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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 30, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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. another confirmed case of the variant of the coronavirus and it is in california. good evening. the governor made the announcement today. the new case is raising questions if it's too late to stop the strain from spreading. >> the governor announced that
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california's first confirmed case was found in southern california. >> this new strain that we've identified from the united kingdom and other parts of the globe identified in colorado yesterday has been identified in california. a man in san diego tested positive for the coronavirus and it is the variant that has circulated in the uk. that's the second confirmed case in the united states. >> it's able to bind to the receptors on cells better. >> dr. fauci says at this point the new strain does not pier to cause worse illness. >> there's no indication it increases the ability to make you sick or kill you.
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it doesn't make it more strong in that regard. >> on wednesday colorado released new details about the first case. he was on the team of six guardsmen to a town outside of denver. now a second guard men is being quarantined. massachusetts and delaware are analyzing suspicious samples. >> with this mobility we have, someone who's asymptomatic can get this infection and not know about it. >> the cdc requires that travels from the uk present a negative test upon arrival from the us. >> we got to covid tests and no
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issues. we'll be quarantining. >> i was planning to go somewhere else, but the borders are closed. >> we're going to do what we have to do. >> the current vaccines should be effective against this new strain. >> late today health regulators in china have given conditional approve to the first vaccine. the state owned maker says it is 79% effective. developing countries will rely on vaccines made in china. the governor laid out guidelines on how public
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schools will return to inperson learning. the governor expects a phased in process. it would start with the youngest students and students most at risk. those schools will have to submit a safety plan to reopen but there's a change. >> local health departments can disapprove. rather than a default of no, it's yes, you can disapprove. once open the state officials have the obligation to monitor and provide support. >> the governor will request 2 billion from the legislature for testing, classroom modification and protective gear. a study found attending school is not associated with increase risk with contracting the coronavirus. to the south bay a girl was
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hit and killed by a truck being unloaded from a car carrier. police say a car carrier was unloading at a dealership. a girl jumped on the trailer in front of the truck. she was taken to the hospital where she died. police did not provide a age. ahead of new year's eve tomorrow law enforcement agencies are reminding everyone that fireworks are illegal and dangerous. san jose doubled the fines for those caught with fireworks. >> reporter: a person can be fined $1,000 for a first offense. fire officials say the illegal
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firework activity on july 4th was unprecedented and suspect the pandemic had something to do with it. >> the big new year's eve fireworks show witnessed by thousands is not happening. canceled due to the pandemic. there's no word of sanctioned firework shows. >> the absence of having those professional firework shows, we believe has contributed to the use of illegal fireworks in the community. >> erica ray says the city logged 6600 complaints of illegal fireworks on july 4th. the fire department responded to 54 fires. >> we had trouble covering the
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emergency calls. >> people are looking for excuses. >> law enforcement expects a busy holiday. security cameras capturing illegal activity. >> we're in the middle of the a dense urbancation and it doesn't make sense. >> it's not harm to the people lighting the fireworks. >> susan has both a husband with ptsd and dogs. >> the dogs are terrified. it's draw maltic and abusive. >> firework fines got steeper.
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>> the fireworks are very expensive this year. residents can report fireworks to the online tool. every year officials send out the warning and every year we see fireworks in particularly in san jose. you have covered them in the past. have the officials reveal how they will crack down on it this year. are they patrolling the area? >> reporter: it's hard. as you mentioned i have reported throughout the years. in terms of enforcing the
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fireworks, illegal fireworks it's up to the private sentence to report the activity and capture it via cell phone video or a picture and report it. in terms of staffing up i asked san jose fire if they will staff up. they could not provide an answer. they have enough staff but it will be up to the citizen to try and report folks. it's hard. you are reporting on your neighbor and catching them in the act and have the evidence can be tough to provide. >> be saw them putting out an ad asking people to take a picture of what they see and send it in to them. we'll see what happens tomorrow. a few bay area bars and
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restaurants are in trouble for violating the health orders and try to throw new year eve parties. >> i don't know what if people show up with long gowns and tuxedo. >> an invite for a black tie masquerade ball is making the rounds. the restaurant will be closed. >> we were upset about it. we did not know that they posted the event. >> this boils down to a misunderstanding. the planner inquired about the space weeks ago. >> we contacted the organizer. they did not remove it. we're trying to contact them, ask them to remove it from the
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outlet they didn't. i'm sorry for our patrons that this happened. >> if san francisco is health department posted this is aing the business constitutes a threat to mental health. they were promoting a party for the past week. event bright removed the listing. and 620 jones postponed the event. >> the rest of the state is -- with covid. >> he's concerned gatherings will bring more cases of covid. >> social distancing may not work pause there's a lot of alcohol, shouting and screaming
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giving droplets super powers. >> the bay area is under a stay at home order. keep gatherings to those you live with. coming up, two bay area nurses go to extra mile after they leave the covid unit. and we have rain rolling through the bay. i'll let you know when that will wrap-up and with we'll talk about the weather for the last day of the year. brand
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. it's misty out there, we've had showers rolling through the bay, until you're in the north bay. the golden gate bridge the roads are wet. take it easy. san francisco 51 degrees, oakland 53, livermore in the 40s. santa rosa starting to clear out. 48 degrees. we'll get fog in the north bay and the valleys. this is the tale end of the system. we're getting a brush, just a tiny brush. you can see as i roll this
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back, the cell that came in at 6:30 and headed toward napa. now everything is light. sprinkley and it will wrap-up as we go throughout the evening tonight. what's not wrapping up is the west, northwest swell. we've had dangerous rip current and sneaker wave dangers and now a high surf advisory through thursday and friday. we could see wave heights upwards of 15 feets and breakers up to 20 feet. very dangerous. i wanted to roll this forward, this is the next seven days. it's shot after shot after shot of storms coming our way trying to bring rain. it's very active. the storm door is open, we have
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a chance of making up lost ground. >> the amount of water in california's mountain snow pack of half of arm. automated measurements found the snow water content to be 52% of average to date. the first manual marm found 93% of average. the wettest months are still ahead of us. >> the other two third of our wettest months remain in january and february. it's not uncommon for the bulk to come from a handful of winter storms. >> it supplies 30% of the water
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from the state. two bay area nurses on the frontlines are finding time to help others outside the hospital. after they finish work, they help the homeless. amber watched them in action tonight. >> reporter: the two nurses care for people here. this evening they visited the homeless. >> just take this load and see. >> stephanie brady is taking boxes of donated items to a homeless encampment. >> both women are nurses at john muir medical center in concord. administrating care in the form
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of food, clothing and items is annex tension of their work. >> i have to help those around me. during a time in a pandemic this is more important. they need the help. >> peanut butter and jelly. >> items are donated. brady started five years ago and distributes what she collects twice a year. >> it could be me, it could be my family, and we're lucky to have a career and stability. >> this outreach a way to cope with the stress of caring for covid patients. the number has tripled since the end of november. the hospital has stayed ahead
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by creating more bed could pass tee. >> when the surges happen it's scary for us, we're working a lot of hours. >> rogers started monday working in a covid unit. >> i'm scared him more patients we'll have. >> there is fear of becoming infected but impower. new camaraderie. >> and prepared to put it out there when you go to work. people have a false sense of hope we're rounding third and we're not. we have to hunker down. >> each pack has hand sanitizer. there's big bottles to leave around camp. >> both women say helping the homeless is no different than caring for patients. being a nurse means being
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selfless and helping anyone in need. ma is the hardest part of caring for covid patients? >> the hardest part is watching her patients suffer in isolation. normally patient care involves her building relationships with patients. now with covid they have to limit the at of time with the patients. >> are they getting donation from family and friends, but is there any place people can drop off items if. >> when i asked her that her response was provide meals for the nurses and colleagues at the hospital. >> they could use help. they are working so hard.
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thanks. the debate in congress why they support and oppose the size of the direct relief payments. >> senate democrats are not giving up their fight to approve $2,000 payments. >> the only way to get to the american people the $2,000 checks they deserve and need is to pass the house bill and pass it now. >> both schumer and bernie sanders tried and failed to pass it on the senate floor. >> i object. toomey and other republicans say they are not targeted
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enough. some people that are fully employed will receive them. the newly passed will receive aid. expansion of unemployment insurance benefit those who have been ineligible remain eligible. >> mitch mcconnell will only consider the checks if they are combined with a repeal of section 230 of the decency act. >> the senate is not going to split apart the three issues. >> it is delaying a vote to over ride the president's veto. >> it my hope we can over right the president's veto. >> the veto override will succeed but maybe not until
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saturday. >> missouri pan josh holly will challenge the college vote over unfounded claims of fraud. none. change the confirmation of biden's victory. it will put republicans in position of having to go on the record against president trump. he is considered the post prolific serial killer in america.
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i just lost my job. with the kids at home and less money coming in, there'd be no way we could afford health insurance. my kids think i'm a superhero. but even superheroes need help sometimes. we found help at covered california. and not just us. 9 out of 10 people who enrolled got financial help. covered california.
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this way to health insurance. enroll now at . a man confessed to 93 murderers across the country has died. the california department of
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corrections announced the death of some all letter. he was pronounced dead this morning. he's with 80. an official cause of death has not been determined. he was serving three consecutive life without parole sentences. he had been in prison for the past six years. police in santa rosa continue to investigate the death of a 14-year-old girl. she was found dead in the back seat of a car. henry lee says the 16-year-old driver was arrested for guy but investigators believe the 14- year-old was dead when the crash happened. >> a camry sideswiped a nissan and left the scene. the suspect pulled over a block
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away. >> the 16-year-old female appeared to be intoxicated. they noticed there was another teenage female laying down. >> officers took a closer look. >> she was unresponsive. they opened the door to check what's going on. paramedics were called but it was too late. >> a 14-year-old girl. police have ruled a couple things out. >> we didn't see anything that would indicate foul play. the collision the sideswipe was so fine or. >> the officers did cite the driver and released her to her parents. >> it is tragic to see two young taigers, one lost her life and the other will be
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impacted by the death of her friend. a mountain lion was spotted in the area of parr on the drive. the animal did not act aggressive. officers checked the area and were unable to confirm the sighting. if you see a mountain lion do not approach it. coming up, costly pay outs by police departments for excessive force. see where taxpayers are footing
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the biggest bills.
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. a 19-year-old man is suing police saying officers put him in a chokehold. his civil rights were violated and he suffered an injury. he asked why he's being detained. officers say he was resisting attempts to detain him. the police acknowledged the person they pulled over was determined not to be involved. bay area law enforcement pay out millions every year. two of the largest agencies
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have seen pay outs fall since they adopted police reforms. evan on the cost to taxpayers and how reforms may be changing things. . >> and we apologize, we're having technical difficulities. we'll work to sort things out and bring you that story. starting tomorrow, people in oakland will be able to text 911. calling 911 is the best way to get help in the event of an emergency. if you can't call or talk you
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can send a text message. when sexting an emergency send your full address. for the first time the census bureau will miss the deadline for turning in the account. officials don't expect the numbers to be ready until after the biden administration is sworn into office. the sense us count is done every 10 years. coming up, san jose mayor delivers his state of the city address. where he's seeing positive signs. the new year brings new
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opportunities to catch up on the rainfall totals.
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i. police pay outs in the bay area. here's the story. >> i love you. >> she visits her son's grave. >> he was tall, skinny, happy kid. he loved me so much. he loved his mom. >> reporter: two police officers shot him on the 4th of july in 2016.
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he was threatening suicide and had shot himself. >> he suffered a mental break down and needed help. all they had to do was help them. he pointed a gun at them. but a witness disputed the account. >> i would rather have my son back. we didn't want your money. >> what we found is that agencies under going reforms paid less than many left to police themselves. alameda paid the most. 27.6 million. next was the san jose police department. 17.5 million.
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vallejo paid 6.5 million. >> behind the dollars there's people whose lives were lost. people who were stopped for lo reason. san francisco and oakland have paid far less. oakland 3 million. san francisco paid $2.6 million. an investigation found the two departments paid the most. >> for many years we were the worst. >> a civil rights attorney sued. the lawsuit prompted reforms including over site. if you have a department will to reform it doesn't have to takes a long as oakland. >> alameda county sheriff, who
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has paid the most, expanding deescalation training. >> we have time to look to see what happens. >> after the high profile cases. each case settled for more than 5 million. >> our job is to be that of a protector and guardian and be more like the sheep dog. >> the police officer, day-to- day, they are thinking of doing their job. >> rocky lucia said payoffs don't equal wrongdoing by police. >> the job has gotten tougher. >> now with body worn cameras, he police are under more scrutiny and police aring to
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settle. >> we handle so many of these cases, officer involved shootings. for the life of me i don't know why they settled. >> now calls for police accountability increases more cities are looking at the police documents. >> it's not a deter end to police officers not behaving. >> a retired judge was the independent monitor for san jose but limited in her power. it's time for agencies embrace oversite. >> over site holds officers accountant. >> san jose mayor gave a state of the city address. most focussing on the pandemic.
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how the city is faring. >> the address, delayed from the spring because of covid-19 went viral as the mayor waited to the end of the year to update residents. >> what is the state of our city. >> use be social media to spread his message he said his city is suffering. >> days filled with wildfire smoke, civil unrest. we have been bruised and battered. >> the toll is seen in lost lyes. such as patricia dods. shuttered businesses. still the mayor says success stories have renewed his faith
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in the ability to weather the storm. >> we're moving in speeds we never moved before. hopefully these are learnings we can transfer in the fit. >> they will be in the light of may evers. >> ongoing crisis and changing demographics put mayors in a more powerful position. >> mayors are the epicenter for government in the united states. that was happening anyway, the country is urban. it was accelerated by covid. history will shine a positive light. >> years from now we'll look at
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these moments of collective resilience, courage, of invasion that have emerged during this difficult time and describe a different narrative. >> the best qualities of the city and the residents will be needed as san jose begins dealing with the surge and vaccinations get to those most in need. a 17-year-old trying to bring joy to people. see how he's doing it's a smiley face at a time. tracking rain, and when the next round will hit.
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. the tallest cranes are in the bay. a ship sailed unthe bridge, before that could happen the ship had to lower the peoples of the cranes to clear the goal especially gate and bay bridges. the ships are anchored in the
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bay. >> residents of a community are noticing handmade signs around the town. they are all the work of one high school student. >> this year of covid may not be much to smile about except in danville. downtown is dotted with smiley face signs. >> i think it great. we can use cheer. >> the signs are handicrafted in the workshop of this high school senior. >> i think everyone is down about no school and having being closed. i thought a smiley face would cheer people up. >> he's created and hung 20 signs. they are made of plywood. >> with the scraps i make the eyes and mouths. have ever since i was a kid i
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would sign my name with a smiley face. i figured start out with these. >> those who walk or drive by appreciate the simple sentiment. >> this is a perfect way this student has come up to make people happy. people need a pick up. >> the chamber hope the signs will draw people to the area. elected officials are applauding the teenager. >> hands off for doing a great job. trying to spread that cheer at a time many people may not be cheerful. >> i feel proud when i see them, i know i did that myself. it makes other people happy. i'm going to spread out in different towns and keep going.
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>> that's a great idea. that would make me smile. let's talk weather. light rain out there. we had one downpour in the north bay. head over to napa and dissipate. as we look, it's quite light at this hour. if we look at totals they are not impressive. you can see, it trickled down as it went into san francisco and oakland and the south bay. this is the ail end of a system in the northwest. we have a second system that comes in friday night. it will be later in the evening and should be similar. you see the slick roads.
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some people are out driving at this hour. tomorrow beautiful sunshine, start off with valley fogg in the morning, friday start off sunny. and we'll see a few showers. take you through futurecast. thursday last day of the year. it will be a beautiful year. friday morning the system off the coast. you can see it falls apart. i don't know if we get as much as we got tonight. we see the storm door open and a chance for meaningful rain. warmer out there. temperatures four or 5 degrees warmer than last night. if you were in the 20s last night that's good news. everybody should be in the 40s. tomorrow above average
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temperatures. upper 50s, low 60s, a lovely day. if it was a normal year i would talk about fireworks and if you need a heavy coat, but we're staying home and be safe. maybe go for a walk. as we get into sunday and monday, we'll look at a bigger rain system and we may have an atmosperhic river. we'll see how that pans out. it's good news as we are running at a deficit of the rain. >> thank you so much. in the spurs game tonight, history was made for the nba. mark will have that in sports. >> on the 11:00 news. crab season is on hold for northern california.
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. how's it going. this is a cool story. nba history made tonight. nobody scored 101 points. but it comes in the coaching ranks. a major break through and it's the spurs that pull it off tonight. it was in the 2nd quarter when the head coach was ejected from the game. that's greg pappvitch. enter the first team to be coached by a woman. she takes over. she does the job. into the game and into the record books.
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hammond is in her seventh season with the spurs as an assistant. the spurs do lose to the lakers. she's not a novice. she's coached for seven years and a six time all-star in the wnba. a lot of credibility for her. talk about credibility. how about the warriors rookies, james wiseman. after 6 games. he's doing well. averaging 12 points, six rebounds, 60% from three. doing it all. one media guy got him confused. >> what did you think of the james wiseman. >> it did look likionis.
10:56 pm
he's figuring out when to be aggressive. you can see the skill set. what he's capable of. he's just a kid. he's just learning and it's amazing to watch someone that young with so little experience. no summer league and no training camp to see how poised he is. how much he listens without feeling criticized or judged. >> a reason for optimism for the warriors. fine tuning for the st. mary's gaels. let's go and see how it went against sac state. they venture out.
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tommy koozy the drive to the bucket. 14 point halftime lead. koozy will drive. fouled it counts. a victory for st. mary's. the gaels are 9-2 and ready to start their conference play. you can call it the overachieve erase bowl tomorrow. it's the arizona bowl to be played in arizona. featuring the spartans against vol state. that would be david letterman's old school. here's the head coach. >> they are 6-1, we're 7-0. we're teams no one expected to win the conference but we did. we have tough, resilient football teams. last day of 2020 we get to play
10:58 pm
a football game. >> cotton bowl oklahoma against florida gators. a rough one for kyle task. the quarterback throws three picks and the sooners return this 45 yards up. it's a blow out. 55-20. the sooners easy victory. they are 9-2. in the nfl final weekend of the regular season. this time last year we were talking about the niners. you know what happened this year. not so good. but coach shanahan talks about the finale against seattle. >> you think you cannot prepare. that's when you are on the way out in the league.
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you play a certain way. if you pick and choose the sport won't be for you in the long run. people continue think you're playing for that much. you can say a lot, one thing that's cool about football you are what you put on tape. >> you want to know the definition of a cool cat. check this out. [music] . >> like i said, cool cat. vibing to the polka. >> where do you find these things? >> animal watching. yes, he did. animal watching relieves stress
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during the pandemic. >> animals make things better. >> i'm excited about the 49er's game. >> it didn't end well for the 49ers, you have ream tiffs in seattle who were happy. it's a fun rivalry. next at 11, christmas eve we hadfireworks all night long. >> residents in the south bay are bracing for illegal fireworks. violators can expect steep fines. >> new year's eve is hours away and bay area law enforcement


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