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just like his grandpa. yeah right. that is true. back to you guys. martha cue coming up next year. 11 we are on the front lines and this is this is at risk this pandemic and right now it's going to another level and we're not slowing down. some bay area grocery store workers will see extra money in their paychecks to compensate for the risk of covid the 11 o'clock news on ktvufront. mineo again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. the ordinance will boost their pay by $5 an hour notes and i ktvu is azenith smith is here now, with the unanimous vote and who's pushing back as well, frank.
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it's not just oakland that's looking at hazard pay. i just listened to san jose's virtual city council meeting, and they're expected to move forward tonight with exploring a similar emergency ordinance. san francisco and berkeley have also. voiced their support for the idea. as grocery where cruz is full clerks. we didn't sign up for him at risk job. timur korean is a food clerk for safely in oakland for 29 years. the 51 year old mother is now entitled to an extra $5 per hour. thanks to a city ordinance she called long overdue. we are on the front lines and this is this is this t now it's going to another level.. city leaders past the emergency ordinance tuesday, . los angeles past it 15 to 0 inci fortunata bass intro line of
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work dangerous getting paid on average $18 an hour. you know they're working indoors with large numbers of people, and this is also a situation where they are among the lower paid service sector workers yet the national retail chains are making enormous profits during covid, the grocery clerk, see 2 to 300. some of them could see two or 300 customers today, the ordinance effects grocery stores that employ 500 or more workers. nationally stores like car dennis markets, lucky's safeways sprouts, trader joe's and whole foods and estimated 2000 grocery workers. oakland would be included. we think there's constitutional issues, especially when you're singling out one particular industry, the c. the association says the mandate amounts to a 28% increase in labor costs and could trickle down to the consumer, the association estimates an extra $400 a year for groceries for a
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family of four shoppers. we spoke to say they'd be willing to pay more. i think that these companies should maybe cut into their profits a little bit more, instead of passing man to consumers. i get to work at home. you know, they don't know. i appreciate it. and this ordinance is an effect immediately and last until the city of oakland reaches the least restrictive yellow tear, frank azenith smith live force as not thank you today, the biden administration announced plans to deliver doses of the coronavirus vaccine directly to retail pharmacies across the country starting next week. the announcement comes as alameda county health officials confirm they six possible or confirmed cases of the uk. variant ktvu is amber lee. talk to people about this new strain people enjoy the return of outdoor dining along park street in alameda.
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on this february night. some say they're aware that the uk variant of the coronavirus is in california. but it's news to them that it's now close to home here in alameda county. all of this is good. so the difference between a new version i'm going to keep doing what i'm gonna keep carrying coming. the family were to wear a mask, but wash your hands were to keep distance. i wasn't really that concerned. i mean, now that we've been to the whole cover thing, they don't want people to be worried about it. dr monica gandhi and infectious disease expert with ucsf says the uk vary. it may be more contagious but isn't necessarily more deadly. what ie authorized in this country work against this variant, the most important thing we could do for the american people. get the vaccine in them as fast as possible. then the virus will stop replicating as much and it can't mutate as much. there's nothing more urgent than rolling out the vaccine, making covid-19 vaccines more readily available is a component of the
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biden administration's plan. it announced that the federal government will start distributing vaccines directly to pharmacies across the country. starting on february 11th. it's part of the strategy to ramp up vaccinations as new variants of the virus. start to appear. this will provide more sites for people to get vaccinated in their communities and as an important component to delivering vaccines equitably. people we spoke with, say they're older family members have gotten vaccinated against covid-19, but that the rollout has bee. so the white house plan is welcomed news think it's a positive thing towards the right direction, and i mean. i'm ready for one. yeah, we're waiting where we can't wait to get him. dr. gandhi says the federal government's plan to get the facts seems to local pharmacies are the way to go make it as easy as getting a flu shot. despite the problems so far with the rollout cheap, predicts a retur year in
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alameda, amberleigh ktvu fox two news, the white house said today that the federal emergency management agency fema. will reimburse states for pandemic costs and services. the payments will be retroactive, and we'll include the cost of ppe, including masks and gloves, as well as sheltering at risk populations. today, health officials in san francisco opened up a new vaccination clinic in the bayview district, the clinic at the wholesale p now from 9 a.m.e pm the goal is to vaccinate about 200 people a day who live in that neighborhood. he says they're choosing locations based on where rates of the coronavirus and hospitalizations are the highest new information now on school re openings, the state says in person instruction can now resume its schools in four bay area counties for grades k through six. those counties of
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iran's san francisco san matteo and santa clara. their rates of new coronavirus cases have fallen below the state's threshold for allowing classes to resume. the california department of health. says seventh through 12th grade classes must wait for their county to exit the purple tear. now to today's million dollar announcement from state school superintendent tony thurman ktvu. andre senior, tells us about the big prize meant to improve internet connectivity for students across the digital divide. get down to the bottom line here. everybody needs to be connected to the internet has been more important now than ever. but not everyone has access at a time when learning has done mostly online, leaving some students behind california state superintendent tony thurman announcing tuesday, the kickoff of the california digital divide innovation challenge, we ought to tap the best minds in research. technology entrepreneurs, you know who can come up with the
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next big idea to help us close the digital divide the prize $1 million what must be solved, eliminate the digital divide and expand high speed internet access to the reported nearly one million students at lax internet connectivity. gary michaelson, founder of michaelson philanthropies, putting up the cash. it's a quarter action. the real prize beyond the prestige that the inventors will garner is that the technology will serve tens of millions and make tens of billions. thurman unveiling the planet with members of the digital divide test force, made up of lawmakers who proposed legislation to expand broadband access throughout california without a doubt at the center of all this. is our students. ah study by the public policy institute of california found nearly 16% lena gonzalez has introduced legislation to spur the development of broadband internet and underserved
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communities, but admits there's another critical issue that needs to be addressed. that affordability peace and ensuring that low income families can attain the adequate high speed and reliable internet that they deserve. the digital divide affects students of color and low income students at disproportionate rates, thurman says. the california departmentd with biotech company genentech and automaker general motors for this competition. and if you'd like to submit an idea for this competition, send an email to this address. innovation challenge at. e done see a duck of we've also posted this information under this story on our website ktvu .com i'm andre senior ktvu, fox two news. coming up here. a youth leader at a church arrested on suspicion of child abuse and now poised looking from or potential victims. he could have had interactions with dozens of teenagers since he
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or visit your local xfinity store today. inge that he suffered during the riot on january 6th at the ca line and honor in the capitol tonight, the president and first lady paused to reflect along with fellow officers, lawmakers and his family andiene
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national guard veteran who joined the capitol police force in 2008. he'll be buried at arlington national cemetery to fbi agents were shot and killed. this morning while trying to serve a search warrant in florida. it happened in the community of sunrise about 10 miles northwest of fort lauderdale. the fbi says the agents were investigating a child pornography case when the suspect opened fire. three other agents were wounded, but all of them are expected to be okay. the suspect in the shooting is also dead. he apparently killed himself after barricaded himself inside his home. e a santa rosa man is accused of sexually abusing a boy. he met a church over a period of many years. ktvu is deborah villalon tells us police are now looking for more victims about that situation at fountain grove lodge. no one admitted knowing drew mordechai, although he is the marketing manager. at this over 55
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community for lgbt q retirees in santa rosa, this is where mordechai was arrested. they began when the child was actually 12 years old. police picked him up the day after a 17 year old boy disclosed five years of alleged sexual abuse. 12 felony charges filed swiftly by the d a. have mordechai jailed on $3 million bond. we don't know exactly the exact grooming techniques he used or the way that he was actually able to force the child into doing things the child didn't want to do still an active case, police are seeking witnesses and other potential victims. he could have had interactions with dozens of teenagers since he began working. volunteering at the church. new vintage church is where the boy met mordechai years ago. i've been work adults for over 20 years, the lead pastor says. mordechai has been a volunteer youth leader in weekly bible study for about 30
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for now drew had people at our church because he's been here since he was a boy, so everybody. lots of people here know him, parents of kids in youth ministry were informed. there is no indication any incident occurred on church grounds on mordechai's facebook page. he has photos of boys in groups with and without him and lighthearted holiday shots about 400. people make up the congregation here, suspend judgment and be prayerful and kind and loving to each person in this situation and. one of the process honestly, police say some of the crimes occurred at mordechai, santa rosa home and that shame and fear often combined to silence victims until they finally feel safe coming forward, but they're going to be trusted. we're going to be able to get the justice or the support santa roa deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. still ahead here. a team of investigators from the world
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health organization reaching a research lab in wuhan, chn the effort to pass another coronavirus relief package. the legislation that democratic lawmakers are now working on a and we are looking at the forecast that does include a chance of some showers or sprinkles tomorrow, not a big deal, but something also warm up in the five day i'll see you back here. all right, fourth graders! the trick is to add just a little bit of vinegar. ooh, that's a lot! ahh! whoaaa! (giggles in excitement) mrs. davis?
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center in wuhan, china, where some have speculated the coronavirus out brooke outbreak may have begun. the virus research lab had a large archive of genetic material on coronavirus is from bats after
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the sars outbreak of 2003. china has denied allegations of any link between the lab and the covid pandemic. president biden has announced the creation of a task force aimed at reuniting immigrant families. it's an effort to try to undo policies put in place by the trump administration. fox news william la jeunesse is in san diego with the changes that are already underway. we're trying to repair the damage and the horrific actions of the prior administration. the challenge how to undo the policies of president trump without increasing illegal immigration. this is not the time to come to the united states. we need immigration process, the people humanly. pres covid protection protocol, allowing the border patrol to deport everyone but children since the pandemic began, the agency turned back more than 300,000 migrants. title 42 is
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the essence. of right now keeping people back and by taking away the remaining mexico policy and then eliminated title 42, you'rege. it's already creating a backup in the immigration pipeline, with migrant camps forming along the border in america. anything don't send me back. i ask you, please, to look at me. i am guatemalan, and you will see that things are tough over there. agency smugglers are using the words of candidate biden to pull migrants north was starting asylum legalizing millions already here, limiting ice enforcement. the biden effect is creating its own humanitarian crisis with an already overwhelmed immigration system. some sectors report a steady climb in apprehensions. especially of central american families, and unaccompanied children. some left by parents at the border who then go it alone without detention. many continue until they succeed. the trump administration cut down now and that's to shut off the nation's asylum system so
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that these parents were left with no other choice to protect their children other than pretty much handing them over to the u. s government. doesn't joe biden promises to leave intm claims are heard. we hope that those who have been put in remain in mexico will be able to make their asylum cases from the safety of the united states and outside of detention by the task force must report back in four months. meanwhile the border patrol is preparing for another surge driven by the poverty in central america and likely, more welcoming approach when they arrive here. as for the wall, biden officials last night called it wasteful and useless. border agents who work here back to different democratn the first step to push through there. $1.9 trillion covid relief package without help from republicans. this comes one day after the president sat down with moderate republicans, who are hoping he would consider a much smaller bill
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for $618 billion. during a virtual meeting today, president biden urged democrats to go big, saying the gop plan wasn't enough to help americans through the crisis. we are not. we are not going to make the mistake of 2009 and have two smaller package that took too long, and it took 45 years for the economy to recover. the covid relief package was likely to have passed through a process known as budget reconciliation. if there's not enough republican support that would only require 51 votes from all 50 democrats and gettid into your wednesday. we've got a pretty nice day. it's just not gonna be that warm. and then the clouds come in. ah, week whether system. works its way coming right from the north. it's cooler. it'll increase the clouds all day. ah slight chance of a sprinkle and you'll see the system appear on. it's
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cold, so it's dry. the winner still mourning in the mountains is probably in reaction to that right now it's stopped going to stay up the winter storm warning is going to stay up until tomorrow afternoon. because of that they're still getting some still first in the last system, which is great. i mean, it's really been a productive storm. this last one, but here comes to slow. this would be the next weather feature. it's tomorrow. what does it do to most of us what we notice just so clouds increasing in the afternoon and mild, too cool to high temperatures in the mid fifties, low fifties, so just very cool and there is a slight chance of a shower right now. it doesn't look like it's much of anything. maybe it being marin headlands thing or something like that dry pattern after that unfold. definitely here's the model. it's going to show exactly what i just told you. so there's the morning tomorrow morning. here comes here come the clouds, and that's it. that's your day by three o'clock, it's mostly cloudy and you see those little blue specks that would indicater some sprinkles, but not much. so. the forecast highs for tomorrow. like i say, fifties
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below the mid fifties and even low fifties for the most part, especially if your place like occidental or forest, phil or one of those areas where you're not going to see a lot of sun. because of the canyon areas, you're going to be in the low fifties all day and then the five day forecast. it looks like this so the increasing clouds. that's the big weather feature tomorrow into a pattern that's warming. i mean, look at these highs as you get into saturday and sunday back into the mid sixties, and unfortunately, julian frank looks like it's gonna be dry for a little while from here on out, so at least we got some right out of that last one still getting snow winter storm warning tomorrow stays, it stays in effect will be traveling up. their travel is gonna be a little sketchy until we get into third. thursday. all right, bill. thank you. spacex test flight ended in an explosion today. it all started with a successful launch of a spacex rocket at the launch facility in texas. but then the unmanned rocket crashed and exploded as it tried to land. the faa released a statement
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saying that spacex had had petitioned it. there's a crash landing right there had petitioned it to allow launch that was risk here to the public that allowed by law and. investigation is now underway in a total understatement afterward, a spacex engineer said, quote we had again another great flight up. we've just gotta work on that landing a little bit. coming up, steph curry put on a show tonight against the boston celtics. but was it enough? mark has
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you know. that. on the warriors a couple of things, you know one. they just haven't been very consistent with their overall play, and it seems at
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least so far. they can't really get over on the exceptional teams in the nba boston an example tonight, but the warriors did have a little bit of an excuse. we had to do it without that guy. james wiseman. she's gonna miss probably a couple of weeks with a sprained wrist and then later had an injury that wouldn't help either. jason tatum knife into the bucket. no big man to stop him. he had 27 for buster tonight. here's tavon loony, rolling. his ankle has left one didn't return and we'll probably have to wait to see the swelling. maybe subsides as to how long he's gonna be out. third quarter. celtics up five of boston turnover right here. watch steph closely. the no. look for one. piscano anderson, who goes to the hoop that's beautiful. he had 16 points and draws the foul right there. do a good job, but just not of girth in the metal late third deep from way downtown vintage curry seven threes tonight 38
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points. 11 rebounds, eight assists kept a minute. but look at the cal product. j list crime out of nowhere for the slam dunk. boston built up a 10 point lead brown at 18 points. curry tries to bring them back with what you would have to say. even in los. this is the play of the night. look at the moves, and, most of all the finish. he's fouled. counts not enough, though. as 1 11 1 of seven in your final key step, where is that? rebounded 51 to 36 listen to the celtics out on the road to play four games in texas now, all right, the stanford cardinal, look how far we are into the college basketball season and this was their first. true home game. first time they've been able to play it maples, and they kind of ran out of gas against usc after leading most of the way, second half cardinal up one trojan miss. long past stanford's oscar desilva, the beneficiary. easy does it to the bucket cardinal of three. but now we
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hit it inside a minute, usc up a bucket taj edie, we'll bury the turnaround jumper, usc wins and 72 66. stanford falls, 10 and seven overall. all right, frank. pay attention. okay we're gonna talk a little hockey right now. you're gonna be the judge. way. check this out. tell me which of these two sweetness on ice plays were better. alright for st louis. this is justin folder that was dicking his way through the defense. you'll appreciate it even more when you see the replay stick handling right there. the score for the blues who wanted and then we have montreal's. i learned a foley go between his own legs. okay score. e gotta go inside one. alright right there. yeah my gosh. montreal the halves are winners and which one was better? the second the second one. i just love watching stuff
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i can't do on the ice. it's really fine. thank you. i did it for you, frank. this it for you, frank. this practice practice oh, i do have an open seat in first class, if one of you would like a free upgrade. no, thank you. i think we'll sit together. after the amazing weekend we just had-- i'll take it. i deserve that seat. three days in the woods with phil's ex-cheerleader buddies, the old stories, the spontaneous human pyramids, constantly updating their tumbler tumblr. i smiled through the whole thing. problem is i was so convincing, phil thought i was having a great time. what do i want? some credit. when do i want it? now. hey. ohh. i'm sorry if i smell like a campfire. i've been in the woods for three days. i hate camping. if i'm ever in the woods for three days, it mans i've been dead for two of them. oh. it feels good to laugh for real.
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you look like you need a drink.


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