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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 6, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox2. joe biden is on the cusp of winning the white house tonight has ballots are counted. the former vice president is widening the lead in key battleground states. >> the vote total is still growing. we are beating donald trump by over 4 million votes. with the former vice president in an ever stronger position to win, president trump remained mostly quiet today. good evening everyone, i am
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alex savidge. >> let's look at the numbers here. throughout the day, joe biden has been widening the lead in the undecided states that could get him to 270 electoral votes. in georgia, he is up by 4400 votes. in nevada, the margin is more than 22,000. in pennsylvania, the lead is up to 29,000 votes. as more votes are trickling in, the map has not budged. joe biden leads the presidential race with 264 electoral votes. president trump has 214. high turnout, and a huge number of mail-in ballots, and slim margins have contributed to the delay in naming a winner in this race. we get more from our political reporter, greg lee. you are tracking where each state dance tonight.>> reporter: good evening. the nation is continuing to wait to see who will win the election.
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the campaigns are anxiously awaiting a final call. joe biden and kamala harris were hoping for a call tonight. they land the campaign thought would be a victory speech. with remaining states too close to call, they adjusted the message. let's get you to the numbers. all eyes are on pennsylvania. to prove to be the reason the race gets called. the president flipped the state in 2016. joe biden has built on his lead as more mail-in ballots are counted. he is ahead by 29,000 votes. in georgia, this is a state we did not expect to be close. the margin is razor thin. the secretary of state has said that he does expect a recount. the officials say what is left are mostly provisional balance. joe biden is ahead by over 4000 votes. let's take it to nevada and the six electoral college votes. they say they will be counting votes well into the weekend. there is a focus on clark county, home to 70% of the
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population. in las vegas, 80% is reporting. fox news and the associated press did call arizona for joe biden. here's a quick look at the numbers. joe biden is holding onto that lead. as former vice president joe biden wash returns from his home in delaware, the campaign announced this morning that he and his running mate, kamala harris, would do a primetime address. with they had no race, lane plans changed. at 11:00 him in delaware, joe biden took the stage with harris. he stopped just short of claiming victory. he called for unity. >> we do not have a final declaration. we don't have a victory yet. the numbers tell us it is clear. this is a clear and convincing story. we will win this race. they have even us a mandate for action on covid-19, the economy, climate change,
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systemic racism. they made it clear, they want the country to come together, not continue to pull apart. the people spoke. >> reporter: while votes are counted, the trump campaign filed a series of lawsuits in several states related to alleged illegal votes and the tabulating process. the campaign has said they do intend to request recounts in wisconsin and georgia. the president continued to commit to a legal fight. he set apart, we will pursue this process through every aspect of the law to guarantee that the american people have confidence in our government. i will never give up fighting for you or our nation. north carolina has not yet been called. the president is holding to a slim lead. this evening, joe biden said the team is working on the transition on other major issues. tomorrow morning, we do expect more ballots to be counted. until then, we wait, we wait, and we wait some more.
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yes, we do. hey, greg, i'm curious about what we saw play out tonight with joe biden. he was hoping to be giving a victory speech tonight. the race was not called. let you imagine the discussions were like behind-the-scenes, about whether or not he should actually come out and address the nation without a clear winner in the race? >> to imagine there was frustration. it is too close to call. they did not have the speech that they thought they would have. after saying they would address the nation, they needed to deliver something. we did hear much of what we have heard from him each day this week during the election and after the election. he is urging calm and patients. they're working on appearing presidential. i think he did tonight. he delivered the message to continue to wait and to bring them together. >> that was certainly the
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message we heard in that speech. that is political reporter greg lee. thank you. few republicans have speak and now on unfounded claims that democrats are trying to steal the election. one of them is mitt romney. on twitter, he wrote that the president is within his rights to request recounts. he called for investigations where evidence does exist. he said that the president is, wrong to say that the election was rigged, corrupt, or stolen. he says the claimed damages the cause of freedom here and around the world. president trump did not have any public appearances today.'s campaign did insist that the election is far from over. republican national committee sent teams of lawyers to battleground states. the trump campaign claims without evidence, that there are a number of voting irregularities. so far, judges in georgia, pennsylvania, and michigan have known out election challenges. a lawsuit to stop the vote count in clark county is underway. >> if we don't get it right, we
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don't figure out what happened that night, that cloud will get darker and darker. >> the supreme court granted a republican request, ordering election officials in pennsylvania to continue keeping late, mailed in ballots separate from those received on or before election day. the court did not direct officials to stop counting the ballots. protesting continued across the country as america anxiously await the results, and the outcome in the election. in philadelphia, crowds of protesters clash outside of the convention center. supporters of president trump called for the county to be stopped and expressed doubt over the legitimate the of philadelphia's bowtie. the activists on the other side have been demanding election officials count every single vote. it was much the same story in arizona today. president trump supporters gathered outside of the maricopa county elections department, waving flags and demanding officials stop counting votes.
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yesterday, of freedom of speech fence was put up the put protesters away from media and ballot counters. several counters said they felt threatened by the crowds. >> demonstrators in san francisco demonstrated their frustrations. it says count every vote on montgomery street. it's right at the intersection of california street, outside of the 555 california high- rise. the building is partially owned by president trump. you may remember this as the former bank of america center. organizers say the message is simple. >> we need to count every single vote in every single state, in every single county. that needs to continue. >> here's a look at the mural from skyfox. they say there will be more action tomorrow with a rally in the city at noon. with senator kamala harris poised to make history as the
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first woman, and the first black and asian american vice president, those not in the least bit surprised are her friends. 10:00, we spoke to some of her inner circle tonight about her trailblazing path.>> reporter: first seven part of her career. those that know harris best say she is someone that can help heal a fracture nation. >> you know i am a proud daughter california. >> reporter: are california roots and california friends have always been important to kamala harris. >> i know she is thinking about her home in san francisco. she loves to come back to san francisco. >> reporter: debbie maslow has worked on her campaign from the start. san francisco da, she thought nobody thought a biracial daughter of immigrants could win that job. she went on to state attorney general, and u.s. senator.>> coalition building is what she
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does. should not have won her races or governed, given she was the first to do so many things. she had to build broad coalitions. >> sheet knows what the right thing to do, and she doesn't. >> reporter: susie has known her since early days. she does recall harris meeting with the mothers of murder victims as the da. >> she kept close contact with those were deeply in pain. the system is not working for them.>> reporter: empathy helps her find common ground. the maxi approaches issues with curiosity. she is not judgmental. >> reporter: they have seen her present arterial side. >> will you commit to recusing in any case for the criminal liability of the president that appointed you? >> she did hammer brett kavanaugh. later on, joe biden on school busing, when they were opponents. >> there was a little girl in california that was part of the second class to integrate her public schools. she was busted to school every day.
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that little girl was me.>> reporter: friend say that people come to discover her warmth and sense of humor. is back she has called my mom, and has some happy birthday. remake harris is a fan of birthdays and music her favorite artist is friends. she is a mean cup that listens to cooking shows. >> she would call in sometimes and ask them how to brine a chicken. after every campaign, that was one of the first things you do, she would gather everybody and would cook a big meal.>> i do accept your nomination for vice president of the united states of america.>> reporter: she is poised for the biggest stage yet, harris has been reaching out to think her formal aids. in equity or a staff person, you're trying to jam through lax, she can beat almost anyone.>> reporter: they share memories. she is a speed walker in airports. initials like her approach to life. >> she makes it look easy. she is always driven and
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focused. there is nothing this woman cannot do.>> reporter: another first, a first gentleman. she is married to entertainment lawyer, divorce to dad his two kids call her mama. they met 7 years ago on a blind date. a speed walker and the airports, that is something i did not know. thank you. >> there is a little bit of trivia there. >> i like it. coming up, another case of coronavirus in the white house. with the latest infection in close proximity to the president. protesters confront police in riot gear over in effigy in front of a bay area home. we have showers out there. we actually temperatures. we will talk about the weekend forecast, coming up.
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tensions are running high in brentwood where police and protesters clashed tonight. for second i, several dozen people gathered to protest outside of the home of an effigy of joe biden. police have been at the home for most of the day. he met protesters in riot gear. one person was arrested before
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the crowd dispersed. overnight, the house was egged, sprayed with graffiti, and an suv parked in the driveway had its windshield smashed. to see the all of these people, that it got around that quickly, and people came out to support black people, and protest that this is not okay. nobody wants to see this in this neighborhood. even seen the signs, not in my neighborhood. policed it as the homeowner to remove the manikin, and he did. the display is considered an expression of free speech. firefighters on the scene tonight of a big fire at a woodchip processing plant in san benito county. the fire started at 3:30 this morning at the recycling plant in hollister. it is learning about 100,000 tons of compost. the fire is contained. fire officials say they are
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concerned about the wind picking up embers and starting more fires. firefighters from several counties, including santa clara are working on the fire. it will burn for at least three days. the cause is not yet known. and arson task force will begin an investigation on monday. it is a good reminder, even though the temperatures have dropped, when you have the wind, you have fire danger. anything that starts will spread quickly. we have a lot of dry fuel out there. things are looking better with wind tonight. let's look outside and san francisco. we will look at the current temperatures out there. it is a little chilly. is 42 degrees in santa rosa. it is 56 in oakland. san jose is coming in at 51. the wind is calm. we were really blustery earlier today. we had an impressive gusts. now we are under 10 miles per
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hour. that is what i like to see. as we zoom out, you can see where the action is. we have a frontal passage dragging in. we are seeing more of that tonight, especially over by half moon bay and parts of the peninsula. we also have some snow in the sierra. that has been happening throughout the night. they are under a winter storm watch tonight. we have a winter storm warning tomorrow at 4:00. we have breezy conditions that will be around. they are not as drastic as last night. we have 40 degrees in san francisco. it is 35 in the north bay. we will talk about cooler temperatures next week. i will send it on back to alex and christina. thank you so much. we look forward to it. that would go to the latest on the coronavirus pandemic in california. we had over 6500 new cases of covid-19. that is the highest daily total of new cases since late august. the state surpassed 951,000
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cases since the start of the pandemic. 17,000 people with the coronavirus have died in our state, including 51 deaths reported in the last 24 hours. united states is broken a record for new coronavirus cases for a third day in a row. more than 128,000 cases were reported. yesterday they were 120,000 covid-19 cases. on wednesday, the u.s. surpassed 100,000 cases. this month, 20 states in a record high for daily new cases, including colorado, illinois, indiana, new hampshire, new mexico, and utah. this just in, president trump's chief of staff has been diagnosed with coronavirus. the news that mark meadows had tested positive for covid-19 was confirmed by two senior administration officials. he was one of the close aides around the president when the president came down with the virus more than a month ago.
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most recently, he traveled with the president in the run-up to election day. last appeared in public on wednesday morning without a mask. republicans are divided over president trump's unproven accusations that the trails and vote count are because democrats are trying to steal the election. we have reaction from the gop.>> reporter: in the past few days, the presidents fiercest supporters have been amplifying his claims. other republicans are pushing back, saying any claims need to be supported by evidence. president trump responded to the new vote totals on friday, showing pennsylvania and georgia flip in favor of joe biden overnight. in a tweet, the president said, joe biden should not wrongfully claim the office of the president. i can make the claim also. legal proceedings are just now beginning. since election night, the president repeatedly has claimed that democrats are
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trying to steal the election through fraud. this is i get, unproven accusation that prompted us that amongst republicans. is fiercest supporters are echoing the claim.>> president trump won this election. everyone who is list in, do not be quiet. do not be silent about this. we cannot allow this to happen before our very eyes. >> i more than a little frustrated that every time they close the doors and shut out the lights, they always find more democratic votes.:i'm here to stand with president trump. he stood with me. he is the reason we will have a senate majority.>> reporter: strong criticism came from other republicans. >> he made serious allegations without any evidence to support it. if it has happened, the evidence needs to come out. >> reporter: the missouri senator said on friday, i think the president should turn this discussion over to his lawyers. if they have a case to make, there is a process where they make that. that process is final. they have sent lawyers to the
10:21 pm
battleground states. >> we will not give up on this process until every last issue has been resolved. >> reporter: some republican say, any election might have irregularities. they are not sure that rises to conspiracy in this case. >> they need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. they have to be evaluated intentionally and thoroughly. i don't know that i can completely agree with the president that it is a conspiracy to steal the election. mac mini republicans are saying, they want to wait to see any evidence. >> i support the fight for the votes. they should fight for it. i am hopeful that he will win, and he will still be our president next year. either way, i think the showing has been great. we will go on as a stronger artie, no matter what happens as a result of the election. president trump was unusually quiet about the ballot counting on twitter
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tonight. following the speech, he did not make any official statements. thank you for reporting live for us tonight. coming up tonight at 10:30, it is an agonizing wait for supporters of joe biden. the have the boat coming in. a former northbay sheriff's deputy is indicted on charges of man's water and assault. his attorney says the deadly interaction in russian was the result of methamphetamine. we made usaa insurance
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10:25 pm
for defense motions on claims of juror misconduct. peterson was convicted back in 2004 for curing his pregnant wife. they said january 21 is the next hearing date for the executions retrial of the death penalty phase of the case. former deputy is been indicted on a manslaughter charge for a deadly confrontation with a driver. as our crime reporter explains, they thought the driver was a car thief, when the man was driving his own car. the former sheriff's deputy, charles blount is indicted for his role that he played in the death of ward. this body camera video showing ward being confronted at the end of a chase in november. police and deputies thought he was a car thief. authority say during the struggle, he bit deputies refuse to obey their commands. i one point, deputy charles
10:26 pm
blount to be seen smashing his head against the car while another deputy teases him. charles blount put his arm around his neck and you to sleep or hold. ward died as a result of the taser, blunt impact injuries, neck restraint, and cardiorespiratory failure. charles blount retired after it was announced he wanted to be fired. they indicted him on charges of involuntary manslaughter and assault. he turned himself in on monday and was released after posting $50,000 bail. >> i would not say i am surprised. this is an egregious case. there is no disputing what happened. it is on the video. >> reporter: the attorney represents ward's family. is as the true test is whether a jury decides to convict. is>> 14 should be sentenced appropriately. i think it will because for some celebration. that means that we have turned a corner, and we're willing to hold police accountable in ways that we have not always been. >> reporter: the former deputy's attorney says that charles blount did not
10:27 pm
intentionally cause his death. he died due to a lethal level of methamphetamine in a system. the attorney said that this is not manslaughter. the deputy's actions were forceful but lawful. mr. ward's death is sad and unnecessary, and i extend my synthes to his family. at the police and deputies thought ward was a car thief. it turned out he was driving his own honda accord that was reported stolen. ward had never told the sheriff's office that he had found himself. when the deputies realize the mixup, this was charles blount's response. >> a well. >> reporter: you will be arraigned on tuesday. the second deputy the fire does taser is on the job. a civil rights lawsuit filed by ward's mother is pending. henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. a fitting farewell today for a marine killed in world war ii. and 10:45, his family explains his significance so many years later. two men accused of being prolific taggers.
10:28 pm
telephone call two -- 2:00 in the morning led to their arrest. weave a heartwarming story about a peewee football team that helped a young man with ms make his dream come true. in six minutes, the former district attorney, the next prosecutor los angeles county, and what his victory means for criminal justice reform in california? closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by eight mancini sleep world.
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voters have been waiting four long days for election results. tonight, the race for president is not over. amber lee is live in san francisco where they watched tonight's address by joe biden and came away optimistic about tomorrow. >> reporter: we spoke with voters in three different neighborhoods. people tell me they were hopeful that there would be a declared winner by tonight. they are optimistic that there
10:31 pm
will be one soon, despite legal challenges. at sparks social, of the truck park and mission bay, all televisions were tuned to election results. i spoke with voters after former vice president joe biden took to the stage to address the nation. response from his supporters was low-key. >> i am hesitant. i'm not ready to celebrate. i think there are many losses ahead that the white house will try to overturn different states where the vote count is really close.>> watching it was stressing me out. i'm not trying to celebrate yet. i am hoping for the best. remake at the busy intersection of market and 10th streets, small group of protesters chanted and held signs. these activists are calling for every vote to be counted. >> trump has announced he will not concede. you will continue to fight. we think that has to be taken seriously. back at the san francisco
10:32 pm
athletic club, people say after working from home, happy hour here on a friday is a good time to be with friends and check on election results. >> we are feeling good. we had a group text and we were cheerful this morning. i think people are starting to feel optimistic. >> we hope it will be called, hopefully by tomorrow at the latest. everyone can settle down and get on with their lives again.>> reporter: this meant that he did volunteer for the joe biden campaign in arizona.>> i am excited. i think it is about time to call the race. it is pretty evident that the votes are there.>> reporter::the food truck park, this father and son tell me that they are optimistic and patient. >> nothing is set for sure. >> above all else, thank you to everybody. don't put anybody in harm's way. don't put anybody down for who they voted for.
10:33 pm
>> we should tread lightly, but be hopeful. i think hopefully, democracy wins out.>> reporter: protesters tell me there will be a rally tomorrow at noon. they plan to march two union square. we do continue to wait for those results. that is amber lee reporting for us. we are waiting to see which party will control the senate. four races have not yet been decided. two are in georgia and both are going to a runoff. democrats and republicans have both claimed 48 scenes. democrats at his seat after winning a colorado and arizona. they did lose a race in alabama. either side needs 51 seems to have a majority. we're waiting to know the final outcome of the congressional election. democrats will retain the majority. they have fewer seeds than they have now. republicans picked up five seats. they need to flip 21 to gain
10:34 pm
control. we are waiting for results in 29 races. earlier today, house speaker nancy pelosi talked about the loss of democratic seats. >> this has been a life or death fight, or the soul of our country. we did not win every battle in the house. we did win the war. she is seeking reelection for her position of speaker of the house. armor san francisco district attorney, george gascon, will be the next top prosecutor after the incumbent, jackie lacey conceded the race earlier today. as evan reports, george gascon will bring his brand of criminal justice reform to the nation's largest district attorney's office. >> i stand before you, committed to making lasting changes. mack during his time in san francisco, george gascon sponsored reforms that was
10:35 pm
unwinding tough on crime era. he will bring his progressive philosophy on criminal justice to the los angeles county district attorney's office. >> i'm so incredibly honored to stand before you, declaring victory. >> reporter: he claimed victory during a virtual press conference. his opponent conceded the race on friday morning. she was trailing by nearly 8 points on the fourth day of vote counting. >> i entered the race because after decades of working for reform safety and solutions, i knew that i wanted it here in my hometown. it was the most important place of all.>> reporter: that los angeles district attorney's office is the largest in the country. it contributes the highest number of inmates to jails. they called this the most important in the country for the criminal justice reform movement. to make his ability to make systemic change in los angeles will reverberate through the country.>> reporter: max is a former prosecutor in the das office that worked on his campaign. >> when he was district
10:36 pm
attorney in san francisco, he sent people to state prison at one quarter the per capita rate that they do in los angeles. violent crime went down in san francisco, while went up in los angeles.>> reporter: he sponsored some of the pillars of the modern reform movement. he did support proposition 47. he expunged all marijuana convictions after california legalized cannabis. law-enforcement groups fought against his reforms. they blamed them for rising property crimes in san francisco that were driven by the auto burglary epidemic. in san francisco, george gascon left a complicated legacy. protesters targeted the da for not prosecuting officers and police killings. >> we will not let this happen ever again. >> reporter: when he was that he in los angeles, he says he will review several controversial police killings that the previous da refuse to
10:37 pm
prosecute. donations and employment rate fell an entire percent to 6.9%. that is more than the economist expected. employers edit 638,000 jobs in october. that is also more than the economist expected. the analyst say the gain suggested tentative economic recovery may remain intact even in the face of a coronavirus resurgence. the united states recovered more than half of the 22 million jobs that were lost in the early part of the pandemic. on wall street, stocks took a break with a mixed finish. the dow was down 66 points. the nasdaq gained four, and the s&p was up one point. two taggers called prolific by police, coming up, how the officers arrested their suspects following a phone call? two bay area men accused of extorting young children for sexually explicit photos. we have the latest on the investigation as one of the victims fathers speaks out.
10:38 pm
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san francisco police say they arrested two prolific taggers in chinatown. they say on october 15 they responded at 2:20 in the morning to grant avenue near jackson street for reports of people up on the roof painting graffiti. ended up arresting two men. they were both booked in county jail for fennelly -- felony vandalism. two men were sexually exploiting young women. as explained, alecia there are more victims out there.
10:41 pm
san francisco police say they are investigation started in the fall of 2019 when an administrator out of school in the city reported a number of students have been laid and blackmailed into sending sexually explicit photos and videos via social media. >> this was not just a one-time or one-day deal. they would torture some of these children over the span of months. >> reporter: police say delaney tang of oakland used dozens of social media accounts, similar to this one. the victims ranged from 11-14. he enlisted the aid of 20-year- old [ indiscernible ] from concord. police say the men would threaten or extort the victims into sending explicit photos. >> my daughter has been completely changed by this entire situation. >> reporter: the father of one of the girls targeted spoke with ktvu. we altered his voice due to the nature of the incident. he says his daughter was
10:42 pm
targeted. >> my wife and myself, we never thought something like this whatever happened to us, ever. we thought we were being vigilant. we really want other parents to be alert to what their kids are doing. >> reporter: police say they found victims from around the bay area, northern california, and as far away as utah. after searching the homes of the suspects, they found evidence that their work is not finished yet. >> we served the search warrants, we found several items of evidence that linked them to this crime, and many other ones. what that tells our investigators is there are other victims out there. >> reporter: the father of the victim says he is speaking out to make sure that other families don't have to go through what his family has had to endure.'s advice to parents? >> trust but verify. familiarize yourself with who your children are talking to. familiarize yourself with the screen names. >> reporter: we are showing you the screen names that were
10:43 pm
used. we will post these names on our online version of this story. they're working to identify at least 13 unidentified victims. reporting for ktvu fox2 news. community college teacher in gilroy will stand trial for sending threatening letters to the health director. the 55-year-old is charged with one felony count each of stocking and threatening dr. sarah cody peer she has been one of the most visible public health restrictions advocates. the letters were sent from april 8 through july 29. the man has been granted supervised release on $200,000 bail. at the right tonight, a world war ii veteran is laid to rest, 77 years after he was killed. i wish my brother and father was here to see it. they wished so badly to bring them home. we have more on his remarkable journey home.
10:44 pm
our meteorologist is tracking the weekend showers. she is back with the complete forecast. businesses today are looking to tomorrow. adapting. innovating.
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setting the course. but new ways of working demand a new type of network. one that's more than just fast. you need flexibility- to work from anywhere and manage from everywhere. advanced technology. with serious security. and reliable coverage, nationwide. forward-thinking enterprises deserve forward-thinking solutions. and that's what we deliver. so bounce forward, with comcast business. a san mateo veteran of world war ii was finally laid to rest in his hometown today, 77 years after he was killed in battle. as rob roth tells us, the family was not sure the day would ever come.>> reporter: it
10:47 pm
took 77 years for this day to happen. with family military there with him, world war ii private first class howard miller was laid to rest in his hometown of san mateo. >> i wish my brother and father was here to see it. they wished so badly to bring him home.>> reporter: 89 charming rash was a little girl when her brother joined the marines and went over to cease if i the japanese. he got married in boot camp. >> he was a typical all- american boy. he did everything right. >> reporter: was killed in 1943, during the brutal battle in the pacific. he was just 22 years old. >> arm of the night, my father was in new york, and my mother got the news. she went screaming out of the house. i followed her out. >> i know my grandfather's heart was broken when this happened. i don't think there was any repair of that heart, ever.>>
10:48 pm
reporter: earlier this year, the military's defense mia accounting agency announced dna testing had identified those remains, howard miller.'s casket arrived at sfo on wednesday. he is now buried near where he once lived. for miller's a sister, fighting her brother was a lifetime ordeal. >> it was the main dream of her life that howard come home. she has been worried that she would pass away before this time happened. >> i was so happy to know he was finally coming home. he could be in a place that he was so familiar with. i do not want him buried anywhere else.>> reporter: rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. now we turn our attention to the weather. it has been a big topic of conversation today as the temperatures lunged in some spots over 22 degrees. i'm sure you felt that when he
10:49 pm
walked out the door. you might also think, when we get to cool temperatures will have snow in the sierra. that is exactly what is happening. they are under a winter weather advisory. that goes until 4:00 a.m. the snow levels are at 5000 feet. we do expect them to drop tomorrow. they will be under a winter storm warning starting a 4:00. just a heads up if you're going in that direction, you will need chains on the tires. here in the bay, we have some light showers. we have some out there now. as we zoom in, you can see happen we getting rain. we have some showers rolling through. it is not pervasive. it is not everywhere. we are starting to see this dissipate. we are seeing the wind coming down. it is nice and calm. last night, the wind was gusting upwards of 50 miles per hour. tonight, things are very different. middle peaked at 19 miles per hour. we did make process there. i want to time this out and show you future cast. here's saturday. this is saturday morning with the potential for showers to
10:50 pm
roll through the east bay. we clear out. saturday will be relatively dry. on sunday morning, we have another potential hit. these are the scattered and isolated variety. we do not expect any major accumulation. saturday is the better day of the two, if you are looking for outdoor plans. it is 52 degrees in san francisco. we are in the 40s and the north bay. tonight we will see the temperatures dipping cooler than last night. be prepared for that. the inland valleys, in the north we, it certainly see 30s out there again tonight. we will see more as we go toward next week. i will talk about that just a second. tomorrow, temperatures are cooler than today. is 58 degrees in san francisco. no one is getting out below the 60s. we keep a cool pattern with us. as we get into next week, the timing of sunday through wednesday, the north bay in
10:51 pm
particular in the inland valleys are expected to drop down into the upper 20s and mid- 30s. we could see our first frost happening of the season. the timing of that is sunday through wednesday. that is just a heads up that the uplands outside. you may want to cover them this weekend. we are staying cool. we do dry out as we get into monday and tuesday. we don't see the temperatures lifting anytime soon. we have changed our pattern. we are in a below average run right now. hopefully we get some good rain in this month.>> reporter: we will get our blankets ready for outdoor plants as well. coming up in sports, the spartans and go for the first road victory since 2016. we have those highlights after the break. we have all eyes on the race for president. our political reporter, greg lee, joins us again. he has watched the numbers all
10:52 pm
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this portion of ktvu fox2 sports is brought to you by your local toyota dealers. hello again. i'm coming to you from the vinyl room. it is movie night on friday night. with the way this thing is going for the 49ers, you would figure sooner or later something had to break in the way of good news. this is not earthshaking. at this point, they will take it. it does regard the quarterback situation. it is jimmy garoppolo. the quarterback did miss another game last night with an ankle issue. he finds out he will not need surgery. remember, he injured his ankle for a second time this past sunday against seattle. it was quantified as a second angle injury, different than the first. it is deemed he will not have
10:55 pm
surgery. he could be back in 4 to 6 weeks. if you've ever had an ankle injury, you know that is tentative at best. in his intermission, the 49ers will go with nick mullens. this is as permanent as anything is in the nfl. he had his moments against the packers. most of those came well after the game was decided in the second half. the coach was short on choices and long on commitment. >> it is firmly next. as i have said, i felt really good with nick ncj. and they are always neck and neck for me. i will not just bounce them back and forth. something would have to happen in order to make a change. nick was not the reason that happened last night. that's why gets the first opportunity against new orleans. >> cal is a no go as far as
10:56 pm
college football at san jose state. it has been a long time since the spartans have been 3-0 to start a season. how about like 1982? they were longshots against a very good san diego state for all team tonight, especially after this. the spartans quarterback got drilled. he has a hit on his head and he was out with a possible concussion. he did not return. the backup is a story. it is nick nash up against the nations top rated pass defense. in the second quarter, he scrambles and goes to trey walker. he drags his foot and 32 yards worth of yardage right there. later on the drive, he finds derek, whose pop was a great offensive lineman. the spartans appeared the aztecs are down. carson baker gets a great interception.
10:57 pm
is a juggling catch to change the momentum with under two minutes left. here's some spartan insurance. nash takes it himself for the touchdown of 19 yards. he had three touchdowns. the sophomore does a big. san jose state wins 28-17. they are now 3-0 for the first time since 1982. >> we also have good sports stuff happening in the south bay. as you may know, if you follow majorly baseball, they have a problem with their messaging. this is a bit of a head scratcher with the news that came out today. let's review. do you remember the world series games six? the dodgers there spacemen tests positive for covid-19. they pulled them out game six. he was ruled out and returned to the field to celebrate with his teammates. much of the celebration was without a mask. he was asked really? he was pushing through security.
10:58 pm
he was probably going to run into some disciplinary action, one thing. today, majorly baseball announces he will not be disciplined. at this, the commissioner said he applauded him for apologizing and accepting responsibility for his miss actions. they go. this is a good move for baseball. alex cora was rehired by the boston red sox. he led them to the world series back in 2018. he was fired for his involvement when he was a bench coach with the houston astros, and his part in the cheating scandal. he ended up as a one-year suspension. he is back in business after one year with the red sox. all right basketball fans, jones in for the game to get back. it is not even been a month since the lakers won the championship. the nba makes it clear today
10:59 pm
with the agreement between the players and the league to 72 game schedule. it will start on december 22. christmas is big. they will be ready for that on the 25th. the nba draft is november 18. the warriors are going with the number two pick. we have all kinds of nba news. friday night with the videos, you know down in texas, they do like to do it up big. this is a story as we check this out. this is big hearts on display. this is a third grade, peewee football team. we have the coyotes versus bobcats. the coyotes had coach has a son that suffers from ms. he was pushed into the end zone, in his wheelchair as a display of good faith and an early lesson for these kids of love and empathy. they made it happen in the fourth quarter. they made a lot of people happy and warm with that story.
11:00 pm
he goes flying into the end zone, thanks to his teammates. that is a feel-good story if there ever was one. that is the sporting life. i will get it back to you. i know you are nba fans. we are excited about the return of hoops in a little over a month. they will be playing soon. thank you. up next 11:00? >> remember, we have to remain calm and patient. let the process work out. we have to count all the votes. joe biden is telling americans tonight that democracy is working as a presidential race has yet to be decided. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox2 starts now. democrat joe biden addresses the nation and stands a striking distance of winning the white house. good evening, i am


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