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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  September 25, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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flag warning. pg&e has not issued a shut off but there have been power shutoffs announced for other counties. the heat wave is putting first responders on alert especially in the north bay and across northern california. we can see what is expected as fire season peaks. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with pg&e. they told me except for 200 homes in rural napa, no other events are planned as yet. the 200 homes in rural napa are the only ones. that's okay but you have to remember wind driven events have a special way of spreading their influence and threats beyond their original predict did borders. the national weather service issued a red flag warning for
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the north bay and inland east bay beginning saturday evening at 9:00 until 8:00 monday morning. on mountain peaks, winds could gust 50 miles an hour. this raises a quadruple threat. intense winds can whip up controlled fires into firestorms. >> we are taking initiative to's death up our units that are out on the fires. we will put additional staffing out. that will go across the board. >> our house is right behind a hill. is something we think about when the high winds come to make sure to water down our backyard. >> reporter: that raises the unlikely sect of bay area power shutoffs. the potential is real for sierra foothill counties. >> weather is constantly changing.
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we have a team of meteorologist standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week. they are monitoring the changes to see what the trends in the weather are and to see if we need to make any adjustments. >> reporter: prevailing winds could pump unhealthy levels of smoke back into the bay area, forcing more hungry down. >> it was hard on me but harder on the children with covid been inside anyway, not having the fresh air to go in the backyard was hard on them. >> reporter: heat over 100 degrees on sunday and monday will hit many areas in the east bay and south bay valley's with temperatures in the 90s in other places of the region. >> with the wind events that we usually get in october, they will push the fires into extreme behaviors. >> reporter: pg&e released an after action report onset timber sevenths events. the area is deenergize.
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they found 80 incidences of damage or power lined contact that could've started fires but there was not a problem because it was deenergize. winds are blowing pretty heavy right now but we will not see anything seriously until about saturday or sunday. reporting live, fox 2 news. >> good news for the power safety power shut off. thank you. the quality management district is is shinning and air quality advisory for today and tomorrow. the complex fire up in mendocino county may impact air quality. this afternoon, skies were clear in oakland but there was hayes showing as we look towards mount diablo. there was no spare the air
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alert in effect and air quality not expected to be unhealthy. let's look at how hot it will be this weekend. it's going to be a scorcher, especially for inland cities. a tripled digit heat in the forecast by sunday. temperatures are expected to peak on monday. outside the bay area, cooler for some. focusing in on the changes coming over the next few days, temperatures will warm tomorrow. but sunday and monday will be the hotter days. the dry, offshore breeze will pick up tomorrow night and will last into monday morning. that's where we have the red flag warning that we were talking about a moment ago. here's a look at where we are, see in the red flag warning tomorrow night. the north bay hills or east bay hills are fairly weiss red in the east bay. our inland valley locations are in the delta and
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all the way into the sacramento valley. this begins tomorrow night. a better idea of what you can expect and how long the triple digit heat will last, coming up. we have the director of cal fire's. thank you for joining us. what fires are you being concerned about? >> from the map, we have several areas. the north bay mountains and east bay hills. no matter where you go across northern california, we will see the high risk. as we have seen in the last couple of times we've had red flag warnings on labor day weekend for example, not only challenging us for the active fires but several new fires. we are bracing for what could be a very busy weekend. >> right now we have fires that are burning across california.
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how many flowers fires are still burning right now? >> today we have 25 wildfires. we have been making progress. this week alone, to fires have been contained. down in san mateo and santa cruz county, that was contained. the near san diego that was contained. and the lightning complex in the north bay and the east bay, we are days away from having full containment on the fires. we are making good progress on the two dozen major ones burning. again, our concern is this weekend the with any spark or open flame it ignites into a wildfire, it has a potential to grow quickly and do a lot of damage. >> you said a moment ago, we still have fires but getting close to getting full containment. could that be set back this weekend x >> it definitely has the
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ability with the winds and humidity, we could see fire activity increase on the current fire. we are definitely bracing for those efforts to be hampered. the last several weeks we have been making progress. we've been strengthening containment lines. doing a significant amount of mop up work. the winds may pickup and they may fan the fires again. we are hoping that if the fire activity does pick up on the active fires, it stays within the perimeter, that will be our goal. >> right now we do have the danger coming up this weekend. how many personnel are act deadly working to step up with these fires? >> there are nearly 18,000 firefighters on the frontlines of the fires. we've been holding onto firefighters to make sure we have plenty of resources on the active fires but pulled back the flames and hold the perimeter. we are also bringing in additional resources. often under conditions like
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this we pre-position resources. fortunately the red flag warning right now is for northern california so we have areas of the rest of the state where we can move resources out of those areas and move them to the high sierra's. unfortunately the red flag warning was issued in southern california for the santa ana winds. we will look across many parts of california, not just northern california this weekend. >> those that have been affected in the past and dealt with the smoke and people had their homes burned by flames, will you have enough personnel to cover the area. obviously not predictable but do you think you have a pretty good idea that you have enough personnel to attack these fires should one start in the area >> we have a significant amount of fire resources already committed to fires and busy. we
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been bring in and resources this past week from other states. a number of cases sent us additional help. the national guard is continuing to activate. we have 1400 guards members and troops that are trained firefighters till in california activated. we still have a full out force ready to respond to fires. if they break out then we need the public help. prevent fires in the first place so we don't have to use the resources. to stay committed to the dozen fires that we are still battling. >> thank you so much for helping with the fires burning across the state right now. in queue for your insight. black trans lives matter rally was held outside san francisco city hall. there were members of the transgender community. there have been a surge of violence against transgender
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people in the united states. the 2800 homicide. of the majority of the victims have been black transgender women or transgender women of color the family of breonna taylor is speaking out. they are asked messing frustration over the lack of charges. >> release the transcript. >> rihanna taylor's family is demanding the release of transcripts. following the decision of not to directly charge officers after her death. they criticize kentucky attorney general for handling of the case x did he present any evidence of rihanna taylor's behalf? or did he make a unilateral decision to put his thumb on the scales of justice to help exonerate and justify
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the killing of breonna taylor. >> reporter: the family express her anger and frustration over the grand journey jury decision. >> >> reporter: this officer was indicted on wanton endangerment for firing into other apartments. the other officers said the officers were justified since the boyfriend fired the first shot. they said the officers did not identify themselves. >> i'm out here because black women need to be treated with respect and humanity. >> reporter: they have the i is
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still investigating the case to see if federal charges are warranted. in louisville kentucky, fox news. today was supposed to be the day that the police chief candidates in oakland was handed over to the mayor. that did not happen in the search continues. we talk to members about their search for the right candidate. schools are moving ahead with reopening plans despite a surgeon in coronavirus cases. i will have details coming up. it was covid that shut them down. the smoke from all the wildfires. today is the day that you some of the park reopens. still to come, business owners rejoice and hope for a great fall.
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this is in lafayette. a group of parents and students held a rally this aft noon calling for schools to reopen. contra costa county health this inspector will move up to the red here next week. schools can be allowed to apply by mid october if the positive trends continue. parents say students education and mental health are already suffering. because they have no peer to peer interaction. that's why it's important to get schools open to get back to the traditional classroom structure that kids depend on. >> the group is collecting signatures on a petition to recall governor newsom saying he has mishandled the coronavirus pandemic california has seen 800,000
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coronavirus cases. there were new cases reported yesterday. more than 15,000 have died from the virus in california. test positivity is down to 3%. parts of the country are seeing a new surge of coronavirus cases and health experts are concerned with the one-two punch of the flu and covid will take a big toll on america's medical infrastructure. the trump administration is vowing to have a vaccine available soon to any outbreak. public health officials are scrambling to contain a coronav deaths. infections have been trending downwards for weeks. and now we are seeing a double digit increases in a handful of states. mayors and governors are moving ahead with their reopening plans including new york city with their intern return to indoor dining next week and
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connecticut with his face three reopening. >> we are opening up again. get our regular life back again. >> the trump administration working around the clock to get a vaccine developed. pfizer and modernity expected to have approval by the end of october. there's growing concerns of the processes become politicized. at least one state in new york said it will conduct its own review even if the fda signs up. safety is the number one priority. >> from the minute you stick it into someone's arm in phase 1 to the end of phase 4, we are looking at safety. >> reporter: work on the vaccine moves forward. the if the eye says chinese hackers continue to target u.s. pharmaceutical companies. it's aimed to get china a leg up in vaccine research and development.
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dr. fauci is warning about airborne transmission as winter approaches and people spend more time indoors. florida has lifted more coronavirus restrictions. governor ron desantis said the state will move into the next phase, all bars, restaurants can operate at full capacity. cases were down after a big surge in the summer but florida's positivity rate is still 12 percent. the world health organization rec recommend it be below 5% in order to reopen. the state of california addressing climate change. governor newsom launched the climate action court. 's admission is to empower people to take meaningful action to protect their homes and communities against the
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harshest impact of climate change. it's an opportunity for people to take action across california. governor newsom is saying to every californian, not only is this an issue that affects us all, it's an issue that can continue to affect our communities. there's something we can do about it and we need you to do something about it. >> san jose is one of the first cities to's partner with the state on the climate action. around the bay area this afternoon, another beautiful day. we have changes coming our way. it will increase our fire danger unfortunately. look at what's going on over the golden gate bridge. beautiful picture there. mostly blue skies. air quality is marta. that will change in the weekend. there is not an official spare the air that's been issued at this point.
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outside our door, san francisco enjoying 86 degrees. low 70s in oakland. livermore upper 70s and san jose at 74 24 hour temperature change showing you we're cooler today. down by six in san jose. santa rosa one of the spots a little warmer this afternoon. here's a view of the air quality in the north bay. central bay is moderate. we're looking at moderate air quality in san jose. santa cruz area we are in the green, good air quality there. look at the system that continues to bring rain over the areas of the pacific northwest. washington and oregon seen a good amount of rain pushing through the east towards idaho and montana. for us pleasant weather. onshore breeze and good air quality. that begins to change as we
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roll through the bay area saturday with hotter weather coming on the backend of the weekend. winds are onshore and gusting strongly. to 35 miles per hour. more onshore breeze. half moon bay gusting 22. a look at changes coming your way. saturday in the afternoon, still a little bit of act dimity going on over the pacific northwest. one set pushes through on the backside of it. that's where we begin to see the changes. saturday night into sunday, and a normally a switch in the weather pattern but an increase in the wind. that is what will bring on the heightened fire danger. tomorrow morning upper 50s to upper 60s to start the day. in the afternoon we go warmer. saturday upper 80s and 74 in san francisco. upper 70s and all in. 88 in livermore and san jose. some hotspots close to the 90 and by sunday close to 100. red flag warning and more forecast coming up in a bit.
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parents to go back to work, there needs to be adequate childcare. otherwise, there can be no economic recovery, that's what a san francisco nonprofits as. coming up, how to help those families create a new economic opportunity. six possible violations of the first amendment. of the justice department is calling on san francisco to review its restrictions on places of worship. president trump does indeed to intend to nominate amy coney barrett as a supreme court justice. what we know about her and her supreme court record. we saw the cloud of smoke
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and my heart fell. i knew we'd lose our home... and we did. over 24,000 homes have been destroyed by wildfires in the past few years. wildfire victims need help so i'm voting 'yes' on 19. it limits property taxes on wildfire victims so families can move to a replacement home without a tax penalty. you never know what you'll be faced with. please, vote 'yes' on 19.
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distract childcare advocates say the economy can't recover without adequate childcare because parents won't be able to go back while their children
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are at home. a san francisco nonprofit is working to help smaller home- based day care operators take their business to the next level and create economic opportunity. >> reporter: as san francisco begins to return to work after months of a citywide shutdown, families are looking at their options for childcare. children's counsel in san francisco said the importance cannot be overstated. >> there is no road to recovery without childcare. >> reporter: children's counsel said there was already a lack of affordable childcare in the city before the pandemic. more than 1000 providers 700 were friends family and neighbor operations working out of individual homes. the children's counsel is offering tools to help professional the operations. >> they give nutrition programs and learn how to keep records and snap programs that feed kids healthy food. it begins to evolve into this
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business that we know is truly at the heart of this community. >> reporter: the program benefits small business owners and often overlooked it corners of the economy. >> is a viable business for the family. particularly women of color. >> reporter: this childcare in the mira loma neighborhood last year, the children's counsel helped her with licensing. >> some of the paperwork i need help modifying. they were very helpful. >> reporter: children's counsel has shifted their focus during the pandemic to meet the current need. >> we are doing a lot of health and safety training. they would not get this because they are not a license, per se center. >> reporter: the safety training was important. >> when i operate inside my house, it's not like my work place but my family is here also.
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i need someone giving me all the resources and that's amazing to me. >> reporter: cultivating the businesses, the children's counsel said has a broader impact than even on the one childcare business, providing a way for parents getting back to work. >> get the community to understand how important they are to the viability of the community up economically, socially and emotionally as well. >> reporter: hundreds of operations close their door permanently as the number of families needing child care limited during the pandemic. and now the children's counsel said they are ready to train up those ready to start up a new business or take there and existing business to a next level. today was supposed to be the day for the next police
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chief of oakland was handed over to the mayor. we hear why that did not happen and why that may be a good thing for what the city is looking for. the president has not officially made this announcement but he has made up his mind on the nomination of a supreme court justice. we hope the covid lock down and wildfires are behind us says this national park.
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distract the interim police chief will be leading the department after a few months. they are still looking for the next top cop. here is an update on the search . >> reporter: today the oakland police commission was supposed to reveal the for finalists to oakland mayor. now the whole process is pushed back. the search for the police chief has been extended until december. that means interim top cop is staying put until then. >> they've received two dozen applications and whittled it down to about a dozen. >> reporter: there is no evidence the cut commission is not happy with candidate so far. >> they are satisfied with the quality of the applicants.
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so, i'm thinking is what they need is additional time to do the vetting. >> reporter: the virtual meeting thursday night, the panel has more work to do to find a leader. >> we have cut down the universe of candidates to a smaller group. we are working on identifying due diligence, background checks. >> reporter: the 12 will be whittled down further before the mayor makes her pick. >> reporter: to recommend candidates to the mayor for appointment. there were 30 candidates in 2016. the job description has a long listing of requirements. >> this is difficult but this is a difficult job. the best of one thing everyone can agree on. >> reporter: according to the commission, some of the 24 candidates asked that their names not be revealed so any shortlists will be kept secret from the public. >> we do not anticipate a
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community engagement process. >> reporter: they candidates include outsiders and police veterans. it includes deputy chief the wrong armstrong. and also armstrong's wife. >> the next oakland police chief will be the six person to run the department during the mayor's tenure. in conch acosta today, the dad disaster airlift took its inaugural flight. they picked up face shields at one location and drop them off at another location. they needed to make sure everything operated smoothly. adding pilots to the mix help speed up the process to get supplies where they were needed. >> last weekend we moved 100,000
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facemasks and 5000 pounds of material in one day. >> the face shields picked up and drop off during the exercise will be given to the homeless community to help slow the spread of the coronavirus and vulnerable populations. people in oakland's fruitville neighborhood on 35th and east street was the mayor and they talked about the importance of getting tested. and a large number of latino residents live there. >> east oakland is taking the brunt of covid. it's having a detrimental effect on the community. this is where the essential workers live. this is also the densest part of oakland. >> the unity council has partnered with ucsf to help
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combat the virus. free testing is being offered tomorrow at 35th and east 12th street. this date health secretary is concerned that positive train trends of covid-19 may be rising. case numbers have been going down since august but the last week or's, cases are starting to take up word in many areas. the bay area line is in blue in the middle of your screen. read emergency room visits are moving up. hospital admissions are growing higher. the number of people in the hospital could nearly double. this prediction increase of hospitalization one month from now. currently we are this many individuals in hospitals but a month from now there will be
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shy of 5000. >> it is hard to tell but the state may be seeing a spike in cases from labor day and fire evacuations and counties reopening. he's concerned about the overlap of covid-19 and the flu . already early cases of flu in california. supreme court justice, ruth bader ginsburg, honored by congress and dignitaries that she lies in state. we are told the president has already chosen a successor. multiple sources say it is judge, amy coney barrett. >> reporter: ruth bader ginsburg honored during the ceremony in statuary hall. of the long time justice made history once more, becoming the first woman and jewish-american
5:37 pm
to lie in state. among those in attendance, former vice president, joe biden, who silently paid his respects along side his wife, jill. >> today we stand in sorrow. tomorrow, we the people, must carry on justice ginsburg's legacy. even as our hearts are breaking , we must rise with her strength and move forward. >> >> reporter: thursday, president trump paid his recent backs to justice ginsburg at the supreme court. friday president trump focused on the campaign trail. making dual stops in florida and georgia. >> we may end up in a dispute for a long time, that's how they wanted. >> president trump said he will
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name his nominee outside the white house at five p.m. on saturday. three homicides in five days in downtown san jose. police have a new plan. new details about patrols in the street through the weekend. one time presidential candidate suffers a medical episode during a lifestream today. the latest episode of ron paul coming up.
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three people in san jose are behind bars on cyst mission of homicide. these three were arrested in milpitas on tuesday. they were wanted in connection of the staff at stabbing death in san jose. the 39-year-old was stabbed and later died at the hospital.
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the killing was san jose's 29th homicide this year. because of that homicide and to others in the downtown area of san jose in just a matter of days, the police department is increasing officer patrols in that area. we have more from downtown san jose. >> reporter: in a paradoxical twist, lower crime rates are producing more police patrols in downtown san jose. >> we are taking resources than the division and putting them in the areas where we've had recent homicides. >> reporter: three killing spanning five days. sip numbers 16th, two people were killed when a hail of bullets were sprayed on eighth street, blocks from san jose state campus. >> this is a college area so it should be safe. >> reporter: monday someone stabbed and killed david perez,
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directly across the street from city hall. investigators say the crime was not random. >> people are on edge. unfortunately, during hard times is when stuff like this happens. >> reporter: the senses a police adding 12 patrol units. evening shift will get more officers. >> it reassures a community and let them know that we are aware this is happening. >> this is an effective strategy. >> reporter: a professor at san jose state university said more boots on the ground will serve as a deterrent to crime. long-term solutions require collaboration. >> members of the community also have her sponsored billy.
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>> reporter: san jose police officials say the shifting of resources available not only to the central division but to the other three police divisions as well. foothill, south and north. still no word on suspects of the three slayings, if you have any information, give police a call. the state of california is expanding access to behavioral health. governor newsom held a bill signing ceremony this morning. he called for behavioral healthcare and strengthen consumer financial protection for californians. this certifies peers support specialist. this is especially needed now, during the pandemic. >> the pandemic has change the public's view on this. we have a pandemic of despair going on through all elements of society all over the united
5:44 pm
states through the country. i hope our bill can bring peers support programs and that will help. >> reporter: the other bills increase access to out patient treatment. another requires health plans and treatment to all mental health and substance abuse disorders. former texas congressman and three time presidential candidate, ron paul, has been hospitalized. he was speaking on the youtube channel when his speech was slurred. he was hospitalized for precautionary reasons but is reported to be doing well. he ran three times and is a pioneering figure in the libertarian movement. he retired from congress in 2013. this is good for
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communities all around you somebody. >> coming up next, visitors can finally rejoice at the park can reopen. they are hoping for a busy fall. hot, dry and breezy as we get into the bay area weekend. temperatures in the red flag warning part of the state. coming up in a little bit. this isn't our first flip.
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it's a win-win. now that's shopping like a pro. explore floor and decor, now open for safe in-store shopping and curbside pickup. yosemite national park reopened to visitors today. it was closed for more than a week due to has a diverse air quality. ann rubin explains that local businesses can't wait for tourists to come back. >> reporter: business owners nearing yosemite national park are breathing easier today. the air has cleared and the park has reopen. still, the losses from an eight
5:48 pm
day closure have been tremendous. this is yosemite vacation homes. >> all the homes that had cancellations, we had housed to evacuation people for free. >> reporter: they had already closed due to covid and then this, smoke. the reading in yosemite last week was 785. >> for communities all around yosemite. >> reporter: they are hoping tourists will come back. they got two things working in their favor. much improved air quality and a move into california's yellow tear, minimal risk for covid. >> tourism is the economy, you need people to be here to support that. without that, people hurt and we need people to come back. >> reporter: with the reopening, you somebody and else more available campgrounds. upper hines had opened and now
5:49 pm
lower and north pounds pines also. >> it's wonderful to see people taking advantage of the reopening. >> reporter: at vacation homes, they are hoping they will look up fast. they did not let the property stay all empty during the fires. >> homes it had cancellations, we opened up to evacuation people for free. >> reporter: daily park entry is required. fall would be a good time to go with fewer crowds. as we get into your bay area weekend, things are expect it to heat up. a red flag warning is expected to begin tomorrow evening. sunday and monday look to be the hottest day. here's a look at what's going on. the red flag warning begins tomorrow night all the way from
5:50 pm
monday morning. fire at 8:00 a.m. it includes the east bay you can see here. widespread through the sacramento valley and all the way into the sierra foothills. we are looking into the sierra. i think i see lake tahoe, one of the only spots with as shade of red at the moment. we continue to watch a system in the pacific northwest. behind it, we have the ridge of hype pressure that is going to strengthen in and bring us the hotter weather. also going to bring us the north, northeast wind that is expected to get things super dry getting into the saturday night and sunday night time frame. here's a look of the wind out there. winds onshore over areas in oakland. onshore breeze.
5:51 pm
this begins to flip around. here's a look at your futurecast. i want to show you a couple things. the winds at this point coming this direction. as we get into saturday, that begins to ship. eventually it will turn north and northeast. you will also notice the smoke drifting our direction as we get into the second heart of saturday, lasting into sunday. and now the wind direction is the dry northeast wind that helps to create the heightened fire danger. tomorrow the air quality is expected to be good to moderate . and no clear the air in place of the moment. we will continue to track that for you. hopefully not a whole lot of that smoke will come our way. temperatures outside right now. upper 60s san francisco. low 80s reported over concord. tomorrow a different story as the warm-up begins. it tomorrow morning upper 50s to upper 60s around the bay area. 60 degrees to start your morning in san francisco.
5:52 pm
as we get into the afternoon, move the numbers up anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees tomorrow. upper 80s expected in santa rosa. upper 80s in livermore. and near 90 degrees by tomorrow. by sunday, 100 degrees expected for inland city. 90 degrees expected in fairfield . there is a look at your expended forecast. hottest days sunday monday. we begin to cool it down on tuesday, back to you. it did not seem like we had started fall. thank you. the 49ers are gearing up for their game on the road this sunday against the new york giants. they will be without some of their biggest stars. quarterback, jimmy garoppolo is out with an injury. mick molen will start instead. also out with a running back. they will not play because of
5:53 pm
knee injuries. the injury list continues. linebacker and defensive end and before is always out. you can watch the new york giants on sunday right here on ktvu . kickoff is at 10:00 a.m. to billion-dollar industry had to shut down early due to the coronavirus. covid is sure to impacted again this winter. to changes you can expect if you plan to hit the slopes. coming up on news at 6:00. facial recognition is a concern. despite the band by the city. places of worship, this court is saying it's a possible violation of the first amendment.
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the city of newark is trying to help people affected by the pandemic. last night they passed a plan for to release plans for the cares act. it will go towards people having trouble paying the rent and small business grants. other cities also have these plans. is a $2.1 billion industry that was cut short because of covid last year. the ski resort is rolling out his plans for the up coming season. what we can expect on the slope. >> reporter: after his season cut short by covid, >> we lost 30 days right before
5:57 pm
a big snowstorm. >> reporter: they are anxious for another chance. >> it was an abrupt ending to a great season. we are looking forward to making of the this year. >> reporter: this year will be different. resorts around the region are stepping up to the challenge. they are expecting some of the change to be fun. >> reporter: it's allowing for creative opportunities. you never know, this could open the doors for fun things in the future. >> reporter: for most resorts, the lodge will be a place for grab and go food. sierra and tahoe have another idea. >> this winter we're going to be asking guests to embrace the idea of making your car your large. >> we are an adept will bunch. we can adapt and have fun. we have positive mindsets. >> reporter: some of the changes you might expect. masks
5:58 pm
are mandatory as his social distancing. but many you will have to plan for. several at the resort are not offering walk up ticket sales at all. many are required reservations and some are not sure. >> reporter: they are expecting more interest in back country skiing and snowshoeing. >> they still have all the capabilities on the downhill. >> reporter: this is a world champion freestyle skier and an employee at sports ltd. he said this season is all about the back country as people try to social distance on the snow. >> it will grow people's love for the sport. and branch out beyond the minimal resort experience. >> reporter: you may feel there's nothing normal about this year, you can always count on the snow to fall and the skiing in tahoe, once it starts to be amazing.
5:59 pm
>> start doing your snow dances . as long as we have a good year it's a good time. this is fox 2 news at 6:00. the bay area weather is heating up with a red flag warning and elevated fire danger. >> our house is behind the hill. is something we think about when the high winds come. we make sure to water down our backyard. >> this is the time of year when fire season hits northern california, traditionally the most dangerous. >> is the combination of winds and heat that is the concern this weekend. take a live look towards mount expected to change when the red flag warning is posted tomorrow night. we're joined live with the did tales from meteorologist.
6:00 pm
when you think about the heat waves this summer, they are history. they still have lasting impact. the hillsides are dry and all the heat is there and the brushes ready to burn. there is dry conditions and gusty winds. read black fire warning for the first weekend of fall. the east bay hills and east bay valleys. it begins nine p.m. on saturday until 8:00 a.m. on monday. over the hill talk tops and the peaks gusting 50 miles an hour. when you wake up sunday morning there will be a change as to how it feels out there because of dry wind. there will be change in the morning hours. we are showing you a lot. saturday 4:00 p.m.


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