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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 6, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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by midnight tonight millions of people across the bay area will be under a stay- at-home order implemented as cases of coronavirus climb, and icu capacity drops. >> i think it's definitely necessary with the recent rise in covid cases. >> the first lockdown was devastating for small business. and now this is another punch in the stomach. >> yeah, much of the bay area
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shut down yet again. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. five of the bay area's nine counties have announced the new stay-at-home order, taking action before they reached the state's 15% threshold for icu bed capacity. san francisco, contra costa, santa clara, and alameda counties will all be under the stay-at-home order by midnight tonight. the order in marin county starts on tuesday. so far at least san mateo, sonoma, and solano counties are not telling their residents they have to stay at home. now under the order there will be no indoor or outdoor dining at restaurants. but takeout orders will still be allowed. wineries and bars will also have to close, so will hair and nail salons. officials are warning people not to gather outside of their own households during the holidays. ktvu jana katsuyama here now with how people and business owners spent the final hours before the order goes into
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effect. jana? >> reporter: frank, some of the businesses said they saw a last- minute rush. people going in to get haircuts, the final meal, dining out before these restrictions take effect at midnight. >> some people were lining up at 10:00. >> reporter: business was buzzing at the shop in berkeley where the hair salon crew opened earlier, working extra hours into the evening. >> it's making people feel better. i mean that's definitely what we need throughout these times. >> reporter: trying to help customers and to get a little extra cash before the stay-at- home order will shut down business again. >> there is still a little bit of anxiety with help from everyone. we just don't know when this whole thing will end. a lot of the employees, they were on unemployment. >> reporter: the stay-at-home orders will take effect in the cities of berkeley, alameda, contra costa, san francisco, and santa clara. in effect just after midnight with marin following by tuesday morning.
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personal services such as barbershops, hair and nail salons, and tattoo parlors were shut down. gyms and fitness centers are limited to 12 people only and retail limited to 12% capacity. >> this is another punch in the stomach for small business. i'm really afraid we're going to see the other wave of businesses closing up. >> reporter: already the fillmore district has 20 vacant store fronts as some businesses haven't been able to survive the pandemic restrictions. >> this is a record. we have never had 20, this many vacancies. >> reporter: some people had a final meal out before the final shutdown. >> we made it a point to go out to get some lunch today, outdoor dining right before they closed down. >> reporter: restaurants will be limited to takeout and delivery with no more indoor or outdoor dining at streetside parkless. dog walking and outdoor exercise are still fine, but the order calls for no mixing with other households. >> it is a bit frustrating. a lot of us are getting crazy. >> reporter: one group had a
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final game of boche on the lawn neither golden gate park. >> since the lockdown we haven't gone anywhere besides grocery stores, restaurants. >> reporter: after sunday the order says no indoor or outdoor gatherings are permitted with other households. >> but we went biking, just in golden gate park. >> we've made the decision that we're going to do whatever it takes, and just try to accept it as hard as it is. we are just going to do it. >> reporter: some of the small businesses say they hope cities and counties will consider waiving fees and permits, and the federal government will provide more relief financially, so these businesses can make it into the new year. frank? >> so many people are hurting. jana katsuyama, thank you. the golden gate recreational area announced changes at some parks today because of the latest shutdown. in san francisco alcatraz island and four point national historical site are now closed.
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in marin county the headlands visitor's center and we centennial campgrounds, they're scheduled to shut down on tuesday. park rangers are urging people who are visiting areas that remain open to practice social distancing and make sure you wear a mask. many bay area restaurants are trying to adjust to the whole new stay-at-home order. ktvu alyssa harrington with more on the struggle they are facing. >> that is just a slap in the face. >> reporter: the owner of walnut creek main street kitchen said the timing of this shelter in place order will put small restaurants in a very tough spot. they've already seen business plummet by 60% because of the cold weather and nighttime curfew, which stopped the dine- in service at 10:00 p.m. but now he can't have any diners at all. only takeout. and kasimi already put in large food orders from vendors. >> it's easy for them to be in that office. and yes on sunday night to shut
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it down, at least to give us a couple of extra days, so we could run out of our produce, our meat, and all the other stuff because i soon have to pay those lenders. when i don't have any revenue, that will make it really hard. >> but they will impact five bay area counties and the city of berkeley with their own health department. covid-19 cases and deaths will continue to rise. at hospitals, they're filling up. describing the ever changing rules and guidelines, like turning the light switch on and off. he said now more than ever, small businesses, they need support. >> and we have done what we could, what we have been asked to do. and this is just getting a little too much for a small business owner. >> reporter: there's a lot of businesses that are not going to survive. they're not financially prepared for it. >> reporter: lindsay daumer decided to eat out on sunday to support their community. >> small mom and pop shops, they don't have the means to
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stay open, and they spent money, retrofit in their decks, and doing stuff for the outdoor seat in and thousands of dollars. they are just getting put through the side up and down. >> the order will stay in place through at least january 4. and alyssa harrington ktvu fox 2news. millions of people in other parts of california, they are also now under a stay-at-home order. icu capacity in the san joaquin and southern california regions, they have dropped below 15%, triggering the new shutdown order from the governor's office. reporter chelsea edwards will tell us how restaurants in orange county prepared for the shutdown. >> we need to get one more meal in. >> on the beaches, main street, packed with diners, taking advantage of the last few hours of the outdoor service. >> we have been rolling with the punches. and that they are kind of taking it a day at a time and best to do it because there has been uncertainty. >> reporter: now the owner says they will do whatever is needed to stop the spread of covid-19,
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even though that business has suffered during the pandemic. he believes that the customers, they will support the cafe when their new stay-at-home order will go into effect. >> it will be very much a tight community, and that we are all in this together. i think that it is going to be closer. >> and they will agree a few doors down, the ensemble, they said her november 2020 sales were even better than in 2019. >> but i think that people, they were frustrated from staying home and that they were eager. >> they were eager to keep up the current trends. >> i ordered this more and more and others, now they are closing again. so come on, please. we are very careful. >> the people here in orange, los angeles, riverside, san bernardino, being ordered to stay at home at 11:59 p.m. she and other owners are not sure what to expect. >> but everything that i'm wearing will be from here. >> the loyal customers were enjoying a last meal out with friends and family next door to the boutique and says they plan
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on following the new orders, while trying to keep them afloat. >> and it is not that much of a sacrifice. and to stay home and just, we will support them, we will keep supporting by ordering out. and taking them home. >> we are just out here to have a quick breakfast before we can't do that anymore. >> reporter: the diner's family has been hit hard by covid-19, and though he is not thrilled about going back into lockdown, he believes it is the right thing to do. >> and we just want to get through this. >> they need to see their friends and their family, we need to stay home again. and that's really bad. >> reporter: but some people were down right upset about the new orders, they still plan on getting outdoors. >> no worries, that's what we need to do at home. do we need fresh air? sunlight? do we need to interact? >> reporter: and again that was chelsea edwards reporting. here is a look at icu capacities across the state. in the bay area there is 24.1% capacity. it is much lower in the
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sacramento area, with just 18.2% of icu beds available. overall the northern california region has 26.5% capacity. compare that to san joaquin valley. they have just 6.6% capacity. southern california has 10.3% capacity. again, once a region will fall below 15% capacity, it triggers the governor's stay-at-home order. coronavirus cases will continue to spike in california. there were more than 30,000 new confirmed cases just yesterday. that's the highest one-day total yet and 5,000 more than the previous day. statewide the number of deaths, close to 19,000. the positivity rate has hit 10%. hospitals have hit record numbers across the bay area. the number of people in the hospital for the coronavirus
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topped a thousand this weekend. santa clara cown think the most with a total of 336. san francisco also hit a new high with 111 patients. that's four more than their previous record in july. president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani tested positive for the coronavirus, now in the hospital recovering. giuliani has traveled extensively to battleground states in recent weeks, representing the president in dozens of election losses. on several occasions, he has met with local officials for hours at a time without wearing a mask. it's unclear when giuliani tested positive, but president trump confirmed his positive test in a tweet today, and wished him a speedy recovery. president-elect joe biden plans to nominate california attorney general javier becerra. biden reportedly made the decision over the past few days. becerra served 15 terms, excuse
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me, 12 terms in congress, representing los angeles before becoming california attorney general. today we talked with artur ouvrages, latino elected and appointed officials. >> whether he served in the ways and means committee of the judiciary committee, or whatever committee or assignment he received, he excelled. and what we need right now as a nation is somebody to excel in meeting the nation in a covid recovery. we are about to have a vaccine that's going to be made available. how this gets distributed to the nation will be a monumental task. to have javier becerra at the forefront of that task, i think it's good news. >> and vargas says he was hoping president-elect biden would appoint becerra as his attorney general, but still happy about the health and
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human services post. fire season has not passed us by yet. we are still in it. >> fire danger in december. coming up how bay area fire departments are prepared for what seems like a never-ending fire season. we've got the fire to talk a. the fire danger, then some big waves to talk about. temperatures, much warmer than you might expect for this time of the year. back here after the break. a woman from the east bay called 911 for help while she was drunk. she wanted to go to rehab, but was instead taken to santa rita jail and left with huge bruises on her face. at 10:30 we hear from the woman about what happened.
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strong winds prompted the national weather service to issue a red flag warning for much of the bay area. it starts at 11:00 and runs through 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. also today pg&e scaled back their warning about possible power shutoffs. the warning no longer applies to any county in the bay area, but some counties in the central valley may be impacted. ktvu henry lee is here now with more on the fire danger. henry, even though it's december, firefighters are still concerned, very concerned about the conditions tonight? >> reporter: yes, just because it's cold and wintery, doesn't mean the risk of fire isn't there.
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this unusual high-low sound on the police car distinct from a regular siren is a signal to evacuate. if you hear hi-lo, it's time to go. with a reminder they put out just hours before the red flag warning was to go into effect. >> i didn't know about it until you were telling me about it. >> reporter: nicholas and his girlfriend hadn't heard about the red flag warning. they were enjoying the sunset up on grizzly peak above uc berkeley, where turnouts are out there to lead to fires. >> and definitely don't be smoking anything out here. and keep, you know, no campfires or anything like that. i'm not sure. a lot of the kids come around here and do that stuff. >> reporter: gusty offshore winds and lower humidity means high fire danger for the north bay, the east bay hills, the diablo ranch, and the santa cruz mountains. >> fire season has not passed us by yet, we are still in it. >> reporter: a grim reminder of the deadly tragedy back in october of 1991 when 25 people lost their lives. this past october a faulty
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generator caused this fire in the oakland hills. the fire department says just because it's december doesn't mean the fire threat is over. >> we just happened to have little rain over the last five years. the vegetation has not had a chance to get to the texture that it needs to be at. >> reporter: so that means firefighters will be on high alert from 11:00 sunday night until 5:00 monday afternoon. >> the strongest winds are going to be over the higher peaks, the favorite spots like mount st. helena and mount diablo. >> reporter: pg&e originally warned of public safety power shutoffs in napa, lake, and sonoma counties. that'll no longer be the case. so fire officials are urging people to avoid outdoor burning and to make sure things outside are secure like christmas decorations, canopies, and heaters. frank? >> henry lee live for us tonight, thank you. let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin for a closer look at winds and what we could expect.
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>> reporter: right, we are already seeing some winds up on mount st. helena. gusts earlier tonight up over 50 miles an hour. and red flag warning, i've got it illustrated here, kind of shows the regions up in the hills of the north bay, east bay, santa cruz mountains. and it's going to be in effect and stay in effect through tomorrow evening. the winds will verify. this is the forecast model. what i want you to do, take a look at those numbers, and the vectors. but what i would do, just look at the colors, right? and so right now you see the oranges and yellows. that's where the wind is, right? the mount st. helena area. by midnight it starts to get going. you see them shape up and creep up into calistoga at 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m. it will be best late at night, early in the morning, then it looks like we will peak about 6:00 a.m. now where are you in relations to that? that is how you could determine how windy it will be, your house to some extent. oakland hills will not get
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hammered as much as the napa valley area, calistoga and st. helena. you get the bull's eye there. then quickly the winds will die down, which is good news. it's not a prolonged event. and we will talk about that and a little more when i get back to you. but just know that it was big last week and we will have surf warnings, but this is bigger. going up to 25 feet in some places on wednesday and then mavericks will be breaking, always a concern for nice weather like this and people are going out to the coast, right? and so the most dangerous on the rocks in the sonoma coastline, rim county coastline. beaches are dangerous and the rip tide, being up on the rocks, trying to fish them up. and now with these swells, that will get going on tuesday and wednesday. i will see you back here in just a little bit with the rest of the forecast. >> all right, we'll see you then, bill, thank you. police in santa rosa are searching for a missing young man tonight who has autism. authorities say 18-year-old james harrington was last seen at about 3:30 this afternoon at
10:20 pm
his home on nectarine drive. he was last seen wearing a dark colored t-shirt and blue jeans. harrington is described as having brown hair. he's 5-9, weighs about 120 pounds. police say he is high functioning. if you see harrington, you're asked to call police. in marin county, a woman was arrested for dui after she was found walking in the middle of highway 101 with her four- month-old child. chp released pictures of the baby who was taken care of by officers right after the mom was arrested. the baby's mother is accused of abandoning her car after it broke down and walking on the freeway to get help near the exit in mill valley. it happened around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. the woman has been identified as kate watson of santa rosa. arrested for driving under the influence of the drug. the baby is now in the custody of child protective services. in san jose police say a girl was killed in a car crash
10:21 pm
involved in a stolen honda and three other minors. officers say the car was speeding when it crashed into a tree and a light pole in the area of story and king road about 3:00 a.m. the girl was pronounced dead at the scene. the other three people were taken to the hospital with major injuries, but they're expected to recover. gas prices are going up amid a rise in crude oil prices. the average u.s. price of regular grade gasoline rose four cents a gallon over the past two weeks to $2.22. still the price of the pump is 43 cents less a gallon than it was a year ago. the survey says demand for gasoline remains low in the united states due to the coronavirus pandemic. and the highest average prices in the nation is right here in the bay area at $3.35 a gallon. the lowest average is $1.75 a gallon in houston. still to come more coronavirus relief could be right around the corner. the bipartisan effort to get a
10:22 pm
stimulus bill through congress as soon as possible. and plus a senate debate in georgia. why only one of the candidates was on the stage tonight. and even though control of the u.s. senate is hanging in the balance. and later in sports, the ending of the raider game you have to see to believe. joe fonzi will have the incredible finish in the meadowland. that's coming up later in sports. make your holidays happen... at ross! surprise! ahhh! yes! i love it! you don't have to spend a lot to give a lot to the ones who mean the most. you've got the holidays, and we've got you, with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less!
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yep! get the gifts you love... yesss! ... for everyone on your list. you've got the holidays, and we've got you... with all the gift for less. at ross. yes for less! new at 10:00, authorities in oakland are looking for a driver who hit someone who was walking along i-880 and then drove off. it happened just south of high street. this is what the scene looked like after the accident from one of our traffic cameras. the chp said someone driving a dark blue sedan hit the man and didn't stop.
10:25 pm
the man is being treated at highland hospital and seriously hurt. if you have any information, you're asked to call oakland chp. a bipartisan group of congressional leaders say they are closing in on another covid relief bill. it would include among other things an extension of unemployment benefits, which are set to expire after christmas. but not a $1,200 stimulus check. fox news rich edison with the latest now from capitol hill. >> reporter: well congressional leaders are negotiating a spending bill to keep the federal government running through much of next year. eight say they are also discussing a one-week funding bill in case they fail to reach an agreement by friday's deadline. house speaker nancy pelosi says she and senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, have also agreed to combine this annual government spending bill with another coronavirus economic package. the foundation for these negotiations, up more than $900 billion framework bipartisan group of house and senate
10:26 pm
members released last week. >> this is not a stimulus bill, but a relief bill. and it is something for the next three to four months to help those in greatest need. >> the republicans, they accepted $900 billion levels. so so we worked to that number, and if there is more money available, certainly i would want to see more help to the families across america. >> negotiations, they are ongoing. the current bipartisan framework would spend $160 billion on state and local governments. $180 billion on unemployment benefits. nearly $300 billion on assistance for businesses, and more than $80 billion on education. in october treasury secretary steve mnuchin floated a $1.8 trillion bill. the speaker rejected it then and her office said it lacked broad enough provisions to adequately address the pandemic. pelosi says an incoming democratic president and approaching vaccine approvals have changed the political dynamic. in washington rich edison,
10:27 pm
fox news. georgia republican senator kelly loeffler faced off with her democratic challenger raphael warnock tonight. the two candidates are running against each other in next month's runoff election. loeffler and warnock accuses the other of being out of touch with others. warnock pressed loeffler on whether or not she thinks president trump lost the election. >> my question is pretty simple. yes or no. >> president trump has every right to every legal recourse. >> republican senator david perdue is also in a runoff. he declined to take part in his debate tonight against his challenger democrat joe ausoff who talked to an empty elector. the outcome of both races will determine control of the u.s. senate in the new congress. the coronavirus continues to spread through california prisons. how many inmates now have covid- 19. plus governor newsom
10:28 pm
promised to release medically high-risk inmates. the new report that shows that has not happened yet. and also ahead a plea for help turns ugly after a woman calls police for help. how she ended up with bruises on her face and now the calls for police to come up with new ways to help people in crisis. you call 911 when you want help. and that's what we have always learned, and that's what we always thought. i've always thought that until now. budget, i lead the charge.
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i'm sitting in santa rita, and, you know, with a bruised up face. nobody to help me. >> a gap mother from fremont received these injuries after authorities took her to jail for being drunk in public. she wanted a ride to rehab to
10:31 pm
be treated for alcohol addiction, but when police showed up in her home, things turned ugly. new at 10:00, our investigative reporter evan sernoffsky talked to the woman about what happened. >> i wake up in the middle of the night screaming. >> reporter: jolynn mccabe only stopped having nightmares after the september run-in with authorities. the grandmother has battled alcoholism for 16 years and decided to get help. >> this year has been tough with relapsing, i've been struggling. >> reporter: she asked her husband to call 911, so paramedics could help her detox and take her to an in-patient rehab. but what started as a call for help quickly got ugly. >> looking for an ambulance, medics, that type of thing. but the next thing you know, you have five cop cars here. >> reporter: fremont police said mccabe was being uncooperative and hostile, telling her to go into her house. when she followed them to their cars and streets and yelled and argued with them, they arrested
10:32 pm
her. officers used a wrap, full body restraint on the 115-pound woman. and then took her to santa rita jail on suspicion of being drunk in public. at the jail mccabe said she was having an anxiety attack and resisted going into the cell. >> i was pleading with them to not shut door yet, saying to give me some time. >> reporter: deputies said mccabe repeatedly stucked her arms and legs out to stop the cell door from closing. at one point she tried to rush out of the cell and the deputy took her to the ground where she hit her head. when she was locked in the cell, mccabe could tell she was hurt and had a growing bump on her forehead. >> i kept calling for them to help me. because i could feel that i had been hurt. and they just kept walking by the window. >> reporter: the deputies eventually took her to a nearby hospital in pleasanton. from there she was put in a cab back home. >> she shows up at 3:00 in the morning, and looked like somebody had just beat the heck out of her. >> reporter: her husband
10:33 pm
couldn't believe what he was looking at. >> i was livid. something went wrong, that that should not happen. >> reporter: it's a situation that's all too common. someone is in crisis, and police show up. rather than helping, things escalate out of control. so is the nation facing a reckoning on police accountability, cities are looking at new ways to handle people in these types of situations. >> we should have alternative emergency responders on call 24/7, to deal with the vast majority of calls for service. and that do not involve a crime in progress. >> reporter: in san francisco newly elected district attorney campaigned on finding new ways to respond to people in crisis. last week mayor london breed launched a similar plan. the idea came from the program in eugene, oregon. >> it really helps, you know, reduce the likelihood of police encounters for issues related to addiction, poverty, housing.
10:34 pm
by providing an alternative first response, you know, really built within that public safety system. >> reporter: tim black is director of consulting and outreach for the clinic that runs the program. he said their teams of emts and crisis workers almost never require police backup. >> additionally it is our experience that just the fact we're showing up instead of police can go a long way to really deescalate the situation and get that buy in from the patient we're trying to serve. >> reporter: fremont current lit has one part-time unit to respond to situations, but they were not working when mccabe needed help. in the end mccabe was never charged and now considering taking legal action. if she relapses, she and her husband said they will think twice about who they call. >> you call 911 when you want help. and that's what where she always learned and that's what we always thought. i've always thought that until now. >> reporter: in fremont evan
10:35 pm
sernoffsky ktvu fox 2news. the newsom administration has not released the majority of medically high-risk state prison inmates as promised. according to the chronical, the 7,500 prisoners who have been granted early release during this pandemic, just 59 are considered medically high-risk prisoners with more than a year left on their sentence. the information comes from california corrections department figures that were obtained by the chronical through a public records request. about 7,500 inmates have been released by the governor during the pandemic, but most are young or middle-aged people nearing the end of their sentences. the coronavirus meantime continues to spread in california state prisons. right now more than 4,000 inmates have the virus statewide. there are also more than 1,800 infected staff members at facilities across the state. 90 inmates have died of covid- 19 since this pandemic began. and 10 staff members also lost their lives due to complications from the virus.
10:36 pm
in washington the health and human services secretary spoke out today about the latest on the coronavirus vaccine. >> you know, we are looking at having multiple vaccines approved. close to 40 million doses of fda approved vaccine releasable by the end of this year. tens of millions of doses of fda gold standard vaccines by the end of the year will have that. we will have 40 million releasable as well as a comparable amount going through final quality control for release in january. >> until a vaccine is readily available, public health officials are employing the public to wear a mask and practice social distancing. the u.k. is set to begin coronavirus vaccinations on tuesday. researchers in britain approved the pfizer vaccine last week. the first shots will be given to people over the age of 80. front line healthcare workers and nursing home residents. the viruses killed more than 60,000 people in the u.k.
10:37 pm
and infected more than 1.7 million others. britain's queen elizabeth and her husband will reportedly get the pfizer vaccine and will let that public know once they have received it. they're among the most vulnerable groups that are first in line. queen elizabeth is 94 and her husband is 99. royal aid say the palace, they will likely announce when they received their shots to help alleviate any fears that they might have about the vaccine. the queen did the same thing with their first two children, prince charles and princess anne in 1957, when they received the new polio vaccine. some preventions are too important to lose even in the pandemic. hear why one yearly display in the north bay was a must for the organizers. we are looking at the fire danger as well as large surf along the coast. plus temperatures in the 70s in december. back here with the forecast. and increasing tension in the middle east. why former cia director john
10:38 pm
brennan says president-elect joe biden should return to the iran nuclear deal as soon as he takes office.
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there is real uncertainty in the middle east because of concerns iran will retaliate after one of their top nuclear scientists were assassinated last month. fox news tells us about the hype and the attention between iran and israel. >> good evening, tension remains in the gulf with iran vowing a response to last month's killing of the top nuclear scientist. israel warning its citizens against traveling to the gulf over fears iran could attack the uae or berain. last week they deployed the hair craft carrier and their strike group to the gulf in an effort to deter iran from
10:41 pm
targeting the u.s. or its allies. and as the islamic public nuclear aspirations continue, so does the proxy campaign in the middle east. last year iran routinely targeted oil tankers operating in the area adding to ongoing provocative activities amid the heavy u.s. sanctions. the top navy official in the middle east spoke today about what he calls a healthy respect for iran and its forces. >> i have found iranian activity at sea to be cautious and circumspect, and respectful to not risk unnecessary miscalculation or escalation at sea. >> the united states is continuing its maximum pressure campaign against iran as u.s. ally israel will continue to act militarily against the country. and in the weeks leading up to the inauguration, there will be a lot of uncertainty in the
10:42 pm
region. in jerusalem, fox news. former cia director john brennan appeared on fox news sunday this morning and said the biden administration should return to discussions with iran on a nuclear deal. >> no one thought it was a perfect deal. but frequently negotiations, they have a series of compromises. and i think the obama administration would view the iranian deal as a foundation upon which to build. not just in the nuclear realm, but the other areas, ballistic missile development score things. >> president trump backed out of the agreement because he felt it didn't go far enough to stop iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. a new state department study has found directed microwave radiation likely caused a mysterious illness that made american diplomats in cuba sick. researchers found pulsed radio frequency energy created
10:43 pm
bizarre sounds that caused severe headaches, dizziness, and other health problems. the study is the most detailed investigation yet into the illnesses among those working in havana back in 2016. however researchers did not say who may have targeted those diplomats. hundreds of decorated trees stand in the north bay. coming up how a holiday there education did survived more than just the pandemic. and plus dry and windy conditions around the bay area tonight, but can we expect rain any time soon? chief meteorologist bill martin has your complete forecast next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ heart monitors that let your doctor watch over you, just like you watch over your best friend. another life-changing technology from abbott, so you don't wait for life. you live it. the key parts of the event will remain same, driving the decorated vehicles all lit up through town.
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the parade of cars, followed by the tree lighting ceremony. organizers, they say they are hoping to have everyone back together again in person next year. the pandemic has not stopped a holiday tradition in the town of windsor, a public grove of 200 christmas trees, now on displacement debora villalon will tell us how the event has survived not only the pandemic, but also wildfires. >> reporter: 2 it 00 christmas trees will line the town green in windsor. a 12-year tradition. pay a fee to decorate the tree, each one unique. >> i love the fact they would have them on the top, it's amazing. >> reporter: but this year? >> we absolutely thought about not doing it. >> reporter: organizers, their new covid crowds would be a
10:47 pm
challenge, melted in storage. >> it burned in a barn that was destroyed during the fires, it was a shock to everybody. $17,000 in all. >> i think it will be celebrating that we found a way to make it work. >> i think they would get it spot on, it's beautiful and refreshing. >> reporter: the green is big enough to social distance. and the grove is open 24/7. but the tree walk, it is now directional to avoid face to face encounters. of course, no santa's village or other facilities.
10:48 pm
they missed the most fake snow that used to blow twice each night. >> the last thing that we need is for kids to be laughing, playing, having fun, trying to lick that snow and to have that officer come and close us down. >> i love that work and effort >> the hope is by next christmas, they will once again be communal. hopefully positive attitude and energy for a new 2021. >> they will run through new year's eve, starting years ago with about 40 trees. now topped out at 200. all the towns electrical system, they could handle. in windsor ktvu fox 2news.
10:49 pm
storms all hitting the gulf of alaska with the mud slide issues because of all the rain and all the snow as we have missed out on everything, it's a lot of drive. the next chance for showers will show up the 14th of december. we will put it out there, probably like the end of next week or the beginning of the following week, so it is a ways off. but we've got them to talk about tonight. now look at the bull's eye as we would do that already. these winds are all about the early morning hours as they will get going late tonight and early in the morning, 7:00 a.m. then watch how quickly they dissipate.
10:50 pm
pretty quick event. it will be worrisome for sure, just not hot or dry. so this is an atmospheric river, where we are, but thive, into alaska, vancouver, then for us, we've got the low center that will be creating the large surf along the coast. it did last week, fairly big and sizable. it will be bigger as we will head into this tuesday and wednesday, tuesday is the biggest day followed by wednesday. but tuesday, it could be 25- foot swells, which is bigger than the last swell, which went up to 15 to 18 feet. so the temperatures right now on the cool side. you can expect more of what you would have this mortgage. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. you can see 68 in some of the inland valleys, 73 in santa rosa and antioch, so it is pretty warm for december. so again, fire danger will be high tonight. red flag warnings in effect for those areas that we showed you
10:51 pm
earlier. strong winds, gusting on top of the mountain. those winds will die off quickly, back to 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning. so the five-day forecast will be repetitive as they all have been since the middle of november. but we do have a change coming. we have saturday and sunday, which is going to be increasing clouds, partly cloudy with some increasing clouds. the actual opportunity then for someone to come in early next week, which will be very welcome. especially considering the fact that we will be way behind the rainfall and snowfall in the bay area. so this pattern, which we have been seeing for the month of november looks like it will go away in this new pattern shift. it'll start by monday of next week, tuesday, wednesday, and it could be a shift to opening up their door, giving us significant rainfall in here. that's the hope. in the meantime beware of those strong winds tonight. already blowing on top of mount diablo and mount st. helena, about 35 miles. we will take a look at the
10:52 pm
forecast again at 11:00 with an update. >> all right, we'll see you then, bill, thanks. three, two, one. and lift off of the falcon 9. >> spacex launched another rocket today to the international space station. the falcon 9 rocket took off this morning from cape canaveral. its carrying a newer bigger version of spacex's dragon supply ship. among the items in the cargo holiday presents for the four astronauts on board the space station. the capsule will remain at the i.s.s. for about a month before unknocking, returning to earth, and splashing into the atlantic. coming up next in sports, the incredible ending at the meadowlands. joe fonzi up next with how the raiders beat the winless jets with only five seconds left in the game. and then on the 11:00 news, stay-at-home order will be in effect in four bay area counties at midnight. but one gym owner says he is going to be open come tomorrow. we will hear from him at 11:00.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
the holidays are a time for giving. to your friends... your family... to your teachers. in that spirit of giving, chevy's proud to give our employee discount to everyone. the chevy price you pay, what we pay. not a cent more. because giving, ...and giving back, is what the holidays are all about. use the chevy employee discount for everyone to get a total value of over eight thousand
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four hundred dollars on this silverado. get the chevy employee discount for everyone today. hello again everyone, it's the kind of game that could reinforce the idea that no game is out of reach at the same time where we will get a coach fired. well that's the raiders jon gruden. later tonight the jets adam gase who should be thinking about getting rid of his defensive coordinator. winless jets with a 13-10 lead in the second quarter when derek carr found waller with a short pass. made a couple of moves to turn it into a 38-yard play. raiders with a 17-13 half time lead. on his way to a 200-yard gain after turning the ball over in their own territory. punches it in from a yard out. 28-24 new york. five and a half minutes left. raiders would get that ball back with 35 seconds left. no time outs.
10:56 pm
they've got one play here. somehow they decided to go with the blitz and the man coverage on henry ruggs. carr will beat the rush to put the ball on the money, where they take the lead with just five seconds left. but the defensive call is impossible to explain, so is the coverage, who has no reason to bite on that move at the 30- yard line, where the completion will be game over. but the raiders, they'll take that 31-28 win, that will have them at 7-5. after the game, still coming to grips about what they had just seen. >> we are talking about the emotional roller coaster, to be able to have time back on the clock, just praying for one more chance, you know, and it was seven seconds left. i couldn't believe that they will all out that blitz on us. but as soon as i saw it, i was thankful. he's prepared me and equipped me to handle those situations whenever they need to handle it accordingly. a couple of games the 49ers cared very much about before
10:57 pm
their game tomorrow night. colt mccoy leading the 4-7 giants against seattle. mccoy to the open alfred morris in the third quarter of the defensive struggle. playing 14-5 and they added a field goal in the fourth quarter. but they got close and they are down to their last chance. here is russell wilson who will run for his life, unloads the pass on 4th and 18. and it will fall incomplete. giants will take over on downs and run out the clock as they win 17-12, tied for first place. the rams and jared goff knew they could grab their share of the lead with a win over kyler murray and the cardinal, still a two-possession game on troy hill, sealing it for l.a. he picks off the murray pass and returns it 35 yards for his score. and he will also return the fumble for the touchdown last week against the 49ers. but the rams, they needed to bounce back to win. but they fall to 6-6, which means the 49ers, they could move even with the cardinals if they beat them tomorrow night in that same stadium.
10:58 pm
ucla and cal met today at the pavilion. the bruins earliest pac-12 basketball opener in modern history. mark fox and the bears, bringing a 2-2 record into the game. but ucla got off to a fast start. he hits a three for cal and then he came off the bench to score 14 points, but cal was still down by 18 at the half. the bruins, they didn't open up the door in the second half. campbell, lost to hill. hill, he slams one down. that was one of 12 assists for campbell as they will roll out to a 76-56 win. cal is 2-3 overall and 0-2 in the conference. now stanford in greensboro, north carolina, during today's shootaround. davis with a little wager with his coach, gets the basketball to stick in that rack. he then has to pay with push- ups. the cardinals are playing north carolina ant. the game wasn't close. stanford with the steal, and
10:59 pm
the freshman, williams finishes, stanford 78-46 winner. and the stanford women in their relocated conference opener in las vegas against washington. stanford number two in the country, very much looking to part already in front big in the third quarter. hailey jones will take it all the way to her 29. jones added 13 rebounds. just a minute later it's going to work inside with a nice move. stanford rolls 83-50. tara vanderveer two passes away from passing pat summit in the winningest coach in basketball history. stanford will also be number one in the nation this week after south carolina lost on thursday. jason appelbaum and chase will have a lot more at 11:30. >> all right, we'll see you then, thank you. >> you bet. coming up next here at 11:00. >> we made the decision we're going to do whatever it takes. >> residents in five bay area counties were told to honker down to want as a new stay-at- home order takes effect as
11:00 pm
hospitalizations reach record levels. the new stay-at-home order will be in effect in alameda and santa clara county, starting tonight, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. for four weeks indoor and outdoor dining will be banned. ktvu jana katsuyama here now with how people and business owners spent the final hours before going into effect. >> reporter: frank, they were telling me that they did see a last-minute rush today as people were coming out, trying to get a haircut and a nail appointment, even dining out before they kick in.


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