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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 10, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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powers. >> grandma in the bed has got the remote control handling that fire. that's great stuff. we all wish we had super powers. that's youngster will find out soon enough he was played. >> that little dude was awesome. coming up next at 11. >> it's getting on my nerves. >> tonight restaurants are bracing for another shutdown has covid cases spike. sonoma county is issuing a stay-at-home order as the number of coronavirus cases rise and hospitals are struggling to keep up with the
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cases. good evening everyone. i'm julie haener. >> susonoma now joins marin and contra costa counties. >> reporter: frank, as recently as yesterday she was saying that it wasn't necessary. that sonoma county could stay the course. but overnight covid conditions worsened for local hospitals. >> reporter: only one more night for table dining-in sugnome opcounty. starting saturday it joined five bay area counties with stay at home orders, curtailing businesses. familyonalfamily owned mi pueblo getting their hours
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slashled and using take outs. >> >> although we have faired better until now. >> reporter: the sonoma county officer called it a wait and see but changed coursed. bay area comment is just below 18%. >> meaning the region will likely lit the 15% capacity level anyway. >> it's horrible timing and it will always be horrible timing. >> reporter: conditions at santa rosa's memorial hospital are especially dire. >> the icu bed availability is really dropping. >> reporter: more patients but not enough medical staff to
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care for them. >> wal always said if your hospitals, especially felt they were getting pressure on their capacity that we would join those other counties and that's what we did. >> we have been through it but businesses are stinging. >> reporter: some owners are glad that at least their health officer gave them extra time. >> reporter: but in the in, this peak season become as bleak seize san francisco so season for so many. >> the order takes effect at 12:00 a.m. saturday the 12th. the move leaves napa, sonoma and solano counties have the
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lone outs. the coronavirus continues to surge. san benito county has reached 0% in their icu. in santa cruz there were less than three beds per 100,000 residents. state wite, a record of 12,470 people are infected with the coronavirus. today an nda pan recommended emergency use authorization for pfizer vaccination. and full approval is next. >> reporter: yes, julie, that means the fda will likely approve the vaccine's use and
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that will happen likely this year. >> dr. more voted yes, dr. cone voted yes. >> reporter: in a 17-4-voltvote with one member abstaining, they recommended for approve of the pfizer vaccine. >> reporter: after a day long hearingthexpert committee concluded the vaccine is safe in adults and typingers 16 years and older. the vaccine is already being given to people in britain and bahrain. while there are unknowns about the vaccines panel members say
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the potential benefits outweigh the risks. >> i mind take it not only for my own health but for the sate of people around me. >> reporter: almost 70% of the people in the u.s. will have to be vaccinated to up prove heard immunity. >> governor newsom said there would be a state approval process so i would grally gladly take it. some members asked about allergic reactions after two healthcare members reported side effects. >> i do know that there's people that get such an allergic reaction that they would almost rather have the
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flu than the shot. >> pfizer has yet to show whether the vaccine works in children. and today we learned how much each bay area county will be getting. san francisco, alameda and contra costa will each get more than ten thousand. san mateo and solano will get 5,000 shots. >> we'll be able to vaccinate a tiny portion of one priority group to start. which means that all the current prevention measures that we're doing need to stay firmly in place.
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>> these vaccines will be given as two doses. the second doses are also on the way. new at 11, researchers have reasons why some children seem less susceptible to the virus. they feel it's not able to kill the virus because they haven't been trained. and that children's noses contain fewer of the receptacle that the virus used to enter the body. right now the state's new contract tracing app copped ca notify is available for download. it uses bluetooth to see when two cellphones are within each other and then it alerts you
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when you've been exposed to someone with the coronavirus. ca notify is live right now and it's completely voluntary which means you have to opt-in if you want to use. the a bipartisan proposal was offered last week. but mitch mcconnell said he won't support that. >> it's more than $138 billion still sitting there for small businesses in a ppe program to pay their employees. >> congress will be back in session next week but if there is a deal it won't be reached until the week of christmas or
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new at 11 tonight,
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officials say they are outraged that somebody slashed the tires of a teacher. she had no negative interactions with others and the hasn't been a history of vandalism at the school. they're investigating whether the crime was racially motivated. the san francisco board of education has approved a zone beige today method for assigning children to elementary schools. the district says the policy will help insure diversity. the district still hasn't drawn up the boundaries. some black oakland community members who have been critical of the police have now urging the sit not to cut the
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police budget. instead of stillly defunding the police they want more funding for certain part of department like housing and dispatching. >> reporter: now 5 of the 17 members of the task force to reimagine public safety say it's not that simple and that money maybe needed to fund certain part of the department. john was among the 5 who signed the letter saying even more lives are being lost the police were moved without an alternative response to work as good or better than the current system. another person we signed the letter janelle harris, a member
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of the commission. oakland recently recorded it's 100th homicide this year, the highest of the decade. >> we have to look at how we're spending our dollars. she has previously supported cutting millions of dollars for oakland police. she says there hasn't a rift inside the task force but that something has to change. >> the current public sate isn't providing the safety. >> reporter: the tack force as the pow door redirect funds in the first place. >> it's the difference in getting to gun before the
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mother puts her son in the ground. >> reporter: henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. family members of oscar grant are stepping up their method. nancy o'malley files felony charges. in october, omaly said she would reopen the case but hasn't filed charges. >> i have been waiting for 12 years through hurt and tears and pain and we're back at the same place again. it doesn't close the wound. it reopens the wound. i'm demanding that the officer be charged.
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i'm demanding that nancy o'malley do her job. >> da omaly issued a statement sailing sees been working on the facts and the law. pg and e faces another lawsuit over a deadly wildfire in california. shasta sued pg&e today saying they failed to remove a tree saying that it sparked the zogg fire back in september. pg&e says they are fully cooperating with the investigation. after the break, marking the first night of hanukkah. and i'm keeping an eye on your forecast as it include
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a willical art signals opened. entwined, as it's called, it outdoors and free. >> reporter: at duck, organizers at shabbat san francisco lit the lights. organizers urged people to say at home and watch the ceremony
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online. people long for holiday traditions weary of changes brought on by the pandemic. >> we just wanted to get out. it's been lalong day of zoom. >> reporter: for this whole family taking a trip to the city is something to look forward to during a dempt time. >> we came out to enjoy the holiday spirit. >> reporter: at golden guilty parks peacock meldo they switched on lights called entwined. it's spread out over an acre of open space. city officials are urgingy 1 to come with only members of their household. everyone enjoys the holiday cheer. >> reporter: the tree by
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mclaren lodge will lit on thursday. >> it's beautiful. it's nice to believe outside. >> i'm in awe. i have no idea who put this up or how long it took but it's nice to have these little touches. >> reporter: there's another sign of hope and projections on buildings and decorations. >> people tell me every bit of joy helps during this difficult time. and sealing the holiday decorations is comforting. in san francisco amber lee fox 2 news. let's talk weather. we're going to have a holiday feeling as we get into your friday because temperatures are going to drop. as we start off tomorrow we're going to start off dry. things will change for the
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north bay as we start to see rain roll in. i'll show you fin future cast what the models are projecting now. as we wake umcloud umcloud will be there. and on saturday we'll have a few breaks but then the second wave of rain will come through and you see it lingers the that sunday afternoon. will this be a huge system? no but the models are getting boldish. and now they're talking an inch around san francisco and more tan that as you move south in the south bay.
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considering that we need desperately rain i'll take. the as i mentioned, the snow in sierra the snow pack could use rain as well. and expecting another hit for the sierras. we had a very warm day out there today. and concord is 50 and 50 in san francisco. we'll see the usual places in the north bay and concord will get into 30. and tomorrow it will feel like it should in the 50s. 57 in san francisco and 66 in santa rosa and we'll have the
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cloud cover and the rain come in. guys, it's great. it looks like the storm door has been cracked a little bit and we have a good chance of getting more next week. kyla, thank you. the
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how's it going? mark is back with you. not what the 49ers fans were hopingfor. no tom brady. cam newton against jade goth jared goth and it's all about the ramsch 49-yard return for the touchdown and he's tired and so was his coach as he ran down the sidelines with him. and cam acres, not newton, with a big game. 25 yards there and he had 170-
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yard on the ground. and the cooper cup, one of the best names in football, 24-3 the final. rams stay with seattle in the nfc west at the top. the golden state warriors open up on the 22nd of this month. so many faces to try to keep track of. they've got very little time to mesh. and wiseman, positive news for him, after testing positive, he was able to be back on court working out by himself. and kent basemore is back. he made himself a big amount of money. back with the warriors and his good buddy steph curry talking about the warriors and how
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they're going to do it without clay thompson but here he is talking about the warriors. >> there's that sense of anticipation. i think everyone feels that we're back and i want to get myself back in the too. and it's just -- it all makes sense. >> reporter: college basketball. usf hosting long beach state. and on to the second half, pretty much the same drill as millstead with the steal. he had 24 and gives it to buya with the dunk. what you call your high percentage shot. look at that final, 107-62. and they're looking pretty gin
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the early going. strange basketball season but that is it. >> all right mark. goodnight. thanks. no. call leonard hofstadter. did you say: "call temple beth seder"? no. here, let me try it. call mcflono mcflooniloo. (laughing) calling rajesh koothrappali. (cell phone ringing) oh, it's very impressive. and a little racist. if we're all through playing "mock the flawed technology," can we get on with halo night? we were supposed to start at 8:00. it is now 8:06. so we'll start now. yes, first we have to decide


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