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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 30, 2020 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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disease doctors talking about the coronavirus today with leaders in the south bay. what dr. fauci says about when students should return to the classroom. the president and his challenger joe biden are getting in their final campaign stops days ahead of the election. we take a look at what they are doing today to sway undecided voters. putting reopening plans on hold in san francisco. the reason city health officials and the mayor are now pausing when it comes to opening more businesses. good afternoon. the nation's top infectious disease expert dr. fauci spoke to helping business leaders in silicon valley this morning. he talked about different issues including a timeline as to when we may see a vaccine. and also trends associated with the coronavirus. allie joins us live with the
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story.>> reporter: this is part of an online form hosted by the silicon valley leadership group. the conversation lasted 45 minutes. invest time the moderator and dr. fauci covered a lot of ground. which means we should be able to get an inkling of whether or not we have a safe and effective vaccine. sometime in middle to end of november. beginning of december. >> reporter: dr. fauci the nation's top infectious disease expert told silicon valley leaders in an online forum by the end of the year we will know more about a covid 19 vaccine. i'm optimistic based on preliminary data from the phase 1 study. that we will in fact have a safe and effective vaccine. if we are successful we will be able to start administering vaccine doses by the end of this calendar year or more likely in the beginning of 2021. for dr. fauci's at the process of getting americans back to take 4 to 6 months. clinics and medical provider
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should start planning logistics now. he acknowledged skepticism about the safety of a covid 19 vaccine. it was understandable giving the mixed signals from leaders in government. but about the integrity of the process that this. every vaccine trial has attached to it what is called a data and safety monitoring board. they completely independent group. the answer to no one. they don't answer to the president. they don't answer to the pharmaceutical company. >> reporter: before a vaccine is available we have to get through a challenging winter park no one has an appetite to shut the country down again. topo is that universal mask wearing and moving most activities outdoors can temper the spread. we do not necessarily have to accept the inevitability of these major surges that we are seeing. because if we do as we get into november and december and january it is going to be a very difficult time in the united states. >> reporter: santa clara county health leaders also joined the
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forum. they spoke about measures santa clara and other bay area counties have taken to keep infection rates low and the open businesses and schools. we know the distance learning has helped to magnify and accelerate educational inequities. the default position we feel should be as best as possible to get the children back to school as opposed to making the default when you have infections keep them out of school. immediately after saying that dr. fauci added when schools we open it is important to have a plan in place to mitigate and respond when there are any new covid 19 infections. re-open. san francisco is leaving the nation when it comes to slowing the spread of the coronavirus. new statistics compiled by the state of california shows san francisco has the lowest
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positive coronavirus test rate of any major u.s. city. the rate is less than 1%. and is the only big u.s. city to fall below that 1% market san francisco was one of the first cities to issue stay-at- home orders and to require masks and social distancing during the early days of the pandemic. the contra costa county health department is updating its social gathering rolls out the county has moved into the less restrictive orange tear of reopening. the county will allow gatherings of up to two dozen people from three different households. however the health department is advising those gatherings to be held outdoors and be limited in time to two hours or less. covid 19 cases are starting to increase in california. and across the country. jonathan reports some areas opening more testing sites and increasing hospital staff as infections rise. pump 45 million people have tested positive for the virus worldwide.>> reporter: the fall search continues.
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in france hundreds of protesters spilled onto the streets as the country answers a month-long partial lockdown. here in the u.s. we've largely avoided widespread shutdowns. with states like kentucky and connecticut now imposing restrictions on hotspot areas. the virus doesn't care. about our norms. sadly it doesn't care about our finances or our way of life. thursday the nation broke is single day record reporting nearly 90,000 new infections. wisconsin remains a hotspot with cases up 400% since september. the state will open more than 70 new testing sites to deal with the surge. no sites are electing anywhere from 300 to 450 specimens. forgiven testing date. which range from 6 to 8 hours. >> reporter: the increase in infections now putting a strain
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on hospital systems. the number of patients is rising and former hotspot states like texas pennsylvania and new york. facilities fear they could see a shortage of staff and ppe if trends continue. we would all be in some form of denial if we didn't say that these high case numbers that we are seeing right now in minnesota and wisconsin will convert the hospitalizations in two weeks to a month. >> reporter: university of washington model predicts the u.s. will experience more than 2000 fatalities per day by january. president trump and joe biden are campaigning in some midwestern battleground states as we approach what will be the last weekend before the november 3 election. the president is in the state of michigan where he just held a campaign rally. with your support we will continue to bring back your jobs. cut your taxes. cut your regulations. support our great police. support our military. defend our borders. protect the second amendment which is under siege.
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the president is set to make three more stops there in michigan. he wants the the state four years ago. joe biden currently is leading in the polls in michigan. the former vice president held a drive in rally in des moines iowa. you know who really built this country. it wasn't wall street. it wasn't ceos. it was hard working folks like all of you. who built the middle class. and unions have built the middle class. we know how we can build it back better. with an economy that rewards work for a change and not wealth. both biden and president trump plans to make campaign appearances in minnesota and wisconsin. ray bogan shows us more on how the two are spending the final days of the campaign.>> reporter: president trump and former vice president joe biden are both campaigning in minnesota and wisconsin today. in an attempt to mobilize the
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midwest. visiting some of the big cities is more about turnout than persuasion. at this point there are so few undecided voters. >> reporter: the presence rally in minnesota will be what he hoped for. the campaign is capping attendance at 250 people. they blame free speech stifling dictates democratic governor tim walz and attorney general keith ellison. the president's packed rallies with thousands of people and optional masks have been controversial. covid or no covid he would be hard-pressed to have joe biden pulled a crowd close to 10,000 people without a celebrity guest like obama.>> reporter: a big difference from joe biden's rallies were supporters are either in their cars or in tape circles six feet apart. president trump super spreader events he is spreading more virus around the country. and here in florida today. he is spreading division in addition. division and discord. >> reporter: the running mates are in states with changing
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demographics. vice president pence is stopping in arizona. where the rear of clear politics average shows the race is tight. senator kamala harris will be in texas where trump is up by about two points. the democrats think they have a chance to turn the reliably red state blue. nearly 8 1/2 million people have already voted in texas. that matches the high turnout across the country. almost 80 million people have cast their ballots. the contra costa county registrar of voters office is investigating missing mail in ballots. the registrar's office at the ballots were put in a drop box in front of richmond city hall october 12. there is no evidence anyone tampered with the dropbox. they say the missing ballots could be the result of a mistake involving one box on that one day. ballot boxes are emptied every day. they are emptied every day by a
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team of two people. and ballots were picked up on the 12th and on the 13th. we cannot explain why we don't have the ballots the voters said they drop in the ballot box on tuesday. excuse me on monday the 12th. what is really important is that those voters get a chance to vote. the registrar's office is already contacted 40 voters whose mail-in ballots are missing. there could be many more. anyone who dropped off the ballot at richmond city hall on monday the 12th and hasn't been able to track their ballot is asked to immediately contact the registrar's office. for the latest on the election headed to you will find information about the statewide propositions congressional races and how to track your ballot. we are keeping a live blog with all the latest developments as they happen. the halloween weekend is
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almost here. so is the message coming out of san francisco. what leaders are encouraging people to do instead of celebrating in the castro in big groups. rescue efforts underway in turkey and greece after a large and deadly earthquake hit the region this morning. more on the destruction left behind. a live look outside in the bay area. a beautiful way to end the work week. rosemary is back. she would join us with what to expect tonight as well is going into the weekend.
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and seniors like pam who need to move closer to family or medical care, without a tax penalty. prop 19 limits taxes on our most vulnerable. yes on 19. more on a developing story we have been following since mornings on 2. search efforts continuing into the night in turkey after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck in the aegean sea. people -- seen fleeing their buildings and gatherings in the streets following the earthquake the health minister
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said 14 people are dead. at least 400 others are heard.'s small tsunami struck a turkey. reports say there was no damage. people in greece and turkey have been warned to stay away from coastal areas. in case there are more tsunamis. aftershocks in the region are a strong is five-point to in magnitude. second person is in custody in connection to the deadly knife attack the church in france. the suspect is a 47-year-old man believed to have been in contact with the actual attacker of the night before. police say 21-year-old man from tunisia carried out the attack in the city. he remains today in the hospital in serious condition. french president went to the church where the attack occurred and said the country will remain strong against the threat of extremism. if we have been attacked again it is because of our values. our taste for freedom. the possibility there is here to believe freely and not to get into any terror.
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according to french authorities this was the third attack link to islamic extremism in less than two months. let's see if we cannot get this. the final friday of the month of october that has brought almost everything. except for rain weatherwise. you are right. we will close out the month with no rain. we may have some in our future. it looks perhaps in the next weekend. it will hit us this weekend. today is cooler. we warming up getting into your weekend. what is going on outside our doors. right there over areas of sfo we started with patchy fog. in the north bay along the coastline. in and around san francisco. at this hour mostly blue skies away from the coast. a little bit of fog along the coast. temperatures upper 50s in san francisco. low 60s santa rosa. middle 60s oakland. upper 60s livermore and san jose at 65.
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notice the temperature change. we are cooler out there in most areas. down by 5 degrees picked on by four and san jose. around the bay to the 3 degrees cooler. half moon bay along the coastline a tackler as well. wins are generally light. variable went out there coming in from the southeast over areas of santa rosa. and from the north in fairfield. noticed the flow. is continuing with the north and northeast flow. it is very light at this point. there are no advisories in place for a heightened fire danger. even in the hills winds are light. a look at mount diablo. four miles per hour. and for the northbay middle peak recording seven. moving forward into your afternoon that we remain with high pressure. controlling our weather pattern. i'm only today but for the weekend. and beyond. we have a little bit of activity moving through the pacific northwest. further north into canada. temperatures today expected to be a little bit cooler than yesterday. here's a look at some of those numbers.
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73 the afternoon high for redwood city. oakland dropping off by 7 degrees to 70 degrees expected for you. for the second half of the day. a better look around at the afternoon highs 64 today in san francisco. low 70s redwood city. upper 70s inner east bay. northbay 76 over napa. your extended forecasts temperatures bump up getting into your bay area weekend. upper 60s to 70 degrees fire coastline by sunday. turning 80 degrees for our bayside communities. we are looking at low to middle 80s for our inland cities. it doesn't last. sumter starts a trend downward a little bit. by the end of next week perhaps and hopefully summer rain. the details on this coming up. still to come helping low income students. who are struggling with the distance learning. a closer look at the program and the northbay helping to provide a place to learn. as a nurse, i've faced the fear
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solano county health department is reporting to bay area's first known case of someone who has covid 19 and the flu. at the same time. the county said the person who became sick was in otherwise healthy individual under the age of 65. but is not releasing any other information about the person. experts say the case serves as an important safety reminder as we begin the flu season. everyone should at the flu shot and make sure they are wearing masks and continued to social distance. scientists at uc berkeley are studying sewage system to try to identify hotspots. for coronavirus. researchers have been collecting wastewater in order to better understand how widely the virus is spreading. labs can use inexpensive materials like salt to detect the virus. while the ability to look for pathogens in wastewater has been around for a long time. the motivation to actually use that ability has not really
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been here. those methods can show whether covid 19 is present in wastewater and one to three days which is often faster than diagnostic testing. uc berkeley researchers say the west water test can help them figure out that the virus is spreading quickly even for people not showing symptoms. a state appeals court said the university of california cannot let prospective students submit their act or sat scores. the decision is seen as a victory for low income students and minority students as well as those who have disabilities. phasing out the standardized tests as admission requirements. it had allowed applicants to voluntarily submit their scores for 2021 and 2020. in small community is pitching in to help low income students struggling with assistance learning at home. some of the children have challenges and he said burning hubs are certainly helping keep their grades up.>> reporter: for some students distance learning from home is just too much of a struggle.
12:24 pm
i fall asleep easily when i'm at home. i get distracted by my siblings and parents. there is a feel like there is no authority. >> reporter: she and other students from marin city come here to this learning hub run by the nonprofit bridge the gap college prep one of three community-based learning hubs aimed at helping dozens of underserved marin city students navigate school during the pandemic. it really makes me focus better. i don't get distracted by anything. like i am at home. being able to physically ask somebody a question. kind of like helps you i guess helps the exclamation. so the question you are asking for kind of likes to get more. >> reporter: the hubs are free with two meals a day included. the cost to run the programs here and and wise girls runs about $20,000 a month. most of that comes from donations and fundraisers. that can be especially difficult in a community where
12:25 pm
the median income is $42,000 a year. the students mostly from still log on to the regular classes on zone. there are people nearby can keep them on track. zone is like it can only be so helpful. some people are hands on learners. you can only explain so much. i just want a space where i can really focus and feel like an actual student in school. about the program is geared to give students from a small marginalized community a chance academically and perhaps in other ways too. just trying to encourage them to speak with us. not just in regards to school. but with other things that may be going on in their lives. >> reporter: students say the hub has helped to boost the grades and has the one over overlooked advantage. you can actually interact with a person. like in person. it kind of like keeps me saying
12:26 pm
i guess. coming up at noon special halloween treats for children of farmworkers. the social media post that triggered an outpouring of support from the community. oakland's mayor is shooting down the idea of moving people who are homeless and her city to the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton for the winter. you will hear what she wants to do instead.
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the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail.
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asof being stretched too thinar to do my job right. and it's not just health care workers. our teachers and school staff are going the extra mile for our kids. our firefighters are taking on unthinkable missions
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to keep us safe. how can we keep giving billions in tax breaks to rich corporations when our communities need that money? prop 15 closes corporate loopholes and invests in our schools, health care, and public safety. help us do our jobs. vote yes on 15. san francisco is now pausing its plan three openings of some businesses there in the city due to an uptick in covid 19 hospitalizations. within the last hour san francisco mayor london breeds that the city is proceeding with caution to protect the
12:30 pm
public. the mayor announced that activities and businesses set to reopen or expand capacity on tuesday will have to wait longer. they include indoor pools bowling alleys and locker rooms advanced fitness centers. expanded capacity for indoor dining places of worship and museum's. the fact is we are still in the middle of a pandemic. and sold today is just a reminder that not only are we doing well. we are starting to see a slight uptick in the number of hospitalizations. which puts us in a situation where things possibly get worse than what they are. there have been more than 12,000 confirmed cases of the virus in san francisco since the pandemic began. 37 people are hospitalized with a covid 19. 147 san franciscans have died. this halloween holiday
12:31 pm
weekend san francisco city leaders are urging people to party at home and avoid the annual unofficial gathering in the city's castro district. alyssa has more from people who live and work in the castro and how they all say safety has to come first.>> reporter: this is what a typical halloween night on castro street in san francisco looks like the partying at the bars. people in elaborate costumes hanging on the sidewalk in the street. this year city officials and residents have a message for just they away. because of covid i think for everybody's safety celebrate at home. >> reporter: halloween activities pose a high risk of cross contamination. safety rules say residents and visitors are not allowed to gather in groups of more than 25 people for more than three different households. a street party is completely out of the question. i think the safety of the community is important. i think the castro has really shown that it can get together
12:32 pm
peacefully and celebrate halloween. >> reporter: halloween the castro started decades ago. the official event was canceled but the city after the shooting in 2006. still the castro has remained a magnet for halloween lovers who come every year to take part in smaller gatherings. some residents we talked to set the city's warning will keep everyone away. i imagine they are probably going to be quite a few people. castro has had a safety issue in the past the seems to be better. we are in the middle of a pandemic. it is not safe for people to be congregating in close quarters. i do hope people take it seriously.>> reporter: the city encourages holding remote parties with friends or activities at home with people you live with. merchants will miss the business they typically see this time of year. that safety comes first. and this just gives the community something to look forward to peer celebrations
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kicked off today with a free drive three event at mexican heritage plaza. in san jose. despite the obstacles people are facing during the pandemic leaders and councilmembers talked about the need to hold this particular event in years past the celebration attracted 2000 people to san jose. organizes a this year's festival cities will not only look different but it will have a much more somber tone since the coronavirus has had a large impact on latino communities. the residence of e san jose have been disproportionately impacted by covid 19. due to long-standing inequities which have taken a toll on the residence of the eastside. residents who are the backbone of silicon valley. during the event people get a chance to see an outdoor gallery of elaborate altars created a local artist. covid 19 preparedness kits and some treats are being handed out safety to people in their vehicles. the event is not only today but tomorrow as well.
12:34 pm
the creator of a disney themed haunted house in the oakland hills that his halloween tradition will continue. even after someone drove up in a pickup truck yesterday afternoon and put one of the coffin displays in his truck bed and took off. the creator said he is shaken but will let the incident stop him from entertaining his neighbors. who say they look forward to the elaborate set up every halloween. a quiet stretch of land. this was more of an opportunistic someone driving by saw a great decoration up front and grabbed it. do it in the back of the truck. the coffin display was later recovered down the road. it may have fallen from the truck. it was damaged a bit but is now back with the rest of the attraction. a group of volunteers is coming off a busy week after making sure children of farmworkers can have a joyous halloween holiday. the overwhelming response to their plea for donations to help make halloween special for the children of farmworkers.>> reporter: normally they would be collecting necessities not
12:35 pm
to use. but this week the volunteers to make up the farmworkers caravan had a special donation request. they wanted treat bags filled with halloween goodies. they asked for 800. they got thousands peer people were so excited to make these bags. i literally put it on social media. i got bags the same day. people ran out to the store and made the bags and drop them off. the same day.>> reporter: since april volunteers have been driving carloads of food and supplies the agricultural areas to distribute. it is a way to get back to the farmworkers party had wildfires heat waves and the pandemic to deal with peer this is a hard time for all people but especially for farmworkers and their children. >> reporter: this week the children are getting a little something extra. alan tear stepped bags from candies and cookies to small toys. you want to make sure we can get them a smile on their face. it is hard times with no trick- or-treating. what is the next best thing to do is give the goodie bags.
12:36 pm
>> reporter: one of the drop off sites is holy cannoli in downtown san jose. the owner said she has been overwhelmed by people's generosity. and figures they need to channel their halloween spirit somehow. seeing as how halloween has pretty much been canceled this year. we want to make sure all the children feel special and they have something to feel excited about. the caravan will be accepting donations until noon on friday. they will distribute the goodie bags along with other items on saturday. starting next week several hotels in san francisco that have been providing shelter for the homeless during the pandemic are expected to be closing down. about 500 almost homeless people could start moving out monday. those living in the hotels will possibly be moved to other facilities for homeless across san francisco. homeless shelter in the
12:37 pm
east bay received a donation to help attack the people living there from the coronavirus. the nco center islamic provided 500 bags of protective safety equipment. to the family matters homeless shelter in emeryville. they were filled with facemasks and hand sanitizer along with healthy snacks for people living in the shelter. earlier today oakland mayor libby schaaf joined the slide and said she does not support a proposal to send homeless residents and oakland to the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton. she says instead she is focused on the home key initiative to help find permanent housing for the cities 3200 people who are living on the streets. i actually did not support that request. it came from the oakland city council. it is not a request from me. i am really focused on securing permanent housing for our homeless. over the last year we have doubled our shelter capacity with really innovative things like safe parks. but in oakland as well as our cabin community model. we are focused on permanent
12:38 pm
housing. we also don't think people should send their homeless to other jurisdictions. if the city of pleasanton wanted to use an intervention like this they should use it for people that are already in that community. but i am excited because the state of california just awarded oakland another $17 million. that makes nearly $40 million through project home key. which is allowing us to really rapidly convert existing buildings to provide permanent affordable housing for our homeless. the city of oakland asked alameda county to consider using county land such as the fairgrounds in pleasanton as a winter homeless encampment for people living in rvs and tenants. many people who started working from home during the pandemic are still doing so today. we take a closer look at when or even if people will ever return to the office.
12:39 pm
a beautiful fall day across the bay area. back to rosemary we will go with a closer look at her we can forecast and the possibility of some big changes come next week. ♪ wild thing, ♪ ♪ you make my heart sing ♪
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uber and lyft are like every big guy i've ever brought down. prop 22 doesn't "help" their drivers-- it denies them benefits. 22 doesn't help women. it actually weakens sexual harassment laws, which are meant to protect them. uber and lyft aren't even required to investigate sexual harassment claims. i agree with the la times: no on 22. uber and lyft want all the power. so, show them the real power is you. vote no on prop 22.
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happening today people who are tired of streaming movies at home to start seeing them on the big screen again. a mcs in the market leaders are reopening some of their movie plexus in northern california. safety protocols include is infecting auditoriums between screenings. increasing airflow in limiting capacity. there is a ban on concessions. some cinemark theaters reopened earlier this week. movies is now showing include tenant and robert didn't de niro's peer san francisco restaurant week and sunday. this highlights local eateries and encourages people to sample new cuisine. is the pandemic has devastated the restaurant industry the promotional campaign is taking on added significance this
12:43 pm
year. business is a promising strict safety standards. including qr codes for digital menus. sanitizing stations. temperature checks and mandatory mask wearing peer hotels in our area are just starting to open back up. foot traffic is better than it was a month ago. it is still relatively light. one third of restaurants that participated in the january restaurant week are now closed. wall street and show you stocks are falling again. wall street closes a punishing week and heads for its first back to back monthly laws since worries about the covid 19 pandemic began to peak in march. as you can see the dow jones is not doing well. it is down by 1 1/3 of a percent. we saw deep losses earlier this week. s&p is down almost to this point. the nasdaq is down by almost 3 full percentage points. netflix taking a hit right
12:44 pm
now. the stock is down 6%. recent news does include its customers will soon have to pay more. netflix is raising the cost of its standard streaming plan. by one dollar to 1399 a month. the premium plan is increasing by two dollars per the $17.99. the standard plan is staying the same. netflix said the increase revenue will be used to offer more tv shows and movies. the los gatos companies missed expectations in the number of new subscribers it added in last quarter's earnings results. apple is launching its new subscription. bundle today. apple one. will include apple music tv plus gaming service arcade and cloud storage. this package is $15 a month. apple news and its planned apple fitness service will be an additional charge. the company stock is down about 6%. after iphone sales were lower than expected peer
12:45 pm
a study shows many people have been saving time and having to commute to work because they are working from home. in doing so they are doing more work. researchers at stanford published a story yesterday that estimates americans have an extra 60 million hours every workday now. as a result of no longer commuting to work. people surveyed said they spent 35% of extra time in the morning and afternoon on their primary job. 35% spent on a second job. childcare and housework. the remaining 30% is spent on leisure activities. the stanford study found that many people are taking more breaks during their workday. we know it is a trend in the bay area with tech giants such as salesforce and google and twitter extending to work from home dates. stacy explains why working from home could become the new normal for many people.>> reporter: as recently as early march about 1 million workers filed in an out of office buildings in manhattan each day.
12:46 pm
we are months removed from new york city covid 19 peak the large majority have yet to return and likely won't for some time. there are about 10% of workers that are back in the office as of the end of october. there are expected to be 15% of those office workers by the end of the year. is a huge drop from expectations in june windows predicted 40% of workers would return to their desks by years in. according to a survey by the nonprofit partnership for new york city. catherine is president and ceo of the group. what we are seeing is there is increased insecurity. about the health issues associated with coming back to work. until there is a vaccine that people are reticent to come back. >> reporter: the expectation is most workers will start to return until the second half of 2021. what ultimately does this mean for new york city's economy in general? our recovery will be slower than we hoped. that is hardest on the retail
12:47 pm
small business restaurant community. broadway. they basically lost their base business. they lost the business of tourism. >> reporter: with foot traffic all but dried up in the town businesses have had to call it quits. the survey finds remote work is not going to last forever. hr consultant drexler agrees. he said for employers the current risk associated with bringing workers back are higher than the cost. but most employers are eager to transition away from work from home as soon as possible peer i think overall it reduces productivity and is more negative than positive. overall. not a lot of wind but some 70s. looking good for a lot of people across the bay area today. you are right. it is hard to gripe about this weather. we are looking at some pretty fabulous weather. temperatures will be cooler
12:48 pm
today. warming it up in time for the weekend. also the final days of october. if we can get some rain which hopefully will begin to see a change late next week. giving a view of what is going on. high-pressure doesn't seem to budge. it will shift a little here and there. doesn't really break down. with that the storms continue to ride up and over that ridge. only through the pacific northwest are we seeing activity in the way of rain and snow. for us the wins are generally light. variable. the flow coming from the northwest and northeast in some areas. thankfully it is light. we have no advisory for our fire danger. for you afternoon or for the weekend. temperatures expected to cool just by a few degrees. i show you that in the last half hour. we are running cooler in most spots but 3 to 5 degrees. into the afternoon on your saturday a little bit warmer as we get the sunday even a bit warmer. sunday monday look to be the warmest days of the next
12:49 pm
several. a look at the future test model. i'm going to run for you we can. i'm going to run you through next week. i'm going to stop it right around friday into saturday. there is sunday. noticed the ridge locked in. it does begin to break down. the forecast models are showing us we may actually see a little bit of rain next friday. keeping in mind we are several days out but it is going to change. with each passing run. there is some sign and we will be watching for that of course. outside the door as little bit of fog along the coastline. centers are cool@half moon bay a lot of 60s around the bay. 65 olympic upper 60s for the inner east bay of brentwood. 70 in concorde. in the north bay. patchy fog -- morning. santa rosa 63. we are looking at temperatures within a few degrees of what we would consider average for this time of year. some slightly warmer and some slightly cooler. 50 for the afternoon high san francisco. 70 in oakland. low 70s expected for san jose.
12:50 pm
a better look at some of the numbers. along the peninsula 73 redwood city. for the south bay 79 expected in morgan hill. temperatures climbing getting into your bay area saturday. also happens to be halloween. on sunday remember to fall back change your clocks as we see the change come at 2 am on sunday. temperatures again going to be a little bit warmer on sunday. 70 at the coast. 85 bayside communities. low to middle 80s expected villain. little change as we get into monday and tuesday. a minor cooldown expected. dry conditions will last hopefully see that change by next weekend. what is left of hurricane is dropping rain along the east coast. people back in the southeast and started to clean up from the damage left behind. the new threats of people who have already been hit hard. one of the busiest atlantic storm seasons on record.>>
12:51 pm
reporter: the remnants from zeta heading into the atlantic. the impact of the storm is still being felt across the southeast. after coming ashore as a category two hurricane wednesday evening the storm left a path of destruction in its wake along the gulf coast. we are glad no one got hurt. and that everyone we've talked to in our neighborhood seems to be doing all right. they are doing a lot of debris cleanup. >> reporter: the president declared a state of emergency in mississippi and. the louisiana government will bring in the national guard to help with recovery. in louisiana dozens of cars lined up at one the few gas stations left open in town. i have no lights. i don't know how long i will be without power. i'm hopeful my generator gets fixed. i'm coming to put gas in the tank.>> reporter: six deaths were reported from zeta. 4 from trees falling on homes. there are still risks from downed power lines. this atlanta man lucky that no
12:52 pm
one in his family was hurts after a tree come down. we have a pine tree that came down at 4 am. i heard it. my little boy screamed. >> reporter: more than 2 1/2 million people across seven states lost power at some point during the storm. zeta set a record is the 11th main storm to make landfall in the u.s. the previous record was nine. said back in 1916. sets back. coming up celebrating all things lemar. the big event happening at the san francisco zoo. biden says, "every kid deserves a quality education and every family deserves to live in a safe, healthy community. that's why i support prop. 15." vote yes. schools and communities first is responsible for the contents of this ad.
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the governor says prop 15 is, "fair, phased-in, and long overdue reform", that "will exempt small businesses and residential property owners." join governor newsom. vote yes on 15. one of the worst things about a cois how it can make you feel. but, when used at the first sign, abreva can get you back to being you in just 2 and a half days. be kinder to yourself and tougher on your cold sores. we try to soothe it with this. cool it with this. and relieve it with this. but new preparation h soothing relief is the 21st century way to do all three. everyday. preparation h. get comfortable with it. the top ranked team in college football just took a major hit. quarterback and heisman trophy
12:56 pm
candidate trevor lawrence will miss tomorrow's game against boston college after testing positive for covid 19. lawrence is now in isolation with mild symptoms. clemson is undefeated and expected to make another run at a national championship this season. minors and seahawks sunday in the pacific northwest. it is a big game. between these division rivals in the nfc west. no doubt one of the best divisions in football this year. 49 is banged up defense taking on russell wilson. in his very good offense. meantime seattle's defense is one of the worst in the nfl. they're not going to have the crowd noise. the 12th man as they call it in seattle. with no fans in the stands this will help jimmy g george kittle and the rest of the miners offense. it will be like a home game here. we played three games so far. at home. with no crowd. it is definitely weird. the fact we get to go there. we will be able to hear every
12:57 pm
cadence. not to go on the silent count. it will be refreshing. i'm looking forward to it. it definitely gives the offense and advantage. the oddsmakers have the 49ers as three point underdogs. the game is predicted to be the highest scoring game of the weekend with a 54 point over under. doubleheader right here on ktvu. this sunday. not going to want to move from 10 am until 5 pm. three and three raiders travel to cleveland to take on baker mayfield and the 5-2 brownsburg 49ers and seahawks. make sure to stick around for sports. san francisco the golden state warriors are opening the chase center to serve as a valid drop off location in the place of old starting tomorrow three election day. the worries facilities in oakland and santa cruz will also act as polling stations and valid drop off locations. team officials say the team is committed to the idea that
12:58 pm
every volta matters. i think it comes to us naturally. we were really active in the 2016 election as well. the warriors and really all nba teams have focused on turning out the vote november 3. it is a real priority for players. for our team and for each of our organizations. the warriors say as long as voters are registered within the county they are in that they can drop off ballots at those locations. regardless of their voting precinct. san francisco zoo is celebrating the safe return of its stolen it lemar. you may recall a couple weeks ago we reported the ringtail lemar disappeared. the five-year-old boy he later spotted him abandon at a church school playground in daly city. 30 minutes from now the zoo will show off its entire lemar population. administrators will present the little boy with a free lifetime pass to the zoo. the space and science center in oakland is hosting a digital halloween celebration
12:59 pm
tonight. everyone is invited to virtually attend the event. it will include spooky scientific stories and science to stations on how to make your own halloween candy and witches brew. we are going to be going over some spooky activities for a recipe for chocolate. candy activity you can make from home. as well as some science to stations led by our galaxy explorers. our team volunteers who have some really exciting spooky experiments that you can watch them do and try at home for yourself. this virtual event is live tonight from seven until eight. for details on how to take part in the virtual event. do not forget there is a full moon come tomorrow on halloween. the next time that will happen is 2039. let's make the most of it tomorrow the safest way we can. happy halloween. we will leave you the pick -- saving happy halloween for you
1:00 pm
and yours. don't forget the news continues ktvu will be back at 4 pm. i would die. dr. oz: india oxenberg talks about being a sex slave. did you ever feel you lost your little girl for good? >> she texted me, i know i love you. r. oz: coming up next. dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now i'm taking on true crime. branding, sex trafficking,


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