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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  March 1, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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if you can believe it, it is march again, marking nearly a year since most schools went to full distance, learning this much anticipated plan encourages districts to go back to in person instruction in return for state money. we want schools to safely reopened, period full stop governor newsome and state legislative leaders struck a deal to you sue billion dollars to push schools to get some students physically back in the classroom. by the end of the month. those air grants you could provide more ppe, though we have set aside three months of free ppe for ventilation for spacing for issues related to health and safety for counties in the purple tear. the plan provides grant funding to district that offer in person instruction for students in transitional kindergarten through second. grade by march 31st, regardless of tear classrooms was also be open to at risk and high need students of all ages. it is more than
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just to return to schools that are safe. our plan is also geared toward providing schools, the resource is and the incentives that they need. if a county is in the red tear, which much of the bay area is poised to be eligible schools must open to t k through six and one grade in middle or high school, a district's grant will drop by 1. and for each day in person instruction is not offered after april 1st on additional $4.6 billion would go towards all schools to mitigate learning loss reimagining the school year. giving district's flexibility. looking at school days looking at intervention, deeper intervention to address kids wellness, newsome suggested potentially extending the school year into the summer. now this deal doesn't mandate schools physically reopened, and it doesn't require all teachers be vaccinated, something unions pushed for the state did begin setting aside 10% of its weekly doses for teachers in school staff, the
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california teachers association released this statement. today's proposed agreement includes the multi tiered safety measures, educators have been calling for. it recognizes community transmission rates and the importance of prioritizing educators for the covid-19 vaccine before reopening for in person instruction. sita also said it would like to see testing requirements for all schools, regardless of tear assignment. the state legislature is set to vote on this bill on thursday. reporting live gregory ktvu, fox two news, julie. greg. thanks for tonight's update, shipping began today for johnson and johnson's new coronavirus vaccine. it's the third shot approved by the fda for emergency use. it's expected to reach more places because the vaccine can be stored in refrigerators, not sub freezing temperatures. it's also just a single dose, but some are worried about how effective it will be.
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interviews tom vacar here now with why it's important time to dismiss the myth. that one vaccine is better than the other. well, let's break it down this way. assume you're on a sinking boat and somebody threw you a lifesaver. now would you be picky if they tossed you a solid styrofoam life ring or a robert one that was inflated with their. or a life vest? well, that's basically your choices in vaccines now. four million doses of johnson and johnson's covid vaccines will start going into people's arms across the nation on tuesday, since the johnson and johnson vaccine is a one injection on lee vaccine, the pharmaceutical giant is ramping up production as never before, with a whole lot more coming. i really can't think of another time in our history where we've been able to ramp up with this kind of pace, and we say 100 million doses by june, that means 100 million vaccinations patients that will have been treated. we asked some folks in this alpay was overall supplies, the vaccine's
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still not readily available. would they accept the only slightly less effective j and j vaccine or hold out for the slightly more effective? fizer and moderna ones right now? i'd say i'm in favor of the moderna vaccine just because i don't want anybody my family to get it. my mom has pre existing health conditions and arpad is configured to make it so that she never gets sick vaccines also slow the rate of contagion of benefit. for the entire community. but as we learned vaccine daughters will make that weight shorter for folks who will take any vaccine available. i don't think it's necessary for me for flu. that's what like 99% survival rate. i still don't really know anybody who's had it but where it really counts in fighting serious illness, hospitalization. or death. all the vaccines are tied. this has been proven to be very safe and it decreases hospitalization
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and death by 100% 100% effectiveness against hospitalization and death, and that's the thing that we're trying to prevent the most is keeping our hospital's clear and making sure that people don't die. now some more good news, the astrazeneca vaccine should finish its us approval trials within the next few weeks, and then we'll be up to vaccine number four with plenty more to come. tom vacar ktvu fox two news, tom. thank you today. california's vaccine distribution system starts moving to a single system. until now, nearly every county had its own vaccine eligibility requirements that many times were different from the states. guidelines now blue shield of california has been hired by the state to create one streamline system to determine the best way to distribute vaccines to each county. also starting today, two counties in southern california and eight counties in the central valley, including san joaquin and stanislaw will be covered. the
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second phase involves counties with the largest populations as well. a solano in sonoma counties and the other bay area counties are included in the final phase. by the end of this month, the entire project. is expected to be in place by the administration says that families that were separated at the border under the trump administration could be allowed to live in the united states after they're reunited the department of homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas said that the administration will quote explore lawful pathways for them to remain. the announcement came before a virtual meeting between president biden and the president of mexico this afternoon. united states and mexico are stronger. when we stand together, we have seen over and over again. the power and the purpose when we cooperate. president obrador is interested in a program to allow 600 to 800,000, mexicans and central americans to work
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in the u. s legally each year. the white house has not said whether they're on board with the plan, while so many americans are out of work. joining us now to talk more about this is bill hang, the director of the immigration and deportation defense clinic at a professor of law at ucsf. thank you so much doctor for joining us. what is the key in your opinion to these talks? well, first of all that, the talking on us civil level and they're talking about human rights. it's quite interesting that the big talk that came out today. from my perspective was the fact that. we're open. the u. s is open to allowing reunified family members to live in the united states lawfully, if possible, and that's big news because, as we know under the trump administration, several 1000 children were separated. of their parents and to recognize that we all a
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humanitarian effort to bring these folks back together and to extend another hand and allowing them to perhaps resettle here. peacefully would be a big big step. the president said that the united states and mexico are stronger when they work together. i would assume you would agree. definitely agree. what happened during the trump administration is that there was a lot of pressure placed on mexico to do its dirty work. if you will we gave a lot of money to mexico to enforce its southern border. we didn't want folks traveling through mexico. to get here even though they were fleeing violence, and that mexico i'll be honest with you folded under pressure, and they participated and much of the damage that happened along the border, the former head of homeland security said today. hey was the former head of homeland security during the trump administration. he said that president biden needs to take a
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stronger stance. what would your thoughts on that beer? well, i think that president biden is taking a fair and humanitarian stance. the stance that the trump administration took. ended up in this mess. we're even today, more than 600 parents had not been found who were separated from their children. can you imagine? it's been almost 2.5 years that those children have been separated from their parents. that's not the staff that we need illegal immigration is such a huge issue in this country. what are your thoughts about what we should do at the border and people who are trying to come here illegally? what would be fair in your opinion? well, first of all the numbers from mexico itself are at an all town all time low. the number of undocumented immigrants from mexico has been on a steady decline for many, many years. that then serves
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that we've all read about in the last few years is largely from central america. and those folks are fleeing violence, cartel gang and domestic violence. in my view, we've gotta process those folks. lawfully and fairly and determine if they have valid asylum applications and we can do this. we can do this calmly and fairly. we don't have to panic. we don't need to put people in detention. we can process them. they're not going to be running away before the trump administration there was a 90% appearance rate. at deportation hearings when people were allowed to leave, and so that's the way i would handle this, professor. hang we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight. thank you so much. thank you. on under the biden administration. immigration reform means dreamers across the country are in the process of applying for protected status under the daca
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program, ktvu is cristina rendon tells us some college students and lawyers and nationwide are providing free help to an influx of immigrants who are interested in that program. i'm a name daniel talks to ktvu by phone about his plans to apply for the daca program in the coming weeks. i'm hoping i get accepted because they would be life changing. he's requested. we keep his identity private due to the current political climate. daniel is waiting on a consulate idea before he files daca paperwork, but he's already turning to groups like immigration helped out or gta guide him through the process. it helps all of us that are i've been in situations where we don't have the money to apply for dakar stuff like that, you know, get consultation by a lawyer and all that stuff. immigration helped out organs, a nonprofit that provides free online services to immigrants who are applying for daca or renewing their application. they ensure all immigration forms and documents are ready for submission. what we're trying to do is help families bypassed the usual thousands of dollars they would otherwise have to paint attorney complete
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these processes. fernando or beena is a junior at harvard and co founder of the group made up of undergrad student law students and attorneys since the biden administration announced plans to preserve daca immigration helped out orc has seen an increase in the number of people visiting their website. they helped 500 people in january alone. my mother is an immigrant herself from mexico, and so i remember she went through a very complicated naturalization process, just hearing stories from her, maybe want to get really involved with immigration related work. they know so many dreamers are counting on daca for their future. like daniel, whose mother brought him to the u. s. when he was five. the bay area is the on lee home. he knows for americans without documents, you know, and it sucks that we have to live in the shadows because a lot of us want to be a part of the community and feel as american as anyone else. the group providing free services relies on donations. for more information about them. you can visit our website at ktvu dot com. cristina rendon ktvu. fox two news homicide
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investigation underway in the east bay after a body was found lying on a busy street. what we're learning from police, plus fire crews battle a house fire in san francisco's outer mission neighborhood where seven people were injured, all right. we had another warm day today temperatures back into the seventies and some spots. what's it gonna be like the rest of the week? more spring weather.
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but it will help you and your family stay safe serious of violent crimes throughout santa clara county, 11 adults and two juveniles were taken into custody over the last two weeks during an operation carried out by
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santa's a police and santa clara county's d a's office. they're suspected of targeting and robbing. several victims, including gardeners and landscapers. several search warrants were executed in san jose investigators as you can see here found guns, drugs, cash and stolen property. so inspector charged with attempted murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, assault and possession of weapons. concord police are investigating a deadly shooting. the victim was found lying on a busy road early this morning. our crime reporter henry lee joins us now he's been looking into what happened and joins us with what he's learned, henry. well, julie, no word so far from concord police as to why this may have happened, but friends and family of robert career are mourning his sudden loss in the middle. the night just after midnight, a woman saw a man's body lying in the street on concord avenue near meridian park boulevard. she called concord police to have officers check on him. officers realized
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the 26 year old homeless man, robert courier, had been shot numerous times. i'm told carrier was known to police but not as someone who calls a lot of trouble. ah woman whose sister was careers girlfriend told me the victim had an amazing spirit and that he was an awesome person and that his death is devastating. i have learned that a man who had been staying in a trailer in the shopping center heard the gunfire and saw a black suv leaving the scene. that witness didn't realize that someone had been shot until officers arrived. it's something that we never want to see on, and it's very, very unfortunate in something that's what happened, especially in concord, concord, mayor tim a. galleon says not much is known about why the victim was shot. shooting happened in the middle of the night with few witnesses are police departments in the process of investigating and trying to get a better idea of what the circumstances were in. what happens, conquered averages about three homicides a year. these things are very rare. they don't normally happen in concord, and it took a lot of us by surprise. i know their number of people that were just taken back by it. conquer. police are trying to find surveillance video and any other witnesses. in this case,
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anyone with information is asked to give them a call reporting live. henry lee ktvu, fox studios, henry. thank you. in san francisco. seven people were being treated for injuries after a fire destroyed a home in the city's outer mission neighborhood. the front section of the home was fully engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived. firefighters rescued seven people from the house. they had minor to moderate injuries. the fire started about 11 o'clock this morning at the house on lawrence avenue. at least one home in the neighborhood was also damaged. in alameda firefighters today battle large fire that broke out in an old victorian style golden crews were called to the multi units structure on central avenue near grove street shortly before one this afternoon. flames quickly spread through the two story building and end of the attic. oakland fire assisted alameda with mutual aid, the crews were able to bring the fire under control at about 2 30. no one was hurt. no word on how the
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fire started. okay we had a beautiful day out there today. temperatures generally about where they were yesterday. some places cooled off a little bit, but inland they actually came up a couple of degrees. so we had numbers in the seventies, something in some places so outside you can see, um the golden gate bridge. really? not a lot of fog to speak of are no fog to speak of beautiful weather. and if you've noticed, i don't know. i was out today riding a bike and i was looking around the trees and oh, my gosh. right everything, especially south east bay in parts of the north bay up around petaluma. there's a lot of blooms out there right now. so we're seeing tree pollens are becoming a thing, basically, so we have plenty of tree pollen, and that's gonna be a thing the next couple days, you'll probably notice it. um or the next this coming week ast. we have another few days. it's um very warm weather, but it's just it's gonna compound itself. the tree pods of the first thing to be noticed, and i know some i got some solar panels to and feel your solar panels. they're just yellow s o
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without said, yeah. we're talking spring weather today is astronomical or a meteorological spring. the beginning of that which is a little different than the calendar spring. but we're just gonna study. if she goes for the world, that means more warm weather. we do have rain in the forecast. it's a ways off, though, is about oh, gosh. somewhere around friday night into saturday, saturday looks pretty good. maybe quarter inch promise this week. i'm not gonna cheerlead, but i think this saturday thing maybe could deliver something cause we needed thieves were the highest from today. lots of for sixties and low seventies. like i said, a little warmer inland. little cooler right along the coast and we will be dry for a few days. and then this deal on saturday looks pretty decent. it's not a mouse of thing, but pretty decent. that brings the snow to the mountains. we need rain, too, you know, because i think if things don't turn around, you're pretty quick. we're gonna be dealing with some kind of water concerns in the residential communities like, you know, just rationing and what have you different tiers like we did a few years
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ago. so i'm rooting on the rain. hope it happens. i'll see you back here with the latest model and we'll look at the five day and i'll take you through the rain. the rain possibilities. right fema bit, bill. thank you. coming out. former president donald trump returns to the public stage, delivering his first big speech since leaving office more on what he said and why it could signal or run for the white house in 2024, plus more democrats are backing an independent investigation into sexual harassment allegations against new york governor andrew cuomo. i'm brian yanis andrew cuomo. i'm brian yanis in b this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually doesn't cover everything you need. it's long on pages. short on coverage. that's why three was created. it covers your entire business in just one policy. because small business owners have enough on their hands. so go with three and leave those old policies in the dust. sawdust. technically. don't interrupt the spokesperson. this commercial is now over. logo.
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three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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this commercial is now over. logo. attorney general today, the senate judiciary committee voted 15 to 7 to move the nomination to the full senate for a vote. garland is a federal appeals court judge whose nomination to the u. s. supreme court under president obama was blocked by republicans. the chair of the senate judiciary committee,
5:24 pm
dick durbin, called garland a highly qualified and honorable judge. garland is expected to win full confirmation within days. former president trump is making it clear he intends to remain a force within the republican party for years to come. the former president gave the keynote address at the cpac convention in orlando yesterday. he once again made unfounded claims that he actually won that november election. he also promised to help his party win back control of congress in 2022. he even hinted at another possible run for the white house. then a republican president will make a triumphant return to the white house on. i wonder who that will be. i wonder who that will be. he had us at. hello, mr trump did not rule out starting his own political party or rather did rule out starting his own political party. the
5:25 pm
conventions drop whole put the former president at the top of the list for 2024 with. 55% support florida governor rhonda sanchez came in second at 21% in new york. strong reaction is pouring in following and governor cuomo's surprise apology. that comes after two former aides accused him of sexual harassment. fox news correspondent brian yanis with more tonight from new york. the bipartisan backlash is growing against new york governor andrew cuomo on sunday, the governor agreeing to an independent investigation into his conduct after a second former aide said he sexually harassed her 25 year old charlotte bennett says cuomo asked about her sex life and made remarks that made her feel uncomfortable and scared. the governor issuing an apology, writing quote, i mean no offense and on lee attempt to add some levity and banter. so what is a very serious business? i now understand that my interactions may have been insensitive. that's not an apology. um he seemed to be
5:26 pm
saying all i was just kidding around, you know, sexual harassment. snot. funny initially, cuomo tried to control who would investigate him, recommending a federal judge with close ties to his advisers. but after criticism for lawmakers in both parties, the governor has now authorized new york attorney general leticia james to launch an independent investigation. he knew people were reaching out to one or. both of these victims trying to get them not to cooperate, and that's why the subpoena power is so important. it's not clear how much support cuomo has left among democrats, but house speaker nancy pelosi and president biden both say the investigation should proceed and a number of republicans are calling for the governor to step down. this is just one more strong. the camel's back. he should resign. i think you should save us the angst and the agony. attorney general james says the investigation will be handled by an outside law firm and not state employees in new york. brian
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yannis fox news. buckingham palace says prince philip has been transferred to another london hospital for treatment of an infection. the 99 year old husband of queen elizabeth has spent the past two weeks in the hospital. in addition to treatment for an unspecified infection. he will also undergo testing and observation for a pre existing heart condition, the palace says prince philip remains comfortable and is responding to treatment but is expected to remain in the hospital until at least the end of the week. prince philip's illness is not. believed to be related to covid-19. some high school students in the nevada unified school district are back in class today for in person instruction will have more on that. also why some district still have a ways to go before bringing students back into their classrooms. plus the senate plans to take up the next coronavirus relief package. this week. i'm re broken with a look at how
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♪ there's never a bad time to enjoy my newest sauced & loaded curly fries. try triple cheddar or spicy pepper jack, both topped with slow-smoked bacon. ♪ get both, only at jack in the box. getting most public schools to reopen for in person instruction by the end of this month, school district's could receive a portion of more than $6.5 billion in grants and aid if they reopen their classrooms. the deal does not require district to have agreements with teachers unions and does not require staff and students to be vaccinated. but the governor says educators are
5:31 pm
being prioritized to get covid-19 vaccines. on thursday and friday will actually be utilizing the two large fema sites thursday and friday in southern california and in northern california as educator days exclusively to provide even additional vaccinations. the legislature is set to vote on the agreement on thursday. however the ultimate decision on went to reopen for in person learning is in the hands of each individual school district. public high schools in the city of nevada. welcome back students for in person learning for the first time in almost a year, but it's ktvu is rob roth explains. some school districts still have a ways to go before reopening. at nevada high school monday morning, teachers were greeting the students while parents were greeting the teachers. after a year of locked doors, nevada high along with sand marina and marina oaks, high schools were open again for in person learning students couldn't wait to see
5:32 pm
their friends is going back and being on campus hadn't been there. terrible year. it's a huge relief toe have this happen. this is where kids need to be on campus with marin county. now in the red tear. nevada high schools are the first public high schools in marin to reopen this week. it's ninth and 10th graders on lee next week. the juniors and seniors will join them. elementary and middle schools have already reopened under the plan. each student comes to school two days a week, the school district had to create a covid safety plan that was approved by the county public health department. in each of our classrooms we have have filtration going on to make sure that the air is clean on each desk. we have a plexiglass divider toe. make sure that that we're containing those germs form or high schools reopen tuesday in the tunnel, pious union high school district and more to follow by mid march, rob 100% of the public private, independent and parochial schools in marin county. will be offering in
5:33 pm
person instruction. by contrast, the oakland unified school district has not reopened, but there is optimism that some students will be allowed back this month provided teachers are vaccinated with that least one dose. we have some some kinks to work out, but we've way have we are getting closer as garcia is chief negotiator for the oakland teachers. what we're focusing on right now is. would allow for impersonating struck shin for very small cohorts. and it would be based on equity, so students with highest need oakland teachers and the school district are set to resume talks tuesday. rob rock ktvu two news. the clinic was held this morning and at inoculating a vulnerable population that might not otherwise know where or how to get vaccinated. ktvu christien kafton is here tonight and christian. this is part of an ongoing effort to make sure that members of the chinese american community get
5:34 pm
coronavirus vaccinations. yeah that's right, frank. when you think about it, there are a lot of obstacles for cantonese on lee speaking san franciscans to get access to that vaccine. so today, a group of non profit and doctors got together to bring those vaccines directly to that community. vaccination efforts are picking up steam in san francisco and now a volunteer group of doctors are partnering with the nonprofit self help for the elderly were bringing the vaccine to the public. doctors holding a clinic at the jackie chan center in san francisco to reach out to the chinese speaking community that might otherwise go unvaccinated. these air seniors who probably are wouldn't be. able to register online because it's so difficult they often don't have cell phones or computers or even children around that could help them self help for the elderly reached out to the chinese community health care association and the all american medical group, concerned that eligible people who can't navigate the online
5:35 pm
process or who lack transportation would not get their inoculations. the group secured 2500 doses of vaccine and will be holding a serious of clinics and neighborhoods where they're needed. this is something that could be replicated. in in any community, and we'll go out to any community if we have vaccine. those doctors will be continuing their inoculation program with two more clinics this month. one in chinatown, the other in the sunset district, reporting live christien kafton ktvu. fox two news question. it's so great to see what they're doing. i'm just wondering here, and i'm not sure whether you know the answer, but. 2500 doses that they've gotten. is that enough to take care of the population? who needs it? it's not enough to take care of everybody. but this is one of those cases. i talked with the doctor where he said they're trying to get as many shots and as many arms as quickly as possible. every little bit helps and keep in mind. this is a community that might not otherwise have access to those inoculations. they
5:36 pm
might not know where to go. they might not know how to go online to get those shots, so it's enough to get a good stuff. to make sure that those who are in real jeopardy of not receiving that shot do receive that inoculation and a good start is certainly good news christien kafton life force tonight in the city. thanks, christian, the senate will take out the latest covid relief bill this week. while the final bill isn't expected to include a federal minimum wage hike, as passed by the house democrats are still not giving up the fight. box news. ray bogan has more on that, plus how the markets are responding to hopes of another round of epi. comic relief. it was a strong day on wall street as investors reacted positively to the new johnson and johnson vaccine and the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill approved in the house now making its way to the senate, comprehensive legislation that will help us crush the virus, recover our economy and get life back to normal. a massive bill provides
5:37 pm
americans making $75,000 a year or less with $1400 stimulus checks and gives $400 a week in extra unemployment benefits. it expands food rental and child care assistance programs and includes money for testing, protective equipment and schools. this senate version will not include a minimum wage increase to $15 an hour because the senate parliamentarian ruled it can't be included in a budget bill 23 progress. of house democrats are urging president biden and the senate to overrule the parliamentarian. senate democrats in the white house both say they'll find another way i supported increasing the minimum wage, but it clearly cannot be on this reconciliation bill. republicans are mounting an opposition. they're going to argue many items are unrelated to the pandemic like $100 million for a california rail project. whatever their long term liberal dreams come into conflict with what americans actually need right now.
5:38 pm
democrats decided their ideology should went out. republicans also say school's already have the resource is they need to reopen because of the $68 billion allocated for schools last year on lee, five billion has been spent rape. bogan fox news. coming up the first day of in person classes at a junior high and arkansas began with the shooting. what we're learning about the incident, was smoking marijuana on your own time without major consequences. the proposed california law
5:39 pm
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5:41 pm
threatening injuries. police say a 15 year old student at the school is in custody. all school campuses in the district were placed on lockdown, but school officials say in their opinion, the shooting was an isolated incident. we don't have a definite motive right now as to why the incident occurred. however we do believe that this was a targeted incident as opposed to a random incident. the police chief said whether the student will be charged as an adult or a juvenile remains up to sheriff's department officials and prosecutors. the contra costa county sheriff's department is searching for two men involved in a home invasion robbery in a renda. it happened yesterday afternoon just before three o'clock at home on jan. don gabriel way, deputy say the victim was confronted by two men, one whom was armed. the two men then stole valuables from the home and then took off in a silver mercedes. anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's office. san
5:42 pm
francisco city attorney dennis herrera today announced that the city will no longer do business with five executives and their companies, all implicated in an ongoing public corruption scandal. the executives are part of a wider investigation into alleged bribery and fraud by former public works director mohamed neuro and harlan kelly, the former head of the public utilities commission. the suspensions were enacted under or a new anti corruption ordinance and prevent the five executives linked to the case from seeking or receiving contracts or grants from the city while their criminal cases are being decided. san francisco police are investigating after a business in the sunset district was burglarized. not once but twice in the same night. this is video now of a thief using a blowtorch to get inside footprint on 27th and terrible early friday morning. footprint sells clothes and outerwear. about an hour later, a second
5:43 pm
thief drove by. i saw the front door shattered and took the opportunity to ransack that store. the owner tells us the alarm never triggered in a store until the second person came in. he says he still taking inventory of exactly what was taken, but he estimates he lost tens of thousands of dollars. worth of goods. a new bill has been introduced in the assembly that would end most marijuana tests at the workplace. hayward assemblyman bill quirke says the bills to prevent employers from using past evidence of marijuana use. to discriminate against an employee. the bill specifically seeks to ban hair and urine tests, which supporters of the bill say on lee show past consumption of marijuana. not whether a person is actively intoxicated with thc are bill does not affect the ability of employers to test for actual impairment. by looking for thc, like in your blood or something like that when you have an accident, or
5:44 pm
when you're on the job, they just affect these tests that don't detect impairment. supporters of the proposal said the bill is long overdue, pointed out that recreational use of marijuana has been legal in california, now for five years. today. caltrans began repairs on highway one near big sur a closer look at the work needed after a massive landslide last month that washed away part of the highway and we're tracking some raindrops. hopefully, sooner raindrops. hopefully, sooner than later, i'll have the raindrops. hopefully, sooner than lati have the powere to lower my a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it. once-weekly trulicity is for type 2 diabetes.
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to help keep our state golden. federal government for immediate vaccine support for east palo alto, calling it a major covid-19 hot spot. we need the feds to prioritize communities like east palo alto with the j and j vaccine. we should be receiving 1.1 million
5:47 pm
really unexpected doses over the next three weeks and a supervisor canopy mentioned. those doses are particula well suited to go out through a mobile. it's time to go out to communities like east palace so there's these palito for bringing everyone to san matteo county leaders say east palo alto is vaccination rate at 11% is much lower than it's more fluid neighbors such as atherton, which has a 44% vaccination rate repair work has begun on a stretch of highway one along big sur 150 ft section of the highway crumbled last month. after the area was hit with heavy rain reporter caitlin conrad has the latest tonight from big sur. site. here, right creek looks.
5:48 pm
counter and started work monday to remove the debris and contour. the sides of the mountain groups will then use engineered phil to rebuild the rail bed and pave over it to prevent the road falling away again in the future culvert will be installed to help with drainage. many thought a bridge would be needed to span the whole. but caltrans engineers say that's not the case. bridges in general took about twice as long to complete and cost twice as much. we're very confident that the fix we put in here with the phil. and the redundant colbert systems will be one that can withstand any debris flow and one that will be here for generations to come. the latest road failure in big sur was a product of 17 inches of rain coming down in the span of a few days, hitting the tender. don't want firebird scar. it's the third such failure to cut off north and south bound traffic in almost as many years in total, the cost to repair the road here is $11.5 million cruiser, hoping to have it finished and open by summer report. being in big sur
5:49 pm
caitlin conrad cash be w. action music, okay, then let's take a look at what? some of the temperatures from today you can see that 71 fair for nanny ock 70 in livermore. those areas were warmer these in the spots a little warmer today than yesterday. areas along around the bay at the coast for slightly cooler. then yesterday. this is a live picture outside and you can see that there's no fog to speak of just a beautiful afternoon in san francisco and sauce. alito is well, it's going to be another nice day tomorrow. i mean, it's whether these temperatures will be mimics tomorrow, perhaps a degree or two warmer, but this pattern, not what we need this time of year. i mean spring type, whether i was talking earlier about the pollens and the tree pollens and everything's running a little early right now, because we have had multiple days. this very, very warm weather or mild weather or spring like weather if you will. so what's happening for whether it's all
5:50 pm
going on in the southeast part of the country, just for some, i can because nothing going on on the west coast. i mean, it's pretty pretty dry, big ridge of high pressure a super strong one that is not budging anytime soon. so with that in mind, tomorrow sets up like today. it's tomorrow. tuesday wednesday sets up like today and then thursday. we're going to get a shift in the winds of shifting the pattern and the jet stream is going to have an opportunity to start moving through the bay area, resulting potentially in some showers. by friday night into saturday, saturday looks like our wet day right now, so fingers crossed, but in the meantime, it's business as usual, unusual is plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the sixties or seventies tree pollens trending. up. i actually knows pollens a little bit today, and i think by wednesday, i think most not most, but if you are tree pollen suffer, you may be noticing them as well. triples. they're kind of the most. um i think of the most annoying because they're right. paul is a red eye level. it's not like
5:51 pm
grasses and weeds, the trees, especially, they're just dropping it right about where your head is. so if you're sensitive, um the tree pollens tend to be really rough on you. the forecast for tomorrow, then we'll be a little warmer than today. the overnight lows back where we started, there was frost this morning just a little bit, and they'll be a little bit of frost again tomorrow morning, so that's how it's gonna go. i know. i know. i've been doing saying the same thing for four weeks now. it's crazy. i'm just shaking my head because here we are in february and we're looking at temperatures well above the average more sunshine than you'd expect. there's snow in the mountains and the skiing things fine. but you need you need a lot of snow. we need a lot of snow right now. rainfall percent so i could see in the back of my head when i look at these models is rainfall, percent of average. and rainfall. percents of average are 2034 of where they need to be, which is just not good greens or sixties yellows or seventies. that's tomorrow more tomorrow. 70 in fairfield, 70 and napa and i do know i've
5:52 pm
been doing this a long time. i do know if things don't pick up. it's going to be a heck of a water year for us residential users in commercial users and just so you know california's about water, and when we don't get it, it's a financial strain. on the whole system, so it's important for all of us. so anyway, there i said it. there's the five day forecast of pop in sunday about that, and you could see that there's that saturday deal. that is not it shouldn't be much, maybe a quarter inch tops, but it's something. we'll see you back here. it's sex, julie. all right, bill. thank you. well a woman is celebrating a long life that is included two pandemics, world wars and surviving covid-19. i just then bless. i've had a good life. uh irma palmer, a colorado mother and grandmother has enjoyed a good life and good fortune and her good luck continues as she celebrated her 104th birthday
5:53 pm
over the weekend. palmer was born in 1917 and lost her father to the spanish flu. she also lived through several wars with her military husband before they settled down and had five children. her family says she is incredibly resilient and remains in good health despite getting sick with coke. but recently, the last year may have slowed down just a little bit, but, um, overall, doing really, really good. how much about her birthday celebrating with family at home, but hopes to try out her birthday luck at a casino soon. as for the secret to her longevity, she credits good habits, eating well and a good sense of humor. 104 guys. golden globes go virtual and bicoastal still ahead. the big winners from hollywood's first major award show during the pandemic and coming up with six p genie is warning customers about a rate hike when and how
5:54 pm
much bills will go up. also know it's six. it was the best trading day on wall street and more than six months what pushed the markets higher today.
5:55 pm
to be honest...a little dust? it never bothered me. until i found out what it actually was. dust mite droppings? ewww. dead skin cells? gross! so now, i grab my swiffer heavy duty sweeper and dusters. dusters extends to 6 feet to reach way up high... to grab, trap and lock away gross dust. nice! for dust on my floors, i switch to sweeper. the heavy duty cloths reach deep in grooves to grab, trap and lock dust bunnies... no matter where they hide. no more heebie jeebies. phhhhew. glad i stopped cleaning and started swiffering.
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air strike in syria. that's after some republicans and democratic lawmakers have expressed concern about escalating tensions in the middle east. the pentagon says the air strike last week destroyed nine buildings used by iranian backed militia groups to move and store weapons. i think the iranians are always going to test a new regime and when iranian proxies are putting our troops in iraq in harm's way. it needs to be punitive actions taken. and i
5:57 pm
think the biden missile launch was appropriate push back and we haven't been briefed yet on we have not authorized war in in syria. our ability to engage, in constitutional actions that's not diminish when the party in power is ours. the pentagon says the air strike was retaliation for a rocket attack last month in iraq. that killed a civilian contractor and injured a u. s service member and other coalition troops. we now know the big winners of the golden globes. and, like most everything these days, the globe's had to go virtual for their annual ceremony. one of the big winners every bill's pixar with the animated film seoul boxes actually did work and has a recap now the first major awards show. of the season. the 78 golden globe awards of virtual bicoastal show kicking off awards season, nominees
5:58 pm
joined remote, a limited audience included frontline and essential workers host tina fey and amy poehler delivered a monologue of jokes split screen. they also got serious, calling out the 87 member hollywood foreign press association for having no black members. inclusivity is important and there are no black members of the hollywood foreign press. you got to change that later, members of the h fda took the stage to say they have work to do we say see you down the road. as for the awards the picture, ask nomad land one top prize of best motion picture drama director chloe zhao became the first woman in nearly 40 years to win that category. i'm gonna give me event the late chadwick boseman was awarded best actor in a drama for marini's black bottom, which was accepted by his wife. he would say something beautiful. something inspiring. really why you do the things you do. best drama actress went toe andra day for her acting debut in the united states, vs billie holiday's.
5:59 pm
they're nice for at the subsequent movie film won best motion picture, musical or comedy, and sasha baron cohen took an actor win for the film, allowing him to get political twice. hold on. donald trump is contesting the result. supporting categories went to judas on the black messiahs, daniel columbia and the mauritanians. jodie foster. thank you for having us no on the tv side, creek one comedy syriza, while the crown rains and drama who i won't is to be loved up. next are the sag awards, april 4th and the oscars. april 25th. in hollywood, ashley of orkin fox news. this'll is ktvu fox two news at six more hope on the horizon for the u. s. covid vaccine supply as johnson and johnson began shipping its new one shot dose today. i really can't think of another time in our history where we've been able to ramp up with this kind of pace. good evening. i'm
6:00 pm
julie julie haener, and i'm frank somerville. it's the third shot approved by the fda for emergency use. it's expected to reach more places because the vaccine can be stored in refrigerators, not sub freezing temperatures. it's also just a single dose, but some are worried about how effective it will be. ktvu is tom baker explains why it's important to dismiss the myth that one vaccine is better than another. four million doses of johnson and johnson's covid vaccines will start going into people's arms across the nation on tuesday since the johnson and johnson vaccine is a one injection on lee vaccine, the pharmaceutical giant is ramping up production as never before, with a whole lot more coming. i really can't think of another time in our history where we've been able to ramp up with this kind of pace, and we say 100 million doses by june, that means 100 million vaccinations patients that will have been treated. we asked some folks in this


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