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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  October 1, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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and more than 140 structures have been damaged. over 26,000 of the structures are still threatened. we are in napa county tonight with the fight to save the small community. >> reporter: it is interesting, we hear about this level of containment. the real number the firefighters are seeking a 35%. once they get to 35% they can shift cruise around. so that is an important thing to remember. earlier today, we started tour, if you will. across from highway 101 in santa rosa across sonoma county, across napa county. in the up here where we saw a major firefight going on. we can to calistoga which is very much a ghost town. make a bigger ghost town when they widen the evacuation here. that might go on for some time.
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we want to show you what i would like. it looked like this. and wildfire lore in science, where there is a smoke column, you will almost find a fire at the bottom of it. the current problem in napa county, lots of smoke column, some small, some enormous. the robert craig winery is only about two miles from the center of this town. here, full-court ground and air assault is underway. they drop bucket after bucket after bucket of water blaming brush. firefighters are concerned that this fire is going to get up and angling, it is going to have to come up through this valley. and they are doing everything humanly possible to keep that from happening. another major problem, this area has already burned once, but not hot spots are flaring up. and next to the hospital, almost an unlimited amount of
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burnable fuel. even as firefighters battled fires all around, and gusty winds from the red light morning bearing down, essential repairs were going on. here outside of santa rosa, concrete barriers are being placed along highway 12 where guard real supports of a burden away. with so many utility poles are damaged are all into the ground, new polls are being brought in his stockpile, in order to make the repairs safe and permanent. she's badly burned in the fires are being trimmed. especially about roads where the trees have weakened limbs that can and do fall away, and could potentially hit a vehicle. without a lot of this work being done now, people who have been evacuated cannot return. and normal traffic cannot be allowed. in napa county, apparently some embers started a small fire in a heavily wooded area, at the crest of the road.
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we found several crews working to cut leister an area that might have to be defended if the fires come to this place. there are fires all over california. but for now, it appears that the most critical battle is a battle fully joined as a smoke will allow. it is fair to say that this fire is relentless. it is fair to say that any kind of wind is a problem. and it is fair to say that the fight will continue. as i said yesterday, that you're looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, they just have no idea how long the tunnel is. >>, i know the fire is so large. but we did show pictures of an airplane dropping on the flames. and also other aircraft. of up until now, there have only been helicopters. did you see the airplane, by
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chance? >> i know two days ago the 747 was working when the smoke situation was better. but where i am right now, the smoke is the and widespread, that the helicopters we are working were literally trying to thread through the smoke. in order to actually deliver the payloads because there was a link right next to them. that is an okay to do. because if they cannot make the drop, they will either go up in the air and wait, or they will leave the area. but, with these larger aircraft, you have to be able to see the target in order to hit it. and you don't want to be too close to the ground where you don't have really good air side, because the aircraft are hard to control lower to the ground. and you don't have any space below you to make up for anything that might go wrong. so when the smoke goes away they will be able to hit it harder. but it was mostly a helicopter
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operation today. >> what about the red flag conditions? it doesn't look that windy where you are, but i imagine it gets more windy as you go up higher. how about the >> it is about 96 degrees. it is about 21% humidity. and yes, the higher you go, the more likely you are to run into these higher winds. because, obviously, there is less blocking them. down here, there's a fairly high mountain wall behind us. but the reality of the situation is the higher you go, the more you when's you are going to run into. last night after we were driving home, it was amazing. we were driving and you could see fire in the mountains a couple of miles away. what was amazing was how hard the winds were blowing, really creating a spectacle with the fire as it consumed tree after tree after tree.
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>> let's hope they continue to get more containment. because like you said, as of tonight only 5% containment. they want to get up to at least 35%. thank you tom. governor newsom was in napa county today getting a firsthand look at the devastation caused by the fire. he toured the damage at an elementary school. the governor says wildfires and the damage they cause are unfortunately all too familiar for many people who live in napa and sonoma counties. >> people are exhausted, concerned, anxious about their faith in their future. not just their safety. clearly, we have our work cut out for us. not only suppression but prevention strategies. to deal with the immediate as well as strategies to address the long-term. >> the governor's visit comes a day after he declared a state of emergency for napa and sonoma counties. smoke from the glass fire is drifting across the bay area, causing unhealthy air quality. a severe air alert has been extended by bay area quality
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officials through october 6. this is a live look from our mt. diablo camera in the east bay. you can hardly see mt. diablo. this has been much worse, compared to days prior. joining us now for more of the dangerous fire weather is our meteorologist. hi mark. the air-quality changing today. there is a light northwest wind. as a result, it is not blowing of the smoke. it is just barely managing it. as a result, the smoke is settling in over a good portion of the bay area. we will show you the graphics. this is the satellite, basically showing you the milky haze. not only in the bay area but across a good portion of california. you also noticed a fire burning in tulare county. some of the smoke drifting in as well from the south. we will come in closer right now, and basically it is a layer of smoke and haze this afternoon. we will check in on some of the current conditions around the
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fire zone. you can see it is a hot afternoon. temperatures in the 90s. relative humidity, very dry. around 17 to 18%. mount st. helena, higher elevations, wins only seven miles an hour. but they are expected to pick up as we head into tonight in early tomorrow morning. showing you this, we have the red flag warning. in fact it has been expanded and extended until 6:00 a.m. saturday. portions of the north bay and the east bay hills. the winds are not as strong as last weekend. but stella went up 20 to 30 miles an hour could be a challenge for the cruise. here in the forecast, in general for tomorrow, as you can see another hot day for friday. those winds expected to post up a bit later on tonight into tomorrow morning. as i mentioned, not as strong as leslie here last weekend. what about the temperature in the relative humidity?
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into the afternoon i was we are showing you the hot temperatures. was again very dry. around 10 to 12% and temperatures close to 100 degrees, with the winds expected to pick up later on tonight and into tomorrow morning. we will have more on that and your hot forecasted heat advisory coming up in a little bit. we are in the middle of a red flag warning, a spare the air day and a flex alert, all of this in one day. the officials are concerned the high temperature is going to put a strain on the power grid. elissa harrington will join us now about the fire considered in the east day. >> reporter: we all want to keep our lights on. what the california iso is saying that the heat is a big problem. because that is where people can put pressure on the grid with air conditioners. but they say the wildfires are also putting pressure on the power grid. for the next several days, don't
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calls for more smoky skies and unhealthy air. the spare the air alert has been extended through tuesday of next week. the management district says people should avoid exposure as much as possible. >> it has been quite a year so far. for the next several days, we will have potential of unhealthy air quality due to particles from the fires as well as high heat and ozone from that. >> a red flag warning has been issued for parts of the bay area. grizzly peak at the rim of the berkeley hills, there are no stopping zone between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., to discourage people from gathering there. roving engines will patrol the east bay hills. >> we want to keep people away from the skyline boulevard grizzly peak core door. not only because any spark can cause a wildfire, but also we want to make sure that is an open, easy ropeway for first responders to navigate in the
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event of an emergency. >> reporter: wildfires are also threatening transmission lines across the state. states grid operation has called for a flex alert between the hours of 3:00 and 10:00 p.m. spokesperson says conservation is key to avoid rolling outages like what we had in august. was the temperatures are hot. we've got the fires going. there are a lot of elements that pose intelligence challenges. but if people pitch in, that is something that can make a huge difference. >> reporter: some energy saving tips include using a fat instead of air conditioning. in turning off lights and other appliances when leaving a room. >> we also asked people not to use large appliances during those peak hours. is like washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, save those household chores for after the flex alerts. >> reporter: pg&e has
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meteorologist looking at the conditions throughout the day. at this time, there is no plan public safety power shut off. cooling centers have been set up in some of the bay area's hottest communities. i'm elissa harrington, fox 2 news. and a reminder, you can download the weather at for more on this heat wave in red flag warning, it is free to download in your app store. right now we want to take you to a news conference talking about the latest information from the glass fire that is burning in napa and sonoma counties. >> and advisory for our area has been extended to friday night. creating challenging conditions for those on the front line of this fire. for more on the status, let's begin with deputy chief
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information officer for this incident for cal fire, jonathan cox. >> thank you paul for having me. just a little bit of an update. i will start a bit higher at the 30,000 foot elevation. 23 major fires burning across the state. the glass fire being one of the top priorities at this point. due to the number of people effective rating evacuating. we can confirm since august 18, three point now million acres of california has burned. the next highest on record is 1.5 million acres. we will be over the 4 million mark before the month is over. with that 17,000 firefighters battling across the state. 2000 of those are here on the incident on napa and sonoma counties. we have aircraft. yesterday alone we dropped
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80,000 gallons of retirement on this fire between the two counties. but obviously, one of the biggest impediments is the visibility because of the smoke, which is not only a health hazard, but also increase our operations to be effective with our air fleet. currently across the state, there continues to be about 86,000 homes that are threatened . about 24,000 of those are here locally between the two counties. and additional evacuations are obviously still occurring. on this incident, driven by the red flag event that we are seeing throughout the area. a couple of notable items not related to sonoma but related to the incident. evacuations today included the closure of highway 29 between napa county and lake county. no current evacuations in lake county itself. that was closed due to fire
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activity impeding upon it. we saw quite a bit of activity along the eastern flank of this fire. we will release our next update with the facts at 7:00 p.m. tonight. >> you are listening to deputy chief jonathan cox giving an overview of both the glass fire in napa and sonoma counties, but also an overview of all the fires that are burning right now in california. the numbers are frightening. 23 major fires burning right now in california. 17,000 firefighters are battling the planes in california. he also mentioned that so far, 3.9 million acres have burned in california. due to wildfires. and they expect that the top 4 million before the year is out. he also said they shopped 80,000 gallons of on the glass fire yesterday. just to give you a more broad perspective year of the fire,
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56,000 acres have burned so far. it is still only 5% contained, up from 2% yesterday. 250 billion is destroyed. 22 helicopters battling the fire. we did see, if there's any good news, it is that they did get the dc-10 in their to drop and other place to drop retardants as well. we will continue to monitor the briefing and bring you any new information as we get it. the election is just over a month away. at 5:30, how san francisco is keeping voters safe from the coronavirus. and making sure every vote is counted. of first though, vallejo police officer involved in two deadly shootings has been fired. the reason for his termination, and why some people say it is not enough.
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in the tubbs fire. the flames, the ash, it was terrifying. thousands of family homes are destroyed in wildfires. families are forced to move and higher property taxes are a huge problem. prop 19 limits taxes on wildfire victims so families can move without a tax penalty. nineteen will help rebuild lives. vote 'yes' on 19.
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shot and killed the gun in his lap. policing offices fired 35 shots after they say mccoy reached for the gun. was hit by about three dozen of those shots. on wednesday, the chief terminated mcmahon saying he fired a shot while another officer was about to be in his
5:20 pm
line of fire. in the statement that she said, any conduct outside the level of professionalism the city deserves will not be tolerated. >> it is insulting. >> reporter: >> it is incredibly offensive to consider that the possible danger to another officer was so much more important than actual human life that he took. >> shots fired for 15 carolina street. >> reporter: the year before the officer killed another man. he tried to stop foster for riding a bike without a light. the solano county declined to charge him. >> i'm sorta surprised because it is incredibly late to decide to terminate him for murdering two people. >> residency hill fire, i would rather see him in jail.
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>> reporter: mccoy's cousin says it is not enough for the officer to lose his job. the da recused her office from reviewing the shooting. instead, asking the state attorney general to handle it to restore community trust. he refused. so now abram's request, is being investigated by a former da from southern california. i reached out to the vallejo police union. so far, no comment. a civil lawsuit over? that is still pending. reporting live, henry lee fox 2 news. bay area weather, of course we are talking about the heat advisory. the red flag fire warning as you noticed, the air-quality changing rapidly. with all the smoke settling in to our area. that is nothing to move the smoke out. as a result, it will continue to be part of our forecast for
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tomorrow and into the weekend. traffic still loading up right now. i will say this, the smoke actually had somewhat of an impact with temperatures for today. especially up in the north day, not as hot as forecasted. the red flag fire warning in place, in fact expanded and extended to include not only the north bay, but also the east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains. that is until 6:00 a.m. on saturday. temperatures around 90 to 100 miles an hour with the humidity up to 20%. heat advisory has been extended as well until 8:00 p.m. friday. the hotspot temperatures could be close to 100 degrees. and a spare the air alert for your friday and extended into early next week through tuesday. tomorrow, we will have unhealthy air levels once again in the be bay area. santa rosa, napa, fairfield, lots of help unhealthy reports.
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unfortunately, the smoke forecast model keeps the smoke around over northern california and to the bay area. possibly a wind change as we head into the weekend. satellite, once again showing you all the smoke over here. of course temperatures the big story today. lots of 90s right now outdoors concord, symphysis, 76. we will have more than just a little bit. with no coronavirus relief abilify, tens of thousands of airline workers are prepared to be furloughed. what this means for the industry? i'm voting 'yes' on prop 19 to help california's most vulnerable.
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over 24,000 homes were destroyed by wildfires in less than two years. too many of those victims are also hit with a sudden tax hike after their forced to move. it's wrong. prop 19 limits taxes on wildfire victims and limits taxes on seniors and severely disabled homeowners. join firefighters and emergency responders in voting 'yes' on 19.
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they do one of the most deven in normal times.s, our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need, that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us. negotiations continued on capitol hill today another round of coronavirus relief. so far though, no word on
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whether the deal is closed. house speaker, nancy pelosi, and steven mnuchin agreed on extra funds. they are at odds over republican calls for the liability protection for businesses. and the democrats push for more help for local governments. house democrats are expected to cast mostly symbolic votes tonight on a slightly slimmer version of the heroes act passed in may. congress is set to return tomorrow. american and united airlines have already begun the process of removing tens of thousands of workers. they said they could bring the workers back if congress takes action soon. jesse garrett with more on the impact. >> reporter: a bumpy ride begins thursday for nearly 100,000 airline industry employees. this, as the $25 billion federal payroll support program expires.
5:27 pm
>> it is pretty devastating. we have 8100 american airlines flight attendants, 19,000 total american airlines workers losing the top today. >> reporter: washington lawmakers enacted the safety net last spring, after garnering industry executive assurances they would keep workers on the payroll. and not enact massive furloughs. but a bipartisan deal to extend the program, part of a relief plan, installed. >> we are far apart. i think secretary mnuchin and the speaker are continuing to speak. but we are very very far apart. >> reporter: the distance between the two sides measured in the pain inflicted on tens of thousands of workers. the industry as a whole has already cut roughly 45,000 jobs. but that has been through early retirements, voluntarily's, and buyouts. with i'm losing the job, it was not only a job, it was my career. i saw the job for the rest of
5:28 pm
my life. >> there are so many emotions that are pulsing through my veins. >> reporter: experts say another color courses through the veins the most airlines. the color red. the major carriers have borrowed millions of dollars to stay afloat. and now hope this will take action and extend the federal lifeline. >> the economy is not doing so badly. so the airlines are clearly, 25 billion is steep to me. >> reporter: the house could vote on a compromise relief bill sometime thursday. in san jose, ktvu fox 2 news. the most expensive city in the country is getting more affordable. how much will it in san
5:29 pm
francisco has dropped in the past year. also ahead tamaha the city is working to make sure the election is safe and secure. plus it's been two days since the presidential debate. and still, questions mount over what was said and what should be done. i mike emanuel in washington, with the latest from the white house, coming up.
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the fire has grown 8300 acre since yesterday and has now burned with 56,000 acres. it is only 5% contained. a red flag warning is in effect , and the strong winds could complicate the firefight. about 24,000 structures are threatened. lanes have destroyed nearly 250 billions in both napa and sonoma counties, including 143 homes and 144 sections of buildings have been damaged. the cisco revealed their new voting center. we are in the city tonight. kristen, officials are focusing on coronavirus safety and election security. >> reporter: that's right frank, we are talking about health and safety here as well as confidence in the system. san francisco political leaders and the cities director of alexa spoken photosynthesis goes outdoor voting center located and can't front of the building.
5:33 pm
san francisco director of elections saying the entire process is monitored from beginning to end. >> voters should have absolute confidence in the process. narr voter fraud, vote by mail fraud, it is just not anything i have seen in the 20 years i have been doing this is san francisco. >> reporter: poll monitors are welcome to observe. the poll workers and voters have a say of weather crosses the line into voter intimidation. >> nobody can interfere with the voting process. they cannot create an intimidating atmosphere. it is not for the observers to make a decision. >> reporter: the director of elections is also say he's worked with the postal service to make alex will be delivered quickly. there are no credible threats to election security and his office has full confidence that the upcoming election will be legitimate. we restocked other counties around the bay who expressed
5:34 pm
similar confidence in voting security. napa county saying, napa county voters know that voting by mail is safe because they have been voting by mail for the past 12 years. in other counties say they have numerous measures to ensure a fair election process. election officials also sang this site and all 588 in person and drop off locations in san francisco will undergo regular cleaning and will be sanitized. >> the department and the city had taken steps to make sure this is a healthy experience for all voters is cisco. >> reporter: voters in san francisco can expect to see the balance showing up in their mailboxes next week. >> governor newsom is joining 10 of the democratic governors in defending the validity of the upcoming november election. in the debate on tuesday night, presidential continue to claim that mail-in voting could lead
5:35 pm
to fraud. he also refused to specifically say whether he would accept the results of the election. the governors released a statement saying that, in the efforts to throw out ballots or refuse a peaceful transfer of power are nothing less than an assault on democracy. the governors said all valid ballots have to be counted. any president trump loses, he must leave office. in new poll finds all half of all people who watched the debate believed that joe biden outperformed president trump. according to the political poll, 50% of the watchers surveyed said biden performed the best. 60% were undecided. the vast majority blame the president for what he described as a disruptive fit an overall a pleasant viewing experience. we have the latest on what has
5:36 pm
happened since the candidates left the states. >> reporter: kaylee mac and annie worked to defend the president thursday, saying mr. >> reporter: has announced white supremacy in the past and stand by his previous actions. >> is working on this is unmistakable. >> reporter: yet she still continues to face questions two days after the debate. after mr. trump addressed the problem is telling them to stand back and stand by. >> you never know how low presidential can go. his refusal to condemn white supremacy is among the lowest things he has done. >> reporter: joe biden called the remark a dog whistle for white supremacy. does it even goes one step further. >> to infect, threaten that if he does not when, there will be violence. >> reporter: it is not the only topic being raised since the debate, marked by its contagion and chaos. the debate commission says it
5:37 pm
is now weighing what it can do to add additional structure to future events. in an effort to ensure people say well, they should have had a tutor one microphone off. whatever it is, i think one and done. >> reporter: what often the commission is considering is controlling the candidates microphones. the trump campaign called changing the rules in the middle of the game. whereas, the biden campaign says it will support any new rules that will, contain donald trump's behavior. ebay said they are removing all merchandise representing the far right extremist group the problem is. ebay is following amazon and other online retailers with the move. probably has been linked to white supremacy and counter protests at black lives matter events. and they have gotten a lot of media attention after president
5:38 pm
trump refused to disavow them during the debate on tuesday. instead, the president said they could they should stand back and stand by. it was a message that was taken as an endorsement by members of the problem is. police reform and racial justice takes center stage in sacramento. coming up later tonight, the bills governor newsom recently signed and the ones he vetoed. indoor dining now allowed offices go. why one of the city's iconic restaurants that it is waiting a couple of weeks before it reopens. and bay area playground, now welcoming back alleys. the new guidelines aimed at keeping kids and parents say. our home was burned to the ground
5:39 pm
in the tubbs fire. the flames, the ash, it was terrifying. thousands of family homes are destroyed in wildfires. families are forced to move and higher property taxes are a huge problem. prop 19 limits taxes on wildfire victims so families can move without a tax penalty. nineteen will help rebuild lives. vote 'yes' on 19.
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in concorde, families headed back door playgrounds today. the city took down fencing and barricades and reopen all of the 19 playgrounds. the city
5:41 pm
also put up signs with new roles. everyone two years older afterword a face covering. and children have to be supervised. eating and drinking are restricted, and people from different households must say six feet apart. >> if you feel like your child mental state would approve by being outdoors and playing on the playground, i think think if you take these precautions is reasonable. >> was also asked to limit their time to 30 minutes and other people are waiting playground. went prices keep going down the center cisco. the latest report shows the median rent for one and two bedroom apartments in the city are 20% lower than they were a year ago. rates have dropped more than 6% in just the last month. still, the median one-bedroom rental goes for more than $2800 . and to get rooms for 3800.
5:42 pm
the consensus is the most expensive major city in the country. follow closely by new york. also san francisco, the famous restaurant house of prime rib is said to be open soon. it has been closed for six months because of the pandemic. but today i posted a message of social media that read, it will take us roughly 2 weeks to rehire employees, properly eggs of the beef and prepare the salad dressing. half of prime rib says it takes 10 days to two weeks to prepare their well-known salad dressing. and due to new safety protocols, the salad can no longer be prepared next to the dining tables. also in the city, a unique cat cafe and sanctuary for rescued and adoptable cats. it is facing an uncertain future tonight. they closed their doors in march amid covid-19. and reopened in mid june, but with changes.
5:43 pm
because they are no longer able to work as a cafe, they are struggling to stay afloat. the space has been converted to two cat lounges but more help is needed to help save kittens and cats that are facing euthanasia at over crowded shelters. so far the gofundme has raised $47,000. the historical museum is that the reopened to the public this weekend. like so many other businesses, it has been closed for more than six letters of the pandemic. as it is must reserve tickets in advance and those tickets will be timed and hourly interviews. the museum, which is the first standalone museum dedicated to lgbtq history will be open on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays, from noon to 5:00 p.m. and san francisco conservatory of flowers reopened this morning. cautions are been taken to ensure safety. everyone must wear face covering.
5:44 pm
and capacity is limited to 25%, to allow for social distancing. as it is are encouraged to reserve tickets in advance online. must also follow a one-way path during the conservatory. >> he's continuing to showcase california as being at the forefront of new ideas. >> governor newsom five new laws targeting criminal justice. political experts weigh in, coming up. also containment is growing in the zogg fire in shasta county. what we are learning about the victim, tonight. the red flag fire warning continues. the heat advisory and stir the air alert, but the pattern will eventually change. we will have the timeline of improvement heading our way. we will have the updated forecast coming up.
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5:46 pm
the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. was down to the wire for some new california legislation. ann rubin shows us some of the bills that the governor signed
5:47 pm
into law. >> reporter: is president move, california will investigate paying reparations to african americans. the bill signed this week calls for the creation of a nine member task force. looking into the lasting impact from slavery. some people are skeptical. >> they will do more harm than if they had done nothing, then meddling within in the following through. >> reporter: also signed into law, a series of criminal justice reform. one measure bans the use of carotid chokehold by law- enforcement. another requires the attorney general to investigate the police shootings of unarmed individuals. >> i feel like his work to be responsive to the issues that are top of mind. >> reporter: top of mind but also at the forefront of intervention. one bill would allow california to get into the business of
5:48 pm
generic drugs as a way to help lower the cost of things like insulin. >> this is a government agency, it is responsive to the people. there is no profit motive. it is still allowing for-profit pharmaceutical companies to do innovation, which we support as taxpayers. >> reporter: under the new mission, also the first of its kind deals with corporate force. by law, they will have to include at least one underrepresented minority. innovative -- among the measures they got vetoed, and the curriculum. the governor says is still needs to work. we have breaking news right
5:49 pm
now where one person has been shot in the union square area. at this point, it is unclear if the shooting happened inside or outside of the store. police are on the same and are asking people to avoid the area in union square. we have a crew on the way. we will bring you the latest information coming up at 6:00 in about 11 minutes. in santa clara county the firefighters are demanding the doherty's be removed. they say a recent audit by the santa clara county board of supervisors found the los altos fire protection district is being mismanaged. they claim the audit of the district was not following recommendations on how to use money for's like vegetation removal and the use of their resources. they want the board of supervisors to support a consolidation proposal that would better coordinate fire preparedness. they say it is a matter of safety. >> they have been mismanaging
5:50 pm
this fire protection district, and the county board of supervisors has the ability to remove their already and put it in the hands of the santa clara county fire department. >> the county board of supervisors is set to discuss the audit at the be the meeting on tuesday. good news to wildfires. the lm you complex fire in the north bay and the scu complex fire in the east bay and central valley are fully contained tonight. the fires were sparked by lightning on august 16. together, they burn more than 760,000 acres, killed five people and destroyed 1700 structures. and asked whether zogg fire fire, it is now 26% contained. officials do expect containment to grow and increase over the next few days. we know that four people have
5:51 pm
been killed and one of those victims has been identified as 79-year-old karen king. the other three victims have died from fire -related injuries. but they are not being identified before their family members have been notified. it broke out on sunday and has charged more than 55,000 acres. temperatures woke up today across a good portion of the bay area. widespread 90s. at santa rosa in the 90s. the are supposed to top out at 100 degrees, but the smoke having an impact on the surface temperature. san francisco, a little warmer than santa rosa. let's mid to upper 90s this afternoon. the heat advisory has been extended as we head into friday. until 8:00 p.m. friday for all the areas in red. essentially for the entire bay area exit the coastline. hotspots will be close to 100 degrees for tomorrow as we head into your friday. a quick check on the glass fire forecast for tomorrow. the fire zone, temperatures in
5:52 pm
the 90s to right around 100 degrees. wednesday pick up tonight. could be talking about gusts approaching 30 miles an hour for higher renovations. relative humidity very dry around 10 to 20%. of course, lots of smoke in northern and central california. we are going to hold onto some of the smoke. the forecast models suggesting that as we head into your friday. that's the end of the forecast for tomorrow. spare the air alert which is supposed to expire tomorrow has been extended through tuesday of next week. so essentially we are in the oranges and the raise. unhealthy for sensitive groups and plain old unhealthy and possibly very unhealthy and napa today. that could be a possibility as we head into your friday. satellite, not showing you much in the way of all. all the smoke and haze over here. temperatures right now, still some 90s well alien. san jose checking in and 94. san francisco has cooled off a and sent santa rosa in the
5:53 pm
upper 80s for the 5:00 hour. out toward the golden gate bridge, i wish i could say this was fog. but it is lots of smoke and haze over here. a warm start tomorrow morning into the afternoon hours for your friday. brighter colors represent the hot temperatures. we are thinking around mid 70s to 100 degrees for tomorrow afternoon. a little bit cooler for your friday compared to today. but it is still hot. take a look at the overall weather pattern. the area of high pressure sticking around. this is the source of the heat for tomorrow. but a pattern change as we head toward the weekend. this system moves on him, and with that we will bring in cooling temperatures for saturday and into sunday. take a look at the numbers for tomorrow, still triple digits. the smoke is extras thick especially for the north bay. still we have the heat advisory in place. san jose will 94, gilroy 101 degrees. any look ahead, we will finally have improving conditions this
5:54 pm
weekend. the red flag warning through saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. but we will eventually cool things off as we head toward sunday. the new search and coronavirus cases could be accelerating as more states continue with reopening plans. we will have details coming up. taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take. ...this one's for you. you inspired us to make your humira experience even better... with humira citrate-free.
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free friday night movies are on the calendar and is a is. avaya stadium is hosting a free drive-in movie series starting tomorrow night, with the animated film about a mobile. next week it will be despicable me on the big screen, followed by trolls, osterhaus and finally hotel transylvania.
5:57 pm
on the night before halloween. halloween is calling on the federal government to help movie theaters that may not survive the pandemic. groups representing movie studios, theater owners and directors sent a letter to congressional leaders yesterday, saying in part, cinemas are an essential industry that represent the best that american talent and creativity after after offer. but now we fear for their future. they say nearly 70% of small and midsize movie theater companies could be forced to declare grossi or go out of business if they don't get assistance from the government. the u.s. is not adding about 100,000 new coronavirus cases every three days. and there is no end in sight to the new search. jonathan serrie has the latest from atlantic. >> reporter: we've had 22 straight days with more than 30,000 new infections. the spike is being fueled by
5:58 pm
the coming winter and the easing of social distancing rules. but the number of mayors and governors are still pressing ahead with reopening plans. including california where restaurants where opened this week. >> between my staff and i, it's a lot of payroll. >> reporter: the new search is once again putting a major strain on healthcare providers, hospitals across the country lost about $300 billion in the first wave of the outbreak. many say, without help from the fans, they will be forced to shut their doors at the worst time. >> we are an absolute safety net for public health. so it really would be a public health disaster. >> reporter: some industries, including the nfl are making long-term plans to help customers feel safe. the carolina panthers are getting help from a covid killing robot called light strike.
5:59 pm
>> people are looking for a disease conscious lifestyle. they want to make sure when they go into a public space, that they are not going to get sick because of pathogens that have been left. >> reporter: and as work on the vaccine continues, the ceo of modern said their smoky and healthy air is spreading across the area, wind with the red flag warnings in effect, a grass fire in north bay burning out of control. >> obviously, the red flag warnings with the high winds predicted are a huge problem. >> we could have additional evacuations, as it brings into
6:00 pm
the conditions described today. >> denies containment of the glass fire burning in napa and sonoma counties is at 5%, as fire crews brace for a challenging night. good evening, i'm run down, -- christina rundown. tom baker is in the evacuated town of calistoga, meteorologist mark maillot tracking the red light weather conditions, we begin with ktvu's andre senior , the governor visited the fire lines today, to get a firsthand look at the situation. >> reporter: the glass fire has destroyed some 150 structures, damaging 46 more, and is threatening $24,000. the hit from mother nature just keeps on coming. >> reporter: renewed urgency to slow the glass fire as a red flag warning created unfavorable conditions for firefighters in sonoma and napa counties. >> the fire has impacted the highway 29 n. of calistoga, and, so we are sending an impact for that with road closures in that area. >> reporter: flames rage on the


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