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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  October 21, 2020 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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is the 4. and here we go again, a red flag warning. power shutoffs likely for thousands of people, and still no rain in the forecast to put an end to these dangerous conditions. welcome to the 4. i'm alex savidge. heather will be along shortly here. we have another red flag warning that goes into effect tonight for much of the bay area. those strong gusty winds combined with dry conditions will make fire danger high and cause the potential for fires to spread quickly. this goes from 10:00 tonight to 5:00 friday night. at the same time, thousands of people are getting notice their electricity might be shutoff tonight because of the weather. about 7500 pg&e customers around the bay area are under a power outage watch right now. and this affects people in
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alameda, contra costa, napa, and sonoma counties, and those out ans could continue through friday. >> we get the weather clear, and our goal would be to turn all of those customers back on within 12 daylight hours. >> there were at least 30 instances of either damage or some sort of hazards last week to electric equipment because of the strong winds that we had. let's head over to mark, who is tracking the conditions. we are heading into some potentially dangerous fire weather. >> yeah, i think that's the headlines, alex, an extended period of high fire danger in the area. this time of year, it does not take much to have a red flag warning. just needs a bit of a breeze, and already have the very dry conditions, but we have
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different levels of red flag warnings. the one coming in early next week, that will be the real concern, but still a red flag warning you have to take seriously this time of year. the next one is cued up for a larger position of the bay area, and the strongest wind event, possibly the strongest of the season, that moves in late sunday into monday. i'll have the details on the short term here for the red flag warning. most areas it begins until 10:00 p.m. tonight until 8:00 friday. we could have winds gusting above 350, above 40 miles an hour, but it does not take much wind to treeiate a serious situation coupled with the dry conditions, so that is the problem for the fire danger.
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r here is the forecast model. those brighter colors reflect the stronger wind speeds as we head into thursday morning. might back off a little in the day thursday, and move back into the area somewhat friday morning. but the strongest event, we'll have more on that with your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. okay, mark, thank you. be sure download the ktvu weather app so you can stay up to date with all of the watches and weather warnings that we will see this week. we move along together news here. a man charged with raping a woman in san mateo has now been accused of raping two more women in redwood city. alejandro has been charged with attacking a wong, and knocking
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her unconscious in august. he was also charged with raping a 60-year-old woman in june in the parking garage of the cal train station, also in mid-wood city. bail for the defendant has been increased from $6 million, up to $10 million, because there are multiple victims. if convicted, he could face life in prison. we move to the latest on the coronavirus here in california. after about a month of cases either flat or declining, the 14-day average of cases has risen slightly in our state.
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the daily county yesterday was over 3700 new cases, and 35 more people have died from the virus. the death toll is now at over 17,000, and the test positivity rate has ticked up to 2.7%. santa clara county says it not budging on its decision not to allow fans to attend sports events. new state guide liens released just yesterday would have allowed nearly 14,000 fans into levi's stadium for home games. county health officials, though, say with a trance rate of just 2.4%. one person could infect hundred's of others at a single sports event. and even if people are staying in their seats and socially distancing, they're still sharing bathrooms, exits, entrances, arrive to games around the same time and leaving at the same time. >> the county is also encouraging people to go out and get a free coronavirus test
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at any of their test sites, especially if they've been exposed to an infected person. covid concerns have prompted a high school in marin county to suddenly change it's class schedule and return to an at- home learning situation for all students. extracurricular activities and athletic practices also on hold. tom vacar joins uses now. this comes after concerns of a student party and sleepovers? >> at the time people are fatigued with practicing careful covid correctness, the dangers still loom large and they're growing. >> reporter: the principal of marin catholic high school sent out a letter say that in person classes are being suspended until november 2nd with all classes being reverted back to distance learning until then.
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>> primarily want people to sort of think about this, raise awareness, and hope there is a lot of good conversation going around the dinner table at home. >> reporter: one large hosted party and countless concerns about student sleepovers. hosting a large party in particular is a grave breach of trust and the spirit of community that has allowed to us reopen in person, he said. >> it's somewhat disheartening and discouraging when you've made every effort to ensure safety here on campus, to hear that outside of here, when things are sort of beyond our control, are not meeting the same sort of standard. >> reporter: there are nearly 800 students, plus a large staff, plus all the families that could be infected if the party turns out to be a super spreader event. the pause will create enough time needed for people to stay at home and find out if they show symptom's of coronavirus infection. >> thank you for doing the responsible thing.
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>> reporter: dr. john schwarzberg, an internationally renowned u.c. berkeley infectious disease expert praises the principal's principles. >> the worst thing you can do in a pandemic is to congregate people together over long periods of time, particularly inside. you have a sleepover, have a big party. they're going to spread the virus. we see this over and over and over again. >> reporter: this summer, he says, a fraternity party in berkeley resulted in 56 young people being infected by a virus that can have lifelong impact. >> parents have to be more responsible for controlling their kids, and frankly kids have to take personal responsibility, too. >> it just makes sense for us to sort of pause at this stage of the game, reset, and we'll be back at it november 2nd. >> reporter: now the ultimate goal, obviously, is essentially to get everyone in class where
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safety and school life scan co- exist, and you've bet to remember, principal in this case really does end with pal. okay, tom, thank you. house speaker nancy pelosi said she is making progress with the white house on a new coronavirus stimulus package. speaker pelosi and treasury secretary steve mnuchin have said they would like to get a deal done before the election, and president trump says he'll support a package with a price tag at the even higher than the democrat's $2.2 trillion proposal, but there are some disagreements about what should be in that bill, including the issue of aid for state and local governments. senate republicans accuse democrats of holding a deal hostage. >> let us be clear. the democrats are acting out of selfish political reasons, not because they're trying to help the people that they claim that they represent. >> is a senate vote this afternoon on a smaller $500
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billion stimulus bill drafted by republicans failed to get the 60 votes needed to pass. democrats blocked it, saying a much bigger stimulus is what's needed. president trump and joe biden are now gearing up for tomorrow's final debate in nashville. as lauren blanchard tells us, both candidates will be targeting undecided voters, who will be hoping for some clarity. >> thirteen days to go, and we cannot spare a minute. >> reporter: the countdown clock is on form the campaigns less than two week goes to convince on indecided voters and turn their bases out. according to associated press data, more than 40 million americans have already voted. millions more have requested their mail-in ballots. >> there are hidden trump voters. make no mistake. they were underestimated in 2016, and are underestimate thousand. >> reporter: former president
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obama hitting the campaign trail for the first time in person. he is in pennsylvania. and president trump will be in north carolina. both are swing states. president trump and former vice president joe biden will face off for a final time on the debate stage thursday night in nashville. the trump campaign wants fewer pandemic-related questions, and more foreign policy. the president plans to attack biden over allegations his son, hunter biden, used his father's office to further his president's dealings. >> i think the president will take the opportunity to mr. former vice president, are you, in fact, compromised by the communist chinese. >> reporter: biden's compact reacted. a new feature for thursday night's debate, a mute button give even candidate
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their full answer and response times uninterrupted. it will not be used during the open discussion. the state supreme court ordered a judge to re-examine scott peterson's murder conviction. now we know when he'll make his first court appearance. also, oakland has seen one of the biggest increases in homelessness, and now there are new rules for where encampments can set up. up next, a closer look at the controversial policy just approved. you know the saying,
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the oakland city council unanimously approved a new policy on homeless encampments, and it restricts where people can and cannot set up tents in an effort to try to maintain public safety. cristina rendon joins us now live with details on these new rules, cristina, that are not without some controversy. >> yeah, that's right. depending on who you talk to, the community is divided over this. the city said they had to do something immediately to address the homeless situation and public safety, but contradicts say this is not the way to do it. >> reporter: the mayor calls this the most comprehensive policy they know of. >> we have to do a better job, and this policy will let us do that, to actually keep these
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encampments cleaner, more healthy, less dangerous, and less in conflict with the health concerns of others. >> reporter: the policy goes into effect immediately. it restricts homeless encampments within 150 feet of an elementary or middle school, within 100 feet of a high school, and within 50 feet of a house, public park, retail business, or protected waterway. >> this is a policy where we explicitly say we're not criticizing people for simply being poor or unhound. >> reporter: lauren taylor said homeless people living in recertificated areas will be the given to move to an area that is considered to be safer. enforcement would happen in january at the earliest, but it isn't welcome by homeless advocates who gathers outside of the homes of at least two city council members on tuesday before the policy was official
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apply approved. >> this is not the policy that we need. everything else that is being told is clever language. >> reporter: nita said they are concerned the majority of oakland will be off-limits and leave homeless people with no place to go, disproportionate at i affecting communities of color. >> they'll be at the airport where no one can see them, along the port of oakland. out of site, out of mound. that wave of thousands of people will be invisible, as well. >> reporter: taylor said the city is committed to leading with compassion for the homeless and intend to designate places on public land in the next few months. >> there is more that we need to do, but this is a good first step, and i'm pleased with where we ended up. >> and homeless advocates say
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they will continue fight anything policy in terms of having something that they feel is working best, and the city said they're going to have a review in about four months frow now to take a look at the policy, how it's working, and if any changes need to be made. convicted murderer scott peterson is scheduled to appear remotely at a court hearing set for friday. he was convicted 16 years ago of killing his pregnant wife laci peterson and their unborn son. the reason for friday's hearing has not been released but it comes a week after the california supreme court ruled there was potential juror misconduct in peterson's original trial. san francisco firefighters carried out a tense rescue, helping a man who was clinging to a rock below a cliff. he was strand near the golden gate overlook at about 1:30
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this morning. the battery crosby cliffs are hard to get to. about three hours later, a water rescue team was able to swim out to him and eventually got him to safety. well, bay area weather, i think everybody october we always look forward to an early start of the rainy season, but that's not happening this time around, and as a consequence, we have fire danger to talk about for an extended period of time. so multiple red flag warnings this week as we take a look at the paragraphics for you. the first one expired earlier today. next one is cued up. that moves in tonight and into thursday and friday. and an event late sunday into early monday morning, and that could possibly be the strongest offshore wind event of the fire season, at least so far. showing you this in the short term. we are expecting those winds to pick up a bit.
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here we are into your thursday. this is thursday morning 8:00 for just a few sampled sights. calistoga, that's a wind gusting to 22 miles an hour, relative humidity 1%. so it's still very dry, and still dry into the afternoon hours. not extreme heat, in fact temperatures will be cooling off, but the main driver for this red flag warn look the breezy conditions and the very dry conditions. those brighter colors do represent the stronger wind speeds. they kind of go back and forth, right? this is into thursday night, 10:00, and then into friday, we should see improving conditions. taking a look at the overall weather pattern. thus low pressure is setting up. this will be the main drive entire possibly that stronger wind event into monday morning. right now, though, we have lots of clear skies. current number is in the 60s, 70s, and 90s. temperatures to start out your thursday morning in the upper
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40s the upper 50s. lots of sunshine. fog-free skies. it will be cooler. temperatures in the 60s, 70s, and 80s for your thursday afternoon. san jose 80. san mateo 78. looking ahead, we are tracking fire danger over the next few days. temperatures will be cooling off, but definitely that windy word on monday. that is certainly a concern and something we'll be watching over the next few days. a lot of us have been looking at this 150-foot tall ferris wheel in san francisco for several months now. finally a chance to hop on and engee great view of the city. what you need to know about riding the sky stall wheel.
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the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet
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shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. after months of delays because of the coronavirus, the observation wheel in san francisco's golden gate park is finally open for riders looking for a great view, and this is a live look right now from golden gate park of that ferris wheel up and running. christien kafton joining us now live with more on to the opening of the star sky wheel. >> reporter: heather was
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talking about it a moment ago, people have been watching that wheel go in place and sit there for months, and now we can finally go on board. this is part of the city's 150th anniversary celebration, and they are hoping this is the latest thing to help the city cope with the pandemic. the observation wheel is now open. >> excited to the first to try something out like this. >> reporter: whisks passengers 15 stories into the air, and after their trip, what do riders think? >> oh, it's fantastic. you had so many great views up there. >> yeah, it was definitely worth the money. we weren't around multiple times. thought we were only going to go around once, but weren't around three or four times, which is definitely worth it. >> the original plan was for it to open months ago, but then
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covid struck. >> they brought us in here for the 150th anniversary of the park. >> reporter: the park has served as a destination for pandemic-weary visitors. they have seen an incredible increase in park visitors. >> it's been an oasis, and we've seen pedestrian track go up 600%, and we have seen bike traffic go up 200%. >> reporter: the city saying golden gate park is just part of the equation. slow streets and open areas are among the few places where san franciscans condition socialize safely. >> people being able to enjoy life outdoors, where things are safer, i believe has helped us get to where we are, because that's fewer people going inside to see other people. >> the parks have also been used as centers for the city's learning hubs, ensuring that kids have access to education and services. >> kids from high needs
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neighborhoods and families can get supervised help with distance learning, and they can also get outdoor play time. >> ticket force folks wanting to ride the wheel are booked for this weekend. sorry, i'm competing with some fire trucks passing by here. but tickets are booked for this weekend. if you would like to book a ticket, we have a link on-line. >> looking forward to checking it out. >> that's going to do it for us here on ktvu. if you want more news, join us over on ktvu plus. in the meantime, enjoy game two of the world series.
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>> we are fox sports! >> there is mookie betts. he had laid dodgers went on the attack in the form of an 8-3 win in game 1 over tampa bay. the rays tonight, game 2 coming our way tonight next. >> there is a reason they call it the show. here on the biggest stage of all, there are stars everywhere you look and performances you'll never forget. game 1 gave us mastery on the mound. >> another strikeout for kershaw.


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