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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 31, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu trend to . deserted streets on this new year's eve. no big firework shows. no champagne parties. warnings to stay at home and slow the spread of the coronavirus. >> i was want to see fireworks on new year's eve. this year it is because of the pandemic and everything. i did so everyone can be safe. >> another day of tradition
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upended by the coronavirus. thank you for joining us. >> tonight, as people say goodbye to so 2020, many say they are ready to bring in a new year. with live team coverage of the subdued celebrations. we will show you it was a busy night for restaurants handling two orders. first to as nasa smith. looks very different this new year's eve. >> reporter: yes it was. it appears people are heeding the warnings. the streets are empty. it is quiet. other known spots in the city are also quite. lot of people are at home celebrating safely. 2020 ended on a different note. san francisco gone or the big crowds. no such showed this year due to the pandemic. we did a few people milling
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around. >> we want to have new year's eve spirit. we are walking around and looking at the bay bridge and the lights. >> reporter: city hall was lit up in gold to ring in the new year. many beach and park parking lots closed, including the marina green. >> the original plan was to go out and rage and help 1:00 in the morning. came to let's go out and see the city. it is nice out. >> reporter: this couple was out for an evening stroll and had the right idea to stay in their bubble. law enforcement looking for those of violating the stay at home order. >> if they are not heated then people can be cited than banned or arrested for not complying to the help order. >> reporter: minis people spent new years eve ordering out and staying in. the market restaurant sold out of its new year's eve dinners. what a tough year for restaurants. many sadly sought there are
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mice. >> reporter: the iconic clip house sign was taken down "they are officially closed after 157 years, after negotiations with the national park service yields. many were devastated to see the landmark go away. >> i think the national park service, it is a tragedy the way they have handled this venue. >> in my new year's resolution is for a better year and to find a new job. i worked here for 15 years. >> reporter: almost everyone has that they cannot wait for 2022 be over and for 2021 to begin. >> hope is a great word. hope for change and moving forward into the next year. i think we learned a lot of patients last year and building on that is big. >> a lot of people said they
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hope to travel and see family and friends in the new york. persons that they hope to see and and 219. emma is ringing in the new year at home. she found people who appear to be splurging on pricier champagne and bigger take-out orders. >> reporter: that is right. this is one of the busiest nights of the year for restaurants, they are feeling take-out orders. even though there is no going out to near zero party, the celebrations are continuing. tonight, the phones will not stop reading for take-out orders eddie pizzeria. >> business can bite compared to prior new year's eve has been much busier. it has been that way 100% of our locations. >> reporter: new year's celebrations are smaller but the take-out orders online and
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through delivery apps have been larger. >> people have been ordering entire meals. compared to pre-covid the average order size has increased quite a bit it seems like people will want to buy in for lunch and dinner. >> reporter: at this meet company, other families are choosing to cook their new year's eve meal. anymore are heading to the wine and spirits shop inside. >> people are looking for something special. >> reporter: quinton says sales of champagne are down 25% compared to years past. yet, whiskey sales are up. overall people are going to the top shelf variety. >> people are not buying cheaper, if anything they might be buying more expensive because they know they will not be going out. they are willing to step spent on something nicer. >> reporter: once back at home, and the drinks are poured,
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virtual concerts are 2020s take on live events . >> it is our gift to the public as we say goodbye and good riddance to so 2020. >> reporter: include tilt in moments for viewers to raise a glass and take a sip when they hear the keel. the theme of this year's yours has been across households keeping it small, no fuss and low-key after what felt like a long 2020. >> it certainly felt like a long 2020. at one bay area restaurant the closed its doors for its final time tonight. it was last day at el -- mexican restaurant in lafayette. customer stopped by throughout the day to pick up their last take-out order and to say
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goodbye. the owners said they decided to close for good due to losses brought on by the pandemic. this restaurant had been in business for 73 years and was known for its cadillac margaritas and a serving big crowds. >> people are sending me so many emails of good wishes. they are encouraging me. that has meant so much. >> the are both employees when they met. they later married and together they bought the restaurant from the previous owners in 1994. they are not sure what they will do next. the people of new york bring in the new year with the famous bull drop at times square. >> five. four. three. two. one.
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>> this time, there was no shoulder to shoulder crowd. of the celebration was whittled down to production crews, police, and if you doesn't like heroes of 2020, including first responders and essential workers. >> we have the men and women here to keep people safe. again, when you look around it is surreal. >> along with the famous ball drop, 2000 pounds of confetti came down over time square. with tonight smaller crowds, the nypd had 80% fewer officers on hand. most of the world has run in the new year. this celebration, fireworks lighting up australia. usually there are 1 million people packed into the harbor
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to watch the spectacular fireworks show. this year, that was not allowed because of the pandemic. officials told people to watch on tv instead. in tokyo, a bell was rung to mark the star of the new year. the came as the country is seeing a spike in coronavirus cases. usually hold massac county the events but they were canceled amid the pandemic. the new year was rung in by monks at the temple. in rome, italy, fireworks exploded over the coliseum. people enjoyed them from the balconies or other homes on tv. italy is in a strict lockdown with residents not allowed to leave their homes unless they complete a declaration saying where they are headed. even pope francis skipped services. he is late up by a chronic nerve pain and did not preside over new year's eve celebrations . here at home it has been a toned down new year's eve.
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earlier today, the oakland police department sent out a message on twitter reminding residents that setting off fireworks and shooting guns are illegal and you and the people you love at risk. residents seem to be heeding the warning tonight. this is the view from one of our live cameras. as you can see, it is calm and quiet so far. also in the news tonight, a hit and run driver in a stolen car and is in custody after hitting and killing two people who are walking in the south market district. it happened around four clock this afternoon at the second and mission street. police say one person was pronounced dead and the other died at the hospital. the driver ran from the scene of the crash but was detained by officers. police say the suspect is on parole for robbery and the vehicle was stolen. this afternoon, the investigation into a shooting and crash forced the hp to
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close all southbound lanes of u.s.-101 in south san francisco. sky fox was overhead as they surrounded the car. they found no one was inside. police say two men did show up at the hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries. please the shooting happened an hour earlier in the ingleside district. the suspect has not been arrested in the shooting. faith leaders in oakland with a tribute to those who lost their lives to violence. singh, catholic church displayed 100 to crosses today to represent the number of homicides in oakland this year. the bishop of the oakland diocese called on the community to renew its commitment to prevent future violence. >> when each of these people died, their family members, parents, spouses, children remembered them. we remember them today and lift
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them up to the love and mercy in the arms of almighty god. the last time oakland reported more than 100 homicides was back in 2012. coming up, san francisco extends its stay-at-home order and trouble quarantine. the decision as covid cases climb. and 10:30 . >> and infectious disease doctor. what you expect? he said i do not know. >> that man right there was one of the first confirmed cases of coronavirus here in the bay area, nine days in the hospital months recovering. a personal story tonight of struggle and triumph. new year brings a better pattern. what we can expect as we head into the new year.
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from san francisco stay-at-home order and trouble quarantine have been extended and it definitely. the orders require people not to socialize with others from outside their household. they also require the and one traveling into san francisco from outside the bay area quarantine for a minimum of 10 days. the help leaders safety orders will remain in effect as long
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as the state regional stay-at- home order is in place and until the city's icu availability and covid infection rates improve significantly. >> we know that reopening is so important for us as a city. we want to balance that against what we are seeing in the data. restaurant had hope some of the restrictions would be rolled back, allowing them to at least resume outdoor dining. health officials in santa clara county give an update on covid numbers and vexing efforts. as we tell you, nearly 100,000 vaccines have been received as a number of covid cases continue to climb at an alarming rate. >> they will be dying to celebrate. it is not now. >> reporter: this dr., the covid-19 director of healthcare preparedness with santa clara county warned hospitals are stretched to their limits this new year's eve. that there's often 50 or more patience waiting for a hospital
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bed. icu capacity remains extremely low. >> what we are seeing now is not normal. it is an order of magnitude more than we saw just two months ago. we clearly are not out of the woods. we are in the thick of it. >> reporter: health officals gave a grim update on covid numbers ahead of the new year but had better news about vaccines. so far the county has received more than 95,000 vaccines and are working to vaccinate healthcare workers and nursing homes as quickly as possible. some are on track to receive a second dose next week. >> the residents of one care facilities are at a high risk. represent 45% of the deaths we have seen from covid. >> reporter: the next group will be those 75 years of age and older's and some essential workers like members of law enforcement, teachers, and grocery store workers.
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cases are showing signs of letting up with 50 cases per 100,000, fewer than seven cases is needed to get out of the purple year. our researchers are stretched thin. nearly 1300 members of the national guard and other agencies are being dispatched to help with medical staffing shortages up and down the state. guard members have played key roles in efforts to set up surge capacity early in the pandemic and helping to make up for a shortage of volunteers at food banks. california marked a bleak milestone in the pandemic. the death toll has climbed above 95,000. we are the third estate to reach a number. 428 deaths were reported yesterday. that is very close to the record of 432 from the day before. new cases are down a bit to so 27,000. health officials disclosed 3
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new variant cases in san diego county. hospitalizations are above 21,000. icu cases are over 4500. ellie county is one of the hot spots for coronavirus infections in california. health officials say every 10 minutes everyone dies of covid- 19 in that county. today, they launched a powerful social media campaign to drive that point home. haley winslow has the details. >> any day, any minute, right now. i will take it. >> reporter: what he would give her another hug from his brother. 65-year-old don nichols was the first covid-19 patient at chino valley medical center. >> he was like a big teddy bear. he would get everyone a big hug. mrs. him giving them their hats. >> reporter: about every 10 minutes, every 10 minutes in l.a. county only dies from covid 19.
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and e.r. nurse who worked doubles for months on end, a recent retiree who dreamt of finally traveling the world. unless you work for emergency medical services, or at these hospitals, or you have been a patient, i know it is hard to understand the scope and the scale of the disaster that is happening. there is no doubt, and i will tell you right now, we are in the midst of a disaster. >> reporter: in an effort to encourage people to stay home, the l.a. county permit a public health is tweeting every 10 minutes until midnight, highlighting a life loss this year in the pandemic. >> it is meant to help us honor all of the people who have passed away but also serve as a reminder that each of us has a responsibility and an opportunity to save lives as we enter into the new year. >> reporter: neighborhood meal delivery person who saw all of the kids grow up, a new mom, a
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world war ii veteran, and grandma who always try to feed her grandchildren even when they said they were not hungry. the gentle giant who greeted everyone at the church door, who is a fifth family member the nichols have lost. >> please stay home, enjoy yourself. be thankful. be thankful for what you do have. be satisfied and comfortable at home. >> health officials across the state safe from workers are refusing to get the coronavirus vaccine. and estimated 20% is a 40% who were offered the vaccine refused to take it. roughly 50% of front-line workers in riverside county have turned it down. experts say the news is troubling. this if not enough people are getting vaccinated the pandemic will likely stretch on indefinitely. here we go.
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new year's eve 2020 is upon us. are having a nice night. however, there is a chill in the air. if you are in santa rosa or napa, it is 80 degrees cooler than it was this time yesterday. 5 degrees cooler in the san francisco. everyone is chillier tonight. a live outside as we head into the new year's eve. we are down to so ordered degrees in santa rosa. they will be chilly temperatures tonight. 51 in the san francisco. san jose at 47. overnight tonight little cooler. inland valleys could see patchy fog even frost is possible. tomorrow we will start off sunny. nice temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we will see you at rain later in the evening.
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i will track that for you when i come back in a bit with your extended forecast. we will talk about the chance of the storm door is wide open for 2021. coming up, fewer parked cars on the tracks. why they are positing deliveries of the shiny new models. accusations that girl scout cookies are tied to child labor in the palm oil industry. how the organization is responding.
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the girl running an electric bicycle was killed in san jose. the cities second traffic death involving a child. sky fox over the scene as the investigation was ongoing. san jose police say the girl was riding a bike in the parking lot of an apartment complex when she was hit by the driver of a pickup truck at 11 pulled 20 am. driver is cooperating with officers. authorities have not released the girls age or any other information.
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art says it will temporarily stop accepting new railcars to give the manufactured time to resolve some liability issues. the so-called fleet of the future cars it has already received routinely stop while in service, resulting in delays of up to 10 minutes. b.a.r.t. also says cars must be removed during wet or rainy conditions due to the wheels developing flat spots. they have accepted close to 300 of the 775 new cars. deposit and the delivery is expected to last for at least 12 weeks . oil used in many products, including girl scout cookies, to child labor. the girl scout organization is addressing those allegations tweeting, child labor has no place in girl scout cookie production. our investment in the development of our world use must be facilitated by the
10:26 pm
underdevelopment of some. the associate press reports that at least 85% of the world palm oil supply is sourced from indonesia and malaysia, whole families, even young children, harvest the crops. >> i asked my mom, when can i continue my school. my mom said, no more school. you have to work. >> girl scout officials say they have spoken with the two bakeries in charge of making the famous cookies, telling them to make changes if they receive palm oil from suppliers profiting from child labor. still ahead, a new law on the books to protect essential workers. how it forces companies to notify workers of a potential coronavirus exposure. a fight breaks out at the end of the armed forces bowl. joe fonzi will be here with the highlights. up next, a survival story. meet a member of the ktvu family who contracted the
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virus back in march, faced a long recovery, and then set a new goal for himself. >> i was going to do something i have never done. i am going to run a marathon. it's hard to have an invisible illness. like depression. no one sees you need help. no one knows you're not okay. so when someone recognizes the importance of mental health and offers a hand, it means everything. my illness may be invisible. but thanks to covered california, i'm not. all covered california health insurance plans are comprehensive - with mental health coverage, and financial help for people who need it. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st.
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the coronavirus has impacted millions of people with so many families grieving a loss, even many survivors face a rough recovery. niwot 10:00, ktvu shares one very personal story of struggle and triumph in the age of covid 19. >> reporter: what you are looking at me not look like anything unusual. this is a glimmer of hope in what has been an otherwise tough year. you may not recognize him here. >> one of the first reporters on the scene. >> reporter: matt keller is no stranger to the camera.
10:30 pm
>> this is the first time you have seen the crime scene. >> reporter: for more than 20 years, he worked for several television stations including ktvu . in early march 2020, right after his daily run, the 44-year-old knew something was off . >> i got out of bed and i coughed. it was a weird cough. i've never had it before. the next day the fever had gotten bad. went up to 103.4. i was wondering, what was going on. >> reporter: he eventually found out in san jose they he tested positive for the coronavirus. >> i asked the doctor, what should i expect? he said i do not know. >> reporter: he was one of the first nifty confirmed coronavirus cases in santa clara county. region was hit hard early in the pandemic. as you will soon see, this story is not one of numbers. for me, this is very personal.
10:31 pm
you see, matt is my husband. it is what he describes as the hardest physical title of his life, he spent nine days in the hospital writing covid-19. they said we will put you under. i said how long? they said it could be weeks or months. >> reporter: at one point, his oxygen levels dropped. on the brink of being put on a ventilator, he wrote goodbye letters to me and our daughters. >> realizing that i could be unconscious and on life support for weeks or months, that is when i wrote the emails to the girls and you. is probably the hardest point. i face timed you. did not say anything. we just looked at each other. we were in silence. it was like, what do you say? >> that was it.
10:32 pm
it was the understanding of we do not know what will happen. >> reporter: it took months. thankfully, matt recovered. with laughter and in awkward non-handshakes, we were able to reunite with the infectious disease doctor who helped keep matt off a ventilator. >> he is young and healthy. i said we should try and not incubate him. >> reporter: the doctor pointed out there are more treatment options now than in march. also, there are three times as many patients. also note our family is one of the fortunate ones. my body did not bounce back. i had to remember i was flat on my back for eight weeks. >> reporter: upon returning, we spent weeks isolated from each other.
10:33 pm
then my husband read an article about possible long-term effects on covid patients. he got angry . >> he was like, i'm going to do something i have never done. i am going to run a marathon. >> reporter: mission began when he had enough strength to go for a walk in our backyard. >> i was in the backyard and i would walk. i would jog a little bit to see what it would do to my oxygen levels. the next day i would do more and more. >> reporter: with his doctor's clearance, matt eventually started training for a marathon. >> it was painful. there was an eight mile run the i came home and i dropped everything. you saw me. i said i do not know if i can do this. >> reporter: i was not a fan of this quest. the doctor is a professional sports medicine and understands what i was concerned. what is unusual about this
10:34 pm
virus is that you may start to feel great and then you get back to things and hit you again with another wave. you are then set back again. it is a slow process. as your husband has demonstrated, you can get back. it takes time. >> reporter: time it took. after months of training, no official race to run in, and a determination to reach his goal in 2020. embarked on a one man marathon. nine months after he was isolated in a hospital bed, my husband, a covid survivor, who at one point got winded taking one shower and 26.2 miles. he was greeted by our daughters at the finish line. >> i got covid. i dealt with loss. at the end i did something i
10:35 pm
have never done before. it is something that in all honesty, back in march and april did not think it was possible. >> you look amazing. i am so proud of you. >> what a story. what a journey. i did not know that until tonight. you can read more about matt's journey at congratulations, matt. we are so happy you are doing well. look for the headline on the front page. dozens of south bay firefighters and other first responders got the coronavirus vaccine today. the county wire chief says it is a big relief. >> this provides me a great sense of comfort to all of the fire chiefs. our folks have been going out every single day. we have had outbreaks in several agencies within santa clara county ergo providing
10:36 pm
this first line of protection for our folks is critical for them to continue to do their jobs. especially as we are starting to see cases ramp up and we are going out there every day. >> this is day two of the clinic and officials say they are ahead of schedule. yesterday goal was to give about 80 shots. they administered 170. they hope for 250 more. expect to get to most of their 1600 firefighters in the county plus ambulance staff in the next two digit two 3 weeks . coronavirus vaccine doses are in short supply. new details on how dozens of files were spoiled what was being called an intentional act . inauguration day in the three weeks. how the coronavirus response will likely change. as we go in two 2021, you'll want to take the
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in wisconsin for mrs. is in jail accused of tampering with nearly 60 vials of the moderna coronavirus vaccine. police in the milwaukee suburb say the men deliberately removed dozens of files from refrigeration overnight twice last week. the premises motive remains unclear. police believe he knew the spoiled horses would be useless and people who receive them would mistakenly think they had been vaccinated when it had not. 57 people who received the tempered doses have been notified. the president-elect has been critical of the trump administration handling of the pandemic and the rollout of the vaccine. we take a closer look at haute
10:40 pm
joe biden's strategy will be different from the current administration. >> reporter: joe biden will honor american lives lost two but 19 the night before inauguration ergo is sobering start to his effort to stamp out the pandemic and repair its harm. is repeatedly blamed the trump administration relieving struggling states with little direction and assistance. with early struggles in testing and getting ppe. >> we are planning an entire government efforts. will set up vaccination sites and send mobile units to hard reached communities. truckee his own plan to combat the virus, echoing a number of president trump efforts. we about to vote the to produce vaccine components and ppe, president trump used it for critical supplies, something he touted in the white house video. >> we launch the largest mobilization since world war ii. we transformed our factories to build tens of thousands of
10:41 pm
ventilators and millions of millions of masks. >> reporter: biden wants to open most k-8 schools in the first 100 days. >> school closure to harm low income students. we provided $13 billion in elementary and secondary schools toward the c.a.r.e.s. act and funding. >> reporter: the efforts diverged on how to achieve the same goals. president trump will disease truckers out of china amid the trade were and withdrew from the world health organization. biden wants to rejoin it. the trump demonstration should the cdc of control of coronavirus data, calling the system out in. biden was the cdc to advise target& reopening's. better was to this one doesn't contact racers, president trump walked contact tracing advocated for relief for businesses and individuals. as a closeout 2020, the president-elect tweeted the founders will not disappear overnight but he is hopeful what is ahead, calling for unity
10:42 pm
. mike pence has asked a judge to toss out a lawsuit by a group of republicans that aim to allow pence to overturn the results of the election. it argues that pence has the constitutional authority to decide which states electoral college votes to count, including states were president trump lost. and argued the suit should not be aimed at him but rather at congress. the move comes days before congress meets on wednesday to certified the electoral college votes. coming up, new roles for how businesses notify workers of coronavirus exposure. why many companies fought against them. we are trucking a wet holiday weekend. we will show you when the rain will return.
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covered california is the only place that offers financial help for health insurance, and now, there's more help for more people. and free assistance from experts to get more californians covered. starting with you. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. the new year brings with it new laws. starting tomorrow, as mrs. will be required to help us cope with the pandemic. that is included being told about possible exposure and the benefits they are entitled to. rob ross has more on the new law. >> reporter: when in covid-19 outbreak struck the tesla plant last week, workers accuse the company of not being upfront about possible infections. tesla denied the allegation but
10:46 pm
such concern lead to a new california law that takes effect on friday, january 1 two assembly bill 685. under the new law, a business must notify employees within one day of learning of any potential covid-19 exposure at that workplace. must offer them information on benefits, such as workers compensation and leave. it offers protection against retaliation's. infections must be reported to local health agency. is supportive label organizations concerned about worker safety. it is applauded by the san francisco chamber of commerce. >> the businesses can do whatever it takes to get the pandemic under control get people vaccinated and the economy going again. it is part of that plan and it is great. >> reporter: many statewide business and trade groups fought against the bill, including california farm bureau and the chamber of commerce ergo is that in a
10:47 pm
recent letter to lawmakers that the wording is unclear. quote, it's definition of exposure is broad and vague, resulting in triggering exposures. the medical community largely disagrees. smacked a great thing, basically, you want to have as many notification channels as possible to let workers know how safe or unsafe that is. >> reporter: up until now, how much a company notifies employees about a work place covid exposure has been up to employers and local health departments. >> if you know what is outlined in the state law then you can protect your self from the legal liabilities. you can see i follow you state law and i did what i was supposed to do and i informed the people ergo >> reporter: the hope on both sides of the issue that as more people become vaccinated the new law will eventually become moot. from california's minimum wage is going up in 2021 as of
10:48 pm
tomorrow, employers with more than 25 employees must pay at least $14 per hour and employees with fewer must pay at least $13 per hour. the lot was passed four years ago and increases over time with a one dollar raise each year until 2023. some cities have gone above the state law with setting their own rate. here we go. we are wrapping up the year. we are heading into 2021. we have rain on the way. i want to start with our report card. it is not good. we have been doing badly. we would be failing if we got a great. this is what we have been received since july 1. this is 18% of normal. san francisco is 28%. santa rosa is 23%. we have catching up to do. we will have a chance of doing that as we get to the new year.
10:49 pm
is not happening tonight. as we get into our new year's day will start the day relatively sunny and nice. right now, 40 in santa rosa. 43 in napa. where down to the low 40s in fremont. 50 in san francisco. we are running cooler than we were last night. lows will dip down to the 30s for quite a few people. not as cold as the 20s we had a few nights ago. tomorrow we will call it partly cloudy because we'll start off with the son and the clouds come in in the afternoon. we have a chance of rain in the night. there is futurecast. i will take you through the night. tomorrow there is 1:00 and the clouds role in. about 7:00 is what we will see the showers from the north bay to the south. similar to what we had last night. saturday it stays unsettled and cloudy. sunday is the same story.
10:50 pm
monday we have a big sister. this is tomorrow night's rain. a 10th of an inch. by monday, that looks like a bigger system. after that the model is suggesting that we have another significant system coming on wednesday. lot of chances to make up. we will also get sierra snow. that is good news there. the winter storm watch starts sunday. they are looking at 18 inches. have another one on wednesday, just like we do. i will show you your a five-day forecast. i promised i would bring a little bling for new year's eve . i do not want to disappoint the crew. i did ask my sister to her tiara. you think i would have my own. take a look at your five-day forecast. we will get some rain in the next week. happy new year to my coanchors and to all of our crew that is
10:51 pm
working diligently to keep us on air. to all of you out there, we appreciate you. >> you are looking good in that tiara. happy new year . >> coming up in sports, san jose state looks to and their perfect season with a win. joe fonzi will show us how they did, next.
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10:53 pm
hello again everyone. here's what is happening tonight. i do not need to type what a strange year it has been in the sports. i brought a couple tonight for the final sports passport 2020. san jose state, no shortage of obstacles. the one thing the spartans cannot overcome was an outbreak
10:54 pm
of covid on the team. had to play today without several other major players, including bailey on the offensive side and defensive player of the year, kate hall on defense. same for their offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator. you cannot blame the guys on the sideline if they were shellshocked as the arizona bowl game got started. the game started as poorly as it could have for the spartans. on the first offensive series, it was picked off by phillips. eagles 53 yards the other way. that is less than three minutes into the game. san jose state was down 6-0. it got worse in the third quarter. drew close to an open player. that is a 48 yard score. it is a 44-0 came spartans got some life. charlie takes the ball at the 1. he turned on the speed. it is a 99 yard score.
10:55 pm
it is far too little, are to's late. the spartans will lose for the first time this year in eight games. naturally, they take a moment to reflect. >> everybody's hearts is ripped out. we know we did not play as well as we are capable of growth they took it to us. i do not regret bringing the team back home. that was the best thing to do for our players. for the mental health and being back with her people. >> the best story of spartan football has been our brotherhood and our family. it is how committed everybody has been for each other and our process of coming together and building up together. not exactly warm feelings at the end of the armed forces bowl after mississippi state beetles the 28-26. the players got together and
10:56 pm
these are not your traditional postgame handshakes. you can bet there will be ramifications for any of these players next year. the cal bears it would be tough playing tonight in eugene against oregon. it was. met rather, one of two players in double figures. had three of his 21 points and bears are up 2. final seconds of the first half, that is curry like. it is the ducks by 1. the ducks broke it open in the second half. they were on 11-2 run. they had three threes in a two- minute span. 82-59, the final. oregon the winter. cal has a record of 5-5. usf is starting the wcc schedule today at san diego. the dogs at home and down at
10:57 pm
halftime. there is just deal. he takes care of business all the way to the hoop. that puts the don up. they are adding to their lead. three is not down. a career-high of 24 points. the don's are winners, 70-62. they are 7-4. they play gonzaga on saturday. a couple historic nfl games that happen on this new year's eve as we take a look back at this day in a sports history. to related nfl games in different cities on this day in 1967. in green bay, a quarterback sneak with 16 seconds left the give the packers a 21-17 win over the cowboys. this game was known as the ice bowl and gave rebate the nfl title. just a 10th year of existence for the league and the team,
10:58 pm
the oakland raiders hosted houston. the raiders left nothing in the playbook, breaking the game open on a fake field goal. there is a touchdown. the raiders and packers would meet two weeks later in super bowl two. that is this state in sports, december 31. the wires finally play a home game after starting out with four straight on the road. he went 2-2. they open tomorrow against portland. green is expected to be in the lineup for that game. we thought we'd say goodbye and let someone who has a good perspective on life sent us off for the final sports cast of 2020. steve kerr has been around a little bit. but see what he had to say to his guys and perspective on the old year and the new year. >> i am happy the year is ending , like most people. it has been a lousy year.
10:59 pm
as a coach, i think my job is to remind our players that better times are ahead, on and off the court. there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccines and a glimpse of the future. >> we are all hoping there are better times ahead in 2021. i know richelle and jerry will want to be in the stands instead of being cardboard cutouts . >> i cannot blame them for that. i am ready for 2021. the final countdown is underway. thank you for being with us. ♪ @
11:00 pm
you know, other than "auld lang syne" there really are no songs about new years so we worked up this little ditty. like to hear it? here it goes. ♪ >> wait a minute, this sounds suspiciously like the hootie and the blowfish song, "let her cry." and i sound suspiciously like a guy setting up a legal justification for parody. >> oh, joel, you stupid and silly boy, the original song is all about being sad and drunk, and full of regret, so what says 2020 more than that? >> i have a lot of questions about this, ken, but just like we did in 2020, i'll grin and hope it's over soon. >> thanks, plus i


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