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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  February 19, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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to reopen schools to in person learning with the proper safety precautions in place. the letter reading, in part, quote any school reopening plan that fails to offer in person instruction to the greatest extent possible would be unlawful if the school district's reopening plan offers students anything less than this. in the short term, i will challenge its legality. the city attorney's letter comes in response to a letter last friday from san francisco unified's attorney, the school district and schools. unions have been negotiating toward a memorandum of understanding that include a return to in person instruction in the red tear, with vaccinations for staff and without vaccinations in the orange tear s f. u. s. d s attorney saying, in part, quote your threat to seek unspecified legal recourse of an mou is not to your liking is not constructive. many students say they feel like they're caught in the middle fourth grader remington saying. he just wants to go back to class, and i would definitely rather be back in school. but i don't think i have really a choice right now. you're hearing date
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has been set for march 22nd with the city attorney seeking a court order compelling the school district to reopen schools. both the city attorney and the school district can make their arguments before a judge at that time reporting live christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. christian thank you, governor. newsome says the state will set aside 10% of all first doses of covid-19 vaccines for educators and school staff. starting march. 1st the governor made that announcement today while visiting a mobile clinic that's providing vaccinations to teachers and other school employees and alameda county. 35 counties already prioritized vaccines for educators. newsome says he wants to make that the standard statewide. beginning with the bass line of 75,000 doses every single week that will be made available in set aside for those educators and
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child care workers that are supporting our efforts to get our kids back into in person instruction. the governor did not say whether teachers can expect to receive a second dose before returning to campus is or if they should expect to be vaccinated soon after school's open today, the governor gave the green light for student athletes to start competing once again. ktvu is ron brought joins us now with those guidelines that were laid out by governor newsome, rob. kristina high school football, baseball and soccer among the programs that can begin next friday, provided. covid rates remain at a specific level. okay high school football players are among the athletes hoping to start practicing in a week. this wide receiver from danza high in richmond can't wait. super happy. i'm saying all these other states, you know, get activist stuff, you know, go ahead and play football. you know, it's ah,
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for us. you know people here, you know, it's a way out friday morning, governor gavin newsom gave the go ahead for outdoor high contact sports to begin. we are now confident with new guidelines that we're publishing today. that we could get you sports moving again in the state of california get competition moving again. under those guidelines, counties must have a per capita covid case rate of fewer than 14 per 100,000 residents. all bay area counties currently are under that threshold, except contra costa and solano counties. but those counties air close to that barrier in case rates are trending downward. richmond high school's football coaches, hoping the case rates will fall under 14 by next week, allowing his practices to start and eventually name's always everyone continue to wear the mask. they say if i think we'll be perfectly fine, we are ecstatic about the this massive first step. patrick washes head football coach at sarah high school in san matteo. we can literally feel the souls of millions of kids lifted today.
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sports allowed to open also includes soccer, baseball, water polo and lacrosse. under the new state guidelines, football, rugby and water polo players are required to undergo weekly covid test if case rates in their counties are above seven per 100,000. we have some testing requirements, the state of california. will provide for we will absorb the cost will provide those tests coaches, athletes and youth sports advocates of lobby newsome for months under the banner, let them play. the bottom line is we're moving through using data using science. everybody's ready to go. they're excited about the opportunity that they're going to get a chance to possibly play high school football this year, especially our seniors. now we'll still be up to individual county health departments to agree to newsome's plan, or perhaps even to make it more restrictive. kristina yeah, a lot of student athletes really looking forward to this day, rob. thanks well, there have been a number of
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updates about covid vaccines this week will turn now to dr peter chan hyung, an infectious disease doctor from ucsf doctor. thank you so much for joining us yet again. we want to start with this. yesterday the mayo clinic published a study that found both the madonna and visor vaccines, almost 89% effective in the real world compared to 95% of the studies. why are the real world observations like this so important? so for me, actually, this was really amazing because people always say, well, these people in the trials that cherry picked they're like the best people who can like go to appointments. get the nose swabs all the time. show up on time. if you bring it on real world, it's not that easy on so. between 92 95% i'll definitely accept that on issues that these vaccines book in real life situations with people with schedules on who may not fit in exactly into trial. protocol may also help people who have been hesitant to take
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the vaccine this far now fizer now says it's vaccine could be kept in standard pharmaceutical freezers and refrigerators a big change because it was supposed to be kept really, really cold in these really cold freezers. does this mean the company can make and ship out more? these vaccines? now? how does this change things? so it doesn't it's not probably going to change supply issues because we're still the we just wanted to make more. it didn't matter if we could have kept you know we had that freezer capacity, basically for the. old way we thought about the temperature requirements. i think the way will impact practically is really the reach to rural communities where they don't have that much proximity toe. these ultra cool temperatures, so i think. most of the state wasn't really it's you have reserved spaces, just issue of just having enough. let's get to this now. since the vaccine, you know more more people are getting it now, but
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there's really no messaging that once people get fully vaccinated that they could meet with others, um, usually the messaging is still you know, cover up. stay away. what really is the messaging for people that do get both their shots of the vaccine? so i agree with you, andre. i mean, i think that you know, in my opinion and the opinion of several people, you know, there is an immunity bubble, so you basically get together with a small group of people if everyone's unvaccinated, it's fine. you can like. want to retreat being somebody's home. pretend like it's 1999, you know, put on some prince or something. it z going to be like the old days, but when you go out into society, you're going to be wearing a mask because not everyone's going to be vaccinated. the more people you, including that intimate setting who are vaccinated the higher chance of two people who are have not responded, getting into contact each other. that's why that. immunity bubble is going to be small, but yes, you
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can hug each other. we don't have to wear masks forever. and what about grandparents who want to have their 345 year old grandkids? can they if they have been vaccinated, do that with their children, even if they're not vaccinate, obviously, because they can't be. yes. in my opinion, yes. for many reasons, the. particularly for kids under 12. they're less less likely to both get covid and transmit covid. so again vaccinated older adult. with ah grand kid should be fine. and in fact, it probably be beneficial health wise and i do wonder. does that contribute to herd immunity that we've heard so much about that we might get by this summer when you know grand parents who have the vaccine were hugging their kids. how does that hurt immunity part working this. i think the herd immunity probably won't be from this kind of transmission. it's more like the most reliable hood immunity is going to be
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from vaccinations because it's very different from other kinds of infection, so i would probably only rely on the fact that if you got vaccinated. you're going to have that durable herd immunity because even from natural infection, that immunity may win, five will win faster, natural than vaccine and used her to meaning less people for the for the coronavirus to get in and people if you're vaccinated to it, and at least 30 meeting all right. dr peterson hung, infectious disease expert at ucsf. thank you so much for your insight again today. appreciate it. thanks, andre. well despite vaccine shortages that california has said a single day record for the number of vaccines given, gavin newsom, says 264th vaccines were administered yesterday, nearly seven million doses have now been given out here in our state. that's about 17% of california's population of 40 million people. a 0.8 million doses have been delivered two counties statewide, the winter storms
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that hit the midwest in southern us impacted vaccine delivery's here in the bay area. napa county tells us 2000 doses of madonna vaccine expected to arrive on tuesday still have not been delivered. alameda county says it's 3000 doses in their county have not arrived yet. contra costa had to cancel about 500 vaccine appointments. marin county had to reschedule yesterday and today's appointments. and while santa clara county says that shipment was delayed, it has not had a significant impact on appointment so far, well school board members cut on an open mike disparaging parents tonight at 5 30 even m for the board members to resign. plus calls to staff a growing trend of attacks on asian americans were nancy pelosi laid the blame today, plus. let's go. i got this one. i like this him on your back. well, this is new body camera video from an in custody, death
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and pleasant coming up. next the man's family has now filed a lawsuit and said changes need to be made when officers. interact with people who are mentally ill. partly cloudy skies mainly dry conditions outside our doors at this hour that will change as another system brings us a little bit of rain later tonight. better of rain later tonight. better details after the break. ♪ there's never a bad time to enjoy my newest sauced & loaded curly fries. try triple cheddar or spicy pepper jack, both topped with slow-smoked bacon. only at jack in the box. want to save hundreds on your wireless bill? both topped with slow-smoked bacon. with xfinity mobile you can. how about saving hundreds on the new samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g? you can do that too. all on the most reliable network. sure thing! and with fast nationwide 5g included at no extra cost. we've got you covered. so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction. and get a new samsung galaxy
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covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at alright, i brought in ensure max protein... give you the coprotein you need. this way to health insurance. with less of the sugar you don't (grunting noise) i'll take that. yeeeeeah! 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar drink, play, and win big in the powered by protein challenge! ♪ there's never a bad time to enjoy my newest sauced & loaded curly fries. try triple cheddar or spicy pepper jack, both topped with slow-smoked bacon. ♪ get both, only at jack in the box. man who died in police custody in pleasanton. as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us that man's family says he was mentally ill and officers taste and punched him. like this way.
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welcome let's come from this. i got this one. i like that because that's him. your back. these are pleasant and police body cam video showing officers taking jacob bauer into custody back in 2018. within hours, he would be dead. our lives are forever changed and. quite frankly, it's pretty unbearable. rose bauer's as her son was mentally ill and should not have died while in the custody of pleasant and police, they're criminals with badges and no other parents. should have to go through this. something needs to be done. power have been acting erratically and damaging things inside a railly store during a struggle, officers punched and tase bauer's saying he was violently resisting them. power later complained. about not being able to breathe. you can breathe. that's why you're yelling, ok, just try and relax. power later died at the hospital, and autopsy determined that he died of acute methamphetamine toxicity. at the corner, also noted that
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his airway could have been blocked while police restrained him. the police cannot be. patrolling the streets with impunity. john bauer said he met with police before his son died and that the department had prior knowledge of his situation. he says police need to respond with social workers and e m. t s the similar calls involving the mentally ill. nobody's been fired. nobody's been disciplined on and you know i come from the private sector and. to break down like this is just, you know, unforgivable. the alameda county delay's office has cleared all the officers of any criminal liability. the family has filed a civil lawsuit that's still pending the city of pleasant into an attorney declined to comment. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. house speaker nancy pelosi join the congressional asian pacific caucus this morning addressing the surgeon hate crimes against asian americans, representative barbara lee hook line was among those at the virtual news conference. she said that the
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group stopped a p i hate recorded over 800 cases of discrimination and harassment in california, including 81 assaults over a period of just three months. last year, speaker pelosi said a key factor in anti asian crime is he right rise and white extremism. it's also part of a bigger picture and that don't take that from a that's what the director of the fbi said in september when he was describing what are the challenges in terms of domestic terrorist. biggest bucket white supremacy. the speaker also called for better ways of documenting verbal attacks as hate crimes. other representatives said that helping people with language barriers is key to accurate reporting of these crimes. today marks the 42nd day of remembrance here in the bay area commemorating the force internment of japanese americans during world war two. this is video from the u. s
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government in 1943, showing what they called at the time. japanese relocation after the attack on pearl harbor and the declaration of war, people of japanese descent were perceived as threats in the us they were forced into camps far from their homes under orders. president franklin roosevelt. it's definitely a day to pause and reflect and remember what happened to my own family. what happened within my community about 120,000 people were sent to the camps. most of them were from california, and the majority were u. s citizens because of the pandemic, the japanese american historical society here in the bay area is planning a virtual gathering in just about 45 minutes tonight at six. always started out with a little bit of rain, cloudy skies and then for the afternoon. partly cloudy, mainly drying conditions. the rain is returning as we get into the evening hours another week wave coming our way giving
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you a look here out at sfo where we do have a little commit a cloud cover. there is well as a little bit of fog. and as we get in the temperatures where we were. let's take a look at some of the rainfall amounts from the last 24 hours or so. not a lot. to speak of, but we did had areas areas near san francisco reporting 28 107 inch vanatta report 39 107. it's almost four tents there. cast a valley 16 100, oakland, just a few 107 inches well, it's hayward and mill valley picked up 2/10 of an inch is look at the temperatures outside. right now we have 53 degrees in a san francisco upper. fifties in walnut creek and in the south bay 57 over san jose san jose six degrees cooler now than yesterday at this time, down by five and liver more in the north bay, down by three over napa, as far as the winds a little breezy at sfo, 18 mph reported there we have a san jose reporting 14 and in our hills, a little breezy mountie
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apple reporting winds about 30 40 mph or so. you could say we are mainly dry. partly cloudy the sierra, fairly quiet that's going to change as we get into the evening hours, and there is a winter weather advisory that starts like six o'clock will go until tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock for the west slope for slick, hazardous conditions there. here's a view of the timeline on this system noticed. we're already in the midnight before it's moving into the north bay. perhaps 11, 12 o'clock or so and it's beginning to 12 o'clock. it's moving into the central bay and then into 34 o'clock moving through the south bay and on it. it's way out by tomorrow morning, we wake up and we are left with partly cloudy, mainly dry conditions, and we're going to be dry for the rest of the day. temperatures tomorrow morning 47 degrees to start your day in san francisco low forties in livermore into the afternoon temperatures will be just a little bit warmer than today. we'll go upper fifties to low sixties. 59 in san francisco. low sixties expected in concord, 61. over napa. the extended forecast will show you
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warmer weather on the way hitting into monday tuesday, wednesday upper sixties to about 70 degrees, expected better details on how much of rainfall will get here in the bay area and snowfall in the sierra coming up in just a little bit. all right, rosemary. thank you so much. well it wasn't top priority even before the winter storm that hit texas and other parts of the u. s, but it shine even brighter light on need to upgrade cyber attacks are relentlessly advancing. to end them, cybereason built a cyber security solution so advanced... it can end attacks today -- on computers, mobile devices, servers and the cloud. and deliver future-ready protection,
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i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. (screaming) this commercial is now over. logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense. that's boxes, lauren blanchard tells us. president biden says he wants to make it a top priority for his administration. but it's up to congress to pass the necessary funding. which is you know a massive should have been awarded for the last week. frigid temperatures of grip the south, dozens have died as their homes were left without power and water in texas. you know, they decided not to winterize our plans, so
5:23 pm
everything is failing pipes have burst and energy systems have failed to keep up. this is something that our ship person, our infrastructure is not accustomed to it. president biden says he will try to visit the lone star state, but not while they're still trying to restore utilities working like the devil to take care of their folks. if, in fact it's concluded that i could do without creating a burden for the folks on the ground while they're dealing with this crisis. i plan on going. earlier in the week, president biden met with labor leaders to campaign for his coronavirus american rescue plan. he also spoke about the need to revamp the nation's infrastructure so far behind the curve. in a letter to lawmakers, a coalition spearheaded by the u. s chamber of commerce that a major bill is needed to repair and update infrastructure in him. erica they wanna build to create jobs. address climate change, promote responsible policies improve federal project approvals and address the digital divide. are we going to do what it takes to
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remain the greatest country in the world or not? and our infrastructure reflects an example of how americans have been expected to settle for less. the coalition is calling on congress to pass a massive bill by july. 4th they say it will help the economy and improve the american way of life in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. the president of the oakley school board has already resigned. parents say that is not enough. coming up a push for more resignations after several board members were cut on camera with disparaging comments about parents pushing to reopen schools, plus everyone from teachers to food service workers who now qualifies for coronavirus vaccines as very counties expand eligibility plus taking the vaccines direct leader neighborhoods that need it most. how santa clara county is making sure people hit hardest by covid l. unified school distrs
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resigned. the parents are not yet satisfied. they want more resignations after some board trustees were caught on an open mike making comments about parents who want their kids back in school. get to these tom vacar joining us now, with the latest developments on this story, tom indeed, as if covid and remote learning wasn't causing enough pressure, it
5:28 pm
seemingly simple school board meeting to address some of these very problems. set off a firestorm of protest. we shall presenting president of the oakland union elementary school district board of trustees has resigned. we have that meeting open to the public right now. board members were in a conversation that they thought was private, but was in fact online, where some parents heard disparaging remarks that members and made about them and we alone. yeah, if you're gonna call me out, i'm gonna you up. they want to pick on us because they want their baby sitters back. my brother had a delivery service order medical marijuana. clientele we're parents with their kids in school, obviously, if any of us are on zoom, you would assume that you have a hot mike. and you're not g who immediately pua petition to have the offending trustees resign already has
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more than 5000 signatures and climbing. there's been no apology from anyone with the exception of the superintendent after meeting and he shouldn't be taking responsibility for their actions. we don't. speak that way to other people about other people that certainly not at a board meeting. mr mackowiak wants other offending board members to resign or be ousted. i'm already looking into how to go through the recall process for them, though the next trustees election is 21 months away, and no one can even filed to run until july of 2022 the county department of education can only act when a majority of the oakley board seats are vacant. which might happen the county well back full until they have it filled with someone that's voted into that position. the former board president, who declined an interview, saying the statement explained that she is apparent in the district is also under great stress and said my remark was callous and uncalled for.
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and for that i am truly sorry. now we do have some reliable reports from reliable sources that the mayor of oakley is asking for the entire board. just step down. we'll inform you more as we learned. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. yeah a lot of parents fired up about those comments, tom. thanks california continues to see a decrease in the number of people hospitalized for covid-19 more than 8100. californians are currently in the hospital for the coronavirus. that's almost 400 fewer patients and yesterday there have been more than 3.4 million covid cases in the state since the start of the pandemic in about 67. 100 new cases in the past 24 hours so far over 48,000 people have died in our state from complications related to the virus, sonoma county is seeing a decline in the number of residents getting tested for covid-19 that has prompted the county and health officials to renew calls for people to get
5:31 pm
tested if they think they've been exposed to the virus, the county reports a 28% decline and testing in this county since december, just about an hour ago. sonoma county super. visor. david ravage spoke with us about the importance of getting tested, testing doesn't drop off just because vaccines have started that it's still gonna be a vital with vitally important part at least through this good part of the year. and we need to make sure that in order to get things opened here, it's sonoma county and throughout the bay area, you need to still concentrate on testing as well as getting that vaccine appointment. supervisor rabbit says more outreach needs to be done to get to get two people in the community and help them understand the many reasons. testing is so important. mass vaccination signed at the oakland coliseum opened this week and today the city council discussed how it's going. it's only been in operation for a few days, but so far the site operated by fema has seen thousands of people get vaccinated. no major problems have been reported,
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but city leaders say more needs to be done to reach the most vulnerable members of the community. the site is open. it is serving people, but there are very significant remaining gaps in what is being provided and most, particularly in the area of access to our most underserved communities. a c transit is running shuttles to and from the coliseum site and the bart bridge has been open to make it easier for those who take part to get to the vaccination site, the coliseum vaccination task force says it meets with state and federal leaders regularly to discuss operations at the site, thousands of new people are now eligible to sign up to get vaccinated in contra costa county. this includes teachers, child care workers and grocery store workers. a whole new group of people that way will be protected from covid-19 ktvu. jesse here. he shows us another bay area county will also expand eligibility and offer vaccine soon. great news. i'm
5:33 pm
very excited t making progress towards expanding access in the broader community friday, contra costa county becoming the second in the bay area to expand covid-19 vaccination eligibility. now teachers, grocery and agricultural workers and emergency service workers can get the shots. alameda county health officials took this step february 8th. and santa clara county officials say a similar expansion is effective february 28th this expansion of eligibility will help ensure that many of our essential workers, particularly those essential workers, who are living in communities that have been hardest hit, will have access to vaccine. some customers at the south bay supermarket reacting positively to the development. i think there's so many people in our community that kept us all going. rain, the pandemic and during the crisis and i just couldn't be more thankful that
5:34 pm
the people here and the people in our community or getting vaccinated, experts say this move is forward progress in the push to vaccinate as many people as possible. it also helps them the spread of the virus by targeting those who could infect others if they're coming into contact with so many people, then vaccinating them cuts that risk some of those in the next year for vaccinations say getting this medicine means an extra level of protection. allows me to have peace mind to know that i'm safe from anything that could possibly hurt me. officials with all of the county's expanding eligibility, stress vaccinations do not equal invulnerability. the precautions we've all been living with the past almost a year. washing your hands masking up social distancing must remain in place until we reach herd immunity, hopefully by the summer and said. jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news.
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the latest numbers collected by bloomberg showed that the u. s has given out more than 60 million doses. we understand that over the last week there were nearly 1.5 million doses administered every day nationwide. nearly 18 doses have been administered for every 100 people and any 1% of the shots delivered. two states have been given out. saying jose state university has suspended its baseball program after 16 more spartan athletes tested positive for covid-19. the university has reported these new cases to santa clara county health officials, who did not identify the infected students, student athletes or which sports they played. now, san jose states baseball team is now tentatively scheduled to return to the field march 27th. begin a serious. against san diego state. new details on how a missing east 18 wound up on the richmond san rafael bridge, but police now say happened inside the car he was riding
5:36 pm
in, plus coast cold case solved the details about an arrest in a decades old homicide and
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
was lie. seen on the re. san rafael bridge after getting out of a right your vehicle, 17 year old antone whitley went missing on february 10th now richmond police, will they now say it appears he was under the influence of drugs and that he physically assaulted the right your driver before getting out of the vehicle. the driver says he was looking at whitley in the rare view mirror because he was acting strangely. even mr turn and mistakenly drove onto the bridge. while on the bridge. anton accused the driver of kidnapping him and physically attacked the driver while on the bridge. he asked the driver to stop his car, which the driver initially
5:39 pm
refused and said, let me take you to the other side of the bridge, but due to the assault that it was occurring at the time, the driver made the decision to stop the car, mid span, anton physically climbed over the driver and exited out the driver's door of the vehicle. at least family says this is very out of character for him and that there must be more to the story. police are treating this as a missing persons case and they're offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to his safe return. ah walnut creek mother who has been missing since the summer has been found dead 37 year old erica lloyd left her home on june 14th to camp a joshua tree national park. her family last spoke to her on june 16th later that day, her car was foundields shattered hikers found remains in the high desert on january 31st, and last night lord's brother shared on facebook that remains have been identified as his sisters. no other details
5:40 pm
have been released. detectives in sunnyvale say they have made an arrest sheet a cold case after more than 40 years, the victim, 45 year old keith judd, was attacked and killed in his bar. the lakewood lounge in july of 1979. investigators found fingerprints at the scene, but prosecutors declined to file charges at the time. in 2018, a sunnyvale detective found the fingerprint evidence which had been misplaced. it led investigators to thomas hindered a man in his eighties living in sonora. police say hindered lived in sunnyvale at the time of the killing, worked in the same shopping center and frequented the lakewood lounge. hennard was arrested last week and is in custody in santa clara county. santa clara county has a new state of the art animal services center. a grand opening was held this morning, the 37,000 square foot facility is on eight acres in san martin. it replaces a 70 year old building. it features extensive outdoor animal rehabilitation yards. livestock
5:41 pm
facilities, modern medical clinics and increased emergency shelter capacity. it also has custom cat condos and dog dorms. i am especially proud today to celebrate the grand opening of the best public animal service center in the nation. officials say they hope to open the center to the public later this year. going directly to the hardest hit communities in the county. see the pop of covid vaccination clinic targeting a specific part of the south paypal painting everyone on its mars rover, including some brand new photos that show the moments before it touched down. venmo rain on the way to the bay area. i'll have the timeline and how much you can expect ♪ ♪ ♪
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cervical, vaginal, vulvar, anal, and certain head and neck cancers, such as throat and back of mouth cancers, and genital warts. gardasil 9 doesn't protect everyone and does not treat cancer or hpv infection. your doctor may recommend screening for certain hpv-related cancers. women still need routine cervical cancer screenings. you shouldn't get gardasil 9 if you've had an allergic reaction to the vaccine, its ingredients, or are allergic to yeast. tell your doctor if you have a weakened immune system, are pregnant, or plan to be. the most common side effects include injection site reactions, headache, fever nausea, dizziness, tiredness, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and sore throat. fainting can also happen after getting gardasil 9. if you're an adult through age 45 who hasn't been vaccinated talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk for certain hpv-related cancers, and gardasil 9. help protect yourself.
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gilroy today, targeting those over the age of 65 ktvu is and ruben tells us this is all an effort to control covid in an area that has been hardest hit by covid in the county, theo idea was to make this simple. show up. get a wristband. get a shot. it was the easiest ever i just got up, walked across the rover tracks got in line, and here i am. got in within 15 minutes. i'd say gardner health, sir. this is already has a clinic here, and covid testing had shown a problem. gilroy had the highest infection rate in santa clara county, almost four times any other city. we've been having this conversation because there is definitely a need in the garage area to vaccinate people, so they partnered with the county and with the city of gilroy to get this pop up vaccination event off the ground. we don't want the distinction of being the highest infection rate in the county. we don't want that
5:45 pm
distinction. we don't anybody to have to deal with that, and so were attacked, attacking it where it is. they're targeting those over 65 with a focus on the latin x community and migrant farm workers, volunteers put up flyers and went door to door to let them know i think what the benefit of what we've been doing it. it's first come first served its walk up. you don't need technology and for that people seemed grateful. hector and maria santos had tried booking online appointments and other sites with no lock we're having got into response other than they received the application, is it here? we just come in. sign up. it's over. those who showed up say they're glad that neither the process nor of the shot were too painful. fantastic fantastic. i didn't know student pop up had 200 doses of the modern a vaccine to give out. in a few weeks. they'll regroup for second shot, and as more people become eligible for the vaccine, they
5:46 pm
hope to have more clinics in gilroy and ruben ktvu, fox two news. and today president biden toward a fizer factory, michigan after winter weather in parts of the u. s, disrupted shipments of six million vaccine doses. that's about three days worth of shots. the white house says. they'll make up for the delays and vaccination sites should be ready for the extra volume. meantime visor says it expects to double the number of doses shipped for the u. s in the next couple of weeks. if we all work together. from the factory all the way to the vaccinators. we will make up for it in the coming weeks. new data indicates that fizer is vaccine can now be stored for two weeksd temperatures. right now, the company is on track to provide 200 million doses of the vaccine to the u. s. by the end of may. and with many people across the country desperate for coronavirus vaccine, simply peel going to extremes to try
5:47 pm
and get their vaccine before they're able to do, sir. they're supposed to. at least in florida. two women 1 34 to tr vaccine. they were bonnets, glasses and gloves and somehow had valid cdc vaccination cards, but there were found out when they had to present their id's health officials are telling people to keep their vaccine appointment information. private we've had examples of people who are in their thirties and forties, signing up to get vaccinated because somebody sent him a link and show them how to get in. in polk county, florida, outside of tampa, paramedic and firefighter were charged with vaccine theft, authorities say the firefighters 17 year veteran fire captain asked the paramedic to give him vaccine doses that were supposed to go e is coming to lake tahoe. you can call it eight creative solution to a covid related problem. tomorrow the colorado
5:48 pm
avalanche and vegas golden knights will face off against each other on the 18th fairway of the golf course at the edgewood tahoe resort. we spoke with carol, chaplain from the lake tahoe visitors authority about how the nhl decided to host the games in such an unusual location. they wanted a mountain environment, they needed a bubble situation for their staff and for the players. it worked, and there was enough room to put. on regulation ice rink on the golf course. chaplain says tahoe is a perfect fit to host the games the colorado avalanche in vegas, golden knights the philadelphia flyers in boston bruins are scheduled to play in tahoe on sunday. both games scheduled to begin at noon. neither game, though. will allow fans after what? start to the day. a fairly nice afternoon with partly cloudy skies dry conditions that temperatures
5:49 pm
are beginning to cool now as we move into sunset giving you a live look here. at ah, darkening sky. we've got the partly cloudy skies out there some blue still left. but that will soon change and the increase in cloud cover is expected by this evening as well. 57 degrees that right now in santa rosalia 51 in san francisco, oakland, livermore and san jose, all in the upper fifties. the winds have been a generally light around the bay, a little breezy and our hills as well as the coastline. for the time being. we are mainly dry into the sierra, also very quiet. that will change. in fact, that winter weather advisory is scheduled at six o'clock this afternoon. so another 10 minutes or so we'll go all the way until late tomorrow morning, 10 a.m. if you are thinking about heading up, do expect the slick roadways. tonight and into the overnight hours as well as part of tomorrow morning, 4 to 6 inches of possibility over donner pass, and some of the higher elevations could pick up eight inches out of this next week wave. here's a look at the forecast model for you sugar
5:50 pm
bowl, perhaps five inches as well as kirkwood, and when it comes to the rainfall amounts for us here in the bay area, 1/10 of an inch or less 7 107 into possibility there in santa rosa, and then you get over to areas like livermore conquered, perhaps just a few 107 inch. that will come tonight and into tomorrow morning. we wake up tomorrow morning. we are already drying out, so it's going to be an overnight event temperatures outside right now chili one in and around half moon bay 52 for you there 53 in san francisco mid to upper fifties even 60 degrees over areas near concord into the north bay 58 right now, in napa. it's afternoon temperatures were a little bit cooler than yesterday. tomorrow morning. going to be a chilly start in santa rosa 38 for you there a lot of forties around the bay, the inner east bay, 42 livermore. 45 in the city of redwood city in san francisco, e afternoon highs after morning showers will call for partly cloudy skies. upperfifties to about 60 degrees expected 59 san francisco low sixties and
5:51 pm
conquered into the south face 60 over san jose. here's a look at your extended forecast so morning showers. afternoon dry conditions. temperatures on the cool side as we get into sunday, though we warm it up. temperatures come up by a few degrees. and that trend continues monday, tuesday wednesday with our afternoon highs in the upper sixties to near 70 degrees back to you. rosemary thank you. this story hits close to home for me. the san francisco zoo, saving thousands are joining an effort to save thousands of sea turtles that have been stunned by that cold weather along the south texas coast. the zoo is hoping to raise $50,000 for the association of zoos and aquariums. sea turtles are cold blooded, and that means they cannot regulate their body temperature. freezing temperatures can cause those turtles to lose their ability to move, leaving them vulnerable to predators or drowning. just take a look at all those in the pools. they're already thousands of cold, stunned sea turtles have been
5:52 pm
rescued off that south texas coast. napa posted its first close up look at the marshall ending today. the spacecraft took this picture of the rover as it was just about 6 ft. off the surface, it's being lowered by cables onto the dusty road surface. the rover will now explore an ancient river delta, where it will search for signs of ancient life. it will also set aside rock samples for return to earth in a decade. nasa says it will spend the next week doing checkups to make sure the rover is working properly before it starts driving. on a lead south bay group is poised to add seven new members to its group this weekend. the black legends of silicon valley hall of fame holds its sixth annual induction ceremony saturday. hall of fame celebrates african american pioneers in the south bay view to covid restrictions, this year's program will be streamed online starting at 4 30 saturday afternoon. continue the journey of these
5:53 pm
outstanding pioneers. and if he missed he beat sometimes things don't happen. just used the technology be more creative and how we delivered the program. this'll years. inductees include walter wilson, the president of the silicon valley minority business consortium, and journalist brian monroe, who passed away in january. proceeds from the event to go to a fund for the construction of a black history museum in san jose, california tourism leaders say that tourism has plunged $86 billion last year due to the pandemic as more than 50% of the total visitors spend. being in this state in 2019, the chair of visit california, said in a conference that 518,000 jobs in the travel industry were lost over the past year. the group says it does not expect to see spending return to pre pandemic levels until 2024 at booking a
5:54 pm
vacation rental in lake tahoe is expected to get a lot tougher by years, and south lake tahoe plans to reduce its 1400 short term rentals. the 400. the changes come after complaints from locals that their communities have been turned into year round party spots for tourists. president biden joins the g seven meeting today. virtually huh marin blanchard in washington what he had to say the world this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. it's a better kind of business insurance. it's only three pages. straightforward. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for "spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. (screaming) this commercial is now over. logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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duties. buckingham palace said today that the family will not return as working members of the royal family. as a result, they'll lose their royal charities and any honorary military appointments. last
5:57 pm
year, the couple stepped away from full time royal life, and it was agreed that the situation would be reviewed after a year. the two now live in santa barbara and are expecting their second child, president biden focused on foreign policy issues today, attending to meetings, virtually that were international as lauren blanchard reports. this is the president's first major appearance on a global stage. since taking office, she has more from washington, d. c. president biden is telling world leaders the u. s is moving past the america first policies of his predecessor taking part in a virtual meeting of the g seven and munich security conference. top of mind is the global pandemic given all the challenges we face from the fourth industrial revolution for a global pandemic art ocracy is the best way forward, they argue, and those who understand that democracy is essential essential to meeting these challenges. and officially on
5:58 pm
friday, the u. s. has rejoined the paris climate agreement. secretary of state antony blinken writing climate change and science. diplomacy can never again be add ons in our foreign policy discussions, adding that climate change is part of their domestic and foreign priorities. president biden also says the u. s. will begin talks to rejoin the iran nuclear deal, which was weakened when the u. s withdrew in 2018 under former president trump. iran has said next week they will stop international nuclear inspections. unless sanctions are rolled back. the former secretary of state mike pompeo criticized joe biden administration's willingness to work with iran. the administration has a responsibility to keep americans safe to protect the homeland and by appeasing iran. you get nothing of that kind. president biden is pledging a total of $4 billion over the next two years to the w h o to help struggling countries with vaccines and repair the global economy. in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news.
5:59 pm
this is ktvu fox two news at six. more than half of california's weekly coronavirus. vaccine supply is now delayed because of the winter storm in the midwest. governor gavin newsom made the announcement this afternoon. primarily an issue with madonna vaccine 702,000 doses have been impacted by the weather. madonna primarily but not exclusively fizer little bit delay, but they have shipped. here in the bay area. hundreds of vaccination appointments are being canceled or rescheduled. good evening. i'm kristine. a weirdo. madame andree, senior. the shipment delays are now impacting every bay area county, with many reporting that thousands of doses of the murder no vaccine were expected, but have not yet arrived today while visiting a mobile vaccination site in hayward governor newsome. announced that more than 700,000 vaccine doses headed to california have
6:00 pm
been affected by whether delays x more than half of the 1.2 million doses expected this week. the delays primarily affect madonna vaccines, and so far there is no estimated time on when they will finally arrive. but there is some good news as california set a record for single day vaccinations yesterday, the governor said about 246,000 coronavirus vaccines were administered across the state yesterday. that was the highest numb. for any single day since vaccines began, but it's still a ways away from the goal of millie. four million vaccines weekly. so far the state has administered around 6.9 million vaccine doses to date, gavin newsom also announced plans to earmark 10% of vaccinations at the state received for teachers and educators. starting on march. 1st we understand that the state will set aside doses of the vaccine for educators and school staff in an effort to reopen school. 35 counties already prioritized vaccines for educators


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