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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 27, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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business owners getting ready to apply for government aid. now that president trump has signed the coronavirus relief bill. president trump put an end to the turmoil tonight by signing the $900 billion coronavirus relief bill. good evening once again i'm alex savage in tonight for frank. >> the president refused to sign the bill after leaders spent months negotiating and now help is on the way. this is where things stand tonight when it comes to covid- 19. the u.s. has 19 million cases of the coronavirus. we saw one million new cases just six days after the number reached 18 million in the past week. the deaths are rising. one death for every 1,000
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americans. more doses of the vaccine are being sent out. some experts say the general population could be getting immunized by late march or early april. this covid-19 relief bill including billions for jobless benefits and business loans. it will provide more than a trillion dollars in funding to prevent a government shutdown. ktvu has more on what it means for businesses and those that are unemployed, greg? >> reporter: alex it was late this afternoon that the president issued a tweet saying there is good news on covid-19 relief. but he did not say what it was and he did not say when we would find out. hours later it turns out news broke that the president simply signed the bill. everyone expected him to sign it days ago. >> reporter: sunday afternoon vaguely-worded presidential tweet saying good news on covid-19 relief bill,
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information to follow had millions of americans and washington politicos waiting. after he refused to sign it is aing he wanted $2,000 checks not the $600 he made an about- face signing the bill on sunday afternoon. no surprise to this attorney and former director of california's employment development. >> there is so much at stake. so much time spend in this and the fact that republicans in the senate and house strongly want to get it done. issuing a statement saying in part it is welcomed news for the americans that just lost of lifeline of unemployment benefits on christmas weekend. the economic package means more than a million californians will continue getting an extra $300 in federal unemployment
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aid and more people receiving special pandemic unemployment that expired on side will continue getting checks. >> there should be no disruption whatsoever. in many ways we survived as a state in significant part on unemployment assistance. >> reporter: the aid package brings assistance to small businesses seeking ppp loans and other hope. the owner of this shop says her plan to apply for assistance had been on hold until now. >> the first thing i am going to do is find out if i am eligible if i have all of the proper documentation and just apply to grants and loans and whatever i was going to get. >> reporter: it including a lot of money for other things including covid-19 testing and treatment and money for schools to reopen safely and rental assistance just to name a few.
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now, also tonight in her statement pelosi said it is a down payment on what is needed to crush the virus and she indicated that the democrats are going to be seeking additional assistance as soon as tomorrow. alex? >> all right, we will wait to see how that plays out in washington. greg, thank you. the state of valvalbegins its own $-- the state of california begins its own relief package. grants from $5,000 to $25,000 to help small businesses here in california that have been struggling to stay open during the pandemic. nationwide health officials are warning of a post holiday surge. asking the public to stay home and lit the gatherings.
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officials say someone infected on christmas day could be sick by new year's eve. and those that travel out of town for the holidays are at an increased risk. we know the actual physical act of traveling in planes for example can be safe because of the air but the mingling of different bubbles once you are at your destination. >> the u.s. topped 19 million coronavirus cases since this pandemic began. according to johns hopkins university. researchers say the case numbers more than doubled in less than two months. california continues to report the country's worse coronavirus numbers despite the stay at home orders that went into effect earlier this month. health officials are reporting more than 50,000 new cases today for a 247 people died of
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the virus in the past 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 24,000 for the state. as far as the hospital situation goes more than 4200 coronavirus patients are currently in icus, that say 2% increase from yesterday. here in the bay area health officials are bracing for a post holiday surge. they say while the number of covid-19 is not as bad as southern california it continues to climb. and it is higher than what we saw in october. ktvu has more on how some hospitals are starting to postpone certain surgeries. >> several hospitals are postponing elective surgeries to free up hospital beds. health officials say they are still dealing with the thanksgiving holiday surge and they expect the numbers are going up after christmas and new years. >> reporter: as people return home health officials worry the coronavirus will spread from
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southern california to the bay area. >> the biggest drivers of the california numbers are -- really southern california and l.a. county in particular. >> in the valley, icu capacity was at 0%. here in the bay area icu is filling up. >> we are at capacity. we have over 100 covid-19 patients. that was certainly a large spike after thanksgiving. we have delayed elective surgeries at there point in time. >> reporter: kaiser permanente is postponing nonurgent surgeries at 21 hospitals in northern california. kaiser is not delaying cancer cases. ucsf medical senter and sutter health are closely monitoring capacity levels. >> we are all getting full and have sicker and sicker patients that stay on the wards because they -- there is just not room in the icu.
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>> in santa clara county 2,000 cases reported on saturday. additional 1600 on sunday. our county of santa clara has done a nice job of trying to shift patients between the hospitals so that they are all getting full at the same time. >> reporter: the doctor says bay area hospitals won't see the effects of christmas and new years, holiday traveling and gatherings until two weeks after when people are sick enough to go to the icu. for that reason he thinks the stay at home order will last into january. >> i think we will be in this stay at home order for the entire month, unfortunately because we have not seen the christmas surge yet. it is more tempting in terms of wanting to celebrate. >> the stay at home order is set to expire january 8th.
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the icu capacity is as 11.1%. julie? >> everyone watching those numbers. >> thank you. if you want to stay up-to- date on the latest developments in the bay area or california or want more information on the bill. including when you might receive financial aid download the news app it is free. investigators tonight are searching for a motive in the christmas day rv bombing that damaged part of downtown nashville. the authorities said the suspect was inside that rv and died when the bomb detonated. tonight, we are getting our first look at the man that the police say was responsible. anthony quinn warner was 63 years old. authorities say a lot more people could have been hurt if not by quick action by the
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police. watson has more on the suspect and the search for the motive. the authorities on sunday saying they believe 63-year-old anthony quinn warner blew himself up in the christmas day explosion that rocked downtown nashville. human tissue was found among the debris left behind. the investigators linking him to the blast through dna and other evidence. earlier sunday, the authorities revealing warner was under investigation according to public record he had experience with electrics and alarms and worked for a realtor. warner appears to have acted alone in the bombing that damaged more than 40 buildings and injured at least three people. >> we are still following leads. right now there is no indication that any other persons were involved. we reviewed hours of security video. surrounding the recreational video as well as we saw no
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other people involved around that vehicle. >> reporter: tennessee highway patrol was able to recover parts from the exploded rv and matched them to a vehicle identification number registered to warner. this just one day after fbi and atf agents converged on the home in the suburb of antikwrobg, tennessee to search for clues while the authorities are continuing to piece evidence together. they still do not have a motive for the explosion or know why warner chose that low tkaoeugz detonate the rv. some of the city is reopening. some areas still closed as the fbi combs through evidence. in nashville, tennessee, back to you. >> an active duty special forces soldier faces murder charges after a shooting in illinois that left three people dead. the suspected shooter is now identified as 37-year-old duke webb. opening the fire inside a bowling alley last night in
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what appears to be a random attack. in addition to the three people dead other three are injured. >> we have three more families who are praying their loved ones live throughout these horrific injuries. among those a 14-year-old and 16-year-old. >> the u.s. army says webb is assigned to the battalion special forces group as an assistance operations and intelligent sergeant. it is base inside florida. the army says he was on leave at the time of the shooting. >> we believe that keeping people from housing and health care and food and shelter is, you know, could end in someone's life being taken away. >> trying to save lives. the push to keep the homeless
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off of the streets and in hotels. >> also ahead, a sculpture honoring the black lives matter movement, vandalize -- vandalized in oakland. >> reports of light showers, we will look at that and the radar in the five day that includes umbrella weather as we move through the week
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two landmark businesses are set to close their doors the cliff house restaurant. the owners say they are victims of the pan demic and delays by the park service. they tried to get a long-term lease to keep the business going but they only offered short term contracts. the 157-year-old restaurant stopped takeout in july because the owners said they were losing too much money. ash bury t-shirts is closing down. they sold t-shirts with featured artists. the family says the lack of tourism because of the pandemic makes it impossible to pay workers and their rent as well as buy merchandise. housing advocates protested
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today in san francisco's union square on the shelter in place homeless program. we have more on what they want the city to do to try to keep people off of the streets. >> no more evictions from any kind of shelter. >> reporter: bay area residents organized by hotels not hospitals filled union square on side afternoon to send this message to the city. expand the shelter in place program. >> it is -- it is incredibly crucial. >> weeks before christmas the department of homelessness in support of housing planned to phase out the program. putting the more than 2,000 people housed at risk of being back out on the streets and forcing the board of supervisors to sign emergency legislation e tending the program for 60 days. >> it does not change the fear people have in the hotels that they are eventually going to get evicted. so, so we need to do a lot more than postpone evictions. >> reporter: that legislation requires the city to continue
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its practice of housing homeless people in hotels while covid-19 remains a risk. an emergency ordinance was passed in april to get 8300 rooms but the city currently only has 2600 active. even less than that are occupied. >> there is no reason to end this program any time soon. the federal government has committed to funding it for the duration of the emergency. >> the supervisor drafted the legislation. changes to the original legislation concern him. >> this has been an ongoing struggle since the beginning of this pandemic. it never should have been a fight, never been a struggle. >> receiving push back from the department of homelessness and the mayor. >> and claim by the city closing hotels is essential for fiscal concerns is simply not true. >> reporter: the program cost
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the city $178 million a year. >> we should not have the hotel program be a revolving door back to the street it needs to be a pipeline to ending homelessness by a housing placement. >> hotels and hospitals say the fight to continue the program will not stop. >> we believe that keeping people from housing and health care and food and shelter is, you know, it could end in someone's life being taken away. >> the supervisor says there is funding to create a long-term program. prop c. funding was given a couple years skpaeg -- years ago and it can be used but needs permission from the mayor. for now, back to you. people in oakland called the police overnight to report
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a massive sideshow and what they believe was gunfire. oakland police say officers broke up the sideshow of 50 cars at fairfax avenue and foothill boulevard at 10:00 last night. officers then returned to the scene at about 2:00 in the morning after residents reported hearing loud shots and popping sounds. the noise was likely from fireworks and not gunshots. san jose saw sideshows last night. the police say they made three arrests, issued 22 citations and impounded 11 vehicles that they say they will hold for 30 days. san jose police warn they will continue to crack down on illegal sideshows. all right, i hope you had eye nice holiday so far, hope you have more time off. the weather tomorrow is not bad most of the day. the showers will be tonight. these are the highs. tomorrow's highs, about the same. scattered showers, monterey, santa cruz and i had reports of
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sprinkles. those will be light tonight and by the middle morning, 9:00, 10:00 it is over for the most part. that is the plan. certainly in the central bay from fremont north. so, it is really, i hate to say it, a nonrain event but it is sort of a nonrain event for everybody north of san jose. you will see more rainfall from santa rosa from this. much happier on this southern half of the system. up in here, right, you lose the lift. you are getting into a different pressure zone here. more of a high pressure area. lower, this is where the low is. this is where the strong lift is. so, that is why we are seeing strong storms, lightning strikes off shore. and, we have seen heavy rainfall in the area up around big sur. again, wish we were going to get more. right now light scattered
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showers out there. current temperatures on the mild side because of the cloud cover. the model does this at 3:00 a.m. that is not much. then, by 7:00 a.m. it is clouds. and then by eleven clock it is clear. even lake tahoe just a few light showers. this is a warm storm. not expecting a great snow event or anything like that. we have a dry by system on wednesday afternoon. there it is. not much either. maybe something on thursday morning. but we do see, and you will see it in the five day. it opened up. and what i mean by that you got a lot of opportunity for clouds. you see a p.m. chance. it is all over the map. we are not under is a ridge of high pressure. so, one of these is going to hit eventually. almost certainly we will get some rain this week. a couple areas of sprinkles and nothing big and then the next week is looking fairly aggressive. this week looked that way, too,
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last week. to tell you the truth. rains overnight. not noticing much of anything north of san jose. tuesday looks like a sunny day with clouds coming back in on wednesday with a chance of showers in the afternoon. i will see you guys back here tomorrow. >> all right, bill, thank you. appreciate it. coming up at 11:30 on sports wrap, joe and jason will break down the latest nfl picture and they will take a look back at the a -- amazing win yesterday by the 49ers. someone vandalized a sculpture what the artist says he plans to do next
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a sculpture of breonna taylor was vandalized over the weekend. it was installed two weeks ago as another symbol honoring the black lives matter movement. >> the local artist wanted to pay tribute to the 26-year-old woman who was shot and killed by louisville police back in march. the artist believes it was an act of racism. >> it is upset and it is saddening. >> reporter: the artist stands near a broken bust of breonna taylor. he made the sculpture as a tribute to the young emt worker killed by the police in kentucky. he hopes it will energize the
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black lives matter movement. >> i have been out in the streets protesting and organizing and seeing all of the art and around it is really -- it makes you feel more powerful. i just want to add my voice to the chorus. >> now it is in pieces. two weeks after it was installed. it is unknown who damaged it. they believe it is an act of racism. it is san attack on the black lives matters movement. >> the sculpture is made out of clay, wood, concrete, foam. people passing by were disappointed someone would want to destroy a piece of local artwork especially when there is special meaning behind it. >> i think it is messed up. it is a symbol for the community. >> it is just a shame. he did not file a police report.
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he plans to fix the skaoulture himself. ktvu fox 2 news. >> -- sculpture himself. ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you for joining us. sports wrap is up next with joe and jason. >> alex nice to see you. take care everyone, have a good night. we will be back tomorrow. good night
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the warriors breakthrough the first win of the season in dramatic fashion. despite the win their trip to the windy city proved costly. the 49ers and raiders are out of the playoffs and the pressure is mounting for the team on the post season bubble. >> tensions are running high regardless of records. >> you can not want to go out there and win. you should not be here. >> we have a winner in the trevor lawrence sweepstakes at the jags lose their way to the possible quarterback of the future. so, grab ahold of something. well, not that. or, just get out of


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