminal justice system. minor cases have clogged the court docket. the da has stopped filing charges on all but most serious drug cases. >> we see this as a health issue rather than a criminal legal issue. >> reporter: these das are doing the right thing >> exercising discretion in a way that divers people out of the system and allows them to have a more meaningful life. >> reporter: not all law in the shows agree with the approach. >> the role of district attorney is not to create the lock. >> reporter: da said he will continue to prosecute minor drug
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offenses. he too believes it is treatment. contra costa county sheriff said he was not notified about the policy change. in a statement the sheriff said i support treatment when it works but every citizen whose head there are broken into our property stolen, the majority of crimes are committed by low level drug offenders. i worry more about the vick them than the criminals. this person was arrested three times over the past year and given probation. a coronavirus vaccine developed overseas, ready for global distribution early next year. see what could prevent it to be here in the united states. a campus closure that is now being considered. we have fire danger to talk about. a towards the end of the
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weekend. we will get into that and we got the five-day forecast as well. is be called the single worst disaster to hit the most celebrated wine region. how wine makers are dealing with the smoke damage to their grapes. we're living in uncertain times, but as californians we'll get through this together. if your income has been reduced or you've lost your job or your health insurance, covered california is here. we can help you find the health insurance you need to protect you and your loved ones. and, you may even get financial help to pay for your health insurance. so, if you or someone you know is without coverage, visit to learn more or enroll today.
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about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, please take it seriously. and while we don't yet have a cure or a vaccine, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe.
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wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. do your best to stay out of crowded spaces. and get a flu shot, it's even more important this year. we can do this. if we do it together. a pharmaceutical company in china has come up with a vaccine that is expected to be ready for worldwide distribution early next year. the company would apply to the if da to sell the vaccine called corona back in the united states, if it proved safe in phase 3 testing. more than 24,000 people are currently taking the vaccine in clinical trials in residual, turkey and indonesia. it's often blocked the sale of
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chinese vaccines. people for the age of under 40 account for half of the coronavirus cases in the united states. 53% people under 40. it's up chartres we from may when it was 40%. the up tick for younger people put older people at risk for the virus. people between the ages of 18 and 49 make up 59% of the california cases last month. the number of cases is a acted to hit 800,000 in california by later next week. 790,000 cases in california right now. 3200 people tested positive yesterday. unfortunately, more than 15,000 people with the coronavirus have died in our state since
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the beginning of the pandemic that includes 110 more deaths since yesterday. check uc berkeley has been seen closing there campus and banning people from biking or running on the grounds. they will limit the number of visitors on university campuses to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. not everyone thinks it's a great idea. >> we want to limit the amount of space for people to social distance. this is important for the whole community. >> cal has submitted a draft for the safety measures. it's the closure of interior buildings, all campus grounds out doors and all recreational of the facilities. it would have to be approved by the chancellor. we're looking at the weather.
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a nice day today. last couple of days good, especially for air-quality. green levels all over the bay area. a week ago the air quality was less than desirable. now onshore flow, that will clean up the air. we're talking about fire danger this weekend. that will come back saturday night. the fire in butte county area, the complex fire and the creek fire, that smoke will go south. the fire from northern california can small throw the smoke our way. we might see the smoke levels go up. this is a live camera outside. it's outstanding air- quality right now. it is fall and it didn't take long to trend into fall. 36 hours from the equinox and we have systems north of us. serious ability to deliver rain and wind in the pacific northwest.
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you can see a nice pattern coming our way. let's see what the rain total is in portland. we will go to the storm or ports and let's see portland. yes one inch of rain. they had fires up there so anytime you get an inch of rain in those zones, you are doing well. that will continue the next 6 to 8 hours up north. for us more of the same. friday and saturday little warmer but nothing kicks up. saturday night and sunday morning you see the oranges and red. that's what you are looking for right now. when we come back we have a forecast that will have a five day and beyond that. we will see you back. the president of the california association of wine grape growers say the recent wildfire is the single worst disaster the wine industry has
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ever faced. some of the nation's most celebrated wine regions including napa and sonoma. they are trying to assess the severity of the smoke using lap tests. they may try to minimize the harm by weeding out damaged fruit. the latest tac being used in san francisco and one neighborhood being targeted. a push from health officials that appear to be paying off. pharmacies get a surging getting a flu vaccine. local officials making it easier for people to get their shots.
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>> a new tactic is being used to curb drug sales in san francisco. the city attorney said they will use injunctions from convicted drug dealers to coming into the tenderloin district. >> reporter: parts of san francisco tenderloin district have become notorious for oprah in error drug sales and use. the city attorney has deployed a new tool in keeping drug dealers out of the city. >> this morning my office found 28 known drug dealers and filed injunctions from coming into the tenderloin. they do not live in the tenderloin.
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>> reporter: this is only intended for those living outside of san francisco who come into the city to sell drugs. it can be an effective tool to use alongside more conventional methods. >> there are criminal penalties that can accrue. the fact of the matter is if someone will suffer a financial penalty of a significant dollar amount, that dissuades individuals from engaging in the conduct. >> the injunction gives law enforcement officers another tool in our toolkit violators face up to $6000 fine and misdemeanor arrest. officers can seize the money from narcotics sales as well as other contraband. >> reporter: the injunctions are just one tool to help reform the tenderloin. >> reporter: is gonna take helping with homelessness and drug treatment and support low income families and people that live in the community.
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>> reporter: starting in 2006 the attorneys office said they'd this targeting gang at tivoli. they said it targeted black and brown people and civil liberties. >> this is different from gang injunction. it's not based on affiliation or status, is based on going at your individuals have been known to engage in criminal conduct. >> they want to see how effective these injunctions are in the tenderloin. they may use them in other parts of the city. coming up on channel 2 news at 6:30. a new coronavirus relief bill negotiations could be resuming soon. pac-12 makes a major decision on the future of college football in the 2020
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season. our sports direct or will be here with all the details. we want to show you a live picture of the backup heading into san francisco. this is the upper deck of the bay bridge. we don't know if this is a result of protests. there have been protests where there are low-speed caravans. people going slow in cars to disrupt traffic because of the decision involving the death of breanna taylor. we assume this might be the case here because normally traffic would not be back up heading into the city. we have not confirmed that. if you are heading into the city, you need to be prepared for this, a backup on the upper deck.
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president trump is refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power after the november election. he called mail in voting as sham that is open to fraud. democrats say the president sounds like ss say they will support the election outcome. protesters are marching in louisville kentucky tonight, 30 minutes after a curfew took effect. police are bracing for the possibility of a second night of violence. thousands took to the street
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calling for justice for breanna taylor after a grand jury cleared two of the three police officers involved in her death. protest organizers are trying to slow traffic on three bay area bridges. this is the dunbarton bridge in the past hour. this is following the decision in the breanna taylor case. other places have also drawn a large crowd this evening. you are watching news at 6:30. the new developments in washington, d.c. washington sick signals negotiations on another coronavirus relief will. >> nancy pelosi is working on a slimmed down bill. far less than the 3 1/2 trillion dollars that was included in the bill in may. we have the latest. >> more money for small
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businesses, restaurants, airlines and key priorities. >> reporter:'s nancy pelosi doubled down on her assistance the republicans up there trillion dollar proposal and fund another relief bill worth $2.2 trillion. pelosi directed her committee chairman to draft a scale back version to serve as a starting point for talks, reviews resuming soon. >> we have an efficient package at lower cost. >> reporter: negotiations remains stalled, not because of the president supreme court pick up because republicans and democrats still can't agree on a final number. >> we were at loggerheads well before the supreme court issue. >> reporter: putting pressure on lawmakers to make a deal. 870,000 americans filed for unemployment assistance last week, up slightly from the week
6:33 pm
before. democrats question whether the trump administration is doing enough. >> reporter: you said you want something bigger, what is the hold up. this requires 60 votes in the senate. i would encourage the democrats in the senate to work with us. less pass things we agree on quickly and come back and do more. >> reporter: the house could vote on a scale back relief vote next week. even without gop support, if there is no deal. stocks ended the day on a plus side after an up-and-down session on wall street. the dow gained 52. s&p was up nine. strength in tech stocks helped the market turnaround. united airlines is launching a first of a kind program. rapid covid testing to passengers traveling on a flight from san francisco to hawaii.
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those who test negative will not have to go through hawaii's 14 day in quarantine. >> reporter: united airlines is breaking ground when it comes to travel. the first to offer rapid covid test preflight. the ideas to help travelers circumvent a mandatory quarantine there. >> right now there's a 14 day quarantine. we decided to give our passengers an opportunity to get tested prior so they can be negative when they arrive. >> reporter: two ways to get tested. one is a rapid test at san francisco's kiosk. another is a mail-in option that is done 72 hours before travel. this is just the beginning. >> we will do this in other hubs and locations as the international market starts to open up. i believe this is something critical for us to have before
6:35 pm
people board planes. >> what united is doing for hawaii, i believe is what will allow us to travel quickly around the world. >> reporter: joe leader with the airline passenger experience association said it will go a long way towards building customer content confidence. >> they will know they will get to their destination and get back home. if there's bad news with covid- 19, i want to have it before i'm on the flight . >> reporter: destinations like a white, make the week long vacation possible again. travelers are already on board with the idea. >> if you are doing all the things you need to be doing, wearing your mask, social distancing, washing your hand, getting the test makes that additional piece of mine. >> reporter: the pilot program gets underway october 15.
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some pharmacies have seen a surge for people coming in for the flu vaccine. one grocery chain in the midwest said they expect a 75 percent increase this summer. in a normal year only one third get there flu shots. this store manager has seen more enthusiasm among customers to get their shot and earlier than in the past. >> we are doing a number of things to make it easier for our patients and customers in the stores to get flu shots. >> safeway says they are trying a drive through flu clinics as well is touchless consent forms. for the first time in 33 years, democratic challenger
6:37 pm
buying for nancy pelosi's seat in congress. we will here for a man who has a progressive viewpoint saying it's time for a change. oakland is loving children's fairyland. a fundraiser is set for this weekend.
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track with all eyes on the race
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in november, it should not be taken lightly. >> we begin with nancy pelosi and her challenge for the left. >> for the first time in three three years nancy pelosi will face another democrat in the race for an election. the 12th congressional district picked the powerhouse since held the seat since 1987 against a social activist. >> i see the nations struggling in which both major policies have been restricted. this candidate is encouraged by the rise of aoc and the squad in recent winds by progressive challengers over modern incumbents.
6:41 pm
>> he has a good idea of every step in the way the danger he places every day for the constitution. >> thursday morning she criticize the president. >> this candidate said he is not being debated by her. it does disrespect challengers. but it demonstrates a deeper disrespect for the democratic process. san francisco deserves a choice. >> the speaker's campaign did not respond to a request for comment. the democratic party said they continue to support nancy pelosi . she continues to represent san francisco's progressive values. >> complaints of sexism for
6:42 pm
former staffers, he welcomes investigations into claims and denies the allegations. >> i'm disappointed so many organizations have endorsed us are unwilling to consider evidence. >> this candidate faces an uphill climb. he received 13% to reach the general in the primary. >> this will turn in the future. it's important we seize the opportunity to make change happen. >> in 2018 race, speaker pelosi beat her challenger with 80 per 7% of the vote. air quality wise, fire danger towards the weekend.
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back after the break. some of the stories we're working on for the 7:00 news for ktvu plus. europe may be facing a second wave of the virus right now. coming up, we will here from them expert why this might be happening and what this potentially means for the u.s. siri pointing users to police department when asking questions, where are the terrorists. those stories coming up tonight live at 7:00. after the break, the storybook themepark that help inspire walt disney. now the future of chair fairyland is in jeopardy. local celebrities hope to change that.
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two east bay filmmakers are giving children's fairyland a big boost in support. we are told that fairyland is in danger of closing because of the pandemic. almost everyone has a memory of children's fairyland in oakland. >> we used to have keys. >> reporter: including oakland born film makers. >> when i think of fairyland i think of a narnia, alice in wonderland nostalgia that i spent as a kid. >> reporter: this is teaming up again to have the next chapter her. one about saving the enchanted park for future generations. >> when we heard they were
6:47 pm
struggling and there was even the slightest chance that it might not still be around, that could not stand. i attribute a lot of my capacity for imagination to time spent at fairyland playing on the pirate ship or the dragon or the shoe. >> reporter: they have a goal of raising $300,000. there will be a fundraiser saturday night. preparations are under way that will have a sneak peek of celebrity storytime. >> teachers educators and athletes will come in and read stories. >> fairyland is oakland in oakland is fairyland. >> reporter: it was a look rough summer for the staff. >> seven days a week rocking the fairyland, it was hard on
6:48 pm
our small staff. >> reporter: this is an east bay treasure that means so much to so many. >> there is nothing like this place. >> reporter: they want to bring the magic back. >> when you see these things you are immediately transported back to a particular kind of joy and wonder and awe of your childhood. >> donate and come have fun with us saturday night. >> reporter: you can find a link on her website at . we are checking the weather right now. we've got plenty. it woke me up there i did not know i was on yet. and now i do. look outside you got good air quality. a much better than it has been. air quality be this way.
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tomorrow will follow suit and so will saturday. the winds will ship around and saturday night into sunday morning there's a good chance we will see smoke come in as the fire danger increases as well. the north wind increases fire danger and smoke but nothing like what we saw the other day. 33 mile an hour winds out of fairfield right now. i would call that a robust onshore flow. taco bay is gusting to 17. this is a fall like looking pattern. there is a swell back along the coast. check out the rain. look further north. check out old beach. over one inch and a half of rain over the last 36 hours. that's significant rain. those are fire zones.
6:50 pm
significant coast in oregon dealing with fire and smoke. saturday night and sunday fire weather watches in effect. right there they go north. they find out as you go into friday night. they are not really gone look at the contours. really about saturday night. that's the sweet spot for this. around 6:00 a.m. sunday morning in terms of concern for fire. everybody is concerned. that's higher elevations of the north bay with the red flag warning. they will most likely be stuck in place saturday night into sunday morning. current forecast for tomorrow a little cooler than today. low 90s. 83 in livermore and morgan hill. you can see saturday, sunday and monday that get toasty. fortunately for us the fog
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cools down significantly for all of us tuesday and wednesday. coming up next, the giants and rockies go to extra innings. san francisco hopes to keep their wildcard playoff a live. >> this game is tied. great day on the lake! it is. lunch is cookin'! and i saved a bunch of money on my boat insurance with geico. fellas, can it get any better than this?
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>> you know that money makes this boarding world go round. in college football there was pressure on all sides. players and alumni, we will have pack 12 football after all. the decision is official. as of this afternoon, a bit later than usual but we are used to the unusual. look for the return on november 6. they voted on this early today. we're looking at a seven-game season. game on december 18th with stringent protocol.
6:55 pm
there will be no fans for football. here's the chairman of the pack 12 ceo group, mike shall. >> this has nothing to do with money. it was never once mentioned as a consideration. the losses that our schools are encountering and in particular our athletic department are huge. the amount of money that will be paid as a result of going back to play is tiny in comparison with the losses. it had no effect on our decision . >> i'm surprise he could say that with a straight face. and money had nothing to do with it. come on now. san francisco needs to win the remaining four games. it looks like this afternoon they had this one one a couple of times. turns out, they could not seal the deal against colorado. they got out to a 3-0 lead.
6:56 pm
they build on it with defense. fuente says he thought he had extra bases. that is a great catch. eighth inning, giants down 4-3. a homer, he's been hot lately. ninth in the year. of the 11th inning, rockies, runners on first and third, flyball deep enough to get the go-ahead and eventual winning run. five-for colorado. at the bottom of the 11th giants had runners on first and third. frazier around the horn it goes for a game ending double play, 5-4. much frustration for the giants who start a four-game series with the padres tomorrow and a rare. doubleheader on friday in san francisco.
6:57 pm
when you are talking about football in any variety, obviously injuries are part of the story. unfortunately for the 49ers, it seems to be the entire story. so far this season to games, a couple up dates. tied end of was back on the practice field for a second straight day sprained knee. reports no issues. hard to believe they actually put them out there. jimmy garoppolo did not practice. it looks like they will risk that. the nick mullins looks like starter. here he is talking about the guy that will probably be the x quarterback for the niners. >> same all one blocked in. he's got the game plan down. he's got a rocket for an arm, swinging it. he's confident in excited to
6:58 pm
get the opportunity to play. i know he's taking advantage of the situation. he will give his all. we are in good hands with jimmy. >> that's plenty of head scratchers. they get out there on the field, no masks, coaches and teams find closed to 1 million a dollars for not wearing mask. players on artificial turf at metlife stadium. yet it's safe to play unexamined by union representatives. and of course the league. i guess it was a coincidence that all those players were hurt on that surface. real question is why not real grass on that is not reason to play unless it's real grass. >> yes it's a coincidence. that's right. >> feels perfectly fine. >> see you later.
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