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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 28, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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fox two starts now the pandemic has changed all of our lives over the past year. but as more bay area counties are opening up, some people are experiencing anxiety. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville in the next few days, alameda and napa counties will likely enter the orange tear. ktvu zama gauss is here now, with more on what that'll mean and how people are feeling as we start to get back to normal life, emma frank seiko therapists in the bay area are noticing a polarizing effect. while some people are eager to return to the way things were and get back to normal, others are exercising extreme caution. a picture. ask sunday at campbell park brought out picnickers at group fitness classes, masks on, lee loosely enforced. it's kind of cool seeing everyone get back together, you know some sense of normalcy, but not everything feels normal anymore. we went
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to the boardwalk, and there is a lot of people there, and it was pretty anxious because you know, i haven't built around that many people in awhile. starting monday, some over employees can choose to work from the ride share companies san francisco headquarters on third street after completing a virtual training, taking a daily health screening and consenting to follow covid safety precautions. i'm definitely seeing that in my practice, i feed on my students. and so how it shows up is folks might want to leave. but then they've gotten very comfortable actually living in the environment that they're living in oakland psychotherapist keeney chang sees some clients struggling to adjust to life outside of quarantine and cautious about reentering places that have been off limits for the past year. those that have been very cautious in the pandemic are also cautious in their transition out. health experts say it with masks, social distancing and more people vaccinated. there's less of a chance for another covid surge,
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but cases are rising in states where masked mandates and restrictions have gone away. some of the cautionary tales are. the very instant, more widely circulating so it probably will be less forgiving. if we do have enough people getting it as restrictions ease, chang advises. people transition into activities based on their own comfort level and redefine what normal means to them. where is still grieving in so many different levels? right? but um, we're also coming back from a place where you know we're learning to see the beauty in life over is bringing people back to the office on a voluntary basis and captain capacity at 20% frank. mm gosh, life force tonight, emma. thank you. microsoft is going to start bringing back employees to their headquarters near seattle tomorrow. the company has given employees who work their facility in redmond, washington, three options they
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can either work at their offices full time or they can continue to work from home. or they can do a mixture of both. microsoft has a similar plan for their workers around the world. and here in the bay area, stanford will be welcoming back some students to campus tomorrow, the university says juniors and seniors will be allowed to return for the start of the spring quarter. most instruction, though, will remain online. my. dealing from the stanford school of medicine suggests the spread of covid-19 will be manageable this spring. students who are on campus are required to be tested for covid-19 twice a week now to the coronavirus pandemic, roughly a third of the adults in the united states have now received the coronavirus vaccine, a tracker created by the new york times shows more than 91 million americans have now been given at least one dose. to put that in perspective, the overall population in the u. s. is 328 million. nearly every state has now said they'll be able to comply with president biden's
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directive to make all adults eligible for the vaccine. by may, 1st on lee two states, arkansas and new york still haven't declared a timeline for their residents to get the shots in contra costa county. the vaccine may soon be available to people as young as 16 years old county health officials said today. they expect to open eligibility to those 16 years or older. later this week, and that all depends on how many appointments are available. the county is urging residents who are currently eligible to make an appointment as soon as possible in order to beat the expected rush. those who qualify right now are over the age of 50 with a high risk condition, disability and a certain essential workers and amusement park in contra costa county will become a mass vaccination site starting this tuesday. six flags hurricane harbor and conquered will operate as a drive thru vaccine clip. it is a joint venture among the county, the city of concord and kaiser permanente doses will be administered by
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appointment. only the health department hopes to eventually give shots to as many as 15,000 people a week. contra costa county is hoping to move from the red tear to the even less restrictive, orange colored tear by april, 7th. and you can have much more find out much more about the vaccine rollout and the coronavirus pandemic. we have all the latest developments right on our website at ktvu .com. rallies to denounce asian hate are not slowing down. instead they're gaining momentum across the bay area gatherings were held today to show support for the asian american and pacific islander communities. ktvu is azenith smith here now with how young people are getting involved, including a 12 year old girl who's pretty impressive azenith smith. yes, they're all pretty impressive, frank. several events today where young people organized or spoke up against hate, not just a big city issue, but smaller cities, taking a stand and looking to heal. roughly 100
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people gathered at league elizabeth and fremont on this sunny sunday afternoon to rise up against hate and free themselves of fear. it's especially scary knowing that way live in a society like this, where it feels almost unsafe. this mission high school student organized the event to get the fremont community involved and youth engaged. there's a lot of times where there's a lot of stereotyping microaggressions perpetuated against the asian american community in berkeley, a 12 year old or. agonized this stop asian hate rally where several 100 people turned out. we are the future were young people were going to grow up in. do things souto porton to hear my family from us. i am not a virus. i am not your finish and milpitas, empowering words from a 10 year old filipina girl named maha lena, referring to the eight people killed, six of them asian women in atlanta area spaz. before the speeches.
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a solidarity march. the recent attack in georgia among nearly 4000 hate crimes reported in the country last year, many saying that number is likely much higher. we're not really taught to speak up or not talked to all. let me go report that crimes the cops with this country is made up off immigrants, so there should be no hate for anyone. this fremont resident sharing similar pain and grief of faith. think people giving me like, you know, i don't belong here. the. all are one. we just have different colors of skin. the resounding message. actions like these won't let up as long as the violence the hate crimes continue, and at the fremont rally, some changes they wanted to see investments and ethnic studies and education as well as investments in mental health support, frank azenith smith life force tonight has nothing qanon test in danville today, this one, though, in the wake of the. town second deadly
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police shooting in two years and ktvu greg legans tells us that the same officer was involved in both of those shootings. march in danville began close to where 32 year old tyro wilson's life ended near the park and ride line on sycamore valley road and camino ramon in the past year, law enforcement in contra costa county have responded to incidents of objects being thrown on the highways, sometimes with deadly results. the officer was in danville looking into such. case when he encountered wilson crossing the street during their confrontation, the officer reported. wilson took out a knife was ordered multiple times to drop it, but instead advanced toward the officer who fired one fatal shot. we do know this air witnesses who contradicts what the officer had to say. attorney john burris is representing wilson's family and says three witnesses say wilson did not initiate any threatening movements toward the officer, which questions the use of deadly force. he also says here's did not give any context around the limited
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photo evidence they released on facebook, whether you had a nine for not in and of itself does not justify shooting and killing him unless he attacks you. dozens of people marched through downtown on their way to the police station to honor wilson and raise awareness about policement of the homeless and mentally ill. they took a knee and blocked traffic to bring attention to their cause. burrows says wilson was known to many in the community since he lived in an encampment there for some time, he says, officer hall i should have also been aware of wilson and his mental status that goes to the question of police tactics under the circumstances and attacked it will become a critical issue here. morris has also representing a family and another deadly danville shooting officer hall was involved in in 2018 hall fired several shots into the moving car of lattimer are valetta, a mentally ill filipino man who was said to be ringing doorbells in the area. video evidence showed hall jumping from behind his patrol car in front of our villages vehicle,
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contradicting the official account that are valetta was intentionally trying to run him over. were says he is also eager to see the video evidence in the wilson case. greg liggins, ktvu fox two news. i knew at 11. qatari police are crediting the community's help in finding a suspect in the sexual battery of a minor at a local grocery store. police say the man sexually battered a minor last tuesday night at oliver's market in ca toddy surveillance images of the suspects were then circulated and public tips and assistance from neighboring agencies helped investigators identify the suspect. he was arrested the following day and then booked into the county jail. the suspect's name has not been released. that massive container ship that's stuck in the suez canal tonight. it's still blocking the canal. but there has been some progress. we'll have an update after the break and temperatures back into the eighties today, but a big cool down tomorrow. a
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significant cool down that warm up and then we'll go looking for rain. i'll see you back here after the break, and senator dianne feinstein has broken an impressive record. what she fine. may his today. tha
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times reports that feinstein became the longest serving senator history. today she's been in office for
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more than 10,300 days, and that breaks the record set by hiram johnson. he's a former governor who served in the senate for march 1917 until his death in august of 1945. feinstein is 87 years old. she was first elected in 1992. she says she's proud of the work she's done over the years for the environment, national security, consumer safety and economic opportunity. republicans are urging president biden to take action at the u. s mexico border as detention centers continue to fill up, fox news mark meredith tells us that someone makers are now suggesting a return to the asylum policies from the trump administration. president biden dismissed news that former president trump is going to be making a trip in the weeks ahead to the u. s southern border. it's unclear despite with what's going on at the border win, president biden may make a visit himself. the president spoke to reporters before boarding air force one on his way back to washington.
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republican senators at the border, former president trump said he's been asked by some border patrol agents to go to the border. we are putting in place a plan that i feel very confident about and. and i don't care what the other guy does. republicans say the overcrowding in detention centers is not only a health hazard, but a national security crisis. they're urging the biden administration to restart asylum policies from the previous trump administration that required some migrants to wait in central america. instead of coming to the u. s border. we should care the mortar. we did the. safe third country agreements. we built the wall. we established to remain in mexico program. president biden comes in and he dismantles everything and he basically re adopts president obama's policy. the president will lay out his economic agenda during a speech in pittsburgh on wednesday, but more details about his plans for health care and social programs. that's likely to come a little bit later on in april. republicans they're likely to revolt against any plans that
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would raise taxes either on corporations or wealthier individual. rules, but the president says he is willing to listen to lawmakers from both parties when it comes to how to fund infrastructure projects in wilmington, delaware. mark meredith fox news. first lady joe biden is heading to california this week to mark the cesar chavez holiday. dr biden plans to visit the 40 acres monument north of bakersfield on wednesday. that's where cesar chavez first received national attention in this fight to improve the conditions of farm workers back in the 19 sixties. wednesday is also the birthday of the legendary civil rights leader and founder of the united farm workers. opening statements are set to begin tomorrow in the trial of former minneapolis police officer derrick show vin. he is facing three charges for the killing of george floyd. if convicted, he could potentially face up to 40 years in prison show and put his knee on floyd's neck for almost nine minutes while trying to arrest him, even though floyd kept
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saying he was having trouble breathing, floyd's death sparked worldwide outrage, months of protests and riots in some places. high profile trials expected to last for several weeks and dependent on the outcome. this could have widespread implications for policing. now we want the court, the show is america prepared toe hold police accountable and make them pay when they are wrong. the three other ex officers involved in floyd's death are scheduled to stand trial in august. they're charged with manslaughter and aiding and abetting second degree murder, that massive container ship that was stuck in the suez canal has now been partially freed, authorities said. salvage teams have been using tugboats to try to free that ship. at this point, officials have not said when the ship will be freed. but earlier today, egyptian authorities said the high tide tonight should be. well to help in getting that vessel moving again. the ship has been stuck
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since tuesday, causing a major blockage about 15% of the world's shipping traffic uses the canal and more than 130 ships are still waiting to get through. beautiful day today last saturday, well saturday and sunday. the last two days have been really nice temperatures in the eighties inland, except today. the coastal sections cooled significantly and tomorrow we're going to see more significant cooling. here's the weekend temperatures kind of got up there and then big drop off tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow in the back into the seventies. so where there were eighties of the 72 73 something like that, xena be 5 to 8 degrees, and then if significant warm up as we get into the five day forecast towards the middle of the week, so it's kind of the roller coaster and you notice in there. we're not pointing at any rain not seeing anything this week. we're really even into next week. that can change but it doesn't look good for rain or snow, the highest from today. there's those eighties but then looking like san francisco and
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pacifica sama te'o just in the sixties, so cooled off that fog really came, can pushing in current temperatures will stay above freezing tonight we'll see numbers. generally in the upper thirties, and the coldest spots this lake tahoe just full moon tonight and in that beautiful shot, they're coming from from the south side. the lake there, are we think from the south side of lake. and then forecast overnight lows above freezing as i mentioned 42 fairfield 47 yak, i think maybe a little frost in the north bay, but it's a good time. i'm not seeing any real freezing weather coming, so i know gardeners are starting to think about putting stuff in the ground. the forecast for san francisco fremont oakland, redwood city is this. it's mostly sunny all day. san francisco, though instead of. low seventies as it has been, it's going to be in the mid sixties, and then it warms up rapidly on tuesday, wednesday and thursday, but it's definitely cools off significantly tomorrow, even though if you look at these numbers that's not bad for april. mostly sunny and i called mild warm just compared
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to relative compared to what we've been seeing the last couple of days. and then the five day forecast. i'll pop the weekend in here, too. but you see on wednesday and thursday, we get up there into the mid eighties. and then by the weekend, we're going a few clouds and maybe a temperature cool down by sunday into this sixties again, but just a classic spring pattern i think will notice more wind along the coast in the end of the coastal fog is in there in earnest, so it's there along the great highway on down by devil slide pacifica. so watch out for that in the morning. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. okay, but we'll see then. thank you, a century old building in san jose was moved literally down the street. today it was an unusual sight is cruz moved the two story apartment building about a quarter of a mile down reade street. the building was gonna be knocked down, but the preservation action council fought to keep it intact. it was then sold to habitat for humanity. the organization says that they're going to remodel the building and use it for affordable housing. after the building is placed here today, this afternoon, there'll be a period probably about nine months. what we'll be doing
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site preparation, so the foundational have to be prepared. the site will be prepared. all the utility connections will be made. credible that they can move an apartment like that down the street habitat for humanity says it will recruit volunteers to renovate the apartment. they expect to begin those renovations early next year. coming up at 11 30 on sports wrap joe fonzi takes a closer look at how some high school athletes or juggling multiple sports all at once. now that covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, but at first after the break a grassroots effort to protect seniors in san francisco's chinatown the simple item volunteers passed simple item volunteers passed out to help them in case they it's back, guys! check it out! what up, people? jack! what are you doing in my car? oh, just sharing my triple bonus jack combo... triple meat and cheese, secret sauce... go ahead, tell them how much it is... it's just $5.99! only at jack in the box. sorry, what were you going to say? this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually forces you
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the triple meat and cheese you need... the secret sauce you love... plus curly fries and a drink. it's...a pretty legit combo. and it's just $5.99. only at jack in the box. and killed eight people. nearly two weeks ago, congresswoman jody to a rather judy to is the chair of the congressional asian pacific american caucus. she and several members of the caucus traveled to atlanta to show support for the victims and advocate for the attack to be prosecuted as a hate crime. police say 21 year old robert long killed four people at one spot. they say he then went to two other spots in the atlanta area and killed four more people. six of the eight people who were killed or asian, there were two rallies in los angeles county today to show solidarity with the asian community. this
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collective pain beats in our chests and leaves us heavy lord, do you feel the way that it takes? in los angeles space letters held a prayer rally its soul international park in the city's koreatown. dozens of people turned out and prayed for an end to the hate. there was also a rally in carson near long beach, the mayor of carson said an attack against some in the community is an attack against the entire community. it has been a difficult and worrisome time for asian americans, especially the older population. ktvu sam relief shows us a new campaign to protect seniors who are living in san francisco. in a town and it all started with a woman who spent her own money to buy a simple. but effective safety tool, hundreds of low income seniors who live in san francisco chinatown received whistles as. a way to protect themselves. in cantonese, volunteers explained how to use
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the whistles. they're provided. by hina alvarado morse ah high school math teacher, she says. the recent anti asian. violence enraged her a reminder of her korean grandmother being beaten up many years ago, seeing all that was happening to our agent elders just reminded me of that. and it just made me so sad that i couldn't not help turning anger into action. she tells me she initially bought 200 whistles to distribute that led to a go fund me so far, she says she's been able to buy 9000. each whistle is on a detachable lanyard. this will break apart if somebody tries to grab the lanyard. this'll 71 year old says she's grateful for the whistle. what? well you know how long we're happy now? she tells me she used to take daily walks around chinatown but stopped because she fears being attacked when you yank. get it becomes a loud sound.
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personal alarms on a key chain were also given out. ah project started by jenna knew in from san jose. i just like i couldn't take it anymore. i was like, you know what i need to defend my community organizers say the day of action coincides with the naturalization act of 17 92 131 years ago. it was a law the united states congress passed that granted citizenship to white immigrants. but. excluded. asians and others were trying to, like, use it as a zoo. way to modify. i'm into collaborating bring communities together a day to remember the history of racism and embrace people off all cultures, especially defenseless elders. if it wasn't a pandemic, i would want to go over and hug everybody, you know, and just tell him how much i support them and want to make sure they're safe. thank you so much. in addition to these events immunity leaders are urging people to volunteer with asian nonprofits and to push
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companies large and small to denounce asian hate in san francisco, chinatown amberleigh ktvu, fox two news of their wayp out. i love saying that sure is, yeah, it is a good thing. and that is our report for tonight. thanks so much for joining us. it's wrapped with joe and jason is coming up next night, frank, can i everybody, let's see tomorrow. stay. women cruise butl
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aren't satisfied. i still don't think we're playing our best basketball yet how the cardinal turned today's game with missouri state into a laugher on the men's side. it's a pac 12 party ruins dance into the elite eight bruins, beavers and trojans among the eight teams still playing game one of the bay bridge series. desert style with opening day now, just four days away, who will the 49ers target after trading up in the draft? and what does it mean for the one time face of the franchise feels great baby on how high school athletes are
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