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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  January 5, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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the lawsuit also claims the school violated the law by not reporting the sexual assault to police when they notified the school. jesse gary joins us now following the story in san jose. >> reporter: good evening to you. marshall is already awaiting trial for 24 felony charges in a criminal case alleging the same crime. now a former student has come forward saying the acts coach greater than repeatedly sexually assaulted her. >> when i was 15 years old my high school basketball coach greg marshall started the emotional and mental grieving process. ultimately leading to sexual abuse by marshall when i was 17 years old. >> reporter: when tuesday allison brown through her attorneys filed a civil suit against greg marshall. she and others accuse the basketball coach of luring them into sexual relationships from
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2001 until 2006. a civil suit against marshall standing in solidarity to brown. >> i trusted him and respected him. he prayed on my naivety and vulnerabilities. >> reporter: 11 to remove marshall as a coach in 2007 but the prestigious selby school is named as a codefendant in the complaint which sites negligence for not stepping in when grooming first started. in response, the employee was placed on leave at his employment contract was not renewed. these prompt action the contradict any complaints ignored or thought to cover up any reports of alleged misconduct. however, marshall remains a fixture on the campus serving as a consultant on strength and training. valley christian was more concerned with protecting the sports image than the safety of students. >> if valley christian had priorities straight and placed job safety over the notoriety
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that comes with reducing star athletes, neither misses walker or mike white would be here today. >> reporter: experts say children are powerful vulnerable to the relationship which could lead to abuse. >> there are concerns did i cause this? did i leave them on wax there is a lot of self. there is a lot of self-doubt. >> reporter: when both young women now call for changes and better training as there alma mater to better protect students. >> we must gets uncomfortable to have these conversations among each other. and to educate children about predatory behavior >> both woman say religion was using grooming to provide alone time which led to sexual assault in places such as classrooms, elevators, weight room at a swim closet. we reached out to see if marshall would like to talk to us and respond but the attorney says his client is not allowed
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to talk. the next court date for the criminal case is march 15th. live in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu, fox 2 news, we will have back to you. >> we will follow up on that, thank you. hospitals around san francisco bracing for challenging days ahead as they wait for the holiday surge and coronavirus cases. 156 cases have been reported since just yesterday in the city. 290 people now hospitalized, 55 of them are in icu beds. the san francisco department now administrative the coronavirus vaccine to elderly people and long-term nursing facilities in the city. >> reporter: starting yesterday, working with walgreens, we started vaccinating the residents of laguna honda and by tomorrow, all residents who want the vaccine will receive its. this is in addition to staff and present laguna honda who already were vaccinated and
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more to come. >> health official said they are working on plans to increase the number of people who get the vaccine. according to data from the bloomberg and cdc bloomberg news and the cdc, about 5 million people have been given vaccinations across the united states. that is only 1/2% of the population. here in california just under 460,000 doses have been given out. just over 1% of the california population. doctors and vaccine experts criticize the pace of vaccinations here in california. now never county is reaching out for help to try to speed up the number of vaccinations. lori naylor here with how the help could come in the form of retired medical professionals. one napa county leader says local jurisdictions are not set up for a mess a pandemic by the so they're asking for more assistance.
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is county health department sent medical examiners were to get the covid-19 vaccine out, some are taking a new approach. an effort to speed up the process, napa county asking for retired licensed nurses, doctors, dentist, pharmacist to volunteer to help gets more shots out when the county gets the. >> it as part of reaching the outcome we want to see, getting our community vaccinated as quickly as possible. >> reporter: as of hardeman county received about 6000 vaccine doses from the state and given about out to the highest priority groups. >> right now we are in tier 1a, 11,000 people we are trying to vaccinate. most county governments are not structured from a people perspective to vaccinate at that scale. >> reporter: when according to the latest numbers from the states, of all of the doses shipped to counties and medical centers, 459,000 doses have been administered which is 28%. >> the process is exactly like
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getting a flu shot. >> reporter: when the chair of the chapman school of pharmacy and past president of the california pharmacists association says once the government gives clearance the state pharmacist will help with what he calls likely the vaccine operations and history. >> in the context of the sheer scale of the number of vaccines we have to get with vaccine confidence, we have our work force. >> reporter: one hoping to answer the call for help, the registered nurse who recently retired from school and is willing to drive if it means she can save a life. >> even when life today could be your mother, your father, your brother or your sister, families and friends. one lifesaving. so worth the. that the county says it has no cap on how many volunteers are needed and says it will train the.
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we're putting a link on their website for those interested in finding out more about how to volunteer . >> there are people who want to volunteer, how long until that's might take place? obviously in a case at this time is crucial. that is a good question. at this point, napa county has only 6300 vaccine doses administered about half of them. they say they are looking for volunteers to help when he vaccine is more widely distributed. there are also rules on who can and can't help you still have to have medical certification even if you are retired. it will be a while before it gets to that point. they are trying to be proactive. $600 rent payments starting to go into people's bank accounts. today those payments will have a big impact on the economy. >> it is not enough money for people with lower income levels. they will suffer. the general economy will benefit.
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this is $900 million being thrown into the economy. that's will save the first quarter of 2021 where we have a positive first quarter. >> reporter: he says a morgan stanley survey shows most people are spending the money in two essentials, food and shelter. on a plane check suspended on claims can and are to be high risk. in a tweet the edd says they are informing starting this week before payments can resume. they have been hit by massive fraud during the pandemic including $400 million in jobless benefits paid to jail and prison inmates. the polls closed about an hour ago and the two senate run of elections but the results will determine the balance of power in washington. jon ossoff facing david perdue
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and kelly loeffler being challenged by raphael warnock. greg lee joins us now following the development is for us to nights. any sense of how things are looking yet? i think the bottom line is it will take some time ago we didn't see a lot of polling of these two races but they are expected to be very close. we saw record-setting early turnout which could lead to us waiting to see results. we want to take you straight to early results so far. very early numbers between david perdue and jon ossoff. are soft leading by next%. just 26% reporting. a full six-year term. the other runoff, the special election to finish the remaining two year term between kelly loeffler and raphael warnock. warnock leading, just 23% reporting. we will keep our eyes on the numbers along with the rest of
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the country. >> if we do not votes we won't just lose the election, we will lose the country. >> the eyes of the nation are here. georgia is on everybody's mind. we are concerned about these issues impacting the entire country. >> reporter: kelly loeffler enter democratic challenger made a final push for votes this morning encapsulated why george is again the center of the political world. two runoffs will decide the balance of power in the senate. >> what is at stake is we want to hold the line against the radical socialist agenda. also to protect what we accomplished . >> reporter: he's overturning election results. we need economic relief for the people. we need to pass $2000 stimulus checks for the people. we need to surge vaccine distribution .
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>> reporter: jon ossoff is talking about president trump. despite becoming the first republican toulouse georgia since 1992 has become a focus of the races. >> i just want to find 11,780 votes. >> reporter: and leaked audio president trump continued to falsely claim the results were rigged and there are concerns how it might impact turnout from his supporters. be and biden held rallies in the peach state yesterday. >> our country is depending on you. the whole world is watching the people of georgia tomorrow. >> that is what you are going to get. decent, honorable men. they would put the presidential party first. they sure won't put themselves first. >> reporter: more than 3 million people voted early shattering the turnouts record for the runoff. before people lined up. experts say today's turnout would be key for who wins. >> it it doesn't approach 4
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million. democrats in a good position to wood at least one of the two seats. the numbers over 800,000, approaching 4 million votes overall, a great number for donald trump. we take you to live pictures out of what if county in georgia. we should remind you all of this is happening during major searches and coronavirus icu grades. you see a few of these folks starting to tabulate some of the vote in masks, socially distanced. that's another wrinkle to the challenges counting all of the vote that have come out and start to come tonight. we will keep you updated for the evening on the latest totals in the two critic senate runoffs. kenosha, wisconsin bracing for potential unrest. prosecutors announcing today no charges will be filed against
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the officer who shot jacob blake leaving him paralyzed from the waist out. more on the decision, coming up. he is accused of running down and killing two women and a san francisco crosswalk on new year's eve. how he pleaded today as he faced a judge for the first time . ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california.
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with the kids at home and less money coming in, there'd be no way we could afford health insurance. my kids think i'm a superhero. but even superheroes need help sometimes. we found help at covered california. and not just us. 9 out of 10 people who enrolled got financial help. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. prosecutors in wisconsin announced they will not file criminal charges against a police officer who shot a man in the back last summer and
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left him paralyzed. the kenosha county district attorney said it would be hard to prove the officer did not act in self-defense. jacob blake was shot in august after allegedly violating a restraining order. the da said lake was armed with a knife. the shooting went to several nights of violent protest. officials are preparing for more demonstrations. in san francisco the man accused of running down and killing two women in a crosswalk new year's eve entered a not guilty plea in court today. the suspect will remain behind ours at least for the time being. >> try mcallister appeared in court in person today to enter the not guilty plea. the judge ordered he remained behind bars without bond. for now he is still in jail. >> as i expressed -- >> reporter: try mcallister appeared in a san francisco courtroom tuesday to enter not guilty pleas to a long list of felony charges including two counts of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated
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leaving the scene of a collision, drugs and firearms charges scott grant saying it's still very early in the course of the case. >> the questions of what happened and why, they are very important, i've only just begun to receive the information necessary. >> given the risk to the community he will remain in jail for now. >> they say the facts are evident. >> this is a felony and the release of the defendant at this time, there is clear evidence there could be serious public harm if he was released at this time. office under fire recently facing critics saying the office is too lenient releasing a statement it was a tragedy and we filed numerous felony charges against mr. mcallister
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and we are seeking his detention in jail pretrial. we will hold mr. mcallister accountable and we are working with the justice partners to improve communication and collaboration. is also weighing in because the incident was a tragedy and one some may be using to push an agenda and saying all parts of the criminal justice system could be working harder to prevent. >> there is enough blame and questions of accountability for many parts of the criminal justice system. >> they will remain in jail until at least january 20. that is the date of the next scheduled appearance. the u.s. coast guard reminding everybody high surf and strong winds continue to see me. waves as high as 22 feet expected in some areas along the bay area coast. wind gusts could exceed 40
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miles an hour. strong enough to push a person into the water or overturning notes. the wind and waves are expected to diminished by tomorrow morning. a look at the current conditions. talking about the waves. they are diminishing. they're coming red pickup. the coast as deadly as it has been in years. we are seeing big surf and a lot of swells. more than once while right now. so, once focused on a number comes up. lots of activity in the pacific just between you and me and everybody else, be very careful at the coast. probably the most dangerous thing we have going right up. the entire california coast at the mexican border. tribe each and all of a sudden it will be dry. how important it is. it happens every year.
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it's not going to die down. it will go right for this friday. they say surfers know what is going on. the public needs to be very careful when they hit the beach. okay, so, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. the light went. classy right up. a few high clouds out there. weather system to the north go sort of chest in a pattern. a minor 100. this could be a really wet pattern. this is the model. see where it goes? oregon, washington, that is right now. i will move it through time. keep an eye on the trajectory. there is the tail end dragging through here tomorrow. maybe a few showers or sprinkles later in the day. then, thursday, look,
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everything just missing us. that hits us, friday is not a big deal. it's not enough to solve the pacific northwest. here comes another one. the trajectory, the direction continues really the next seven days to really have are the pacific northwest. it's a drag because it's not what we want to have happen at all. you can see it now. you can see the jet stream here. this pattern, if this were to shift, i don't want to do that either. 200 miles south we would be sitting pretty. it's just missing us. this pattern continues to give us a try by showers. the next event will be late afternoon. early afternoon into the late afternoon. the heavier showers will be in the north a. we dilutes.
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that is what is happening right now. we will kind of time it out more specifically. suffice to say lots of activity. so far it's not playing in our favor. we will get wet, really wet, not a little bit what. i will see becker in a a few minutes. it has been 63 days since the presidential election. tomorrow, congress is set to certify joe biden as the winner. coming up a look at why this may be a slightly more complicated process than normal. also actress tanya roberts died last night after her representative mistakenly reported she had died on sunday. she was only 65. she starred in a james bond movie and also charlie's angels. more on her death when we come back.
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if your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help. actress tanya roberts died hours after her death was prematurely read ported leading
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to major confusion. her death was first reported yesterday morning after her family originally said she died on sunday. later in the day her publicist backtracked saying she had not died but was in grave condition after collapsing at her home christmas eve. this morning, her publicist said she passed away last night at an l.a. hospital. she is best known for her house little of you to akhil, charlie's angels and that 70s show. she was five years old. businesses hoarding up with large crowds gathering outside the u.s. capitol ahead of tomorrow's congressional electoral certification votes. it's standard procedure for congress to affirm the winter of presidential elections. this year a group of republicans is challenging the results. vice president mike pence expected to reside over the certification. white house officials say the vice president will follow the
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law. at a campaign rally in georgia for the crucial senate runoff elections there, mike pence says he has concerns about voter irregularities. >> we will hear the objection. we will hear the evidence. >> minitab republicans say they will certify the biden victory but there are 120 members in the house and at least 12 in the u.s. senate to say they are going to vote against the. a top house republican say they sense the exceptionally dangerous president. the certification goes another medical order so the first state to be challenged will likely the arizona. live coverage of tomorrow's joint session of congress with states participating in a roll call alphabetically so california will be early, coverage begins at 10:00 am immediately following mornings on 2. the city of indianapolis says the ncaa tournament will bring the city something it
5:27 pm
desperately needs, money. hotels now welcoming the news. the indiana restaurant lodging association says two thirds of the hotels in the states are facing accuracy. at least for hotels in downtown indianapolis will be designated bubble hotels. >> it will allow us to bring back more staff to service the business that will be coming. >> the jw marriott will be a bubble hotel just for players during the earlier games but then they are expected to open to the public for the final forged. coming up, another look at the huge runoff elections for the u.s. senate in georgia. control of the u.s. senate is at stake. the latest numbers as the vote continues to come in. surplus an update on the coronavirus out right kaiser permanente in san jose, the number of infections is increasing and what we are learning from one patient who is now pushing for an investigation at the house .
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the eyes of the entire country are on georgia tonight. two runoff elections for the u.s. senate of those elections will determine whether republicans or democrats will control the u.s. senate. election officials said turnout appeared light today but lines did start to form later in the day. more than 3 million people have already voted early. the polls close just about 90
5:31 pm
minutes going the results are coming in. here is the situation. democrats win both seats, they control the senate. of republicans win what of the seats, they control the senate. here are results from the first runoff. democrat jon ossoff is a journalist and a former congressional aide leading republican businessmen david perdue 43% of the votes in. jon ossoff up 55% to 45%. now, going to the other primary, excuse me, the other election, republican kelly leffler, a businesswoman appointed to the senate is facing democrats raphael warnock. he is the longtime pastor at ebenezer baptist church. you can see the numbers there, 43%, kelly loeffler has 44% of the vote, raphael warnock leading with about 56% of the vote. analyst say we are not likely to know the winners of these two races tonight.
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republicans again, this is important. then we have to win back one of those two seats to keep control of the u.s. senate. the uk is now under a six week lockdown as a highly contagious strain of the coronaviruses spreading. more than two dozen countries are not running at least one case of the new strain. in the uk, all non-essential businesses are ordered to close, doctors first identify the new strain during the holidays. public up officials say it's 15- 70% more contagious than the original covid-19 leading to a massive surge of new infections. >> sick patients coming in with coronavirus, it is verging on unmanageable. >> everything is so unstable. feels like the ground is moving beneath you. >> it is said to go. will they be at work tomorrow? >> another big concern is whether vaccines will be effective against the new strain. public's help officials studying variant say so far the
5:33 pm
proteins appear to be a close genetic match which means the vaccines should work. kaiser permanente confirming a coronavirus up rake in san jose among staff members. now including at least 60 people. tonight we're learning more about what is going on inside of the hotel from patients. tom figure joins us with the story of one woman. she wants to see an official investigation from county health officials and the state. >> i think a lot of people are wondering what is going on here because there is not a lot of stuff coming out of either the department of health or kaiser permanente obviously for liability reasons that is a situation that exists. since yesterday as you mentioned, the covid infection number and staff members has gone up to 43 yesterday from 60 today. thinking she was having a heart tissue she went to the kaiser permanente emergency to in san jose december 27th. a bedtime to go.
5:34 pm
unknown to her it was just two days after an employee dressed in a christmas tree cautioned that looks like this video was in the emergency department spreading joy and possibly covid. the costume has an internal fan to keep its inflated to proper shape. thus far, 60 department employees tested positive, one died. >> they wheeled me back and i went to where there was noncovered rooms. >> reporter: after extensive cardiac testing it turned out only to be a pinched nerve a while there for hours she noticed a lot. >> it set of the normal nursing stations, they had working stations right by where the curtains are. like, against the hall. they had food out and the later there was eating food without a mask. >> she was wheeled back and forth by the open desk area for test. >> i was in my room with a mask
5:35 pm
going to the area to get radiology. that i had no mask. >> reporter: one nurse told her this. but they have not received the vaccination yet. the county had not released. >> reporter: her own employer provides testing but she still worried about exposure. i asked a medical malpractice trial attorney what are patient's rights against the hospital? >> if it is unreasonable or careless, then they can become responsible for injuries or illnesses patients or others to suffer in the hospital. you have to show the unreasonable thing they did was what caused you to get sick. >> you must prove you were infected at the hospital with the disease that's may take days to show symptoms perhaps going back before the house will visit. even if you can prove all of that, some hospitals quitting kaiser permanente require patients to bypass courts and submit to the arbitration
5:36 pm
process. damages are capped at a quarter million dollars even if the patient dies. >> it weather 80 years old or two years old or a newborn, -- >> they contacted all 70 patients that visited christmas day but said nothing about patients who visited the days following when active covid was being detected. tom vacar, ktvu, fox 2 news. the family of a mother and daughter who died in a crash on highway 12 in santa rosa are remembering their loved ones tonight. henry lee tells us the two of them were running an errand when they were killed. >> reporter: they were braving the morning rain on highway 12. they left their home and were heading for the dmv to register their nissan. they never made it.
5:37 pm
>> they were both beautiful souls. >> her uncle got a knock at his door then called her mother. >> screaming saying they crashed, they crashed. >> it she was driving west near oakmont drive when she lost control on the curved part of the road. they cross into the path of a chevy truck. they died at the scene. >> i really hope i mean, they weren't in pain. you know? i just, to see pictures of how the car was, literally it breaks my heart . >> reporter: she says her cousin hopes to live abroad. >> she would talk about moving to spain. that was one of her dreams. >> reporter: with those plans, no more. a family morning to loved ones. >> she was so young and had a lot ahead of her. >> she finds comfort remembering happier times when the cousins played as kids and her spirit. >> she will always be smiling. she always had the beautiful
5:38 pm
colgate smile. >> reporter: as she were to the market the leaves behind her younger son and daughter now with their father. >> she was super sweet to everyone. she had a lot of friends. she was very friendly. the chp is investigating the crash as well as another to collision minutes later on the same rainy highway . new details in a deadly shooting at a south bay 7/11. what we are learning about the four teenage suspects arrested the crime . southwest airlines wants to help you plan your next trip with flights going for as little as $29. we let you know more about the sale when we come back .
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happened at a 7-eleven store. police say the shooting last month started as a robbery attempt to the parking lot of the 711 on center road go one of the boys allegedly shot the man at least once and he died at the scene. police say the suspects may have been behind a string of robberies in the area. three of the boys were arrested in richmond. the other arrested at another location outside of santa clara county due to their ages. their names have not been released. san francisco now joined the growing list of u.s. communities that want the federal government to cancel this years homeless account. the city public health experts say the pandemic will make it nearly impossible to safely and accurately count the number of people living on the streets of san francisco. alameda county of the city of sacramento made the same west line with other communities across the nation. the federal government requires major u.s. cities to count the homeless one nights every two years. the data is then used for
5:42 pm
budget decisions related to homelessness and housing. check the city of oakland and the 2020 with 109 killings, the highest number in almost 10 years. earlier today on mornings on 2 talked to libby schaaf and esther what you think is behind the increase in homicides. >> this has been a tragic here for homicides while crime overall in oakland went on in 2020. d most heartbreaking form of crime went up and we are not alone. we saw the increase in homicides and gun violence in major cities across the country. the desperation fueled by the pandemic. >> it the mayor also says the oakland independent lease commission selected four finalist for the open session of lease chief in the city. she says the commission will formally present the names of the candidates as special meeting on thursday. that it will be up to her to
5:43 pm
decide who she wants to become the next police chief in oakland. southwest airlines suffering historically low fares. the cities around the country as it tries to philip 2021. from the bay area, passengers can fly to las vegas, palm springs, reno, san diego and other destinations for $29. the sales started yesterday and last thursday four $29 one-way fares put the lowest fares generally available for travel only on tuesdays and wednesdays for nonstop flights within the continental u.s. still to come, the seach continues in the water off of sonoma county for two young children swept away by a big wave. the latest from officials and how the weather may be complicating their efforts. the final alex trebek jeopardy episodes airing this week. the game show host and the heartfelt message to fans shortly before his death.
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the wet weather pattern continues, some rain heading our way tomorrow, i will have the details and the timing . by harnessing california's
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abundant wind and solar energy, we have the power to take on climate change. use less from 4 to 9 pm to keep california golden.
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more on the go ahead. working from home it appears to be growing up people. the percentage of workers who say they would quit their job rather than go back to the office. american airlines the latest major airline to make the changes to support animal policy. what is no longer allowed on board .
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this year the award ceremony is postponed because of concerns over the spread of the coronavirus. the award show was set to take place january 31st in los angeles. was already going to be held without an audience and with presenters and performers only on sites during the show. nominees were expected to appear and except awards really. organizers are now considering holding the awards sometime in march. calm as americans finally getting some relief thanks to the second round of some of these checks. many people who are not desperately in need of cash right now are choosing to use their checks to get back to those in need. activist christopher nicholson is the creator of the check for good campaign. it encourages people with
5:57 pm
disposable income to get back to those who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. >> each donation is important because it is not only going to have immediate impact on a person or an organization, but, additionally it will signal that our system is pretty broken and we need to be able to invest building a more equitable future. >> on the website you can either choose to support an emergency fund that provides immediate relief to people such as restaurant workers or undocumented immigrants or you can donate to organizations dedicated to systemic change such as racial justice or education reform. asteroid a virus hospitalizations continued to increase in california, health officials are scrambling to try to speed up vaccination efforts. dentist are being recruited to help with the vaccine rollout. more tonight from foxnews.
5:58 pm
>> dances have the knowledge and experience of giving injections. we given one of the hardest are your is of the body, the mouth, a dark area moving, ton, bold. >> reporter: he said the arm might be the easiest injection a dentist will ever do. one of several dentist already administering the vaccine. here at the va hospital in west l.a. a federal facility with approval for dentist coming from the feds a couple weeks ago. >> it myself and many other dentist have been vexing people already. we probably have given over 400 at the va hospital. >> reporter: the state is now trying to catch up. california already received 2 million doses of the vaccine but only administered under 30% of the supply. >> it is too slow for many of us . >> reporter: the governor now signed a public health emergency waiver clearing tens of thousand of dentists in the states to now administer the vaccine. >> we are working aggressively to accelerate the pace. we sent this from day one. it's like a flywheel. the first time is 50 days we
5:59 pm
slowly start building pace and start building and you will see it with more rapid distribution of the vaccine i assure you . >> reporter: at assurance from the governor but did not expect to go in for a cleaning and a vaccine. dental offices are not equipped to keep the vaccine cold enough so other vaccination sites need to be set up. >> it will go to house, vaccination centers, clinics to lend a hand to be part of the team handling the vaccine . >> reporter: that as medical data says californians each get two shots, 200,000 people a day need to be vaccinated. reason enough for dentist to join in the unprecedented campaign. >> they need people to deliver the vaccine into peoples arms and we are ready, willing, and able. the polls are now closed in georgia in two key senate runoff elections that will determine the balance of power
6:00 pm
in washington. >> the eyes of the nation are here. charges on everybody's mind. >> it he wants to hold a line against the socialist agenda. >> that evening, i am julie haner. the polls closed about two hours ago in georgia. greg lee is following the development tonight. so much at stake here and at the numbers come in come at the race, both, very tight. >> you're absolutely right. the importance of these two runoffs cannot be overstated leading up to today, we did not see a lot of holes but like you said these races are expected to be very close. i want to take it to the most recent numbers as they steadily comment. about 50% reporting income but david perdue trailing jon ossoff 52-48%. this is for a full six-year term. the other runoff with the special election to finish


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