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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  October 2, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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white house earlier today. joining us now is ktvu political reporter greg lee for more on what we know about the president'sen and what this means going forward. greg? >> andre, good evening. president trump walked out of the white house wearing a mask and gave a thumb's up to reporters on his way to board mag reason 1 to be taken to walter reed million center, saying the move is out of an abun dance of auction and at
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the recommendation of his physician, less than 24 hours at the president and first lady announced they tested positive for the coronavirus and experienced mild symptoms. the president has received an experimental antibody cocktail. i just spoke with the chief of staff. president trump has talked to him a bout emergency declarations and a stimulus bill. we're just trying to make sure that he takes it easy, but he's hard at work. >> the white house has to be looking at the 25th amendment, a situation where the president can voluntarily say, you know, i need a minute, the vice president will be running the country, and this has happened in the past. >> reporter: testing conditions in the president's or it, including those at the debate, and at a fund-raiser, where hope hicks tested positive. >> it is a virus that is
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contagious. it certainly has the ability to affect everybody. >> when a patient is exposed to a large number of people, you're going to see a lot of cases, and in the white house, i'm sure they quarantine everybody, trace everybody. >> reporter: vice president mike pension tested negative, as did the democratic ticket, joe biden and kamala harris. >> my wife jill and i pray neil make a quick and full rove. this is not a matter of politics, it's a brazen reminder to all of us that we have to take this virus seriously. reporter: mike lee, who sits on the judicial panel, tested positive. he was a guest at the supreme court nominee announcement saturday. at least four guests now have the virus. judge amy coney barrett tested negative. democrats said it would be dangerous to move forward with her confirmation hearing amidst the news. republicans said it's full steam ahead. >> at this point, i think it still makes political sense for republicans to keep pushing. >> reporter: in the
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president's trade mark large rallies will go virtual or be postponed. it's unclear in the two remaining presidential debate will go on. his diagnosis highlighting the need to social distance and wear masks to prevent the spread this frequent flouting of those guidelines. >> it's bad news for his health and it's bad news politically. the more we're talk acre bout in the coronavirus, the worse it is for president trump. again, because he downplayed it for so long. >> a white house comms director was asked on the south brawn today in a temporary transfer of power had occurred. she said no, the president is in charge. >> and we understand working out of a presidential office there at the hospital at walter reed. tell me, greg, are others on capitol hill being informed about this? >> in normal circumstance, andre, you would expect if the president was going to be taken
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to walter reed in a high- profile fashion that the gang of 8 or congressional leaders like house speaker nancy pelosi would be briefed on the circumstances of his health. we end err stand those things have not happened this afternoon. >> and joe biden, how is his campaign actually responding to this developing news? >> yeah, andre, you heard him as a campaign event saying obviously this is not a political issue, this is about the health and well-being of the president. he tested twice today. both times negative. said he would continue on the campaign trail, but he has also taken down any sort of negative ad against the president, and he scheduled an event this evening particular it was indoors and he didn't feel like was safe. so obviously this adding a lot of conditions to folks and having them take extra precautions in light of this news. >> yeah, and we know that former president obama and kamala harris are attending an
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event today, and they mentioned sending well wishes to the trump family, now infected with covid-19. greg, thank you so much. cribb, we'll send it over to you -- cristina, we'll send it over to you. >> today biden tweeted his best wishes for president trump and the first lady, asking and hoping that they have a swift recovery. he tweeted this cannot be a part san moment, it must be an american moment. we have to come together as a nation. and former president obama tweeted michelle and i hope that the president, first lady, and all of those affected by the coronavirus around the country are getting the care they need and are on a path to a speedy recovery. he went on to say quote obviously we're in the midst of a big political battle right now, and while there is lot at stake, let's remember that we're all americans, we're all human beings, and we want everyone to be healthy no matter our party. >> and we asked bay area residents for their thoughts on the president's coronavirus diagnosis. here is what they had to say.
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>> hey, i'm kind of glad. he was telling us we couldn't catch it. it's not airborne, it's not this, it's not that. how did he get it? i don't know, but, you know, it just proves that he didn't know what he was talking about or has been talking about. >> i don't favor him, but i don't wish the virus on him. i wouldn't wish that on nobody. >> i'm not surprised, because he's out there all the time with people, and he doesn't always wear a mask, and i know he wears it when he thinks he has to. >> president trump's doctors say he has received infusion of afternoon experimental antibody cocktail made by the biotech term regeneron. coming up at 6:30 we'll talk to a doctor about that treatment. now to the latest on the grass fires still burns out of control in the north bay. it has grown by 3,000 acres since last night. cal fire says more than 60,000
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acres have burned in napa and sonoma counties. nearly 29,000 structures including homes and businesses remain threaten. the fire is only 6% contained, but the red flag warning is set to expire tomorrow morning, hopefully a sign of better weather ahead. >> we're looking forward to decreased winds, decreased temperatures, increased humidities, which will give our firefighters and our boots on the ground a fighting chance to gain additional perimeter control, and start to bring some normalcy back to these impacted areas and get people back home where they belong. >> almost 600 buildings have been destroyed by flames, including 220 homes in napa and sonoma counties. more than 100 others have been damaged. well, flames from the glass fire coming very close to calistoga, that city completely evacuated tonight. tom vacar join us live from calistoga with the latest from there. tom? >> well, i want to tell you something and show you down the
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street here, ghost town of calistoga. there are a lot of flags hanging along the street here, and not a one of them is moving, which is very, very good news. you don't want a wind event. that is for sure. whether it's down here on the valley floor or up in angwan, 1200 feet higher. this is a battle, and a battle that has to be won, and we have to keep these communities alive and intact. overnight the glass fire came up very close to calistoga's city limits, ticking at some structures , and threatening the historic yale significant and tourist destination springs and mecca area. even inside the town, there was a scare which turned out to be unrelated to the wildfire. >> it was a utility shed. it appears to be an electrical issue, but the fire department was on it immediately and put
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it out. no further issues resulting from it. >> but with active flames and unlimited hot spots all around. town officials are waiting with baited breath. >> we're in red flag until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. what we're looking to avoid is a wind event this evening. >> reporter: this is what the glass fire looks like when it had so-called laid down. it continues to burn, but not voraciously. the problem is, but any wind on this, and we have a blow torch once again. up on mount st. helena, latent fires and hot spots became an issue as they flare up enough to require helicopters to slow the spread down, and crews working on the edges with bulldozers worked all day to build fire lines. all of this to try to keep the fires from crossing highway 29 on their way down to calistoga
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and many mountainside homes. >> we have fire on the west of us, east of us creeping along. cal fire and all of the fire resources doing the best they can. >> there is so much smoke here on the valley floor, it looks like it's bathed in a dense fog, but it's a deceptive fog that hides a stark reality. this fire is nowhere near done with its destruction. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> all right, tom, thank you so much for that live report. still ahead, new details about the property where the grass fire started, including the electric fence around it that was broken in one area. how investigators will determine what happened. >> you determine what is the cause with all of the causes being eliminated, and/or, you find a very incriminates piece of evidence. another hot smoky day out
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there, but the pattern changes this weekend. we'll be talking about a gradual cooldown. we'll have the updated weekend forecast coming up. plus we'll have this. hours of audio recordings from the grand jury proceeding it is the death of breonna taylor released. we'll tell you what they reveal. and a look at the traffic conditions. you can see drivers dealing with the smoke right now. we'll be right back.
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because they're always on. another life-changing technology from abbott. so you don't wait for life. you live it. a closer look at the vision into the cause of the glass fire. so far cal fire isn't saying what may have caused it, and it could be months before they release details, but ktvu has learned cal fire is focused on a particular spot in the hills above st. helena. tonight we look at what we know about that property. >> reporter: determining the origin of a fire is a first step in figuring out how it
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started, and cal fire investigators are set up on the edge of a vineyard behind cake bread sellers north of st. helena. we know where they are looking, but it's unclear if they have figured out what sparked the destructive blaze. here is what we can report about this property. cake bread sellers brought the two parcels in 1999, growing some of cake breads most premium wines. the sprawling landscape is shown on their website. they were approved to build the location that cal fire is at in 2001. cal fire is focused an on an area around the vineyard's equipment and outbuildings. the plot is also surrounded by an electrician fence. part of the fence was broken. it's not clear if that happened before or after the fire started. in cake bread's video, they say they named the video after
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bears that would climb the fences and eat the grapes. a spokeswoman for the company said they are cooperating and providing information to cal fire, adding that cal fire has informed us that it is looking at a number of properties along with ours, and has yet to conclude its investigation. this indicates to us that cal fire has not identified a particular origin or cause. determining the origin and cause of a wildfire is a complex process. >> oftentimes it's very complicated because of the wind patterns, and the burn pattern resulting in different burn patterns on vegetation. >> reporter: the former chief state fire marshal and head of the state arson affect force in california has been investigating wildfires for 50 years. he is involved with the glass fire. he said once investigators find the origin of a fire, they begin the tedious job of eliminating all of the possible causes except for one. >> we determine what is the cause with all other causes being eliminated, and/or you
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find a very incriminating piece of evidence. >> reporter: cal fire may already be rule something causes out. the vin jarred is not near any of pg&e's power lines then nearest transmission line is three quarters of a mile away. weaker distribution lines run about half a mile away. the vin jarred is also not near any roads where a spach from a passing vehicle or careless discarded cigarette butt might cause the fire. the fire broke out before 3:50 a.m. sunday. >> 3:00 in the morning, a fire start is often quite different than a fire start at 3:00 in the afternoon. >> reporter: the company said they were not harvesting operation when the fire started, and no lightning was reported in the area by the national weather service at the time the fire started, but that doesn't rule out an illegal campfire or arsonists. for the thousands of people impacted by the catastrophe,
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learning how the fire began is an important step in moving on. >> another day of hazy, smoky skies and poor air quality across the bay area. this video was taken earlier today in the east bay. there is no a "spare the air" alert in effect that runs through tuesday. for more on the conditions, we'll go to our meteorologist, mark . >> unfortunately the smoke is just settling in, and it's been a reality for us over the past few days, and that will likely continue into the weekend. showing you napa, in fact, if you can see the glass fire, the burn area right now, and also that smoke being pushed in from the north and from the west. so that's really impacting the napa area throughout the day, as you can see by 12:00 this afternoon, hazardous air quality of 306, and then coming
6:18 pm
down a little bit to very unhealthy by 3:00 this afternoon. now, this is kind of a welcome change. we're looking out toward the golden gate bridge and the fog is making its way back into the bay. so we'll take that. put still have the smoke and haze above that fog layer. napa is still very unhealthy. the orange means unhealthy for sensitive groups, up in santa rosa. unhealthy for san francisco, oakland, livermore, fremont, with moderate levels in the santa rosa mountains. the red flag fire warning continues until 6:00 a.m. saturday for all of these areas, santa rosa mountains east bay hills and up in the north bay. the temperatures right now, it's still warm to hot. the wind expected to pick up this evening with winds around 7 to 9 miles an hour. here is the forecast model as we put this into tonight, picks up a little bit tonight, and could actually increase by saturday afternoon into the evening hours, but the red flag
6:19 pm
fire warn look over. in terms of temperatures tomorrow around the fire zone, should be cooler than today, mainly in the 90s. but it is still a hot forecast. there's that air quality forecast for tomorrow, as well. this remaining in place right on through tuesday, the "spare the air" alert. a gradual cooldown is maybe some rain chances as we look way ahead. we'll have more on your forecast coming up in a little bit. a vehicle went off led to at grizzly peak. crews with the oakland fire department and regional parks fire and rescue helped pull the vandalize $sedan off the side of a steep hill. it appears the vehicle was unoccupied when it went off the road. over the next several days, police and fire crews will be patrolling the area, making sure nothing happens that could spark a fire in the dry brush. >> around 1:00 this morning wash
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motorcycle heading northbound hit a southbound honda car head- on in boat a louima. the motorcycle driver was killed. a woman driving the honda suffered major injuries, but is expected to survive. and then police discovered a dead woman inside of a home on 6th street, and investigators say quote the totality of circumstances suggest the deaths are related, but they have not released any more details. deputies on the peninsula say they arrested a man for raping a female acquaintance. the 47-year-old is accused of entering the woman's home in san carlos and raping her. investigators safe they had known each other for about a year. he was arrest on september 28th, three days after the assault investigators are say he was also arrested for dissuading a victim from testifying. after the break, helping to lure customers, as businesses fight to survive the six-week
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event kicking off tonight in san jose. proposition 16 takes on discrimination.
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the annual dine downtown event for san jose restaurants kicks off tonight, and it is taking on extra distance this year. >> it is a way to bring back old customers and bring in new ones, too. as ann rubin tells us, it comes at a time when many businesses
6:24 pm
are fighting for their survival. >> reporter: in downtown san jose, restaurants have been struggling. first with the pandemic, and then protests, and finally smoky air that has kept customers away. the owner of this business said it's been one blow after the next. >> it's like you get in a car intent, and you start to recover, and then you get to the hospital and get hit by a car again. >> reporter: the san jose downtown association wants to help. their annual dine downtown event this year is more like a lifeline. they have extended it to six weeks, and there's a slew of special to lure diners out. >> downtown right now is a little bit of a shadow of indu that are now empty because workers are working from home. >> reporter: this has been especially hard for paper moon
6:25 pm
cafe, which just opened in june. they had a custom mural painted out front. >> it says tough times, tougher people. to us, that's the mantra we live by. >> reporter: they normally serve coffee and boba tee, but are using the event to test a tasting menu. >> we're definitely looking forward to introducing more food options. >> reporter: at mez cow, their downtown offering is three courses for $30, and while they say dining in has always been their bread and butter, they are working on beefing up their takeout and delivery options. >> we are changing the concept, because to go and order online is going to stay forever. >> reporter: they are adapting to stay alive, but they said unless customers come back, many simply won't. >> the way things are going, at least half of the businesses you used to know, they're going to be gone by the end of the year. >> there were about 20 restaurants participating so far, but more are being added each day.
6:26 pm
the event runs through november 15th. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. >> coming up on ktvu news at 6:30. more about the experimental antibody treatment that's the president is receiving. and what one local doctor says about right? plus democrats' reaction to the covid outbreak at the white house. how congress plans to carry out business amid his illness. a welcome sign for 49ers fans for this sunday's game. how the return of george kittal and depot sam you oil has the team pumped. our home was burned to the ground
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whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. con takenment thine glass fire in napa county has inched up to 6%. the red flag warning expires early tomorrow, which could help firefighters the fire has burned more than 60,000 acres in napa and sonoma counties. nearly 29,000 structures including homes and businesses remain threatened. tonight. trump is hospitalized at walla walla reedsport medical center -- walter reed medical center for treatment for covid-19. he received an infusion of an antibody cocktail. he is fatigued but in good spirits. no word on when and how he contracted the virus. >> several other people in the trump orbit have tested
6:30 pm
positive, including rona mcdonial, rnc chairwoman, who was with the president last week. utah senator mike lee, and university of notre dame president john jenkins also tested positive. they attended the rollout for supreme court from knee amy coney barrett this past saturday. >> and now christien kafton tells house the medical community is interpreting the latest on the president's treatment. >> dr. peter chen hong, an infectious disease specialtyist said the fact that the president was rushed to walter reed indicates how serious the situation could get, and that coronavirus patients can take a turn for the worse very quickly. >> we don't know what the
6:31 pm
situation is with president trump, but even if he's not at that level yet, he will be observed, because he can go bad. again with somebody older, 74 years old, obese, you would worry about those factors. >> the doctor saying even with the white house medical unit on premises, given the president's age, weight, and overall medical condition, it's prudent to move him to a medical facility with access to oxygen and a wider range of medical staff and equipment. >> the president can get lots of things in the white house. he can get antibody, he can get medicines administered there. the difference between a hospital and home is actually more dramatic for the president than for most of us. >> over the course of the day, we learned more' but his treatment regimen, including using nonfda approved medicine, regeneron, essentially a mix of antibodies aimed at getting the president's immune system to
6:32 pm
fight off covid-19. >> they make h take one of the elite antibody's they know are going to work and make more of it in a biotech company, and then they infuse it back in the patient. so it's like give thick best of the best in a very standardized way. >> reporter: the personally treatment still unproven when it comes to effectiveness and safety. the fact that he is everything is it outside of a clinical trial, again, indicates that it's a little bit outside of the normal system. i mean, you or i couldn't get this drug outside of a clinical trial. the white house also releasing a list of other medications that's president is currently taking, including zinc, vitamin d, medical la go anyone, a daily aspirin, and pepcid. the president's illness is throwing business as usual out the window in washington d.c.
6:33 pm
. >> reporter: the reaction among democrats to. trump and the first lady testing positive for covid-19 typically started with statements like this. >> i wish them a speedy and complete recovery. >> reporter: but quickly turned to an indictment of the pot's president's response 120 the pandemic. >> i've said that from the very beginning that i thought this administration was both reckless and februaryless. >> this is tragic. it's very sad. but it also is something that , again, going into crowds unmasked and all the rest was sort of a brazen invitation for something like this to happen. >> reporter: on capitol hill, today democrats tore into health and human services secretary alex azuar over the lack of mask wear big some members of the president's family during tuesday's debate. >> the first family and the protective aspect around the president is a different
6:34 pm
situation than the rest of us because of the protocols around this family -- >> no, no, sir. reclaiming my time. it sends the wrong message to the american people. >> reporter: now that republican senator mike lee has also tested positive, just three days after meeting with the president's supreme court nominee judge amy coney barrett, calls are growing to implement regular mandated testing on capitol hill. so far majority leader mick mcconnell and nancy pelosi have declined to put one in place, but today senator minority leading chuck schumer said quote this episode demonstrates that the senate needs a testing and contact tracing program for senators, staff, and all who work in the capital complex, but per that happens most bite recoveringalty of the president's positive diagnosis set undercuts the claim he made less than 24 hours ago. >> the end of the pandemic is in sight.
6:35 pm
>> if the lead or this much free world can contact covid-19 7 months after it started, it's a clear sign we do not have this under control. >> reporter: 32 days until election day, 10 days until the confirmation hearings for amy coney barrett are set to start, democrats are asking for a delay, but mitch mcconnell said this afternoon full steam ahead. >> glen: the white house has passed a new coronavirus relief bill as congress prepares to adjourn until after the november election. the revised bill is about $1trillion less than the original version, but it is still considered dead on arrive until the senate. the new bill totals $2.2 trillion. the white house is offering up $1.6 trillion. meantime, a stand alone bill to give the airline industry more than $28 billion to save off furloughs failed to make it through the house this afternoon. >> how often does this happen that you have unprecedented support. we've had this for a month, and yet congress has been unable to
6:36 pm
come up with an overall coronavirus stimulus bill in which to place our piece of it. >> a representative from the flight attendant's union there speaker nancy pelosi said she'll continue work with the white house on a deal that both parties can accept. the dow was down 134 points today on news of the president's illness. the s&p lost 32 points. shares did recover somewhat after a steeper drop earlier in the day on some optimism that a coronavirus deal might be in sight. coming up, did police announce their presence in the moments before breonna taylor's deadly shooting. what was revealed in a new audio recording of the grand jury's proceedings released today. plus, it was supposed to alert people living near the glass fire, but instead it cautioned panic in neighbors counties. the warning that went wrong.
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who treat everyone-orkers rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us. today audio recordings from the grand jury proceedings in the case of breonna taylor's death were released. >> the rare move follow there's controversial decision not to charge any of the officers directly with her death. >> hours of grand jury proceedings in the case of breonna taylor have been made public. more than a week after jurors chose not to bring charges
6:40 pm
against officers for her death. >> the police wraithed, don't know, 0 or 15 seconds. knocked again, the police. >> reporter: officers had no knock warrant, but kentucky attorney general has said that officers did announce themselves. they later opened fire at taylor's boyfriend kenneth walker who first fired at them claiming he did note know the men were police. one officer also admits quote they didn't go forward with executing the initial search warrant they had for breonna taylor's apartment. agent cameron has acknowledged he did not recommend homicide charms for the officers involved. the decision sparking nationwide protests for an end
6:41 pm
to police brutality and justice for breonna taylor. >> a lot of folks had already made up their mind and weren't interested in what the truth is, and now are still trying to cherry pick so that they can fashion a narrative that meets their agenda and advances their own interests. >> reporter: an fbi investigation is underway into potential federal law violations in the raid on breonna taylor's home. well, bay area weather, another hot smoky day out there, but a cooling trend, at least a bit of a cooling trend as we head into the weekend. more on your folk coming up there. let's go now to heather holmes with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the 7:00 news over on ktvu plus. heather? >> well, andre, we're going to continue to monitor the latest developments on president trump 's covid diagnosis is diagnosis. we're going to talk with a legal expert who will say what
6:42 pm
will happen if though president's condition worsens. and those blue angels won't be anywhere in sight. we'll tell you the events you can still take part in to celebrate the u.s. navy. all of those stories and more on the 7 over on ktvu plus. >> thank you, heather. but first, after the break, the fire danger alert that was mistakenly sent to people in at least five counts. what caused the mixup and how it's being fixed. plus a quick announcement from us here at ktvu, as we wish the very best to our executive producer mike kelly on his retirement from ktvu after 32 years. he was the man behind the scenes right here working all of the time, make think show the best of what it was. wishing him a happy retirement. we'll be right back. ♪ happy trails to you keep smiling until then ♪ who cares about the clouds if we're
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concerns moments this week after alert warping of fire danger was certainty out in several counties, including ones where there is no wildfire burning currently. elissa harrington reports on the concern the alert caused and how it happened. >> reporter: this was the message meant for napa county residents that went to people in five different in additioning counties. it said fire danger, stayary are letter. leave area if you feel unsafe.
6:46 pm
>> i said there ain't no fire over here! >> reporter: he only found out today the message was in error after receiving itself on his phone. >> they should find out what is going on before sending out alerts. >> what happened yesterday was completely inaccepted and unseasonable. >> reporter: kerry whitney with napa county sent that alert. in a zoom interview, he apologized for the aer and said he was using a fema system that is used in extreme emergencies and pings phones within a certain area. >> it's tool that is provided to us by fema and the federal government, and so we literally went pack and tried to cancel the message in hopes that we could stop the repeats, and that capability was not available to us. >> reporter: whitney said he is only license attitude use it in napa county and doesn't know why it spread outside the targeted area. officials in solano and
6:47 pm
martinez counties were forced marin counties sent their own alerts. >> i would like to apologize to our neighbors counties and their residents. i think the execution fell short. >> reporter: whistny said they test their ability to use this system weekly, but can't do live testing. the cause of the error is under investigation, but there in the meantime, napa county will no longer use i-pause. >> the i-pause for napa county will be grounded until we make sure that we figure this out. some east bay regional parks reopened today. most east bay regional parks have remained opened during the pandemic, but have some remained closed this march. all tick nick areas and camp
6:48 pm
sites remain closed. >> bay area weather, another warm to hot day today. and the fire danger and smoky skies. we'll gradually see changes set up into the weekend, and especially into next week. look at some of the high are fist for this afternoon. lots of 90s out towards fairfield, concord, oakland 87. san francisco downtown in the upper 80s. another day of smoky skies here in the bay area. this was the satellite earlier this afternoon. the "spare the air" alert continues into the weekend for your saturday. hazy sunshine. it will be on the warm side, but not as hot as today, and then partly sunny skies and the cooldown will continue. the smoke forecast, we're showing you this as kind of the modeled information here. it's trying to keep the smoke around to your saturday, also could move out to the east a little bit, but not completely clearing out of the bay area. the flow into sunday could focus that smoke up in the
6:49 pm
north bay, closer to sonoma and napa counties. something that could linger into the weekend and unfortunately longer than that with the "spare the air" alert that continues. it runs through monday. we have oakland 76, and san francisco check not guilty at 66 degrees. look at this site, we actually have the fog making a comeback. blanketing the golden gate bridge for your monday evening. tomorrow morning, 50s and the 60s. the clouds will clear back near the shoreline, but once again, it's not going to clear skies. we'll have the smoke drifting overhead. 70s to the 80s, to the 90s. this area of high pressure was in charge of our pattern today. this set-up will bring in cooler air as we see this area of low pressure kind of inch closer to the coastline. so with that, a cooldown into the weekend, sunday being the coolest day, and it looks like there's no major heat, at least over the next, oh, 5 to 7 days. forecast highs for tomorrow,
6:50 pm
the hot spots still in the low- to-mid 90s. san jose 86, and santa cruz in the lower 80s. here is a look ahead. we'll cool things off into your sunday and a little bit of a bump up in the numbers by monday, and looks like a pretty quiet weather pattern into tuesday and wednesday. can't confirm it just yet, and it might go away, but some of the forecast models hinting at some rainfall, maybe a week from today, friday night and into the -- into next week, not this weekend. we might have to wait a week, and hopefully it doesn't fade away, but something we'll be watching closely over the come having days. >> charlie brown is the rest of the original peanuts gang is turning 70 years old. can you believe it? the first comic strip debuted on this day, october 2nd, 1950 in a four-panel form it's a in newspapers nationwide. it was not an immediate hit, but eventually the strip,
6:51 pm
created by charles schulz, was indicated to newspapers worldwide and read by more than 350 million people. the original strip featured the first appearances of patty, and of course charlie brown, snoopy appear two days later. >> doesn't look a day over 60. marin county elizabeth have information on some -- mark ibanez will have information on some key players returning for the 49ers next in sports. say yes... to the best bargains ever at ross!
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6:55 pm
samuel who broke a foot in the off-season, still hasn't made his debut in 2020. theoretically that's going to be great for nick mullens will will get the start again, his second consecutive, filling to for jimmy garoppolo. lots of good stuff to talk about. >> two great playmakers on this football team, and even getting on the practice field this week, you are quickly reminded about their speed. they're so fast, on every practice rep, every game rep, and we're going to be love to have their speed, physicality, and mindset back on the field this week. another bay area group that should feel good about themselves, the oakland a's, after wrapping up their first round victory against the white yesterday. waiting until monday when they take on the houston astros, their usual arrive until the
6:56 pm
west, as they beat them 7 out of 10 times this season. stakes are high, and so are emotions, as they get ready for game one. liam hendrix, who has been known to show a little emotion got the save against chicago, said the a's are ready. >> now we're going to go into a series, and hopefully take care of business early, and that way we've got a little bit of time, but, yeah, we're very familiar with them, they're very familiar with us, and it's going to be a matter of who executes the best, and i believe in this team, and we're going to try to stick it to them as best as we can. the cubs are done. surprising marlins get to yu darvish in the 7th inning of a
6:57 pm
scoreless game. lots of very little known names on the marlins, like garrett cooper, but he's a good one. crushes it. and then sierra, another one of those who is that guy? he sneak an reb single that scores brinson, who is that? 2-0 lead. 2-0 final. you may not know them, but miami now takes on atlanta in the nlds. that has to be definitely the surprise team in the national league. all right, the san francisco giants, of course, bond the world series in 2010, 2012, and 2014. prior to that, it was 1954 when they were in new york, and they did something big, on this date in sports history, and joe fonzi has it for us. >> reporter: the willie mays catch in game one is well documented. not so much the rest of the series. on this day in 1954, the new
6:58 pm
york giants finished off a four- game sweep of the cleveland indiana. the giants next world series title would come 56 years later in san francisco. >> this is going to be a strange halloween, right? not a lot of trick-or-treating, but that doesn't mean that the halloween spirit has to go by the wayside. look at this guy. starbucks coffee in hand, and i think he needs a little practice before he goes out on halloween night there, but it's got nothing to do with sports, but, you know, what the heck, light then mood on a friday night at the movies there. back to you, cristina and andre. >> all right, mark, thank you so much. big bang theory is next. >> and our live news coverage continues at 7:00 over on ktvu plus. we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00. have a good evening, everyone.
6:59 pm
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