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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 28, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. >> now at 10:00 and is a nurse recovering from the horrific act of violence that may have caused her her right i. >> nobody should have to go through this. there is absolutely no purpose to this. >> the mother of two severely injured by a rock while driving
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to work good evening, everyone. i am heather holmes. >> i am under a senior. the rock smashed the windshield when it was apparently thrown from an overpass. it happened two days before christmas. new at 10:00 samantha smith is here and says this is not the first time of violence like this has happened. >> yes andre sadly chp says more than a handful of similar object throwing incidents have occurred within the same vicinity causing damage to carpet, a grandmother was killed back in april. in this particular case the mother is thankful she survived. >> my three-year-old keeps ask king, mommy are you okay? >> christmas is a joyous time of year for many families but for the burnett family from
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concord this holiday room, their lives ruined. after a heinous act of violence. >> it was not an emergency on the road that i had to swerve out of the way for. there was nothing. this is all senseless and without purpose. >> last wednesday the labor and delivery nurse was headed to work at costa contra regional medical center. as she was driving on highway 242 about to take the state interchange to martin a she heard a long loud bang and then immediate pain. >> i started break getting out and i could not see. something hit me in the face. i thought my plane was bleeding. pam blindly pulled over using siri to call 911. was later determined it was likely thrown from the oliver overpass. >> the rock hit the right side of my face. it/through my right and left eyebrow. >> pam under went
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reconstructive surgery on christmas. she has vision in her left eye but not right. >> we are waiting on my right i to see if it is savable or not. >> i am really sad for my wife. but i am so angry. >> angry somewhat commit such a crime. several similar incidents have been reported from the same area on the highway. back in april at 63-year-old grandmother from antioch was killed when someone threw a brick. so far no arrest. >> they are saying it is hard because there is no cameras in the area. but, since it has happened before you would think they would have the ability to put some cameras up. >> at one point she feared the visual she has of her children today would be her last. she is thankful that is not the case. >> to have the site in my left eye, it means a lot to me that i will get to see them grow.
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>> she has set up a gofundme to help pay for mounting medical bills. unclear when or if she will be able to return to work meantime chp says no witnesses have come forward. they suspected is likely the same person but they cannot say that for certain. i am -- smith, ktvu fox 2 news. >> now we go to washington where tonight the house voted to override president trump's veto. the annual military spending bill setting the stage for what could be the first veto override of his presidency. this will includes a 3% raise for american troops and authorizes more than $740 billion in military programs and construction. president trump up whose certain parts of the bill including a provision that removes the names of confederate leaders from military bases. the senate will take up this legislation later this week.
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meantime the battle in washington over the size of's and phyllis checks intensified today. democrats passed a bill increasing the amount to $2000. the senate republicans good block that effort when they return to session tomorrow. howard jan is live now with how president trump and democrats ended up on the same side. >> very unusual house speaker nancy pelosi oh and president trump actually agree on this one wanting those hired $2000 check. as you mentioned there could be a wrinkle with the senate tomorrow. senator bernie sanders added a new twist late this afternoon. >> house democrats and does not sever pecans asked the bill for larger relief checks. >> the bill is passed >> president trump signed a separate. with $600 checks but had sided
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with democrats wanting an increase to $2000. >> every senate democrat is foret but, unfortunately, we do not have the republicans on board. >> that puts senate majority leader mitch mcconnell in a difficult spot as some senate republicans say they will not support the bigger checks. >> why would we be sending $2000 to people with a six figure income who have had no reduction in their income at all. >> even in the bay area six figures can leave you short. >> losing my job and trying to hang in there. this stimulus would be a help. >>, fiscal conservative so i do not like to see this going into our budget but it is needed. i see people filing for bankruptcy now that never two or three years ago you look at everything they own and you would think these people are
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set for life and it just got wiped out in a year. >> there tang owner of escape rooms in concord said he had to let employees go. >> every one of these employees are sitting back being furloughed. >> he plans to apply for the second round up a repeat loans in the new stimulus bill in hopes to expand his now online business but knows his employees will also need more help. >> it is getting to the point where the cash flow is getting really tight where we might have to just go down with one person or two. if we do not get this ppp loan. >> the senate reconvenes tomorrow and senator bernie sanders said tonight in that we let the senate vote, mitch. sanders also threatened a filibuster saying " i am going to object until we get a legislation to provide a $2000 direct remit to the working class. a filibuster can put pressure on senate republicans from georgia who are facing a runoff election next week that could keep them in washington and their democratic opponents support the $2000 check.
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heather. >>, jana as you mention all now in the hands of the senate. jana katsuyama reporting life rest tonight. stocks were higher today with investors breathing a sigh of relief that president trump signed the covid relief bill and also averted a possible government shutdown. the dow was out 240 points. the s&p ending 32 point. all three indexes closed at new highs. companies that were hit hard by the pandemic including restaurants, airlines and cruise operators had some of the biggest gains today. today president-elect joe biden accusing the trump administration of putting up roadblocks to his transition team. >> right now we just are not eating all the information that we need for the ongoing outgoing from the outgoing administration in key national security areas. it is nothing short in my view of irresponsibility.
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>> he singled out the defense department and office of management and budget in particular as refusing to give all necessary data. he also described the many government agencies as hollowed out and letting in personnel and expertise. >> vice president-elect kamala harris and her husband are scheduled to receive the coronavirus vaccine to mount morning. they are expected to get their shots in washington, dc. president-elect joe biden received his first dose last week. >> governor newsome said the number of coronavirus cases has leveled up but and action rates are acted to go up after the holidays. that meets the current stay-at- home orders will likely be extended. we get more tonight from ktvu local reporter. >> that siding last weeks holiday traveling gathering
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governor gavin newsom gave a bleak outlook of what is ahead. >> expectation of more the same to the rest of the holiday season surge on top of a surge. arguably on top of again another surge. >> much of the state including the bay area remains at a stay- at-home order. san joaquin valley and southern california were eligible today. >> the three-week period is now due to expire both in san juan canaan southern california egging the question, is it going to be extended? it is pretty self-evident. >> stay-at-home orders must remain in place until us the projects the regions icu capacity will stay at or above 50% for at least four weeks. here is where i see you capacity stands around the northern california 29.4% for the bay area greater sacramento 16.6, san joaquin valley and
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southern california 0%. zero does not mean there are no beds available but it does mean hospital staff is being pushed to the limit for covid-19 protocols. >> absolute admiration and respect who are asked to do more with less. >> most of the state is saying hospitalizations starting to plateau. 's rate is back from holiday travel could change that picket is the same concern bay area health experts have and why they believe our stay-at-home order could ask then extend past its expiration on january eighth. >> i think we will be asked to stay home the entire month unfortunately. we have not seen the christmas surge yet into at this is even more tempting and wanting to celebrate. >> the governor said the state could withhold discretionary funds from counties that do not comply. health officials and the
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governor pleading with people to avoid gathering on new year's day. greg lee, ktvu fox tv news . >> hearing california health officials say 33,000 new cases were reported yesterday. that is slightly below the seven day average. 64 more people have died. looking at the bay area there were nearly 3300 new cases and four more people died as of yesterday. statewide more than 20,000 people are hospitalized but the governor said new admission seems to be flattening out. today cvs began administering coronavirus vaccine doses to most vulnerable americans, elderly people living in nursing homes and other care facilities. cvs will administer nationwide 700,000 will be administered here in california. pharmacists have long given all kinds of vaccines including pneumonia and shingles. these covid essential inoculations will be given in the field >> we are going to be entering 15,000 long term care
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facilities throughout california, 40,000 of them being nationwide. our goal is to enter the facilities and vaccinate the residence as well as the staff members of these long-term care facilities. >> cvs as well as walgreens are providing doses from the pharmaceutical company, pfizer. companies plan to offer vaccines to the general public when supplies allow. presidents and staff members in the seattle area nursing home that had the first deadly covid-19 outbreak in the u.s. again receiving vaccines today. the first death associated with the life care center of kirtland was reported in late february and more than 40 people connected to that facility later died of covid-19. coming up tonight new video
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of that christmas day bombing in downtown nashville. as belief identify the man believed to be responsible and also continue to search for a motive. a pandemic new year's day. find out what people and one business are planning to do. do we have got some rain to talk about. little bit last night and more on the way. back here with the five-day forecast in a few minutes. ♪ we're going to find the perfect tree.
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we are just days away from a new year but with most public events canceled this year's advancing of the calendar is likely to be much more subdued. new at 10:00 amber lee asked people whether they plan to celebrate the new year and found many cannot wait to leave 2020 behind. >> tonight everyone we spoke with tells me they just want to get 2020 over with and we visited a restaurant here and jacqueline square to see what it is offering for new year's eve. >> -- by the backyard in oakland may be a popular drink for the new year holiday since it is said to be a hangover next available to go since this large outdoor restaurant cannot host the hundreds it did last year for new year's day. >> it has put a damper on morale for sure. we are just hoping to continue
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pushing forward. >> pushing forward means offering take-home meal kits that include fazoli a soup that is a new year's day special. food and drinks served to go with optimism on being able to reopen for sit down service sometime in january. >> we can get back to doing what we love doing which is inviting guests into the backyard to enjoy great food, great drinks, great time, as socially distances we can make up and check shoppers tell us a bottle of champagne or wine is on their list for new year's day but they say are are not and assemble atari. >> just tried to make a until 2021. that is all that is on my mind right now. getting to the next year and after that taking it day by day. >> we will watch a movie or something. i will just be a regular night. it is not the year to be doing things. it is really not worth the risk. >> i did to get an invitation from a friend as they are hosting a little party but with
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the new viruses that are coming out or the mutations that are happening in europe, i do not know if it is wise to do that so i might just stay home and relax. >> at the backyard this family is picking up take out with thoughts about how they will spend new year's eve. >> getting good food, spending time at home, enjoying each other's company. >> they plan to get up early new year's day. >> there has been a lot in my mind just symbolically. almost to give the figure to the year. at that wake up in the morning and see a sunrise and go it is a brand-new year. >> starting tomorrow the backyard will be accepting online and phone orders for its new year's eve food and drink. prices range from $20-$50 depending on the number of servings. andre.
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>> many people who can do so can support their local restaurants while celebrating at home by themselves. amber, thank you so much. >> officials in san jose asking people to report illegal fireworks this year. >> if you see fireworks being used in your neighborhood snap a picture if you can safely do so and file a report online. >> with new year's eve and the vietnamese lunar new year fast approaching they want to remind folks that fireworks are not only dangerous but they are a legal. the city recently raised fines from up to $1000 to a $3000. the agency that ran seven bay area bridges is making a change to its billing procedure. the bay area toll authority announced beginning next year drivers who do not have a fast
10:20 pm
track or a license plate account will be mailed a bill monthly for their toll crossings instead of after each crossing. the change applies to all the state owned bridges. that is every toll bridge except the golden gate. drivers who use of fast tracks transponder will seat no change. for years after the cc use lightning fire started back in august cal fire has declared the fire is controlled. that means officials are confident there is no longer a chance every nation. the lightning complex fires killed one person a charred more than 85,000 acres and destroyed nearly 1500 aliens across and manteno san mateo and santa cruz counties. >> we got a little bit of rain. bay area totals 15 to 20% of where we should be for this time of year. the storm door stays open. this last storm that went through a 10th of an inch in some places, lesson others. down in the santa cruz mountains a little bit more.
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los angeles over an inch and a half. the rain came in the south end of the state which is not the place you want it. you want to rein in the north and. here is the big long-range model pick of the storm door stays open. there is tomorrow, there is wednesday. seek that weeks system through wednesday. a break on thursday and something slides through friday. it is nothing really, it is week. then saturday night into sunday morning we get one and then a pretty good flow develops after that ended tuesday, wednesday and beyond. hope we get back on track for wet weather and snow in the mountains as we get into the end of this week. when i come back we will look specifically at tomorrow and what you can expect for the new year's holiday. >> >> all right looking forward to that forecast. after the break new information on the christmas day bombing in nashville. hear from two people including a police officer who narrowly escaped that powerful blast. later treaty coronavirus before icu care is needed. we are learning of a pilot
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authorities have identified the man believed to be behind a christmas day suicide bombing intent is to become the motive for that attack remains under investigation though some officials admit they may never know the reason. foxes might towbin is following the story from nashville. >> reporter: surveillance video captures the moment and rv explodes in downtown nashville christmas morning. moments later a police officer takes part in the evacuation. when the blast hit. i was getting ready to walk back toward the rv and you watch the video and you can see that moment of clarity to meet when i heard -- say go check on. >> the way i see it two angel showed up on our doorstep
10:25 pm
christmas morning and happen to be in police officer's uniform. >> not everyone got out of the blast zone in time because only one killed was not bomber excels identified through dna analysis as 63-year-old anthony quinn warner of antioch, tennessee. the bomb was parked at the at&t building. wonders late father worked for at&t. they an unnamed investigator saying they are looking at 5g technology for automotive but nothing concrete as to why. >> trying to determine if there is an ideology that this person was trying to push by their act of violence. so, at this point that question has not been answered. >> one neighbor told the associated press that one or told them that nashville the world would never forget him. >> he was just a loner.
10:26 pm
>> he waved to people, you know. he just never, never would be friendly with anybody, never talk to anybody. >> police say warner was not on their radar. all that shows up on his record is marijuana possession for resale from back in 1970. in nashville, mike tobin, foxnews. the police officers body camera capture the moment just as the bomb exploded. shattered glass and debris all across the downtown area. you can hear the car alarms going off in an sporadic last. one officer noted those explosions could have been from ammunition inside the burning rv. sharing the california supreme court ruled unanimously that inmates convicted of non-
10:27 pm
violence sex crimes cannot be denied a chance for early parole consideration. challenges the 2016 voter approved ballot measure. that initiative was championed by former governor jerry brown as a way to reduce prison populations and costs i speeding chances pearl. he and other proponents have said they never intended for it to cover sex offenders but lower appeals courts ruled that the plain language of the measure ruled that those inmates cannot be precluded from consideration and today the high court agreed. the pandemic's impacts on renters and landlords and legislation that could help extend a moratorium on eviction. a south bay medical center reopened. how does helping treat patients for the first time in years as california sees a coronavirus surge.
10:28 pm
later in sports we will hear from the warriors had coach after the nailbiting win last night. a former police officer faces a judge on manslaughter charges. his plea today and the judges order. if there's anything that this year has taught us, it's the things that matter: family. health. that's it. we found help at covered california. now we have a plan we can afford. enroll now at
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airports have been slow during the holidays. few cars were seen outside the international terminal at sfo today. the airport is reminding people who fly that san francisco and santa clara county are requiring travelers to pointed for 10 days after they arrived. san francisco says there were fewer people flying christmas week then the week of thanksgiving due to the stay-at- home order that was issued earlier this month. another potential vaccine begins a large-scale trial. -- tells us the study comes as
10:31 pm
coronavirus cases mike across the country. >> more than nine and have million coronavirus vaccines have been distributed nationwide. today novavax became the fifth company to launch a phase 3 covid 19 vaccine trial in the u.s. operation wipes it providing more than $1.6 billion for the clinical study. this comes has states like new jersey and massachusetts begin vaccinating long-term care residents. article has not been to just meet the current challenges to but to ensure high-quality care and the safety of residents in step going forward. >> vaccines are rolling out in the middle of a surge of covid- 19 infections coming on the heels of colder weather and holiday travel. the country is averaging more than 200,000 new cases each day. just last week nearly 40% of icu patients were battling covid 19. that is up from 35% at the end of november. >> limit your gatherings to
10:32 pm
small groups of people within the same household. consider the risk of including elderly loved ones or those more susceptible to the virus. >> there are growing concerns about a new variant of the virus in the uk. scientists across the country are testing samples to determine if the more contagious strain is in the last. >> there is no evidence that this includes more serious illness or increases death. it is does not mean it is widespread in the u.s. even if it is in the u.s.. people flying in from the uk must receive a negative coronavirus test within 72 hours of departure. foxnews. japan is no longer allowing visitors to enter the country. japan is banning anyone who is not a resident of japan are a full-time resident. >> the ban is in reaction to the new coronavirus variety that spreads more easily.
10:33 pm
members of the u.s. military in japan will be allowed to enter the country but they must follow quarantine rules. california is capping military personnel for help in treating the coronavirus. a ktvu deuce source briefed on the plan says army and u.s. medical personnel arrived in california earlier today to assist in the pandemic response. they will be assisting with the regeneron trial at a hospital in el centro. the area in imperial county has the highest per capita covid 19 rate in the country. military kids will be led by a critical care nurse as well as a doctor. the intent is to try to treat hospital patients before they become you and require icu beds. officials and santa clara county have reopened a long closed hospital morgan hill to help relieve pressure on other facilities. as and ruben next lanes tonight health officials worry it might not be enough.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: in gilroy the hospital is out of icu beds and they are short on nursing go santa clara county has taken action for the long shuttered depaul health center was quietly reopened just before christmas. it is now accepting 36 subacute covid patients. >> it has really been helping to unload those patients that are stable enough to be discharged not quite to go home. >> still officials say it is not enough. too many people are simply too sick. >> there are days where we have to transfer them outside of our county. >> so santa clara county officials held another news conference to issue yet another warning. >> we have already lost 650 people in our community. these are invaluable, indispensable people to our families and communities. we cannot lose another person. >> they said the -- committee
10:35 pm
has been especially hard-hit. 52% of covid-19 cases but only 25% of the population. >> essential workers are our sisters and brothers, our friends, our children's caretakers and it is up to us to keep them safe >> volunteers have been going door to door offering education and free testing but they are worried that the holidays whelming gatherings and and even bigger surge in cases. >> we celebrate differently. celebrate virtually, celebrate with just the people in your household. >> this is imperative they say since the hospitals cannot take much more. >> we continue to do all we can do care entry our patients. but, it gets harder all the time. >> for now say louise has postponed all elective surgeries and they are trying to bring in some traveling nurses to help with staffing. and ruben, ktvu fox tv news . >> some of the restrictions on those who can and cannot donate blood may soon be lifted.
10:36 pm
the food and drug administration is launching a new pilot program. the findings could determine whether or not to lift a ban from blood donations frommen . researchers are expected to present their findings by late next year. in san francisco the iconic k asperger's sure store is closing its doors after 43 years. the last day of business will be on thursday. the family on shot sells shirts featuring the summer of judge including janis joplin, the grateful dead and plenty of other designs. the lack of tourists and food foot traffic makes it impossible to pay workers, cover the rent and purchase merchandise. >> the airline's business is down 70%.
10:37 pm
the correlation is obvious. we get so much foot traffic especially between memorial day and labor day and, of course, this year it was all kaput. >> and joe ducey of all t-shirts being sold for half-price. tens of thousands of californian still struggling to pay their rent 11 months after the pandemic for starter. coming up at 10:45 the effort to extend moratorium past their expiration. a rupee police officer charged in shooting a man. a little bit of rain last night. we need more and there is mark coming. i will have the five-day forecast after the break.
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city crews in san francisco cleaned up pate that had been splashed on a statue of president abraham lincoln and city hall over the weekend. these hold photos show that the end of the. the statue was defaced sometime on saturday. this comes as the city is taking a look at an and another look at lincoln's attitudes toward native americans. there is a plan to rename lincoln high school because of mistreatment executions of native americans under president lincoln. of former san francisco police officer pleaded not guilty to a manslaughter charge in connection to a shooting of a carjacking suspect. christian catherine has more on today's virtual core appearance. >> in court today christopher
10:41 pm
entered not guilty pleas to felony charges including manslaughter and firearms charges for the 2017 shooting death of -- o'neill who was unarmed at the time. >> formal reading of the complaint and advisement of rights and he is entering a plea of not guilty. >> charge the former officer for the incident. police were pursuing o'neill believing he had been involved in a robbery and car jacking. he fired his weapon. o'neill was taken to an area hospital and died from his injuries. -- had only been on the job for four days when the shooting occurred of the former officer appearing in court monday via zune the judge ordering him to remain out of jail but hiring him from having a gun or ammunition in his position and saying he must go undergo screening for alcohol counseling. >> if you obey all laws that do not possess any firearms any
10:42 pm
weapons, any ammunition or ammunition devices of any sort. do you agree to those conditions is for the condition of your release? >> yes, your honor. >> he is doing court february ninth 9:00 a.m. christien kafton, ktvu fox tv news. >> lori laughlin has been released after her two months since. is a bit of a media circus with news of her release with paparazzi sticking up the present. she pleaded guilty to charges she used bribes to get her doctors admitted to usa. her husband is expected to be released from a different federal facility in april. ac lion back as he. the release today that marine mammal experts call miraculous. our chief meteorologist
10:43 pm
bill martin is back with our complete forecast and will show us if there is more wet weather on the horizon.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
today marks one year since covid-19 was first reported to the world health organization. at the time doctors were calling it pneumonia with an unknown cause. health officials in china first discovered the virus in the city of wuhan which became the epicenter of the pandemic.
10:46 pm
the director general says this was a moment to reflect on the told the virus has taken and a focus on what needs to be done to end this pandemic. >> millions of renters across the nation and here in california could lose a financial protection put in place early in the pandemic. state and federal laws with eviction moratorium could expire. it is creating uncertainty for renters and for landlords. >> by the end of january some renters behind on their monthly rent payments could receive notices to vacate manager people have been living in a state of anxiety because people never know how long the moratorium is going to left. >> in march santa clara supervisors enacted an eviction moratorium to protect covid sheltered employers from losing their homes. >> this week the federal government protected the nation. but that security blanket runs
10:47 pm
out january 31st. >> we are definitely concern for our community and really across the country for people who are unable to pay their rent as of february first. >> experts estimate 35,000 s. bay families face challenges paying their rent and 10,000 could be left homeless if the eviction moratorium lapses. >> they are taking every action that they can to make sure that their rent is paid just knowing that their housing instability and housing is so critical for their family. >> this is not a one-sided equation. the people to whom the right his own, landlords say the pandemic and resulting eviction moratorium has been devastating to them. >> it is a big financial loss for these people and they are getting hurt quite a bit. >> bills company promises
10:48 pm
paperwork in a wide range of cases including infectious. the vast majority of landlords own one or two properties. going months without collecting rent has put them in financial jeopardy. they been stuck with this for months and yes they are telling us that they are afraid they are going to lose their property. >> legislation in the california assembly and congress would help both groups . and the relief bill the president signed sunday night the federal eviction moratorium is extended through the end of january. also part of the bill on national relief fund of $20 billion. there is also a proposal to provide mortgage relief for landlords. ktvu fox tv news. after five weeks of intensive rehabilitation a sick and injured sea lion is now back at home. officials at the marine mammal center called the recovery of the sea lion miraculous pick of the young male was suffering from a severe shark bite wound and also demo at acid poisoning.
10:49 pm
he was released into the wild last week. more than 440 seals and sea lions were treated this year at the marine mammal center. checking in on the weather. yes, not a bad day after that rain we had last night which did not produce a lot of rain unless you are south of monterey. down into the san luis obispo, santa barbara and into venture and all the way down to los angeles and san diego. it is cooler outside. there is not a lot of wind, not a law of clouds. temperatures are will. valley fog is something to be concerned about because the ground is wet and it is going to be a cold night. doors open for starters but the system going through wednesday no biggie. made maybe a little something thursday morning. friday afternoon some sprinkling in the north. late saturday and into sunday and beyond is when we have an opportunity for some drenching
10:50 pm
rains, some significant step. it is tough because we have, the storm door has essentially been open. was opened last night, it was open last week, it is just not producing much in the way of significant precipitation. this is a big, deep trough here. you can see the activity in southern california. they got over an inch and a half of rain in some places. see the yellows on the reds, that is significant rainfall. had that system remained in our latitude which is typically the case for this time of the year. it would have been 3 to 5 inches, 3 to 5 feet in the mountains, maybe more. we missed out on that. we have more opportunities to come. that was a big storm and we missed it. crit temperatures are running a
10:51 pm
good amount behind where they were last night at this time. 10 degrees colder now. 11 degrees colder in nevada and five in hayward. valley fog is that thing. here is to bow night. basically the whole day tomorrow is nice. mostly sunny, maybe a little valley fog. wednesday morning, partly cloudy and here comes that wednesday afternoon. maybe thursday morning a little something else. that is about it. after that, though, as we get into sunday and monday, the models are hopefully going to put that thing together and or that thing is going to come together and the models are recognizing it and do a series of weather events. you can see highs where it should be maybe a little bit warmer. the five-day forecast the story when the five-day forecast is is just a lot of storm door open but nobody home. i will see you back here at 11:00. coming up in sports sent curry drops in as seizing high
10:52 pm
36 and it was not enough to beat the bulls. joe fonzi will join us with more on that. how officers finally made an arrest after listing the suspect as speeds of up to 135 miles per hour. ♪ ♪ digital transformation has failed to take off. because it hasn't removed the endless mundane work we all hate.
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good evening, everyone. his happening tonight and splits the warriors beginning this mbas is with the ford road trip. they will finally wrap up that in detroit. the best thing you can say is that they are a work in progress. green still not in the lineup for game three of the triplicate in chicago it all came down to this.
10:55 pm
the warriors down to inbounding with five seconds left. the walls overplaying seth curry and that opened the door for damion lee. lead knocks down the three, the warriors have their first win of the year intermatic matching, 129-128. set curry. hopefully you pick up some wins like we did last night. i do think this team will have a really healthy learning curve. you throw all that stuff together, no training camp. i hope i do not sound like i am making excuses pick i am just trying to give everybody an idea of why we are where we are right now. >> saturday was an impressive win for the 49ers. a game in which they were just playing for pride but they severely damage the playoff hopes of the arizona cardinals. when your season is over and you are only going for pride in you are not in the playoffs you have a tendency to look ahead to next year. cj -- did a nice job in his
10:56 pm
audition to be next season backup throwing three touchdown passes for the first time in his career and hanging onto the football. there has been a lot of buzz as to whether the 49ers still regard graupel low of his starting quarterback. shanahan was asked whether he rig thinks he will be in the quarterback next year. >> he has proven he is a starting quarterback in his leg. we had a couple of other guys who got opportunities year who played they have a chance at times to be a starting quarterback used to look at every avenue and you see if there is something out that they get you a ton better. it is the same answer for every position. look at jimmy and look at where he is with us financial. we better have a good ansell if we are going to find better than that. i think jimmy is going to get a lot better the more he plays.
10:57 pm
>> changing of the guard in foxboro as cam newton and the patriots hosted josh allen and the bills. allen stands in the pocket and throws one of his three touchdown passes to --. it was never close as the amc champs when 38-9. newton was on the bench and bill belichick not happy about his first losing season and 20 year. they are 12-3. washington is still in the running for a playoff spot. today cut the player who started in the lost yesterday to carolina. twice this year has broken the team covid rosen has been fined. haskins turned the ball over three times yesterday and was replaced by taylor hankey who was a practice squad guy less than a month ago. washington will be a playoff team with a win sunday against philadelphia and hankey will be
10:58 pm
the starter if smith is not recovered from a calf injury. >> it is the time of year when you can expect to hear a lot of wheeling and dealing when it comes to baseball teams and it does appear that the san diego padres are all in. today the padres strength and their pitching staff by acquiring you darvish from the cups. he was 8-3 as a starter last year and he will be starting his ninth season. this comes a day after the padres acquired blake snell. he was mowing down the dodgers in game six of the world series. the manager pulled him in the sixth inning. no runs and 73 pitches. among other things the nba tops this date in sports history. >> just a year ago on this day nba history made in new
10:59 pm
orleans. three holiday brothers, aaron and justin for the pacers andrew for the pelicans were all on the court at the same time. it was on this day in 1975 that roger style box desperation pass to drew pearson dallas is 17-14 playoff win over the vikings. starbuck later said i through the pass and said a hail mary, and organic origin of the term commonly used in football today. that is this day in sports, december 28th. >> now you guys know the rest of the story. hail mary as it applies to football actually has the story behind it. >> it certainly does. learn something every day with you, joe. thank you. we will watch a movie or something, it will just be a regular night. >> bringing in the new year with the safest way possible as health officials urge people to stay home. >> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2
11:00 pm
starts now. >> as egress people may be to say goodbye to 2020 health officials are urging people to play it safe on new year's eve. hello i am andre senior. >> i am heather holmes. frank and julie are often i. once again the concern is about people getting together allowing the coronavirus to further spread. >> really really hope that as we enter one of these periods with the foreseeable future with new year's that people make the decision to stay local and stay-at-home. >> health officials say infection rates go up after every holiday and they fear the same thing will happen after new year's. the play to stay home comes as hospitals across the state have now reached a breaking point. most public events are canceled but it is unclear just how seriously people will heed the warning from public health officials.


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