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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 4, 2021 12:00pm-12:58pm PST

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claw should not be based on whether all teachers are vaccinated. we hear from parents and teachers, both sides of that debate plus getting the coronavirus vaccine into the arms of more and more people, the mass vaccination sites taking form all across the bay area, and the numbers are out for last week's job was claims while the nationwide number is down, we take a look at the rise right here in california. the news and news starts now this is ktvu fox. two news that new. and good afternoon, everyone i'm mike mibach. and i'm gasia mikaelian happening now city leaders are getting a tour of the mosconi center in san francisco, which will soon be transformed into the bay area's newest mass vaccination site. let's bring in ktvu allie rasmus life to give us an update on the sally hey, garcia, will this vaccination site at the mosconi center opens
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tomorrow at eight o'clock. you do have to have an appointment to go in to get your vaccine and you can do that by going to the my turn covid-19 website on the state's website. we have a link to it on our website. but here's a look inside mosconi center some final training so they can start to administer these vaccines. 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. the goal is to give between 7 to 10,000 covid. 19 vaccines a day at this site. they can't reach that volume yet because there's still a shortage in supply right now. they only have enough supply to give out 3 to 4000 doses a day for the next week, but the hope is that that will change once the vaccine supply increases and they can start to ramp up the mosconi center. mass vaccination side is a joint effort between the city's health department and kaiser permanent day and other private health care providers, along with the california medical association a short time ago, mayor london breeds spoke about how vaccine hubs like this one are a key step. the logistics of getting everyone vaccinated.s
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to re opening our city. we've saved lives. yes but we know there are still challenges, not just with our economy but around mental health. our children are not back in school. as long as we have the vaccines. we will have the placesickly as possible. san francisco city leaders have set a goal of vaccinating all city residents by the end of june, and to do that they need to reach a pace of about 10,000 vaccine shots per day. the city's already opened a vaccination site at city college with plans to open other clinics in the bay view. western edition, chinatown and mission district neighborhoods. the mosconi center site is not just limited to kaiser patients, even the kaiser's helping out with the personnel and administration of it all residents who are 65 years and older can apply and go online to get an appointment. the sight it opens tomorrow at 8
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a.m. and afterwards it will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day again. you do need an appointment to do that. u turnao it on our website as well. it'll let you know if you plug in your zip code when and if vaccines are available to you if you're eligible to you, and that's how you would sign up, garcia, mike back to you. all right, allie. those vaccine appointments are like golden tickets these days. thank you so much. the cdc. the centers for disease control and prevention says teachers do not need to get vaccinated before going back into the classroom to teach their students now, despite that, as ktvu azenith smith reports, there are still some teachers out there who are opposed to going back into the classroom. i agree with the cdc guidance. i have a daughter, who has been in school full time before vaccines were even available and there have been no issues
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in her school parents, dc epstein's sixth grader is learning in person at a private school in walnut creek, while her third grader is distance learning in the lafayette public school district. she calls their experiences our whoe and getting educated and had having social development and having them all stuck at home in varying circumstances is just not the way for kids to live on wednesday, the director of the cdc said increasing data suggests a shots first for teachers does not need to be a prerequisite, safe re opening does not suggest that teachers need to be vaccinated in order to reopen safely. state superintendent of public instruction tony thurman waiting on ktvu the four on two well, there's no question of the vaccine would make a difference. and, you know, i believe that the cdc is referencing new studies. that
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have shown that at many district's in parts of the country have found ways to keep the spread of coronavirus small on campus. i actually do feel comfortable. myself but i'm not like all the teachers, right? satti saba is 1/5 grade teacher at luther burbank school in san jose, and says many teachers and his district don't share the same comfort level about returning without a vaccine. given new virus variants, the county's purple tier status ande bottom line is an issue here. and that the vaccine for many teachers that azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. napa unified school district is getting ready to take a very big step when it comes to getting back to five days a week on campus now, starting on march 1st students in the district's hybrid learning program will have their classroom time increase from 2.5 days per week to four.
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this would be phase three in the district's plans to bring students back full time. the fourth and final phase would be a return to a full five day schedule of in person learning new coronavirus cases are declining in nearly every state across the country. this data comes is the federal government moves forward with plans to create more vaccination centers. the cdc says the 70 average of hospitalizations and deaths is on the decline nationwide in the daily case count has dropped to pre thanksgiving levels. but public health officials warn of possible super spreader events, including this sunday's super bowl. having a super bowl party with people from outside your media household now is probably riskier than it would have been if you had a similar event over the summer. you're in california. there have been more than 13,000 new covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours with 655 people who have died. the
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number of americans seeking unemployment benefits last week fell nationwide here in california. it was a different story. the n people filed first time unemployment claims nationwide. in our state more than 104,000 workers felt for first time claims. that's an increase of more than 46,000 claims from just the week before. it's largely seen as a sign that people are still losing their jobs due to the pandemic before the pandemic weekly applications for jobless help had never topped 700,000. say lawmakers will soon consider legislation to reform the employment development department handling of unemployment insurance benefits. several bills were unveiled this morning by a group of assembly members, including san francisco's david chu and oakland's buffy wicks. the bills include methods to help people receive the ddt benefits they're entitled to since the st g. d has been plagued by an inability to pay benefits on time, bureaucratic inefficiencies. and widespread fraud today, assembly member
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petri norris and i and others are proposing a $55 million budget allocation to create and fund a coordinated task force of local and state law enforcement agencies to address this mountain of fried. it's comparable to specialize fried programs that target auto insurance fud and health care, d and worker's compensation this. thank you for the bill. proposal from oakland assembly member buffy wicks would establish an office where people can file claims for benefits not received. president biden has signaled he's open to modifying portions of his covid-19 relief package to get republicans on board house move forward with a vote directing a dozen committees to start drafting the pieces of the president's bill during the conference call with house democratic leaders, president biden said he'd be willing to compromise on who would be eligible for the next round of stimulus checks, but said he is standing firm on the amount of $1400 for those payments. we are united as one for a big
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bowl package working with our republican friends when we can the new president talks a l about unity, but it's white house staff and congressional. n addition to the stimulus checks, the relief bill would also deliver fund for vaccine distribution. and assistance for small businesses and schools. it would also raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour and create a national paid family leave program. let's swing over the wall street here because stocks are moving higher, helped by strong company earnings, as well as optimism that washington can reach a deal for another round of fiscal stimulus. you see, at this point, the dow jones is up by almost a full percentage point gaining almost 270 points right now s and p is right there. percentage wise nasdaq is even closer to that. 1% gain mark tamayo. time cancelations and frustration will have the latest on the efforts to distribute the coronavirus vaccine, and the reaction is appointments are put on hold in napa county, plus mixing and matching two different versions
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of the vaccine. is it safe for that? not the new study under way overseas in the uk that could speed up the process of getting more people vaccinated and it was a cool start to the day as we bring in this live picture of downtown san francisco, we're going to check in with meteorologist mark tamayo about some changes just how warm it may get in your neighborhood. this coming weekend. you have the power to know. before you go when you wake up with morning's onto, he also have the power to know. everywhere you go when you everywhere you go when you download the ktvu ever since you've been hanging out with jack there's something... different about you. ♪ everyone's feeling the late night vibe with my $4 sauced & loaded tots— with cheddar bacon or jalapeño ranch. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to...
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$4 sauced & loaded tots— with cheddar bacon or jalapeño ranch. planned withdrawal of some u. s troops that are stationed in germany. this announcement from the white house national security advisor jake sullivan comes ahead of president biden's visit to the state department. the white house also said the u. s would end support for saudi arabia is military in the long running war in yemen, in hopes of stopping one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. former president trump last year despite congressional resistance, announced plans to redeploy some 9500 of the more than 34,000 u. s troops from germany. scientists overseas in the united kingdom want to know if it's possible to safely mix and match the different types of vaccines that are currently out there right now, the guidelines do say that you should get the same type of vaccine separated by a few weeks, but researchersations if.
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actually benjamin hall as the story, a study in the uk is looking at whether different virus vaccines could be effectively used against the coronavirus for 1st and 2nd doses. current recommendations say people should get two shots of the same vaccine weeks apart, but scientists want to find out if doses of two different vaccines can be used to possibly speed up. vaccination efforts were looking to see if the immune response that generates is as good as the currently approved schedules, researchers hope to recruit more than 800. people for the study. volunteers will get one shot of the astrazeneca vaccine on a shot of the visor vaccine, or vice versa. scientists say they don't expect to get results from the study until the summer if we understand and more about how we can use vaccines together. then we should be in a much stronger position in terms of vaccination united kingdom but also the rest of the world. meanwhile the world health organization team continues to
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look into origins of the virus in wuhan, china, investigators say the chinese government has been cooperative, but they don't believe they'll get immediate results from their probe. so far, the team has visited research centers, hospitals on the seafood market tied to the virus outbreak. it's of course, impossible to know what you're not being told. what i'm saying in china, and this group is saying in china is what we asked for. we are being allowed to do in london, benjamin whole fox news. outside this new time in the bay area. it is no jacket required. and if mark tamayo is not wearing when you know, it's pretty nice outside. yeah is warming up nicely. gasia mikaelian chilly. start this morning, maura. eventually we're talking about some sixties this afternoon across a good portion of the bay area. and if you like today, i think you like the forecast for friday and into the weekend. of course, this all has an impact on our water supply. we're gonna update theodore out to monitor for today. and in a perfect world, we'd have no color. to show you on this map,
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but this reflects drought conditions as we come in closer to the bay area. now there has been some improvement. we have awesome areas in the oranges now, including those dead that indicates a severe drought and still somewhat of extreme drought. as you can see for portions of napa county and points north, so hopefully we can to make a dent but at least in thclear sky. is up and up above the bay area and up above california. there is a little bit of a breeze out there, especially for the hill. so breezy today that north northeast wind developing and we have lots of clear skies out there. we'll check in on something. 12 o'clock numbers right now in the fifties on track to reach the sixties across most areas later on this afternoon between about three and four o'clock, here's a live camera, looking out toward the golden gate bridge toward the marin headlands, and once again nothing but sunshine up above with. clouds clearing out
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quickly from yesterday's weak system. so it is warmer today as that area of low pressure is going to scoot out of the picture. this theory of high pressure is developing and strengthening. so with that, any storms that want to move in have no chance. the storm track is pushed up to the north and amplified patterns were that dry weather pattern and a mild to warm weather pattern as well. in fact, a few neighborhoods could be inching closer to the 70 degree mark as we head toward friday and saturday. here's the forecast model. lots of shine for today and the same story into your friday so lots of clear skies for friday and will take this into the beginning of the week, and it looks like a sunny forecast as well. highs this afternoon under mostly sunny skies will be in the upper fifties to the sixties approaching the mid sixties for place like a santa rosa. and if we take a look ahead here your five day forecast, this does not look like february temperatures on friday, mid sixties, maybe a few spots on saturday opera sixties and then we'll grab really cool things
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off and into a sunday monday and then evtu, and we could definitely use some rain because typically february we're talking about significant rainfall. but that will not be the case at least over the next five days. it's all right, mark banking very much cia soon still to come this noontime, a spike in crime in oakland's chinatown neighborhood, the demands from community members and businesses and why police say they
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owners are demanding more action from the mayor and the police to help stop crimes polie say that criminals are targeting business owners, women and residents overall as well as workers in chinatown. ktvu andre senior, has more on what oakland city leaders say they're planning to do to stop this spike in crime. it's a surveillance camera captures the moment a man snatches money from the hands of shoppers last friday and bolts from a store along the 300 block of ninth street and oakland's chinatown. it's one in the series of crimes that's rocked the community in recent weeks. we are also have many juveniles, driving costs around chinatown and carrying guns, so they're also hurting people before they're being wrong. carl chan, president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, says in another case, three
12:22 pm
women tried to steal plans from a shop when the resisted. the thieves nearly runs down the owner in their car and in another violent attack. last month, this woman was shot in the head with a flare gun, the victim going public to bring attention to the incident wednesday with the representatives speaking on her behalf, she continues to be concerned about her personal safety and the safety of the community and others here in chinatown and this concerned that oakland chinatown is becoming, uh, not as safe as it was in the past impact becoming unsafe, and that makes her sad. chamber asking that police bring back walking patrols and install surveillance cameras to help solve crimes and deter criminal activity to stem the tide of criminal activity drifting into this neighborhood, oakland police captain bobby hook finn, who oversees this area, says immediate action has been taken such as reallocating personnel. but he says officers face the challenge of. reported crimes from victims who fear retaliatio even if you have little information, even if you
12:23 pm
cannot describe your assailant, please come forward because that little bit may help us solve a bigger crime. oakland police say they arrested the man seen in this video snatching money from shoppers. his name is debbie on bird. he's 23 years old, and he's from vallejo. the department says he was arrested after attempting to snatch a purse on monday, just a couple of days after the end. that you saw there on video. he wasn't so lucky. this time around members of the community state on scene and pointed him out to police. i'm andre senior ktvu. fox. two news. we are learning more this afternoon about the man accused of threatening to shoot people at the westfield mall in san jose. san jose police found out just around four o'clock yesterday afternoon that a man on snapchat was live streaming his threats. now santa's a police officers along with santa clara county.ff. deputies were able to track the man down at the mall took him into custody arrested him, and
12:24 pm
they confirmed that he was carrying a loaded gun. he h been identified as 21 year old hunter title of seaside. the motive for the threat is still under investigation. no one was hurt there at the mall as no shots were fired. san francisco police investigating an eight vehicle crash that killed a pedestrian and injured several drivers this morning and this happened just before eight o'clock near higuera avenue and leitner said boulevard, according to the chronicle, a man and twenties, was pronounced dead at the scene. it's not yet known what caused the crash. however a witness says that a man was hit by a truck, which may have run a red light. investigators are now looking into whether drugs or alcohol also may have played a role in the crash. three people are in the hospital after a fire ripped right through their home in pleasant in flames engulf the garage on driftwood waged about 6 45 this morning claims then spread to the inside portion of the house. firefighters tell us there weret they were likely. propane tanks. the flames were not done fairly quickly. just about 20 minutes
12:25 pm
for firefighters to get that fire under control. the cause of the fire has still not yet been determined. the national transportation safety board will soon announce what likely caused the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant, his daughter and several seven other people. the ntsb says it will formally share its findings at a virtual board meeting on tuesday in june. the investigators said the pilot may have been disoriented after getting caught in dense fog. they found evidence the pilot thought he was ascending over the fog when he was actually going downward in federal judge is considering more penalties for pg any. the company is under criminal investigation for last year's zogg fire judge called for a court hearing yesterday and accused p. jeannie operations of being reckless. issues over a tree that may hha electric line and sparked the fire that we may have been marked for removal by a contractor, but it was never cut down. you'll remember the dog fire killed four people and burn through 88 square miles up in shasta and two hema counties. santa cruz
12:26 pm
officials say that there weren't that the risk from last year's wildfires isn't over. even in this rainy season, especially it is heightened during a virtual meeting last night, county officials said. the continuing risk of rock and mudslides and the burns owns continues. the evacuation orders issued before last week's storm and said they were thankful the strong storm only hit the edges of the season. you burn scarred area, then kept going. they did the report. several small debris flows from that storm. still become the push to get people vaccinated in santa clara county. the update we just received from health officials there time to their supply of the covid-19 vaccine. also we're just a few days away from super bowl 55 the concern, though, from health officials that it could lead to the spread of the virus, even more, especially if people do not use caution and avoid gatherings.
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vaccines to more and more people. officials there in the county announced just this morning that the county's health system and several other providers will begin providing vaccines to all county residents. age 65 older they can receive it, regardless of their health care provider or insurance officials announced a new so called no wrong door system. it's designed to ensure that people most vulnerable to severe illness and death from
12:30 pm
covid can access vaccines more quickly and seamlessly. challenge now is to roll out our vaccination campaign as efficiently and effectively as we can to get those vaccines into the arms of those who are most vulnerable and most likely to die of this infection. 81% of covid-19 related deaths in santa clara county are people's 65 older, napa county is suspended vaccinations at least for now, because it's running out of supply and frustration is growih public and elected leaders. ktvu deborah villalon tells us there's still plenty of capacity to give vaccinations, but there just aren't enough vaccine doses to go around. then you're gonna take a deeper 46,000. people in napa county have expressed interest in a covid vaccination, public health and its partners are set up to do 13,000 week. but this
12:31 pm
clinic in saint halina was one of the last for a while. yes, we had to have those very unfortunate conversations with her community and members that their appointment was being canceled. napa county supervisor alfredo pedroza sees this idol vaccination site downtown as a lost opportunity open wednesday for just a few hours, administering second shots, only raising the question. where are all the doses? is anyone holding onto vaccines that they shouldn't be holding onto is a supply chain. is it a manufacturing issue? those are the questions that our community members have that were. desperately asking. it's a mystery, even in washington, some of this was purchased at great cost, and yet it's very hard to get our arms around. where the heck it is right now. congressma hall expects arrival of the johnson and johnson vaccine and others will help. we're given a total
12:32 pm
of 500 doses a week here and federal sites no better off san francisco's v. a medical center and its clinics have managed to get a total of only 2000 veterans vaccinated so far, we could be the vaccinating 2000 veterans a week between all of our sites. we just need doses. but the programs are built and ready, and that's the disappointment for everyone downstream who met the challenge, mobilized space and staff and systems. expectations went up, then came crashing down. we need to answer those questionf how long is it going to take to get new? we nen and transparent, so people continue to patient and understand. in napa county, deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. well in these pay new vaccination site is open, but all the appointments have already been booked. the exciting itself actually isn't even open yet. but news of it certainly did get out. vaccines
12:33 pm
will be administered at the north parking lot of gold get fields from tomorrow through next monday. it's a drive thru operation strictly for alameda county residents ages 75 older now they had to first make an appointment online. we've been monitoring the system and when word got out about the vaccination site friday and saturday slots were very quickly booked up and now mike sunday and monday are booked up as well, just like that. all right, the super bowl. we're just three days away from super bowl 55 fans will be allowed into the stadium and we won't be full capacity. but you know, a few 1000 fans will be there. most of us will be watching from home and as ktvu jesse gary reports public health leaders actually worried that watch parties could cre roughly a year ago, san francisco's faithful packed into bars and restaurants and private homes to bask in the super bowl globe until the game's ending ended a day we wait. help that which we call that we had. we had such a good season, everything was on our way. just see that happening
12:34 pm
like this is just crushing this year for this super officials wg getting together for the big game can lead to big covid-19 problems down the road. we want to make sure that this super bowl super bowl does not become that next big spread event that we do what we can and keep our guard up. california health and human services secretary dr mark galli says the state and nation saw covid surge following the dodgers and lakers championships. that coupled with holiday travel has sent infection and death rates soaring. typical super bowls party is. basically just has all the elements of potential super spreader event three day survey in january by seton hall university finds 25% of the 1500 respondents across the nation say they'll gather with other people who aren't part of their household for a super bowl party. does that shock you? it's certainly concerns me,
12:35 pm
and it's certainly a number alameda higher than we were expecting. dr daniel ladic of seton hall university is the survey polls. methodology ist, it could mean that people really read looks neat. to look forward to something. they need something to look forward to. experts say if there are super bowl gatherings, the populist can look forward to another covid surge just when the current one is waning, indoor setting where there's a crowd of people. shouting and cheering on drinking and eating. that's just sort of virus to sp. officials around the bay area. ask sports fans and fans of large events to enjoy the game without gathering together. some people view it as being a wet blanket. but i view it is being a security blanket. people need to know where their
12:36 pm
mask and they need to ditch the parties. the super bowl without a super large gathering as another american tradition takes a hit in the name of covid safety, and san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. and even though fewer fans will be in attendance for the super bowl because of covid restrictions, security there at the stadium in tampa will be extremely tight. authorities have been working on this plan now for more than a year. there will be patrols in the stadium and the surrounding areas of tampa of the insurrection of the u. s capitol led to homeland security, actually issuing a domestic terrorism advisory. the fbi says it is monitoring potential threats ranging from in person to online. there are no credible threat to the super bowl or any related activity at this moment. we'll continue to evaluate intelligence and share information we received from around the world with our law enforcement partners. covid-19 concerns are limiting the number of fans to the game to 25,000. that's one third
12:37 pm
capacity of the stadium. they will all receive a safety kit, which includes a mask and hand sanitizer. president joe biden focused on faith and unity at today's virtual national prayer breakfast, acknowledging that we're living through unprecedented times. kicker guard wrote. faith sees best in the dark. i believe that to be true for me in the darkest moments, faith provides hope ise way forward nation in a common purpose. the president referenced ongoing challenges, including the pandemic, the climate crisis, racial injustice and last month's capital riot and said together the country can overcome dark times. house democrats have asked former president donald trump to testify under oath for a senate impeachment trial. an adviser to the former president did not immediately respond to
12:38 pm
a message seeking comment about the letter from house impeachment managers, the senate impeachment trial starts in earnest february. 9th former president trump is charged with insight. in a mob of supporters that storm the u. s. capitol on january. 6th. the effort to recall california governor gavin newsom continues to pick up momentum here. ktvu political reporter greg league as the story. watching this happen is fascinating for anyone who's really into politics. like many california voters, joshua speed acts interest in the recall effort of governor gavin newsom is growing. unlike many, the oakland resident can recount specific details of nearly every recall effort in history. the third recall in california history on the state level against the state assembly. men eat grant. of san francisco in 1914 1915. he that was a rerun speed back road, his master's thesis on recalls, and he continues to study them running a nonpartisan blogging writing op eds. about the topic as the
12:39 pm
recall newsome organizer's keep pushing speed back has arguably the lowest threshold for major figure governor anywhere in the country as 12% of voter turnout in the last election. that equates to about 1.5 million valid signatures before the march 17th deadline to force a special election organizers say they have collected more than 1.3 million as of early january, the secretary of state says they've submitted $410,000. on lee, one governor in california history has been successfully re called democrat gray davis in 2003 speed back, says if organizer's get this on the ballot, they still face major challenges. removing newsom in a state that's all only gotten more blue at the time. gray davis one he got 50 47% of the vote you won by 5% got 62% of the vote he won by 24% you have to do a lot to change
12:40 pm
that this week in berkeley, i gs polls show newsome's approval sunk to 46% the lowest ever in their survey, but a public policy institute poll shows a rosier picture 52% of likely voters approving of his performance. with helen predictable the coronavirus has made everything speed back, says he's intrigued to see this process play out, especially in the state. as blue is california. what could they do? what what changes? what arguments could they make? that may help this how will covid matter? and how will it play into this race? speed backs research shows recall efforts once on the ballot are successful in removing elected officials across all levels of government about 60% of the time, but he also qualified. his numbers with this in a recall, anything could happen essentially, so that is always there regularly. ktvu fox two news coming in changing the way students apply for college how the pandemic is impacting the
12:41 pm
application process and the way schools consider whether or not a student should be extra accepted. also the sun is out today, san francisco's never looked prettier and thank goodness it is warming up quite a bit from where we were during mornings on two mew meteorologist. mark tamayo is up next as he looks. ahead in this full forecast.
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building that was home to the cliff house park officials now say they're searching for a new tenant for that landmark building and that it'll likely be a restaurant once again, possibly by spring. the park service initially said it wouldn't rent the building to a restaurant because of the current uncertainties of the restaurant industry. during the pandemic. u. s park police are looking for do thieves who broke into the cliff house side and stole historic memorabilia. it happened overnight between one and five o'clock in the morning on january, 26 officers released a surveillance photo showing the invaders. one of the items stolen was a bathing suit worn at the old sutro bath for most students being accepted to the college of their dreams is no easy task, throwing a global pandemi here is also changinguld get even the qualities many schools are looking for. their students have their soul. vin has more on what college counselors can
12:45 pm
say. make you stand out. campus tours are now often virtual, and many students couldn't take the s a t or a ct. so colleges are reemphasizing grades, the first thing that was always the most important was how you performed academically, especially in junior year, the university of houston is letting students apply without s a t or a c t scores. but this chart shows many will still need at least a 3.4 g p a rice university announced a one year test optional policy. writing multiple factors in an applicant's file are evaluated. and t s u rights. it'll provide automatic admission to students in the top 25% of their class g p a college wise expertsav extracurriculars were canceled student should find other ways to grow like learning a new language or hobby s a should highlight what makes a student unique like volunteer work or why they really want to attend the school. your goal should be
12:46 pm
m i b. clear in what motivates me. what drives me what has shaped me and am i likable, but experts say don't count on low enrollment in colleges across the country this year to make it easier to get in this year did not make it any easier to get into harvard or ut austin. was it easier to get into some regional schools who maybe were struggling with their application numbers? possibly but they say students may be able to get more financial aid once they're accepted you consent. times go to the school that gave you less and say, look at what stony brook gave me, do you? you're really my number one choice but for financial reasons, i would go to stony brook. what can you do? and that was heather sold in reporting. the university of california system is actually reporting a record number of people applied for undergraduate admission for the fall semester. nearly 250,000 people applied to at least o me.
12:47 pm
berkeley students will be facing another year of virtual graduations doing the pandemic. the university announced yesterday to the campus wide commencement ceremony and department graduations will be virtual again this spring. just like last year, there will be speeches, entertainment and conferring of degrees for graduates. in an email sent to students, the university said, there will be limited in person student on lee walk through so at the greek theater, all right back to mark tamayo. we go and mark just one of those blue sky days across the bay area. yeah i just, uh the storm clouds clearing out in fact, really can't call yesterday's a deal of store. but, yeah, we have cleared out nicely and we have lots of a sunshine. not only for today, but also in a friday and into the weekend. it will not look like february will not feel like february. of course, we are still playing catch up on rainfall. the numbers kind of reflect our situations. we take a look at the rainfall totals over the past. ok
12:48 pm
actually, the rainfall for the seasonal numbers since july 1 you could see santa rosa over nine inches. san francisco almost average. these numbers ae not great. most areas around close to 45. scent of average, and with each passing day we have dry weather. all those percent of averages will come down with each passing day or next chance of some rainfall. we let's take a look at that, as you can see here, the forecast model. it is completely dry through the weekend and then into next week, you could see some activity up in the pacific northwest could see by tuesday. it is still dry run here and then, maybe beyond tuesday, we could be talking about shower chance here in the a barea, so hopefully that'll happen and hopefully that will kind of be the first of many changes that could bring us more rainfall to help us out. hs the satellite. we have lots of clear skies up and down these states of the coastline right now becoming closer. we still have the clear conditions we've also traced in the a surface
12:49 pm
winds. so there's a bit of a breeze out there north to northeast wind, especially for the hills. so a bit breezy and a few spots today here in the bay area, but we have excellent visibility and temperatures right now in the fifties. too, right around 60 degrees, and that warming trend will really kick in as we head into your frid and shaping up to be a very nice thursday afternoon of towna warm things up beginning today, and there's this area of high pressure really strengthens offshore. that'll push the storm's rack up to our north. no chance of rain for us this weekend. it is a dry pattern and temperatures into the week. could be approaching the 70 degree mark just amazing. most areas that will be in the mid to maybe the upper sixties. here's the forecast model today. of course, we are in the clear and then into your friday will basically re repeat this forecast in your friday. although love bump bump up the numbers a little bit for
12:50 pm
tomorrow and then into the weekend highs this afternoon opera fifties to lower sixties a beautiful day with lots of clear skies, and i think we'll have this forecast once again for your friday and into the weekend. we'll just go. nice into sunday's super bowl sunday will begin to cool things off on monday and that'll thinking up the clouds on tuesday and hopefully sometime we typically count on rainfall, a signific month of february that did not happen at all last year, and we definitely don't want to repeat 2020 at least over the next few weeks. copy that, mark. all right. thank you. today, work is beginning on a new mural in the city of. and dedicated to the women of the black panther party. it's going to be painted on the side and back of a home on center and ninth in west oakland. it's a blank slate for now, but when it's completed, it will show three black women depicting voting rights, self defense and health care. it will also list the names of
12:51 pm
more than 250 women who were in the black panther party. the murals expecteto ride vita how s cutting down on the interaction between passengers and drivers. also this is your last chance this nfl season to win terry bradshaw's money. he's already given away almost $4 million of his money, and he's putting another $250,000 jackpot on the line, so all you have to do is download the free fox super six after. and correctly pick six outcomes of the super bowl for outcomes of the super bowl for your chance to win. i'm made to move. but these days, i'm not getting out as much as i'd like to. that's why i take osteo bi-flex. it helps with occasional joint stiffness, while it nourishes & strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, find our coupon in sunday's paper.
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osteo bi-flex, find our coupon help mina right, minimize interaction between bus drivers and writers. starting on monday. passengers in the south bail
12:55 pm
enter busses and light rails through the rear door without paying. this is something the vita tried over the summer when there was a surgeon covid cases. no word on when v t l start collecting fares again. it's also adding more busses to allow for more social distancing. restaurants and other businesses and oakland's rock ridge district are angry about a new road repaving project. the city's about to start repaving college avenue between broadway and alcatraz. the lanes won't be completely closed, but the project will temporarily disrupt outdoor dining restaurant owners say it takes a lot of time and money to create outdoor seating. and that business is just now finally picking up again. they say the repaving project is a new road block park. let's at some restaurants have already been dismantled and moved to side streets. others air coming down tomorrow. why didn't now y, and then all of a sudden you get hit again. you got to go back down, so it's just like a nun going game. spokesperson
12:56 pm
for oakland says the work was originally set to happen last august, but the business owners concerns delayed it twice. business owners have been told the project will last about three weeks. uh the website used to get tickets for the oakland zoo is back up and crhe earlier this weekctually because demand was so high ktvu rob roth takes us back inside the zoo now that it is reopened. re opening day at the oakland zoo closed for almost two months because of the pandemic, visitors were once again able to get acquainted or re acquainted with the zoo residents doing jumping jacks and scream around. yeah i get super excited. we love coming here. my daughter milia loves coming out to the zoo. she loves animals. the question is, how did the animals feel about it? some animals air outgoing, like the chimpanzees and the big cats s o. i. they really missed having people on the
12:57 pm
pathways. summer more reclusive, and so they probably enjoyed the break. welcome back about 1400 people, many with strollers visited wednesday. the turnout was less than half of a typical pre pandemic day, but the pent up demand for tickets was so great. the website crashed monday. it's now up and running again. out of covid precautions. tickets come with a set time to avoid crowding. visitors must wear masks and practice social distancing. from other households. the gondola is running but rides, restaurants and indoor exhibits, including the insect in reptile displays are closed as long as people are outdoors in the fresh air, walking on the pathways keeping apart you know it's a very safe environment. for some visitors. the reopening is a sign that perhaps life is inching back to some sort of normalcy. the san francisco zoo reopened last weekend. it lifts mood, just seeing the animals and other people having fun here. but the road to re opening here has
12:58 pm
been rough following the initial pandemic shutdown beginning last march, the zoo announced it was losing so much money was in danger oaise $3.5 million to keep it running. we learned here at the zoo is how important the community is to us, and i think the community when we went to that crisis, and perhaps how important the zoo is to the community, rob rock, ktvu fox two news. united and american airlines are both warning that they could furlough a combined 27,000 workers. the airlines say one reason is the new restrictions on international travel. they also blame the slow rollout of the covid vaccine, which could make passengers really feel safer about traveling the furloughs. good start as soon as april 1st when federal payroll assistant comes to an end.s follows a round of layoffs where the company cut about 1000 jobs. last year, several employees
12:59 pm
shifted to remote work. now the office space in the financial district is up for lease help says it'll maintain a presence in the city but didn't say where the company plans to keep many employees working from home even after the pandemic is over. all right, let's talk about super bowl. we're beginning to see more of the ads that are going to be played on the big day on sunday, and this one is from frito lay. it features some huge various sports names. twas the night before, helen. let's take this something that it was the night before. silver ball and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a super bowl legends yesterday still warming up. in addition, marginal lynch you played in oakland tech, of course, and cal, we see 49ers legends joe montana, jerry rice, making some appearances along with others. i love that we get to see these guys again after they were. essentially my introduction to football like le in the bay area down. i like lay's chips and was my two favorites. and then
1:00 pm
we could do the cheetos. i always forget about the napkin because my fingers were so horns at the end of it anyways. thanks for watching everybody have a great afternoon. our next news guys is coming up in next news guys is coming up in dr. oz: coming up next. rob: having your grown sons back at home with mom and dad is the plot of a really bad sitcom. dr. oz: rob lowe opens up about family life during the pandemic. rob: my wife is asking them if they've made their beds in the morning. dr. oz: looking at his dream. rob: i want to be joe exotic! >> 2,000 shows. dr. oz: we're getting lots of help celebrating a big milestone. ♪ >> oprah: dr. oz, 2,000 shows. i know what that's like. i know what that takes.
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