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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 17, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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search for the driver who hit an 81 year old man in the east bay and never bothered to stop the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. family fremont mourning the loss of an 81 year old grandfather who suffered fatal injuries when he was struck by a hit and run driver. hello again. i'm andre senior frank has the night off, and i'm julie julie haener tonight. fremont police have released new images of the suspect's vehicle. new tonight. ktvu is as this. smith is here. now, with the hope those images will lead to an arrest as net. yesterday police in the family they just they don't know what happened and they want closure. and as you heard peace, especially after police released a new surveillance images that may provide answers. he's the greatest dad. we've never had. um he was always there for us. anyone your old richard clash leaves behind two sons and a widow
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described as an avid skier. just last week he was in heavenly valley who loved to fish, and he not only made people smile but helped with their smile. he did a lot of lot of. free dental work for people. um, he touched a lot of people, his compassion. doctor plaice retired from 50 year career and dentistry and hayward two years ago and every morning the 81 year old would walk his yellow lab maisie for exercise. on march 9th. he was heading to the post office to drop off a letter. what happened around six in the morning at the intersection of j and second streets, and for months now it's neighborhood is unclear. we had heard a metallic. found whether it be a popping sound. whether it be just an impact of some kind. flash found lying in the roadway rushed to a trauma center. his injuries consistent with being hit by a car. the car did not stop. he succumbed to his injuries monday with
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jack, not so hard to believe that such randomness can takes over a way quince dentally to new stop signs were put up after the accident. they've had a problem at this intersection for a while, naturally, people think that that's a four way stop, and it's not so people blow through. cameras in the area did capture two cars of interest to investigators. this dark cloud car, possibly a minivan, another car described as a light gray or gold, chevrolet tahoe four door suv. people see. you think or know anything. please, please provide that information just helps us. hit. this helps. and he leaves behind three grandchildren and countless patients he helped as a dentist for decades. if anyone has information, contact fremont police julie as a thank you and
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we are following some breaking news right now in east oakland, where police are investigating a shooting that may involve multiple victims. it happened around eight pm at sunnyside street near 95th avenue. video from the scene shows evidence technicians working the scene as well as a car. with bullet holes. the citizen ap reports that four possible victims showed up at the hospital and that one of them is reported to be in critical condition. we will bring you more details as we learn them. also in the news tonight many people in the bay area's asian community say they are now living in fear because of the recent spike in the number of assaults on elderly asians in oakland and san francisco. okay to be is, rob roth tells us the asian community is asking people of all races to come together to stop the violence. police responded wednesday morning to yet more assaults on asian people. this one on market street near seventh just after 10 a.m. the victims were a 75 year old woman and an 83 year old man. both went to the hospital with non life
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threatening injuries. police say they arrested a man but are still investigating whether the attacks were racially motivated across the bay in oakland, chinatown, these security camera photos show an assault on a 77 year old asian man on seventh street near the oakland police station. that man is recovering. no arrests in that case, many in the community are now fearful. i think the board is quite said. i know people always use using what anger but it's not anger is really said thies. latest assaults follow high profile attacks in oakland and san francisco that have killed two elderly asian men authority so far have not charged hate crimes in either case, the wave of attacks has changed how people live their lives. i don't want to use my cell phone when i walking on the street and that's for sure. so at this time, you know, i myself also very concerned and worry and then where he began even before the atlanta, mass killings of asian women, this must be an inflection point. enough is enough. thoughts and
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prayers are not enough. san francisco is simply mean david chu and other leaders in the asian pacific island communities called on governor gavin newsom to appoint an asian as the new california attorney general. that's assuming the current eggy harvey herb acerra is confirmed a secretary of health and human services in washington. we need an attorney general will take decisive action. to deploy real resource is to stem this type. we have to continue to build bridges of trust between our a p i communities and law enforcement know better. you're black, white, hispanic or what? whatever race you are of whatever communities you might be. i think we all need to organize to protect all of us. assemblyman chu is also calling for a 24 hour hotline where asian americans could call in to report any incidents of hate. rob rob ktvu, fox two news. today, san francisco police announced the arrest of three men in connection with an attack on a 67 year old asian
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man last month. police say this morning they arrested 3 19 year olds from antioch killed, calvin burns, shell, jason a. roscoe and no weld. beer shares. officers also sees two guns and say the three were wanted in connection with multiple auto burglaries just before they robbed an attack. the 67 year old man on february 23rd. you're chinatown. today. georgia prosecutor's charge robert aaron long with eight counts of murder in the deadly shooting at three atlanta area massage parlors, investigators are trying to determine a motive here. six of the victims were asian and seven were women, authorities say. the 21 year old told them he had a sex addiction and was trying to eliminate temptation, though there is no evidence the women targeted here where sex workers investigators have not ruled out race as a motive. authorities believe that when long was caught, he was heading south. that he wasn't done. they determined that the suspect was on his way to
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florida. i believe, and perhaps to carry out additional shootings. details about the victims are emerging. one of them was on a date with her husband. she leaves behind a 13 year old son and an infant daughter. the husband survived. she was one of four people who died. at that location. the city of palo alto has released police body camera video of a police dog attacking a man thought to be a domestic violence suspect. hey your sister's nose does doordash does, a mountain view police canine team arrived in a pal balto neighborhood last june looking for a suspect in the side yard of a home. the dog found a man inside a shed and attacked him. the canine held on for some time before officers managed to pull the animal away. the man who was attacked had nothing to do with the search. it's unclear how badly he was injured the entire.
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your incident is under an independent police. auditor review berkeley police officers out of a job tonight for firing her gun on a car being driven by robbery suspects. now this is cell phone video from a witness showing berkeley police officer sherry miller firing shots at that fleeing vehicle now, what happened in the parking lot of cvs pharmacy? shattuck avenue and rose street. this is back in july. no one was hit by the gunfire, but the shooting was in violation of berkeley police policy, which bars officers in most cases from shooting at moving cars and reprinted founder of berkeley cop watch says the department was right to fire the opposite. she exists in a police culture that right now. is very casual about displaying firearms and threatening people with with. with weapons, berkeley police say the officer was quote released from probation as relatively new officer. miller's attorney did
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not respond to a request for comment. the suspects were later arrested and charged with robbery. housing rights advocates gathered in berkeley this afternoon to protest the demolition of a building that's owned by the university of california. the apartment building is on walnut street. it's located right across from the uc berkeley campus. protesters say they're upset over the planned by you. sea regions to demolish the rent controlled building and replace it with student housing near here to protect, you know, to tell the university not to demolish rent control housing, you know it is valuable. it provides affordable housing for people, you see regions haven't commented on the group's demand. the building dates back to the early 19 hundreds, and organizers say there are several residents who have lived there for more than 20 years. one year since the bay area shelter in place order how local leaders marked the anniversary plus very different st patrick's day last year, the
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holiday was totally cancel, but not this year. we'll show you the festivities, fireworks last year on st patrick's day, and it was just me serving food to go, and it was really sad, so i've been really looking forward to the state.
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♪["i'll be seeing you" by billie holiday] ♪ i'll be seeing you ♪ ♪ in all the old familiar places ♪ later. after the city had to make one of the hardest decisions that we've ever had to make. ah year. unlike any
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other one year ago today, six barry counties took the extraordinary step of issuing a shelter in place order with the hopes of curbing the spread of the coronavirus. it was supposed to last only a few weeks. but one year later, many restrictions are still in place. one year ago, there were only 472 confirmed cases here in california. today there are more than 3.6 million cases, and they were just 11 deaths one year ago. today, the death toll stands at 56,900. and in san francisco city leaders mark the anniversary of the covid-19 pandemic. the lockdown turned once busy downtown san francisco into a ghost town today, mayor london breed and health officials paused to remember the nearly 450 people who have died from covid in the city and the sacrifices that every. one has had to endure. i feel good because i see the city coming alive again. says.
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we began to reopen one year later. let's just remember, remember, always sacrificed unless also appreciate all that life. all that life will bring us in the future as we come out of this pandemic, with many believing the city and country are close to emerging from the pandemic. san francisco public health officials warn, now is not the time to ease up on basic precautions. so irish food green beer. it's all back for st patrick's day, a far cry from last year when the covid lockdown shut down just about every celebration across the bay area, ktvu deborah villalon shows us what's different this time around. every year. we try to come in here tradition for the o'neals. first date was sandra fells mayflower pub. they married on st patrick's day and return every year on this 10th anniversary, a
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surprise emerald ring in the point, it's like finding the pot of gold at the end of the room on for irish pubs. it is golden cooking for crowds again, adding indoor tables to patio seating. rings. the surge they were hoping for. i just kept saying, i know we're gonna open. we're gonna be okay because i worked last year on st patrick's day, and it was just me serving food to go and it was really sad. a big difference. the bars last call comes with kitchen's closed by health order and enforced by alcohol, beverage control, putting the brakes on bench fest. no late night tonight. it's uh which is it's okay, it's been. it's been a great crowd, and we won't miss the late night tonight. it's something really nice about it. it's really pleasant. people have just pleased to be out and they love to celebrate this day. to the north in nevada, irish pipes and drums kept people entertained. definitely not like it typically is, but it's much better than last
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year, finnegan staff found it a challenge turning tables over every 90 minutes, as required with so many people catching up with friends, £500 of corned beef and cabbage devoured so different from last year when the shutdown came day before the holiday and left restaurants overstocked. we had a lot of leftover food. we try to be creative and do some specials for the next following week until the food was no longer good. the extra beer and whiskey lasted longer. and more than luck, it took adaptability to survive, embracing take out as never before, and patios that now seem permanent. the o'neals hope for many more anniversaries here, emeralds or not, it wasn't anything in my glass, really a good point, deborah villalon ktvu fox two news. coming out lingering symptoms of the coronavirus after the break here from a man who is dealing with headaches, pain and trouble breathing one
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year after he tested positive, and i still can't walk, 50 ft 100 ft without without feeling like i'm gonna die, and that's not hyperbole. way are headed person. more rain. looks like tomorrow is gonna be a wet one, especially the afternoon. those especially the afternoon. those forecast details c walter, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? so what are you waiting for? world's strongest man martins licis to help you break down boxes? arrrggh! what am i gonna do to you box? let me “break it down” for you... arrgggh! you're going down! down to the recycling center! >>hey, thanks martins! yeah, you're welcome. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save.
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>>hey, thanks martins! yeah, you're welcome. case of the brazil variant has been discovered in california. so far no details about where it was discovered have been released, and it comes as the cdc officially classifies to other strains found in california as quote variants of concern. also today, santa clara county said a second case of the south african variant
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has now been detected in the county officials say the case is believed to have resulted from community transmission and is not travel related. and now while most people recover from covid for some, the symptoms never go away. last year, we introduce you to one of the first people in the bay area to contract the virus at a year later, that man is still dealing with symptoms that have now forced him to use a wheelchair. i'm not doing great. i still deal with a bunch of lingering symptoms. imagine getting sick and never getting better. that nightmare scenario is playing out in real life for justin wilhite, diagnosed with covid-19 in march of 2020, he is still dealing with symptoms one year later, and i still can't walk. 50 ft 100 ft without without feeling like i'm gonna die, and that's not hyperbole. that's that's like the god's honest truth. on top of that, wilhite says he's dealing with headaches, arthritis like pain problems that have forced him to use a
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wheelchair to get around. but the worst memory loss my wife was putting on something i was like. oh, that's kind of cool. where'd you get that? she's like you bought it for me for christmas. will hide is a so called long hauler. people who survive covid-19, but her steal dealing with lingering symptoms of the virus. the percentage of covid-19 survivors still dealing with symptoms isn't known. living will hike with few answers as to want to do next, and i hope this doesn't last very long. because if it if it did, this is going to be terrible like and it's going toe to toe ruin our work force. the issue of covid-19 long haulers has spurred the interest of lawmakers. at least six california house members have signed on to this letter asking the social security administration to study the effects of long haulers to better understand the support they may need, such as disability benefits. while that issue works through the bureaucratic process, and scientists worked to get a better grip on the cause of the lingering effects of covid-19. will hide has launched a
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support group for those who are unable to work via the website covid recovery and support .com. we're looking to make it a patient focused and do the little things like someone that needs $50 for groceries. you know when you have no groceries that $50 was everything. now, new research from survivor corps says the vaccine could help long haulers in a survey of 600 people with those lingering symptoms, 39% reported an improvement in their condition after vaccination. all right. as we look at the weather for your thursday looks nice to be a pretty wet day, especially in the lunchtime beyond ours. looks like it might be slowed the widespread in the morning. the showers will say the model. the plan is maybe an inch to an inch and a half of rain in the heaviest locations. most of us could get a quarter to a half inch, which is solid that no rain hasn't really started. yet there might be a few sprinkles showing up along the coastal
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sections. here's the model right off the top. so that's tomorrow morning at seven a.m. so what do you do with that? right looks wet san francisco, but sandals a looks kind of dry. santa rosa looks wet by lunchtime. you see showers pretty much in all nine bay area counties barred me. and then you see another wave go through. this looks like the strongest way about 345 o'clock tomorrow afternoon in time for the afternoon commute this when we expect the most rain so between 3 to 53 to six up into the mountains, it goes winter storm warning there. it continues to go off in the mountains through friday, and then it starts to break off by friday evening, but that winter storm warning will certainly verify and we'll get a pretty nice friday out of it will just take a little while for it to warm up as we get into the weekend, so there's the system. and you could see it to see the rain kind of showing up. just offshore right there, right. so it's not that far away, and, yeah, you gotta look at that down by moderate. this little area looks pretty good yellow. stop it up here. right here.
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that looks okay. so it's coming. it's on its way. so it's a wet day tomorrow and what that means to you and me is. basically you're gonna want to, you know, think about your commutes. think about umbrellas and drive safe because it's been raining, but still, it's like out there and you know how the thursday traffic can be. san francisco looks like that right there. in afternoon will break and then it gets going again in the late afternoon with that, remember, i said that that secondary surge. so with that five fifties for forecast highs, and then the five day forecast, well, similar sixties and then the five day forecast that so it's kind of one and done friday, there might be something going on, but not much. it's really all about tomorrow. so it's a wet day. plan accordingly. i'll see you back here tomorrow, no umbrellas, boots the whole night, bill. thanks. coming up. the warriors beat the rockets tonight, but they weren't exactly celebrating after steph curry was forced out of the game with an injury. direct market bottoms. we'll have more on that coming up next. but first, here's what the white house look like. tonight faith and green. white house officials say it's not on lee
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to celebrate the st patrick's day holiday, but also the strong bond between the united states in ireland. watching the 11 o'clock news on ktvu, and we will be right ba
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this commercial is now over. logo. you. in the vial. room tonight. the golden state warriors do what they darn well should have done against the houston rockets, a team that came in having last 17 consecutive games. you got to make it even look easy and that they did dre manz pumped up and even though the warriors had to do without james wiseman and eric paschal dealing with covid protocol problems, they're gonna be out of weak dream on. we'll get it up top for a guy with the name of andrew wiggins and put it daddy and 17 good game for him trained on a great game. pull double, you'll see have grabbed a rebound and then johnson up
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the court for a lay any and 16 points. 12 rebounds. 10 assists warriors taking to the rockets. all the way this one jordan pool gets in on the act. it's six threes. that's a career high for him on his way to 23 points, not about outing he started show himself steph curry. slow night 18 points, and it gets worse as you will see him take the three and watch him. he cannot get his balance is he's shifting backwards lands on his tailbone afterwards, coach kerr called it a tail bone contusion. they're obviously gonna happen. play that day today as the warriors take on memphis on friday and saturday. the final score. wanna wait 94 elsewhere, beria teams, not a lot of victories, st. mary's ousted from the n i. t turner by western kentucky one and done for the gales and the sharks. they do what they always seem to do against the vegas nights. and that is. lose five
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consecutive times this year. they've lost to the golden knights about 15% capacity. devin sin city, screaming loud for the victory that kevin love bank will try and deny the golden knights with a goal that helped give the sharks and early 31 lead fast forward. third period. 33 ryan reeves. he hadn't scored a goal all year, and he gets that one past devon dupnik and the golden knights on their way to a. 54 victory over the shark. she give up five goals with the sharks and the macaw fence. you got problems. san francisco 49ers had a victory of sorts as they real in trent williams. an absolute must. how excited was he to be signing a 138 billion contract? areas when he got the word last night. down one. yeah
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i think we can share in his excitement on how that would feel. in fact, no offensive lineman has ever been more expensive. it was six years $138 million.55.1 of that guaranteed. for the man who's got jimmy g's back. and here's calleigh use check. cal used check whose side his contract said. there's no money enough that can not have trent williams valuable to the team. all right. we got a little extra time so back by popular demand, the peekaboo perret. how about it? okay. no matter how many times i see that 100 like up oh people have enough. god i mean, how long did i take the train? that was thinking.
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