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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  December 11, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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1970s. henry lee joins us now with more on the story, henry. >> reporter: well turns out this secret message was encodeed in a page of symbols and letters and even zigzags at one point. the slew of people used computer technology to solve it. >> reporter: the 140 message remained encrypted until now. cracked by a group. >> i'm not afraid of the gas chamber, because it will send me to paradise all the sooner because i now have enough slaves to work for me where
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everybody else has nothing. >> reporter: the zodiac killer case remains an investigation. and even though decades have gone by we continue to seek justice for the victims of these brutal crimes. police linked the zodiac to five killings in the bay area but he may have been responsible for more. he was dubbed the zodiac because he sent the cryptic letters and ciphers. it was thought he would unmask his identify in a message. but it was not found in this latest one. >> all of that can help propel the case forward even 51 years later. now over the years there's
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been many people identified as the zodiac killer. no arrests has ever been made. one thing to note, one of those code crackers at least one of them wasn't even born at the time of this killing spree. >> that's pretty in incredible that they devoted so much time to crack something that seemed uncrackable. the zodiac killer is believed to have committed 31 deaths. >> someone can look at this most latest decipher code and kind of use linguistic or analyze the writers to confirm who it is. >> did police give or fbi give any indication that they have any new suspects or made any new end roads deciding responding to what these code crackers did. >> i know they did a story a
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couple of years ago after the golden state killer was identified with the help of genetic genealogy all eyes turned to sfpd and the fbi to see if they were going to use this same type of dna technology to identify the zodiac. so far nothing yet. >> we have a couple of different tools now that have unraveled themselves over the year to catch someone like this. maybe this will work sometime in the future to let us know who the zodiac killer is. now to the latest on the coronavirus pandemic with california setting a new record for new cases. more than 35,000 new infections were reported yesterday. 159 more people died. hospitalizations also spiked to a record of nearly 13,000. and more than 2,600 people are in the icu. new numbers from the icu capacity is declining in most regions across california. here in the bay area, our icu capacity fell to just under 17%
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from 18% yesterday. northern california is down to 26%. sacramento and san joaquin both ticked up just a bit. in southern california capacity is down to 6%. ktvu's jesse garrett explains how the strain could push some local hospitals past the breaking point. >> preparations are under way to handle a surge in icu patients. but the problems feared for santa clara county already exist in other parts of california. >> triage tents are being installed outside san jose's good samaritan hospital. the coverings will be used as a covid testing site to segregate those infected from those who are not. >> good samaritan is really in a position to help with transfers right now because they have lower volume. >> reporter: the volume level in the central valley has reached the breaking point.
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thursday night the fresno city council issued an emergency declaration. >> simply put we have reached the maximum capacity of our hospitals and officially have zero bed capacity in the icu units for our county of a million people. >> reporter: fresno county officials say patients are being placed in the emergency department temporarily. an alternate site are being readied to house the less severe cases. >> mostly our essential workers that are protecting the food supply chain system for the count trips. >> our system is really at a point of breaking. and i think that we already had a very fragile health care system. this county can still accept transfers from other areas. >> we're definitely concerned
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about our own ability to take care of our own county patients. being partners with all the regions and all the counties we definitely will evaluate any request came to us at that time. >> reporter: while santa clara county braces for a surge in patients. fresno still officials say they're going to become more aggressive to try to stem the spread of the pandemic. they're going to start assessing fines for gatherings above 50 people. the fines will range from $1,000 all the way up to $10,000. in san jose, jesse garrett, ktvu. hundreds of people who live at the horse racing facility have been diagnosed with covid- 19. right now just 71 workers are available to take care of the horses and maintain the racetrack site. live racing at golden gate
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fields has been suspended until at least december 26th. san francisco's jewish home and rehab center is reporting a significant outbreak of covid- 19 at its facility. a care giver tested positive just last week and subsequent testing revealed more cases. there's a total of 21 positive residents contained in one unit. a total of 8 positive staff. the u.s. continues to see more cases of covid-19 and deaths. yesterday the country reported 224,452 new confirmed cases according to john hopkins university. and 2,768 more people died from the virus. the u.s. has seen close to 16 million total cases and a death toll of 294,000. s that more than the number of u.s. troops killed in battle during world war ii. cdc advisors say they expect the fda to authorize the use of pfizer's covid-19
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vaccine later tonight. the accelerated time line comes after president trump's chief of staff threatened to fire the fda director if he didn't get the vaccine approved today. once it's approved the cdc can give the final sign off and people can begin getting the vaccine as soon as monday. the vaccine won't come in time to avoid another surge thought to come after the holidays. >> we don't have the bed capacity to help those in need of care. >> reporter: health experts say most americans won't be able to get the vaccine until spring. the palo alto veterans affair system says they've been chosen to get doses of the vaccine.
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the health care system was selected for its ability to vaccinate large numbers of people and store the vaccine in low temperatures. doses will be available for veterans and staff who want it. there's a lot of questions and concern, more on the hesitation and what physicians have to say about the relative risks. >> reporter: founding father benjamin franklin was the first famous american anti vaxer until the death of his son to smallpox. >> after that happened, he became a supporter of the vaccine. >> reporter: social media allows the most misinformation to be fed and passed on. >> you know enough people in
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this country and in the world who believe in this kind of messages that they read on the internet. >> reporter: one example, that vaccines cause autism. >> work that has now been retracted. >> reporter: approvals require that the trials are publicly known. >> the reasons we haven't been able to have actually been due in part to people not immunizing their children. >> historical vaccine also causes some to decide not to get vaccinated. >> it is really important that there be transparency and that there be a basis on science to
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make all these decisions. >> reporter: religious beliefs create a lot of vaccine reluctance. dr. lou is a christian. >> and to me, i view vaccines as something that god has helped enable scientists to get the understanding of diseases and what can protect people. >> reporter: dr. riley is a buddhist. >> you take the vaccine not just to protect yourself from the disease but to protect others. >> reporter: some people will never vaccinate. >> it's very slow. very vocal anti vax movement. those are people that can be reached on any level. >> reporter: nonetheless, three former presidents and many other well known people support and want to get vaccinated. >> to see them get a needle stuck in their arm, and get a vaccine just like the rest of us, they really sort of equalizing our humanity. disease, death, are the great
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equalizer. >> reporter: in the last 100 years the world has had four pandemics indicating that the world will see one every four to five years. another giant in silicon valley announces it is leaving california. where oracle is relocating its headquarters. alameda police are investigating a late crime after the city's menora is vandalized on the first night of hanukkah. what police and the mayor is saying about it. in bay area weather, our dry weather stretch coming to an end. at least parts of the bay area picking up measurable rainfall. and the there's more tonight and into the weekend. we'll have more coming up. >> e we take a live look at the back up right now at the mccarthy maze. you can see traffic slow moving
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coming through. we'll be right back.
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a menora was vandalized early this morning right after the first night of hanukkah. here's henry lee to tell us the vandals didn't stop there. >> reporter: this is what the menora outside alameda city hall looked like friday morning after someone apparently knocked it over. >> i'm very dismayed and saddened when i see something like this. >> reporter: alameda mayor ashcraft says that wasn't the only symbol that was vandalized. >> the whole intent is for everyone there to enjoy it. whether it's not your slice of case, it's probably somebody elses. >> if we're able to determine that it is in fact, a hate crime we're going to obviously to our due diligence to make
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sure we investigate that thoroughly. we owe it to the jewish community. >> reporter: seth ridge says that no matter the motive this was an act of intolerance. >> the message that we received here is, to members of the jewish community, you are not welcome. >> reporter: the mayor says alameda is open to everyone and that what happened shouldn't be a black eye. >> we pride ourselves on being a tolerant open community. we work at that constantly it's not something you just say a slogan and it's one and done. >> reporter: she says she wonders if young vandals may be involved. those who may not appreciate the significance of the menora and the jewish festival of lights. >> i just hope it was a dumb act that teenagers thought to do. >> henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. police in richmond are
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searching for the person responsible for a wrong way crash that took off after a short police chase. it happened around 4:45 this morning on the richmond parkway off ramp on i 80. they spotted a pickup truck but the driver took off. officers called the chase off until they were able to get more information about the driver. >> that vehicle was involved in an assault on an officer a couple of weeks ago. our officers then found that vehicle again which led officers on a chase. >> sending the other driver to the hospital with major injuries. the crash also led to a fire but the driver of the pickup was able to run away. in bay area weather after 22 dry days finally talking
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about rainfall across parts of the bay area. i know in your neighborhood probably still dry. at least in portions of the central and south bay. but still a few scattered showers throughout the day. right now, as you can see some of the rainfall totals not too impressive just yet. but we're going to add to these numbers in the short term. especially between 8:00 and 9:00 as the new wave moves from the north bay spreading to the south bay this evening. in the sierra we actually had snowfall to talk about as well. a winter weather advisory in place until 10:00 saturday. about 6,500 feet and snowfall could be in the order of 4 to 8 inches. what about the rainfall projections right on through the weekend and the coastal hills of the north bay could be between an inch and a half to two inches. maybe a few isolated spots could be approaching 2.5 inches then as you do work your way closer to the central portion of the bay and south bay about a quarter to half an inch. a lot to talk about finally in the forecast for today. lots of clouds streaming in.
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showers as you can see. right now we actually have some action developing up in portions of the north bay. santa rosa reporting light rainfall. ukiah reporting heavy rainfall for cloverdale. things will develop as i mentioned in the short term. here's our live camera tonight looking out toward the golden gate bridge and still some dry pavement for right now but that will be changing for tonight into early tomorrow morning. we'll have more in your forecast. a lot to talk about. we'll have the update coming up. >> mark, thank you. governor gavin newsom is named a former white house press secretary to lead his office of business. dede myer was clinton's press secretary. she was the first woman and second youngest person to hold the post. most recently she's been volunteering in the governor's office as a part of the covid-
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19 team. isabel hueso came to america legally in 2003 to receive treatment. when the trump administration canceled medical. after the break, oracle the latest bay area employer joining the exdouse with its announcement that it's moving its headquarters to texas. a look at why senator bernie sanders didn't like the bill they passed and why he's even willing to keep the senate in dc for christmas, coming up.
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another bay area tech giant is heading to texas. oracle says it is moving its headquarters from redwood city to austin. oracle says the change will allow employees to choose their office location as well as continue to work from home. the company will use the red bluff location as their hub. and just last week hewlette packered announced it's moving its headquarters from san jose to houston. stocks were mostly lower today. the dow was up 47 on a strong day for disney shares which hit
6:24 pm
a record high. the nasdaq was up 27 and the s & p lost four points. financial, technology and health care companies were on the downside today. then to washington where the house and senate have announced the government shutdown. as ray bogen tells us there's been no progress on a coronavirus relief bill. >> all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> temporary government funding has been approved in congress. but it's only for a week. lawmakers need to come up with a deal for the entire fiscal year before it was made official, a conservative and a progressive teamed up to let it be known they are not happy it didn't include $1,200 payments to help americans get through the pandemic. senator bernie sanders even says he will try to keep the senate in dc for christmas if they don't act. >> we have more hunger in america today than at any time
6:25 pm
in the modern history of this country. this pandemic has been a disaster. >> it is working families and working people who should be first in line for covid relief not last. >> reporter: the senate also approved the authorization act to fund and set policy next year. the 84-14 vote is important because now both the senate and house have passed it with enough votes to overturn a presidential veto which president trump says he'll do. one reason, the president wants liability protections for tech companies like facebook and twitter repealed. >> i want it in the defense bill. put it in. because it's a national security problem. >> reporter: congress is also trying to pass more coronavirus relief but ever since a bipartisan $908 billion frame work was introduced little progress has been made. >> we're probably going to have to try to compensate these businesses and individuals that
6:26 pm
suffered unduly for no fault of their own from the virus. >> coming up on ktvu news at 6:30, it's a catholic religious holiday with roots in mexico celebrated with a gathering of80,000 people. but church leaders are urging catholics not to head to church rather celebrate it at home. is there trouble in paradise with richard sherman and the 49ers? later in sports, we'll have the pessimistic remarks from sherman on a possible return next season.
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now to our top story, a cipher sent to the chronicle has been solved. a team of code crackers broke the cipher. they say the zodiac message in part says, i'm not scared of the gas chamber. and breaking news in just the past few minutes the fda has now authorized the use of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. the cdc will then give the
6:30 pm
final sign off which could happen tomorrow. the agency says people could begin getting vaccinated as soon as monday. new numbers from the state show icu capacity is declining in most regions in california. it's down to just under 17% in the bay area and 18% yesterday or from 18% yesterday. officials say while the icu capacity is still over 10%. another holiday tradition is sidelined by the coronavirus pandemic. community leaders in san jose urging people not to go to church to celebrate our lady of guadalupe this weekend. anne rubin explains. >> normally, the celebration of our lady of guadalupe would bring 10,000 people to this church. but in the midst of the pandemic this is no normal year. >> we cannot have 10,000 people that would be a disaster.
6:31 pm
a health disaster. and so we're encouraging people to stay home. >> reporter: stay home this weekend and worship there. city and county officials say it's imperative for the latin x community that's already been hard hit by covid. >> we know in the east side of san jose covid has a target on this community. we have the highest concentration of the entire county is on the east side of san jose and the highest loss of life. >> with icu beds filling fast, officials say something needs to change. they plan to do vaccine outreach in the community and they've already launched an at home testing program with volunteers going door to door with swabs. >> we don't want anybody to be afraid of those individuals who are highly trained, highly skilled and your information is going to be private. >> reporter: officials say now is the time to take safety protocols seriously. everyone if it means changing holiday traditions. >> everything during this pandemic has been different and the celebration of our lady of
6:32 pm
guadalupe has to be different. it's going to be different. >> sacrificing today ensures the celebration ensures many great years to come. >> reporter: the diocese suggests making a small altar at home and watching mass on tv. anne rubin. the pandemic has hurt so many businesses and tonight well known yoshi's in oakland has started a go fund me campaign in hopes of saving its business. the state of the venue in our area. >> reporter: at yoshi's in oakland there are no names of musical artists on the marquee anymore. inside the theater is empty and equally as sad the stage is silent. its been like this since the earliest days of the covid-19 shut down in march. yoshi's is struggling to keep going. >> we need some help and we're
6:33 pm
trying to get through this. >> reporter: it's gotten so challenging that yoshi's has started a go fund me campaign hoping to raise $200,000 just to basically keep the lights on. >> it's really sad and breaks my heart. the founders have put everything they have in this business as well. myself and 100 employees who love this place. >> reporter: yoshi's is one of the most known music venues in the bay area. >> even had stevie wonder here having his birthday party. >> reporter: one musician who has played yoshi's a number of times is. since the pandemic the uptown nightclub in oakland has closed permanently. so has slims in san francisco. oakland's fox theater is just
6:34 pm
barely hanging on. >> we're going to easily go a year without having a single penny of ticket ráefr knew which is ticket revenue which is unheard of. >> a lot of our members literally say that they're going bankrupt. >> reporter: that's the big concern for musicians when the pandemic end, what stages will still be standing. >> we're going to be performing on street corners o or wherever we can perform when this is over. nobody wants to go to that space. >> reporter: one other challenge, music venue are thought to be one of the last places to reopen once the pandemic comes to an end. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up the president- elect is filling out his administration at a rapid pace. the former secretary of homeland security is speaking
6:35 pm
out about his picks. >> the african-american secretary of defense. the first latino secretary of homeland security. that's a pretty good list. ♪ wild thing, ♪ ♪ you make my heart sing ♪
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the supreme court has overturned another filing by
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texas. texas was suing georgia, pennsylvania and virginia for their handling of the election. the supreme court found that the state does not have the right to sue those states on the way they conduct their elections. today president-elect biden announced three more picks for his cabinet. they include martha fudge for urban development and dennis mcdunna. >> i'm honored by the trust that you've placed in me to return to the vital work of the usda. at a very critical moment for so many families and communities throughout america. and to begin that work, by embracing the full benefits of a diverse and inclusive senior leadership team in the department. as i was proud to do in my
6:39 pm
previous tenure. president-elect biden has yet to announce his choices for other prominent positions including attorney general and transportation secretary. so as the president-elect continues to fill out cabinet nominees and appointees the pressure is mounting for him to diversify his list. our political reporter greg lee spoke to former secretary of homeland security janet napolitano. >> it is a list of people that drives from diversity. >> reporter: an impressive group that's what janet napolitano calls joe biden's cabinet picks so far. napolitano served as president of homeland security under president obama. as leaders push biden on diversity. napolitano thinks he's delivering. >> the first african-american
6:40 pm
secretary of defense, the first latino secretary of homeland security. that's a pretty good list. >> reporter: this week biden nominated retired four star general lloyd austin. if confirmed he would be the first black leaders of the pentagon. >> i come to this role this new role as a civilian leader. >> the department of defense is meant to be led by a civilian or service member who has been retired for at leastseven years. austin retired just four years ago. napolitano says this should be determined. >> do you see that as being a hurdle for general austin? >> the department of defense is set up for civilian oversight and leadership. he's been out of active duty
6:41 pm
service four years. mattis also required a waiver. >> reporter: napolitano is the first woman to serve as secretary of homeland security. she has this advice for the other trail blazing women poised to join the administration. >> do everything as well as it can be done to be measured by performance. >> reporter: as for advice for alejandro mayorquez she says put together a good team and strive for stability. >> the trump administration i think they're on their fifth or sixth secretary of department of homeland security. and a lot of the component heads had been actings or interims or persons serving in the capacity of etc. kind of floating in and floating out and there's been no stability in leadership. and the department really requires that. >> after stepping down from her role as president of the uc
6:42 pm
system in august, napolitano joined goldman school of public policy. next year she's launching the center for the study of security in politics at berkeley. >> with policymakers, political practitioners, talk about not only to gauge problems, but the problems to be. and to see if we can be more proactive. >> reporter: greg lee, ktvu fox 2 news. in bay area weather, we start off the week with record breaking temperatures and high fire danger. today we're tracking rain. in fact, the rain will pick up today in the short term. we'll have more in the weekend outlook coming up. let's go to heather home now with a look at what we're working on for the 7:00 news. heather. >> andre, a covid outbreak tied to youth sports. the dozens of new cases tied to a basketball club in santa clara county. we'll have the very latest on that for you. also coming up in today's covid conversations, they are known
6:43 pm
as long haulers. parents who have reoccurring coronavirus symptoms even after recovery. we're going to talk with an expert about this latest mystery related to covid-19. we'll have these stories and a lot more when alex and i see you in just a few minutes live for the 7 live on ktvu plus. first after the break, parts of lake tahoe now shut down to tourists because of the stay at home order. but there are still ways you can make a ski or snow board trip possible. we will tell you what you need to do to plan ahead. a live look on this friday evening. ktvu will be right back. ♪
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we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california.
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back now to the breaking news we've been following. president trump has reacted on twitter after the fda has approved the pfizer vaccine. >> i want to thank the doctors who made this all possible. >> reporter: president trump pledged the vaccine will be free to all americans and he also praised the pfizer and maderma vaccines as being extremely safe and highly effective. a warning for people heading to lake tahoe. cancellation notices are being sent out as the region falls into the state's mandated shut down. you can't do any day of skiing but kevin cooper director of marketing for outside television, lake tahoe tv says if you preplan you can still
6:47 pm
get up there to do some skiing or snow boarding. >> we need to kind of think 72 hours, 5, 6, 7 days in advance for all the resorts that are open in tahoe. most resorts are open from 75 acres up to 275 acres. we have snow on the way which is good news, we should open more but you need to preplan. you need to go to resort websites and prebook lift tickets. and we are tracking some more rain and some snow for the sierra as we kind of have a whole complex of a system just offshore kind of moving in in multiple parts and the first one moving in tonight. we could be talking a quarter of an inch. no wind advisories but winds are 15 to 30 miles per hour. the sierra picking up that snowfall. this weekend trying to fine tune the details here. saturday lotsover cloud cover. the chance of a few scattered showers but the main cold front that doesn't move in until
6:48 pm
sunday morning. so some morning rain sunday. changing or tapering off to a scattered showers by sunday afternoon. but we do have some development on the radar right now. especially up in the north bay. leer's the coverage that you can see over the past few hours with some light showers moving across the region. but, as we check out the current radar imagery, look at all those green and yellow showing up up in sonoma county, mendecino county. we'll come in closer right now we're showing you all the greens, yellows and oranges. quite a change developing as you see the southern extend approaching northern marin county. as we move the maps closer to the south bay not as much action. but the rainfall up in the north bay will spread to the south. rainfall will pick up just within the next few hours between 8:00 and 10 10:00 for the rest of the bay area: here is the live camera, current
6:49 pm
numbers we have some 40s and 50s out there for your friday evening. but keep the umbrella near by. you will definitely need it. here this area of high pressure is moving on out of town. this has been keeping us dry and warm. there's two parts to this system. the first part is this warm front moving in tonight with a rainfall developing. this saturday the chance of scattered showers especially into saturday morning. and then, the second part that's the cold front then this comes on board into sunday morning. tapering off to some scattered showers into sunday afternoon. so here's the forecast model and that rainfall up in the north bay. this does move to the south. we are expecting those totals at least the intensity to pick up later on tonight. then into your saturday we will have this and scattered rain showers in the morning hours and a chance into the afternoon hours. then there's that cold front coming on board first thing sunday morning. it'll hold on to the possibility of a few scattered showers by sunday afternoon. forecast as we show you this and we're checking out the sierra where we do have a
6:50 pm
winter weather advisory in place and snowfall. not a major snow producer but snowfall could be from 4 to 5 inches. up above 6,500 feet. highs tomorrow in the upper 50s to the 60s. once again lots of cloud cover. chance of scattered showers. best chance will be for tomorrow morning. heads up for sunday morning as that cold front comes on board and into early next week it looks like a quiet pattern but it looks, it's actually nice to have a rainy forecast at least for portions of the bay area at least for part of the weekend. mark, thank you. a caravan from san jose arrived in salinas this afternoon to deliver christmas stockings for children of farm workers. the caravan delivered 5,000 christmas stockings full of toys and candy for the children
6:51 pm
of farm workers. >> they're essential workers and we've been supporting them throughout the year. they're forgotten workers but we need to support them and help them get through this difficult time because they're feeding us. they're feeding america and their kid need to be taken care of as well. >> the christmas stockings will go to six nonprofit agencies who work directly with farm worker families from half-moon bay to monterey county. the warriors are ready to tip it off tomorrow in their preseason game. ahead coach steve kerr on one of the oddities the team will have to get used to. jason applebaum up next in sports.
6:52 pm
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good evening everybody, with four games left in the season the 49ers are fighting for their play off lives and they're doing so still in glendale arizona which may very well be their home through the end of the season since covid cases are on the rise. and santa clara county is currently in the most restrictive purple tier. at 5-7 the play offs a bit of a long shot. so naturally the talk starts turning to next year and beyond. specifically who will be back and who won't. free agent corner back richard sherman he's not too optimistic
6:55 pm
about his future with the 49ers. >> there's some miracle that happens then, sure there's an opening. but there's 43 agents and they'll probably have 30 million or left in cap and you know they have to bring back trent who costs over $20 million. they have to pay fred who costs 18 million plus a year. so i mean, anybody who knows the situation understands that. >> sounds like sherman wants to be back but doesn't think the 49ers are going to be able to afford him. he by the way represents himself. he does not have an agent. all right when the warriors hit the floor tomorrow it will have been nine months and two days since they last played in an nba game. you better believe the team is excited to get back out there. for the most of the guys, that nine months will be the longest they've been in a game
6:56 pm
of organized football. it takes more meaning this season is going to be three games long and then it is go time one week from saturday in brooklyn. >> you know this is our only chance to play a game at chase before the regular season home opener. without any fans. we have to get used to the atmosphere out there. it's going to be very strange. >> he's not afraid to make these types of passes. >> that pass to clint capella for the lay up. boy that's sweet as the hawks battle the magic. but it was a local kid aaron gordon out of arch bishop responds with the slam as the magic beats the hawks. of course it's a meaningless game but magic beat it is hawks. okay it was 32 years ago that a 49er receiver not named
6:57 pm
jerry rice made a little history. joe fonzi with this day in sports. >> an all time 49er moment on this day in 1989. coming back from a 27-10 deficit the 49ers beat the rams 30-27 on a monday night in anaheim. the come back featured a pair of 90 plus yard touchdown passes from joe montana to john taylor. taylor is the only receiver in nfl history to have touchdown receptions of that distance in the same game. >> chased by kelm. down the sideline he goes. he ran 92 for the touchdown before. he's in again. >> this is a very weird game. >> that's this day in sports december 11th. i'm joe fonzi. >> and we always hear about baseball and football cards selling for big bucks but you don't hear about hockey card so much.
6:58 pm
well, not the case with this card. this one sure sold for a lot. gretzky's card just sold for $19,000. what made this card so special? first of all we all know gretzky is unquestionably the greatest hockey player of all time. more importantly there are only two of these cards known to be in existence. let's check this out. i kind of like this. residents of a nursing home in ohio they're making the most of things. they can't get outside so they went, we'll call it deer hunting inside. the care givers apparently are the deer hiding behind the trees. cristina and andre i guess you could say grandma got revenge on that reindeer after all. thank you. >> nice one. all right jason. thank you. >> night everybody.
6:59 pm
damn you, problem? the online description was completely misleading. they said eight slots, plus removable i.d. to any rational person, that would mean room for nine cards, but they don't tell you, the removable i.d. takes up one slot. it's a nightmare. okay, now, do you really need the honorary justice league of america membership card? it's been in every wallet i've owned since i was five. why? it says "keep this on your person at all times." (knocking) it's right here under batman's signature. ...and this is leonard and sheldon's apartment. guess whose parents just got broadband. leonard, may i present, live from new delhi, dr. and mrs. v.m. koothrappali. hi! tilt up the camera! i'm looking at his crotch. sorry, papa.
7:00 pm
oh, that's much better. hi. hi! and over here is sheldon. hi! he lives with leonard. oh, that's nice. like haroon and tanvir. no, no. not like haroon and tanvir. such sweet young men. they just adopted the cutest little punjabi baby. no, we're not like haroon and tanvir. so, are you boys academics like our son? yes. uh-huh. and your parents are comfortable with your limited earning potential? oh, yes. not at all. papa, please. don't start. it was just a question. he's so sensitive. okay, that's my life. that's my friends. good to see you. say good-bye. bye. bye. dr. koothrappali: wait! wait! before you go, we have good news. put the computer down and gather your friends. what is it, papa? i don't see your friends. is it just me, or does web chatting with your clothes on seem a little pointless? mrs. koothrappali: rajesh,


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