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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  February 4, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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suggesting a different approach to improve the distribution problems. would we save more lives? if we got more people? their first doses and then gave people their second dose is a little bit later. dr robert walked her from ucsf is emphasizing that the second dose is necessary. but he says that delaying it in order to inoculate more people could be more beneficial to the overall population. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener the discussions over the vaccine distribution process, comma cities and counties struggled access enough doses of the vaccine. do it. six tonight. ktvu is cristina rendon joins us now live to explain the idea now being implemented in other countries. kristina yeah, julie, this is what's happening in the u. k right now. officials there are delaying the second dose is that they try to fight against their new variant. and here at home, we know that there's just not enough vaccines for
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everyone that needs one, including high risk people. it's no secret people are fed up waiting for their vaccine. i'm talking to somebody, folks, we're not getting vaccines. the frustration in my district, silicon valley congressman ro khanna sent a letter to the cdc thursday, urging officials to consider delaying the second shot for people in order to get first doses to his many is possible a decision he came to after talking with a handful of doctors. they're saying that we may see another surge. come april or may because of all the variants, and the biggest thing we can do is get a shot in every american's arm. dr robert wachter, professor and chair of the department of medicine at ucsf, agrees with delaying the second shot, the fda says modest delays between doses up to six weeks apart is not expected to decrease protection against the virus. if you look at some of the models. you probably saved more lives by getting more high risk p and the back and get everybody there. second doses, even if that causes you to be a week or two or three, and maybe even a month or so late, walker says.
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evidence does show you were 80 to 90% protected after your first dose, but the second dose increases your protection to 95% there's no question that you need the two doses. the delay could help given california doesn't have enough vaccines for everyone. bay area health department have seen allocations slow down and you know the shortage. they're urging health systems to prioritize the shot on lee for people 65 older, the state says its goal is to distribute any vaccines it gets in the same week off the 6.9 million covid-19 vaccines shipped across the state on lee 60% of the supply has been used. always going to be some excess of supply to the ones injected. but the goal should be that we're up like 80% and we made a lot of progress. i think we'll probably get there. and state health officials say. what will really help is getting other vaccines in the supply chain like johnson and johnson and astrazeneca's vaccines, but those have yet to get fda
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approval. julie cristina rendon reporting live tonight, christina. thank you. ah covid advisory panel has rejected higher vaccine priority for disabled californians and those with chronic conditions, the panel of experts says age should be the primary criteria criteria for getting the covid vaccine. the kids have been pushing for the disabled and those with chronic medical conditions to be moved up the line. but the panel says research shows older people are far more likely to be hospitalized or die from covid-19 than people with significant disabilities or even medical conditions. santa clara county has taken a major step to make it easier for seniors to receive. the coronavirus vaccine are south bay reporter justin carrie tells us people 65 older can now make appointments at any clinic or health care provider. our effort to get more and more folks vaccinated requires both simplicity and clarity against invasion. congratulations by
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the covid-19 backseat. county officials say the process to vaccinate those 65 older has been a confusing maze since its rollout last month. even some health care experts have had a hard time navigating a labyrinth of information. i'm very knowledgeable, and i have a very hard time getting right information about who's taking patients. at what point of what age and when i taken goes long lines and confusion for some showing up at the various santa clara county covid vaccination sites could shortened considerably under the new, no wrong door policy. a flood of potential recipients at private and public providers necessitated the change. can executive dr jeff smith well over the last three weeks? it's become clear from looking at the numbers and talking to the other health systems that the multi county entities did not get a sufficient amount of doses in order to take care of their patients, officials say.
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so far 37% of those 75 older have been vaccinated. and 28% of those 65 older have received the first shot people that don't think the vaccine the dis pandemics for real. it's for real get vaccinated, those numbers could increase dramatically now that anyone 65 older can make an appointment to receive a covid-19 vaccination shot anywhere in santa clara county, and the only way to process. large number of people as fast as possible to open his many avenues as possible for them to get vaccinated, officials say areas most vulnerable to infection as well as communities of color are priorities in their effort to gain herd immunity as quickly as possible, so our challenge now is to roll out our vaccination campaign as efficiently and effectively as we can to get those vaccines into the arms of those who are most vulnerable.vaccine from tht
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now, santa clara county slated o get 6000 doses a day. they'd like to get that number up to about 15,000 doses per day in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news and san jose, hundreds of seniors and health care workers lined up today to get their coronavirus vaccine. this vaccination side put on by gardner health is at the mexican heritage plaza every tuesday and thursday. all you need. has proof of age or work, immigration and insurance status won't affect your eligibility. gardner house says their goal is to vaccinate seniors 65 older who live in san jose neighborhoods with the highest rates of the coronavirus. in the east bay. a drive through vaccination site is being set up now ahead of its opening tomorrow. it is located at the north parking lot of golden gate fields. this drive thru is strictly for alameda county residents who are 75 older appointments are
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required, and already they're all booked up. the site will operate through next monday, san francisco's mosconi center is set to open tomorrow as the bay area's latest mass vaccination site. it's a joint effort between the city's health department, kaiser for me then day, other private health care providers and the california medical association. vaccinations will be available to people 65 older by appointment only through the city's website. mayor london breed says vaccine hubs like this are a key step toward getting everyone protected. we know how important this is to re opening our city. we've saved lives. yes but we know there are still challenges as long as we have the vaccines. we will have the places in which to distribute them as quickly as possible. the goal is to administer up to 10,000 vaccines a day at this site once delays and shortages are
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worked out with the state. airport workers gathered at san francisco airport today, calling on governor newsome to put them back on the priority list for the coronavirus vaccine. the workers held a vigil honoring colleagues who died from the virus. union leaders say they're angry over the governor's move last month to downgrade security screeners and other airport workers on the priority list for the vaccine. under the original plan, airport workers would have been among a group that would have received the vaccine sooner. but the change to prioritize age above all other criteria meant that they would have to be placed on a lower tier. san francisco teachers and the district remain at an impasse over when in person classes will resume. today a group of parents who are pushing for schools to reopen gathered at a san francisco school ktvu is andre senior, tells us the group wanted to demonstrate how keeping kids
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out of the classroom is leading to big struggles for some families. it's been an absolute nightmare. it's just been really difficult for all the children, krista billion his partner, lindsey sinker, dealing with a double whammy since covid-19 struck first, their business was hit hard, and now their three children are learning virtually with no end in sight. the couple are part of decreasing the distance, a collective appearance in san francisco, pushing for local leaders and the school district to resume in person instruction. the latest push comes a day after the city of san francisco and asked a lawsuit against the district and board over school closures. head of the cdc has proclaimed teacher inoculations are not necessary for school reopening thursday, the organization gathered at jose ortega elementary calling for in person classes are calling for our school leaders are school union and, um, board of education leaders to come to an agreement. covid safety, leading to an impasse between the teacher's union and the school district. a recent union statement reads, in part, quote
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our calls for support with two of the most important safety standards test. being in contact tracing have gone largely on met and quote. by contrast in santa clara county, the bay area's largest school district, a spokesperson said agreements were reached with its labor groups toe only reopen once the counties in the orange tear members of the decreasing the distance collective. tell me, they understand the challenges facing teachers such as those vulnerable to covid-19, and they're all asking for wholesale re openings of schools, but a measured approach. there are options for them to remain teaching the distance learning meredith will adopt and fish is receiving more and more support from teachers within the san francisco school district. meantime the district and the union there were back at the bargaining table again to dave. the next agreement. deadline bargaining agreement deadline is scheduled to take place february 18th. i'm andre senior, ktvu, fox two news. valley medical center in san jose, got a big donation of ppe for their frontline hospital workers today. the nanjing
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chamber of commerce yusa donated 30,000 masks to the hospital from china. the organization has had a hub in silicon valley since 2015. the hospital foundation, said the chinese american community has been generous from the beginning of the pandemic despite some hateful rhetoric early on. the chinese american community had every right to be upset about the categorization. but from day one, we noticed the chinese american community around us step up because they knew that we all were in this together. the nanjing chamber of commerce says that it has donated more than a million masks in the united states since the beginning of the pandemic. coming up a safety warning ahead of the lunar new year, this time in the south bay, but one sentence a city council member is telling members of the asian american community plus the san francisco based electronic store chain forced to close several locations, and the ceo says it's all because of a
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string of armed robberies. it's warming up out there. we had mid sixties today. it's going to be warmer tomorrow. the details coming up right after the break. and taking a lot of look now a conditions on the cemetery bridge. that's the commute direction on the left the headlights coming toward the east bay, ktvu. channel vehia
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pedestrian and injured several drivers. today. it happened just before eight. this morning. they're herger avenue and lake mur, said boulevard, police say a man in his twenties was pronounced dead at the scene. it's still not known what caused the crash. however a witness says the man was hit by a truck that may have run a red light. investigators are looking into whether drugs or alcohol might play a role in this crash. also in san francisco, police are looking for two men who broke into an elderly woman's house. home. it
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happened in the city's crocker amazon neighborhood yesterday afternoon. police say the men were armed with a crowbar and forced their way into the woman's home. they stole several items and then ran off. the victim is a 91 year old woman. fortunately she was not hurt. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. no, it's six of san francisco electronic store has now closed two locations because of street crime. the ceo of beta tweeted out security video of robbery at their store on hayes street last tuesday. you can see a man pull out a gun and steal merchandise. last week, they shut down their union square store because of a rash of muggings, the ceo ceo tells the chronicle quote. we have 17 other stores, including three internationally. this just doesn't happen anywhere else. it's on lee here, san francisco police say they're investigating. a man accused of
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threatening to shoot up a mall while live streaming it on. snapchat is now charged with several felonies, san jose police say when they arrested that man he was armed with weapons. ktvu is crime reporter henry lee with what he's learned about the suspect. do you want? for example? it began with a chilling alert to san jose. police picked luis live streaming on snapshot, making claims that he wants to go. don't shoot up a mall. police quickly tracked the suspect to the valley fair mall in san jose. officers quickly spotted the suspect on the second floor. he wasn't that hard to find and was wearing shoulder length hair. purple in color. this is the mug shot of 21 year old 100 title of seaside who was arrested without incident. police say he had this a r 15 pistol, ammunition and another gun. no shots were fired, and no one was hurt, but police say it could have been a differently they wouldn't harm person who was very likely he's going to shoot at the mall. that being said these officers are heroes worked very diligently. they were able to
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prevent loss of life. they really did save life actually came to the santa cruz sheriff's office says detectives acted quickly when they learn of the suspect snapchat activity from his followers. we believe the individuals that saw that social media posts were in this area and in turn. contacted our sheriff's office. police say a motive is still under investigation, including why he was at valley fair. but i have learned the suspect used to work at the clothing store. izumi is at the mall, his bio on twitter says he's a stoner raver, love, psychedelics and weed. part of his twitter handle reads, stay high. he wrote on facebook that he went to san benito high in hollister. several years ago. he set up this go fund me page saying, although he was 19 and had a job. he needed money for rent. he got $120 the suspects being held at santa clara county jail. his bail's been set a $200,000 henry lee ktvu, fox two news. in san jose city officials are warning people, especially seniors, to be alert as the
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community gets ready for lunar new year next week. police say they're investigating a robbery of a woman yesterday afternoon as she was shopping for the lunar new year celebration. the victim's daughter says her mom was leaving an asian grocery store downtown. when she was attacked. she said that her mom isn't alone that other seniors are also being targeted. i'm thankful that she was not physically harmed and what was taken can be replaced. but the crime that happened yesterday must not be allowed to continue in our city. this isn't an isolated event. today's news conference officials told people to be aware of their surroundings, especially at the bank, or an a, t. m and to keep red envelopes given with gifts of cash, secure and also to avoid carrying an expensive purse around this time of year.
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okay we're looking into the weather, you know, warmed up today. the rain is done. the snow is done and we're headed for a warm up temperatures today showing up here. what? we had 65 fairfield. that's significant for february. this time of year. i mean, this these numbers a run real and tomorrow's temperatures get even warmer. and then as we go towards saturday, they warm up further into the into the seventies. potentially. that's that's a big time. big deal for this time of year. we need rain. we're not going to get it this week. the five day forecast you're not going to see rain, but as we get past that, and 89 10 day forecast, there's an opportunity for something. fortunately we need all the rain and all the snow we can get. there's a live camera shot. fog was an issue. um, a cs ago. that winds are blowing northeast at the top of the mountain tops. we've got winds like a mount diablo was blowing up over 45 48 miles an hour. so those wins it's not main, big, huge wind event, but it's. it's keeping the fog from forming
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art should and then this is keeping the rain from coming. there's a ridge of high pressure that the size of this so that zbig ast one i've seen. awhile so when they're broad like this brought being along, they're hard to break down. so that's how that's how we know it's gonna be drive for a little bit, so i'll see you back here. we'll take a look at the long range forecast a computer model on get you going and thinking about your weekends. not that far off. see back here? well, thank you. coming up. president biden makes his first visit to the state department as commander in chief telling employees quote america is back as he discusses foreign policy shifts and could there soon be yet another coronavirus vaccine available to americans? the big news from johnson and johnson nei'm morgan, and there's more announceto me than hiv.urs ago. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,...
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and each sheet is 2x more absorbent, so you can use less. ahoy! (laughing) bounty, the quicker picker upper. department. he vowed to restore us alliances and showed a strong signal of support for diplomacy. america is back. america is back. diplomacy is back. we're going to rebuild our alliances. re engage the world and take on the enormous challenges you face dealing with the pandemic dealing with global warming and again standing up for democracy and human rights around the world. president biden also said the days of the u. s rolling over for russian president vladimir
6:24 pm
putin are gone, and he called for the immediate release of russian opposition leader alexei navalny. the democratic led house today stripped congress woman, marjorie taylor greene of georgia from her committee assignments. lawmakers including 11, republicans voted in favor of this unprecedented move amid the outrage over the conspiracy theories that she's helped spread. greenwood. removed from her post on the education committee and the budget committee. prior to the vote, she spoke on the house floor. school shootings are absolutely real. every child that has lost those families mourn it also want to tell you 9 11 absolutely happened. democrats say greens remarks were a step in the right direction, but her speech was still short of a formal apology. prior to the vote, house speaker nancy pelosi blasted house republicans leadership and its acceptance of extreme conspiracy theorists, lawyers
6:25 pm
for former president trump say he is not going to testify under oath during his impeachment trial. house democrats say they want him to explain why he and his lawyers have disputed key factual allegations at the center of the case, the former president's charged with inciting a mob of supporters that stormed the capital on january 6th. five people ended up dying in that riot. aural arguments in the trial are set to begin next tuesday. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 after months of complaints, delays and even fraud, state lawmakers have introduced a proposal to impose sweeping changes throughout the states employment development department and the warriors facing the mavericks, with only nine available players are sports director marco bonnie's will tell us how they're doing that's coming up later in sports.
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with nutrients to help vaccine continues to be an issue across the state. now, some experts are urging officials to consider delaying the second shot for people in order to get first doses to as many people as possible. the state says his goal is to distribute any vaccines it gets in the same week. seniors in santa clara county can get the coronavirus vaccine in any location under a new policy that was rolled out today. people 65 older can make an appointment to receive a coronavirus vaccination shot anywhere in the county. even if they're not a member of that health provider, county health
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officials say. overall they're scheduled to receive about 6000 doses per day. they'd like to see that go up to 15,000 per day. an organized group of parents now pressuring local leaders and the san francisco unified school district to resume in person instruction, the group called decreasing the distance. says it understands the safety challenges facing teachers and say they are asking for host sale re openings of schools but a measured approach for a safe return your washing ktvu fox two news at 6 30 lawmakers introduced a flurry of reform bills today aimed at improving the state's unemployment system. ktvu tom vacar tells us the proposals are aimed at getting money to those who deserve it and stopping fraud that has cost billions of dollars. every day. my colleagues and i hear from thousands of desperate californians who are in dire straits example, laura carter
6:30 pm
was cut off until she could once again prove she was she after i uploaded all my information. and it said there was a five plus our weight. now if it was five hours. that was fine. i slept with my computer on for eight days. no responsible for six weeks now. the raft of e d d reforms range over nine areas, one would establish an oversight board to continuously assess e. d. d s performance. otters report finding that only 16% of calls. to e. d. d r actually answered another would establish an office of claiming advocate to enforce a claimants. bill of rights. it's to seek benefits administered variety department whether they be unemployment insurance, disability insurance or paid leave. the third would allow claimants to avoid bank of america's problem. written debit card system in favor of a direct deposit. or a check if you're not a customer, bank of
6:31 pm
america, they have no responsibility to be very ah, kama dating to your concerns, the fourth would force e d. d to directly notify claimants of problems before cutting them off without notice, sometimes for up to a half year by providing a clear right to fix unintentional mistakes. california's will not be unnecessarily denied to help have help when they need it. the most. the fifth bill continues payments to claimants even if the federal government acts to slowly, sixth greatly enhanced foreign language assistance with california's seven million non english speakers. it he isn't working for english speaking claimants, and it's next to impossible for those not proficient in english, seventh require e d d to have a comprehensive plan to deal with major recessions and economic upsets. the eighth would require edie edie to crosscheck claims against inmate records. the ninth would beef up fraud prosecutions through a well funded fraud task force. you
6:32 pm
know, these are common sense measures were asking for these reforms and we're pushing legislation to do that. quick is the desperately obvious word. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits fell last week. 779,000 people filed first time claims nationwide. that's a drop of 33,000 from the week before. in california. it was a different story more than 104,000 workers filed for first time claims that's an increase of more than 46,000 claims, compared to the week before california made up nearly 13% of the jobless claims in the united states. house democrats are moving ahead to pass president biden's $1.9 trillion covid relief bill through the budget reconciliation process that would allow the build past with a majority vote without republican support, along with $1400 direct checks. democrats want to increase the federal
6:33 pm
minimum wage in stages to $15 an hour. it's been at 7 25 an hour since 2009, president biden's nominee for labor secretary says he supports the increase. it's impossible to raise a family of one on that. never mind a family of 23 or four, so i definitely support raising the minimum wage $15 minimum wage is a job killing wage. uh can't afford it, especially in this pandemic. democrats press president biden today to sign an executive order to forgive up to $50,000 in federal student loans across the country. that's about $1.6 trillion of debt. stocks rallied on wall street today on hopes of another round of covid relief from congress. the dow jumped 332 points nasdaq gained 167 for a new record close and the s and p was up. 41 also reaching an all time high way have breaking news. right now, sources tell ktvu that oakland
6:34 pm
deputy chief laurent armstrong has been chosen by mayor libby schaaf to become the next police chief in oakland. he was one of four finalists for the job, which also included his wife, interim deputy chief drennan, lindsay. laurent armstrong is a 21 year veteran of the oakland police department. he's also a former alameda county probation officer. the department has had an interim chief for almost a year after the firing of ann kirkpatrick. after the break the nation's top infectious disease expert uses twitter to answer questions about the pandemic. what he says about whether vaccines prevent transmission of the virus and experiencing the pandemic through the eyes of 1/4 grader, we will introduce you to a young east bay girl. she's an author who's 90 page memoir. details your struggle with the lockdown, distance learning and being away from friends.
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during a q and a on twitter doctor, anthony fauci responded to several questions. today he was asked if vaccinated, people can still spread the coronavirus to others, dr fauci said. currently there isn't enough data to be able to say with confidence that the vaccine can prevent transmission, so even if vaccinated, you may still be able to spread the virus. doctor fauci says masks and
6:38 pm
social distancing are vital until well. ardmore johnson and johnson is now applied for emergency youth. awesome emergency use authorization for their coronavirus vaccine. johnson and johnson says that their vaccine is 66% effective against moderate to severe coronavirus. but they also say 28 days after inoculation. it has 100% effective rate at blocking serious disease, meaning there were no hospitalizations nor deaths in people 28 days after getting the vaccination. this vaccine has been considered a game changer because it's a single dose and doesn't need to be kept in the super cold freezers like the other vaccines, johnson and johnson says that they'll begin shipping as soon as the fda approves the vaccine. they also say they'll have $100 million supply in the first half of the year. there is a new book out about the pandemic, its author and 11 year old girl
6:39 pm
from the east bay, who writes about the lockdown and loss through the eyes of a child. ktvu is. rob roth spoke with her today about the memoir of 1/4 grader. i lost laughter and joy was so many things due to the throne of irs. the pandemic seen through the eyes of stella charlyne teeny of lafayette. she wrote these words last year when she was in the fourth grade, but i didn't just experienced loss. experience stuff. these are some of the exurbs contained in a 90 page, self published book called the story of stella and memoir, she wrote last year when she was 10 years old. yes you heard correctly. a memoir by a 10 year old. i have always loved hide. it still says she with lockdown, distance learning and being away from friends, writing the book and really recording. my thoughts was a really good way from the a process everything that was
6:40 pm
happening, so i thought that my book could help other people with that to thread the two months that was spent on the book. her family had no idea what she was writing about the first time. i read it was when she finished it and it just brought tears to my eyes before the shelter in place. i didn't know what it was like to actually miss somewhat. the idea to write her thoughts about the pandemic stem from a conversation still ahead, where their fourth grade teacher at lafayette elementary school really special that she took something that was so hard for her and hard for so many people. and she used it as an opportunity to inspire others. all of those things that are going to happen later in my life, all sorts of things. they will all be different because of the pandemic, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. and when some type of normal does return, perhaps stella will be chronicling that too. my name is skeletor lentini, and this
6:41 pm
is my story. rob rock, ktvu, fox two news. our chief meteorologist, bill martin, is coming up momentarily to tell us about the weather. first i would go to ktvu salik savage with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu plus and frank. thank you, as we have just reported here on ktvu. it looks like oakland has a new police chief. tonight we're continuing to gather more information on this developing story will bring you the very latest coming up tonight at seven over on ktvu, plus more on this important choice for the. apartment and what this means for the people of oakland again that is coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu plus, but first after the break, eradicating systemic racism, we'll tell you about the $100 million fund just announced today involving more than two dozen phi about being. to be toot
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some rain in here. we didn't get some a few days ago, and before that we had a good day. lose of sorts with that atmospheric river. but now we're do a dry weather pattern and temperatures that are more like what we're seeing. today. these were the highest from today. you're looking at him 65 in fairfield. that's way up there. and then that 63 napa tomorrow's numbers, upper sixties perhaps so it's going to be pretty pretty toasty out there and, potentially by saturday, we could see some seventies. i don't think that's gonna be hard to do, especially when you get down towards san benito county live picture outside. shou san francisco high and dry. it'll be cool tonight, but not freezing for most i'm most inland valleys
6:45 pm
will be above freezing by a couple of degrees. some areas were hit freezing, talked about that big ridge of high pressure. it literally keeps you see it right here, so i just drives all the way to the north and keeps everything. in the north. it just does. and there's some stuff out there, too. i mean, there's some whether they would be able to get underneath that or through that. if there was they could bring us some rain, but that ridge is so monumental. think i measured it out earlier? it was like 4500 miles across from the base, so that's a big wide, recalls a broad ridge and they're hard to get rid off. we'll get rid of it. but not in the next five days. so you kind of already know in your head. what it's going to be like you know what we had today? so we're gonna get tomorrow. that's gonna rule right into thursday, referring to saturday. little warmer sunday, maybe a little cooler and then next week. we'll get into some potential for some rains down on this ship in the five day but towards off the five day panel if we went out nine days or so we'd show you something. looks like graham. so if you look at the five day or that, you know, you look at the current forecast for the
6:46 pm
overnight lows above freezing for most of us. the yellows on this deal here are the. the seventies and you'll see a couple right. you gotta look hard. but there's some 70 so upper sixties maybe a couple of those seventies there's the big ridge of high pressure. it's dominant, it's been it's. in the summer. it's a feature it's the called the pacific high, right and that thing stays put, and that's how we haven't met a training climate wet winter dry summer, the pacific high pacific high is there now like it is in july, and that zubin doing that a lot this year is, you know, and hence the poor rainfall accumulations percent of average or 45. 48 below, for most of us, so not good, but maybe you know you get another. you get two more atmospheric rivers. we could catch up on the rainfall, so here's the five day forecast. it's a really nice patterns going to cool off that tuesday's opening up, you see the clouds that's opening up the changes. they're coming our way. so when we get back, we'll look at that. we'll also look at the well when i get back. i'll see you tonight, 10. we'll look at the updated model runs and see how everything's going there. see you back here tonight. all
6:47 pm
right, bill. thank you. we'll see you later. there is a new effort in our state to help provide resource is too black lead organizations, two dozen philanthropic organizations and corporations, which include mark zucker burg launched the california black freedom fun today. it is a $100 million.5 year initiative for organizations seeking to eradicate systemic racism. more than $6 million have already been given 2 50 organizations. three more donation rounds are expected this year from demonstrations about police brutality to survival programs. the legacy of the black panther party still resonates today, more than half a century later, and another generation of young black activists are continuing their fight. katie use candese charles sat down with the former black panther and black lives matter. organizer's to talk about the impact that boat. groups have made and the work that still ahead. had decades before the black lives
6:48 pm
matter movement. there were the black panther party. of course, both organizations are identical, but they're both working to fight for power power to all people have panties up here but i understand you're 1967. the black panther party walked into the california state capitol arm doctor said you're on that didn't know that james mark fault the way walked onto the floor of the senate, and they were all under their desk, right? and they were there to do anybody. there ain't no harm. they were there to read the statement that talked about our constitutional rights to defend our community for self defense. it was the first of many public actions with the black panther party forced to touro but not the last of the black panther party for self defense, was born in oakland in 1966 to police. the police wanted immediate and the police brutality and murder of flax is an extension of the civil rights movement. the party members fought for freedom. the idea was taking it a step forward in the concept came out. what do we really need? black power, satoru helped
6:49 pm
create 63 survival programs based on the 10 point platform and program to build a foundation of stability for black america brought paper products refuses to let you get slotted, but the death of little bobby hutton and 68 amplified the focus on police brutality decades later, and a new movement would spring up sparked by the death of yet another young black man that will go unpunished. this is ah, stop on the long continued continuum right of. struggle for black liberation, here. yung wei are hungry for change shaped by the realities of the moment, the black lives matter movement continues to fight the issues that spurred the panthers into existence. we still can't get those 10 things done, right, deke arse oration education, housing, food, clothing cat, brooks dorgan, eyes is black lives matter, demonstrations and marches against police brutality and says, though, the organization's aren't identical, the hopes are the same. we would not exist. were it not for them and what technology
6:50 pm
propelling the movement. the world was forced to listen. we say down the camera was way more effective than the gun. the hashtag black lives matter stretching from sea to sea again activists the safety net access and exposure. the panthers never had sparking a mew generation ready to take the movement even further. it feels weird to just sit and be like, yeah, i'm here and these are the consequences, and i'm not gonna do anything about it that j. hated cat. brooks is 15 year old daughter. this summer she helped organize bielema demonstrations with the black youth or the people's liberation. i'm not certain personal latte. the government to let the state walk all over me. it's unclear what the future of these organizations hold. but the streets of oakland, the hometown of both organizations will forever feel their legacy and they'll the panther party officially shut down in the early 19 eighties. they are far from gone, pairing former panthers with the youth. the black panther party legacy
6:51 pm
keepers program passing on the fight to liberate all people to a new generation. so who knows i might be the next revolutionary cat tells me she believes the way to continue to propel the movement is to create a united front and those black activists and neighbors throughout america will come together to find out more about the black panther party to be ppe legacy keepers, the anti police terror project and the black use for people's liberation. stop our website ktvu .com candese charles. important for ktvu, fox two news. up next in sports. kelly you bray has been the center of trade talks for weeks and tonight he has one of his biggest games as a warriors port director
6:52 pm
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diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. hiv medicine is one part of it. whoa down in the big d this evening and the defense play what was not the big deal. get this. the score at half time. dallas 76 warriors 74 like a state, not a lot of defense going on with warriors because of all the injuries have only nine players available, but they're making it work. steph into the forecourt looking draymond green aggressively go
6:55 pm
to the bucket to slam it overlook a dance such plus the foul. dreamin came out, fired up tonight. second quarter warriors find themselves down three. nice steal brad wanamaker forecourt toe want toscano anderson in the corner, make it work for three. he got it. nobody puts baby in the corner transition offense, andrew wiggins to kelly, who pray for 3 22 in the first half. that's a career best bench, levin it and what's this path from dream on green. talk about threatening to staff who will finish that is just great court vision right there, steph acknowledges and the two players, then a little later play little give and go. and green with the easy slam dunk. like i said, not a lot of defense going on. he's got a double double working. we got about eight minutes left in the game when i came in here. it was about about 18 point lead
6:56 pm
for the worst. let's go with that. the cruise and right now late in the fourth quarter, all right, you know if we've learned anything from this past year, i think fluidity and flexibility is one of those things. and that is just exactly what the napa valley marathon is doing. this year as they get ready for their event. they've been going strong 42 years. organizer's not about to let the pandemic stop them. normally this event is held in the first week of march, but little change up as you'd expect. normal race canceled. no problem. you can still run the largest 14 event in the napa valley has gone virtual. meantime any time between now and march 7th people of all ages consigned up for it. run a distance of your choosing. keep a log submitted and winsome cool prizes are jason appelbaum spoke with the race director michele lasala and one of the unexpected benefits of this
6:57 pm
year's unusual format. we do have 45 states represented and six countries, which is really exciting for something that we kind of just had to create from scratch out of the absence of being able to have the live event this year. all right. some of the prizes wind tumbler cheese board, ats and more. you can register on our web links page at ktvu .com. and then some of the proceeds are going to go to a scholarship program for high school seniors all over. napa valley so good step there with the napa valley marathon. this is after all, super bowl week, so naturally this day in sports history focuses on the big game and the hiring of a super coach. here's joe fonzi. two plays stand out in the only philadelphia eagles win in the super bowl. they
6:58 pm
called it philly special play from tight and trey burton to quarterback nick fools that went for a touchdown just before halftime. fools past zach ertz provided the winning margin. the eagles were 41 to 33 winners over the patriots in super bowl 50 to 1 of three super bowl losses suffered by tom brady. and it was on this day in 1969 that the guy who coached the raiders to a win and super bowl 11 was named oakland's head coach at the age of 32. john madden was at that time the youngest man to be named head coach of an nfl team. that's this day in sports. february 4th. i'm joe fonzi love that guy. john bob. hey let's check this out. of course, we've all heard of the tortoise and the hare. how about the puppy in the turtle going at it with unusual soccer? good stuff.
6:59 pm
with unusual soccer? good stuff. they previously on the big bang theory... i am going to the arctic circle with leonard, wolowitz, and koothrappali. for three months? yes. what did you mean when you said you were going to miss me? (sighs) it means i wish you weren't going. oh, thank god we're home. i can't believe we spent three months in that frozen hell. it was like a snowy nightmare from which there was no awakening. i don't know what arctic expedition you guys were on, but i thought it was a hoot and a half. oh, hi, mom. no, i told you i'd call you when i got home. i'm not home yet. all right, i'm home. the arctic expedition was a remarkable success.
7:00 pm
i'm all but certain there's a nobel prize in my future. actually, i shouldn't say that. i'm entirely certain. no, mother, i could not feel your church group praying for my safety. the fact that i'm home safe does not prove that it worked. that logic is post hoc ergo propter hoc. no, i'm not sassing you in eskimo talk. i'm gonna go let penny know we're back. mother, i have to go. yeah, love you. bye. hello, old friend. (sighs) daddy's home. leonard, you're back. yeah. i just stopped by to say-- hmph! (sighs) yeah. so, hi. hi.


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