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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  March 24, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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for julie. i'm frank somerville. we began this evening with breaking news out of fremont. police are on the scene of a police shooting. it happened on highway 84. these are live pictures from sky fox over the scene right now. the car involved is up in the left hand corner of the screen there. it happened just before three o'clock this afternoon again. this is all happening on 80 highway 84 at arden would boulevard near arden would historic farm police say there are a number of officers at the scene, which, as you can see in those live pictures that we were just showing you a few minutes ago. there is, in fact, a large police presence and that several streets in this area are closed. so therefore they are asking people to avoid the area. highway 84 itself is also closed in the eastbound direction and only one lane is open in the westbound direction. so needless to say, that is causing traffic backups, especially because it's commute time now. interviews as a smith is on the phone with more on what she's learned so far about
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what happened here, frank. i just got off the phone with chp hayward. they are the lead agency in this investigation sensitive all big fremont police officer and as you mentioned if you are driving in the area of void, highway 84 they tell m one westbound lane of highway 84 is open and all eastbound lanes are closed. as for the actual shooting, i'm still waiting to get caught. formacion but we're hearing reports and involve the robbery suspect the robbery happening, possibly in union city. initially chp followed the suspect, then lost him. fremont police spotted him in newark. high speed pursuit began ultimately ending at highway 84. argon would again not yet confirmed, but we're hearing reports. the officer then shot the suspect. it's unclear. the circumstances we're also hearing a gun was found next to the suspect's hands. officer has been shot out the windows of the suspect's car to make sure
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nobody else was inside that car. we did see video of a tense and that is often used when a person has passed away again. we're still trying to get all of this information confirmed. of course, we will give you an update as soon as we get it, frank azenith smith life force tonight as a thank you crimes against asian americans and pacific islanders were happening with happening with seeming regularity. now in fact, we've seen some horrible examples here in the bay area over the past few weeks. two counties, though, are now taking some action. ourself a reporter. just see gary in san jose, with more on what's being proposed, and when it will be implemented, jesse frank evening to you, we're gonna add three counties now to that list from san francisco south along the peninsula all the way here to santa clara county officials are promising to end the wave of ongoing violence against members of the a p i community multiple tools from multiple agencies being developed and
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deployed. we're gonna begin in san francisco or one of those tools coming online immediately. help protect members of that targeted community. that's why we're all here because we want to change things. we want things to get better. san francisco mayor london breed is launching community safety escort teams in five specific neighborhood pathways. that $2.2 million pilot program extends the existing street violence intervention program at a time when violence against the a p i community is increasing. it's um, limited program to start because we want to make sure that immediately. the seniors are not just isolated and so fearful that they would not leave their homes in san mateo county officials gathering in a sign of solidarity against hate, and to announce a no tolerance zone for hate crimes stretching from brisbane toe atherton, it is incomprehensible to me. that
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my 74 year old mother in law has to look over her shoulder. any time a stranger passes her by, officials say 30% of this county is comprised of members from the a p i community, the district attorney is diverting money for a victims of hate crime fund while others would like to create a database to better track hate crimes. we will not tolerate. hate and sam matteo county. our survival depends on solidarity. our survival depends on speaking out the problem of increasing hate crimes against the a p i community isn't just physical. that's also virtual and anti defamation league survey finds this community has seen a 6% increase in online attacks you to date hate online. is in some ways related to hate on the street on de soto, it's not just words that can be dismissed. when it happens, virtually it can happen in real
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life. the a. d l is pushing a plan the hold social media platforms as well as perpetrators responsible for any types of violence or acts of hate, directed toward any group, san mateo county supervisors vote in two weeks on there, no tolerance zone in san francisco the escorts for the members of the ape community begin immediately and here in santa clara county about a year ago, they voted to condemn xenophobia. and then just yesterday, another resolution that condemning attacks and violence targeting members of the a p, i community we live in san jose this evening. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you, jesse. i know there has been anti asian hate for as long as we've been around, but if it is increasing now, is there asses specific reason? why are they being blamed for the coronavirus is? is that why this is happening? why all of a
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sudden now, you know. you know, frankly, that's a great question. and you got me. um who knows the coronavirus was a year ago. um maybe if you'd seen this a year ago or so maybe would make more sense. but the fact that it seems to be increasing now, after the virus has peaked after we have the introduction of vaccines, both at the lake local, state and national level. why this is ratcheting up now. anybody's got, you know, you know, i was watching that video yesterday from them for woman who got robbed ahead of the heart taken and she was dragged etcetera. who knows what goes in the minds of some people? i mean, they're just bad people out there and i don't know if you could never really figure out why they act out when they do well, at least people are coming together. at least people were becoming more aware at least people are doing something about it, and that's all good news. just very life force tonight, jessie. thank you. ah woman from san jose is facing a hate crime charge
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after authorities say she attacked and used racial remarks toward two workers and mcdonald's in mountain view. it happened last saturday after 40 year old elena jenkins was repeatedly asked to leave the restaurant because she refused to wear a mask, according to santa clara county, d. a jeff rosen jenkins used expletives and racial remarks toward the employees who are latino. she also shove. covid plexiglass shield and a sign at one of the workers. all the debate over gun control is growing in washington following the mass shootings in both atlanta and bolder. fox's ray bogan joins us now live again tonight from boulder, where the community is grieving. those 10 lives lost. on monday, right? heather and frank and evening to us, you can see by the growing memorial behind me. there is a big effort by the residents in boulder. here to remember the victims and support their families. for instance, 25 year
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old ricky old is being remembered by her family's today as somebody who had infectious laughter and a bubbly personality. the residents here are trying to support the families and just trying to move forward anyway. they can. started outside the king soopers grocery, a makeshift memorial grows larger by the hour honoring the 10 people killed in monday's deadly shooting. for me, it's just very important to come and show support. bouquets of flowers also cover the police cruiser of fallen boulder police officer eric tally. police say the suspected shooter. 21 year old ahmad eliza used a newly purchased a ar 15 style rifle and family members and friends have said he had mental health issues and was paranoid. no one should be able to walk around with a gun and then committed crime and shouldn't be able to do that. it's just not right in washington, the back to back shootings in both the atlanta area and now boulder have reignited the gun control debate. this morning, vice
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president harris repeated president biden's calls for congress to act but didn't rule out the possibility of executive action. i don't think the president is excluding that, but again, i want to be clear. but if we really want something that is going to be lasting, we need to pass legislation to recently passed house bills to expand background checks are unlikely to pass the senate where 60 votes are needed. requiring republican support. we see democrats targeting law abiding citizens. what actually works is targeting the bad guys. suspect will make an initial court appearance tomorrow where the judge will discuss bail. whether or not he needs a public defender and formally discussed the charges that he is facing. but this in no way, shape or form will get toward guilt or innocence. it is just a preliminary hearing back to you. yeah that will come in later days. all right, ray bogan life forest tonight
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and in a grieving boulder, colorado, ray. thank you. we're now hearing from a survivor of last week's shooting at several spots in the atlanta area, he says he is lucky that he was able to escape with his life. marcus lion says he was getting a neck massage at young's asian massage in cherokee county when the gunman opened fire. he says. when the gunfire started, he tried to get under get the pursuit out of the way. but she moved in front of him, and he dove under the massage bed. once i don't behind the bed. that's when i heard that third gunshot. she got shot in her head. she dropped the right in front of me, like not even two ft. away knowing my head like oh, man about to die. i'm about to die. this is it for me. in total. eight people were killed in the march 16th shootings. police have charged 21 year old robert long with murder. taking a look now the latest numbers on the coronavirus here in
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california and new cases were below 2000 yesterday. now you may recall but that back in the peak in early january, there were more than 40,000 daily cases. 250 more people have died at the height. that's so average more than 800 per day, fewer than 3000 people are hospitalized and 676 people are currently in the icu well, with infections, levels falling and vaccinations, increasing more covid restrictions have been lifted here in the bay area, san francisco, santa clara and marin counties are now sitting in the orange tear. katie was cristina rendon joins us now live tonight and kristina many local businesses and activities. now expand capacity and resume operations. both really good news. yes both really good news, other especially since more people brings in more money, and a lot of places are taking it slow right now, but they are eager to get people back into their businesses again, san francisco
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is slowly coming back to life. under the orange tier of reopening gyms like crossfit golden gator expanding to 25% indoor capacity. it is fantastic that we can finally move indoors. it's well spaced out. it's well ventilated, and it's safer indoors as well. personal trainer amy no access they've been holding classes on a sidewalk in the tenderloin for months. we've been very grateful to have the outdoor space to work out in, but it is a little bit a little bit sketchy on the streets. the orange here also allows bars. don't serve food to open outdoors, a game changer for the plowing the stars irish pub that's been closed since march. 14th 2020, they chose not to hire an outside food vendor authority hard enough to try and make ends meet in the city. so then, with another added expense and lower capacity, we've decided to stay shut and see how long we can last loyal customers have kept the legendary irish pub afloat. thanks to a go fund, me page
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and t shirt and hoody sales. they're waiting on. permit to open an outdoor park lit to serve drinks. hopefully in about two weeks, having people back on the streets and you know out in about it kind of feels not as desolate as everything has been in the pandemic, while restaurants, theaters and museums can open at 50% the cal academy of sciences says it has no media plans to increase capacity. it will stay a 20% to ensure physical distancing. they're already averaging about 1500 guests per day since reopening last week cross. spent golden gate says more people are enquiring about memberships ready to get back to a routine. people are feeling better. they're feeling safer with the vaccine out and all of us personal trainers and trainers and members where, you know, welcoming everybody back with open arms. for those in the orange here, it could just be a matter of weeks before they're bumped up to yellow, depending on vaccinations and continued precautions. five bay area
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counties remain in the red tear. cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news back now to our breaking news, a police shooting in fremont on highway 84 after a chase. this is a big investigation, and it's causing a massive back up. the car involved. is that car right underneath the head the lamp there in the kind of top of the screen with the doors open now. it all started with police chasing a robbery suspect. that's what we understand. they finally got him to stop there on highway 84. there was a police shooting. the suspect was injured. we do not know the extent of the injury, but so far we haven't seen any ambulances on the scene, which could be a good sign could be a bad sign. we just don't know at this point. we don't want to speculate. however, we can tell you that again. there is a huge traffic backup because right now, as you see all eastbound lanes of 84 are closed on the westbound side on lee one lane
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is open. okay, this will give us a sense. yeah there you go. that's the backup that's being caused right now. because of this again. if you're in that area, it's near arden would park ardent would farms. excuse me? on highway 84. all of the eastbound lanes are closed and from the looks of the investigation, they could be closed for a while. obviously it's the commute right now, so there's heavy traffic on the road anyway. but now you see, it's just a massive back up. stay out of that area. if you can again just headline robbery suspect shot by police on highway 84 working to learn more information when we do, we'll bring it to you. a crash turns into a homicide investigation in the north bay coming up tonight at 5 30. what police say happened moments before a man intentionally crashed his car into a woman. events like pride are gonna be really important because you're gonna tell people that san
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francisco's coming back in person celebrations now scheduled for this year. why big events like pride or so important for san francisco's financial health? wells? governor newsome has appointed the states next attorney general details about this history making pick in those temperatures are gonna cool off is we head towards thursday out of the seventies and into the low and mid sixties, i'll be back here with the forecast.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. bay assemblyman rob bonta, if confirmed the filipino american and advocate for criminal justice reform would lead
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california's department of justice are political reporter greg lee is here now, with reaction to this nomination, greg heather. good evening bond to call this the honor of a lifetime. his nomination comes as asian pacific island or lawmakers were urging governor newsome to pick an asian american, too. immediately respond to recent incidents. drop bonta has been front and center issues across the spectrum. he has been a leader after much speculation, governor gavin newsom announced he's nominating east bay assembly member rob bonta to be the next california attorney general. i'll do everything i can to help people. and to do as much good as possible. the state's top law enforcement seat was vacated by javier or viscera, who was recently confirmed to lead the department of health and human services. bonds is the first filipino american state legislator in california and would be the state's first
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filipino eiji. if confirmed, newsome faced mounting pressure to name an asian american to the post in the wake of a way of anti asian incidents that will be one of my top priorities. make sure that we protect those. who are facing the forces of hate, and that we hold accountable. those who would perpetrate hate violence before he was elected to the assembly. bonta surdas, deputy city attorney for san francisco, he's the son of civil rights activists who worked to organize farmworkers in the central valley. they taught me to fight injustice. to right wrongs and to help people. wouldn't be here today without them in the assembly, bonta made efforts to reform the criminal justice system, including introducing bills seeking to end cash bail and abolished the death penalty. his nomination was lauded by progressive law enforcement association, the prosecutor's alliance of california somebody that she used the humanity of everybody in the system. both victims and people accused of crimes and the communities they come from, and that can bring
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the courage and the heart to do the job. senate republican leader scott will release the statement hoping bonta takes a different approach then sarah, he said. the golden state has many challenges, and i hope our new attorney general focuses on what matters to everyday californians. safe streets, protection from fraud, identity theft and ensuring our civil rights are protected. now if confirmed by the state legislature, bonta will serve out the rest of the sarah's term, which is set to expire in 2022. when bonta is expected to run again reporting live. greg lee ktvu fox two news, heather. yeah we'll be following that confirmation process, greg. thank you. and we're waiting on the rain out there. it looks or so we're gonna be drive for the next week and maybe two weeks. believe it or not, so we're in a dry pattern. it's spring out there, and it feels like spring a little bit of breeze today, a little bit of fog showing up out along the avenues this afternoon as well. temperatures tomorrow will be cool. we're gonna take a dip in
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temperatures by some places. 5 to 8 degrees cooler tomorrow because of this low pressure center to the north, but that low doesn't bring us rain. all we're going to see is a cool down. unfortunately, so there's the dip. you see when states day temperatures drop off a few. then they climbed steadily friday, saturday and sunday. those temperatures on the weekend mid seventies maybe upper seventies is going to feel a heck of a lot warmer than it has in a while, you'll notice it for sure. and of course, tree pollens are way up there. everything's blooming. it's. it's game on for spring. so you see a cooler thursday's yet low because of that low, just kind of digging down that low. my drops and snow flurries up around lake tahoe. but then the big old high builds the pacific high, which is our dominant weather feature in the summer. that's why the summer is dry, but we don't really like to see it around this time of year. because this time of year we have, we'd like to see some rain. certainly this year with rainfall accumulations. where the half of what they should be less than half of what they should be in with no rain in the next week, or we
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can have for two weeks. we're definitely concerned at this point. so, as you know, we're all concerned. it's where we live. so when i come back, we're gonna go looking for rain, even though it's out well past seven days and we'll take a look at the five day forecast. see you back here just few minutes. events like private gonna be really important because you're gonna tell people that san francisco's coming back in person celebrations now being scheduled for this year. why big events like pride are so important for san francisco's financial health. wait. word. oud
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while some of the events will be held in person this june, there won't be a big parade or public celebration. ktvu christien kafton here now with more on the main events, and they'll have a more local focus this year. christian yeah, that's right. frank pride organizer's told me that they worked hard to make sure that
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they could have some in person events. but they said, when it comes to the idea of bringing together thousands or tens of thousands of people together for parade, they said they simply had to put safety for just san francisco's pride festivities will be held in person in a limited fashion this year after going virtual last year, organizers say will be geared towards burial locals, and we'll include partnering with the san francisco giants for an outdoor film festival, about that partnership is being with the giants and being in oracle park guarantees that were kind of held to the same mlb standards that they're going to be having now that they're starting to welcome their fans back into major league baseball parks prize this year. we'll also your local businesses in an expo and include a celebration with the african american art and culture complex to celebrate lgbt q and black history would pride won't feature this year is the signature parade. there are a lot of logistics and a lot of people that go into putting on that parade, even if we just said on lee floats go
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down market street. that's still a whole lot of people, which is just not really safe right now. thank you, even without the parade. san francisco travel, says the empire listen. festivities are a symbol that the city is beginning to welcome back visitors. events like pride are going to be really important because they're going to tell people that san francisco's coming back and that these important things that are important to all of us are starting to happen again. san francisco travel has launched its public awareness campaign. our gate is open to encourage visitors to come to san francisco. the city saw an 80% decrease in visitor spending last year and says it may be 2025 for san francisco sees pre pandemic levels of visitors return with tourism as the city's number one industry that means less money coming into the city. tourists pay so much of our city taxes about $800 million in our local taxes or paper paid for by visitors that their tax dollars that we don't have to pay for it. and travel
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experts say a safe reopening is critical to keep momentum building for visitors to return to the city pride organizer say those safety precautions air why we're seeing the events come back one step at a time. organizers say they want to ensure that they're able to hold pride events in san francisco for years to come reporting live. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news question. thank you. it started as a crash investigation but has now turned into a homicide investigation. what north bay police say led to a man intentionally driving his car into a homeless camp all over from our streets and our beaches, are parks are walking trails. most people are now wearing masks or shields when they go out, and one result of that is we're seeing maura ppe pollution. now volunteers are picking up hundreds of pieces of pandemic pollution scattered across free. why? pa. opened fira
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robbery suspect after a police chase. it happened just before three this afternoon on eastbound highway 84 near arden would boulevard. this is new video just into our newsroom. we believe that the suspect was injured, but that hasn't been confirmed as yet. right now. we want to show you a live picture from the ground and again. that
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is the car that was involved, and you could see there is broken glass. there's a hat as he zooms in. you'll be able to see that and again. there's a big police presence there. investigating this is also causing a huge traffic backup right now, all lanes in the eastbound direction are closed. and from the looks of this investigation, it appears that they could be closed for some time. needless to say, that is causing an absolutely huge traffic jam. there are also areas area street closures in the area, and we know that one line on lee one lane is open in the west bound direction. so obviously, authorities are asking people to avoid the area as they process the scene again. just to recap here, the headline. police chase involving a robbery suspect there were gunshots fired. we believe the suspect may have been injured. we're working to get more information as we do.
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we'll bring it to you. now we want to go to the north bay where police there are revealing new information about a crash that we first told you about last night. they say the man who plowed into a homeless camp in santa rosa, killing a woman did so intentionally. ktvu tom vacar joins us now live tonight with why investigators say, tom, that this way. no accident. that's exactly what they're saying. what was initially just a bizarre santa rosa traffic incident now very much looks to be a murder investigation. santa rosa. police say they now know who used the car tuesday night to run over a homeless woman who died as she sat in front of a tent. the driver immediately fled the scene that we believe the suspect. this case is gonna be a clifford adams. he's in his late forties, and he is known to the transient community. it all begin with adam's and another man getting into a physical fight. we do know that the two male subjects i got any initial fight do know each other. they all know each other through potentially the homeless community that other men was
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taken to the hospital for treatment. the police don't know the reason they do know that the female victim and the assailant knew each other but not in a dating relationship based on the information we have at this point. we do believe that the suspects drove intention towards the woman and through the tents when the collision occurred after a fight that happened with another male victim prior to the collision occurring itself. we've covered a lot of homeless camp violence, often, fire agencies respond too many fires. some attributable to one resident burning out another, but there are some thefts and assaults, but experts say most conflicts are not violent. they're certainly is, at times. they're small disputes. people get angry at times. sometimes it's because their home was homelessness makes you angry, whitehead says, because of the lack of shoulder beds. most people live in camps for mutual protection in most camps, and i've worked as an outreach
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worker in the field, the level of violence is lower than you would expect. new york university found that while some homeless individuals can be violent, overwhelmingly, violence used by homeless persons is either in self defense or due to the rare, violent homeless perpetrator who attacks other homeless people. in fact, three santa rosa women who volunteered to help homeless folks in santa rosa told me they rarely see violence in the camps that homeless people are no different. for the most part than anybody else. in fact, there's whitehead. homeless folks simply don't have the doors in the walls to keep their lives, private. tom vacar ktvu fox two news? yet i'm just curious. police have any idea where that suspect might be? do they think he might be, you know, hanging out in another homeless camp. it's very
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likely, but they have gone. police told me that they had done to all of the regional homeless camps there not only to look, but they are really went there to tell people to be on the lookout for because this guy has shown a huge prepared. city towards danger. the reason he's not mobile is because his car obviously is evidence now has been impounded. so it's not very likely that he got very far unless he had some sort of accomplishment. accomplice and there's no proof of that whatsoever. all right. let's hope that police were able to track it down soon. tom vacar. thank you. california vaccination numbers are up 15.5 are up to rather 15.5 million. more than 287,000 shots are being given per day. 17% of the state's population is fully vaccinated about 5.5 million people, more than two million doses are on hand, which is an eight day supply, the country's second largest teacher's union is questioning cdc guidelines
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recommending three ft of social distancing for elementary school students. the american federation of teachers says that they're concerned that studies did not look at schools with poor ventilation and more crowded conditions. the white house announced today that they're making $81 billion in federal funding available to help schools reopen safely. its announcement builds on our ongoing efforts to support schools and staff. investing in testing and prioritizing teachers for vaccination together. these steps will help return more kids back to the classroom sooner. this comes as many states are beginning to expand vaccine eligibility. at least eight states have announced. all adults are now eligible to get the shots. volunteers who regularly clean up trash along bay area beaches now know exactly how much of it is discarded. covid ppe, such as mask and gloves, and the
5:38 pm
numbers well, they are alarming. katie's rob brothers here now with what kind of environmental problems all that ppe trashes cause. saying wrong, thea. the problem is these massive gloves have plastic in them, and more and more. this plastic is ending up where it shouldn't in the ocean. they're meant to protect us against covid, but too often used masks, gloves and other personal protection equipment or carelessly discarded. they don't just disintegrate and disappear. this old ppe was on a beach in pacifica and this one on the side of the road all over from our streets and our beaches. um our parks, our walking trails. those were some of the places that lynne adams of the pacific beach coalition says volunteers have been picking up ppe trash throughout the bay area in january. they recorded 744 pieces of discarded ppe last month over 601 is too many 700 is tragedy. volunteers they're using an app through the ocean
5:39 pm
conservancy called clean, swell. they can each track in quantify the kind of trash they're finding the concern about all of these. has as volunteers. we know that the litter that's on our streets and our beaches flows out into the ocean and can be eaten and swallowed by by it. whales and dolphins and getting entangled in turtles and birds and small fish. this problem has the marine mammal center in sausalito. concerned they can get entangled in packing straps or caught in things like the loops of the ear loops. for masks, or they can ingest plastic by accident, mistaking it for something like a sea jelly. the marine mammal center says they have not seen any wildlife that have encountered ppe. but that doesn't necessarily mean it hasn't happened. the fact that we're still seeing so much plastic and ppe up on the beaches means there's a lot more out in the ocean. the devices to use reusable cloth
5:40 pm
masks rob rock, ktvu, fox two news. virginia has decided to end their death penalty more than 20 states no longer have a death row y virginia finally made the decision after a years long battle, plus, a doctor joins us live to talk about the latest covid headlines will touch on the tough week for astrazeneca, the status of the johnson and johnson vaccine and also the growing evidence about how well these vaccines work. okg
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this pandemic. at a rally today, they say kaiser cut their performance sharing bonuses despite posting income of more than $6 billion last year. kaiser said that they provided 375 million an employee
5:43 pm
assistance that included housing, childcare grants and two weeks of additional paid leave for coronavirus illness. the company also says that more than 160,000 union employees received a full pay out of their perfume. moments or appreciation bonus, virginia's governor signed legislation today making it the 23rd state now to abolish the death penalty. it was the culmination of a years long battle by democrats and they argue that the death penalty is issued disproportionately against people of color, the mentally ill and the poor. the commonwealth had the second highest number of executions in the u. s. california governor gavin newsom has paused capital punishment in our state. during his term in office, bald eagles are making a big comeback in the lower 48 states. the u. s fish and wildlife service says bald eagle numbers have quadrupled since 2009 to more than 316 birds in 1963. bald
5:44 pm
eagles were down to just 417 known nesting pairs. but years of protection have helped them to flourish. the bald eagle was removed from the list of threatened or endangered species back. in 2007 by the administration. i in the possibility of vaccine passports to allow people to begin traveling again, but not everyone is on board and we're tracking the warm up as we go through time. a little cool down first t. the weather reporte
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got to sunshine to talk about spring weather to talk about and basically no rain to talk about this high pressure is the dominant feature, not just. the next few days, but the next week week and a half maybe two weeks. we do have ah little system come by tomorrow, and that's why temperatures will drop a little bit. but then the
5:47 pm
warming begins after that, so that's friday, saturday and sunday and temperatures warm up pretty rapidly. mid seventies, even upper seventies have a little bit of fog out in the avenues out towards the cliff house. they're not in the sunset district and some clouds, too. that's in response to that system just to the north of us now on that system to the north might bring some snow flurries till like tahoe. for us, it's just basically a little bit of wind and milder to cooler temperatures. the winds have died down quite a bit, though compared to where we were yesterday and the day before we had pretty gusty would certainly yesterday with gus on the ridge tops and the peaks up over 60 miles an hour so breezy but not as breezy today. tomorrow this system here comes in and that system. again. it's good in the pacific, northwest bend and portland. they'll be getting some stuff. mount shasta, but you can see we're just a little too far south to be digging up anything. these air. this isn't a model. this is right now. there's the cloud that cover out there from this system and as assistant drives by, it's going to kind
5:48 pm
of change and tighten the pressure radiant, so we're going to see a little bit more wind and we're going to see. temperatures really kind of come down because you see that system came from it came from the north. so it's so much cooler system. but with that said overnight lows on the mild side above freezing for all of us because of the cloud cover, certainly in a little bit of wind and then tomorrow san francisco. lunchtime 58 degrees end of the day in san francisco. 60 degrees mostly sunny and nice looking day, so you're thursday just cooler. that's the headline for thursday. friday the headline is warming up saturday, warming up sunday, warming up and then the further headline is where's the rain? so we're not going to see that we're gonna be dry for a couple weeks. well least a week and a half, maybe two weeks, which is a drag because of course, we are well behind rainfall average. and this is a state that really runs, not an oil. what does run oil, but it really runs on water, and that's how we you know the agricultural interests and everything involved in recreational interests, and we're behind by a good 40 over a good 50 60% behind where we
5:49 pm
should be in a lot of places, so there's the five day forecast weekend looks warm. saturday is the warmest day sunday, saturday and sunday. we could see some low eighties and that's not out of the question. for this time of year. i'll see you back here at six. the biden administration is considering a plan to create vaccine passports that would show a person's proof of being inoculated against the coronavirus, supporters of the plans say it could really help free up americans from overseas quarantine obligations and, in turn, get the travel industry moving again. but not everyone out of the covid task force is on board the role of the government. hold that data and to do that, this is absolutely gold mine of information that they can use to potentially exploit blackmail recruit, you know, compromise, similar programs are already in the testing phase in the private sector, the international air transport association is testing a version called travel past, and ibm has another
5:50 pm
called a digital health pass. there is a lot for us to discuss tonight on the vaccination front. welcome back to the show. dr monica gandhi, ucsf professor of medicine and thank you again for being here. i want to start with the confusion surrounding the astrazeneca vaccine and the lack of transparency here doctor really seems to have caused unnecessary doubts. yes um, something seems to have happened where the company didn't put it together. right on the what's called the data safety and monitoring board really were upset with. they put the data together and presented it to the u. s s. so on monday, we got good news. this looks great and then by the by the next morning we said, hey, we're neil gorsuch said. i don't like how they presented it. we're gonna actually think is released tomorrow. get the real data. i think it's actually still a good vaccine, which is what dr fauci has
5:51 pm
intimated to us, but they didn't do a good job putting it forth and that yeah, that does create doubts. i wish they'd done it, right? yeah. so how does this damage the effort to build public trust in vaccines? you know, one thing is that astrazeneca has been rolled out in the uk and kind of crazy, fast fashion like crazy fast and what i mean by that is it originated from theirs from the university of oxford, and they give out about at this 10.18 million doses in the uk and they put out data and it looks good. what i mean is after one dose, it decreased hospitalizations in scotland in a period, dude paper by 94. so at we think the vaccine works. i think it works well, but they're doing it all wrong in terms of putting out data. hopefully they'll correct that. and that will correct any damage that we felt from this company. the other companies have been totally above board. put it in right, sonia sotomayor any other vaccine and this one? i actually think it works, but they made a mistake. no doubt,
5:52 pm
okay, let's move on to the johnson and johnson vaccine. it seems as though there was a lot of publicity surrounding it obviously received that emergency use authorization. but where is it? yes there's this issue. um, that i think people are state serves quibbling over some of the details. i think about the vaccine, and, uh, i think this vaccine works really well, i think there's multiple reasons that it works really well. it. it prevents the most scary thing that could ever happen to you, which is severe disease from covid-19, 100% and it's one dope so it could be used very readily in situations like common shelters around on the street or you're in the hospital and you want to just get one dose and go, so i think we need to trust ah lot about the johnson johnson vaccine that we know works really well, not quibble over the data and use it. i mean, it's in texas against the scary this thing?
5:53 pm
yeah, there are certainly a lot of things appealing about that. johnson and johnson vaccine mainly that it is just that single dose. there isn't some good news to that we're learning about for people who have survived covid-19 gotten their vaccination and just how much they were able to build up their immunity, especially when it comes to these new strains. yes so we've gotten great news that even with these variants that it's both. there was a great people from jama, which is one of our premier medical journals that antibodies after you've been infected, or after you've been vaccinated work really well against the variance. we already knew that up t cells, which is the other arm of your immune system that they work well against the variants, so i think our concern that you're not going to be protected against these other circulating strains is going away. these vaccines are going to help you, even if you see another variant in the future. and all of this data is
5:54 pm
looking great. yeah, that certainly is what the evidence is pointing to. all right, dr. gandhi always a pleasure. thanks again for coming on this. thank you. private bodyguards are not just for the season executive or the celebrity anymore. i'm going bod through. your phone coming up, and we continue to follow the breaking news in fremont and officer involved shooting has shut down highway 84 in the eastbound direction. there is a massive police presence and traffic is basically at a standstill. coming up with six. standstill. coming up with six. we'll have a live emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents,
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news lydia who tells us that a new app called bond says they want to become the uber of bodyguards. bond to the new app that is bringing private bodyguards to the everyday man. that service is no longer available just to the c suite executives or the celebrity at $30 for 30 minutes. the starting price is making it more affordable, and bon ceo says with the growth and crime over the past year and sadly. for the past few weeks, as well as a rise in domestic violence over the past year, up as much as 8% were saying a growth and the interest in their services were joined today by ira. he is a bodyguard that works here in new york city, are were in the diamond district here in manhattan, where it is conceivable someone doing some shopping for jewelry might want a bodyguard to come along with them. but what are some of the reasons why you see people requesting your services?
5:58 pm
that's what we've seen an uptick in request the services for simple, everyday things like real. through showing residences, people out shopping. businessman conducting financial transactions or even friends out on the night on the town. they want to make sure they get home safely. now i'm sure you bring real peace of mind for your clients. but if you want to reach a level where you have to physically intervene are you ready to do that? absolutely myself and many other guards that worked with bob are veterans of long forced most local and federal myself. 5 20 years experience protecting heads of state and other dignitaries. so yes, we are prepared. we are trained and we have a good situational awareness of what's happening around this. great thank you for that insight ira and bond ceo tells us that the company is now poised for growth in the international market over the past decade, the services for private security guards have grown from $20 billion industry, the $30 billion industry and private bodyguards. that market
5:59 pm
is expected to reach $350 billion every. growth over the next six years, signals that maybe this could be room for job seekers in the years to come. we're in manhattan, new york, lydia, who for fox business. this is ktvu fox. two news at six tonight a police shooting on highway 84. fremont is under investigation and traffic in this area is at a complete standstill right now, all lanes of eastbound highway 84 are closed, causing a traffic backup there for miles. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie and i'm frank somerville. the chp is the lead agency in the investigation. and just about an hour ago, we look. learned that it was a fremont police officer who was involved in the shooting. it all started just before three o'clock this afternoon, and it ended on highway 84 near arden would boulevard not far from the
6:00 pm
ardent would historic farm. want to show you a live look now from sky fox highway, 84 is completely shut down in the eastbound direction on lee one lane is open in the westbound direction as we pan out here, you'll get a sense of just how bad. traffic is it is literally at a standstill. it literally stretches for miles, and from what we gather the investigation could go on for some time here, so if you're in that area, make sure that you stay away from eastbound 84 near arden would park hardwood farms. excuse me for the very latest now on the investigation, as you can see here, the pan just keeps going. i mean, the traffic is just awful tonight. for the latest. here we go toe azenith smith. she's on the phone force with what she's been able to learn as that. yes brings us an absolute traffic nightmare, and we know there was a large police presence still on scene and so far what? i've beeab


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