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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  February 16, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. that attack took place near the intersection of k a la montana and campbell into drive in morada at about 8 30 this morning. it is the latest coyote attack in that area in the past six months. ktvu is henry lee joins us now live with more on what happened, and henry, do we know how that little girl is doing? yeah julie, this girl was bitten in the upper leg, but she will recover. she is now the fourth. victim of a coyote by in that same area since july. the latest coyote attack in the lumber in the area happened at about 8 30 tuesday morning as a mother was walking with her three year old daughter without warning. a coyote had come up behind the child and bitten the child. moroccan police chief john king says the mother used the blanket to stop the attack near the corner of kabelindo drive, and kyla montagna, the mother was able to distract and yell at the coyote. get him to
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disengage, and ah! then she called 911 as soon as possible. the girl was bitten in the lake and was taken to a hospital for treatment that included a rabies shot. the woman was also pushing an infant in the stroller, but that child wasn't hurt. this is a picture of a coyote in the same neighborhood after the attack. there was also a coyote sighting earlier that morning, but it's not known if this was the one who bit the girl. police checked the area but couldn't find it. the attack is just blocks from capital in ojai, where a man was bitten by a coyote while stretching at the school track. back in december that same month, a man was bitten behind the apple foods in lafayette, and in july, a two year old boy was a big net. moroccan commons park dni evidence confirmed a startling connection among all three attacks. the dni profile was a match for all three of those attacks, so we think we have one animal responsible for three attacks. it's unclear the same coyote bit the girl tuesday, wildlife officials have trapped and put down at least four coyotes, but none of those animals came back as a match to the offending animal officials will likely not traps
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to catch the elusive coyote who may be biting humans. for one reason, for the most part, the primary motivation is probably hunger. residents are alarmed by the attacks, which are relatively rare. there's apprehension, especially for neighbors who have young children. there are a fair amount of kids who live in this neighborhood. and it appears i'm sorry that we lost henry. but, yeah, very scary, considering these air, usually rare, and that coyote seems to be biting more people. that was henry lee reporting. california is seeing a decline in the number of coronavirus cases there have been over 3.4 million cases in the state since the beginning of the pandemic. and about 5700 new cases in the past 24 hours. but compare that to the 43,000 new cases a day for weeks ago over 47,000 people, sadly have died
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in california that includes 64 deaths since yesterday, which is the lowest number of deaths reported for a single day this year. thousands of people in the bay area are getting their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine at the newest mass vaccination site. ktvu is tom vacar here now with look at today's first day operations and how this new site time is different from the rest. it is this is one of 100 fema centers that you would call president biden promised to erect in his 1st 100 days. with these of the start. it's part of an effort so large and so comprehensive. it is almost incomprehensible. we built a little city here is you can see there's tents. there's people there strike through lanes, the massive site a governor's office of emergency services and federal emergency management agency joined operation officially opened to california. mass vaccination sites one in
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oakland, though it opened a bit late. the first folks were very grateful that they could get early appointments for early vaccinations. everybody's been very polite, and so on about it being the first. then i guess they have some kinks theo workout, but worth it. yes, it is. um and i'm nervous, but i'm also very excited every day. the goals to make those 6000 daily vaccinations easier to accomplish even beyond the coliseum's fences are partners here are also bringing trucks with mobile vaccine that will be going out starting. we believe the end of this week to community based sites at the end of today, we're going to make adjustments for things that could go better go smoothly. though initially dedicated the alameda county especially its vast, underserved populations, it's possible this sites reach may be extended toe others certainly we hope to serve as many as we can. while we're here and with a real focus on this community, consider this
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beyond the coliseum. the pandemic has presented fema. with one of if not its biggest coordinating operations ever. it literally covers every individual in every state district territory and protectorate from puerto rico in the caribbean to guam in the western pacific 9400 miles away. we know that we've got 50 states declared under presidential disaster declarations, which is huge number one that's never happened, the amount of military personnel that we're talking about the. flying across the united states is the largest in history. when one ads in the u. s military bases and embassies overseas. it is truly a worldwide event. one final note. if you think california's tough to supply imagine alaska, alaska, the largest state in the union, this state has three quarters of the population of san francisco, scattered hither
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hither and yon. what a job. it really is. and time all i could think of as i was looking those pictures was the movie outbreak with dustin hoffman, where you had essentially a city completely contained because of an outbreak. there. i am wondering, i do have a question. so for people who have gotten their first shot, how long do they have to wait before they can make an appointment to get their second shot? well, it works one of two ways. generally speaking, they will be notified by the people that gave them their first shot that it's time to come in and get their second shot in effect, set up a appointment for them. if that doesn't happen, they simply go back to the process of setting up an appointment, which should be a little less busy because there'll be a lot more places. you gotta remember. we're talking about just this one place. think of all the pharmacies. they're gonna have supplied all of the health centre's the clinics and everything else. this thing is going to go away reasonably quickly. it's really frustrating right now. but a month from now, this won't be much of a deal. you're absolutely right. we're just
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starting to ramp up here. tom vacar live for us tonight. job. thank you. on lee, one of three mass vaccination sites in san francisco is open today due to a lack of the vaccine, mayor london breed and city officials toured the new site today at sf market on rankin street in the bay view neighborhood. the bayview has had the city's highest rate of cases throughout this pandemic. the site offers vaccinations to people 65 older and health care workers, mayor breed says due to the current supply, the number of doses is limited, but the site is. ready to expand when the supply increases. be patient with us. we have the infrastructure. we got the staff. we got the partnerships with the various hospitals. san francisco is ready. so a soon as we get the vaccines, and it's your turn will get you in and we'll get you out. the sf market vaccination site will initially operate monday through friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by appointment only. in
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the us more people have now received at least one dose of the vaccine, then have tested positive for the coronavirus so far, 56.54 point six million doses have been given out in the united states. more than 14 million americans have been fully vaccinated. that's still a small amount, though considering that the population of the united states is roughly 328 million. bloomberg is reporting that the latest average vaccination rate here in the u. s is 1.6 million doses per day. new coronavirus cases are trending downward across the country, and public health officials say. a big reason is that more people are getting vaccinated, but demand continues to outpace supply across the country. dodger stadium in l. a reopened today after temporarily closing due to a lack of doses. health officials say most of the general public will have to wait a few months to get their shots today, dr anthony fauci,
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in fact changed his april timeline for the beginning of widespread vaccinations. that was predicated on j and j. the johnson product, having a considerably more doses than now. we know they're going to have so that timeline will probably be prolonged, maybe into mid to late may and early june, maternal announced today that they're on track to deliver 100 million doses to the u. s. by the end of march, a member of congress is now suing donald trump the lawsuit. accuses the former president of conspiring to incite the violence on january 6th to prevent congress from certifying the results of the election. meantime congress says it will establish an independent style 9 11 commission to investigate the riot box news. lauren blanchard has the latest now from washington, d. c. former president trump now facing a civil lawsuit. mississippi representative bennie thompson
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going after mr trump and rudy giuliani for allegedly violating the ku klux klan act on 18 71 law that protected congressional members against conspiracies involving violence and intimidation while they were doing their jobs, the suit alleges, mr trump, mr giuliani and extremist groups, the oath keepers and proud boys work together to stop lawmakers from certifying the election results, quote. carefully orchestrated syria's of events that unfolded at the save america rally, and the storming of the capital was no accident or coincidence and advisor for the former president responded to news of the suit. quote president trump did not plan produce or organized the january 6th rally on the ellipse while the former president was acquitted by the senate during his second impeachment trial, the senate minority leader suggested the former president could still face litigation. we have a criminal justice system in this country. we have civil litigation. and former
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presidents are not immune from being accountable by either now. house speaker nancy pelosi wants an independent 9 11 style commission to look into the january 6th attack. republicans are on board because they say it will show her failure to prepare for the rally that turned deadly. the briefing. i got on january exist. about the security posture that they expected on january. 6th wasn't nowhere near what we saw happen tuesday. next week, there will be a joint senate committee hearing to question those who were in leadership during the attack, including those who resigned their positions immediately after in washington, lauren blanchard fox news. in a statement released late today from his pack, former president trump attacked, u p senate minority leader mitch mcconnell saying in part quote mitch is a dour, sullen and unsmiling political hack. and if republican senators are going to stay with them, they will not win again. the former president then vowed to back primary challengers who support his agenda as he looks
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to retain influence in the republican party. earlier on the four santa clara university law, professor deep gula sacre i'm told us the law. who's filed against the former president appear to be strong. i think that those lawsuits are that he's certainly in trouble. there is a hurdle here and that he is going to be able to assert a first amendment defense. we'll see if that would will be successful. the civil lawsuit filed by the mississippi representative asked the judge to rule the former president's actions violated federal law and seeks unspecified monetary damages. health officials are reporting a significant drop in cases that nursing home facilities in marin county coming up in 5 30, the promising new data showing the impact of vaccinations and the most vulnerable patients, but first the return of a phenomenon at yosemite national park, maura and how you can see this stunning fire fall in
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person this year, but on lee for a short time, also ahead and are still without power as temperature reached. his record lows in parts of the central united states. i'm casey siegel in dallas, texas. more on that story is coming up and we'll look at our forecast. it does include an opportunity for some more showers within the five day but also some warm temperatures or so higher temperatures into the mid sixties right, so we have some bg
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news right now happening in san francisco police have issued a shelter in place and you're looking at the reason why there
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was a shooting. these are live pictures from sky fox. the shooting investigation is happening at tucker avenue and campbell avenue between delta and rutland streets. that's in the visitation valley area of san francisco. police are asking everyone to avoid the area. we're working to gather in any more information we don't know. for example, if anyone was kit and if they were hit what kind of condition they are, in again, working to get the information as soon as we do, we will bring it to you, search teams were back out this morning at an area near the richmond san rafael bridge, looking for a missing 17 year old. boy. the teams are trying to find anton whitley, who has not been seen for nearly a week. last wednesday night when we was in richmond, visiting a friend when he was picked up by a rideshare driver to be taken home to point richmond, but police say he got out of the car on the richmond san rafael bridge and has not been seen or
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heard from since. police also say the driver and the teams spread described whitley as being paranoid the night he disappeared. in san pablo police are investigating a deadly crash that happened after a police chase involving a stolen car. the car crash into another car on san pablo avenue and k road just north of the richmond parkway. police say it all started after officers spotted the stolen car around eight o'clock this morning. the driver refused to pull over and a chase began. the chase was quickly called off, though due to the suspects reckless driving. the driver of the stolen car died in the crash. the other driver was taken the hospital with non life threatening injuries. the weather is making headlines around the country as millions of people are without power again tonight. the book of those are in texas, where the power greatest struggling to keep up with a rare freezing weather system that has moved across the region. fox news
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casey steagall has the latest from dallas. it's a winter blast for the record books, at least a dozen states waking up tuesday under a weather advisory after a massive storm dumped snow and ice from wisconsin to texas, the southern plains particularly hit hard with roads, a nightmare and multiple fatalities reported and conditions are not likely to improve in the coming days, with record low temperatures not expected to go above freezing until friday, we started watching the temperature drop in her house. 35 54 53 now before you go sit in the car here in texas. the winter blast is putting major stress on the state's electrical grid. there are more than four million customers still without power officials say that's partly due to control blackouts, but also because a lot of the infrastructure is frozen. the temperatures are getting say down the 10 degrees. and you're trying to keep your house at 70 degrees. there are systems or having to work overtime. the
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problems aren't just limited to the south in the upper midwest, snow still clogging the streets in chicago and in oregon ice continues to be the primary issue with major structural damage reported while in north carolina, at least three people have died after a tornado hit. ah coastal area still a dangerous situation, but we're gonna do our best to make sure nobody gets injured. we get our community back to the little is possible here in texas. the forecast doesn't look too good. we're expected to pick up another 2 to 4 inches of snow in the overnight hours into early wednesday morning. some areas could get more freezing rain, which could make things extra slippery. that's the latest from dallas. casey steagall, fox news. all lanes air clear on highway 50 and highway 80 in the sierra traffic was heavy earlier is people. we're heading back to the bay area after the long holiday weekend ski resorts in lake tahoe were packed with visitors. caltrans says no chains are required heading to
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the mountains but to have them just in case for more on our current conditions. now we go to our chief meteorologist, bill martin. yeah we'll get to the local stuff and let's go back real quickly to the plain states just because that that story huge and it's continuing to grow 100 over 100. million people impacted by this weather system. the jet streams built in like this. you could see these air right now. temperatures so you can see where the cold air is. it lies within this trough right? so one of things were noticing here is you're getting a lot of moisture coming off the gulf. that's warmer, moisture air, and so it's happening in these areas. houston new orleans these areas they're dealing with potential. freezing rain ice storms issues like that, and they've already got power outages of plenty out there. and that's that's the big story, right? people can heat their houses, many of them and so these ice storms in that area with the cool temperatures are cold temperatures continuing those ice storms will be not countries down. there's no way around those limbs get full quarter inch ice on him, and
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they fall. it's like 50 times their way they can't keep up with it so. that story. really? we're just in the middle of it. it's almost a bell. it has the potential to be a major major, one of the biggest stories of the year and at least in the weather world as we look outside right now, we've got a few clouds some low clouds. we had a nice day today. partly cloudy, partly sunny all day as we head into tomorrow. more sunshine temperatures back into the mid sixties and then we'll see an opportunity for some showers as we get into friday this week, so we'll talk about that when i see you next after a couple breaks. all right, bill. we'll see in a bit. thank you. well the chance to witness you 70 national parks. fire fall phenomenon is here, but there are some new restrictions. the event has become so popular over the years, with crowds spilling onto riverbanks, increasing erosion and damaging plant parking is now limited to you. somebody falls from noon until 7 p.m. every day until february, 24th in an effort to limit the crowds, and you must take 1.5 miles to the fire,
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fall viewing spot. everyone visiting must make reservations, but they are going quickly. a limited number of day use entry tickets are being made available. just visit recreation dot gov for more information. pictures just incredible. all right, coming up here. remember an actress cicely tyson. mourners in new york city pay their final respects to a real hollywood legend, plus mardi gras has been celebrated in new orleans for more than 200 years. but this year festivities look this year festivities look quite different ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a $500 public charging credit.
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daylight in los angeles, and it was all caught on surveillance camera video shows a white car pulling up alongside a man. two suspects then jumped from the vehicle and tackle the victim to the ground. they beat him and steal some of his personal belongings, including a rolex watch. police say this is just
5:25 pm
the most recent attack in a string of similar burglaries in the l. a area. huh? cicely tyson was remembered again today in a private invitation only memorial service at a church in harlem, tyler perry and bill and hillary clinton were among the attendees at the memorial today. tyson's career spanned more than 70 years, she won the 1973 academy award for her performance as rebecca in sounder. she also won a tony award for her performance in the trip to bountiful in 2016. she was given the presidential medal of. freedom that's the country's highest civilian honor. taison died last month at the age of 96. it is mardi gras celebration, like no other officials have canceled all parades and have implemented strict coronavirus safety protocols, leaving revelers to find creative ways to celebrate a slim down fat tuesday. but it's fox news, alex hogan reports. now it's no party for
5:26 pm
the city and businesses who are losing millions of dollars every day without tourists. the spirit of mardi gras looks more dead than alive on bourbon street, the pandemic slimming down this year's fat tuesday celebrations, but the city is resilient. residents are finding a way to let the good times roll. mardi gras has basically been canceled because of covid. but even though we're not able to experience party grow, we still have the marty brest spirit officials canceling all parades and scaling back fat tuesday festivities due to safety precautions. but in big, easy tradition, the party cannot be stopped creative homeowner. was turning mardi gras into yardy raw, lavishly decorating their homes instead of the typical floats, constructing themed outdoor displays inspired by pop culture, music and politics. it's a classic new orleans moved. you know when you're knocked down, you get up, we'll figure out a way to make use creativity to make a fun experience. you've become the parade instead of instead of
5:27 pm
watching the great, but it's no party for the city's businesses and tourism, who are losing roughly 125 million. dollars per week by one estimate in the days ahead of fat tuesday, officials banned liquor sales in the french quarter and closed all bars and restaurants. mongrel alone is you know, between 50 and $70,000. just in that four days, fans we're hanging on by a thread here. what more can we do to you know how much more appealing we take of this? it's a stark contrast to last year when more than one million people turned down a mardi gras celebration that became a super spreader event. mobile alabama host the nation's oldest marty. all celebrations, but all parade there have been halted as well. alex hogan fox news. that seem works and it saves lives is the 22 headlines that i see. here coming up new evidence showing the impact that coronavirus vaccines air having at nursing homes in marin county, plus fighting to stay afloat during
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the pandemic. how san francisco city leaders are trying to help keep the doors open for struggling restaurants and
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this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. it's a better kind of business insurance. it's only three pages. straightforward. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for "spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. (screaming) this commercial is now over. logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense. astounding decrease in coronavirus infection rates among seniors living in nursing homes who've had a second dose of the vaccine. ktvu is rob roth talked with health officials and seniors today about what this means for family visitations. rob frank
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marin public health officials say the number showed the vaccine is working, and it's working for the most vulnerable to covid the seniors. at the redwoods, a senior residential care facility in mill valley. almost all of the approximately 150 people who live here isolated from family have received their second dose of covid vaccine. i'm happy it's over. we don't really know right at this time. what restrictions are going to be lifted to revised? the answer is none yet. but amid an ocean of bleak news about covid over the past year, marin county public health officials see a promising trend. vaccine works and it saves lives is the 22 headlines that i see here, morita's release statistics showing that ever since seniors and skilled nursing and residential care facilities have received two vaccine doses, the number of elderly getting covid has dropped by more than
5:32 pm
10. fold between january and february, down to four active cases with no outbreaks after that second dose. was received by staff and by residents, we saw a major job drop off in the number of cases experienced by these facilities by the end of january. the redwoods was among the first facilities and marine to begin getting vaccinated in are relieved by the vaccine success so far, the staff i can tell you can sleep a little better. s oh, that's good. we're breathing a sigh of relief that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. nursing home advocates applaud the findings but say the next step must be to allow family members to visit their loved ones were advocating for facilities and the state to start thinking ahead. about what life is gonna look like for people in nursing homes as vaccination progressive, but it's going to be challenging again in the next couple of months to make that bridge between those who aren't vaccinated and those who are vaccinated and visiting their
5:33 pm
family members senior say they just want to be with family and friends again. mommy real would give a hug and that really, i was never a hugger until i realized how much i actually am a hugger. it will be up to with the county and the state to come up with visitation guidelines. frank rob roth, flawed forced tonight, rob. thank you. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez announced to the expansion about community health team to help businesses hit hardest by covid-19. one of the really most important opportunities we have is these leaders that are behind me going door to door having conversations with businesses to help them understand how to stay. covid compliant. make sure they can get tested and make sure they can get vaccinated, jarvis said. the door to door program will soon add 30 more people to expand the informational effort to residents in low income and
5:34 pm
vulnerable communities. san francisco's restaurants and bars are fighting to survive. and now city and state leaders say they're pushing for rule changes aimed at keeping their doors open. ktvu is christian captain joins us now live and christian, the seas cities restaurant industry is changing right before our eyes and that's right, julie so many restaurants and bars and san francisco have closed, but for those that make it many of them will be fundamentally transformed. going forward. it's not hard to see the impact the pandemic has had on san francisco's restaurants and bars. many have closed their doors for good. and those who have survived have had to adapt. and for many that has meant taking what it once been endorsed service out onto the street. we have more seats out front now than we've had inside. that's one oyster depot. they'd like to keep their outdoor dining for as long as they can. we built the park let back in august and ever since we had him open business has read
5:35 pm
certain to this normal, but it's helped us out tremendously. the director of the city's shared spaces program says a lot of the red tape has been eliminated, streamlining the process for applying for outdoor dining. the city has seen a massive proliferation from a few dozen park let's to more than 2000 with 1000 maurine the pipeline. we want to make this part of our permanent toolbox and indeed make every remains very committed. to transitioning the shared spaces program from an emergency response into a permanent part of the city's toolbox for helping our neighborhood commercial corridors work to change how restaurants and bars operate is also underway at the state level with state senator scott wiener introducing senate bill 3 14 earlier this month, which would allow for expanded outdoor seating at restaurants and bars. the bill also looks to amend state alcohol laws in some cases written decades ago. we need to do everything. thing in our power as we come out of
5:36 pm
this pandemic. toe. make sure that these small businesses can succeed and to make sure that the ones that have closed permanently that other businesses too quickly come into those spaces. so we don't have mass vacancies in our neighborhood, ben blinding from san francisco's bar owners alliance says the bar nightlife industry pumps more than $7 billion into the local economy and employs tens of thousands of workers, he says bars that are still open are just barely hanging on and permanent changes to alcohol regulations and creating more outside spaces are necessary steps to help them survive. we need to give our. hospitality businesses every chance that we possibly can to recover and recover quickly and get back on their feet. and that's this does exactly that. economic experts have said healthy small businesses, including bars and restaurants, will. determining just how quickly san francisco the bay area and the state emerged from the economic
5:37 pm
impact of covid-19 reporting live. christien kafton ktvu fox two news? yes san francisco is just a city where it is known for its great restaurants and bars. it's so sad to see what they've been going through christian. thank you. the san francisco unified school district, postponed a closed door meeting today on how to safely reopen classrooms despite an ongoing lawsuit by the city attorney's office, said the attorney, dennis herrera, filed an emergency order last week to force the school district to reopen for in person learning, the lawsuit alleges the district has failed to devise a plan to get the city's 54,000 public school children back into the classroom. the district says they're reese. scheduling the meeting toward to february 23rd. violent east bay robbery attempt stopped by an armed business owner, and it comes amid a surge in high profile robberies and assaults in the same area. also water rate
5:38 pm
increase in the works for people in the south bay. why mayor sam accardo says the public utilities
5:39 pm
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today in the city'suty chief ala police captain and the president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, walked and talked to merchants about crime prevention. the cell follow is a robbery attempt yesterday at ninth and webster streets, a thief knocked down a woman in her thirties and tried to steal her camera. one person being robbed that can have a negative impact on someone watching that right, even though they're not the victim. they're kind of in a concentric circle of a victim because they see someone being victimized, oakland's chinatown has seen a wave of high profile robberies and assaults in
5:41 pm
recent weeks, many of them targeting asian seniors. in oakland store owner is being credited with stopping a robbery. it happened last night at ninth and franklin streets in oakland's chinatown. witnesses tell us that the store owner saw thief knocked down a woman in her thirties and then tried to steal her camera, the store owner intervened. and after a struggle, the store owner fired four gunshots. the suspect took off and no one was hit. water bills could be going out for people in silicon valley today on things onto. we spoke with san jose mayor sam accardo about the potential impact of the possible rate hike, says the water company serves many cities in the south bay. their proposals for a 19% rate hike this year when coupled with wholesale price increases that will impact the average consumer by about 20. two, or 23% as enormous hike when families can least afford it. so we're gonna have a public
5:42 pm
hearing on this invite the company to explain provide some transparency, and then we're gonna side we're gonna fight it. the public utilities commissions i expect we will be over the next four years. the new proposal from san jose water would increase the average customer's monthly bill by almost $30.30 percent. that's on top of a 60% rise in rates since 2015 merrill accardo says that public. ring will likely be scheduled for the end of march. state lawmakers will soon be considering new legislation aimed at ending online sexual exploitation and trafficking. bill was introduced this morning by south bay state senator dave cortez. he he says the bill seeks to end human trafficking in the digital age. yes. before 35. law person to bring a civil action for damages against any person or entity that makes obtains a blowed re uploads or distributes in any form. sexual content of them on a platform
5:43 pm
of which they did not did not freely give their permission for this content to be shared if passed by the legislature, the ending sexual exploitation act will award damages to victims and offender will have to pay $100,000 for every two hours of online exposure of illegal content. after given notice to take it down, the amount is doubled if the victim is under 18 years old. state lawmakers are also pushing to keep public meetings available virtually once the pandemic is over. before the pandemic people were required to attend public meetings and wait for hours for their chance at public comment, but when covid hit, these meetings became virtual, giving people more access to them, very assembly member alexa lee introduced in assembly bill 339 to keep meetings available on zoom even when chambers reopened to the public. creating more housing for the homeless. the plan by santa's a city officials to get more people off the streets
5:44 pm
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sauced & loaded curly fries. try triple cheddar or spicy pepper jack, both topped with slow-smoked bacon. ♪ get both, only at jack in the box. well as several organizations that responded last tuesday to an oil spill at keller beach on the richmond shoreline. the city council at next week's meeting wants to hear from the coast guard, san francisco bay keeper and state environmental officials, and they also want to hear from chevron officials at the richmond refinery. richmond city council also wants monthly reports on the oil spill damage that continuing cleanup and wait, what's being done to keep it from happening again, homeless people living in an encampment behind dunphy park in sausalito protested and eviction today, the city council approved a
5:47 pm
resolution this month to remove the campers from that park. but relocate them to marin park instead. mayor jill hoffman tells the marin independent journal. the city will provide homeless people with lockers. door the belongings once they are moved to marine ship park, but some homeless people we spoke with say they need a hotel room or a vehicle in order to stay warm, dry and healthy. i just am advocating for our basic human rights under the constitution of the united states of america. that's what we should have. and if they have some of the homeless people say they're camping at the parks because their boats were seized or destroyed in the ongoing richardson bay cleanup. or by recent storms, anu set, jose sin. p house home. roy is due. bo. co op. and all so critter. are so. gary te us the site is a place for the unhappy used already live. almost tucked out
5:48 pm
of sight in downtown san jose, three mile stretch of the guadalupe river park that has become a city within a city on house residents live in tents, vehicles and shanties. sharing this space with debris, trash waste and fear. they'll be forced to leave way. always worry about whether or not we're gonna have to be swept, and it's just constant concern. we've got an opportunity to build a community for on housed residence. san jose mayor sam accardo proposes creating 1/4 so called tiny home site in the city on an overflow parking lot currently used by the police department. the area would house up to 80 residents at a cost of $100,000 per unit, as opposed to the market driven 700,000 for new developments. and within this community to be able to form the core of stuart's folks who will wake up every morning to help the beautify repair and. to clean the park look, cardo says the park has gone from attraction
5:49 pm
toe eyesore over the course of two decades. this partially due to the recent covid fueled increase in the homeless population. the people on the streets not being tended to, you know, not like they used to be, because all of us that run organizations that work with ian housed very few of us are out here because of covid. monday a fire allegedly started by homeless squatters damaged the visitor's center. some environmentalists say such damage can extend to wildlife. they should have been asking help 28 years ago, and they never did, you know, and now it's fired out of control. the mayor's plan would have tiny home residents on the new site, help with park caring and cleaning, sociologist scott myers, lipton says. pay for such work should come prior to any require training the city might impose on the new residents. you can't ask them to have the modules and not and take care of it and not get paid. they should be paid questions remain about what to
5:50 pm
do with those on willing to leave their current dwellings and movinto one provided by the city. but some of the in house say any small step in the right direction. is better than living like this in downtown san jose, jesse gary ktvu. fox two news, already looking outside, we've got a few clouds. it's got a vibe to it like it's gonna rain, but it's not not really not told probably late thursday night into friday morning is sort of our next event, and that event doesn't look that that potent unfortunately now that can change but seems like the rest of the country has lots of weather going on right up in the pacific. northwest and out of the plains states, and we're just sort of left in this this pattern that is very in february like he asked me and looks like it's going to stay hold tomorrow. temperatures could easily make it into the low and potentially mid sixties but most of the low sixties it's february. this is an atmospheric river here, coming from almost out by the dateline. it's shooting. in to
5:51 pm
the north, but too far north, and that's the problem that atmosphere river of parts of it are going to make their way into the plains on wednesday afternoon and are going to increase the snowfall out there, so they're going to continue to keep things going out there with the cold in the ice and the snow, and we're going to continue where we are, which is just kind of a very blase pattern, which is not what you exalt at all. what you expect. this time of year. you know this time of year, we usually seek some significant rain and snow and we have, but not enough for less than half of where we need to be for rainfall for the year for the season to date, and that's not good. when you get into february usually wanna be you want to be up there you because it's tougher to make up ground february march of big rain months, and if you're way behind, now, it's hard to get ahead. the forecast model does this. so here's tomorrow morning. here's the whole day tomorrow. mostly sunny, maybe a few clouds filtering. here comes clouds on thursday. by thursday morning, mostly sunny
5:52 pm
by thursday afternoon. mostly cloudy and by friday morning or early thursday night and friday morning. this system comes in and brings us a shot at rain. so here's tomorrow. blue sky all around pretty much for the entire bay area. i think they'll be a few clouds. maybe a little valley fog this morning. it was just a touch of it this morning might be a little bit again tomorrow morning, but mostly sunny, nicest day we're going to see for a while in terms of just wall. the wall sunshine temperatures, as i said almost into the mid sixties, i think some areas you know you get out south san jose or get down to evergreen. you're gonna find yourself a 65. so the five day forecasts tried it. there it is. i am showers. that's our best shot right now. it doesn't look a heck of a lot quarter inch would be great. i'm not even sure we'd see that much but mountain snow. sure a winter weather advise you being effective there and we just will have ah, beautiful, sunny day. tomorrow deteriorates on thursday. showers by late thursday night into friday morning. 321. ignition and lift
5:53 pm
off, and with that dozens of starlink satellites headed into space elon musk spacex falcon nine rocket blasted off from cape canaveral last night, sending 60 satellites into orbit. there are now about 1000 of those satellites orbiting the. planet as part of spacex mission to deliver high speed internet around the world. the snow and slush, no match for a 90 year old woman from seattle. she was determined to get her coronavirus vaccine up next. her inspiring story of how she walked for miles to get her first shot.
5:54 pm
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cases fighting for personal protective gear. nurses in minnesota recently protested fighting for better work conditions and better access to more ppe. reportedly forced to reuse the same mask for multiple patients and even throughout multiple shifts. the shortage comes as a shock to those manufacturers who say warehouses are overflowing with masks. everyone's saying there's a shortage yet. i am grounding and respirators. if we had our druthers, it would be to sell here and help america. but when we're in a situation where warehouse won't hold any more respirators, we're going to have to send them wherever we can't and associated press investigation claims the lack of resource is comes down to key errors made by the federal government over the past year. the american hospital association argues that some hospitals are using
5:57 pm
masks faster than manufacturers can produce them. a 90 year old woman from seattle walk six miles in the snow to make sure she could get her covid vaccine as fox news alyona gomez reports, fran goldman says the roads were not drive a belief, so she decided to walk the six miles to the hospital. meet fran goldman and active woman with lots of determination. boy average about three miles walking a day. the mother of four has four grandchildren and two great grandchildren. did we mention the cheese 90 years old? and she's got a lot of life left in her, which is why she's been anxious to get the coronavirus vaccine. well i had been spending a great deal of my time trying to get appointment together. vaccine vaccination, she said. it was like a full time job. three hours waiting on the phone the first time and then countless hours each day after until she
5:58 pm
finally got an appointment on friday, didn't you hear may screaming with joy? well, i think the whole city heard the hours later. the whole city of seattle was covered in snow driving was out of the question, so she decided to do a practice walk on saturday from her home in seattle along the bert gillman trail to the hospital. her daughter's even tried to talk her out of making the trek. i thought maybe you could take like an over a live, um, you know, and just walk down the hill and she was very good. herman that she was gonna walk there. she went about two thirds of the way and went home, confident that she'd get the six mile trip done on sunday. sure enough, seattle was hit with even more snow. more than a foot of it took me a little bit longer than i had expected. walking in snow over snow. up my vaccination. and then i was
5:59 pm
told i had to sit and wait 15 minutes to make sure there was no reaction myself. i'm delighted to step, she says the walk home was up hill and the trail was icy, but she got it done. she's continues to amaze us. i don't think it was all that special. it was just what. but what was the way i could do it? but it s o. i did it. friend says she's just hoping her next shot in a few weeks won't happen during another winter storm. this'll is ktvu fox two news at six, a different type of opening day at the oakland coliseum as a new mass vaccination site, staffed by the military and run by fema opens its gates to the public with the goal of inoculating 6000 people every day. certainly we hope to serve
6:00 pm
as many as we can. while we're here and with a real focus on this community, the new mass vaccination site is staffed by 600 people and will be open seven days a week. good evening. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. one of the goals with this site is to reach underserved neighborhoods in the east bay. interviews tom vacar has a look at today's first day operations. we built a little city here is you can see there's tents. there's people there strike through lanes. the massive site a governor's office of emergency services and federal emergency management agency joined operation officially opened to california. mass vaccination sites one in oakland, though it opened a bit late. the first folks were very grateful that they could get early appointments for early vaccinations. everybody's been very polite and so on about it. you being the first one? i guess they have some kinks, theo workout, but worth it.


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