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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  March 28, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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that left a suspect dead and the wild police chase that left a family dog with a gunshot wound. how police say it all started. this is ktvu fox two news at six. and we begin tonight in danville, which was just named the safest city in california. but today, people took to the streets to protest the second police killing there in just over two years. evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. that protest in march ended about an hour ago. ktvu is greg liggins joins us now, with the latest on the case and. today's events, greg yeah, julie, the man who died is 32 year old tyro wilson, a
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homeless black man stricken with mental illness. now danville contracts. they're policing out to the contra costa county sheriff's department and on march, 11th wilson was stopped by an offer. responding to a call and was shot and killed his march in danville began close to where 32 year old tyra wilson's life ended near the park and ride line on sycamore valley road and camino ramon in the past year, law enforcement in contra costa county have responded to incidents of objects being thrown on the highways, sometimes with deadly results. the officer was in danville looking into such a case when he encountered wilson crossing the street. during their confrontation, the officer reported. wilson took out a knife was ordered multiple times to drop it, but instead advanced toward the officer who fired one fatal shot. we do know this. there are witnesses who contradicts what the officer had to say. attorney john burris is representing wilson's family and says three witnesses say
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wilson did not initiate any threatening movements toward the officer, which questions the use of deadly force. he also says sheriff's did not give any context around the limited photo evidence they released on facebook, whether you had a nine for not in another self does not justify of shooting and killing him unless he attacks you, dozens of people marched through downtown on their way to the police station to honor wilson. and raise awareness about police treatment of the homeless and mentally ill. they took a knee and blocked traffic to bring attention to their cause. burrows says wilson was known to many in the community since he lived in an encampment there for some time, he says, officer hall should have also been aware of wilson and his mental status. franco's the question of. police tactics under the circumstances and attacked is will become a critical issue here, verses also representing a family in another deadly danville shooting officer, hall was involved in in 2018 hole, fired several shots into the moving car of lattimer are valetta, a
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mentally ill filipino man who has had to be ringing doorbells in the area. now, video evidence showed hall jumping from behind his patrol car in front of our villages vehicle, so the official account. that are. the letter was trying to run over the officer was contradicted. now, barry says he's also very eager to see the video evidence in the wilson case. frank greg logan's life force tonight, greg thank you. the city of berkeley is considering banning some of the less lethal weapons that police use. the city council is expected to discuss the new ordinance on tuesday. it would permanently ban police from using pepper spray tear gas, water cannons and other devices to control crowds. some of those devices were used by police last spring during protests for black lives matter, and george floyd. they were trying to disperse crowds that were violating the city curfew. back in june, the city council adopted a temporary ban on those devices. this new ordinance would make the ban permanent. police in san
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francisco are investigating a sideshow in the mission district officers say it happened just before eight o'clock last night on mission between 23rd and 26. threes this is video from the citizen app. police say four pedestrians were struck by vehicles. their injuries were non life threatening. officers say there now trying to track down the suspects. police in antioch are still searching for a man who they say shot a dog and broke into a home while trying to escape officers. it all started at about 6 30 last night when police and oakley came to antioch while chasing a stolen car. the driver eventually crash and was arrested, but the passenger got away. he ran into a residential area jumped a fence into a backyard and shot a dog that approached him, police say, then shot out a sliding glass door while the homeowner and his son were in the living room. police say the suspect and left the home and got away. anyone with information about this case is asked to call police. and berkeley. today, several 100 people turned out
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for a stop asian hate rally that was organized by a 12 year old girl at the beginning of the pandemic men if a door who is asian, spoke out about xenophobia at a school assembly. ah year later, she says that she wanted to take more action. at first she had planned to just hanging awareness sign from the university avenue pedestrian bridge that crosses interstate 80. but then she and her friends decided to organize the ap. i youth rising rally in berkeley today. we are the future were young people were going to grow up in. do things souto porton to hear from us. and um yeah, also, i feel like it also brings a bit more power when you start speaking, because, um, e. don't know when you get involved with it, and it heightens its been that is a pretty impressive 12 year old. today's rally included speeches by youth leaders, community activists and berkeley city council members. they then
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marched to the pedestrian bridge, where they continued the rally and held up signs for passing drivers to see some of the younger students in the berkeley unified school district head back to the classroom tomorrow, most students in preschool to second grade will return to campus for five days a week of in person instruction. others and those younger grades will continue distance learning at home. older students will be phased in over the next several weeks, but some details of berkeley's back to school plan are still being worked out and tomorrow is a big day for students and teachers in the san ramon valley unified school district after a unanimous vote by the board of education, the district will return hybrid students in grades one through 12 2 full day in person instruction four days a week, starting tomorrow. the decision came just a few days after the california department of public health issued new guidance for schools. it changed the physical distancing requirement from six ft. 23 ft. between students in the classroom. many parents and teachers. urging
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the district to return to in person learning uber is set to reopen their new headquarters actually open their new headquarters in san francisco tomorrow. the one million square foot complex is next to the chase center in the mission bay neighborhood construction was completed during the pandemic. the offices of the huge new facility will open in 20% capacity, and uber employees will still have the option of working from home for at least the next few months. microsoft will start bringing back employees to their headquarters near seattle. as of tomorrow, the company has given employees who work at their facility and redmond, washington, three options they can either work full time at their offices, or they can continue to work from home. or they could do a mixture of both. microsoft has a similar plan for its workers around the world. a new study shows that pregnant women and their babies have a strong immune response to the coronavirus vaccine. the study was done by researchers at harvard and mighty and massachusetts general hospital. it looked at 131 women. some of
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them were pregnant and or breast feeding. they all received either the fizer or modern a vaccine. researchers say that no matter if you're pregnant or not, you're going to have a great antibody response to the vaccines. data also shows and the bodies were found in the mother's umbilical. or blood and breast milk, face masks, gloves and other ppe must be protecting us from covid-19, but they're harming the environment. today in pacifica volunteers walked up and down lindholm are state beach collecting discarded mask, plastic gloves and sanitary wipes. the cleanup was organized by the pacific of beach coalition organizers say disposable face masks and gloves often contained plastics or other materials that are harmful to marine life. they have microfibers in there. they have plastic. that breaks in the lots and smaller and smaller pieces and each one of those pieces and becomes consumable by the plankton and by the little micro organisms in the ocean, and then it goes up the food chain. it comes
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back to us in the food, we eat. volunteers say during each cleanup, they find dozens of mass and gloves on the beach and in parking lots. historic building in downtown san jose now has a new home after being picked up literally and moved. ktvu is james taurus shows us that traveling apartment house if you will, that was saved from demolition and what we used for next. icu could not miss it. well, we're moving a building today and not just any building the historic palace in apartments, two stories and more than 100 years old. it faced demolition but survived. everybody liked the win win situation. but this is a win. win win, win. the preservation action council fought to keep the building intact. they won over the san jose city council who sold the building to habitat for humanity after the building is placed here. today. this afternoon. there'll be a period probably about nine months. we'll be doing site preparation, so the foundation will have to be prepared. the site will be prepared. all the
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utility connections will be made. it traveled about a quarter mile on wheels down reade street and san jose. now it will sit waiting for renovations yeah, and conquered n
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saint peter's basilica at the vatican marking the beginning of easter week for the second straight year, it was a pared down service with only 120 people inside during pre pandemic times, palm sunday would draw tens of thousands to st peter square for an elaborate outdoor ceremony. there's now hope that that huge cargo ship that had been stuck in the suez canal might soon don't be freed. egyptian authorities say high tide tonight should help them get the ship moving again. the suez canal is crucial for shipping and right now there was a huge backup of cargo ships waiting to go through the suez canal more tonight from fox news tray yanks in jerusalem. good evening, this massive vessel called the ever given has been stuck in the suez canal since tuesday. officials though, are hopeful it could be freed as early as tonight. multiple tugboats are being used to push the ship, though it's moved just inches since efforts began today will be critical for egyptian and dutch salvage teams who are working to get
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the vessel dislodged. ah full moon tonight comes with higher tides, takingcess. there are ot. egyptian president abdel fattah el sisi ordered preparations to remove 18,300 containers that are onboard this skyscraper sized boat if needed around 12% of global trade passes through the suez canal, and each day the cargo ship is stuck affects $9 billion worth of goods. there has been an outpouring of support from the international community that is broadly affected by this incident is it was with regards to the american assistance. we thank them from here for the office off equipment. all consultations they are ready to give any assistance and i think we still buy them as announced that they are ready to cooperate. we will ask for the assistance at the right time. god willing, the suez canal authority defended their safety record this weekend, saying nearly 19,000 vessels passed
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through this canal last year, and there wasn't a single accident recorded in jerusalem. trade angst, fox news in indonee investigating say palm sunday was concluding as two attackers detonated at least one device outside 20 people were hurt. the two bombers were the only people killed. indonesia's government says it believes the attack is connected to the same group behind the bombing in the philippines last year. protesters are back on the streets of myanmar today after another wave of violence from the military. terry. security forces shot and killed at least 114 people yesterday. the military is now trying to crack down on pro democracy protests after it instigated a coup almost two months ago, the country's democratically elected leader remains in jail. us secretary of state anthony blinken, the u. n and several other countries have condemned the military's actions. severe
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storms, including tornadoes moved through the south, leaving at least seven people dead, countless homes and businesses have been left in peace is fox is charles watson with more tonight from atlanta? thousands remain without power after more severe weather moved across parts of the southern us clean up. efforts are underway after some two dozen tornadoes were reported across five states claiming multiple lives in alabama, georgia and mississippi. officials say one of those tornadoes was on the ground for more than an hour. traveling nearly 100 miles. those people who lost their homes, most lives and her family. this is devastating tennessee content bqe and the carolinas are also feeling the impact of the weather experiencing dangerous thunderstorms, winds and flooding. meanwhile authorities in alabama are crediting tornado tracking technology with saving lives, first responders and shelby county say dispatches were able to act
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quickly getting early warnings out to residents. we ceased operations for about six minutes for our police and fire emergency responders and you know where is in the past. have been 30 to 45 minutes of the cease of operations. those storms making their way from alabama to georgia, bringing down trees and power lines, numerous businesses and a high school in newnan were extensively damaged. it is a lot different from anything i've ever seen just total destruction in many places, the national weather service says. wind speeds peak that 170 mph at the height of the storm. in atlanta drones. watson fox news, the biden administration is coming under increasing pressure to open facilities at the southern border to the press today, the white house press secretary, defended the controversial policy. just last week, we had a pool camera, including allowing providing footage to fox news just last
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week into the shelters. we want to provide access into the border patrol facilities were mindful of the fact that we're in the middle of a pandemic. we want to keep these kids safe. keep the staff safe, but we were absolutely committed to transparency, jen psaki did not say when those facilities would be open more fully, though to the media. and minneapolis. opening statements are set to begin tomorrow in the trial of derrick show, vin, the former police officer, is charged with murder and manslaughter for the death of george floyd on memorial day of last year. shove it was seen on video holding his knee on george floyd's neck for about nine minutes, while floyd was handcuffed, lying face down on the street and telling them that he couldn't breathe. the killing sparked black lives matter demonstrations across the country and created yet another national debate on race and. social justice, first lady joe biden is heading to california this week to mark the caesar chavez holiday. dr
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brydon plans to visit the 40 acres monument north of bakersfield on wednesday. that's where cesar chavez first received national attention and despite to improve the conditions for farm workers in the 19 sixties. wednesday is also the birthday of the legendary civil rights leader and the founder of the united farm workers. the average u. s. price of gas jump in nickel per gallon over the past two weeks. a gallon of regular is now to 94 industry analyst trilby lundberg said today that the price of the pump might be near its peak as gas supplies even out across the country. the price of gas is spike 77 cents per gallon since last november. and is that its highest point since may of 2019, the highest average price in the nation right now is 3 94 gallons in the san francisco bay area. the lowest average is 2 54 in baton rouge, louisiana. oh pretty darn nice weekend out there. we had temperatures last couple of days. in the low eighties we
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saw 80 degrees and fairfield today 80 and antioch. the inland number stayed about the same as yesterday, but the coastal numbers came down a good 10 degrees, and that's because the fog is back. a lot of fog along the coast. it looks. spring out there the pant the plan this week is this temperatures over the weekend warm. they're going to cool tomorrow and they're gonna warm as we go into the middle and end of next week back into the eighties, maybe even mid eighties. so cool down tomorrow and then it's back on the upward slope for temps. there's the fog coming in. it's a strong high pressures. he was pressing the fog down, so it's not really a deep marine layer it also it's kind of funneling through the san bruno gap there on that. basically is going to set us up with a cool night all along the coast where you're going to see you know, jackets and hoodies and whatever you need, because it's not warm out in the sunset current temperatue the green. that's the sea breeze essentially right. that's the ice a term currents map degree would represent the cooler, moister marine air that is spilling in not just into the bay, but also kind of
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filtering up into the north bay and into the south bay overnight lows tonight above freezing. not, i wouldn't say really unusually cool. just 39 in santa rosa. so just kind of a typical night for this time of year and then san francisco tomorrow, mostly sunny after you know the fog of the coast, but downtown will be sunny by nine o'clock and it ends up in the city in the 65 degree range for a high and that's because there will be a sea breeze a westerly wind, but tomorrow is the cool day. the cool down day and then temperatures on tuesday and wednesday come up significantly and they come up significantly on thursday and friday as well. you see that in the five day forecast, so we are in tow, no rain dry pattern yet again again. it looks like certainly not this five day or six day period. are we going tse beyond that. we're not gonna see rain anytime soon, either. so there you go. temperatures warm up on wednesday and thursday, cool down a little bit towards next weekend, but then they want to warm up again. so it is spring it is here. tree pollens. you bet there are trending high right now. boggs going to be a player
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at the coast now for the next few few days as we go into this week. all right. well, we'll see you later. thank you. it has been anything but madness for the stanford women's basketball team. how the cardinal continued their dominance in the women's basketball tournament. joe fonzi up next with sports and coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news lawmakers visit the three spots that were targeted by a gunman in atlanta. now they're pushing atlanta. now they're pushing it's back, guys! check it out! what up, people? jack! what are you doing in my car? oh, just sharing my triple bonus jack combo... triple meat and cheese, secret sauce... go ahead, tell them how much it is... it's just $5.99! only at jack in the box. sorry, what were you going to say?
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it's...a pretty legit combo. a concert at an arena in barcelona last night. everyone was required required to undergo rapid covid-19 test earlier in the day, which was included in the price of tickets. three people tested positive they were not allowed in and were given a refund masks were also required. but social distance in wasn't the concert was a government approved test to see whether similar events might be able to start up again. good evening, everyone. here's what's happening today. in sports. the stanford women said they didn't play their a game on their way to the ncaa tournament's final 16. that certainly wasn't the case in today's game against missouri state, and you can't
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blame the missouri state bears if they were a little psyched out about this watching friend. believe me put on the dunking show during pregame sanford jumped out to an early lead, thanks in part to kiana williams, stanford's all time three point shooter with three of her 16 points and earning the approval of her family from the san antonio area. anna wilson contributed 13. and she makes the steal here flies in for the hope. she had family members in attendance as well. her quarterback brother, russell, believe he had a chance for a little show time in the fourth quarter. stanford forces another turnover believe he's in the open floor, she settles for a layup instead. pretty obvious what her teammates wanted her to do. stanford wins big 89 62 stanford in the final eight for the 21st time in school history and will next meet ruble, which tonight people we're getting in the men's tournament. top seed again. zag is about the closest thing there is to an automatic through timmy and the bulldogs taking on creighton. the blue jays were game but just too much talent on the bulldogs.
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andrew nem heart finding timmy cutting to the hoop. timmy leads the bulldogs with 22 points. they roll 83 $65 to the winner of oregon usc tonight's final game. bay bridge. syriza arizona style today gave kapler of the giants hosting bob melvin and the a's okay. in front one nothing in the fifth when matt olsen did what he's done a lot of this spring, holsten sends a sam selman pitch into orbit and into the right field pavilion number six of the spring for olson two run shot that made it three nothing. the giants of it a few home runs this spring as well, mike, you stream ski off don't jeffries in the fifth? that's them before the spring for your stransky theeighties get nine runs on 12 hits against 10 giant pictures 93, the final day of pick two teams play one more time before the games. start counting for real. a couple of weeks ago, the pros were on this course. that's the famous 17th island green at tpc sawgrass. that's former raider and nfl hall of famer tim brown on the t and a charity
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tournament sponsored by tim brown, and that's a hole in one something any number of pros will play this hole with love one day to achieve. that is pretty impressive. you see the pros and they're just hoping to not get it in the water. tim brown steps up there and makes a hole in one going back to the tournament. who's the biggest surprise for you so far in that tournament? well there's always a couple of surprises in the in the sweet 16, and that's where kind of the rubber meets the road or roberts. pretty good example of that, but, you know, i still think it is absolutely gonzaga's tournament to win. they're the closest thing there is to an automatic and they showed that that's what they're about today as well. yeah that oral roberts game against arkansas last night was a close one was 72. 70 final last night. yeah, it wasn't and you know that. like i said, it's one thing to get there in the in the final 16. but then, ah lot of those cinderella's that's where it comes to an end. but you're right, julie. they gave him all they wanted last
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night. okay. all right, joe. thank you. thanks frank. thanks everybody for joining us. we'll everybody for joining us. we'll see you tonight at 10 and 11. all right, raj has played his phantom warlord card, and i am going to back him up with my strangling vines. choke on that, sucka. okay, well, then i'll just cut your vines with my ruby sword. that's right, i did it. i cut 'em. um... i have a question. warlord beats troll, troll beats elf, elf beats water sprite, and basically everything beats enchanted bunny. unless you have the carrot of power. okay, i've got another question. when does this get fun? are we going to talk or are we going to play "mystic warriors of ka-ah"? just play a potion card. which one?


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