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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 1, 2021 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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classroom. the deal just announced today and how it could lead to classrooms re opening sometime later this month, then a third covid-19 vaccine is being shipped out nationwide when the johnson and johnson vaccine is expected to be available here in california. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox. two news that new. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian and i'm mike mibach. california is now offering up more than $6 billion in incentives to school district's that open up their classrooms. by the end of this month, we brought you the governor's announcement live in the last hour here, and this news comes as the state is now setting aside a specific amount of vaccine doses just for teachers. ktvu james torres joins us live this afternoon with story, james november, december. yeah, a lot of news to ingest here mike for teachers and school districts that governor's conference still going on right now, he
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still taking questions from reporters, and the governor is telling us that he doesn't want to have to wait for counties to fully reopen before they send students back to school. so that means some of these school districts within counties there in the most restrictive tier of the state's re opening system can have access to this more than $6 million package to help schools reopen now. first school districts within counties in the purple tears. they can access the money if they create a plan to send back. students tk to second grade back to the in person instruction model for students or counties are in the red tear district's i should say they'll need a plan for all elementary school students to return and one grade in middle and high school for them to get access to that funding as well. the governor says those plans do not need to be approved by local teachers unions. he did break down what exactly that $6.6 million will help do. $2 billion specifically for grants to help with in person instruction. those air grants
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could provide more ppe, though we have set aside three months of free ppe for ventilation for spacing for issues related to health and safety. 4.6 billion of the 6.6 to deal with reimagining the school year. giving district's flexibility looking at school days looking at intervention, deeper intervention to address. kids wellness. district's will have until the end of the month to achieve those goals to have access to that funding. teachers will not be required to be vaccinated under this agreement, but despite that the governor is still pushing for those vaccinations. starting today, the state will reserve. 10% of its vaccine supply to education workers every week, he says. at minimum 75,000 vaccines will be set aside for teachers this week. on thursday and friday. california's two fema run vaccination sites. one is an oakland they will be
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deemed educator vaccination days i did reach out to the california teachers association for reaction to this announcement in any comments, and i'd still not heard back. reporting live on james torres, ktvu fox two news. all right, james. thank you for that. so my school students up in the nevada unified school district are back in class today for in person instruction. teachers greeted the students with balloons this morning as they arrived at nevada high school, san marin and marin oaks. high schools are also open today. now the marin county is in the red tear. ninth and 10th graders are allowed to return to the classroom with a hybrid schedule. 11th and 12th graders will return next monday. there are new safety protocols in place that just happen air filters and classrooms. plexiglass dividers on each desk, and the students are seated at least 6 ft. apart these students have given up so much they've sacrificed so much over the last year. you know, we've almost been off campus for a year. we need to get them back. we need to get them back with their peers. but we can
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only do that if we could do that safely. so that's what it is. that we're balancing is how can we safely get our students back onto campus so that they can get the social interactions and have those life experiences that they need? but make sure that we're doing it safely? the school superintendent also said more than 25% of the teachers in the district have been vaccinated. 7th and 8th graders in the district returned to campus and hybrid model last month, the johnson and johnson covid-19 vaccine is now being shipped all across the country. ktvu sally rasmus joins us live this afternoon with more on this third coronavirus vaccine in wine medical officials really say now that we have options here, you shouldn't really be picky about which vaccine you're getting. that's right, mike. there are now three options. for a covid-19 vaccine. johnson and johnson being the latest one that's being shipped out this week, and no matter which one you get, they will all keep you out of the hospital. and more importantly, they will all keep you alive. hundreds of thousands of vials of vital vaccine packed up and ready to
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ship from this warehouse in kentucky as many as four million doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine will be available this week. 20 million by the end of the month. i think people need to get vaccinated as quickly and as expeditiously as possible. if i would go to a place where they had j and j i would have no hesitancy whatsoever to take it. according to the results of their trials. the j and j shot is 75% effective at preventing covid. the madonna and fizer are about 95% but there's a reason for that difference. the johnson and johnson vaccine trials happened during the fall and winter surge. covid was much more widespread than in the summer, so it was tested under a tougher set of circumstances gingerly had to contend with the various where is when modern in fizer did their studies. they're either work those variants around or if they were, there were there were very uncommon. scientists were able to confirm the j and j vaccine provides protection against the south african variant and others of the people in their trials. who did get covid even after getting their shots. none had to be hospitalized, and no one died.
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one big cake old messages. that 100% of people are protected against death in 100% of people are protected against hospital rights being hospitalized with all three vaccines the johnson and johnson vaccine requires only a single dose. it does not have to be stored in sub freezing temperatures. california will receive 385,000 doses of it this week. we don't know how many of those johnson and johnson vaccine doses will be going to each county in the bay area. yet however, we do know san francisco and napa counties say they plan to start using their vaccine doses this week. reporting live allie rasmus ktvu. box two news, 385,000 just in the first week, it's a big number. right alley. thank you. today, california's vaccine distribution system starts moving to a single system. up until now in nearly every county had its own eligibility requirements, and they offered different from what the state had to say. now blue shield of california's been hired by the state to
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create one streamlined system to determine the best way to distribute vaccines to each california county. also starting today, two counties in southern california and eight counties in the central valley, including central keenan, stanislas will be covered. second phase involves counties with the largest populations as well. a solano in sonoma counties. the other bay area counties are included in the final phase by the end of the month. the entire project is expected to be in place. concord police are now investigating a homicide that took place late last night. officers say the victim's body was located on concord avenue near meridian and park boulevard around midnight, and the 26 year old victim did suffer multiple gun shot wounds. police say the killing happened. you're a popular shopping center. by the beginning airfield, witnesses say, dark colored as you've, he may have been involved. this is the first homicide in the city since september of last year. anyone with information is asked to call the concord police department, a gas leak in san francisco has forced the evacuation of the building near
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richland avenue. just as a precaution here. this is near san jose avenue as well. sky fox was up top a little bit earlier after the fire department and p janey responded to that scene. the league is on the street. no word yet on what actually caused it, and the fire department says people should avoid the area this afternoon. the grief and mourning continues in east oakland by the family and friends of a father of three who was shot and killed right in front of his own children during a youth football practice. ktvu is azenith smith shows us the rally to support the man's family. heal us where we heard. give us hope where were in despair, concordia park and oakland filled with candles and heavy hearts as community members gathered sunday to pray over this grieving mother and father who lost their 38 year old son, ruben lewis. my heart aches as i know yours does as well. where it happened is what's wrong. this community last wednesday night at this park, lewis was watching his
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son's football team when a man walked up and shot him in front of his children in a crowd of tea. meets with the oakland dynamite's youth football program. my heart eggs for the 60. young men, young athletes. who are out here and had to witness this incident. this tragic incident, their lives will never be the same. the 36 year old attacker turned himself in the suspect, and lewis knew each other. no motive has been revealed. i know what it feels like. to experience trauma. oakland's new police chief, lost his brother to gun violence. wednesday's tragedy seen as an attack on the entire community, you deserve to live in a community where bullets are not flying through your windows, where young people can play in the park. we were violated way were violated in the worst way this entire community will be
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healing with you. city leaders calling on the community to stand up against the violence. the state oakland has seen a dramatic uptick in deadly shootings. lewis ah high school basketball coach and a former coach for the dynamite's shared a message of loyalty and love. he was trying to make the change. he was trying to make a difference. this represents reuben lewis, the third my son, azenith smith, ktvu, fox two news. still to come at noon, a warning for p jeannie customers will tell you how much your monthly bill could go up starting next month, plus former president trump makes his first big speech since leaving office. i'm re broken with a look at what he had to say about his future. in politics coming up and blue skies over the oakland estuary, looking off into san francisco in the distance, the sun is out. it's a little cooler today than it was yesterday. ktvu meteorologists. kyla grogan has
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your full forecast coming up, you have the power to know before you go when you wake up with morning's onto, he also have the power to know. everywhere you go when you download the ktvu fox two news app.
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cacique.your auténtico awaits. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. piece of legislation passed by
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congress. former president donald trump is criticizing the latest covid relief bill. rainbow good has the latest on that and shows us how the stock market is reacting. stocks opened higher to start the week as the newly approved johnson and johnson vaccine gets shipped around the country and as the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill approved in the house this weekend moves over to the senate. the bill needs to be revised. there will be an opportunity for every member of the center to offer amendments. the package includes $1400 stimulus checks extends expanded unemployment and provides billions for vaccines, supplies and schools. what this senate bill will not include a $15 minimum wage nor attacks on large corporations that don't pay $15 an hour, which was considered a plan b. i'd be concerned they're about those corporations than outsourcing that work to smaller enterprises. that wouldn't be a penalty. we will win. we will
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at the conservative political action conference, former president donald trump criticized the bill and his successor, saying the $1.9 trillion plan is not needed to reopen schools. mr. trump pointed to the tens of billions left over from previous packages. joe biden sold out america's children to the teachers unions, the former president also alluded to his future in politics, saying he'll support republicans in the 2022 midterm elections and will not form a new party. when that be brilliant, let's start a new party. let's divide our vote so that you could never win. no, we're not interested in that. mr trump hinted he'll run for president again in 2024, a poll of the conference attendees found they'll vote for him if he does. ray bogan ktvu fox two news. joe biden administration says he will soon give congress a classified briefing on a recent u. s air
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strike in syria. this is after some republican and democratic lawmakers have expressed concern about escalating tensions in the middle east. the pentagon says the air strike last week destroyed nine buildings used by iranian backed militia groups to move and store weapons. i think the iranians are always going to test a new regime. and when the iranian proxies are putting our troops in iraq in harm's way, there needs to be punitive actions taken. and i think the biden missile launch was appropriate push back and we haven't been briefed yet on we have not authorized war in in syria our ability to engage in constitutional actions that's not diminished. when the party in power is ours, the pentagon says the air strike was retaliation for a rocket attack last month in iraq that killed a civilian contractor and injured a u. s service member and other coalition troops.
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well, i don't think the month of march is starting us off like a lion. in any case, it's mild and sunny outside kyla, it is because i have some good news. i finally have some rain to show you in the forecast, and i'm very excited about that, because we need but having said that i got outside yesterday i went out to the coast. he was absolutely gorgeous. we're gonna have another beautiful day today. let's start with a live look outside. you could see here at the oakland estuary looking towards san francisco. it is just another stunner. we've got sunshine all the way from san francisco up to santa rosa down to the o san jose, where there's a few clouds, so i'm gonna tell you why there's a few class. you've got a kind of an interesting weather set up happening, but first we show you were pretty calm. wind wise, except for a little breeze going on there in nevada. we're about 10 mph in santa rosa. but everywhere else you know, we're less than 10 mph. so it's pretty nice. here's the interesting thing i was telling you about. so high pressure's been off the coast. but right now we've got a low pressure system that's been nudging downward and it's digging down and what is going to do is throw a few clouds our
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way, but it's not going to bring us any precipitation and you could see those clouds. we're kind of sitting offshore. right now. bigger picture is to bring a little rain to southern california, and i'll show you that in just a bit, but for us just makes it a little breezy. if the coast is they get a bit of an onshore flow, but mostly, you know, pretty warm. sunny across the bay. if you look at these temperatures were still above average san francisco expecting 64 66 in santa rosa, check out livermore 69 for you. 69 for hit san jose. so yeah, we're still staying warm, but we will see those clouds increase a little bit tonight. now what that does is bump those lows up a degree or two, and that means something when you're one of the folks in the thirties, right, so 45% francisco tonight, 37% of rosa. we could still see a little patchy frost in spots to get into the thirties, but be a little more comfortable tonight. okay this is the big news that i want to show you. so first of all, let's talk about that low that's off the coast right now. watch how that just kind of spins. you see that counterclockwise circulation in it. draw a little moisture into southern california. that is wednesday afternoon. but for us friday
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night into saturday, it looks like we've got a little rain coming our way now. this isn't quite locked in a spa. ra's you know how much rain we're gonna get. and you know what exactly the duration leave. it looks like friday into saturday night. we're getting something at least saturday there and potentially another little sprinkler, too. could show up on monday. i would that actually, trent live is this dry pattern breaking down just a little bit, and that is good says we, of course, are running at a deficit of rain. so here's your extended forecast mild day today a few clouds as we get into tomorrow beautiful though wednesday and thursday. temperatures cooled down a little bit. thursday is that system approaches us on friday and you could see potentially those showers coming in overnight friday into saturday morning, and as we were all away for the weekend will roll back to the lower sixties as opposed to the upper sixties. pretty nice forecast, guys, and i'm so happy to see that rain back to you. yeah, mark it on the calendar friday night, kyla. thank you still to come this noontime, a show of support for tiger woods, the special tribute by golfers to show they are supporting
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sarkozy of corruption he's been sentenced to one year in prison. sarkozy was president of france from 73 2020 12. he was convicted for having tried to illegally obtain information from a senior magistrate in 2014 about illegal action he was involved in sarkozy will face another trial later this month on charges of illegal financing in his 2012 presidential campaign. here at
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home. new york governor andrew cuomo now admits that he may have said some inappropriate things to women. as brian dennis reports, the governor now says that he will cooperate with a sexual harassment investigation. the pressure on new york governor andrew cuomo is intensifying the governor issuing an apology after a second aide accused him of sexual harassment. 25 year old charlotte bennett says cuomo asked about her sex life and made other inappropriate remarks. the governor responding in part quote, i acknowledge some of the things i have said have been misinterpreted as an unwanted flirtation to the extent anyone felt that way. i am truly sorry about that. this was a 25 year old sexual assault survivor that he made very inappropriate comments, too. and i think that the governor now is trying to deflect the governor has now authorized new york attorney general leticia james to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations, something cuomo initially rejected, recommending instead of federal judge with ties to his clothes.
12:24 pm
his advisers, then a joint investigation with the attorney general. but james refused to accept those proposals. and cuomo ultimately relented. anything like that, if someone purposely tried to use their power to force a woman to have sex with him, of course, that someone who should no longer be in public service in the statement, cuomo also denied allegations of unwanted kissing and touching by a different aid. there are no signs he's planning to step down, but he's quickly losing support among democrats, the proper response. for any of these kinds of allegations of reprehensible, inexcusable behavior is to listen to the mainly women who come forward over the weekend, white house press secretary jen psaki said. president biden also supports the independent investigation into cuomo in new york. brian yannis ktvu fox two news. the deadly storm that hit texas and left millions of people without power and in some cases without water may have led also to another
12:25 pm
problem. storm left millions without heat and so a lot of people just huddled together in their homes in their cars and shelters, and, according to the new york times, health experts say those conditions could have led to a coronavirus outbreak. officials say it's too early to tell if any specific increase in case numbers is actually happening. five people, including a baby, were rescued from a pickup truck that slid right off the roadway and into flooded creeks are un creek in tennessee. this happened yesterday afternoon and severe flooding across several southern states water rescue teams during a scream from a number of agencies work together to rescue those in the truck, and they were. safely taken back to the roadway. caltrans repair work begins today on highway one near big sur 150 ft section of that roadway was washed away during a storm earlier this year. work will happen seven days a week during daylight hours and all traffic, including pedestrians and cyclists will not be allowed in the construction zone. caltrans hopes to re open the highway by early summer.
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some pro golfers paid tribute to tiger woods yesterday by dressing in a sunday signature red and black. this was during the final round of the wgc workday championship. tiger responded overnight waiting. thank you to every girlfriend fan for helping him get through this difficult time. among those in red with jason day, justin thomas and rory mcilroy. for us, it's just a gesture toe. let him know that we're thinking about him and were written for him and, um, obviously, things are looking a little better today than they were on tuesday. okay, but he still looks like he's still got a ways to go. he's got a he's got a huge recovery ahead of him. but i think just for everyone to show their appreciation of what he means dark side here, tiger woods remember was involved in a serious car accident last week, he is still in the hospital. bill becomes noontime court's back in session in contra costa county how the pandemic is leading to a big backlog in cases plus a third coronavirus vaccine begins shipping out. cross the country. i'm jonathan,
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hour ago it would reopen schools by the end of the month. school district's could receive a portion of more than $6.5 billion in grants and aid if they reopen their classrooms. deal does not require district's to have an agreement in place with their teachers union, and it also doesn't require staff and students to be vaccinated. however the governor says educators are being prioritized to get the covid vaccine. on thursday and friday will actually be utilizing the two large fema sites thursday and friday in southern california and in northern california as educator days exclusively to provide even additional vaccinations. the legislature is set to vote on the agreement on thursday, but the ultimate decision and when to reopen a friend person learning is in the hands of each individual school district, and the governor's announcement. very good news. too many frustrated oakland parents and teachers who held another protest over this past weekend demanding that those public school classrooms open up to their students skated rouz. greg liggins has the story. say
12:31 pm
more than 100 people advocating for the reopening of oakland schools filled the grass field at astro parked near lake merritt. the group consisted of parents, students, educators, even a few health care workers. one man identifying himself as a physician and parent shared his frustration. i'm feeling fed up with inaction with stalling with private schools and wealthy public school district's opening up while our public schools remain closed. yeah, i'm feeling fed up with my child getting an inferior education. that frustration is echoed by one of the rally's organizers with o u. s d parents for transparency and save re opening. we're watching what's happening in communities around us. kids are back in school, two miles five miles 10 miles away, and our kids still are out of their classrooms. organizer's air trying to garner more support, hoping it motivates the school district and union to negotiate a deal to resolve safety concerns. this is bigger than politics.
12:32 pm
in fact, this is about education mayor libby shaft who made an appearance hinted their goal may soon be realized. we're so close, the negotiating sides are very close to an agreement. many here argue science supports their desire to reopen schools and a ucsf pediatrician and epidemiologist cited what many studies have concluded. student to student transmission and, in particular student to teacher transmission are extremely rare, not present at this rally and asthmatic oakland middle school teacher with a master's in online education, rebecca revco says any notion that teachers don't want to return to classrooms is untrue, adding there simply awaiting a detailed plan that insurers everyone's safety. if anybody is loving, teaching online, it would be me. but i don't you know, i really would rather be in the classroom with my students. the school board has issued a letter expressing
12:33 pm
their desire to begin getting classrooms open for k through five by the end of march. older kids would potentially return later. but that plan still needs to be approved by the union. greg liggins, ktvu fox two news. happening today. the brand would school board and school administrators will meet to discuss reopening plans for schools and an emergency board meeting on saturday, the brentwood union school district reversed a previous decision and voted to reopen elementary and middle schools. it will open up in four weeks in a hybrid format as long as contra costa county is in the red tear. meanwhile president joe biden has pledged to reopen most of america's schools by the end of this academic year before the term ends. president's press secretary says that everyone has to join the effort to get children back into the classroom after almost a year of online only learning, but people also have to plan schools have to plan to re open. they need to do budgetary planning over the course of years. businesses need to do that as well. some education
12:34 pm
experts say the biden administration may not meet its goal of reopening most u. s schools by the month of may. they say the administration's revised reopening guidelines could keep many schools closed until the fall, possibly even longer. johnson and johnson covid vaccine is being distributed nationwide. as we've reported for you today, as jonathan siri explains, health experts are urging americans really, to get any of the three available. covid vaccines. johnson and johnson's coronavirus vaccine will start shipping out today. the cdc green lighting the formula on sunday for people 18 and older, clearing the way for distribution but initial supplies of the vaccine will be limited. nearly four million doses are expected to ship out this week with about one $100 million is expected by the end of june, the drugmaker ceo says americans should start receiving doses within the next day or two. i really can't think of another time in our history where we've been able to ramp up with this kind of
12:35 pm
pace, and we say 100 million doses by june, that means 100 million vaccinations patients that will have been treated johnson and johnson's vaccine does not need to be kept frozen and requires only one shot. it's less effective in preventing moderate to severe covid-19 cases than the fizer or madonna vaccines, but health experts warn against directly comparing the three saying j and j's formula was tested at a different time with more contagious variants. this has been proven to be very safe, and it decreases hospitalization and death by 100. the third covid-19 vaccine comes at a crucial time, the cdc says a downward trend of new infections may be stalling, raising concerns. more troubling variants are on the rise. public health officials are urging people to get which ever vaccine is available to them. the more people vaccine, the more safe we're all going to be especially of community transmission is low, and the fourth vaccine could be on the way. astrazeneca expects us
12:36 pm
clinical trial results in the coming weeks in atlanta, jonathan serrie ktvu fox. two news, just about an hour ago, governor newsome that seven announced at seven more counties in california will be moving from that purple tear to the red deer sometime tomorrow. the governor did not specifically say which counties but three of them could be right here in the bay area. san francisco, santa clara county and napa county are all expected to meet the state's requirements to move out of that most restrictive purple tear. when changes are announced tomorrow, the red deer does allow for indoor dining and permits. gyms and movie theaters to operate at a reduced capacity court is back in session and contra costa county after jury trials were paused. all because of the pandemic. there is now a big backlog of court cases similar to the situation. in other bay area counties. nearly 400 people are currently waiting for their day in court in santa clara county alone, do the courthouse closures in the south bay over the past year, so if there are 400 defendants
12:37 pm
waiting to go to trial. were charged criminally their presumed to be innocent. um there aren't enough courtrooms. there aren't enough. judges aren't enough staff for jurors to really get these cases to trial. it will likely take months, maybe years for some bay area trials to get underway. somewhere concerned, many people may get impatient and actually decided tow settle their cases out of court, even if it's not in their best legal interest staying in the south bay. people were very happy to attend church services inside this past weekend, all we are doing here is praising the lord and many people need tol come together and do exactly that, especially during co covid. we need hope. santa clara county had continued to ban indoor services despite state guidelines that allowed it to resume at limited capacity. but last week, the u. s supreme court ruled the county must
12:38 pm
allow churches to resume indoor services at 25% capacity, which are the same restrictions applied to stores and other indoor businesses. so you would hope that this being america that the supreme court would support the law of the land, which is the constitution, so there was always that hope, and so it's good to see that finally coming down and we could actually practice it today. santa clara county emphasizes indoor gatherings are still high risk. health officers are urging churches to follow public safety recommendations. the coronavirus pandemic, maybe costing high school athletes thousands of dollars in college scholarships. sonoma delos santos has more on that later. you mean the community like ours that that's a lot of times their way to get to college. enrique you gotta block inside. okay it's typical high school football coach mike moon's main goal is to get his players into college. but getting athletic scholarships is the challenge during the pandemic since the lockdown last march, all high
12:39 pm
school games were canceled in california. that means no proof of performance for aspiring athletes. 46 47 states that plate of have films. obviously the colleges have gone to those kids. they have to feel that recruiting class, and this year they feel the recruiting class with kids outside of california stick and go. yeah it's an issue up and down the coast. we tried to do things like last month, we even held a combine down at city college for kids so they could at least get some highlights. but you know, i think that's been a disadvantage for all the california student athletes. bishop diego football coach tim crawford says six players were able to sign two smaller schools. some of the kids have lost opportunities that they otherwise would have gotten. so you know, i guess that's one of the reasons some kids went out of state to play. both programs. expect more scholarships in a normal season. everybody in in the football world in all 50 states knows that the california kids have been overlooked. there's been a couple college is not not to name any names that that normally recruit a lot of california kids, and you checked the recruiting class for the cost of 2021. there was
12:40 pm
zero california kids on the recruiting classes, and it could have a longer lasting impact as ncaa extended current college athlete eligibility by a year. now, these colleges that normally maybe handout 20 scholarship. find a lot less this year. they just did not have as many scholarships because the seniors are opting in for another year, but there is light at the end of the tunnel you sports can resume when a california county hits a case rate of 14 per 100,000, which could happen soon in santa barbara and ventura counties. if all goes as planned, our first scrimmage could be saturday, march 13th. and our first game could be march 19th. still to come. this noontime p. jeannie bills, possibly on the rise just how much the rate is expected to go up and the reason behind it and just a fabulous monday afternoon across much of the bay area's would give you a live picture there. if the golden gate bridge i know we need the rain. in fact, we're gonna check in with kyla grogan because she's talking about a
12:41 pm
chance of rain later this week. we'll check in with her after the break.
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only nature's bounty does. new immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty. place just this past weekend they have been on saturday night. another one. also early yesterday morning at three different locations and three people were arrested during the side shows we're having guns at feeling, avenue and seventh street, at least 100 people blocked intersections as vehicles were spinning in circles. one person was arrested. drink reckless
12:44 pm
driving in at least five vehicles were impounded in more than 40. onlookers recited by san jose pd. the contra costa county sheriff's department searching for two men who robbed a home in a renda. happened yesterday afternoon just before three o'clock at the home on don gabriel way, deputy say the victim was confronted by two men. one was armed. the two stole valuables from the home and took off in a silver mercedes benz. anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's department pj. he says that its customers should expect a rate increase in their bills this month. the company says the average customer who receives both gas and electric service from pg any will see their bill jump to $196 a month. it's an increase of almost $9 a month. this works out to about a 4.6% rate hike. the genie says the revenue will be used to finance improvements and its electricity and gas systems meant to help reduce the risk of wildfire utility also says it understands the increase may be a hardship for many communities nationwide are now
12:45 pm
seeing less demand for coronavirus testing. us testing hit a peak on january 15th since then. the average number of daily tests has dropped more than 28% new covid related cases, hospitalizations and deaths are all down. california is administering about 200,000 coronavirus tests a day the state's test positivity rate has also dropped to 2.7. 100 people in san francisco received the vaccine for covid-19 over the weekend without an appointment. many of them lined up outside the south southeast health center clinic in the city's bayview neighborhood yesterday as early as two hours before the doors open. san francisco health department statistics show people living in the bay view have been hit especially hard by the pandemic. we know that the more people who get vaccinated we know that's going to help prevent the spread of covid, and so we really need to focus on the communities that have the highest case raised
12:46 pm
toe. hopefully, temper that and prevent infection and prevent hospitalizations. this drop in vaccination clinics started about a month ago, and at this point, it's only providing shots to people in san francisco who live in the areas of two zip codes in the bay view. well it's not quite shorts and t shirt weather, but maybe at a jacket to that mix, kyla grogan and we would be good to go. yeah, you know, you know, i like to get out. walk us, ian. i think this is pretty good walking weather today. we've got the sunshine just a bit of a light breeze. but i agree with you, i'd have that jacket onto usually start with the jacket. then i get warmed up the night tied around my waist is that i'm too huh? but today is going to be another beautiful, sunny day. however i wanted to start with talking about the fact that you know we had a pretty dry february. you could see this is san francisco statistics. normally they get about 4.3 inches of rain. they only got 1.71 this past month and that tracks with kind of where we are. if we look at totals as we go all the way back to july, 1st look at the percentage of what would be considered normal for the bay.
12:47 pm
um you know, look, if you're in san jose, only 38% of normal 50% in oakland, 45. in san francisco in about 43% in santa rosa. so all of that is to say, and i know you hear me. say it a lot. we need the rain. so let's talk about this. we've got a little system off the coast right now. low pressure system that's going to spin a little bit of rain down to southern california on wednesday, so that will not really affect us except to cast a few clouds are way. but check out friday night into saturday. we have a system that's going to come in, and that will help. you know, break this dry pattern that we've been in and as you can see on monday, potential for perhaps a little more. we're still a little further out to be able to say that for sure. but it really looks like that pattern is going to break and we're going to see a little bit more rain, however, not today we are basking in the sunshine is you take a live? look there. the oakland estuary oakland sitting right now it's 64 degrees, but we're already at 69 fremont 68 san jose, so we're gonna see those above average temperatures today. no doubt about it as we zoom out. i mentioned we have that little low pressure system off. coast that is going to bring a little
12:48 pm
bit of a breeze and onshore flow to the coast. you cool to keep them cool little bit in a few clouds probably show up there. as we go into the night, we'll see a few more clouds show up all across the bay, but still, you know that low pressure systems not really going to do much for us today. temperatures should be lovely. we're talking above average out of the coast about 58, but around the big mid to upper sixties and tonight because we have a few clouds out there temperatures a few degrees warmer. so about 45 in san francisco will see ah blow upper thirties in in the north bay and perhaps a little patchy frost. but other than that pretty nice night out there, and here's our extended forecast. so some nice days ahead, but we will look out for that rain coming in as we get into late friday night overnight into saturday's we'll start to see those clouds on friday that will pull our temperatures back a little bit as well. and then saturday morning looks the collapse of sunshine and clouds on sunday and then hopefully more rain on the other side, because i would love to see us catch up a little bit. castiel see how it goes. echoing that sentiment, kyla. thank you. about one in
12:49 pm
four people in santa clara county. just 75 up, has now received both doses of the covid vaccine. it's been two weeks since the second vaccine doses were given too many residents at one senior living community in palo alto. ktvu and biggest tells us how they celebrated that milestone. on injection of normal life came rushing back to mold out residences last week as the fully vaccinated enjoyed margaritas and mariachi while still masking up. we didn't take her mask off to take a ship of a drink, the safe and celebratory environment surreal to residents, seniors who spent nearly a year isolated from friends and family. we are just still keeping the protocols that we had before, but just being able to be out amongst one. another is just it's a ray of sunshine mold as executive director brought a vaccine clinic on site to the retirement community. now nearly all residents are fully vaccinated. we did get a participation when they have well over 90% for jackie
12:50 pm
hamburg. the second vaccine bought long awaited relief. and when i got the shot, it was just like the first time and then i sat down and i started to cry. because i was so grateful. and so, um, filled with gratitude and just relief that we had actually done it up until last month, the retirement community had zero cases of covid, but emerging variants infected a handful of residents in early january. two died. norman rosenstock and his wife are still recovering from the virus and won't be vaccinated for several more weeks after undergoing monoclonal antibody injections. it was quite severe, the worst thing that we have experienced residents say the music and entertainment are refreshing, but this is not party central and very little will change for seniors here. who have grown accustomed to life with masks and social distancing, but now there will be hugs. small gatherings for bridge and ma
12:51 pm
jong and communal holiday celebrations fill light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. thank god, i'm a people person i love to touch and hug and that's been very, very hard. so i'm looking forward to that and to living the rest of our lives as normal a way as possible. one resident said he experienced a fever and shells 24 hours. forgetting his second dose of women during a vaccine, but side effects aside all the residents i spoke to said they can't wait for the rest of us to get the vaccine next. and my gosh, ktvu, fox two news. buckingham palace is prince philip has been transferred to another hospital in london to be treated for an infection. the 99 year old has spent the past couple of weeks in another hospital, in addition to treatment for unspecified infection, he will also undergo testing and observation for a pre existing heart condition. the palaces filled remains comfortable in his responding to treatment. he's expected remain in the hospital until at least the end of the week. still to come at
12:52 pm
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summer camp for free this year, a group of san francisco supervisors said they want to give parents a break after what has been a very difficult year of distance learning. is a 20,000 children may take part in the summer camp program at a cost of $30 million. now it's just an idea for now and still would need to be proposed and then approved by the board of supervisors, and then the mayor would have to sign off on the proposal. it was a big night for netflix and pixar at the golden globes. ashley devore can reports the 78 golden globe
12:56 pm
awards of virtual bicoastal show kicking off awards season. nominees joined remote, a limited audience included frontline and essential workers host tina fey and amy poehler delivered a monologue of jokes split screen. they also got serious, calling out the 87 member hollywood foreign press association for having no black members. inclusivity is important and there are no black members of the hollywood foreign press. you got to change that later, members of the h fda took the stage to say they have work to do we say see you down the road. as for the awards the picture ask nomad land one top prize of best motion picture drama director chloe zhao became the first woman in nearly 40 years to win that category. i'm gonna give me event the late chadwick boseman was awarded best actor in a drama for marini's black bottom, which was accepted by his wife. he would say something beautiful. something inspiring. really? why you do
12:57 pm
the things you do. best drama actress went to andra day for her acting debut in the united states, vs billie holiday's. they're nice for at the subsequent movie film won best motion picture, musical or comedy, and sasha baron cohen took an actor win for the film, allowing him to get political twice. hold on. donald trump is contesting the result. supporting categories went to judas on the black messiahs, daniel columbia and the mauritanians. jodie foster. thank you for having us no on the tv side, creek one comedy syriza, while the crown rains and drama who i won't is to be loved up. next are the sag awards, april 4th and the oscars. april 25th. in hollywood, ashley of orkin fox news at the box office, tom and jerry debut this weekend with $13.7 million in ticket sales, making it the best opening of the young year. the live action animation hybrid exceeded expectations is only 42% of u. s theaters are open. tom and jerry's the second best opening
12:58 pm
of the pandemic. wonder woman, 1984 debuted with $16.7 million in ticket sales last year, you don't need a day use reservation to visit you, somebody national park any more than $2 a day reservation system was first implemented last summer to help reduce the number of visitors to the park and help slow the spread of the coronavirus. now the park stop requiring reservations in september and then implemented it again last month. it's not clear if reservations will be required again at some time down the road this year, state wildlife officials say a young male wolf has been tracked east of yosemite national park. that's the farthest south of wolf has been spotted in california and more than a century. wolf first enter the organ from oregon late last month. officials say the wolf sighting shows that wolves can return to the sierra nevada and flourish if they are legally protected. dallas ran to middle school in antioch is celebrating its students who've made it on the honor roll this year, even during distance learning. school held a drive
12:59 pm
through on a roll parade this morning. dallas ranch is just more than 800 students enrolled more than 55% of them have a three point g p a or higher during the 1st and 2nd quarters of this school year in this was amazing. we've had a lot going on this year. we had to change road quickly and students are we have over 400 students rhetoric selling in the distance learning, so we're really proud of our students and our staff who have excelled in this distance learning model. dallas ranch says it's middle school students understand the importance of learning and that they tried to achieve to the best of their ability. a big round applause for the students, mike and their families. yeah, no doubt, always an honor to make that honor. roll not that adapting a lot in my life, maybe a couple times, but not every year disappointed myself. i really needed to pick it up back in fifth grade a long time ago, many ways. thanks for watching everybody have a great rest of your afternoon. our next news gas is coming up at four o'clock. more coverage always online for you ktvu dot com and
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the ktvu news that. the battle against covid-19. . the battle johnson & johnson creates a third vaccine expected to be highly effective against severe disease. plus, what you need to know about a new variant in new york. then, as more people get the vaccine, there is new hope for life after covid. dr. jen ashton on what we could all look forward to. ♪ dr. oz: today, we tackle breaking news in our battle against covid-19. a third vaccine is here. hallelujah. a shot from johnson & johnson expected to be highly effective against severe disease. and what do we know about a possible new variant here in new york? and will the vaccines work against it?
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