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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  October 6, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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lead to a weak recovery, creating unnecessary hardship for households and businesses. since it appears that many will undergo extended periods of unemployment, there is likely to be a need for further support. >> the federal reserve chairman said that the earlier stimulus package helped with the economic recovery, but as you heard there, he is warning more aid is needed. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. in a speech this morning to the national association for business economics in washington, the fed chair said the previous stimulus had prevented a downward spire until the economy and said failure to pass more aid could derail the fragile recovery, which has slowed in recent months. but this afternoon, president trump threw a wrench into the stimulus talks tweeting quote have instructed my representatives to stop negotiating until after the election when immediately after i win, i will pass a major stimulus bill that focuses on hard-working americans and small business.
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the president's message threw cold water on wall street which was positive in the early going today. the dow ended the day down 375 points, just over 1%. nasdaq lost 177 points and the s&p fell 47. house speaker pelosi blasted the president's move saying president trump is putting himself ahead of the country. the coronavirus continues to impact the united states at the highest levels of government. today the joint chiefs of staff and top u.s. military leaders went into quarantine. this after coast guard admiral charles ray tested positive for covid-19. general mark milay and the chivas the army, navy, and air force have tested negative for the virus. they attended meetings with admiral ray last week. it's not clear how the admiral contracted the virus, but it's not believed to be related to the outbreak at the white house. president trump's senior advisor stephen miller has tested positive for the virus now. miller has reportedly been working remotely for the last
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five days. this comes adam the number of cases in the white house press office alone are up to as many as 5 staff members. that includes press secretary kayleigh mcenany. this also brings the number of cases in the past week in the white house orbit to 37. also today, president trump's doctor gave a short written statement on mr. trump's condition as he recovers at the white house. lauren blanchard tells us democrats now want clearer answers about how the president and many in his inner circle contracted the virus. >> reporter: with an all caps tweet which said feeling great, president trump gave an update on his health the day after being discharged from the hospital. his doctor said quote he had a restful first night at home and today report no, sir symptoms, adding overall, he continues to do extremely well. >> the president is improving dramatically and quickly, but, listen, we understand he's not out of the woods. he's continuing to be
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monitored. >> reporter: the president is being called reckless for tweet and video in which he told americans to not be afraid of the virus and encouraged people to get out. in another tweet, he compared the coronavirus to the flu. so far covid-19 has claimed more than 210,000 lives in the u.s. this year. >> he doesn't want the american people to be fearful. he is clear-eyed at what this virus is like. he himself has gone through it. but being clear-eyed also paired with being optimist bike our future. >> reporter: in in a letter to chief of staff mark meadows, chuck schumer is demanding the white house release information on the september 26th supreme court from nation ceremony in the rose garden where a growing number of people in attendance have become sick with the virus. they also want information on how the white house is contact tracing and containing the spread among its staff. quote despite the risk to those who may have been exposed, the white house has conducted itself in a secretive man and
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shown a complete lack of regard for public health and safety. there are also calls for the white house to release the last time the president tested negative for coronavirus and a full list of medications he has taken. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. meanwhile, a social media post from president trump downplaying covid-19 in comparison to the flu was removed by facebook and blade twitter this morning. the post falsely claimed more than 100 americans die of the flu every year, but the cdc estimates since 2010, between 10,000 and 61,000 americans have died of the flu. >> with less manner a month to go before election day, new polls show joe biden has extended his lead over president trump to double digits and also leads in a critical swing state.
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according to a monmouth university knoll the critical battle ground of pennsylvania biden is ahead 59% to 42%. trump's% has eroded after last week's chaotic debate inspect a similar poll last month, he led trump in pennsylvania by only 4 percentage points. and a have nn poll released today shows biden leading trump by 16 points nationally among registered voters, 57% to 41%. that's up 8 points compared to a similar cnn poll conducted just a month ago. >> today marks four weeks until the election, and tomorrow the vice presidential nominees will square off in salt lake city for their first and only debate. we have a preview of what to expect. >> reporter: at the university of utah, the stage is set for the first and only vice presidential debate kicking off wednesday. senator kamala harris and vice
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president mike pence both arrived in salt lake city days in advance giving themselves extra time for debate prep. >> think it's going to come down to people who are two very different people policy-wise. >> reporter: but the gap between the candidates is expected to be more than political as the debate commission says the round more than 12 feet will separate the candidates on stage. >> the stakes in this election have never been higher, the choice has never been clearer, and i look forward to the opportunity to take our case to the american people for four more years. >> reporter: the debate comes as the trump administration faces mounting criticism over the president's handling of the pandemic and his decision to return to the white house days after being diagnosed with coronavirus. in a new 24-minute video released by the biden campaign, former first plead michelle obama delivered her closing argument for why voters should elect joe biden. >> 7 months later, he still doesn't have a plan for this
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virus. seven months later, he still won't wear a mask consistently. >> reporter: to the quarantining inside the house, president trump on twitter defended his record, saying the fake news media refuses to discuss how good the economy and stock market including jobs under the trump administration are doing. we beat the dems all day long. he also expressed his desire to participate in the second presidential debate scheduled next week in miami. joe biden said he also plans to attend if the scientists say it's safe. >> we'll have ktvu news starts at 4:00 and we'll bring you the debate starting live at 6:00, or you can stream it on our website, new at 6:00, the vallejo city council is meeting right now to consider declaring a public safety emergency
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proclamation to address numerous crisis in the city. city leaders say it is an track to have one of the most crime ridden years since 1984. they said several killings by police officers have created use of force concerns, pushing the community's distrust in the don't a new level. an emergency proclamation will allow the city to add critical management positions in the police department as parent of a reform plan. the vallejo police officers association slammed the proposed declaration of a proposed declaration of emergency. saying the city claims the it is necessary to deal with the current crime wave which necessarily con seeds creeds extreme perle to the safety of ample residents. a man is hospitalized in critical condition tonight
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after being shot by a napa county sheriff's deputy during a traffic stop last night. the napa county sheriff's office said a deputy stopped 47- year-old juan adrian garcia near the intersection of kaiser mode and highway 21. they say he got out of his car with one hand tucked behind his back. the deputy repeatedly asked him to stop and show his hands, but garcia refused. as he came closer, the deputy fired his weapon. it turned out that garcia was not holding anything. garcia was taken to a local hospital and the deputy is now admin separative leave. the oakland city council is meeting right now and will soon consider a landmark policy for the police department that comes in the aftermath of the death of george floyd in minneapolis. the proposal would wide then city's existing ban against chokeholds and impose new restrictions on so-called neck holds. it would also prohibit oakland police officers from piling on top of people being restrained.
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the oakland police commission approved the propose understood policy back in july. the council is also requesting help from the state legislature to speed up enforcement. first responders converged on the sonoma county fairly ground for an emergency involving 16 of their own. they received a call that firefighters were possibly exposed to carbon month oxide. firefighters were assigned to the glass fire, but were not actively fighting flames when they fell ill. one of the firefighters was taken to the hospital for treatment. investigators are trying to determine what sickened the firefighters, including the source of an carbon monoxide. the victims were part of the same group of firefighters. >> it was an engine strike team that was assigned to the incident. so a group of five fire engines with 16 personnel on it. >> firefighters are usually the ones responding to carbon monoxide poisoning, which is known as the silent killer. the gas is odorless and
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produced by burning wood and poorly vent lated appliances. coming up here, a santa clara county judge being criticized for setting a $500,000 bail for a nonviolent vandalism charge, and some say it's because of his friendship with the mayor. >> and we've told you about the use of setting back fires to fight wildfires in the past. now cal fire investigators are looking into illegal back-fires being set near the glass fire. >> it will be cooler coming up with a chance of rain. that five-day forecast is just around the corner. plus raising up to $11.5 billion for schools and local government by making a major change to the state's property tax code. we'll take a closer look at prop 15. right now, we take a closer lock at the conditions on the golden gate bridge. look at all of that fog that's moving in. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 will be right back.
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a south bay woman arrested for allegedly vanda leitching the home of mayor sam liccardo is set to be released from jail. a judge set her bail at $500,000. some are now calling the amount of the bail outrageous. >> it begged the between whether haley is being retaliated against for being a protester and for her political activity in the community. >> reporter: as deputy public defender carly wear headed to caught, deputies were proposed to release haleighy simone from prison. she is one of three people accused of vandalizing the home of san jose mayor sam liccardo in august. the alleged crime was part of a demonstration against the kenosha, wisconsin, police shooting of jacob blake. superior court judge bernall
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set the bail at $500,000, ten time this the amount for a similar charge. the santa clara county d.a.'s office quote declined to file charges pending further investigation. critics charge the judge, a friend of liccardo's dating back to in the 1990s, first elected to the bench in 2000, over stepped his authority by setting such a high bail for a woman with no criminal record at and at a time when they have a no ball policy due to the covid-19 pandemic for those investigated. in a statement, mayor liccardo
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says in part i have not communicated in any way with either judge bernal or anyone else at the courthouse. i don't understand why bail would have been set so high. >> the idea that this is being treated as more serious than raping someone, or pimpling a victim under the age of 16 is under $100,000. it's outrageous, really it would bely, unjustifiable. >> if you are a person that is concerned about governments into about police abuse of power, this scenario is the typical nightmare that some of us are worried could happen. >> reporter: as haley simone moves from incarceration to freedom, her legal troubles may not be over. the district attorney's office said they could still come back and file charges at a later date. two other people wanted in connection with the vandalism of the mayor's house are still on the loose. san jose police asks anyone with information to give them a call. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu
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fox 2 news. it was a little cooler today. it will be cooler tomorrow. that is the trend with a good strong onshore flow. smoke should be clearing more aggressively tomorrow, and then that chance of a shower kind of friday late into saturday. right now, it's kind of models are still working on it, but suffice to say it will be a cooldown with a good chance of some showers, especially north of here, which is where the showers are most needed. so hopefully we'll getting some on that glass fire. it looks like we will. that will most likely be saturday. here is how the model tuesday. they go, okay, how much rain. not much on thursday, nothing on friday. boom, saturday. so it's an estimate, but you can see up around redding, eureka, santa rosa, those are fire zones. there is smoke in those areas, south lake tahoe. it's going to knock the snow down and certainly going to increase fuel moistures and yet doesn't end fire season if we get a half inch or quarter inch of rain, but, boy, it helps.
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yellows are not perfect, but better, in some cases than yesterday. we're going to see mostly green tomorrow, which is healthy air, and it gets better from there. i'll see you back here with the five-day forecast. >> bill, thank you. now to the latest on the glass fire, pg&e is working to restore power from people, gas for people affected by the fire. this morning we caught up with pg&e crews out in the oakmont community of santa rosa where evacuees have been headed back to their homes. crews have been going door to door to relight people's pilot lights and turn on the gas. pg&e is also replacing more than 1300 power poles in napa and sonoma counties. cal fire said the glass fire is now 50% contained and with that officials are lifting evacuation orders for calistoga and most of angwyn, as well as st. helena, pope valley, and along the silverado trail. sadly the fire has destroyed 290 homes in napa county and
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310 homes in sonoma county, along with hundreds of other structures. cal fire uses back fires as a tool to fight massive wildfires to help burn some of the fuel which helps firefighters. but now as tom vacar tells us, cal fire investigators are looking into illegal back fires being set in the glass fire burn zone. >> reporter: sometimes firefighters must fight fire with fire. that was the case when i reported this from near middle town on august 25th. this is called a back firing operation. fires deliberately set so the fire burns up the hill instead of down the hill, where it has an open field run towards middle town, which has been hit time and again by major fires, and is very concerned it may happen again. >> we'll take a strategicle case and put fire on the ground
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ourselves, essentially eliminating the fuel that the main fire would burn before it reaches us. so we take a highway that's, say, 30 feet wide and fine a 100-foot wide fire break. >> reporter: some places in the glass fire region cal fire is investigating reports senate people may have deliberately set back fires to protect certain properties from the main fire. >> that situation is being thoroughly investigated by cal fire law enforcement at this time. >> reporter: sources tell ktvu that so-called private fire defense companies usually working for insurance companies on behalf of businesses or wealthy individuals are being scrutinized. >> when they arrive at the fire, they are just like any other civilian. >> reporter: private firefighting companies must check in with fire incident hand and on tan permission to protect specific properties. cal fire said in that area gets evacuated, private firefighters must leave as well. key back firing requirement, all firefighters in the region must keep in touch with each
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other. no freelance or solo burning. since back firing errors can make the main fire far worse, a lot of science is involved. >> we have to take hourly weather reports, gauge how much moisture is in the mule. do a 'tis fire first, continue to monitor the weather during the burn. so there's a lot of effort that goes behind tomorrow mitigate the risk. >> reporter: again, there can be criminal preliminary cases from illegal back firing. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. still ahead here, remembering the founder of the group van halen. eddie van halen has died from cancer. he was only 65. first, after the new health equity standards in effect across the state today, aimed at tackling racial disparities. why the new metrics could prevent counties from reopening. e health care worker and when these heroes lack the resources they need,
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that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us. traffic and air pollution will be even worse after the pandemic. that's why we support measure rr to keep caltrain running.
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which is at risk of shutdown because of the crisis. to keep millions of cars off our roads, to reduce air pollution and fight climate change. and measure rr helps essential workers like me get to work and keep our communities healthy. relieve traffic. reduce pollution. rescue caltrain. [all] yes on measure rr. the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail;
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got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. now to the latest on they have coronavirus. according to state numbers released today, there are now more than 828,000 cases of coronavirus here in california. there are more than 1600 new confirmed cases today, and more than 16,000 people with the virus have died in our state since the beginning of the pandemic, including 28 more deaths reported in the last 24 hours. more county around the state are moving down on the state's color-coded risk tiers, meaning they can proceed with
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further reopenings. ten counties were moved today, humboldt, plumas counties were moved into the lease restrictive tier, yellow. and merced, ventura, and yuba counties were moved from purple to red. shasta county was charged from orange to red, going in the wrong direction, and mahama county went from red to purple. purple is the most restrictive on the state's tiered system. dr. mark galley said fewer than 20 county still in the purple tier, including sonoma county, the only bay area county still in that restrictive tier. four bay area counties have failed to meet the state's new melt equity measure that went into everybody today, contra costa, san mateo, sonoma, and san francisco. under they were new metric, in order for counties to move to a less restrictive tier, they
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have done sure that there is not a significant gap between positive test rates in disadvantaged neighborhoods and the county's overall positivity rates. people of color have been disproposition aftly affected by the pandemic. the goal of the new requirements is to try to correct that. coming up on ktvu news at 6:30, 33,000 brand-new laptops for qualified students throughout the oakland public school system, but today already two months into classes, thousands are still waiting to receive theirs. the a's are down but not out. after losing again to the houston astros, later in sports hear from an a's player about what they need to do to get back on track.
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jackie, i'm looking at your mri. your shoulder seems to be healing nicely. well, dr. farrell, it feels really good... that's good. and... i'm sorry. baby, don't touch that... i don't want you to play with that... (singing) twinkle, twinkle little star. how i wonder what you are... (still singing) up above the world so high... like a diamond in the sky.
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i'm so glad that your shoulder is feeling better. but, how are you doing? i'm hanging in there... schedule a video visit with your doctor. and get quality care with no copay. kaiser permanente. thrive. now to our top stories. president trump abruptly called offs on another covid relief package tweeting he will wait until after the election to get a deal done. house speaker nancy pelosi accused the president today of putting himself ahead of the country, and on wall street, stocks plunged more than 1% on the announcement. another white house staffer
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has tested positive for coronavirus. stephen miller is currently self-quarantining nowhere wordiest on how he caught the virus. miller is the latest official caught up in an outbreak of the white house that has seen at least 10 others test positive. the vallejo city council is considering declaring a public safety emergency to add more police staff to deal with a number of different problems. city leaders say a number of officer-involved shootings have generated use of force concerns. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. oakland public school students are waiting for laptops for distance learning. >> right now thousands of students are using older computers that are onloan. ktvu's rob roth tells us some people are now questioning why the district didn't move much more quickly. >> here at san kofa elementary school, this mother trade inspected the older lope earl computers her children had been
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using for brand-new laptops they can keep forever. >> that's a big, big, big blessing, because i wasn't going to be able to afford to buy either of them a computer. haven't these are two of the approximately 33,000 new laptops the oakland unified school strict has ordered for students who qualify for them as part of its oakland undivided program. >> in distance learning, having a reliable chromebook that is also synced up with our key learning tools, ask absolutely essential. burnt city some in this district say with school now two months in, the rollout of the newer computers is going too slow, that the older computers just aren't cutting it. a 5th grade teacher told us what she has been going through. >> few of us teachers have been going over and supporting families and trying to connect the computers, and even then these computers won't connect to the internet or just not working. >> reporter: the district said the schools have so far distributed 8,000 new laptops and another 10,000 are
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available to give out with more expected to come in soon. the district says distribution was slowed by the weeks of unhealthy air caused by the wildfires. >> it was bad enough in oakland that we were actually canceling all outdoor activities. >> the district also said because it handed out the loners at the beginning of the academic years, other schools chose to hold off duke another distribution so soon after, but it pales in comparison with what else happened recently. >> last weekend, one of my student's mother passed of covid, and, i mean, i've just been spending the last couple of days try to be help my student process grief, and that really is my priority right now. >> rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the number of vacant offices in san francisco is soaring, and the ongoing pandemic is to blame. christien kafton tells us that
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all of those vacancies could have a huge ripple effect on the city's economy. >> reporter: recent visitors to san francisco say after the initial shut down the city was a virtual ghost town. >> you could see that it slowed down, all the stores with plywood over the windows and that kinds of stuff. it's so better, but a long way from good. >> reporter: now a new study shows that since the stay-at- home orders were put in place and people ban began working at home, office vacancy rates have skyrocketed. >> our vacancy rate was 14.1% at the end of september, almost the highest in a decade. >> almost half of the space is sublouised space, tenants looking to rent out space they have already rented. some of it is attributable to regular churn as businesses move around the bay area and across the country, but now no one is stepping up to rent that space. >> over the past couple of quarters, we've recorded the least new leasing activity
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against sense our records go back to the early 1990s. even at the height of the dot call recession. dotcom recession. >> they are concerned it could affect other businesses which really on a busy downtown. >> we have a 14% vacancy rate, and that basically means that foot traffic has dropped 14%. it means those small businesses will never replace those customers. >> experts say the turning point should come after the development of a vaccine, or effective treatment for covid- 19. once people feel competent enough to come together again in large groups. until then, expect more empty offices. >> we expect vacancy to continue to climb into next year, and top out probably around 20% or so, which certainly would be the highest since the dotcom recession. >> the one possible silver
6:35 pm
lining, high vac ankicies are already pushing down rent prices, creating new opportunities for businesses. >> this is a time for entrepreneurs to jump back up again. >> reporter: worldwide office occupancy rates are expected to return to pre-pandemic rate sometime in 2025, but experts say san francisco with its edge in the tech industry should return sooner than that. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, rapid results in just 15 minutes. we'll tell you about the free coronavirus testing now being offered at the oakland airport. plus reforming california's property tax code to generate money for schools and local governments. but critics say that could hurt small businesses. after the break, a closer look at proposition 15.
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in just a few months, we've learned a lot more about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, please take it seriously. and while we don't yet have a cure or a vaccine, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. do your best to stay out of crowded spaces. and get a flu shot, it's even more important this year.
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we can do this. if we do it together. they do one of the most deven in normal times.s, our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need, that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us.
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voters will decide on proposition 15, a major change to the state's longstanding property tax code in an effort to create funding for schools, and local governments. >> our political reporter greg lee breaks down the contentious arguments both for and against prop 15. >> reporter: california voters will soon decide whether or not to raise taxes on some commercial and industrial property owners across the state. >> this really is something that is controversial. it will be a big deal. and the realtors, who are the
6:39 pm
principal opponents of this ballot measure will throw a lot here so far. >> reporter: in order to understand proposition 15 on this ballot, you have to go back to 1978 when proposition 13 was passed way, allowing owners of homes and businesses to pay property taxes based on the original purchase price and put a cap on increases. prop 15 would create a split role, keeping tax breaks in place for homeowners and some hiking prices on industrial and commercial real estate based on their current value. the taxes collected would go to schools and local governments. >> it's the right thing to do for our schools, community colleges and some our communities. >> reporter: the california teachers association is one of the groups supporting the initiative. it is estimated it will create 6.5 to $11.5 billion. >> it would be more counselors, more nurses, more educators. it could be needed resources to give and provide our students the needed educational
6:40 pm
experience that they should have. >> while understand the intent of the reform, i think that how it is currently proposed is going to have intended consequences. >> reporter: laura thomas owns two restaurants in san francisco and is the executive director of the golden gate restaurant association, saying many restaurants and small business owners fear their landlords will pass the increased tax on to them based on terms in their leases. >> we can't afford anything else right now, and so many restaurants are looking to have to close, so i'm very concerned that even though there's a delayed implementation that this is not the right way to solve this. >> reporter: both supporters and opponents of 15 point to the economic crisis caused by covid-19 as reason to vote yea or nay on this. if passed, properties would begin to be reassessed in 2022, with full implementation by 2026. this would be one of the most significant changes to the california tax system in
6:41 pm
decades. >> their fair share. that's the key. it has been on the backs of the homeowners for the last few decades. >> can we make it so it doesn't, you know, unintentionally hurt small business owners and restaurants? and can we increase the property valuation? >> the fight over 15 is becoming incredibly expensive. supporters have spent more than $42 million, opponents nearly $34 million. greg lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a change in the weather coming. you might be able to feel it out there now. changes and a chance of rain in the five-day forecast. >> but first, after the break, netflix releases a new trailer for their upcoming biographical drama on the life of music legend salina. when the series is set to debut. and taking a look outside on this new night, a bank of
6:42 pm
fog rolling over the golden gate bridge. we're back in a moment. ♪ proposition 16 takes on discrimination. some women make as little as 42% of what a man makes. voting yes on prop 16 helps us fix that. it's supported by leaders like kamala harris and opposed by those who have always opposed equality. we either fall from grace or we rise. together. proposition 16 provides equal opportunities, levelling the playing field for all of us. vote yes on prop 16.
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democratic lawmakers are calling for congress to rein in big tech, it could forth facebook, google to cut from their other lines of business. the proposals in the report issued today follow an investigation by a house judiciary committee panel into the company's market dominance. the report said the four companies have abused their market power by charges excessive fees and posing tough contract terms and extracting valuable data from individual
6:45 pm
businesses that rely on them. >> the oakland airport today expanded their free coronavirus testing to everyone. maureen naylor tells us how it works and how members of the public who aren't flying can still get a test. >> reporter: this is what air travel looked like for marty friedman and his wife, who just returned to marin from a two- week trip to the east coast to visit family. >> we did, like, an east coast tour, and getting back, we, like everybody else, i think, we didn't -- we wanted to make sure that the risks of flying were such that we didn't get covid-19. >> reporter: the father of two is excited utilize a new service the oakland airport is now offering to the public, free rapid covid testing. an airport spokesman said the covid test takes just 15 seconds with results back in 15 minutes. >> we launched this program because this is really about keeping our airport workers and travelers safe. >> reporter: the testing, region by city health, takes
6:46 pm
place here, about a mile and a half north west of the oakland airport. it's free, paid for through a grant and federal funding, and the general public can schedule an appointment on-line. >> we ask that you try to do it at least three hours before your flight, and make sure that you allow at least two hours for check-in. >> reporter: sfo was the first bay area area to launch rapid testing, limit to have had employees, but expanded to united passengers heading to hawaii on tuesday. the san jose airport does not currently offer rapid testing, but says it is working with partners to offer a similar service. >> i was able to pick a time, and then my wife did the same, and so we're both getting tested on saturday morning. >> reporter: friedman found rapid tests are hard to come by if you don't have symptoms or a doctor's note. now he and his wide have appointments at the oakland airport. while you don't need to fly in and out of the oakland airport
6:47 pm
to use the service, the airport hopes that workers and travelers take advantage most. you'll find a link to make an on-line appointmentment on our website, air quality today, a little better. tomorrow it will be better still. we had a lot of yellows today, just above healthy, if you look at the scale at the top, you'll see it. these are the forecasts for tomorrow. you can see the north bay still under a "spare the air" alert, and that has to do with that orange air quality, which sun healthy, certainly for sensitive groups. there is the fog and a bunch of it out there. it's pushing inland. it's going to be in a lot of bay area communities late tonight and early tomorrow morning. so the plan there is pretty much cloud cover throughout the bay area, almost all the counties in the morning hours, and that will lead to a cooler day. so here is the low. it's pretty aggressive lows, formed up in the aleutians. we pointed out the other day,
6:48 pm
it's going to slide through on friday night, saturday. it's going to bring us a great opportunity for some light showers, maybe real rain in the north bay, and a way to blow the smoke out, if you will, and get a lot of it out of here. as you feel the humidity this afternoon, yes, some tropical moisture coming up over the top of us and increased the humidity, so it had a techy feel to it. you may have noticed it, especially in the east bay. that fog is going to thicken up and motor inland. so it will be a lot of fog when you wake up in the morning, and slow burn-off. it's cooler with slow burnoff, which means basic lay cooler day. here is the low. i'm just going to depict the whole move here. so the low comes in and it drops down, and as it comes
6:49 pm
down, it brings some clouds, and brings that opportunity for showers mainly on saturday right now. originally i was thinking friday. either way, it's a big weather pattern change. it's a shift of air mass. remember, we had that last time trying to get rid of the smoke. you bring in a low like this, and that smoke is going away, and the fire danger will go down, because temperatures will cool down. there is the fog footprint in the morning. significant, right? almost all 9 bay area counties slow, slow burnoff, and then you get temperatures like that. so a nice mild day tomorrow. and that's the trend. temperatures going down. humidities going up, and rain chances going up, especially on saturday. so here are some numbers for you to ponder and look at for tomorrow. cooler tomorrow than it was today. 80 in morgan hill tomorrow, 82 in the livermore valley. so that's not that hot. there is the five-day forecast. frank, i'm going to see you back here at 10:00 tonight. >> we'll see you then, bill, thank you, and let's hope for
6:50 pm
rain. let's hope you're right. that will be great. today netflix announced -- let me start over. today netflix announced the official debut date for their new series about a haw no music legend selena perez. the roll of selena will be played by walking dead star christian ceratos. the series is described as a coming of age story as the singer's life unfolds up to her tragic murder in 1995. the first part features six hour-long episodes. sad news in the music world tonight. legendary guitarist eddie van halen has died. ♪ go ahead and jump ♪ >> van halen died at a hospital with his wife, son, and brother
6:51 pm
by his side. he had been battling throat cancer for quite some time. eddie van halen started van halen with his brother back in 1972. his son, wolfgang, shared a message on instagram, writing he was the best father i could ever ask for. eddie van halen was 65 years old. coming up here, four-time champion is crowned in the wnba. and mark has a's, astros playoff baseball. it's all coming up next. ♪ ♪ i got it all from you ♪ i'm always pushing through ♪ i know we'll make it to the finish line ♪
6:52 pm
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mark ibanez here. guitar players all over the world mourning the passing of eddie van halen, and the a's better jump if they want to get into it with the astros. they don't have the swagger without matt chapman, their third baseman, probably their best player. the astros are very talented and experienced. down in dodgers stadium this afternoon, the classiest managers in the major league, bob melvin and dusty baker all
6:55 pm
masked up, and big positive if the a's are going to get back into this thing, the reemergence of crush davis. hits a cookie. solo homer. second in as many days, and the a's lead 1-0. fourth inning, though, 3-1 astros, chat pinter, just a mammoth shot. this is one of those things, come on, the ball has to be juiced. 453 feet to right center. valdez a strong 7, gave up only two runs. still 3-2, and martin maldonado. this is all about home runs. he cranks it out, and 4-2 houston. and the first pitch of the reliever, george springer or it's one to left into the pavilion. his second homer of the game.
6:56 pm
5-2 final, and the astros go up in this series 2-0 on oakland. basically now a win or else situation. chad pender, though, still keeping his chin up there. >> we knew going into this, this was going to be a dog fight. this is a team with experience in the post-season. they have great talent. they're not going to just roll over, and we have to find a way to pull ourselves out of this. fits one big hit or one big inning, we have to find it in hours tomorrow to do that. we have knock to lose here. the why not us miami marlins out of nowhere make it into the post-season. however, it's could be they have met their match in the atlanta braves in this series. marlins have never lost a series, but the braves can slug. homering in his first at bat. next time, it's sandy alcantre hitting him in the behind.
6:57 pm
98 mile hour pitch. ron washington calls thing down. both dugouts just some jarring. and revenge, game one goes to the braves 9-5. considering what the 49ers decision makers have done from bringing the 49ers out of the dumpster about three years ago all the way to the super bowl, hard to question any of their moves, but i would say a few eyebrows raised today when they let go of a very talented valuable veteran receiver, sanu. didn't play much. just enseen add come of weeks ago. made one catch. but a great presence. good coach for the youngsters, and brandon iuke went to social media, and he was upset about
6:58 pm
the move, too. why? wtf. i think that stands for wednesday, thursday, and friday, and i think he had a talking to, as well. tonight we have the lakers trying to put the final touches on their playoff performance to win the nba championship. if they win tonight, they'll go up 3-1 on the miami heat, and we do have a champion in the wnba. it's all over. the seattle storm are the women's champs. sue bird looking for his fourth title, and they get it, breaking away. brianna stewart hit a three. she had 26 points. she is the series mvp. 92-59 is the final. seattle sweeping 3-8 over vegas. sue bird, her 4th wnba title. she will be 40 in about a week. that's the sporting life. back to you guys. she's still doing. it >> news continues over on ktvu plus at 7:00. see you have later.
6:59 pm
no. if he had that, he'd be trying to prevent nsync from breaking up. oh, please. i'm glad they broke up. otherwise, justin would never have brought sexy back. one thing you can't get on an ipad, (inhales) the smell of ink and paper. one more reason ipads are better. they reviewed my planetarium show. yeah. it's on page three of the arts and leisure section. oh, look, they still have far side. oh, i don't get that one. oh, he's pushing when he should be pulling. hmm. i don't think he belongs in that gifted school, then. -what are you doing? -making a boat. when i was a kid, my dad showed me how. boy, you'll do anything to avoid reading. guys, it's under "things to do this weekend." i can't find it. what does it say? that it's a thing to do this weekend.
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