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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  October 14, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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map designated in red the power is set to go off anytime between right now and 9:00 tonight and in alameda, contra costa san mateo santa clara and santa cruz counties the outages are set to begin as early as 8:00 tonight. for the very latest on the shutoffs and the impact. >> in the north bay alone up to 1000 homes and businesses are bracing for the likelihood their power could be cut off at any time beginning now downtown sonoma, wednesday, diners grabbed lunch, people strolled sidewalks and crowds whizzed by the changes looming with the power safety power shut off. >> just roll with it. this is what we do. >> the general manager is trying to roll with staying open during as long as the air is clear and easy to generator
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and practicing covid-19 norms. >> masks for everyone welcome back is a mask from us hand sanitizer, temperature gauges we want everyone to feel like they are in a safe place. >>reporter: one of roughly 1800 pg&e customer set to lose power in sonoma county. much higher napa 9200 customers. and eastern solano county some 900 customers will be affected 80 to 90 and lake county said to be impacted the next few days because of a red flag warning. >> height winds expected early friday morning expected to get the most friday morning with estimated restorable times friday night. >>reporter: because pg&e's equipment was blamed for sparking the wine country of ours in 2017 the utility began cutting power the following year to prevent similar incident as stop. humidity forecast to drop below 20% in high wind exceeds 25 miles per hour.
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we reported on customers who complained about using and losing food when teaching with dark. attribute organizations is to the redwood empire for being customers can have food replaced them also offering other resources those who need access to other utilities they've lost because of this. >> reporter: community resource centers of the places that community needs to go if they need power, wi-fi, cool off, heater, cooling, air conditioner, basic needs to go to any one of the eight community resource centers we have set up in napa county and sonoma county. >>reporter: if you need to charge her phone or you have medical that needs to run on power pg&e set up eight community resource centers in the north bay to assist customers and find out the one closest to you go to our website we will put a link on the story if you're not sure if you're oma or business will be in an affected area you
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can check based on your address go to our website and click the web links section there click on the link and punch in your address and it will tell you if your home or business will be affected. the high fire danger also impacting public spaces. the east bay regional park district awarded ten parks in the east bay hills to be closed until 11:00 friday morning due to the red flag conditions they include tilden park in berkeley and wildcat canyon in richmond and simply volcanic regional preserve in oakland firecrackers were turned away this morning. >> i didn't have any warning so i'm disappointed but i understand that have to be closed because people are careless and throw cigarette on the ground and we don't need any more fires. >> east bay regional parks fire department says it will be staffing several park fire stations along with calfire, which remains on high alert.
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for more on the red flag warning as well as we did heat advisories coded chief meteorologist for the latest on conditions. >> conditions are definitely more red flag warning but not a high end red flag warning various levels and this is right in the middle in terms of extremes. just because pg&e says they will knock out power in a certain county doesn't mean your house will go out there's a lot of variables and pg&e will play to that as they, and i will give you an idea of what we are looking at. exactly what they are looking at, pg&e that is. late tonight early tomorrow morning to the bull's-eye? if you are in the area certainly napa, calistoga, middletown by clearlake, winter's area, fairfield a good chance you will see power outages because that's the bull's-eye, the sweet spot for this event, late tonight and early tomorrow morning. watch what happened so quickly goes away.
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now move into thursday night into friday morning the 2nd half of the red flag warning much less robust much less likely to see power outages just the sweet spot overnight thursday into friday and you can see it's much more diffuse in terms of wind. not can change, pg&e does a lot of managing expectations so you may get the word york county is going to be in an outage but doesn't mean you will be powered out. you have been through this before so you know. the most important thing to know this is a typical bay area pattern. nothing unusual, this is an extreme this is the new norm. winds over 25 miles per hour and low humidity we see power outages and red flag warnings. that said late tonight come early tomorrow morning the main event and a little into thursday night, friday morning. when i come back we will put a
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number on to get an idea. could see guests up to 55 miles an hour tonight. right now, pg&e giving an update on the power shut off. live look at the virtual press conference. on the right is there meteorologist talking, saying essentially the same thing bill just said. bottom line there could be 54,000 power shots in northern california. about 27,000 or so in the bay area. 52,000 could lose power between 6:00 and 10:00 possibly another 700 tomorrow. pge hopes to have all power restored by friday. we will continue to monitor the press conference and bring you any new information as we get it. new video of an officer involved shooting in napa. a shows the moments leading up to the shooting.
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the napa county sheriff's office released footage today and discussed the shooting. henry lee has the details. this is body cam video showing napa county sheriff's deputy david ackerman pulling over one david garcia. in stating staining the scar of 47 -year-old garcia threw's cell phone out the window they got out of his car and walked to the sergeant with one hand behind his back. >> very mr. garcia had a deadly weapon tucked behind his back the sergeant drew his firearm and pointed it at mr. garcia. >> the sergeant move backward and ask you to stop and show his hands but he refused. at 30 say garcia kept his hand behind his back and walked aggressively to the sergeant who moved around his patrol vehicle to create distance between the two. garcia then picked up the pace stop! perceiving a deadly threat sergeant ackman fired six shots
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at mr. garcia. all six shots struck him. >>reporter: garcia died the next day. to police confirmed garcia was not arm but has a history of dui address. >> serum blood alcohol level when he arrived at the queen of the valley hospital was.338. >> reporter: he has been placed on routine, paid leave. the body cam footage makes clear the sergeant had no choice but to open fire. >> after reviewing the we have determined that the deputy acted according to policy and also according to his training. >>reporter: this is the second deadly shooting involving the napa county sheriff's office and six month's pulled the incidents are under investigation. in oakland police are investigating a shooting were two people were killed and another wounded. happened before 1:00 this
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afternoon in east oakland on 84th avenue near birch street. now with more on the investigation into oakland's 77th and 78 homicides so far this year. >>reporter: shootings happened around 12:45 wednesday afternoon in broad daylight in the 1900 block of 84th avenue in east oakland. >> upon arrival officers encountered three victims suffering from gunshot wounds. one of those victims was pronounced deceased on the slang another two victims transported to the hospital. we have later been advised the second victim has also been pronounced deceased. today we have two homicide victims. >>reporter: police began canvassing for witnesses and collecting evidence. just before the shooting there had been a confrontation. police did not say how many fired up the victims. they made no arrests. police say it's too soon to know but violence has been on
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the rise. an oakland shock spotter detected approximately 60 shots not far from wednesday's shooting when a person was injured. >> i've heard from community members about how frightened they were about the traumatic experience they had last night listening to bullets flying to their homes into their cars. the violence in this community must stop. >> to take's does to the 77th and 70s. and (-left-parenthesis 03 more than all of last year with more than two months left in 2020. in one six day span they were eight homicides. >> these are just numbers. these are people. people from our community that have lost their lives to senseless violence. this is a community dealing with trauma. >> oakland police chief susan manheimer said some prison inmates released early, because of covid-19, have returned to the neighborhood without appropriate resources to help
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them in their transition. she also said gang rivalries are heating up. along with increasing patrols t.i. to reduce the violence. police say at least two dozen shots were fired, wednesday. the men who died were 19 and 23 years old. the man wounded is in stable condition. he is 18 years old. police in milpitas are offering a 20,000-dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of this 35 -year-old, wanted in the girlfriend. ing of his ex- police say officers found the mother of two with gunshot wounds in the parking lot of the hilton garden inn, saturday night. after the break, and about coronavirus cases at the white house, as we learn president trump's youngest child has
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tested positive. president trump's nominee to the supreme court faces another day of tough questions. i will have details, coming up. clearing more than 1 million backlog unemployment claims. the key changes that will help speed up the process. taking a live look conditions on the san mateo bridge. looks like a pre-pandemic commute. heading east towards hayward. when was the last time your property tax bill went down? what? never. are you kidding me? for years, the residential burden has gone up. while the corporate burden has gone down. prop 15 reverses that.
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it closes corporate loopholes and invests in schools, small business, and firefighters. and when the big corporations pay more, your tax bill goes down. that's right. a savings of a hundred twenty-one dollars a year for the average home. give homeowners a break. vote yes on 15.
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. new information from the white house, today, the first lady revealed her 14 -year-old son, barron, contracted the coronavirus but has since tested negative. earlier this month the white house city tested negative after both his parents tested positive but subsequent testing showed he had also been infected with the coronavirus. the first lady said he had no symptoms throughout the course of his positive diagnosis. she also said he recently tested negative, but goes on to say that during her bout with coronavirus she had bodyaches, a cough, headaches and extreme fatigue. on capitol hill today, supreme court nominee amy coney barrett faced another day of questioning that her confirmation hearing. democrats presser interviews,
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ranging from the affordable care act, or if presidents can pardon themselves. the judge insists she will remain impartial. >>reporter: senate democrats than ours, wednesday, trying to pin down supreme court nominee amy coney barrett come on how she would rule on potential cases. she spent the day started stepping question. >> does a president have an absolute right to pardon himself? for a crime? >> the question may or may not arise, but it is one that calls for legal analysis of what the scope of the pardon power is. >>reporter: republicans won a final vote less than two weeks. the timetable twice as fast as the average confirmation process. democratic senator dick durbin says president trump one spirit on the court in time to dismantle obama care, which comes before the court november 10th. >> if the president and those who support him and those who support the republican platform
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will keep their promise to end the affordable care act they need the ninth justice and that is why it has to be hurried. unfortunately that is the cloud, the orange cloud over your nomination. >>reporter: the orange cloud thought to be a knock on the president's ten. barrett did not address the orange cloud comet, but numerous times she has said she has had no agenda. >> if the case on the ac would come before may i would approach this with an open mind like a doer of the case. >>reporter: the hearing scheduled thursday with the full committee recommendation a week later. several bay area prosecutors join the list of more than 60, nationwide, is that they will not enforce any laws that criminalize abortion. state attorney general also signed the statement along with district attorneys of san francisco, santa clara and contra costa counties. while abortion is likely to remain legal in california,
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legal observers say at least 12 states have recently passed antiabortion laws. in their statement prosecutors said legal precedent established by the highest court in the land is held for nearly 50 years that women have the right to make decisions about their own medical care included but not limited to seeking an abortion. enforcement of laws that criminalize healthcare decisions would shatter the president. still no sign and democrats close to a deal for a stimulus package for the millions of americans wondering how they will pay for food and rent. aide for speaker nancy pelosi said the speaker and treasury secretary steven mnuchin talk by phone this morning but still have not been able to reach an agreement. at a news conference today he said it would be difficult to get a deal done before the presidential election next month. on wall street, stocks were lower today, as expectations
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for another economic stimulus bill relating. the downtown 165, the nasdaq down 95 in the s&p down 23. officials with the state employment development department faced a state senate panel today. lawmakers want to know how it is following the new recommendations to get unemployment paid and get rid of the huge backlog. she is not just an edd applicant, it's fair to call or an edd victim is disheartening disappointing. >> after several months all she has received is a grand total of only two weeks of payments, drop in the bucket of what she is owed and entitled to. >> because of that having a max out my credit cards and my credit score dropping and my savings account i was saving up having to use all that. it is like a horrible feeling. >>reporter: today state senator jerry hill held a hearing to see
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how edd's all hands on deck effort to clear up more than 1 million backlog claims is going. >> some californians have had benefits unfairly delayed or denied which is totally unacceptable. >> innocent front line claims processors, hit by the tsunami went first. >> we went from working an eight hour workday five days a week to working seven days per week up to 14 hours a day. >> while i am blessed to be able to do that, i also want to avoid dying of o'rourke on the job. bringing in thousands of new rookies to handle claims is not gone well. >> we have grave concerns about the customer service being provided because it is not at the level of which the department traditionally provides. >> there are significant changes to be addressed.
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we are optimistic and confident we can make those happen. >> getting everything online appears to be key. >> three or four recommendations deemed most important have been completed. >> the id me verification tool has been installed and is making it easier and faster for claimants to verify their identities when filing for unemployment benefits. >> when will the backlog be gone? >> we are on track to eliminate the backlog by january 2021. >>reporter: over a month ago we told you the story of a despondent woman. >> this situation could easily drive a person to suicide or you feel hopeless and helpless. >>reporter: after waiting well over seven months, and our story, she finally got the money owed her. >> receiving unemployment was like being thrown a lifeline with so many others were throwing anchors and cannonballs. >>reporter: if the pandemic in an employment surge in the coming weeks, the january up to speed goal is in danger.
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after the break, an endangered animal missing from the san francisco zoo. officials think someone broke in and stole it. trick-or-treating is banned in the california city. we will tell you where and the consequences for violators. woman 1: get your vote-by-mail ballot?
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about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, please take it seriously. and while we don't yet have a cure or a vaccine, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. do your best to stay out of crowded spaces. and get a flu shot, it's even more important this year.
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. police say a lemur was overnight from the san francisco zoo. investigators say the breaking occurred at the litman family lemur forest habitat. the lemur, named arroyo seco is endangered and requires a specialized diet. he is relatively old for a lemur, he is 21 years old. the zoo says because of his age, maki is slower and likely easy to get. a food truck now returned
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to the owners. the food truck taken from a chevron parking lot in san jose. police say the trailer was located in merced county on monday. the detectives who located the truck towed it back to the owners, who are excited to have it returned. however, they sent us these pictures. , anyway they sent new pictures showing that the trailer had been repainted and sadly it is now in operable most of the appliances inside were taken. a popular bike path connecting the bay bridge to treasure island now closed on weekdays until the spring. no bicycle access along macalla road because of the construction approached to realign the road to connect the bay bridge off ramps on yerba buena island. by six can use the path to island vista pointe and on weekends and holidays there will be a temporary bike path
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on macalla road. the project set to be completed by april. coming up,, business owners in santa clara county excited to reopen for limited indoor services that county moves to a less restricted orange tear and the prestigious michelin stars won't be awarded to any restaurants in california this year because of the pandemic. the plans instead to help those struggling come across the state. with their backs against the wall, la dodgers a rep for a historical inning. what they did, coming up, later in sports. proposition 16 takes on discrimination. some women make as little as 42% of what a man makes. voting yes on prop 16 helps us fix that. it's supported by leaders like kamala harris and opposed by those who have always opposed equality.
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in the tubbs fire. the flames, the ash, it was terrifying. thousands of family homes are destroyed in wildfires. families are forced to move
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and higher property taxes are a huge problem. prop 19 limits taxes on wildfire victims so families can move without a tax penalty. nineteen will help rebuild lives. vote 'yes' on 19.
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now to the top story. minutes ago, pg&e said the public safety power shut off is getting underway in the north bay including parts of napa and sonoma county. they are cutting power to more than 50,000 customers in all because of the hot, dry, and windy weather conditions. the idea, obviously, is to prevent forest fires. more customers in the east bay and south bay are expected to have their power turned off later on tonight. the power should be restored though by friday. police are investigating a shooting where two people were killed and another was wounded on 84th avenue in east oakland. investigators say there was a confrontation before the shooting with no arrests having been made. police say it's too soon to know the motive. the senate judiciary committee heard their third day of hearings for amy coney barrett. there's a final vote on her nomination in two weeks. the timetable is twice as fast as the average confirmation process. >> you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. today marked the first day for businesses and clan to query santa clara county to operate
6:32 pm
in the orange tear. >> more customers are allowed indoors which should help more businesses stay afloat. >> reporter: the daily special for many businesses starting wednesday, more customers allowed inside, served with a side of gratitude. after seven months the county has moved up into the orange tear of covid-19 reopening. >> we could wring more of the food back and welcome those who are ready to come in and it county officials say the iness. average daily covid-19 case count has steadily declined since july. additionally a low positivity rate, leading state officials to move the county up by a single tear. >> this will be easier to move up for the restrictions. >> they could have 25% occupancy or 100 people inside. museums and zoos could have 50% occupancy. indoor pools are open, malls
6:33 pm
have no occupancy limit that common areas are closed. fitness centers could have 25% occupancy or a maximum of 100 people inside. >> it's great, we are cautious. we take a lot of responsibility keeping our clients and trainers as safe as possible. >> reporter: this owner says a cleaning regimen is in place to protect clients. >> as long as these systems are in place with protocols being supported, there's no reason where this would contribute to the increase in covid cases. >> reporter: will this have any impact on the local economy? >> reporter: doctor robert chapman wood is a professor at san jose state university and says moving from 10-25% indoor occupancy is a start but a long way from healthy business climates. >> there's a trade-off between
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being safe and getting the economy going. >> reporter: business owners, patrons, and health officials are hopeful. continued declines and key indicators will lift the county into the next tier recovery of covid-19. ktvu fox 2 news. to bay area universities are getting ready to hold football practices on campus. san jose state and stanford have received clearance from santa clara county to hold practices at home. san jose state has spent more than a week practicing at humboldt state. stanford has been working in san mateo county ridge side high school. officials at both colleges promise to follow strict, state, and county coronavirus guidelines. san jose state opens their season at home one week from saturday against air force,
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stanford's first home game is november 14th against colorado. the number of coronavirus cases in california continues to move lower, the state reported 2600 cases yesterday, total cases are over 855,000. 50 more people have died and the death toll has risen to 16,639 statewide. in the bay area we saw 356 cases yesterday with the total number of cases over 108,000 with two more deaths reported yesterday and more than 1600 people have died of the virus here in the bay area. the city of beverly hills is banning door to door and car to car trick-or-treat because of the pandemic. people who break the emergency rules could be cited. they cited statewide halloween guidelines yesterday discouraging trick-or-treating but stopped short of calling for a full ban. the michelin guide will not recognize california's top restaurants this year because of the pandemic. the decision reverses plans announced two months ago to award restaurants their
6:36 pm
prestigious stars. the director of the knowledge the challenges acknowledges these challenges that they're facing but they will host a family meal to raise money for the california association of food banks. coming up, playgrounds across san francisco reopen for the first time in seven months but with limitations. 20 days away from the election. we take you to the campaign trail to see how the president and joe biden spent the day. >> our room -- our ballots are posted by election day november 3rd. officials count ballots that arrive up to 17 days after that but only if they are postmarked by november 3. make sure that you are registered to receive your vote by mail ballot by going to the secretary of state website. for the link and more information about the 2020 election go to
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taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take.
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at the white house today the president addressed economists making his case for four more years in office before going to iowa late today the campaign rally. >> this as joe biden worked to send a different message. ray bogan has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: we've seen this smallest economic contraction and the fastest recovery of any
6:40 pm
major western country. from the rose garden, president trump touted the nation's economic recovery while issuing a warning if he isn't reelected in 20 days. >> if the left gains power, the recovery will be terminated and the economy will be destroyed. >> reporter: his opponent says it's president trump who will do harm in the long run, the democratic nominee visited florida on tuesday. a state with an economy largely reliant on one of the sectors hurt most by the pandemic. tourism. >> he has no plan, no plan for economic recovery or how he will open up the economy. >> reporter: these candidates remarks come as negotiations over another coronavirus relief bill remain stalled on capitol hill. tuesday nancy pelosi defended her decision not to accept the gop's recent 1.8. >> reporter: these candidates remarks come as negotiations over another coronavirus relief bill remain stalled on capitol hill. tuesday nancy pelosi defended
6:41 pm
her decision not to accept the gop's recent $1.8 trillion offer. >> they don't share our values , have a little respect for the fact that we know something about these subjects. >> reporter: nancy pelosi and the treasury secretary spoke again today. >> we continue to make progress with certain issues. we continue to be far apart. >> reporter: joe biden criticizing washington's inability to make a deal. >> i had a great ability to work with republicans across the aisle. people say that's all changed. >> both candidates have scheduled townhall events tomorrow. it was supposed to be the second debate in miami which is canceled. ray bogan, fox news. a red flag warning in effect for portions of the north bay with power outages power outages reality for some. overnight wind and what you can expect in the long range. going to heather holmes with a look at the stories we are working on for the 7:00 news. >> a renewed debate over the approach of heard immunity.
6:42 pm
some say it's necessary in order to stop the coronavirus but others argue it's unethical. a medical expert weighs in. parks and playgrounds have reopened in the city of palo alto but one is ordered to remain closed. we take a look at why we look at the stories and more coming up in a few minutes live. after the break a nasa astronaut from napa, celebrating her 42nd birthday with a trip to the international space station. what she will be doing while she is there. looking outside. is that a shot of the golden gate bridge? i don't think so. we will be right back.
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the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail.
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after nearly 7 months, children are at the playgrounds again in san francisco. today workers unlock to gates,
6:46 pm
removing the caution tape and took away the off-limits signs at 180 playgrounds across the city. the reopening comes with a new set of rules. >> reporter: at any other time, kids playing on structures and exploring on playgrounds wouldn't be unusual but these are unusual times. the san francisco playgrounds had been off-limits since march to prevent the possible spread of coronavirus. now those parks have reopened. kids say they are happy to return. >> it's nice playing with friends. >> and parents are happy as well. >> it's a nice change from what has been going on. getting out and being with their friends, they need the exercise. it's great to have the park open. >> reporter: reopening parks according to the city was a priority for the health and well-being of children. >> playgrounds are happy and joyous. further social and emotional development and ability to problem solve or take risks, to
6:47 pm
share, to collaborate -- this is serious stuff to get the kids back on the playground. >> reporter: the city also cut the ribbon on newly renovated parks. >> we aren't just opening the gates to playgrounds but cutting ribbons on five amazing playgrounds that have been waiting for children. >> san francisco's mayor saying the only way the city got to this point was through sacrifice, sacrifices that have fallen on the city's children. >> just imagine, this is hard on us as adults, imagine how much harder this is on kids. >> well parks are open there are restrictions that parks have limited capacity and there's no eating or drinking
6:48 pm
at playgrounds. the city's park and recreation department says they don't want to see parents on their devices like this, they want those parents really focused on their kids making sure the kids are wearing face coverings and that they aren't socializing too closely with other children, not from their household. ktvu fox 2 news. we've been talking about the pg&e outages and the wind that's coming up tonight and early tomorrow morning. to a lesser extent, late thursday night into friday morning. i want to walk you through this, the forecast model for the wind. look at the con toward areas. that is where the wind is, the strongest winfield, that is where the high is compressing the air. at 1:00 a.m., if you're in that zone, it kind of backs off around 1:00-2:00 a.m. that is where the power outage will likely be. then you will see it back off quickly. then we go through tomorrow. this is an overnight event where we have a lesser event right here on thursday night. that is the same kind of event.
6:49 pm
it's just not as robust. tonight will be the main event and tomorrow will be a lesser event. going back if you are thinking about power outages think right about, i have to go all the way back to right here. so, it's right in there. the orange and red areas are where i would be most concerned. pg&e is doing something where they have to manage their expectations. we will do these zones but of course they won't knock off everyone, contra costa county, they may do some areas around the berkeley hills or something like that so we will return at 10:00. i will update. i love this shot from the sunshine coming off of the sales force building. a beautiful night. again, it is a beautiful time of year with the bay area pattern, this is considered wonderful. now we look at this differently
6:50 pm
as it started with the open hills fire. it has become more pronounced over the last five or six years . these are the current winds, the northeast wind. northeast coming from the north and going from the north and east. this shows you that the wind is in the upper atmosphere and working its way down. you will see that happening. then you will see the wind gust not too extreme outside right now. tonight, we come back at 10:00 tonight and we look closely at this. the forecasted highs tomorrow, current temperatures, the high- pressure center builds in with the main story here is how much are we going to get and how long will it last or aerial coverage will be on the wind? the forecast tomorrow, the yellow is --.
6:51 pm
>> there i am. okay. >> we lost you. >> and then this is -- . i know i lost myself. 93 for tomorrow, 97 -- 97 degrees in fairfield. tonight is serious business. overnight tonight, the main event. tomorrow night's event is much less, to a much lesser extent. sorry for that hick up, guys. follow me again tonight it 10:00 as we will have a good idea with the wind is doing. >> i'm glad to hear your voice. i was concerned therefore a minute, you just disappeared on me. i was like, am i missing something? we will see you later on tonight. a napa native is celebrating her birthday in outer space. this nasa astronaut along with two russian cosmonauts launched from kazakhstan earlier this morning going to the international space station. the launch used a two orbit three our approach for the
6:52 pm
first time, previously it took twice as long to reach the station. over the next six months she will work on a cardiovascular experiment where she graduated from the vintage high school and earned a bachelors degree from uc san diego and a doctorate from stanford. next, the dodgers do something in the postseason that's never been done before. mark is up next with sports. woman 1: get your vote-by-mail ballot?
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about the covid-19 virus. it's real. it's dangerous. and we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. we can do this. if we do it together. when you take a. it all begins to un-ravel. ann ravel's no reformer, she's backed by big corporations who've poured hundreds of thousands into her campaign. and she opposes ballot measures to make the economy more fair for working people. only dave cortese is endorsed by the california democratic party. he's helping us battle the pandemic with a science-based approach. and expanding health services and child care to those in need. for state senate, democrat dave cortese.
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coming to you from the room again, you could safely say this was the fastest major league baseball game in history. why? well, because the dodgers scored 11 runs in the top of the first inning. game over. no chance of a great comeback, no one has ever done this in baseball history. kyle wright on the wrong side of the record book. la started hitting in the ninth inning last night and didn't stop today. 2-0. two outs, remember that. john peterson, three run shot, a 5-0 lead. the beat goes on. next pitch, goodbye. kyle wright would soon leave himself. the dodgers worked get to get
6:56 pm
the bases loaded. max muncy polarizes one. a grand slam home run. it's almost unbelievable. 11-0. no team has ever done this in the postseason. this is an 11-0 lead. at last look its 15 runs late in the game. atlanta's lead in the series, cut 52 games to one. the final tonight at 10:00. after probably the most disastrous game in the kyle shanahan era, as they were absolutely abysmal last sunday, the 49ers against the dolphins. they hope to regroup. it would be a good idea to do so.
6:57 pm
they will be on national tv against the division rival, the rams. problems everywhere you look. first place you look always the quarterback situation. no clarity as to how one players ankle is really doing or if he will start on sunday. coach shanahan doesn't know but he will definitely decide. >> if you could play, you have to go out there and perform. i will be the judge of that as i watch them throughout the weekend if there's a good week of practice, it looks like you will have the best chance to win and i won't hesitate but if it looks like it hurts in the game or prohibits him, we will do what we did again. >> on this very day in sports history, 2003, for my money one of the most shameful events in history of any sport, this happened at wrigley field in chicago. joe fonzi fills in the blanks. >> it was on this day in 2003, one of sports all-time villains was created. at wrigley field, florida's luis castillo hit a ball to the
6:58 pm
left-field line that the cubs were tracking. a cubs fan, steve portland try to catch the ball. >> that's awfully close to fan interference. >> the marlins went on to score 8 runs in the inning and eventually eliminated the cubs in seven games. that is the stay in sports in october 14th. i'm joe fonzi. >> well, the poor kid got death threats, fans treated him terribly. it wasn't even -- you know, it's a baseball game. come on. moving along, let's check this out. i have never seen this happen before. high school football, west virginia. watch the wide receiver making a catch. he literally carries the foot ball and the defender. it's like a little piggy back ride. like the coach would tell you, you have to go low. [ laughter ] >> that's the best video this night. >> see you later, good night.
6:59 pm
>> the news continues on --. hey, that's sexist. you're right. (laughs) you got beaten up by a baby. hi. -hey. -hey. -what you got there? -oh, i grabbed a sandwich at the food truck out front. wait, n-now, hold on. tonight is friday, and i believe you know what that means. that my fun, young life took a drastic turn somewhere? no. but yeah. no, that means it's chinese food night. yeah, and you have chinese food. so eat it. but i can smell your pastrami. and we can all hear your complaining, so no one's happy. -it does smell good. -oh, it is. i had one the other day. (stammers) what is happening? everybody's supposed to be eating chinese food. well, actually, i believe the chinese may have invented the sandwich. their dish "rou jia mo" literally means "meat between bread." so, it looks like all of us, including penny, are eating chinese food. except for you, sheldon. you're eating crow.
7:00 pm
i'm sorry, i think you're forgetting that the sandwich was invented by john montagu, the earl of sandwich. oh. the truck's called "pearl of sandwich." now i get it. all right, that smells too good. i got to get one of those. and i think you're forgetting that there are written documents of meat between bread being eaten in china during the tang dynasty. you know what, i'll go with you. and then maybe we just go home. i think you're defining bread very loosely. if we go down that road, where does it end? well, i would say when we go to bed, but you talk in your sleep. i don't want to get into this with you right now. we'll talk about this when i'm asleep. how come we can't talk about it now? well, because i'm eating now. fine. how's your moo shu? you know what? it's great. wait, look at that. hmm. well, maybe the chinese did invent the sandwich.


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