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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 14, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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couple of of them. the >> i also liked him. joe, thank you. and next at 11. >> i'll work just as hard for those that didn't vote for me as those we did. >> president-elect joe biden's victory is sealed. hello again everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. electors in all 50 states cast their votes after weeks of lawsuits and political pressure by president trump to over turn the outcome. ktv u's jana katsuyama with the
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time count and joe biden's remarks. >> reporter: julie, today the final electorial college vote was 336 today. and president trump has refused to concede even though many more republicans are now declaring president-elect biden as the winner. >> reporter: president-elect joe biden gave a victory speech. >> 306 electorial votes are the same number that donald trump and have i meant mike pence received in 2016. the results in georgia were counted three times and it didn't change the outcome. the recount in wisconsin saw our margin grow.
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>> reporter: the biden-harris ticket all 70 million more americans supporting him than president trump. republicans have brought more than 50 legal cases trying to over turn the election results. supporters for trump held a rally in d.c. called stop the steal. >> we have more tan enough time to right the wrong and certify donald trump as the election winner. >> in every case no cause or evidence was found to reverse or question or dispute the results. >> reporter: when congress considers the volts on january 6th it's likely the results will stand. >> we'll take at least one senator and one member of the house to sign a statement or a variety of states had problems. >> reporter: a vote by both
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houses to over turn the election is unlikely. >> and it requires that both houses of congress agree that there is a problem before the volts are reject today by any member of the state. >> >> reporter: some top republicans acknowledged biden as the president-elect. and that includes lamar alex arounder, who said, quote, the presidential election is over. attorney general willi'm william barr who resigned to stated that it's final. i'm just overwhelmed by
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today's service what we accomplished. but at the same time i'm overjoyed at the american people came out and said enough is enough. the american people to should be proud of what they've done today. >> scott also says she took great pride in voting today for kamala harris. the u.s. topped 300,000 deaths from the coronavirus. that includes more than 1300 people who died in just the past 24 hours. the number of new infections is also climbing at an unprecedented rate. that includes about 190,000 people who tested positive in the last 24 hours. today front line healthcare
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workers across the country got their first doses of pfizer's coronavirus vaccine. another 425 sites will get them tomorrow. nurses in new york were among the first in the country to get their shots. and here in california a nurse named helen cordova was the first to get her shot. >> so zukerberg hospital received their vaccines today. amber lee has more. >> reporter: julie, the head
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ouch the er department tells me it will be a staggered approach of getting front line workers here vaccinated. >> reporter: 2000 doses of the vaccine arrived today. >> they're going to stagger because we want to not havegy department get it in one day. >> reporter: calwell says it's important to instill could in the vaccine. >> reporter: at seton medical center in daily city we're shown where the vaccines will
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be kempt. they're scheduled to rain on tuesday. the hospital ceo tell peas the first in line will be those that work with covid-19 cases. vaccinations are scheduled on thursday. >> anybody that's in the room with a patient or in the unit for a prolong time will be receiving the first doses. >> reporter: in south bay santa clara county will get doses ons tuesday and hospitals will see them arrived on friday. >> we will get the vaccine in the public health department and it will will be shipped to the department. >> you'll know whether it's
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your turn because you'll be asked. >> week to stay diligent about thal precautions and take hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel and this vaccine represents such an important step in that direction. >> reporter: alameda county expects it's first vaccine shipment as early as tomorrow. the first doses will go to hospital workers and 911 first responds a that highest highest risk of exposure. hospitals are reporting that they had 17-point 8% of icu bed available. that's up from 16-point 16 .7%. san joaquin county stand at
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0% capacity right now. santa clara county announced that they are shortening the length of quarantine. it's from close contacts with people affected by the coronavirus is those subject to the mandatory travel quarantine. the guidelines are new recommendations from the state. >> they're from one latino community that has a large infection rate. specially trained members of the community are going door to door with testing. 72 this predominantly latino community has among the highest infectioneralties in santsa clar
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fection rates in santa clara county. it's administered and observed from the safe distance. 92 many people living here are afraid of getting tested. >> there's fear about going to the site themselves. who will have access to my information? >> reporter: it's part of the organizations trusted in the community. community members will be learning low to give a test and how to test themselves. >> we're with people from the health department because we know this is something serious. >> reporter: they'll know that
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the teses will come back positive such as quarantine. >> we can prevent people that maybe they have it and don't realize that they have it. >> the latino community represents about a quarter of the santa clara county cases. >> household conditions. high density. there's a number of reasons why. the proposals that's being considered tomorrow. and healthcare was on the picket line. we'll tell you more. in a land not so far away,
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the walnut creek city council is considering a grant fund for restaurants that have taken a hit. restaurants are especially hard hit because they have to follow new strict health orders. there are 117 businesses centered on eating and drinking in downtown walnut creek.
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other east bay areas have given their restaurants help. the contra costa area will impose new fines for businesses that break the coronavirus rules. a first violation has a fine of 2 null. that could go up to a thousand for a third violation. healthcare work at eden hospital in the east bay will be back to work tomorrow after a one day strike. it represents the sutor health workers to a picket line. about 140 respiratory therapists took part in the one
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day strike. it's the teamsters union and sutor health broke down. >> i've been doing this for 43 years and i've never seen it like it's been with this covid pandemic. it's been very stressful on the employees. some people don't have families by their side. >> sutor sends a statement saying the union has reject today 98% of their employees and workers are demanding pay increases making more than their peers in this market. still ahead, remembering a top area sports bay cyclist
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today the san francisco district attorney filed felony assault charges against a man accused of beating a man. spears was with his goy that wharf when someone stole his wallet. police did not wince any violence or reports of it from the girlfriend. but body camera video shows the officer beating the man with his baton. the statement from an attorney calls the accusations false and malicious. and the officer and his partner
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were doing exactly what society asks them to do by putting themselves at risk. bay area based sports basement is mourning the loss of its chief financial officer. friend of tom trogger was among five bicyclist killed in a tragic crash. >> tom is the most healthy, strong individual that i know. >> reporter: workers debt stated over the sudden death of chief financial officer. >> he was also a kid in the candy store and was a nationally ranked triathlete. >> reporter: trogger wanting to
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test his abilities for the annual 130 loop mile through las vegas. >> i've done this so many times it's going to be wonderful. don't worry. i'm going to take care of you. and that's what kills me is that i said those words to him and he's not here anymore. >> reporter: 40-miles into the riled a box truck plowed into the group. unclear what caused the truck to hit the group and the highway does that suspect drugs or alcohol. speed limit is side effect miles per hour, the riders said to be going 20 miles per hour. >> any intention that the
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driver had is 50 miles per hours over th bicyclist. >> reporter: viola is promoting bike safety in horn honor of his friend. >> if you're drinking or you're tired it's not worth getting behind the we'll. >> reporter: trogger leaves behind a wife, adult children and one grand child. it's nice day tomorrow and then we get to rain on wednesday.
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in the meantime, tomorrow, a lot like today. a few more cloud tomorrow, especially in the north bay. these are the highs today so i anticipate 50s. cloud pretty clear, less cloud cover and light winds. that will get you frost and in the valley fog we had a lilt bit tomorrow. and we have got the jet stream and you can see the core of. the so that's good. so remember when we were dry the jet stream is way up here. the jolt stream is offering us opportunities for wet and that's going to happen wednesday night into thursday morning. in the meantime, there's few clouds out there now. mostly in the north bay. and lows will be cool. there's a few cloud that will keep it warm. 39 in napa and 32 in fairfield.
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and if you look that model there's tomorrow afternoon. partly cloudy and there it is, the main event. so wednesday is the cloudy day. the rain doesn't start until wednesday evening into thursday morning. and by thursday afternoon or thursday midmorning it's over. the forecast highs and then the 5-day forecast. you get a little daybreaks and it looks like into sunday we might get into the wet either again. it looks like it's going to continue right into this week and into next week too. bill, thank you. coming up in sports, it was one of the best games in monday night football history. this game was incredible.
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stay tuned for crazy highlights between the rainens and baker mayfield and the cleveland browns. hi, i'm mike. jack hired me to tell you about his bagel breakfast sandwiches with bacon or sausage. jack i thought you hired me to be the spokesperson! why choose one when you can have two? my 2 for $5 bagel breakfast sandwiches.
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bagel breakfast sandwiches with bacon or sausage. whoa, mark. jack hired me! i got a contract. you mean like this one?
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why choose one when you can have two? my 2 for $5 bagel breakfast sandwiches. hello again everyone. it's the time of the year whether there could be a lot at stake. and that was during monday night's football with the browns and the ravens. a handful of fans allowed in the stadium in cleveland. lamar jackson left the game with cramps and returned to the with the ravens down by one.
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the rainens completed a two- point conversion with a 1 .51 to go. and baker mayfield make as move. jackson still had a minute and 4 seconds to play with and justin tucker lined up for a 50- yard line field goal. and the final was 14 to 42. right now the browns would be the 5 play off seat and the rainens are still on the outside liking in. the 49ers playing their second straight home game in glendale, arizona. after losing a fumble that was returned in the first half nick
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mulleins hung up a pass that was kicked off. and shan han weighing whether mulleins or betford will start in dallas. >> i'm deciding whether a change of thousands will help or not. and the warriors are back to full strength today in practice. draymond green and james wiseman were back in practiced to after finishing their quarantines. the warriors play a second of the their games. >> james was all over the
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placed to which was great to see. his energy was through the roof which took him out of positions at times which i love to see because you can't teach high energy. >> so you know, guys it's kind of interesting how quickly your role in sports einvolved. you remember when they were the young ones. >> can i go back to 49ers? do you think that they'll switch to cj beckford this weekend? >> well, he's weighing it in. you have to have that clock in your held and that awareness that they're protecting the
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football and that's why they lost that game yesterday. >> julie, see you later. joe, take care. >> goodnight. thanks everyone and thanks for joining us. goodnight. she heard us from outside. she has super good hearing, like a seeing eye dog. they have overdeveloped hearing to make up for the fact that-- wait, the dogs aren't blind. wait. are they? no, that wouldn't make sense. you're right. if i wait long enough, she can get there by herself. (cell phone rings) quick, girls-- famous danny from "moonstruck." (beep) aiello? hey, phil. i'm glad i caught ya. what's up? uh, it's about steven and stefan. they wanna see that house on briar again. really? i showed it to them five times. last time we were there, i think they got mail. yeah, well, that's why i'm calling. they hate upsetting people, unless, of course, it's me. then they don't mind waking me up at 7:00 a.m., asking me to call you. it's no problem. i'm just hanging around. kind of bored, really. (haley and alex gasp) what? (gasps)


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