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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 28, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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tonight a big surprise on hospital in the north bay, 12 staff members there have tested positive for the coronavirus. >> it was eye-opening, yes. it was certainly enough to take definitive action. >> those workers have been isolated and right now every patient and worker is being tested over and over.
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good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the group of employees works at healdsburg district hospital in several different departments. new at 10:00, ktvu's debora villalon is live with the investigation underway. >> reporter: this showed up in routine screening and triggered an immediate response. 12 positive staffers sent home to isolate in the hospital on alert for more. >> i work night shift here. i have been here for 30 years and i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: this housekeeper is frustrated to hear 12 of her colleagues at healdsburg hospital contracted covid. apparently outside of work. >> i don't understand why people are not following the rules. like wearing their masks when they should on the outside, or what they are doing. >> we have been using them for various reasons.
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>> reporter: now the hospital tent is running full tilt to get almost 300 staffers through. one round monday turned up one infected employee, but now positive patients. everyone goes through it again thursday. >> we start at 4:00 in the morning and are testing until 8:00 in the evening just to try to capture everyone on all shifts. >> reporter: the administration says contact tracing showed the virus did not come from inside. the employees don't all work together and it appears they got infected separately. >> these kinds of situations are going to occur and we need to rapidly respond. >> reporter: sonoma county's public health officer says it's akin to what happened at the north's largest medical center, santa rosa's memorial hospital. an outbreak in august spread to several patients and infected almost 30 workers. many claiming the facility failed to protect them. the strategy then, as now, tests every other day for two weeks. >> we have been testing them again at the end of all of that to make sure they found every
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single person and got them isolated. >> it is a challenge. i don't think it's something new to the county or the bay area. >> reporter: healdsburg hopes it doesn't lismore and pleased isolation. the hospital has more than 40 beds spread among skilled nursing, medical, surgical and emergency. managers say staff is pulling together. >> trying times are hard, scary intimidating times and it is rising to the top. >> i'm doing a bunch of isolation rooms. remake having coveted in the workplace as immeasurable stress . >> you don't know if you're bringing it home to your family or not because some will test positive in someone. so you don't know. >> reporter: a few tested positive at healdsburg hospital also works shifts that other healthcare facilities. that's even more contact tracing. with sonoma county mired in the most restrictive purple tier, more community spread is the last thing he needs.
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federal officials are warning u.s. hospitals to prepare for a possible cyber attack. the fbi says russian gangs are targeting hospitals with ransom or. the hack takes over a computer system and turns its data into gibberish that can only be unlocked when the victim pays up . at least four u.s. hospitals have already been affected. experts are urging facilities to make sure their backups are ready to disconnect from the internet, where possible, and not to use personal e-mail. asian stock markets are trading lower tonight after today's selloff in the united states. investors are worried the coronavirus pandemic in the u.s. and europe will mean more restrictions and drag on the economy. today the dow dropped 943 points, about 3 1/2%. the nasdaq lost 426 points. the s&p 500 was down 119.
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in san jose the school district is making plans to bring students back to the classroom in january. families will have an option, in person or distance-learning, but not both. our southbay reporter is here now with the district's plans and concerns from both parents and teachers. >> reporter: san jose unified says it is the logical next step with covid case rates trending in the right direction. students can't choose both options because the district wants consistency. now one of the main concerns, teachers are expected to do remote in classroom instruction simultaneously. >> trust me, as a senior i want to be back as much as the next guy. >> reporter: willow glen high school senior kyle booker says while he wants to go back to school, he likely won't. >> because we aren't completely under control yet. i would say we should stay virtual until we
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can guarantee everything is clear and safe. >> we have every intention of opening up for in-person instruction on january 5th. >> reporter: san jose unified laying out plans for 2021 after 28,000 students have spent the school year so far distance- learning. >> it's definitely going to be different. masks will be required. six foot distancing at all times. to make other changes, staggered break times, plexiglas barriers for adult staff and students must fill out a symptom questionnaire at the start of the school day. another change, teachers instructing students in class and online at the same time. >> i think it's definitely going to be a transition for teachers and a transition for students as well. >> reporter: the district says this model gives all students access to a teacher for a full school day and flexibility should a teacher or student test positive for covid and
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need to isolate. >> it's challenging to take what would have normally been a world that is this large and try to translate it to a world that is this large. >> reporter: this preschool teacher questions, how can she be present online and in person? she wants students to return only if safety measures are in place. since july 1st, when teachers returned to school, a handful of district personnel contracted covid outside the work environments, with no community spread. one parent eager for his highschooler to return to school understands it won't be easy. >> i think we just have to adjust our expectations and be happy that we are going forward and there is some sense of normalcy returning. >> reporter: the district could postpone reopening if the county goes back to the red or purple tears. officials won't know that until december 30th.
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the district is also working with the county to secure a contract to provide testing for teachers at school sites. tonight pg&e says all of its bay area customers who had power turned off now have their electricity back. homes and businesses in sonoma county were the last to have her power restored following this latest round of ps ps. utility crews had been out checking electrical equipment for wind damage and preparing it before turning powerback on. crews ban at least one dozen instances of damaged equipment. and d'angelo crews are sprucing up the iron horse trail for safety and fire prevention. today and tomorrow they've been cleaning brush and trimming trees are part of the recreational trail on laurel drive. the work is happening between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. trail users may experience delays and should consider alternate routes.
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a family that lost everything during a class fire in santa rosa last month is getting free temporary housing to get back on their feet. new at 10:00, they talked to ktvu's amber lee and she is here now to explain how this program will work to help them. >> reporter: the program is called home bridge and provides housing here in san francisco and in the south bay. the family tells me this is helping them get through a difficult time. >> okay, go! i experience life to the kids, because they have no worries. >> reporter: jennifer davis and her children are adjusting to life in san francisco. they lost their home in santa rosa a month ago when the glass fire destroyed almost everything they own. chaos and fear as they were forced to evacuate. >> i didn't know what to grab or what to do. >> reporter: davis shows me photos of what's left of the
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trailer and house they lived in, a property belonging to relatives. she and her husband rob smith stayed in hotels with their four young children until they heard about a program called home bridge founded by apartment list, an online rental company. >> here's the living room. >> reporter: this a cell phone video of the apartment the program provided for the family. they moved in less than two weeks ago. the program is a partnership with property management companies, nonprofits and others to provide free temporary housing for fire survivors and others in need of help. the family will be able to stay here until the end of the year. >> we literally don't have anything else that has given us two months of peace of mind. >> reporter: the program manager says there are more than a dozen units currently available for fire survivors in san francisco and the south bay. there is no income criteria, but it is designed for those in need of help. >> families are forced to make challenging decisions about potentially putting their safety at risk by staying in
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relief centers. we are hoping to help with one less giant burden on their shoulders. >> reporter: the family tells me they are grateful for the help, a bridge to the future. >> when you lose everything like that and there is a place to go that can help you->> it still hasn't fully had us, you know, because the repercussions are going on and on. it is still affecting us pretty deeply. >> reporter: dad works as a house painter and hopes to save up enough money to start over in santa rosa. the program manager tells me so far home bridge has provided 10 families with housing displaced by the recent wildfires. >> four kids are so adorable and just the idea that they have two months now where they don't have to worry and they can hopefully plan and figure out what they're going to do next just great stuff.
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coming up, tuesday's election and your social media feeds. how bay area tech giants are going to moderate content. also ahead, hurricane zeta now a deadly storm. details on the first death as pelting rain, violent winds and a nine foot storm surge swamped the gulf coast. give you my world ♪ ♪ how can i, when you won't take it from me ♪
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the way it handled an unverified new york post story about hunter bidens form business ties. >> who the hell elected you and put you in charge about what the media are allowed to report in with the american people are allowed to hear ? and why do you persist in behaving as a democratic super pack, silencing used? >> we are not doing that.
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is why open this hearing with calls for transparency. >> twitter senio said he supports a plan for users to get information about algorithms that determine what content people are likely to see. new at 10:00 tonight, with election day approaching, the role of social media companies has taken on new urgency. >> reporter: they have. many people next week will likely be turning to social media platforms to try and find out about the election. even though those companies say they will try to take steps to avoid misleading concent being sent out, experts say users need to be wary. as election day approaches, many social media feeds are lining up. >> now that is getting closer to the election, constantly posting between people reposting or other articles coming up. >> reporter: raising questions about what role social media
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companies such as facebook, twitter and google will play. >> i think it's very difficult to filter. i think, by nature, we don't like to be filtered, but there is a consequence. >> reporter: the ceos of facebook, twitter and alphabet, google's parent company, told members of the senate committee wednesday that they will take steps to prevent people from using their platforms to prevent the spread of misinformation. in some cases they said they will take down content that is unverified or incites violence. >> there are things people send me on messenger and then nothing will be removed because i can't open it. >> reporter: facebook will be pushing out political ads on election day and twitter is slowing down content. >> it is inevitable people use social media to whip up sentiment on both sides. whether republicans, democrats, nothing gets engagement political polarization right now. >> reporter: stephen weber, uc berkeley professor and
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assistant dean at the school of public information, said it will be difficult for companies to moderate content and they have come under fire from conservatives and liberals for doing too much or too little. >> these companies are the best artificial intelligence systems in the world, trying to observe and filter what's going on. from this technologist standpoint there is no way we can keep up with that flow. >> one thing for users to keep in mind, it's very, very difficult for platforms of this size to do content moderation well at that scale. >> reporter: experts say despite social media companies promising to be fair and vigilant for use of their platforms, users looking for news about the election need to positively see content. >> the odds of making mistakes are pretty high. be careful when you are jumping to conclusions about what you see online, or don't see online.
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>> reporter: experts say this year's election could be a tipping point that has lasting impacts on the law and social media. the president and ceo of the silicon valley organization has been placed on administrative leave over a political ad on its website that the group calls, blatantly racist. the mercury news captured this screenshot showing black mentoring a scene of unrest. the caption reads, do you really want to sign onto this? the ad was aimed at district 6 city counted it jake toggle. spo called the image inappropriate and unacceptable. president matt mahone is on leave and a third party investigation will determine how and why the image was posted. firefighters in southern california are making progress against two large firefighters fires in orange county.
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the silverado fire has burned more than 13,000 acres near irvine and it is 30% contained in many evacuation orders have been lifted. meanwhile, southern california edison is investigating whether there powerlines sparked the blue ridge fire. that fire is threatening homes in chino hills. it has burned 14,000 acres and as of tonight is about 25% contained. at least one person has died from hurricane zeta, which made landfall as a category two hurricane this afternoon. a 55- year-old man was electrocuted by downed power lines, torrential rain and sustained winds of up to 110 miles an hour pounding the coast up to nine feet of storm surge, as well as extensive flooding and possible tornadoes in the southeastern part of the state. >> obviously we are concerned about any power outages that might not be easily and quickly rectified. >> louisiana is bearing the brunt of this year's hurricane
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season. this is the fifth named storm to hit the state in recent months, including hurricane delta less than three weeks ago. after louisiana zeta is forecast to make its way to mississippi and alabama. zeta is now a category one hurricane, downgraded quickly to a category one after he came onshore as a category two. in its 1-click it is one mile- per-hour short. once agosta 74 miles per hour it'll be a tropical storm at 75 miles an hour and falling apart. i guess the upshot would zeta is is not going slowly, is moving quickly at about 25 miles an hour or so. it is not depositing a ton of rain. i'm thinking a half foot of rain, which is a lot, but they could see 18 inches from earlier this year. here it is, zeta at 75 miles an hour and moving to 31 miles an
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hour. as they get further north they get caught up in the jet stream flow and that's why it's pick up speed as well. it gets pulled into the jet stream which is further north. there you go, that's the latest. i would say probably now it is a tropical storm, but it will continue to rain on the eastern seaboard, as you might imagine. we got a little but a patchy fog trying to show up at the coast. we have temperatures outside tonight getting chilly, just like last night with numbers into the 30s in some places. we are expecting daytime highs tomorrow just like today, 70s with some low 80s. and the next chance of rain is way out there. this ridge of high pressure is doing its job. we are not going to see rain, at least through this next five day period. when we get back we will look at the forecast highs and what you can expect to the weekend and then we will look for some rain. coming up here, a heroin rescue offshore, how deputies helped a man stranded in the ocean entangled in fishing line. , a curfew imposed in
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philadelphia after several nights of vandalism and violence.
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a 9:00 p.m. curfew is in effect in philadelphia tonight after widespread vandalism following the police killing of walter wallace. today the police commissioners and 911 tapes body camera video should be released soon. cell phone video shows wallace holding a knife and walking in the direction of officers when
10:25 pm
he was shot. the same video also shows police pleading with wallace to put down the knife. >> we saw a man get gunned down with at least a car and a half in between. he was not hurting and was not lunging at police. he was in a mental health crisis. >> overnight curfew ends at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. the pennsylvania national guard is expected to arrive on friday to help protect property and serve as a backup to police. tonight a man is recovering after he got stuck in some fishing line in the ocean. it happened about 50 yards from the shore in sonoma county and he couldn't swim to safety. the rescue team that responded told ktvu's henry lee how they were able to save him. >> this is video showing the sonoma county sheriff's helicopter plucking a man to safety along the coast near fort ross at about 9:30 tuesday
10:26 pm
morning. >> we were dispatched for a subject who had fallen off of a cliff into the ocean. >> reporter: francisco wanda berger as a deputy sheriff. he says another deputy who works and lives in the area reached the man. >> he tried to rescue the guy by tossing a rope out to him. unfortunately that wasn't able to work. >> reporter: that meant pilot paul bradley had to carefully maneuver the helicopter near the victim, but the crew had to work quickly. >> this fellow had been in the water for about 45 minutes. >> reporter: luckily he was wearing what to end a life jacket. the helicopter landed nearby. detached himself with a harness in the pilot flew over the victim. he was about 50 yards from shore, but the crew quickly realized why he wasn't able to swim to safety. she was all tangled up in a court of some sort and it was attached to his legs and keeping them there. >> reporter: the paramedic cut
10:27 pm
him free in the helicopter flew him back to shore. the man was taken to the hospital. the sheriff's helicopter flies about 1000 missions each year and is one of the busiest in the country. have saved thomas lives rescuing people stuck in the most unforgiving conditions. but he doesn't feel like a hero. >> no, just a job i love doing and a job i signed up for and i'm just happy we could be there and this gentleman is okay. when he was drafted it was, congratulations, i'm sorry. >> from the bay area to the big leagues, meet the l.a. dodgers' pitcher who grew up in the bay area surrounded by a lot of san francisco giants fans. and later, the odd postgame comments made by the dodgers president of baseball operations regarding justin turner's positive test for coronavirus and then his appearance on the field during the championship ceremony.
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and in four minutes, countdown to election night. two experts weigh in on what to expect and what to watch for. today's ways of working, may work differently tomorrow.
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trump held a big rally in danville this evening with about 300 people gathered at camino tassajara and pro canyon road next to blackhawk plaza. you can see people waving campaign flags and american flags, cheering and getting honks from passing cars. some people say they are pushing for a red wave in california, saying they don't see this kind of enthusiasm for joe biden. >> i think he doesn't have the support of his party. i think it's just people that want to vote against john. it's not that they are enthusiastic about biden by any measure of the way. >> surveys show it could be an uphill climb for the president california, the most recent berkeley igs poll shows joe biden with a 30 point lead in the golden state. time is running short now for the presidential candidates to move undecided voters with just six days left until the election. president trump held a pair of rallies in arizona today where polling averages have biden with a two point lead.
10:32 pm
arizona hasn't gone blue in the presidential race in 24 years. joe biden's running mate, senator raped visited tucson and phoenix to meet with black business leaders. engel had city, the president mocked californians for wearing masks. >> and in california you have a special mask. you cannot, under any circumstances take it off. you have to eat or the mask. >> this is not political, it's patriotic. wearing a mask, 41, period. >> we are going to talk with the voters, but do it in a way where we don't risk their safety and health. >> senator harris held a socially distant driving rally at a community college in tucson. both joe biden and president trump will be campaigning
10:33 pm
tomorrow in tampa, florida. tonight we have a look at some of the possible california voting trends as a result of early voting. our political reporter greg lee tells us what's driving these record numbers. >> reporter: with less than one week until election day, more than 70 million people have already voted nationwide, surpassing 26 teens early voting totals. it is also more than half of the overall turnout in 2016. in california political data thanks ballot tracker shows around 8 million mail-in ballots have returned. >> we are in charted waters in terms of having this many ballots come in. the reality though is that right around 36%, 37% turnout right now, we still have a long way to go. >> reporter: the vice president says the early returns are heavily tilted toward registered democrats, but he cautions against drying against too much from those numbers. >> a strong expectation that will be in a lecture that comes on election day to come in person. based on the data showing really skew democratic turnout really, we are expecting a really heavy republican turnout
10:34 pm
late. >> reporter: that trend is likely the result of some of the rhetoric around the selection. the latest berkeley igs says this may california's long vote by mail history, 46% of people are less confident their vote will be counted if it is mailed then if they vote in person. 70% of president trump supporters pulled feel this way, compared to 32% of joe biden supporters. >> republicans are just distrustful of absentee ballot voting in this election due to the president's rhetoric. >> reporter: looking at the trends across the country, berkeley igs cochair eric sheckler and mitchell point to a surge in young voters ages 18 to 29. in several states they have dwarfed their 2016 early voting numbers. >> i do think there is evidence of heightened enthusiasm among young voters and i think there has been a real concerted push to get them to vote early. >> we might be turning the corner into seeing real turnout
10:35 pm
from unlikely voters, which is why you have to have a surge. >> reporter: another key demographic to watch as the latin latinx community in texas and arizona. and of course, keeping a close eye and midwest swing states. >> pennsylvania and michigan , wisconsin, i think the big, one of the key things to look at is whether biden is able to keep trumps margin down with these noncollege educated white voters with massive margins of the voters in 2016. >> reporter: one thing to keep in mind, as results are released on election night, we could see big shifts based on how partisan the numbers are for people who vote early, versus those who plan to vote on november 3rd. their advice, be patient. a reminder, has an extensive selection for election 2020.
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you will find information on california's ballot propositions, ballot tracking and registration status. oakland is looking at a new way to house the homeless. the chronicle reports the city asked alameda county to consider using the county fairgrounds in pleasanton as a sprawling winter homeless encampment under the proposal homeless people could live in rvs and tense. the county supervisor nate miley, his district includes the fairgrounds, called the idea ridiculous. instead, he suggested using the oakland coliseum site to households bliss people. more than 3200 people live on oakland streets. walt disney family museum in san francisco is reopening next week. be getting thursday november 5th it will be open thursday through sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. the museum will remain closed monday, tuesday and wednesday. tickets have to be reserved online. visits will be timed to ensure proper social distancing. facemasks will also be required
10:37 pm
for everyone three and older. the santa cruz beach boardwalk had become the first amusement park to reopen in california. the move comes a santa cruz county just moved into the orange tier, which allows amusement parks to reopen with restrictions. warlock officials say they will start opening 12, they will start, rather, by opening 12 rides. no word yet on which will be up and running first. attendance will be limited to those who live in santa cruz county. today the santa cruz boardwalk bowl also reopened. the bowling alley will operate at 25% capacity. hawaii is welcoming visitors again, but you have to pass a coronavirus test or face quarantine. a new drive-through option near sfo. , family members of oscar grant meet with alameda county's district attorney as the county reopens an 11-year-
10:38 pm
old case. we are tracking the forecast into the next couple of days. definitely on the mild side in the fire wins are gone for now. as a nurse, i've faced the fear of being stretched too thin to do my job right. and it's not just health care workers. our teachers and school staff are going the extra mile for our kids. our firefighters are taking on unthinkable missions to keep us safe. how can we keep giving billions in tax breaks to rich corporations when our communities need that money? prop 15 closes corporate loopholes and invests in our schools, health care, and public safety. help us do our jobs. vote yes on 15.
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♪ i know you're waiting on the other side ♪ ♪ i'm like you on-demand glucose monitoring. because they're always on. another life-changing technology from abbott. so you don't wait for life. you live it. in california, we're the only state where wealthy trust fund heirs get their own tax loophole. these tax cheats avoid millions in taxes on vacation homes and coastal mansions depriving our schools. prop 19 closes this unfair loophole that's been exploited by an elite few and helps our schools, firefighters, and seniors. vote 'yes' on prop 19. tell them [record scratch] the party's over. family members of oscar grant today met one-on-one with
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alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley who announced earlier this month that she's going to take another look at the case. grants family wants new charges filed against former bart police officer anthony perrone. they say he was aggressive and restrained grant before former officer johannes messily shot and killed grant 11 years ago. >> based on our conversation in space and time that we just spent together, i picked up there is an investigation that's going to take place. an johannes was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and released after 11 months in jail. he mistakenly pulled out his gun, instead of his taser when he shot oscar grant in the back on the platform of the fruitvale bart station on new year's day 2009. three bay area counties are allowing businesses to move
10:42 pm
indoors. yesterday contra costa, marin and san mateo counties moved into the states orange tier. the upgrade means now, after more than seven months, those counties can resume more activities and increase capacity for some indoor operations. even so, some people say they will approach the reopening's cautiously. >> i don't feel safe about going inside a restaurant and eating indoors. what has changed? it is still in our droplets and if i'm eating indoors with somebody else and their mask is down, i still think the danger is there. >> the counties, restaurants and places of worship to operate a 50% capacity, 200 people. retail stores and malls can operate at full capacity and gyms that 25%. travel went up slightly last month in oakland international airport. officials say travel increased 2.3% in september compared to august.
10:43 pm
still, travel for september was down 71% if you compare it to laster at this time. what did increase was the amount of cargo passing through oakland international. 109 million pounds of cargo moved through the airport last month. that's an increase of more than 11% over september of last year. passengers of hawaiian airlines can get a coronavirus test at a drive-through site near sfo. the shallow nasal swab test is available anytime 72 hours before departure. test results are guaranteed within 36 hours for $90, or $150 for day of travel express service. passengers with a negative test result are exempt from hawaii's 14 day quarantine. appointments can be made online. he helped the dodgers win the world series last night. tonight, has bay area roots playing at st. mary's.
10:44 pm
and chief meteorologist al martin is back with his complete area forecast.
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tonight, a bay area family is celebrating the dodgers' world series win because their son was the starting pitcher for the daughters at last night's game. we look at his journey from the bay area to the big leagues. >> reporter: after 32 years the dodgers are world series champions. the last time they did it tony consulate wasn't even born. >> last time they won was 1988, he was born in 1984. >> reporter: the 26 vacaville native was starting pitcher for the dodgers in game six. >> always nervous when his pitching, especially when he doesn't have his lights out and stuff. is always nerve-racking. as the night went on, nervousness to jubilation.
10:48 pm
i'm actually always envisioned himself in the big leagues starting as a little league player in vacaville. he went undrafted, played outfield and pitcher for st. mary's college and was picked up by the dodgers in the ninth round of the 2016 draft.'s mother and brother are diehard giants fans and many family friends are too. >> when he was drafted, it was congratulations, i'm sorry. >> reporter: on tuesday the congratulatory text came pouring in for people on the bay area, saying they were dodgers fans for one night only. >> and being on the roster and him contributing on the web to the world series is just amazing to watch. i texted him, congratulations. he did an instagram picture of him holding a trophy. usually the one word answer is thank you, thanks. >> reporter: he says if his son ever gets another shot a world series championship, he will be ready. >> he will be able to take that experience of this year and capitalize on it and just
10:49 pm
succeed even more so than he did this year. >> reporter: dad says tony has historically been on championship teams in college. this is his fifth ring, but are world series ring no doubt. we've got a nice looking that out there. some overnight lows in the upper valley got down to the mid-30s. and it was the upper 30s in the cold spots in some areas, like livermore valley and up towards clayton you will be 39 and 40. most of us will be somewhere in the mid to upper 40s. it's going to be chilly. the night is getting longer and as you look at san francisco with the skyline, little bit of smoke this afternoon. that one fire is still burning east of fresno. the smoke should be less, we have a little bit of an onshore flow right now. the jetstream is doing this and
10:50 pm
that's a big ridge of high pressure. i just was noting earlier today , look at the diameter of this pick look at the amplitude. is a lot of high pressure, that's a big one. so it's hard to break that down and what i'm getting at is rain not coming anytime soon because of that. wasn't it windy? we are not seeing a lot of wind right now with the big high, because the big high isn't interacting with the low. the highest so big below is way out to the east of us. we are in a position where we are not seeing pressure gradient. the low was around. if you had the high right now in a low came over the top, then you get that big fire wind concern. we are not seeing the ridges big enough. i don't see the models anticipating any kind of fire wind in there for a while. that's good news. in terms of rain, perhaps something like the second week in november, the seventh, eighth, ninth of november. who knows? it's a long way out.
10:51 pm
we're looking at nice weather had. the forecast yellows or 70s, lots of 70s, lots of 70s. 80 in livermore, 80 in pleasanton and then the five day forecast. first of all, the red flag warning's were kind of harry and lasted too long and we have a five day figure. i don't think we will see anything like that for the next 10 days. that's good news. hopefully we will get rain before that. i will see you before then. of next in sports, how the dodgers president of baseball operations didn't exactly help the team's case after breaking coronavirus protocols with justin turner. are sports director, with details. and a new park comes to life three years after the devastating tubs fire, neighbors helped get the project going.
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as a going, everybody? mark bonnie is with you from the final run tonight. giants fans, take a deep breath. member, acceptance is the first
10:55 pm
step towards healing. say it with me out loud, the los angeles dodgers are world series champs. although, come on, they did try and pull a fast one. after last nights game, the deciding game six against tampa bay all revolves around the third baseman justin turner. he was pulled out of the game in the eighth inning after having tested positive the day before. he again tested positive, they took him out of the game, but he did return to the field to celebrate, violating all major league baseball's protocols and actually vehemently refused to leave the field when security asked him to do so. after the game last night the dodgers' president of baseball operations was grilled about the situation and watch andrew freeman basically try and unmask the truth. >> he wanted to come out and take a picture with the trophy,
10:56 pm
which, you can't state strongly enough how big of a role he has played in the success of this organization. i don't think there was anyone that was going to stop him from going out. i think he was mindful of other people. >> you actually shown next to him wearing a mask. >> if you are around people without masks that's not good optics at all. >> hi, just kidding. >> the mike was still on, busted there. all you can understand. in all fairness justin turner wanted to celebrate with his mates, but, he ruled he could be suspended at the outset of next season. the fact that we are actually connecting dots, considering the way the san jose quakes started their season, between them in the playoffs, at this
10:57 pm
point it is really an incredible story. but they have turned their season around with a local kid who was always made good showing up large tonight against real salt lake. talking about chris polaski from danville. they boot it home 1-0 san jose at halftime. the 74th minute, wanda again, right place, right time finishing his second goal of the night, just happens to be 165th goal of his illustrious career, that's the most anomalous history. they win 2-0 over salt lake. the quakes have two matches left . this day in sports history, a memorable one. the golden state warriors
10:58 pm
marked the debut in 2009 of babyface steph curry. has big- time debut against houston. 14 points, seven assists, four steals. he shows flashes of his future greatness although the warriors did lose one away-107 to the rockets. joe fonzi with good news from both sides of the bay. >> reporter: two very memorable world series moments on this day. in 1989 tony phillips speared brett butler's ground ball and threw it to dennis akers covering first. oakland a's finished a four game sweep of the giants and the world series delayed by the earthquake. 23 years later, miguel cabrera couldn't pull the trigger on a sergio romo fastball. the giants had pulled off a
10:59 pm
four game sweep of their own on winning the world series against the detroit tigers. that's this day in sports, october 20th. >> if i had to put a name on tonight's version of check this out, i would call it bats and balls. you will see why. check this out, former big- league first baseman james loney with his young son, jordan , who seems to be a pretty good header. that can be painful. frank, keep it together, please [ laughter ]. a little too close. hey, i wanted to get your opinion of this, frank [ laughter ]. the dallas in the stars, a new uniform. they're calling it a blackout jersey, exhibiting the spirit of texas. if you've been to dallas camino about skyline green. that is the color. he will definitely be able to keep track of who was on the
11:00 pm
ice and not. you like it, frank? >> actually i do, but go sharks. >> teal is good. [ laughter ] that is the sporting life. >> can't stop laughing about that little kid hitting his dad. next at 11:00- >> we feel pretty confident our safety protocols are working and we are able to scale those to include students as we welcome them back in january. weighing the benefits and risks as plans are underway in the south bay to bring many students back into the classroom. >> if all goes according to plan, san jose's largest school district wants to let students come back for in person learning this january. hello again, everyone. >> students will be given a choice, attend in person, or continue with distance- learning. new tonight, our southbay reporter is here with the district's plans and also the concerns amon


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