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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 2, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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coronavirus. vaccines are on the way is the biden administration announces plans to deliver the virus. the vaccines directly to pharmacies. this will provide more sites for people to get vaccinated and their communities and is an important component to delivering vaccines equitably, the white house press secretary made the announcement today saying that the deliveries will begin next thursday. good evening,
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everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. the news comes as local public health officials say they are investigating at least six possible or confirmed cases of the uk variant in alameda county. new attend tonight, ktvu is and liest live in the city of alameda after talking with an infectious disease expert and people waiting to get vaccinated, amber julie here in alameda, people tell me they're not overly concerned because they have confidence in the vaccines that are rolling out. but what they would like to see is that the vaccines be more readily available at their local pharmacy, people enjoyed the return of outdoor dining along park street in alameda. on this february night, some. say they're aware that the uk variant of the coronavirus is in california, but it's news to them that it's now close to home here in alameda county. all of this is good, so the difference between a new version i'm going to keep doing what i'm gonna keep caring for.
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my family were to wear a mask without washing hands were to keep distance. i wasn't really that concerned. i mean, now that we've been to the whole cover thing i'm not is you know is long is the vaccines take care of all the strains? they don't want people to be worried about. dr monica gandhi and infectious disease expert with ucsf says the uk vary. it may be more contagious but isn't necessarily more deadly. what i do know for sure is that the current vaccines that we have authorized in this country work against this variance the most important thing we could do for the american people is get the vaccine in them as fast as possible. then the virus will stop replicating as much and it can't mutate as much. there's nothing more urgent than rolling out the vaccine making covid-19 vaccine. he's more readily available is a component of the biden administration's plan. it announced that the federal government will start distributing vaccines directly to pharmacies across the country starting on february 11th. it's part of the strategy to ramp up vaccinations as new
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variants of the virus start to appear. this will provide more sites for people to get vaccinated and their communities. and as an important component, delivering vaccines equitably more than 90% of americans live within five miles of a pharmacy. people we spoke with, say, they're older family members have gotten vaccinated against covid-19, but that the rollout has been slow. so the white house plan is welcome news. think it's a positive being towards the right direction, and i mean i'm ready for once. yeah, we're waiting where we can't wait to get him. dr gandhi says the federal government's plan to get the vaccines the local pharmacies are the way to go make it as easy as getting a flu shot. despite the problems so far with the rollout, she predicts a return to normalcy by september of this year, julie all right, amber lee reporting
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live tonight in alameda, amber. thanks. california's top health official today warned about the possibility of a new surgeon coronavirus cases if people don't act responsibly. dr mark galley said that with a super bowl coming up, there could be another spike. your people decide to attend large gatherings. he did not offer any timeline for major improvements in the vaccine supply. the cdc says the state will get 594,000 doses next week. that's an increase of about 30,000. compared to this week. we always hoped for more. we continue to work with the federal administration that push push for more, but that will be one of our biggest challenge is, health officials say that the positive news is that new cases a new case numbers are declining statewide to their lowest level since november. they could be cut in half in another month, and intensive care capacity is also rebounded. california nurses
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are celebrating after the state agreed to end emergency waivers to hospitals and nursing homes. those waivers allowed facilities to require nurses to care for more patients than state law allows at any one time. the nurses objected after hundreds of nursing homes and more than 100 hospitals received the waivers. the program began in december when surge in cases of covid-19 led to a severe nursing shortage throughout the state. tonight. the city of oakland became the first in the bay area to mandate hazard pay for many grocery store workers. the vote was unanimous, and it means an extra $5 per hour during the pandemic. ktvu is as a smith is here now, and azenith smith idea is gaining momentum with more cities, possibly following suit. yes frank. in fact, tonight, san jose city leaders are debating on this very issue. san francisco and berkeley have voiced support leaders in oakland called it a no brainer.
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as grocery where cruz is full clerks. we didn't sign up for at risk job. timur korean is a food clerk for safely in oakland for 29 years. the 51 year old mother is now entitled to an extra $5 per hour. thanks to a city ordinance she called long overdue. we are on the front lines and this is this is at risk this pandemic and right now it's going to another level. and we're not slowing down. city leaders past the emergency ordinance tuesday, joining other cities that have considered similar legislation. los angeles past it 15 to 0 in seattle. it was passed unanimously, councilwoman nikki fortunata bass introduced the ordinance calling their line of work dangerous getting paid on average $18 an hour. you know they're working indoors with large numbers of people, and this is also a situation where they are among the lower paid service sector workers yet the national retail chains are making enormous profits during
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covid healthcare workers air treating exposed. patients that come in, but the grocery clerk see 2 to 300. some of them could see two or 300 customers. today, the ordinance effects grocery stores that employ 500 or more workers. nationally stores like car dennis markets, lucky's safeways sprouts, trader joe's and whole foods and estimated 2000 grocery workers and oakland would be included. we think these types of ordinances are illegal. so we think there is constitutional issues, especially when you're singling out one particular industry. the california grocers association plans to fight the ordinance. the association says the mandate amounts to a 28% increase in labor costs and could trickle down to the consumer. the association estimates an extra $400 a year for groceries for a family of four shoppers. we spoke to say they'd be willing to pay more. i think that these companies should maybe. into their
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profits a little bit more, instead of passing them to consumers. i get to work at home. you know, they don't know. i appreciate it. and this is not entirely new, lucky has been providing hazard pay to their employees during the pandemic, and trader joe's announced it plans to pay employees $4 an hour more. this ordinance is in effect until the city of oakland reaches the least restrictive yellow tear, frank so as that i think you may have just answered this. but does this go into effect immediately, despite the fact that the grocery association is going to fight it? yes, it does. go into effect immediately, according to the city council member i spoke to and a zay mentioned in the story. the grocer's association does plan to fight it legally, and they did so in long beach, and so we'll just have to wait and see azenith smith life force tonight as nothing qanon democrats in congress began to
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take steps to pass a coronavirus relief measure without the need for republican support. president biden has a goal of passing a one point $9 trillion relief bill by march. box news, lauren blanchard tells us the first hurdle was passed today. democrats are moving forward on president biden's $1.9 trillion american rescue plan. tuesday they voted on the first procedural hurdle to pass the bill through reconciliation, which means eventually it will only need a simple majority vote, which democrats hold. these are 50. the nays are 49ers motion is agreed to treasury secretary janet yellen said the legislature. shin is needed for a strong growing economy, saying without it, quote it will be years before the country reaches full employment again. we hope republicans will join us, but we are not going to dilute this one democrat west virginia's joe manchin hopes the two sides can work together. my friends on the other side are going to have input and we're gonna do
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something that we agree on. ah group of 10 republicans met with president biden on monday night to talk about their proposal. ah, bill one third the size of the president's the white house says president biden believes more way more is needed the risk here, as he has said many times is not going to too big. it is going to small, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says president biden and democrats have chosen a partisan path by moving forward with reconciliation. now, he says, his members will figure out what amendments they want to offer. i think our 10 members laid out a proposal. that could have gotten broad bipartisan support. but they are in the majority in the house and senate, and, uh, life is a serious the choices and they chosen. the american rescue plan won't necessarily pass, as is both parties will have the chance to offer amendments before a vote. the white house hopes that is where there will be some bipartisanship. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news on
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wall street stocks finished higher, adding to the market's gains from yesterday the dow was up 475 points. the nasdaq was up 209. the s and p finished the day up. 52 points, and today it was announced that jeff bezos is stepping down as the ceo of amazon. he's leaving the helm of the company that he founded in 1994 benzos will transition to executive chair of amazons. ward during the third quarter of the year. andy jassy, the chief executive of amazon web services, will take over as ceo bezos says the move will allow him to have more time to focus on other projects, including his blue origin spaceship company and the washington post. bezos is the richest man in the world. he's worth an estimated 185 billion. still ahead honoring the capitol police officer who died as a result of the january 6th
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that he met at church over a period of many years. ktvu is deborah villalon is here now with white police are looking for more victims depth, julie, the 55 year old suspect is a youth leader at his church with regular access to teenagers. case he's accused in began when the victim was 12. about that situation at fountain grove lodge. no one admitted knowing drew mordechai, although he is the marketing manager at this over 55 community for lgbt q retirees in santa rosa. this is where mordechai was arrested. they began when the child was actually 12 years old. police picked him up the day after a 17 year old boy disclosed five years of alleged sexual abuse. 12 felony charges filed swiftly by the dea. have mordechai jailed on $3 million bond. we
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don't know exactly the exact grooming techniques he used or the way that he was actually able to. forced the child into doing things the child didn't want to do still an active case. police are seeking witnesses and other potential victims. he could have had interactions with dozens of teenagers since he began working, volunteering at the church. new vintage church is where the boy met mordechai years ago. i've been working with students and adults for over 20 years and so pretty good radar, the lead pastor says. mordechai has been a volunteer youth leader in weekly bible. study for about 30 teenagers meeting outdoors for now drew had a really good name with all the people that are church because he's been here since he was a boy. so everybody, lots of people here know him. parents of kids in youth ministry were informed. there is no indication any incident occurred on church grounds on mordechai's facebook page. he has photos of boys in groups with and without him.
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and light hearted holiday shots about 400 people make up the congregation here, suspend judgment and be prayerful and kind and loving to each person in this situation and honor the process honestly, police say some of the crimes occurred at mordechai santa rosa home and that shame and fear often combined to silence victims until they finally feel safe. coming forward. they're going to be trusted that they're going to be taken care of and looked after, and they're going to be able to get the justice or the support that they need from people around them. we're all just saying the same thing really that we want to make sure all the kids are safe and that we're gonna wait to see what what? what happens. church volunteers are vetted with interviews and background checks before working with youth, mordechai to as recently as five months ago, when the lead pastor took over his role, but julie back then he found nothing to raise any concerns.
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yes so sad when you hear things about this, and it took a lot of courage for that young man to finally come forward. lutely, deborah. thank you. two fbi agents were shot and killed today while serving a search warrant for child pornography in florida. it happened in sunrise, florida that's an upscale gated community about 10 miles northwest of fort lauderdale, the fbi says the agents were investigating a child pornography case. three other agents were wounded. the suspect in the shooting is also dead. he apparently killed himself after barricading himself inside his home. ah, former police detective in new. your talk tonight about what might have happened. since the guy who was going to be served with a criminal complaint, possibly relative to child pornography, and he opened fire, wounded and killed, wounded three and murdered, brutally murdered two fbi agents. it's unbelievable. the
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fbi has identified the victims as special agent daniel alphen and special agent laura schwarzenberger. they were veterans of the internet crimes against children task force program. the video you're looking at here shows a flag draped body being unloaded as a line of officers salute to of the fbi agents who were injured are said to be in stable condition. the third officer was treated at the scene and released. tonight president biden paid respects to the capitol police officer who died from injuries he suffered during the riots on january 6th at the u. s. capitol the remains of officer brian sick, nick are lying in honor in the capitol tonight, the president and first lady paused to reflect this evening along with fellow officers, lawmakers and his family and friends. officer sick. nick was a national guard veteran who joined the capitol police in 2008. he will be buried at arlington national. cemetery all right, looking at
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the weather out there. we've got a pretty nice evening was a pretty nice day today. temperatures got into the fifties. we did have a few sprinkles this morning after last night's rain, which was fairly significant. i mean some areas in the marin county watershed up in mount mount mount tam. over two inches of rain, so it was pretty significant stuff. ondas showers have ended here. but in the lake tahoe area, we're still seeing snow showers and we're also getting a winter storm warning that's going to stay in effect through tomorrow as the second system comes in now, this second system not as robust. this is it right here and you look at you guys, not much going on, right? this system drops in tomorrow. the main impact will be snow in the mountains. maybe a few sprinkles around here but not a game changer. the thing you're going to notice cooler daytime highs, so temperature is just in the fifties, mid fifties upper fifties at best, so we come back. we'll look specifically at the five day forecast in the computer model for the rest of the week. the
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element of school district thank you, bill. the alameda school district is set to begin testing its employees for coronavirus tomorrow. it's part of a plan to eventually test all students, faculty and staff a total of nearly 11 1000 people. last month, trustees approved a contract with hayward company to provide nasal swab tests. the district will begin student test before in person classes resume next month. regular testing will continue either weekly or biweekly dependent on case rates, the state says in person instruction can now resume its schools in four bay area counties. this after their rate of new coronavirus cases fell below the state's threshold for real. in schools. those counties are marin, san francisco, san matteo and santa clara. the state guidance is for kindergarten through sixth grades if they were open before the stay at home order was issued back in december, but schools with seven through 12th
10:21 pm
grades that have not yet reopened must wait for their county to exit the purple tear. governor newsome's popularity seems to be waning, waning as support grows for a recall effort, a new poll by uc berkeley institute of governmental studies found that only 46% of the 10,000 californians surveyed approve of the governor's performance. 48% disapprove. 6% had no opinion that is down from a survey conducted back in september, which put the governor's approval rating at 64% with 36% disapproving. coming up some high profile committee assignments for california's newest senator, the influence that alex padilla will have on major policies affecting california and president biden signs another syriza of executive orders today aimed at immigration policy will take a closer look at what exactly the three orders will do.
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administration's immigration priorities. they include a review of many of his predecessor's policies are political reporter greg lee, with the additional actions taken and the new task force that's been set up. this about how america is safer, stronger, more prosperous when we have a fair, orderly and you main legal immigration system with his newly confirmed dhs secretary by his side, president biden sign another series of executive orders this time focused on rolling back the previous administration's immigration policies were gonna work done do the moral and national shame of the previous administration that literally not figuratively rip children from the arms of their families. the first order creates a task force. to reunite families separated at the mexican border under trump's zero tolerance policy. it's estimated about 600 children are still separated from their parents. so we're trying to repair the damage and
10:25 pm
the horrific actions of the prior administration by trying to do everything we can to reunite these kids with their families. the second order is said to address the root causes of migration and review. the so called remain in mexico policy, which led to asylum seekers waiting in mexico for court appearances. third order direct to review the legal immigration system, including the public charge rule, which makes it harder for immigrants to get green cards. if they use government benefits. we want to act swiftly. we want to act promptly but we also need to make sure we're doing that through a strategic policy process the administration defended reviewing, rather than ending some trump policies immediately asking for more time bindings. immigration overhaul faces conservative challenges in court and on capitol hill. another executive order that really will have a profound effect on new mexico, a border state. it's unbelievable that we would actually compromise the safety and health and it really the national security of our nation by virtue of these executive orders. fighting is also facing
10:26 pm
pressure from immigration activists to doom or and go further with his orders. greg lee ktvu fox two news. people to judge made history today with his approval as us transportation secretary buttigieg's the first openly gay man to be confirmed by the u. s senate to run a federal department at 39 years old. he is also the youngest member of the biting cabinet. he has pledged to support president biden's $2 trillion plan to fight climate change and rebuild the nation's infrastructure. the senate today also confirmed alejandro my or kiss as the new homeland security secretary. he was sworn in. by vice president kamila harris. my orchids will be the first latino and first immigrant to hold that post. he previously worked in the department in the obama administration. new california senator alex padilla, who was top to fill the senate seat. vice president kamala harris has gotten some prominent committee assignments. he'll sit on the environment and
10:27 pm
public works committee, homeland security and governmental affairs committee, the judiciary committee and the budget and rules committee sitting on high profile committees gives for dea the opportunity to help shape california policy in the future. still ahead tonight. the search for oakland's next police chief could soon be coming to an end. how soon the mayor says she may have a decision in sports. steph curry put on a show tonight a j center, but was it enough for the warriors to get past the boston celtics? but first after a decade long dip in violent crime, the pandemic has seemingly reversed the trend. why homicide rates both nationally and in the bay area are on the rise. murderers are getting younger. um they're falling into the trap of was out there on the street. because there's nothing y
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♪ sprinkles! ♪ of the country. this comes after a decade long decline in violent crime in many cities across the nation knew attend our investigative reporter evan sernoffsky looked at how the coronavirus pandemic maybe a factor for the surge in violence. charming guy like to have a nice time, you know, crack jokes. smile laugh. you know, ronnie greene had eight children, including a one year old daughter, but those kids no longer have a father green at age 41 was shot dead in december outside a mini mart here in east oakland, mont. nephews and nieces are traumatized. you know, they missed a dad. i miss my brother, amelia edwards is green's younger sister. she's still trying to cope with the loss. just one year earlier, her younger brother died from gun violence before to be less than a year. am i all those brother
10:31 pm
get taken away from us like that? and that's a lot to endure. edward's father was murdered when she was just a girl. she praised her family won't have to go through this again. i just want my brother back. and i know i'm not gonna ever be able to get him back. but unfortunately, her brother's death was not the only tragedy to rip through. this community is not the best environment to live in the city, so 102 homicides last year. the year before it had 75, the bay area's other big cities also saw spikes in homicides. san francisco had 48 compared with 41 the year before sanders they had 10 more with 44. vallejo had 28 killings in 2020, more than twice as many as the year before. in fact, almost every large city in the united states are troubling uptick in homicides and gun violence. nationally killings increased 30% last year. leading to a report by the major cities
10:32 pm
chiefs association, one of the largest year over year upticks in decades. so why did homicides go up so much in one year after reaching 50 year lows in some cities? well many experts and law enforcement officials believe the body count is yet another result of the coronavirus pandemic. what the american psyche being pretty wrong right now. because people have lost their jobs. they have been able to go to work. people have been cooked up. can't even go out to dinner. in many instances to savaii dough, is chief of the houston police department and president of the major cities chiefs association. his city saw 400 homicides last year. ah 40% increase on top of that look at what's happening. the criminal justice system is really come to a grinding halt. across the country back in oakland city leaders have long grappled with street violence, seeing it increase has been devastating. we haven't had this many murder since 2000 and 12 brenda grisham son, christopher was killed in front of her family's home 10 years ago. she and
10:33 pm
other mothers have banded together to help stop violence, she said. efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus have made it harder for groups like hers. the murderers are getting younger, um, their fallen into the trap of was out there on this. street because there's nothing you can't go play football. you can't go play baseball solving cases has also been more challenging for police, leaving more killers on the street. and then if you not getting people for murders, they still out on the street. you know that's gonna be a problem. meanwhile families like ronnie green's are still looking for answers. a lot of people want to know what happened and who would do something like this to him and holding out hope. i want justice for my brother. i want justice for both of my brothers in oakland, evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. the mayor of oakland, says she is now just days away from announcing her choice for the next police chief. i really want to commend the police commission for sending me for excellent candidates. they include
10:34 pm
oakland deputy chief laurent armstrong and interim deputy chief dhiren in lindsay, who are husband and wife. also jason landau, who is a police commander in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, and abdul pridgen, the police chief of seaside in monterey county, san francisco. police say a man was killed after a shooting in the bay view neighborhood this morning. the video that we're showing you here comes to us from the citizen app officers were called to third and pollux streets at about 9 45 this morning, they found four 30 year old man with gunshot wounds. he ended up dying of the scene. two other men were taken to the hospital with injuries that were not life threatening. no word tonight on a motive. the san francisco police department is asking anyone with information to call their tip line. the two suspects in the killing of famous private investigator jack palladino were arraigned today in san francisco. 24 year old lawrence thomas of pittsburgh and 23 year old tajan, florida of san francisco, are charged with murder. kidnapping and elder
10:35 pm
abuse. valentino was 76 years old. it was attacked last thursday near his home in the haight ashbury during an attempted robbery. they were trying to get his camera. he was thrown to the pavement and suffered a massive head injury. this kind of horrific violence has no place in our city. stand united to work to ensure the justice and is that. authorities also deplored the senseless and deadly attack on an 84 year old grandfather from thailand. you see it there, authorities say the uptick in crime as we just reported a minute ago, may be linked to feelings of desperation because of the pandemic. san francisco is taking new steps to stop illegal dumping around the city. ktvu is christian captain tells us that many feel it's happening in the neighborhood they believe has been for gotten neighbors near gilman avenue on hall street in san francisco's bayview district, say this is the kind of mess
10:36 pm
they have to contend with. daily lewis. garrett's family has lived here since 1950, he says the unpaved portions of the street are an invitation for people to dump their trash. they drive by throw stuff out of the car. uh parker truck don't stuff on the truck department of public works crews who clean up the refuse saved. it's frustrating. they clean it up. and then within days, the trash is back again. the time we spent out here cleaning this every day, we could be using it to, you know, do other projects on, uh better than the neighborhood as well is just where at the. what will
10:37 pm
be. an end. to the dumping. i appreciate what the city is doing and trying to help me keep the place clean. and it would help if they gonna consider. we're gonna pay the street through and then it would be wouldn't be a place where people could pause. you know, they just drive through. the city is saying that they need the cooperation of the community. they're asking
10:38 pm
anyone who sees illegal dumping going on to contact the city via 311. and they say details like the kinds of vehicles that are being used and especially license plate numbers. can help them track down illegal dumpers christien kafton ktvu fox two news. still ahead here. street closures brought on by the pandemic, but could some of those street closures become permanent? the consideration now on the table, in a slight chance for some showers tomorrow we'll look into that also that winter storm warning stays in effect in the mountains. the five day forecast is next. and more than 53 years after his iconic olympic protest, track star tommy smith will be honored on a wheaties box and we'll tell you the organization that will benefit from the proceeds. ♪
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get vaccines out faster. the new york times reports the company wants to put 15 doses per vial instead of 10. they say that'll help use a bottleneck in the process of bottling cap in and labeling the vials. the fda could make a decision within a few weeks. next week, the u. s government will start sending one million coronavirus vaccines directly to pharmacies across the country in an effort to get more people protected, the u. s has seen. nearly 34 million doses administered so far, that's about one in 10 of the u. s population of 328 million here in california. 3.5 million shots have now been given for a population of 40 million, the state says. really 5.8 million vaccines have been delivered, the ceo of kaiser says they've received only a fraction of the vaccines needed to vaccinate workers and members. kaiser
10:42 pm
provides health coverage to more than nine million people in california, but so far they've only received about 300,000 doses, the l a times reports that kaiser had to cancel more than 5000 appointments for seniors in santa clara county this week and last week due to the shortage, kaiser officials say they have the ability to give more than 200,000 vaccines per week. san francisco is considering permanently closing three streets that are part of the slow streets movement. the streets are paved street from hayes valley to the hate shot, well street in the mission and sanchez street in nowy valley. yes f mta says they chose those streets based on a strong majority of support in surveys, people we talked with tonight on sanchez street say they are all in favor. it's been really helpful to just have a way to clear minds and not worry about traffic. be able to take the dogs or, um, take the baby out
10:43 pm
for walks. and yet we love it. engineers are expected to drop designs and the sf mta board will vote on the final plan later on this spring. ah plan to do away with the merit based admissions policy at a top public high school in san francisco, was met with a passionate response from both supporters and critics. four of seven board members introduced the measure, and tonight a special meeting was held to discuss the issue. currently students admitted to lowell high school based on their test scores and grades, but there has been criticism that the school lacks diversity. the proposal is now up for a vote next tuesday. coming up work continues to clean up the damage from last week's storm in santa cruz county, how the board of supervisors took action today to move the process along and after a wet start to the day, the rain has moved out. our chief meteorologist bill martin, will meteorologist bill martin, will have the complete bay area hi, i'm mike. jack hired me to tell you about his
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ooh, that's a lot! ahh! whoaaa! (giggles in excitement) mrs. davis? eventually, the chemical reaction will stop. woo-hoo! do not let the dog eat it! it's everywhere! it smells like my grandma. no, no, nooo ... ahh! wanna get away? now you can ... with fares starting at 50 dollars one-way, new destinations you wanna see, and the flexibility you gotta have. clap,clap,ding people were critically her in an explosion. it happened on rye canyon loop in santa clarita at about 4 45 this afternoon. initially, it appeared to be linked to a movie production, but authorities are now saying it happened at an industrial park. the fire spread to a hillside before burning close to homes. but then crews managed to get it under control. in santa cruz
10:47 pm
county board of supervisors has unanimously approved an emergency declaration. they did so today for damage caused by heavy rain and flooding. last week. the public works department doesn't have an exact dollar figure for the storm damage, but it's estimated to be in the millions of dollars. the board declared a disaster in order to get emergency funding from the state and federal governments to help pay for the repairs. i ain't on our own local puns. that'd be very difficult to train repair these roads, and so this would make us eligible for state and federal grants to help communities like ours. back in 2017, the county applied for similar state and federal grants to repair $140 million in storm damage. public works director says they should have that work completed. by the end of the year. already taking a look at the outside san francisco beautiful night kind of mild out there. we got some rain yesterday that front
10:48 pm
stalled out about this time yesterday and dropped over a half inch to an inch of rain in some places, not so much a san jose. they got barely anything but marin county i mentioned got over a couple inches of rain, so turned out to be a pretty good little weather system still way behind where we need to be in rainfall. we've got this system here. it's working, see the trajectory how it's working its way down the coast like this kind of coming straight down from the gulf, so that comes in the main impact on that system for us is going to be just a kind of a mild the cool day with i think maybe a sprinkle. i'll show you the model coming up. we mention that winter storm warning in the mountains that stays in effect through tomorrow. it's snowing up there now in many places, but most of that winter storm running, i think has to do with what's coming because that system that i pointed out from the north. it's coming down. that one's going to be cold and it will bring snow colder systems. don't put a lot of hold a lot of moisture. so with that in mind, we're not expecting a ton. maybe a foot of snow, but not if we get a sprinkle or something. it wouldn't be a lot so there's the system increasing clouds tomorrow.
10:49 pm
slight slight chance of a shower. nothing to change of plans over and then we go drive. we could dry right through the weekend. pretty much. this is the model and i'll show you how to show you how it works out. so here's tomorrow or tonight, and then you'll see that system coming from a peer and there's the green. there's the rain and then around. that's the morning, right? and then you see it start to thicken up as the day goes on. so about three o'clock that's our best chance for a sprinkle what we're really going to see a lot of clouds. and we're going to see temperatures on the cool side, not in the sixties, but in all in the fifties, pretty much exclusively with most temperatures in the mid fifties. that's a cool system. i mean, maybe a sprinkle. that'd be great. but as i said, cold, there's a whole lot of water, so even if it does direct hit, i wouldn't expect much of an accumulation. so forecast highs tomorrow when you see a lot of fifties. as i said, low fifties mid fifties, some areas may be cooler than that, so the increasing clouds starts off kind of nice clouds increase. slight slight chance for sprinkled don't change plans
10:50 pm
and then we get into. thursday friday, saturday and sunday and temperatures warm up. you'll see us back into the sixties. so that system tomorrow is kind of our last last brush with opportunity for showers for awhile that language models are pretty dry, are looking pretty drive for the next few days or next 45 or six or seven days. so that's the plan, you guys soko tomorrow. that clouds increasing all day it's going to cooler than typical money to jacket all day, maybe a sprinkle, and then after that, we warm up, i'll see you back here at 11, all right. we'll see then, bill. thank you. ah familiar faces now on the front of the new weegee's cereal box. the general mills brand celebrating athlete activist tommie smith. you may recall smith making history when he raised his fist in protest of racial inequality in 1968 during the olympic games. smith was a world champion runner who. tended san jose state university, his limited edition wheaties box will be sold online, only sales will go to
10:51 pm
the naacp. we're starting to get a sneak peek at some of the super bowl ads, and one of them has dolly parton reimagining one of her biggest hits. working to nine. you've got passion and the vision does its husband time whole new way to make a living. that's dolly parton is re recording of 9 to 5. she partnered with the website building companies, squarespace, the company says the new song 5 to 9 is meant to celebrate the hours that gig workers spend on their so called side hustles. barton says she wanted to take part in the ad to inspire the next generation of entre. the door's coming up in sports. stefan the warriors battle one of the nba's best teams from the east mark has the highlights of the match up with the celtics. next then on the 11 o'clock news, a $1 million challenge being offered by the state superintendent to try toe level
10:52 pm
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geico motorcycle. vote. room. to you could say quite literally. the warriors did not show up large against the boston celtics tonight. james wiseman, their young center seven footer out with a sprained wrist and come on loony, sprained his a cold. the other center early on in this game, so they just didn't have the size of the muscle to correctly match up with the boston celtics, although they make a game of it, wiseman is gonna watch, probably for a couple weeks. and here's an example. no one discussed this inside jason tatum knife into the hoop on abated for busting me in 27 points, nine rebounds.
10:55 pm
here's the play where loony rolls his ankle is left. one did not return and we'll have to wait to see until probably tomorrow or so. you see how serious that is onto the third period. celtics up five boston turnover stuff? curry don't look for one piscano anderson, he had said. steam boys tonight you get the foul there too is you see the replay did a good job hustling, but just not enough girth in the middle for the warriors. that center late third from the city limits kirby, one of his seven threes. 83 ali at 38 points. 11 rebounds, eight assists. fourth quarter. boston builds a 10 point lead former cal bear jalen brown and something to do with that. on the loose 18 points and 10 rebounds and curry does all he can to try and bring him back. that's this move and physics. oh man, that is just beautiful, plus the foul, but it's not enough. 1 11
10:56 pm
+107 the final and here's your key step. the warriors were outrebounded by boston. 51 36. the warriors with only 11 turnovers. tonight, it's still the big advantage on the board. for boston kind of looked like in college basketball. the stanford cardinal unfamiliar with their own home, florid maples. and who can blame them? here we are way into the season and this was their first game. at home. the first true home game, all the covid related problems for stanford and that they let most of the way against usc second half. cardinal up one coach and miss long past will go to stanford, oscar to silva. easy, does it? they still say, guys, cherry picking. wait, that's that sure looked like it now inside a minute. usc though up to taj, evey will get the tough turnaround jumper. usc winds at 72 60. six. there are 14 and
10:57 pm
three trojans looking good. stamford falls to 10 and seven now, i guess in keeping with the festive mood of the super bowl, it's anything goes down in florida. there is no limit. to the size of any athletic endeavor played outside down there, and that suits the nfl quite well, i think because they made it official today they announced that 25,000 live fans will be able to watch the super bowl on sunday in person, joined by 30,000 cardboard cutout. so it's gonna look packed. at least it's all about aesthetics in the nfl, right? it'll be the largest outdoor sporting event since the pandemic started and cab in the name of patrick mahomes. he doesn't care about all that stuff. he's just getting ready for the game, trying to be a back to back winner in the super bowl. for me. i'm trying to find a way to repeat, find a
10:58 pm
way to win a second championship on and find a way to do whatever i can to win with this team. you don't get these opportunities every single year in the nfl to be in the super bowl on the b and b in these games, and so you don't want to look back and have regrets about how you played and how you went about the week of preparing to go out there and play your best football. if here from the bay area, you remember where you were one year ago today, if you don't here's joe fonzi to remind you with this day in sports. it all seemed within reach just. last year on this day, with nine minutes to play, the 49ers still had the ball and a 10 point lead in super bowl 54. it all went south. after that, pat mahomes, 3rd and 15 password for 44 yards to tyree kill. four plays later, the chiefs were in the end zone. kansas city scored 21
10:59 pm
unanswered points and left miami with a 31 to 20 win. that's this day in sports, february 2nd. ground hog day. i'm joe fonzi. yes it is. ground hog day. let us check this out. we have in the past recent past is a matter of fact. shown you dogs on skateboards, but i think this guy takes the cake right here. he's a daredevil the towers? yeah not only that he's dressed in bib overalls, so i gotta give him credit for that. look for that dog, and i love this right here. this is a little. racer cruise happens to be my grandson and the check him out of the running away. clark how old is it south, three years old. adorable yeah. yeah but you know what was in the neighborhood? i say, where's your helmet? kid? come on. yes right. my party pooper. drives
11:00 pm
just like his grandpa. yeah right. that is true. back to you guys. martha cue coming up next year. 11 we are on the front lines and this is this is at risk this pandemic and right now it's going to another level and we're not slowing down. some bay area grocery store workers will see extra money in their paychecks to compensate for the risk of covid the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. tonight the city of oakland approved hazard pay for those front. mineworkers hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. the ordinance will boost their pay by $5 an hour notes and i ktvu is azenith smith is here now, with the unanimous vote and who's pushing back as well, frank. it's not just oakland that's looking at hazard pay. i just


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