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everyone to the 11 o'clock news. i'm heather holmes in tonight again for julie. i'm frank somerville. the kids are back home tonight, but the search is on for the stolen car suspect who drove across town with the young children in the back seat ktvu azenith smith here now, with the latest on the investigation as that. well, frank my understanding. after talking to the father, he believes there may have been two suspects involved. the police chief says he hopes to have better descriptions of the suspects in the suspect's car soon. the police right now looking for surveillance, video and witnesses, it's the rainy in so many people were frankly praying for four year old with a friend and one year old sean fang and the arms of their mother after an agonizing four hours after carjackers stole the dad's honda odyssey. with the kids inside. i am relieved that the kids are because we're found safe. i'm happy they're home. father jeffrey faint, calling it the best possible outcome on saturday night thing
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working for doordash brought his toddlers, citing childcare as an issue what was meant to be a quick delivery in san francisco's pacific heights turned horrific. this is not something that one would expect to happen. and. i was only i was in the building for lee a minute. he left the engine running as the kids watched a movie in the back seat when he returned a stranger stealing his car. after a struggle the suspects drove away with his children. we would not rest and we would not relent until these kids were found safely. police chief bill scott commending his officers, the public and social media and call off the sun's an amber alert issued two hours after the car jacking, banks says while he wished the amber alert would have been issued sooner. he doesn't fault sfpd, who quickly worked the case. at approximately 1 a.m. this morning. to san francisco police department officers
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assigned to the bayview district police station located the man and the children in the bayview district. van was found parked in the driveway of a residence on sunday. doordash issuing a statement that said, in part we are incredibly relieved that the children are safe as a father myself. i can on lee. imagine how terrifying this incident must have been the company offering support to the fang family. as for jeffrey thing, it's unclear if you'll return as a gig worker. i'm just glad this was results and the kids was not affected as much. and the police chief today's says it does not appear the home where the van was that was parked and ultimately found is linked to the suspects. a go fund me to help the father take time off of work has now raised more than $100,000 frank as a smith life force tonight as a thank you. officials at the
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vietnamese american community center in oakland spent today preparing to resume services after a fire destroyed their building. it happened early yesterday morning at the center in the east lake neighborhood. the facility serves 30,000 mails every month to people in need. authorities say the fire was believed to have been started in a nearby homeless encampment. but the official cause is still under investigation. yeah, it's been a rough 24 hours, so they're just trying to just process everything and figure out how to reposition my staff has been just terrific. we're gonna start service again. tomorrow. the fire destroyed about 35% of the building. fortunately, no one was hu also in oakland, thieves s personal belongings as a family was preparing to move to southern california. it happened yesterday morning on accent street in downtown oakland just two hours before that family
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was ready to leave. now, the victims say the u haul was parked right in front of their apartment for about five minutes when the thief and an accomplice in an older model burgundy toyota camera, you see that vehicle right here, they say one suspect, then broke into the u haul hot wired it and then took off. we had packed the van the night before, with almost everything we own to prepare for our moved to southern california, but we came back the following morning to put in a few more boxes so that we could do our final walkthrough with our rental company. and then this happened within five minutes, literally speaking five minutes of us parking the movie van outside in broad daylight. the thieves. they move fast. that moving truck was not equipped with a gps tracker warn alarm. the victims said they have filed a report with the oakland police department. but so far, police have not been able to locate it. the family is offering a $500 reward. so if you know anything about that u haul truck, please call oakland police. it has arizona license
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plates that plate number right there on your screen. h 68. 18 coronavirus cases are falling across the country, but new variants are threatening to cancel out the progress, a new study released today finds that arm or contagious strain first discovered in the united kingdom is spreading rapidly across the united states. this confirms the cdc is prediction that the variant could dominate coronavirus cases by march states or scramble into speed up vaccine distribution to stay ahead of the new variants. and transform stadiums into mass vaccination sites university scientists also sith astrazeneca to modify the shot by the fall to help protect against the new strength. be we won't be reducing the number of cases of asthma much but we still won't be seeing that the deaths, the hospitalizations on the severe disease, and that's really important for health care systems. health experts
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worry that the super bowl parties that were held today may lead to another surgeon cases. well, state health officials say the number of hospitalizations continues to go down. as of today, more than 12,000. people in california are in the hospital for covid-19. that's a 5% drop from the day before. health officials also reported 295 deaths today bring the california death toll to nearly 44,000 and more than 15,000 people tested positive for the coronavirus over the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to more than 3,000,333. since the start of the pandemic, well, levi stadium in santa clara is opening this week as a mass vaccination site. the plan is for workers to give shots to 5000 people a day with hope. sir vaccinating as many as 15,000 day. that, of course,
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though, will rely on the supply of the vaccine. now the federal government plans to send about 200 active duty troops to oakland to help with the vaccinations there. president biden says that nfl stadiums might be used as coronavirus 19 vaccination centers. i got a call through commissioner goodell saying we could have all 32 nfl stadiums available for mass vaccinations. we are president biden made those comments during an interview with cbs news. he also said schools have to re open but that they have to reopen safely. you have to have fewer people. the classroom you have to have men elation systems that had been reworked. our cdc commissioner was going to be coming out with science based judgment within. i think as early as wednesday as the land what the minimum requirements are about 20 million american children have not been in the classroom for nearly a year now
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because of the coronavirus. all right. super bowl 55. it included a super performance by the bay area zone, tom brady. he led the tampa bay buccaneers to a 31 to 9 victory over patrick the homes and the kansas city chiefs. in fact, the chief's never even scored a touchdown. all right, the pandemic certainly presented a lot of challenges for the nfl. and for those who make it a tradition every year to watch the big game. like so many other things this year, well, the super bowl celebrations were different boxes. ktvu is emma got joins us now live with look at how bay area restaurants work to try to keep people safe, emma. hey have a good evening. a lot of people stayed home this year and just ordered take out, but for people who wanted to go out to a restaurant, eat outdoors and watch the super bowl. they had a game day rule book they had to follow. marin alto. the
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patio rolled out the whole nine yards for a covid safe super bowl sunday. we feel safe, so owners air bring really appalling guidelines. there's air chlo. it's good social distancing were wearing masks. we're all trying to it here. tonto putting our mask on when we go anywhere outside of the table. the restaurant spread tables, 10 ft apart, repurpose their parking lot to allow for extra space and hired security to ensure covid rules were being followed. enthusiastic fans who were keen on shouting were directed to keep their masks on. but in the heat of the moment, there were some fumbles. overall the owner says it was a quiet super bowl compared to a typical year and didn't fill all 130 seats. we did have a few reservations cancel on us just because they said that they were nervous, and we completely understand no harm, no foul. down the street at taco licious take out orders
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brought in some extra bucks and the flat screens faced outside for the few diners who came out for the game on sonny veils bustling murphy street, the indoor pub scene was shut down. keep but outside, it was action packed. it was a water down night for business overall and a little less alcoholic, too, as plenty chose to walk or drive. rather than use a ride. share app. i live close enough that i'm not driving so, but i'm also not drinking that leg so. in many ways the slower night for business signaled a good sign that people are prioritizing. their health and safety. heather right and left. thank you. this year, more celebrities appeared to jump at the chance to star in super bowl commercials. my face. industry experts say many actors have more time on their hands with production on many
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tv shows and movies on hold because the pandemic that meant more a list celebrities were available to appear in today's adds actress mila kunis said that she agreed to do a cheetos commercial to have a little fun. by the way the cost for a 32nd spot during the super bowl was reportedly $5.5 million. filet o zone her kicked off the super bowl by singing america the beautiful. 00. course major. scare gosh, it was fantastic days before the game, her said, how incredibly proud she felt to be given the chance to perform in front of such a massive audience. the grammy winner was quoted as saying. quote i'm a young black girl from the bay area that never imagined i would be on a stage like that. former secretary of
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state george shultz has died at the age of 100. how is close friends, including willie brown described his legacy. also dozens of protesters staged a demonstration outside of the mayor's home in sacramento, the damage they left behind and their message for the mayor. and we're looking at a cool down. temperatures have been warm. they're going to drop off. clouds come in, and in the five day you'll see an opportunity for some rain and
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the dow. to see mayor darryl steinberg's home following a demonstration in his front yard last night. protesters used a loudspeaker to yell at the mayor and other city leaders. the mayor has received harsh criticism in recent weeks over his handling of sacramento's homeless population, not only during the pandemic but also during bouts of severe winter weather. they were using the homeless issue. certainly saying no more homeless deaths recall steinberg f word, steinberg. steinberg's front door and garage door were dented. outdoor lighting was ripped out and a large piece of decorative art was destroyed. sacramento police and the mayor's staff are still looking into exactly which group might be responsible for damage at the mayor's home. former
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secretary of state george shultz has died. he was 100 passed away at his home there on the stanford campus this weekend. ktvu greg liggins tells us that shall served under two presidents and was well known for bipartisanship. hi, george pratt shows do solemnly swear in politics, george shultz served, most notably as secretary of state under president reagan. but he also served as secretary of labor. treasury secretary and director of the office of management and budget, reportedly one of only two people in u. s history. to hold four cabinet positions. he was a republican. but longtime friend john taylor says he did not believe in labels or unwavering adherence to party lines. he was focused on the best ideas and the best people, and that was what was important to him. close friend, senator dianne feinstein introduced schultz to his second wife and said in a statement he was willing to work across party lines. i think no one was a better standard bear and
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honorable representative for this country. former san francisco mayor willie brown, another close friend, says schultz was the go to guy when president nixon needed help working on race relations, he'll sign of responsibility to george shultz. nobody ever talks about it. your children went down to louisiana and got back to nixon and met with black preachers and others, and he told nixon what he needed to do that started the process of affirmative action shots was a marine world war two veteran and diplomat on the world stage, interested in fostering mutually beneficial relationships to fend off disagreements. all you do is come to somebody when you've got a big problem, and you know, that's the only time you see him. it's not going to be anywhere near as good as if you get to know them and listen to them here. their problems. let them hear yours. the new york native studied public policy and international affairs at princeton, using those lessons
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to negotiate nuclear arms reduction treaties during the cold war. he earned a phd in economics and became president of construction and engineering firm bechtel group from 1975 to 82, though he also worked in academia as a business school dean in chicago and hoover institution fellow at stanford. friends say schultz was interested in the practical applications beyond theories, someone who took ideas. good ideas and made them work in practice at this time. the exact cause of death is unknown. greg liggins, ktvu fox two news. house speaker nancy pelosi, reflected on shelters legacy, saying in a statement quote the world has lost a revered statesmen and brilliant public servant with the passing of secretary george schultz. she goes on to say that he dedicated his life to promoting a more peaceful and secure future and his work to advance democracy worldwide leaves a powerful legacy for generations to come. santa clara county
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plans to open a temporary emergency temporary emergency shelter in downtown san jose. tomorrow the site is located near the old city hall on north first street. the property includes more than two dozen so called tiny homes that are manufactured by workers who were once homeless themselves. city leaders say the shelter is for homeless families that include at least one child who's less than 18 years old. already taking a look at those temperatures again from today. just a quick peek, but they're warm and loud. yesterday certainly was warm friday was not was pretty warm as well. that changes we're gonna go back to more typical temperatures for this time of year. so instead of 71 in santa rosa up today's what they had tomorrow santa rosa 61 something like that so cool down. so that's the plan and that cool down will eventually lead to some showers for us on probably on thursday into friday, it so we'll keep our
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eyes on that i'll show what i'm looking at here. it's right. right in here. and of course you can see this. this guy right here that system looks good. but look where it's going. just got that trajectory in behind. it is something that will get in here on thursday. so that's what we're looking at. it's right now. looks like it could become something more than a quarter of an inch. but right now we're kind of, you know the latest runs like okay, it's not a major event, but i kind of got a vibe that it could. develop into something. certainly through friday saturday sunday, especially for the lake tahoe area, so that would be the got my fingers crossed for that lots can change between now and then. so would i just say chances arrange shows up thursday and friday, with snow in the mountains, maybe lingering into the weekend in terms of tomorrow and tuesday partly cloudy. partly sunny wednesday, mostly sunny thursday, increasing clouds. so it's just kind of. unfortunately we need we need the rain, so it's a drag that we're not. i can't point to anything direct and say here comes but it looks like thursday. so here's the
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model for tomorrow. there's the morning partly cloudy and then you see the mostly cloudy. then you see the hardly cloudy right? that's the day. that's both next 48 hours and then wednesday looks pretty nice. this is the set up in san francisco and oakland tomorrow. sandra felt richmond all you guys, that's what's gonna look like partly cloudy in the afternoon. mostly cloudy in the morning. some balance our coastal fog is, you know, forecast ties as i mentioned cooler than abin. so like that, 63. morgan hill 62 sounds of those to be a couple of warm spots and the five day forecast. for february. it's not pretty. it's not that impressive, really, but that thursday, friday thing is our best hope. and then if you notice the clouds on saturday and sunday, that's an opportunity. i think for something to come together in the next couple of days that could bring us more rain and certainly snow in the mountains. so we'll keep an eye on all that. i'll see you back here tomorrow night, frank and heather. right bill. thank you very much. appreciate it were part of a glacier broke in the himalayas today, causing massive flooding in northern india. yeah mama, keep it over,
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you know. harder to believe. p were. in the lead 150 people 140 people. excuse me are still missing, including dozens of workers who were stuck in tunnels near a hydro electric plant. several villages along the river had to be evacuated more than 2000. military members have now been deployed to try to help with the rescue efforts. delicate recovery operation is underway in utah after four back country skiers were killed in an avalanche yesterday. it happened in millcreek canyon, just outside of salt lake city. the snow remains unstable, making recovery of the victim's body difficult for other skiers were able to climb out of the snow. they were treated for hypothermia and other minor injuries before who died were all in their twenties, and we're all from the salt lake city area. 15 people have died in avalon. just in the last
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week in the united states, that's the most in a seven day period since 1910. all right, coming up at 11 30 on sports raft. we will have a full breakdown and the 55th super bowl s tom brady wins his seventh super bowl title really is amazing, but first, though, coming up after the break, we're going to introduce you to an east bay fourth grader who wrote a memoir about the wrote a memoir about the challenges ever since you've been hanging out with jack there's something... different about you. ♪ everyone's feeling the late night vibe with my $4 sauced & loaded tots— with cheddar bacon or jalapeño ranch. if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. [doorbell rings] babe, are those the tots we ordered? ♪ everyone's feeling the late night vibe with my $4 sauced & loaded tots— with cheddar bacon or jalapeño ranch.
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was written by an 11 year old girl from the east bay. yeah, she wrote about the lockdown through the eyes of a child and ktvu rob roth talked to her about her book. i lost laughter and joy because so many things do did the coronavirus. the pandemic seen through the eyes of stella charlyne teeny of lafayette? she wrote these words last year when she was in the fourth grade, but i didn't just experienced loss. experience goof. these are some of the exurbs contained in a 90 page, self published book called the story of stella and memoir, she wrote last year when she was 10 years old. yes, you heard correctly. a memoir by a 10 year old. i have always loved hide. it still says she began the project as a way to cope with their struggles with
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lockdown, distance learning and being away from friends, writing the book and really recording. my thoughts was a really good way from the a process everything that was happening, so i thought that my book could help other people with that to throw out the two months that was spent on the book. her family had no idea what she was writing about the first time. i read it was when she finished it and it just brought tears to my eyes before the shelter in place. i didn't know what it was like to actually miss somewhat. the idea to write her thoughts about the pandemic stem from a conversation still ahead, where their fourth grade teacher at lafayette elementary school really special that she took something that was so hard for her and hard for so many people. and she used it as an opportunity to inspire others. all of those things that are going to happen later in my life, all sorts of things. they will all be different because of the pandemic, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. and
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when some type of normal does return, perhaps stella will be chronicling that too. my name is stella carlin. teeny and this is my story. rob rock, ktvu, fox two news. but that is one impressive young woman, all right, and that'll do it for us. thanks so much for joining us sports wrap with joe and jason coming up next all about the super bowl, and tom
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bowl title in franchise history. there will be no passing of the torch just yet on this team is world champions forever. you can't take it away from us how tom brady earned his unprecedented seventhmes running for his life. up? oh, my gosh! wait is over for 49ers gm john lynch in a pro football hall of fame class dominated by the bay area. and we go one on one with sharks head coach bob buchner this season will be a success here. strong words straight ahead, plus cal


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