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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 5, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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in washington. >> the eyes of the nation are here. charges on everybody's mind. >> it he wants to hold a line against the socialist agenda. >> that evening, i am julie haner. the polls closed about two hours ago in georgia. greg lee is following the development tonight. so much at stake here and at the numbers come in come at the race, both, very tight. >> you're absolutely right. the importance of these two runoffs cannot be overstated leading up to today, we did not see a lot of holes but like you said these races are expected to be very close. i want to take it to the most recent numbers as they steadily comment. about 50% reporting income but david perdue trailing jon ossoff 52-48%. this is for a full six-year term. the other runoff with the special election to finish the remaining two years of the
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senate term, kelly leffler trailing raphael warnock 52- 40%. we will keep our eyes on these numbers along with the rest of the country. >> if we do not vote we won't just lose this election, we will lose the country. >> the eyes of the nation are here. georgia is on everybody's mind. certainly we are concerned about these issues impacting the entire country . >> reporter: kelly loeffler and her democratic challenger raphael warnock made a final push for votes this morning, and cats letting white georgia is again the center of the political world. two runoffs will decide the balance of power in the sentence. >> what is at stake is we want to hold the line against the radical socialist agenda. also to protect what we have a compass. >> is trying to overturn election results.
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we need economic relief to the people. we need to pass $2000 to the checks for the people. we need to search vaccine distribution. allsop is talking about president trump who despite becoming the first republican to lose georgia since 1992 became a focus of the races >> i just want to find 11,780 votes. >> reporter: in leaked audio, president trump continued to falsely claim the results were rigged and there are concerns about how that's might impact turnout from his supporters. he and joe biden held rallies in the peach states yesterday. >> the country is depending on you. the whole world is watching the people of georgia tomorrow. >> if you vote for the john and the reverend that is what you get. decent honorable men. they will not put a presidential party first. they sure will not put themselves first go >> reporter: more than 3 million people voted early,
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shattering the turnout for the runoff before people lined up to cast ballots the. experts say today the turnout will be the key for the wins. >> it if it does not approach for million that means democrats are in a good position to win back at least one of the two seats. the numbers are over 700 or 800,000 come approaching for million votes overall, that is a great number for donald trump. wants to show you a live picture from gwinnett county in georgia. rabun county for joe biden. one barack obama lost in 2008. one joe biden won it the most recent election that helped him claim the states for the first time for democrat since 1992. you can see folks get ready to start counting as well as i imagine some counting monitors there making sure everything happens according to the law. something to note that is important. each county reports numbers differently manning, some counties may report mail in early voting person others may report in person voting from
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today first which may lead to swings especially in larger more metropolitan counties. if republicans win back one of the two elections they control the senate. democrats when will that the elections that they control the sentence. for people who do not understand the significance, why is it so important for president-elect joe biden to have democratic control of the u.s. senate? the bottom line is frankly it will dictate the next two years or the first two years of the new biden/harris administration. not only the policies we want to move towards as it relates to things like climate change as well as the next stimulus bill related to covid-19. also even when it comes to the cabinets joe biden is hoping to place they need senate confirmation and he certainly would like to see democrats controlling the upper chamber of congress to get some of the nominees through. >> you can't overstate how much
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is at stake tonight in georgia. live tonight, thank you. not to the coronavirus pandemic. as hospitalizations continue to rise across states, or the 22,000 people are now in the hospital and more than 4700 patients are in icus. new cases are down for the recent records. more than 50,000 in a day. still high it's more than 31,000 yesterday. the death toll in california is over 27,000. detest positivity is up to 12.7%. there was a sharp drop in bay area icu capacity today. right now, i see you availability is at five point i% for the bay area region. the san joaquin and southern california regions remain at 0% capacity. just 12% in northern california. that region is just under 30%.
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bracing for challenging days ahead as they wait for the postholiday surge in in coronavirus kits. 150 60 cases reported since yesterday in the city. 290 people hospitalized at 55 of them in icu beds. the san francisco health ministry the covid-19 vaccine to elderly people with long- term nursing facility as. working with walgreens, we started vaccinating the residence of laguna honda. by tomorrow, all residents who want the vaccine will preceded. this is in addition to the over 1000 staff members of laguna honda who already have been vaccinated and more to come here >> health official say they are working on plans to increase the rate at which the vaccine is given to people.
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according to data from bloomberg and the cdc, just 5 million people have been given vaccinations across the united states. that is only one have% of the population. here in california just under 460,000 doses have been given. just over 1% of the state population. many doctors and medical experts say there are worried about the rate of vaccination california. napa county reaching out for help to try to speed up the number of injections. maureen naylor tells us help could come in the form of retired medical professionals. >> reporter: is county health department and medical centers are working to get the covid vaccine out some are taking a new approach. an effort to speed up the process, napa county asking for retired license, nurses, doctors, dentists and pharmacists to volunteer to help gets more shots out when the county get them. >> it as part of what you want to see, getting the community vaccinated as quickly as. >> reporter: when so far napa
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county received about 6000 vaccine doses for the state and given about half out to the highest priority groups. right now we in tier 1a, 11,000 people we are trying to vaccinate. most do not have the infrastructure from a people perspective to vaccinate the immunity at that scale. >> reporter: when according to the latest numbers of the state of a 1.6 million vaccine doses shipped to counties and medical centers, or hundred 59,000 doses have been administered which is 28% respect the process is exactly similar to getting a flu shot. >> it the chapman past president of the california pharmacists association says once the government gives clearance the state pharmacists will help with what he calls likely the largest vexing operation in history. >> in the context of the sheer scale of the number of vaccines we have to give with vexing confidence, we have our work cut out for us. >> i want to help.
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>> reporter: hoping to answer the call for help, this registered nurse who recently retired from ucsf willing to drive from san mateo county to napa if it means she could save a life >> even one life today, it could be your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, family, friends. one life saving, so work. >> reporter: when a timeline not available for using volunteers but they say they will be trained and there is on the amount needed. maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. the number of coronavirus infections jails and prisons across the country is rising quickly. according to data from the new york times more than 500 inmates and guards at facilities across the county have tested positive for covid- 19. that's is the 84% increase in just the last two runs. 88 of the facilities had at
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least 1000 coronavirus cases. the data was gathered from 2600 prisons, jails, and immigration detention centers. coming up in washington dc, bracing for protests to my summit members of congress prepare to challenge the electoral college certification. crews continue the search today in the north bay for two children swept into the ocean. what we are learning about the family and the dangerous conditions along that stretch of coastline . as we head into tomorrow, more showers and the forecast. not a lot but enough to watch things out. we have the forecast and the five-day one we see you next. also ahead, a sizable number of people getting accustomed to working from home. the results from a new stanford paul of working professionals. here's a live look at the area commutes this tuesday evening. this is interstate 80 looking from emeryville towards berkeley. we will be back just a moment. ♪
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authorities in sonoma county continue the search today for the bodies of two young children from petaluma who were swept into the ocean on sunday. rob roth spoke to those involved in the search about the difficulties they are facing both physically and emotionally. >> this is perhaps the saddest beach on earth these days. authorities searched the area again in sonoma county for any sign of the two petaluma children swept away into the pacific sunday. what the state park peace officers are calling a recovery mission came up empty. >> we are actively looking. we have to kind of wait for the ocean to settle down at the beach and tied to received quite a bit so, you know, first responders and lifeguards aren't injured in the recovery
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efforts. >> reporter: when two children were swept up the beach by a powerful ocean surge sunday. there father 40-year-old michael wyman was also pulled them. people in the beach were able to pull him out but he died soon after. when the waves break and rush up the beach, it is very easy to be knocked off of your feet. then, it's really goes back into the ocean, the title search with a tremendous amount of force. truck after that water temperatures of 50 degrees, the family did not wish to speak publicly tuesday. the family only months ago moved to petaluma for oakland according to a former neighbor who used to live there them. the neighbor too declined comment. up for the north coast beachgoers are concerned about what sand or rocks and should never turn your back on the ocean. for those involved in the search, these are horrible days.
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>> i need to make sure my staff is you know, doing well, not only physically and capable of performing duties, but, the mental toll it takes on them. we need to make sure they are being looked after, so, it's very hard. >> authorities say the search continued wednesday and every day until they find what they need to find. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. businesses are boarding up and large crowds gathering outside the capital >> it's a standard procedure for the presidential elections. this year a group of republicans is challenging the results. vice president pence expected to reside over the certification. white house officials say the vice president will follow the law. at a campaign rally in georgia for the senate run off yesterday pants said he has concerns about voter
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irregularities. >> we will hear the objections. we will hear the evidence. many top say they will certify the biden victory exceptionally dangerous precedent. certification goes in at the medical orders of the first states to be challenged likely will be arizona. we will present live coverage of the joint session of congress. states will participate in a roll call alphabetically so california will be early. coverage begins at 10:00 am immediately following is a two. nearly 30% of people working from home say they quit their job if they had to return to the office. that is according to a usa today poll. it's a new survey from life career. an online resume and job search can service of the 1000 people surveyed, 64% cited flexibility. 44% pointed to improved
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worklife balance while from home. 42% of the u.s. workforce has been working from home full- time during the pandemic according to a stanford university study. as we look at a live camera shot outside, valley fog was a thing, dense fog advisories and parts of the area, it will be a bit of a thing, not as aggressive tomorrow morning is this morning but that should be valley fog and let's. maybe not around the bay, maybe increasing and points coming up quite a bit, or go down quite a bit, pardon me. the valley fog is something to look into tomorrow morning as we head into website. at the end of the day tomorrow towards lunch time and after lunch in the north bay they will start to see stars. maybe around 7:00 at 10:00 it works its way south to san rafael by noon. then maybe 1:00 or 2:00 the rest of the system as you look
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at it slides across the bay area. it looks really great. and has good-looking features, right? a lot of tropical moisture. from the hawaiian islands. colder here. below is too far north. the lows here is where the dynamics are. right here. just south is enough to give us rainfall accumulation. much less then we would like to see with the pattern and the climate we are in now. we are looking at 25 or 30% rainfall average in january. that is really low. tomorrow starts off with clouds increasing to 1:00 or 2:00, it should move through pretty quickly. by 5:00 you will forget it even happened partly to mostly cloudy and dry. rainfall accumulations could be a quarter inch to a half inch, the rest of us trace amounts to attempt. san jose for anything, maybe a
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bit of trace. a weak system. more opportunities down the road. for more weather. again, it's looking less and less robust as systems sort of and going through the area. excerpt from the coast that does not change. it's giant. do not even bother with its. it's dangerous. it will be dangerous for the weekend for sure. american airlines will no longer allow emotional support animals to travel in the cabin of the plains. starting next week the airline says only service dogs will be allowed. the change comes after the department of transportation issued a new regulation which says airlines are not wired to treat emotional support animals as service animals. emotional support animals are provided for comfort. the d.o.t. defines a service animal as a
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dog trained to do work for an individual with a disability. on wall street stocks closed higher a day after the biggest losses in months. the gained 167 points, the nasdaq rose 120 and the s&p finished up 26. coming up at 6:00, the lawsuit against the former south bay high school coach accused of sexually abusing former students. the decision from prosecutors in kenosha, wisconsin whether to charge the police officer who shot jacob like . rs free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call
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during business hours. officials in wisconsin preparing for more protests tonight after prosecutors announced today no criminal charges will be filed against a police officer who shot a man in the back last summer. jacob blake was shot in august and the city of kenosha after allegedly violating a restraining order. blake was left paralyzed. the district attorney said today he was clearly armed with a knife and said prosecutors would have a hard time proving the officers did not act in self-defense. his family is calling for a nonviolent civil uprising. >> i need a lot of noise. to get in peoples faces. they went to jail for its. don't be scared to go to jail. we're asking to be aggressive. we do not reap the benefits of
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the liberty this nation has to offer. back last night family and supporters of jacob blake marched and lit candles calling for justice and nonviolent. new legal trouble for a former south bay high school coach. a former student now filing a civil suit against the ask coach alleging he sexually assaulted her almost 20 years ago. more tonight from jesse gary on the students allegations. >> when i was 15 years old, my high school basketball coach greg marshall started the emotional and mental grooming process. ultimately leading to sexual abuse when i was 17 years old . >> reporter: tuesday the former valley christian high school student allison brown through her attorneys filed civil suit against greg marshall. she and others accused the formal basketball coach of luring them into sexual relationships from 2001 until 2006. tracy walker settled her civil suit against marshall bid
6:25 pm
stands and solidarity. >> i trusted him and respected him. he prayed on my naivety and my vulnerabilities. truck of the revelations removed marshall as a coach in 2007 but the prestigious south bay school is named as a codefendant in the brown complaints which sites negligence for not stepping in when they first started. the response, a statement which says in part the employee was placed on leave at his employment contract was not renewed. these prompt actions directly contradict any claim dcs ignored or sought to cover up any reports of alleged misconduct. however, marshall remained a fixture on the bcs campus serving as a consultant on strength and training. his attorney says valley christian was more concerned with protecting the sports image than the safety of students. >> valley christian had priorities straight and placed child safety over the notoriety that comes with producing star
6:26 pm
athletes, neither miss walker nor my client would be here today or go >> reporter: experts say children are vulnerable to the power and talents in a teacher- student relationship which can lead to abuse. >> there is concern of, did i cause this? did i cause this causes self blame and self doubt. >> reporter: both women call for changes in better training at their alma mater to better protect students. >> we must get uncomfortable to have these conversations among each other and to educate our children about predatory behavior which begins with grooming . >> reporter: both women say religion was used as the grooming to facilitate alone time which led to sexual assaults and places such as elevators, classrooms, a swim closet in the weight room. they reached out to marshall to see if they would like to comment spend his attorney says he will not allow his client to talk to go his next court date in the criminal case is march 15th.
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in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu, fox 2 news. the:n has a house growing said. coming up at 6:30. how may people are now infected and the accusations by one patient to says she saw on mast employees during the time of exposure. later in sports, the sports director mark cabañas tells us who won the heisman trophy today. just a hint, it was not order back. the man suspected of a hit- and-run left two dead facing a judge today. coming up, a series of charges he is now facing .
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now to our top stories, getting updated numbers from the georgia senate runoffs that will determine which party will hold the majority. the race is now a dead heat between democrat jon ossoff, the journalist and former congressional aides, and republican businessman david perdue, you can see, essentially, 50-50 with 68% reporting. republican kelly loeffler, she is a is this woman who was appointed to the senate, is in a virtual tie with democrat raphael warnock, he is the longtime pastor at ebenezer baptist church in atlanta, again, essentially, a dead heat, 50-50 with 68% reporting, republicans only have to win
6:31 pm
one of those seats to keep control of the senate. as county health departments and medical centers work to get the vaccine out, some are taking a new approach. napa county is asking for retired nurses, doctors, dentists, and pharmacists to volunteer to help get more covid-19 shot out. so far, napa county has received about 6000 vaccine doses from the state, and given about half out to the highest priority groups. authorities in sonoma county are still searching with the bodies of two children from petaluma who were swept into the ocean. it happened sunday at blind beach, they were four and seven years old, their father was slept in as well and died trying to save his kids. rescue crews say they will continue to search the area until they find what they need. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news, kaiser hospital in san jose confirmed the number of
6:32 pm
people who contacted the coronavirus from an outbreak over the holidays has now gone all the way up to 60. >> tom baker spoke with one woman who says she saw staffers not following safety protocols inside the hospital, at the time of the outbreak. >> reporter: thinking she was having a heart issue, nancy dearmon went to the kaiser permanente center . a bad time to go. on note to her, it was two days after an employee, dressed in a christmas tree costume that looks like this video, was in the emergency department spreading joy and possibly covid-19. the costume has an internal powered fan to keep it inflated to proper shape. thus far, 60 department employees have tested positive about one died. >> where they wheeled me back, i took a right, i went to where there was noncovered rooms. >> reporter: after extensive cardiac testing, it appeared to
6:33 pm
only be a pinched nerve. file there for hours, she said she noticed a lot. >> instead of the normal nurses stations, they had working stations off right by where the curtains are, against the whole. and they had food out, the lady there was eating food without a mask. >> reporter: she says she was wheeled back and forth by the open desk area for test. >> i was in my room, i was masked, but going to the area to get to the radiology, i didn't have a mask on. >> reporter: one nurse told her this. >> they haven't received their vaccination yet, the county hadn't released it. >> reporter: the her own employer provides free testing, she is still worried about covid-19 exposure. i asked a veteran medical malpractice trial attorney, niley dorit, what are patient's' rights against the hospital. >> if it is unreasonable or careless, then they can become responsible for injuries or illnesses that patients or
6:34 pm
others suffer in the hospital. you have to show the unreasonable thing they did was caused people to get sick. >> reporter: you must prove you were infected at the hospital with a disease that may take days to show symptoms, perhaps going back before the hospital visit. even if you can prove all that, some hospitals, including kaiser permanente, require patients to bypass court and submit to an arbitration process. damages are capped at a quarter million dollars, even if the patient dies. >> whether you are 80 years old or two years old or a newborn. >> reporter: employees must also arbitrate, but have calosha to intervene and find violators. in san francisco, the man accused of running down and killing two women in a crosswalk on new year's eve pleaded not guilty today in court. christien kafton breaks down the charges against him.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: 45-year-old troy mcallister appeared in a san francisco courtroom tuesday to enter not guilty pleas to a long list of felony charges, including two counts of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, leaving the scene, drug, and firearms charges. defender scott to create a thing it is still very early in the course of this case. >> the questions of exactly what happened and why are very important, i have only just begun to receive the information necessary to make a legal determination in this case. >> reporter: the judge is saying given the risk to the community, mcallister will remain in jail for now. >> the court does find related to this, this was a violent felony, release of the defendant at this time, there is clear evidence indicating there will be serious bodily harm if you were least at this
6:36 pm
time. >> reporter: the district attorney's office recently facing critics, saying the office is too lenient thing the incident was a tragedy and we filed numerous felony charges against mr. mcallister. will hold him accountable and we are working with our justice partners to improve communication and collaboration. mcallister's attorney saying the incident was, indeed, a tragedy and one that some may be using to push an at hand and saying all parts of the criminal justice system should have been working harder to prevent. >> i suggest that there is enough blame and questions of accountability for many parts of the criminal justice system. >> reporter: he will remain in jail until at least january 20th, that is his next scheduled court date. in a related development, a member of the san francisco board of supervisors is calling on officials to release information about repeat
6:37 pm
offenders who are released from custody and commit new crimes. the request from supervisor catherine stephani comes less than a week afterseven hit and killed two women walking in the south market area. the public needs to understand exactly what happens when an individual on parole is arrested for new offenses. coming up, two lives cut short, relatives remember a mother and daughter killed in a northbay crash. sick patients coming in with coronavirus is verging on unmanageable. >> healthcare workers overseas are scrambling to contain two new strains of the coronavirus. to defend against dark forces attacking your organization,
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the family of a mother and daughter who died in a crash on highway 12 in santa rosa are remembering their loved ones. henry lee tells us that they were on an errand when they were killed. >> reporter: they were braving the morning rain monday on highway 12, they left their sonoma home and were headed for the santa rosa dmv to register their nissan. they never made it. >> they were beautiful souls. >> reporter: her uncle got a knock at his door and called her mom. >> screaming, saying they
6:41 pm
crashed, they crashed. >> reporter: 21-year-old alondra bandt was driving west on the highway in santa rosa when she lost control in the curved part of the rent. the nissan crossed into the path of a chevy truck, they both died at the scene. >> i really hope, i mean, they weren't in pain, you know? i just, i have seen pictures of how the car was literally just breaks my heart. >> reporter: her cousin had hoped to live abroad. >> she would always talk about moving to spain, that was one of her dreams. >> reporter: now those plans no more. a family now morning two loved ones. >> it just hurts me, she was so young and she had a long future ahead of her. >> reporter: she finds of some comfort remembering happier times when the cousins played as kids and alondra with her boundless spirit. >> she would always be smiling, she always had that beautiful colgate smell. >> reporter: tomasa worked at the market and leaves her son
6:42 pm
and daughter who now live with their father. >> reporter: she had a lot of friends, she was very friendly, >> reporter: chp is investigating the crash as well is another deadly collision minutes later on the same highway. we are tracking more rain drops for your bay area forecast, the five day is coming up. ktvu's alex savidge joins us now with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. there have been a lot of questions following that deadly hit and run crash involving a parolee on new year's eve in san francisco. coming up tonight at 7:00, we are going to talk live with a city supervisor who is demanding the release of more information on repeat offenders. dr. dre is in the intensive care unit at a los angeles hospital tonight, we will tell you about the medical emergency
6:43 pm
that sent him there, we will have those stories and much more coming up tonight live at 7:00 on ktvu plus. the new covid-19 strain is pushing healthcare systems in the uk and around the world to breaking point. i'm in london with all the details, coming up live look outside, cameras pointed toward sfo on this beautiful tuesday night. tuesday night. but as it. tuesday night. will be back with more in a moment. i get them mixed up sometimes, tuesday night. back in a moment. new year's resolutions come and go.
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get started with a powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.90 a month. plus, for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. switch today. countries around the world are facing strict new lockdown
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orders as health officials try to learn more about two new highly contagious strains of covid-19. fox news benjamin hall has more from london. >> reporter: just as the vaccination effort ramps up around the world, at least two new covid-19 variants are causing spikes and prompting lockdowns. doctors in southern england first identified a new strain during the holidays, and public health officials have confirmed, it is 50 to 70% more contagious than the original, leading to a massive surge of new infections. >> the volume of sick patients humming in with coronavirus is purging on unmanageable. >> reporter: more than two dozen countries are reporting at least one case of the new strain, leading to know closures and restrictions, including here in the uk. the toughest nationwide lockdown in 10 months goes into effect wednesday morning. with all nonessential businesses ordered closed. >> it does take its toll on you. you just, everything is so
6:47 pm
unstable, it feels like the ground is moving beneath you. >> the uncertainty of, are we going to be at work tomorrow. >> reporter: another big concern, whether the vaccines will be effective against the new strains. public health officials around the world are studying the variance, but they say so far, the proteins appear to be a close genetic match. meaning the vaccines should work. >> by and large, the neutralization is quite cross- reactive, in other words, the vaccines will cover quite a large range of variance. >> reporter: boris johnson says the new lockdown here is expected to last at least six weeks. the white house is denying reports that president trump is planning to fly to his golf course in scotland around the time of the inauguration. if he does, scotland's first minister says he would not be allowed to enter the country due to a strict covid-19 lockdown. >> we are not allowing people to come into scotland without an essential purpose, that would apply to him just as it
6:48 pm
applies to anybody else, coming to play golf is not when we consider to be an essential purpose. >> there has been speculation recent days about a possible presidential trip after scottish media reported the glasgow airport received warning to expect a u.s. military 757 on january 19th. coming up, back on the court and having fun, that spells good things for the warriors. to have that, plus who won the heisman trophy, and what is interesting here, it wasn't a quarterback. a look now at the primetime line up for tonight, it is two hours of "gordon ramsay's american road trip" followed by the 10:00 and 11:00 news. back in a moment. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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6:52 pm
can see where all the energy is gone, it is all going the wrong way for us, it is going, looks like it is going the right way, but the jetstream has got a trajectory like this, it is going straight up the coast, running into vancouver and portland and those areas where they're getting lots of rain and snow. for us, we have got a few clouds out there tonight, valley fog going to be a thing tonight in some places, should not be as widespread as it was last night, it was dense fog advisory this morning. i suspect valley fog will be back, you can easily see it in your neighborhood, especially inland valleys. temperatures running cooler than last night, but they're going to end up warmer because of the cloud cover. this model shows tomorrow morning, you see that fog in the central valley, good chance we will have it. then you see the showers slow to move into the north bay, 6:00 a.m. this is tomorrow.
6:53 pm
at noon, you see it moving north of marin county, this thing is dragging its heels, watch how quickly it falls apart when it gets to most of us. central they cannot slides across, this is 2:00. by the time it gets to san jose, it doesn't. that is a plan for tomorrow, north bay could get a quarter of an inch, for north bay, maybe half, fingers crossed, it is a real weak system. we get a little break as we go into thursday, a little cloudy, then as we can to predicable we get another drive-by system. after that, we are going to be dry for a while. big drag in that, we really, this week, it looks really productive last week, the long- range models were like, this is going to be good stuff. here is the afternoon showers in san francisco. 2:00, 3:00 by the time it gets going. and then it clears up quickly. there are the forecast highs for tomorrow, a lot like today. the five-day forecast. not real happy about the rainfall potential here, because all these systems look much more robust through the filter of last week.
6:54 pm
okay, so, that has a plan, be careful at the coast, big surf, certainly, high tides, lots of water moving out there. be careful at the coast, not just more, but the rest of the week into the weekend. that is your weather, this is your sports, mark will get you updated and caught up on what is happening in the world of sports. quickstart tonight, let's give a shout out to sal and jay, two of our most loyal viewers, thanks for sending the sam cooke record, got to have the great sam cooke represented in the final. you know what? this has been such a different year, usually you think of the heisman trophy is usually going to a quarterback, and always announced on a saturday afternoon. near the end of the season, in new york. not these days, of course. >> 2020 winner of the heisman trophy is devante smith-pelly the university of alabama.
6:55 pm
>> why not come on a tuesday afternoon. alabama senior wide receiver, devante smith, is the heisman winner, first heisman winner as a wide receiver in almost 3 decades. desmond howard back in 1991, the last one. third crimson tide winner and college football's most prestigious award, most deservedly to smith, 20 touchdowns for number one, 105 catches trevor lawrence was the early favorite, the clemson quarterback, but he has had major covid-19 issues the last couple of games. as per the nfl, the hottest coaching prospect in the off- season, it is not good news for the 49ers. it is their defensive coordinator robert and yesterday, it was the los angeles chargers asking for and receiving permission to interview robert, the 49ers, the only silver lining there,
6:56 pm
would receive a third round pick in the draft, and the jags and clients have also asked to interview him. justin herbert with the chargers, that looks like the best landing spot, to me, for robert if he goes. nba basketball, the golden state warriors, wow, last night, destroying sacramento by 31 points, hard to tell how good they are really going to be, steve kerr said give it 15 games or so before we kind of get a gauge on things. i will tell you this, they are definitely a lot better team when draymond green is on the court, healthy and engaged, he does so much to fill up the stat sheet, five rebounds last night, five assists, five points, he sees everything, seemingly, and you know what? he brings so much emotion and teaching skills to the team, look at him last night.
6:57 pm
back, having fun, leadership, to say the least, even though he is a little bit rusty, having played only three games last night. he was asked about that very emotional moment for him last night. >> guys don't know where to go, there is times where i am thrown on the floor and i don't know where to go, we are figuring each other out. >> doesn't help that you are playing in arenas that are quite and you know the guys don't have a choice but to hear what you're saying? >> i am a pretty loud guy. when there is an arena full of people or not. you know, my voice can get out there quite a bit. [ laughter ] >> they need him around, draymond green looking good. you know what? looking back at the 49ers again, there was some good times under colin kaepernick, and one most notable, brought out by jim fonzie, this day in sports.
6:58 pm
memorable 49er playoff action in the state in 2014. with the temperature barely above zero at game time, the 49ers played a wildcard game in green bay's lambeau field.: kaepernick was at his running best and phil dawson kicked his third field goal of the day on the final play of the game. the 49ers were moving on after this 23-20 victory. but is this day in sports, january 5th, i'm joe fonzi. >> everybody loves dogs, check this one out. especially love dogs if they are smart, like this one. and they also know how to have fun in the snow. check out this little guy. bringing the flight, top of the hill, he knows exactly what to do with it, and let her rip. there you go, wish i knew his name, which i knew where that the snow? that is the sporting life for
6:59 pm
tonight. >> great way to end the newscast. i'm sorry, but "gollum" and "flakey" are not acceptable. well, you don't like "princess corncob," you don't like "fester"-- you're just impossible to please. we'll come back to that one. this brings us to the final item in our annual state of the relationship summit. item 29: valentine's day. ah, the worst for last. hmm. classic flakey. before you get upset, i believe i've come up with a way for us to celebrate the occasion that we both can enjoy. people usually start a meeting with a joke, but you go ahead-- end with one. i propose we spend a weekend at a bed-and-breakfast in napa valley. i hate every word in that sentence. including "in," "at," "we" and "a." come on, sheldon. why not? for starters, a bed-and-breakfast forces you
7:00 pm
to eat with strangers at your table. one step ahead of you-- bernadette and wolowitz are going with us. oh, very well. what are the sleeping arrangements? we've only been dating for three years. if we were to share a room, people might talk. i got you your own room. what if my room has a claw-foot bathtub? it doesn't. i know it makes you feel like you're bathing inside a monster. look, i appreciate the effort, but i'm still unclear how this trip is supposed to be enjoyable for me. we're going to have valentine's day dinner on a fully functioning vintage train. vintage? be specific. an alcoa fa-4 diesel locomotive leading a train of meticulously restored 1915 pullman first-class coaches. (gasps) wow. i'm feeling the urge to hug you. and one... and two... all right, gollum, we're good.


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