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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 30, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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tattoo shop in the east bay is searching for answers tonight after he says his business was targeted by an arsonist. i don't see why anybody would come to such a horrible crime. the fire caused extensive damage to his business, and that's going to keep him from reopening this week for what would have been the first time in months. even ever'm and i'm e
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julie haener, the owner says he has no idea why his shop would have been targeted. but new attendee showed ktvu is amberleigh the damage and what may have been used to set the fire. she joins us now live from berkeley with the latest amber julie. the shop is located here on euclid avenue just steps from uc berkeley. the owner tells me he's never had trouble before. in fact, he was planning to open his business tomorrow after months of being shut down due to the pandemic. now he doesn't know what he'll do next. everything you see is gone. james the owner of jesse james tattoo in berkeley, says there's nothing left to salvage after someone deliberately set his shop on fire. on march 18th at 5 16 in the morning. ah, person has seen and heard on surveillance video, breaking the front window and hurling an object inside. flames spread quickly within 23 minutes. it was gone
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scared and not knowing who did it. why the smell of smoke still heavy as james shows me what's left of two plastic containers containing a chemical that may have been the accelerant used. set the fire. that's the molotov. you could see the towel. james says he doesn't know why his business was targeted but can't help but question if the motive maybe that he's mexican american, and the two artists who work here are members of the lgbt q community, we never did anything that nobody we don't you know, we get along with other tattoo shops. you know, we don't have problems and nobody. this is surveillance video from a nearby business. the campus store. the owner tells me he shared this video with police. the person is holding some thing while walking shortly before the fire. somebody came in walking around here with the guests can and a hammer and start smacking the window like he owned the
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block like he knows what he's doing, or he comes to target that business. james had hoped to reopen his shop, april 1st after being closed for months due to the pandemic now, you knowknow, turning clients away and having to tell them sorry. no stuck here cleaning a mess. this is what the shot looked like before the fire. james says he realized his dream five years ago when he started the business. my goal is to reopen my goal was to keep the shop going forever. but now i don't know, james says he discontinued his renter's insurance when he closed his business during the pandemic. we reached out to berkeley police, but they were unable to provide us with any information tonight. berkeley fired did not respond. james tells me he wants the person responsible to pay for the damages. julie amberleigh reporting live for us tonight. amber. thank you. also in
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berkeley police are investigating a serious of armed robberies that all happened within blocks of each other. according to burke, wayside, there were at least five street robberies in 10 days between march 19th and march 29th involving suspects with handguns. most of them happened at night, but one was before nine in the morning. two of them happened on blake and ellsworth streets. there was another at parker and fulton and two on channing way, the mayor of berkeley is set to attend a zoom town. hall tomorrow night to talk about the crime in his city. people who live near a park in west oakland say they're worried about a growing homeless camp, especially after a fire and gunshots in that same day new attend tonight. ktvu is deborah villalon joins us now, with the concerns that families are facing deb, it's a small neighborhood park, julie, and like many parks during the pandemic now. de facto campground. it's really loud. it's chaotic noise, and then it
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just escalates. speaking anonymously, this 12 year resident of oakland's dog town says everyone is alarmed by the park and the problems at 34th and peralta views widely shared on next door. but publicly there is fear of retaliation. this is about the fifth or sixth shooting that's occurred in this park since in the last year, when covid. hit shots fired about a dozen of them in this homeless camp monday. around noon, no one hit but with homes and apartments so close residents are fearful everyone in our house and our neighbors were scared. absolutely terrified of that. the same day, neighbors woke up to a predawn fire in the park. and then, of course, fire after go. ship has every single person in oakland terrified. this was the camps. biggest fire so far when you have a public park that is absolutely surrounded by hundreds of people and ah fire goes up like
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that it can have catastrophic consequences this time is scorched at former community garden used for food and instruction. in past years, tents have been cleared from fitzgerald union park under the city's prohibition on camping, and that should be enforced. it's putting everyone's lives at danger, but during the pandemic, health experts advised against uprooting homeless people to keep covid from spreading this camp mushroom to about 20 tents on a 2000 square foot parcel. neighbors have spoken at community forums and city council meetings where suggestions are made for sanctioned camps on surplus land with more space and security. it's basically booed out by a bunch of the advocates for homeless people. i think they intimidate and scare people, but it's not about the homelessness. it's about fires and bullets, and, he says it's about everyone's right to safety. there's a lot of kids and families around here too, you know. so it terror. five us
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adults having gunfire and violence like that being so close to it. we reached out to the city of oakland to find out what's next for the park and others like it, but no response yet homelessness a crisis so many of our communities. coping with julie, hopefully, those people can get some answ soon. and deborah. thank you, an old student dorm in oakland could become an emergency shelter for the homeless. the city of oakland is looking at taking over the lake merritt lodge on harrison street to provide shelter for the homeless during the pandemic. the city council voted yesterday to lease the 92 rooms in the building at a daily rate of $132 per room until the end of september that could cost. the city as much as $3.5 million, but they hope to be reimbursed at some point by the federal government across the bay in san francisco, now that some coronavirus restrictions are easy, officials are racing
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to find housing for homeless people who've been living in hotels. 1700 people have been staying in hotels under a temporary shelter in place program, according to the chronicle. the city has only been able to re house 180 of those people who were initially in the program. the city now says they're new goal is to get to hunt. people per month out of hotels and in the housing starting next month today for contra costa county, everyone 16 and older who lives or works in the county is now eligible to get a coronavirus vaccine tonight. the county's vaccine scheduling website wasn't allowing people though, to set up accounts due to extremely high demand. ktvu is andre senior tells us a new mass vaccination site is key to the expansion. cars traffic cones in the whole lot of caution in the parking lot of six flags, hurricane harbor water park and conquer tuesday afternoon. i think you see by the flow of traffic. we have a lot of patient people, which is really
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good patients certainly needed sky fox high above the water park showing the massive operation underway. lines of cars, people waiting to get their shot of protection from the coronavirus. the scene playing out his contra costa county health services announced that it is breaking away from the states. eligibility tear expanding vaccinations. you're 16 and over it is your turn in contra costa county. it's move that's expected to open up the floodgates for those seeking the inoculation. this is a great day because that means that anybody that's an adult that wants to get vaccinated cannon contra costa county to accommodate the rush of people sort of want the vaccine. hurricane harbor will be outfitted to eventually provide 15,000 vaccines a week. it'll continue to go until. we hit what we like to call community immunity, health officials say 97% of people, 75 years and older have been vaccinated and that 85% of those between the ages of 65 75, the age group, that's all the most covid-19 deaths have received the inoculation and roth, director
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of contra costa county health services, says the federal government has been sending more vaccines with 80,000 arriving. justice week. plenty to go around for the 375,000 residents in the county. vaccines are starting to increase this month. i think we expect them to continue to increase we and we expect tonto. the vaccines will become more abundant and more available in the weeks ahead. now this comes as health officials say covid-19 cases and hospitalizations have leveled off in the county. sadly though, this week the county received its first pediatric death related to covid-19. now, as far as the vaccine goes, you could make an appointment by calling the number 1833 vax coke. so that's 18338 to 9 26 26. you could also make an appointment online. just look for the link under this story at ktvu .com. the vaccine is on lee available to people who live and work in contra costa county. i'm andre senior ktvu,
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fox two news. marin county confirms it will align with the state's eligibility expansion this week. that means starting thursday, people 50 years and over are eligible to get a coronavirus vaccine. and then on april, 15th will expand again to include everyone age 16 and older county officials say they are relying on increased allocations from the state to help them keep up with demand. people can sign up on the county health department website. alameda county moved into the orange here today and people there couldn't be happier at livermore's shadow puppet brewing company. they're celebrating the move. being in the orange tear means that they can add capacity indoors. that's also good news for bowling alleys, which can now open a 25% capacity for movie theaters that could now move to 50% capacity and for offices, which could now open indoors, but with modifications. that cabin fever effect is wearing
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on people. and so we can shed that, finally and move on. alameda county hadn't been in the orange tear since last november in napa county. they hope to move to the orange here today, but they didn't meet the requirements. counties could move to a less restrictive tear if they maintain low case numbers and positive test rates for several weeks in a row. napa county has seen a recent uptick, though, and coronavirus cases in. including new cases at the yacht ville veterans facility. wells fargo is planning for its employees to return to the office around labor day. the san francisco based bank is aiming to return to normal operations on september 6th, citing a significant increase in covid-19 vaccine availability during the pandemic more than 60,000 wells fargo employees have been reporting to branches, operation centers and office locations while about 200,000 have been working from. home
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still ahead here. ah, horrifying attack on an asian woman in new york city as a bystander looked on tonight to bay area groups trained by standards on how to safely help victims of harassment and violence. and a big warm up today. out there. temperatures can have 5 to 10 degrees. it's going to be warmer tomorrow with possible record highs. i'll have the details after the break and a 10 30 a remarkable recovery. remember brian stone is the giants fan who was savagely beaten. outside the dodger stadium 10 years ago. we'll look at how he's doing now and also the message that is sharing with children.
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yesterday. just before noon, the victim's daughter tells ktvu, her 58 year old mother was on post street at laguna after getting take out in japantown. that's when a man shattered the passenger side window, reached inside and grabbed a purse from the floor. police say thefts in occupied cars are rare occurrences. so far, no arrests have been made. san francisco police also say they arrested a man today for threatening to shoot asian american customers at a business in the tenderloin. it
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happens sunday morning on golden gate avenue at hyde street, according to police. the man said he'd get a gun and return he ran away before officers arrived. but police say he returned to the store today and was arrested. calls nationwide to stop a p i hate have raised questions about what people should do if they see an attack happening, for example, there was a horrible beating in new york city yesterday, and bystanders saw what happened but didn't intervene. ktvu jana katsuyama here now and tells us about a bystander training workshop tonight, jenna that was held. frank tonight's workshop really tried to give people some simple actions they can take to try and help and some people say it's desperately needed. that video released today shows a woman being repeatedly kicked in the head while bystanders watched. new york city police posted video of the attack a ban kicking a 65 year old asian woman in the torso before noon
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monday and then taking her three times in the head. police say the man made anti asian statements this poor woman walking down the street just. kicked in brutalized. it was just terrible art e. coli is with the asian americans advancing justice asian law caucus. she and many people nationwide have reacted with shock coming after a big upsurge in anti asian violence shock not just at the attacker, but the bystanders who watched and didn't appear to help. i was. appalled that the security people in the building basically shut the door and did not actually go check on the welfare of this woman tuesday night, the nonprofit hollaback sponsored an online by standard training program with the asian law caucus. they discussed five ways that bystanders can help victims of harassment or violence. it was gut wrenching. and why? quite honestly, it made me angry. holla, back's
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deputy director hood. hey odd t. aga says they call it the five d strategy. direct distract delegate document the attack delay or wait to check on the victim. direct confrontation. what we saw was a classic bystander effect, which is essentially why should i be the first person to do something? if there are other people watching, and no one else is doing something, arteaga says. just picking one reaction can help support victims. you don't need to be a superhero to practice bystander intervention, the nonprofit saying they've seen a huge increase in people wanting to help you had. just i'd say over about 40,000. people register for trainings in a matter of like, four or five days. we all have to take this as a responsibility that we have as a community as a society. this is not an asian american problem. this is an american
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problem. give away at the culture that makes her the nonprofit hollaback says that they are adding more by standard training sessions toets for that woman in new york, she is in the hospital with serious injuries. the bystanders who worked in the building have been suspended and the suspect has not yet been caught. right. it really was incredible watching the three of them essentially shut the door while the woman is out there on the sidewalk, jenna, i'm wondering how often do these classes run? so they are really trying to expand them. they're done on a request basis. but in this case they have at least five or six that they have added on in april to try and meet demand, and we certainly see how ah lot of people may not have bad intentions, but they just don't know what to do. that's the point of the bai spent standard training. it sounds like a great idea. jana katsuyama jana katsuyama life force tonight, jenna. thank you. all
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right. those temperatures did warm up pretty nicely today. they're going to be warmer again tomorrow. so yesterday was a pretty significant cool down even though it was still in the sixties than today came back up into the seventies, even low eighties tomorrow gets into near record temperature temperature territory with potential mid eighties maybe even a little more than that. maybe some upper eighties we'll see how that goes. here's the warmer forecast, even if the coast is going to be in the seventies. around the bay even mid eighties around the babe and then tomorrow today, santa rosa was 82. then you see the gold number of the yellow number that goes up to 85 san francisco 75 tomorrow, san francisco goes 81 concord up for more degrees, so it's going to be very warm day warmest day we've seen in a while, and it's going to stay warm ath 24 hours after that, and then we get a cycle down. we're gonna cool off with some clouds that come in here. so when i come back, we'll be looking at that. hopefully there's some rain coming with those clouds will see if that works out. i'll see you back here after a couple breaks, all right, we'll see then, bill. thank you. well today, members of the media finally got a firsthand look at
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immigration facility in texas that is housing more than 4000 people and 3400 of them are unaccompanied children. they're being held in pods of 500 to 700 kids. the border patrol says several 100, children and teens are crossing the border every day. joe biden administration has ended the policy of deporting unaccompanied minors. congresswoman barbara lee just returned from a trip to the border in texas and defended the administration. definitely see their recommendations being implemented. of course they need more resource is and as a member of the appropriations committee. it's my job to make sure that our committee. on the type of health and safety measures and the staffing so that they can process these children so that they can get to their parents or their relatives or sponsors as quickly as possible. congresswoman lee says the administration is working to address the root cause of migrants seeking asylum, she says most are fleeing poverty
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and violence in mexico and central america. after the break emotional testimony during day two of the trial against derrick show vin, including the young woman who shot the video of george floyd that has not been seen around the world also this off duty m t was a witness at the scene. what police said to her when she offered to help. medical ase and i begged i've got there and i could have. given medical assistant. that's exactly what i shou
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jury heard hours of emotional testimony today, including an off duty pmt and firefighter who said that she offered to help and police turned her away. also we heard from the young girl who took the video. it's now been seen around the world, she said. george floyd was suffering he was in pain and that he cried for his mom.
10:25 pm
fox news lord blanchard with our report tonight on day two in court. we heard directly from the young witness who recorded the deadly encounter between derek show vin and george floyd that captured the attention of the world heard george. can't breathe. please get off of me. i can't breathe and emotional moment inside the courtroom as the witness who shot the viral cell phone video of derrick show van's deadly encounter with george floyd were called what she saw. the 18 year old who was a minor at the time of the may 25th 2020 incident, said it's still haunts her is the nights i stayed up, apologizing during the cross examination show. vin's defense lawyer focused on the behavior of the crowd watching officers you heard various people calling the officer's names, right? yes. the jury also heard from an off duty firefighter who asked to
10:26 pm
check floyd for a pulse, but was told to stand back. genevieve hansen said she was struck at how comfortable showing appeared with his knee and floyd's neck and was alarmed about floyd's condition. i thought his face looked puffy and swollen, which would happen if you are putting a grown man's weight on someone's neck. is it reasonable to assume that if a patient is having a medical emergency at a police present that they have called for mss your questions unclear because you don't know my job. children currently faces three charges. the most severe second degree murder carries a maximum prison sentence off 40 years in minneapolis. lauren blanchard, fox news, the mastermind behind the watergate break in that led to president, has died. g gordon liddy was 90 years old. he died at his daughter's home in virginia. a cause of death has not been given. and lady was a former fbi agent, an army veteran who
10:27 pm
was convicted of conspiracy, burglary and illegal wiretapping for his role in the watergate burglary. president nixon ended up resigning because of watergate. he knew if he didn't he would be impeached. let he spent more than four years in prison. after he was released, he became a talk show host, a writer and an actor. still ahead here. remember brian stone? he's the giants fan. it was savagely beaten in the parking lot of dodger stadium 10 years ago. tonight we talked to him about how he's doing now and what he's doing now i am spreading god's word about anti bullying and anti fan violence. later in sports have a stanford cardinal rallied to beat louisville and punched their ticket to the final four. plus, a concord police officer is being called a hero after he revived a two year old girl who had been exposed t
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>>hey, thanks martins! yeah, you're welcome. viciously beaten at dodger stadium and left in a coma. many people didn't think he would survive, but he did with a greater calling new attend. tonight. ktvu is azenith smith caught up with stow and has the latest on his remarkable recovery. every single day. i wake up i thank god i'm alive. 10 years ago, brian stowe was clinging on to life to think today the 52 year old can walk, talk and function on his own is remarkable. a miracle. definitely i called brian. my miracle boy. i can get out of bed. i can eat really well, in case you haven't noticed that one can't help but smile and brian sense of humor, his upbeat personality given all he's been through opening day of the 2011 season at dodger stadium, the father of two
10:31 pm
wearing a buster posey jersey, attacked in the stadium parking lot. the story gripped the baseball world and the bay area. brian in a medically induced coma for months. how could a fan watching a game be beaten to near death? that's the first thing i said, was why his attackers sentence two years in prison. the dodgers also found negligent in a civil lawsuit. we talk about our athletic heroes. but, um, brian is really you know, community hero with giant ceo larry bear and the stadium that night visited brian in the hospital since the attack major league baseball and posing new security measures, including better lighting and parking lots. the reason people responded is because it could have been anybody could have been one of us support from the giants. complete strangers has helped brian immensely through the years, his parents, his full time care takers, most proud of his work. resilience i don't think i've ever seen brian mad
10:32 pm
or upset about his his situation. the former santa clara county paramedic now saving lives a different way. i think i have a different calling. am spreading god's word about anti bullying and anti fan violence. school presentations he can't do during the pandemic, but hopes to in the near future what he's also looking forward to. we need the giants to win another world. syriza's nothing is impossible. brighter showed that nothing is impossible. so. it's like bring it on world series 2021 with bryant. still, i guarantee you you'll have a rule throwing out one of the first pitches that day a decade ago, altering brian's life forever. scars visible physical therapy needed, but it's fighting spirits fully intact. thank you for believing in me. thank you for all you've done for me. and the strength to deal with what curveballs life throws his way. you just have to make every day as good as possible. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. it's just
10:33 pm
so nice to see him out and joking about how he likes to eat, and you can probably tell just what a great story as it just did there. all right, going to concord now where police officers being called a hero. he saved the life of a two year old girl who's been exposed to fentanyl. our crime reporter henry lee tells us that the officer was in the right place at the right time. concord police officer aaron camacho was on routine patrol downtown when he saw a man driving erratically in a porsche suv. on friday night. the officer got behind it and end up stopping near this parking garage. the driver got out and said there was a baby not breathing in the car thief officer found a two year old girl in the back seat with no polls. he immediately began cpr, but the girl didn't respond. that's when her mother, who had also been in the suv, revealed something startling. the mother almost immediately said that the child needed nor can and so the office sir inquired as to why and
10:34 pm
powerful opioid used to treat pain. narcan is a drug used to revers an overdose like every conquered officer on patrol. cof narcan to the child, who subsequently regained consciousness. it's not clear how the girl was exposed to fentanyl, but the narc can a nasal spray worked as it was supposed to, even on a two year old are can can be used on a child. the girl was taken to hospital and release east. she's now under the care of child protective services. concord police arrested the child's mother, 31 year old brittany, daniel hicks of hayward. she's being held on suspicion of child endangerment and narcotic possession, police say. officer kamaz did exactly as he was trained. he jumped in very quickly and his actions very much saved her life and very, very much work heroic. as for the officer, we couldn't talk to him because he was on a plane for a one week vacation. i think he's earned his vacation. the mother is being held at contra costa county jail. and martinez. she has
10:35 pm
priors for identity theft and drug possession. henry lee ktvu, fox two news, new information now on a story we brought you last night. antioch police have made an arrest in this case of vandalism at the cornerstone christian center in antioch. someone threw rocks through dozens of windows and glass doors early yesterday morning, the building houses, a church and a school with 400 students. the crime. was caught on surveillance video. so far, police have not released any information about the person now in custody after the break a judge orders or sexually violent predator be transferred from his home in napa to a different bay area county will tell you where this convicted pedophile is expected to go. also to crime bills working their way through the state legislature. why they're getting real backlash from victims groups, a significant warm up today after that cool down yesterday. warmer tomorrow record highs possible. we'll look
10:36 pm
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to san francisco 76 year old charles chrisman has been living in napa county for the past six months, but the community pushed to get him re committed to san francisco, where his crimes occurred. people in san francisco were notified about the move, but the napa da's office says no one protested. prosecutors say chrisman had a history of sexually assaulting children and violating the terms of his release. two crime bills making their way through the state legislature could lead to me. major changes as ktvu tom vacar reports. if the bills are passed, some felonies would be reduced to misdemeanors. under current law, this is a felony. but if senate bills 81 in 82
10:39 pm
are passed and signed by the governor, many robberies would be reduced from felonies to misdemeanors. if no weapon was used, and the victim was not seriously injured. it'll also allow for the automatic reduction of a felony to a misdemeanor for a person already sentenced going back for years unless victims testify again. but let me tell you. many people still don't know there is an sp 82 out there, but a coalition of law enforcement, civic and victims, rights advocates say at a time when such crimes of skyrocketing sp 82 is bad medicine. as a matter of fact, in our opinion, it is a crime in and of itself. women, minorities and senior citizens at the boost vulnerable under sp 82, which also has not considered psychological impact to the victims. and as we all know, there's been a surge of violent attacks and robberies
10:40 pm
targeting elderly asian victims. and that's ballooning out of control in the bay area, proponents say four out o prisoe serving enhanced sentences that require extra prison time sometimes longer than the crime itself. proponents also say such enhanced sentences are applied disproportionately to people of color or mentally challenged. but the simple fact is people of color. the disabled and elderly are often victims, too. sent ability to encourage more robberies to occur and creates a dangerous environment that puts all of california in danger. asked the victim of violent crime, who who has had their themselves put in fear of their life? if they considering consider robbery to be petty. can you imagine your mother your sister? your brother, your aunt, your uncle, your child or yourself having to go through that and then a state or an elected official telling you that
10:41 pm
that's not violent. berkeley state senator nancy skinner said sb 82 would not result in lesser or different treatment of a violent crime or a hate crime. the purpose of sp 82 is simple to clarify. state laws so that non violent cases of theft are not charged as violent felonies. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news shall ahead here. some in person learning resumed today in oakland, but not for everyone. why nearly half the elementary schools are not moving forward with reopening just yet, and it was another beautiful day around the bay area. so how long is this nice weather gonna last? our chief meteorologist bill martin, with a complete bay area forecast coming up. covid has made clear that having health insurance
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i'm not sure if there's anything i can say covered california. this way to health insurance. to my family members to convince them to take the covid-19 vaccine. i'm not even sure if i'm convinced. hi darius, i think that people respond more to what we do than what we say.
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so after looking at all the data and the science about these vaccines, i got the vaccine. and i made sure my mom and dad got the vaccine. because these vaccines are safe. ♪ were slightly lower, with losses by big tech companies. the dow dropped 104 points after setting a new record high yesterday, the nasdaq lost 14 points and the s and p was down. 12 a growing number of democrats are urging the biden s led by ron wyden of oregon, are asking the president and congressional leaders to continue economic stimulus payments and extend. fema benefits toe americans who are struggling to make ends meet.
10:45 pm
they say they want to add the measures to president biden's infrastructure package. san jose's outdoor dining scene is here to stay for the remainder of the year. santa's a city council voted tonight to extend the city's alfresco dining initiative. that initiative allows restaurants to expand into parking lots, streets, even public parks for outdoor services. the program was initially only expected to last for a few months. it will now last through the. end of the year after more than a year of distance learning students in the oakland unified school district returned to the classroom today, the schools reopened with a hybrid model for kids in pre kindergarten through second grade, but his ktvu is rob roth tells us not all schools were not all schools were able to reopen this plan because of a shortage of teachers. oakland kindergartner stephen hernandez couldn't get to class fast enough at madison park academy. tuesday it was his first day of school ever happy why he got so
10:46 pm
i love school and his mother seems just as happy. okay happy he's out of the house. you'll get to learn more thing. think class matt in the computer for the first time in more than a year of covid lockdown, oakland finally opened its doors to in person structure in for just a few grade levels. covid-19 took something from us that that will get him. today we're good, in fact, are little people but only the little list of little people. oakland unified is allowing back on lee students in grades pre kindergarten through second grade and those with high needs. the students come twice a week for 2.5 hours per day. the rest is distance learning. it's exhilarating. it's exciting. it's been nerve racking, nerve wrecking, perhaps because less than half the elementary schools are not reopening as planned. under the agreement between the district and teachers. union educators have the option of not teaching
10:47 pm
in person until april, 19th about two thirds of teachers are not coming back until then, that frustrates many parents who feel the rug was pulled out from under them. it was really hard for me, but it was even more difficult to have to explain that to my child, she was just in tears. she is desperate to go back. i know that you know, that's a point of frustration for some families, fat wanted the in person option. but april 19th. should be a different story. that's when all students from pre k through sixth grade can return for in person learning if they want it, rob rob ktvu, fox two news. the san francisco unified school district is hiring substitute teachers ahead of reopening schools. that's because some teachers have filed for medical waivers and won't be returning to the classrooms just yet. district is looking for substitute teachers who can work inside the classroom as well as for distance learning and other assignments. san francisco
10:48 pm
schools are slated to reopen in phases starting april 12th. high schools will soon be allowed to let more fans watch sports in person. the california department of public health says. starting thursday. counties in the orange tear can expand outdoor capacity at games to 33% currently on lee, one adult in the same household oven athlete is allowed to attend high school games. schools will also be required to issue tickets in advance and seats have to be assigned. the monterey bay aquarium released new details today about its reopening plan. the aquarium says it will reopen on saturday, may 15th of the general public after being closed for more than a year, but first it will offer two weeks for members only from may 1st through the 14th reservations will be required and all guests will be required to wear face coverings. already taking a look at the temperatures from today. pretty significant. i mean, we had
10:49 pm
that 82 in santa rosa 80 and nanny ock highs tomorrow are going to be warmer. so data my small be maybe mid eighties, maybe even operating so records possible tomorrow for their for wednesday and then thursday. i'll be just slightly cooler, but still, we're in the warm weather pattern, which generally means dry right and that's why there's no fog at the coast. very no clouds overhead. the winds are going in a direction. that is associated with sort of like, um, you know, late late summer like we get in october and november servant indian summer kind of a deal where we're going to see temperatures in even the overnight hours on the mild side because they're sinking, and it's warm so overnight lows. they're gonna be above freezing easy and we're going to not see frost. so we're not going to see valley fog. we're not gonna see coastal fog, so the pattern is that of dry and that of warm and the potential for records tomorrow. is there certainly a bunch of tide records if at the very least. the thing to note right now look out brown with 69 degrees right now. 69
10:50 pm
fairfield. that's the hot, it's happening because they're sinking and warming. so that's how you know tomorrow is gonna be pretty warm days. mike mibach it's 16 degrees warmer in napa than it was last night. this time 16 degrees warmer, big, big time. so as we look out in the pacific, we can see that we've got some high pressure over us out in the basin or not the basinssissippi value they got some storms from ohio south down, too. mississippi and for us, it's the big ridge of high pressure. and when you see this power that i just sold the 69 the inland valleys right for this time of night, so you know what's happening. the rest of that you know where the ridges you can kind of tell because that those kind of temperatures indicate a strong high pressure and as we were under and that's going to last really all day tomorrow, certainly, and then all day thursday and friday, it starts to break down just a little bit. some clouds will come in and we should start to cool doesn't mean rain just means. milder weather with some clouds. so tomorrow in san francisco and oakland, san jose, it looks like this all day, mostly sunny. san francisco
10:51 pm
makes 80 degrees are 81 degrees 80 degrees at the airport 81 degrees downtown for san francisco 85 livermore tomorrow. 85 fairfield. pretty for this. that's i called hot. all relative right for this early in the spring. that's pretty hot. the forecast for the next few days and it's the heat, then took slow, cool down, and with the clouds coming in a potential for some rain, but that's vader on in the week and right now it looks pretty weak if you will, in terms of the potential for real ram, i will see you back here at 11. do you then? bill? thank you coming up in sports. what stanford head coach tara vanderveer told her team at halftime versus louisville to reach the final four. that on the 11 o'clock news, a woman says she was attacked, robbed and left for dead and now she's trying to piece together what happened so that they can hope hopefully find those responsible.
10:52 pm
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of ass. for a tuesday night. i guess if you just kind of checked your phone and checked into the stanford women's scoring, figured out, it kind of sad shade their way into the final four, winning by 15. now they had to shovel their way out of a 14 point first half deficit to get there and the tire. vanderveer did have reason for concern early, mostly because of louisville's dana evans. this woman can't shoot did it all night. she had 24 points. but here comes the cardinals 17 to run in the second half, and it's kiana williams for the lead right there. they're starting to feel , great off the bench, beautiful block
10:55 pm
of evans right there, which leads to this lexie hole up glass. caf break the freshman just a little riled up. you could feel it all slip away from louisville after that bombs away from the land of curry. that's kiana williams. she had 14 the smile says it all. and then there's anna wilson from deep her only bucket of the night. wind matthis russe wilson is amped 78 63 cardinal 14 trip to the final four. they meet south carolina. friday, and here's tira talking about what she said at halftime, honestly, i didn't recognize the people in the jerseys in the first half, and i really told him i just said, you know, don't worry about winning. compete and be aggressive. i'm so proud of our team for the battle. you know just how hard we fought and how well we played. well back in the days of john wooden bill
10:56 pm
walton, lou l cinder sydney wigs, whatever. nobody raised an eyebrow with the u c l, a bruins going to the final four. these did take a wizard of westwood to get it done because this is a team at no moment. i'm going to the tournament they had last four in a row there. 11 seed going up against you want howard and michigan. about a minute left johnny just saying will hit on the baseline and he had 28 points. everybody else had trouble scoring u c l, a leading by two final seconds. it's mike smith. pretty good look at it for michigan to win it. no, go ball out of bounds. it's michigan's ball half a second left, franz wagner. we'll get agood look at it. no good. there's your ball game u c l a for the 18th time in their schools, his we go to the final four you want howard took it hard and i don't blame him. man that was a rough one and the season of perfection continues for gun. zenga
10:57 pm
everybody's digging, and they continue to zag and romping people. then eggs come from. bad there, big man. look at this in the open floor looking drew timmy. he gets a moves for a six ft 10 guy gonna have to work in the weight room toe muscle up a little. another turnover. jalen suggs first round pick in the nba. that's a first round pass right there. on the other end, andrew d marred and they're on their way off to the final four. inbound here second half timmy again., y will take on you seal. hey, the bruise gonna find it a little tougher. 83 64 is your final. everybody's been talking about it for years. finally it's reality 17 regular season games in the nfl. the best news about that on lee. three preseason capes. meanwhile 49ers waiting to see what they do with that number three picks the brain
10:58 pm
trust john lynch and caution and down in alabama, taking a look at a quarterback by the name of mac jones, who could be one of the guys they're after with that number three pick and get a bit of a shout out to nausea harris local product to was there to help his team. matt jones out no word any further as to what the 49ers a really think. can gonna be interesting in the next month or so between now and draft day as to what they decide to do. all right, the major league baseball season opens on thursday, ace and giants but we got some college baseball antics. this show you you need to check this out. this is college ball. the ball is over and out. but the fun stuff starts now with that gentleman with his hat and beer in hand, so had in hand beer in hand count doesn't spill a drop and you know what? nobody is touching that ball until i bett having a good
10:59 pm
time. all right. this. you got . dominic vasily! whoa beautiful court. yeah, he's a ballplayer and a jim nist for washington, george washington and eight other guys the best of making that gets remember bruce area and said he'd get a tattoo if tampa. that went in the super bowl, judo is word that's a pretty good look in the that's a shoulder looking that. nice heft. that promise. yeah, now thomas back. i'd like to see brady get one. yeah, i think that's the sporting life. we're coming up on 11 o'clock. frank and julie would get it back to you in the studio. all right, mark. thank you coming up next year, 11. the cops stopped me. uh i found out later 2.5. hours later, i was left for dead. santa's a woman is looking to piece things together after she says she was brutally attacked
11:00 pm
and knocked unconscious. the 11 starts now that woman says she was dragged across the street and robbed after leaving a bar in san jose. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm frank. some ville. she says it happened on march 21st outside the willow den new 11 ktvu is as a smith is here now, after talking to the victim and the bar owner, well, frank, her recollection of that night is foggy because their injuries so severe, she slowly regaining her memory, and she needs help finding answers and the people responsible. this is where i was picked, and then it got severely swollen. lauren good tears, his injuries clearly visible to black guys. the 32 year old says she received after a night out at a bar with a friend turned incredibly violent


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