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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 5, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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on the other side of this hanging on to the red tear tonight, solano county reminds everyone to do their part to keep coronavirus cases down the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now, solano county says it will hold on to its red tier status, at least for the moment, and that's actually a big relief for businesses that had feared a return to the more restrictive purple tere. hello again, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. the message now is to remain vigilant and to follow health guidelines. ktvu deborah villalon joins us live with reaction from the community. deborah julie counties want to see progress, or at least stay put. so there is relief tonight that solano's numbers won't put it in reverse. tourism can fortner would rather check on his latest brew that his county's covid data, but his success depends on it. we're seeing really low icu really low
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hospitalizations with three locations and 45 employees. fortner worries about a return to purple, pushing his brewpub customers outdoors again. i understand there's a rise in rates, so it's a little bit push and pull going on, but there's a real momentum that feels like the country's opening back up in our communities opening back up. heading into easter weekend, solano's health officer warned about an uptick in positive cases, particularly among younger people, not yet eligible for vaccine. we had a recent rise here will say two weeks ago, and it was a slight rise and it looks like we're coming back down again. solano's business community will not be joining bay area counties already enjoying orange privileges. but it will hold on to read status tuesday, which beats going backward if there is a possibility for us to take a step back that would be a devastating devastating not just financially, but because regressing crushes optimism and right now that's
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writing hi businesses air really in that mindset where they want to hire back. they want to re engage there. their client base. they want to open up their stores for more hours. those words kind of reverberated through a lot of the community, saying that we could go back to purple or partner hopes people in every county realized progress is not guaranteed. it must be worked at. i've got my second shot on board for the vaccine. pretty much missed. my staff does at this point overall, we want to do what's right. i mean, i want my grand parents say if i want my kids back in school for now, the church's movie theaters, gyms and restaurants can keep bringing people in with limits. you just got to keep on its e think it's hardest when it feels like the end is closest right. people's garden gets let down. solano county was one of the first counties to expand vaccinations to people younger than the state guidelines. but julie after three weeks in red,
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it will remain there for the time being deborah villalon reporting live for us tonight, deborah. thank you tomorrow. sonoma contra costa and napa counties are expected to advance to the orange tear. counties would join five other bay area counties already in the less restrictive category. the move means napa counties. world famous wineries can't reopen indoor tasting rooms. it would also reduce restrictions on other businesses like restaurants, retail shops and movie theaters. serious warning tonight that the u. s might already be in 1/4 wave of the coronavirus pandemic. and that children are being impacted by a new variant at the same rate as adults. ktvu jana katsuyama with more on the concern coming just as a lot of students are returning to class. as more school district's begin to welcome students back to campus. there are some parents who say they'll wait. we're going to keep him in full time distance learning until we feel more comfortable one concern raised this week by the director of
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the cdc is the growing number of covid infections among school children were learning that many outbreaks in young people are related to youth sports and extracurricular activities, the recent up taking covid cases nationwide has prompted some experts to say the u. s is already in 1/4 wave now driven by the newbie 1, 17, or uk variant, which is more transmissible. we are the only country in the world right now experiencing this increasing number of cases due to this variant and unlike previous waves, children seem to be equally impacted by the uk variant. you see, the kids are playing a huge role in the transmission of this so all the things that we had planned for about kids in schools with this virus. are really no longer applicable. many schools say they're trying to prevent outbreaks by maintaining social distancing, requiring masks and even going beyond cdc guidelines. we will ask students to stay home if they've traveled. out of the
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county, 150 miles or more, and we are also expecting that our students will participate in our surveillance testing work for covid milpitas unified school superintendent cheryl jordan says on lee about 1700 of their 10,000 students have returned to campus. so far there have been three students and 20 teachers with covid infections. parents say they are concerned and trying to balance student's education with health and safety bar in ways to rally around the school board's the ones that are doing the job that they need to do and the teachers so that we can get through this as one community because working together is the only way we're going to solve these challenges. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news. governor gavin newsom today said that california now has the lowest positivity rate in the country. the positivity rate in the state has fallen to 1.6% there were about 2100 new cases today and 21 deaths. vaccinations are nearing a
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milestone. new numbers show almost 20 million vaccines have now been administered in the state right now, 18.3% of people are partially vaccinated and 22.7% of people are fully vaccinated. ktvu has learned that fema and state officials are actively talking about keeping open the mass vaccination center in the parking lot of the oakland coliseum. the site is scheduled to close on sunday. but u. s senator alex padilla visited the coliseum today, saying the goal is to keep it running beyond that date, he says three major details have to be worked out. they are funding the operation, staffing it and vaccine supply have federal, state and local governments committed over come together to extend the life of this site. the details in terms of who's the point on operations, etcetera still being hashed out. the coliseum site has given roughly 15% of all vaccinations in the county since fema opened it seven weeks ago. it is also
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reached a large percentage of communities of color. vice president kamila harris made a quick stop in oakland today. it was her first trip to the bay area since being sworn in as vice president. harris toured a water treatment plant with gavin newsom visit was part of a concerted effort to build support for the president's $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal introduced last week, the american jobs plan looks at it in terms of the infrastructure, peace and in particular what we need to do to build back up and to build a new what we can do to preserve. and to make sure all people have access to clean water and affordable water. the vice president also visited red door catering in oakland, which benefited from the $1.9 trillion covid relief bill signed into law last month. we not only take care of our boys, but we also have the opportunity to research. there's a certain connection with the folks that is not
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about money. it's about growing the community and the economy of that community. tomorrow vice president harris will head to chicago, where she is scheduled to talk about vaccine equity. treasury secretary janet yellen today threw her support behind a minimum corporate income tax for companies around the world. supporters say global tax rate would prevent companies from shopping around for a country that can offer the smallest tax bill yelling says the current system is allowed big corporations to avoid contributing fully to national needs. this was going first major speech on international economic policy since she was confirmed as treasury secretary still ahead tonight, new cell phone video showing the deadly police shooting of a mentally ill man in dan last month. also more reaction over georgia's controversial new voting law as major league baseball relocates. they're all star game and the city of san francisco considers taking action.
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people found dead in an suv that plunged off of a cliff in bodega bay over the weekend. maria take sarah was the lead custodian at montevideo elementary school in dublin. her daughter, elizabeth korea, was a teacher. it like dixon elementary school in pleasanton. what it's a heartbreaking loss for pleasant
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and especially for the light x in community. elizabeth touched the lives of countless countless students. witnesses say maria techs sarah did appear did not rather appear to be speeding or driving unsafely. before that crash. the chp is now investigating what happened? no 1 11. a jury has been deadlocked on a murder charge against a man who was found with his friend's dead body in a u haul truck. the jury, however, did convict charles get in of trying to kill to bart. police officers at the hayward station on christmas day. six years ago. authorities say that he had planned to bury his friend colin and person but ran out of gas and then opened fire on the officers because he was afraid they would find the body in his car. the defense says that getting shot his friend in self defense, new cell phone video shows the deadly police shooting of a transient in danville last month. the video shows officer andrew hall firing his weapon on 32 year old terrell wilson,
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a mentally ill black man. police say wilson was armed with a knife and did not comply with the officer's demands to drop the weapon. officer wilson has not seen providing any aid to wilson after the shooting during the 45 2nd video clip tomorrow, a berry attorney is expected to announce the filing of a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of wilson's family in minneapolis. the police chief testified today in the murder trial of former officer derek chauvet. the chief said that he vehemently disagrees with show van's use of force that day. and that show vin not only violated de escalation policy by placing his knee on george floyd's neck but also violated the department's policy by not giving aid to floyd after he said 30 times that he couldn't breathe in no way she performs anything that. is by policy is not part of our training and it is certainly not part of our ethics or values. in cross
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examination, the chief did agree with the defense that recent changes in police policy encouraged officers to use their body weight and ju jitsu style moves and noted that neck were stained restraints were legal. when floyd died, the city of san francisco was reportedly discussing a ban on city contracts and travel to georgia in response to the state's new controversial voting. laws the effort follows major league baseball's decision to relocate their all star game from atlanta to denver because of the new voting laws. but fox news lauren blanchard tells us that the governor of georgia is lashing out at companies and politicians criticizing his state. major league baseball telling georgia were out pulling the all star game and amateur draft after governor brian kemp signed a controversial voting bill into law that has nothing to do with the merits of the bill is all political pressure from a loud minority of people. the cancel culture democrats say the bill will disproportionately hurt
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minority voters and restrict voting. the bill comes after republican claims of fraud in the 2020 election. this is not about fraudulent votes this. is about getting rid of democratic votes, and we won't stand for that. the mlb commissioner, not the only one, putting political pressure on the peach state, georgia based delta and coca cola also jumping on the political bandwagon to criticize the states leadership. these ceos are basically making decisions on a fault to it. you know, the mlb should be. interested in stealing the base is not supporting stealing votes on capitol hill, a group of lawmakers have reintroduced the voter empowerment act, originally authored by the late representative john lewis. they say it will quote strengthen, critically needed ballot box protections in this country, calling georgia's new law blatantly racist voter suppression, a point which republicans are pushing back on, there's a big lie under way that somehow voter restrictions were enacted by the georgia legislature the other day. that
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didn't happen. my advice to the corporate ceos of americans to stay out of politics, one jobs expert estimates the atlanta area will miss out on nearly $100 million in tourism revenue without the all star game in washington. lauren blanchard fox news. after the break. it's a seller's market despite a global pandemic. look at how home prices in the bay area are going through the roof, also a restaurant in the south bay heavily damaged by a fire tonight. what we're learning from firefighters, temperatures were pretty cool over the weekend and today they're gonna warm up slightly as we go into the next few days, we'll go looking for rain in the five day forecast when i see you next. air. d the core. pandemic u
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jesse gary tells us that's created a rush to the central valley as folks search for more reasonable housing. open concept, you know, kitchen south bay religion joe velasco put four large fremont town homes on the market the past two weeks. they've all sold for seven figures after bidding wars. i haven't seen anything as crazy as you know, the surge that we have right now, ever. he and i've been in the rose state business for 21 years, the bay area has experienced sharp increases in the cost of housing before, but this time that ascent results in real estate wealth spreading beyond the region. this as many people choose to leave the bay. we have a one third of the inventory that we had last year around this time. welcome to the central valley, a new bay area in the making, modesto based realtor pete do you wish says home prices have skyrocketed, nearly 20% year to date as home buyers from the base. block east. they come
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here and make offers non contingent with huge deposits at something essential values not used to. this is all about housing for rich people. san jose state real estate development program director professor kelly snyder says the upward surge is shuffling the landscape, but there isn't the population decline. it's turning homeowners along the san francisco peninsula in tow, east bay. home buyers and people in the east bay. i'm moving to the central valley. so much of this is. wanting space. where do you think i think what our permanent changes to how people approach work and life and balance and home and help. it's just of re sorting of people based on where they want to be and where there's availability that matches their consumer choices for agents such as joe velasco, the beat goes on with six more town homes poised to hit the market and apparently no shortage of buyers in san jose jesse gary ktvu fox. two the
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news, to alarm restaurant fire in campbell is under investigation tonight. he broke out just before six this evening on west hamilton avenue. firefighters say they arrived to find that restaurant with heavy smoke coming out of the front door. the restaurant sustained heavy smoke damage and fire damage with smoke and water damage to a neighboring business. the cause is under investigation, but it is not considered suspicious. okay, take a look at the high temperatures from today. not all that warm considering last week. we were in the eighties and had record highs. the warmth was in the inland areas, as you would expect as we get closer to the spring, late spring and early summer, these micro climate start to show up and then obviously much cooler at the coast where we've got a dose of fog and low clouds that hung in pretty much all day. that's how it goes again tomorrow, but i think we'll seymour clearing tomorrow. it's funny right now and at the sfo at the airport. we are looking it uh, you know what times there could be? a little drizzle in the coastal hills is
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that low? just sits. offshored creates this pattern that is sort of stagnant and that it's even though we're getting clouds and there's no onshore breeze and what have you it's sort of locked in a little bit for the next 48 hours. and so what we see. tomorrow is what we're probably going to see again as we head into wednesday, there is the low pressure center down there. you can't it's hard to make us not really well defined, but it's. in a position where it's not close enough to us to bring us rain. it's not close enough to us to mix out the fog. it's just in a position that we're getting this kind of flat line whether so tomorrow follow suit, except i suspect tomorrow we're going to see a little more sunshine that we saw today overnight lows where they were last night. so they're all well above freezing now, so for gardeners, and i know a lot of folks do a lot of backyard gardening. it's not a bad time to get stuff in the ground because it looks like we're gonna be. above freezing for a while. the forecast for tomorrow the clouds there it is in the afternoon. the yellows as you
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look under the clouds those or seventies, so 70 to be one of the warmest spots, but i was suggested most of us most of us around the bay like san francisco 60, oakland 64th. that's more typical, so most of us will be in the mid sixties or thereabouts, little cooler, the coast little warmer inland. and the five day forecast tomorrow and wednesday. pardon me tomorrow wednesday. we've got plenty clouds, then they sort of break away and things warm up. the temperatures trickle up just a little bit, so no big changes. we need rain, but the next chance for rain is somewhere around the 18th of april. if you can believe that. that's the latest model run, so i'll see you all back here tomorrow night. bill will see then thank you. community says passengers can soon expect more reliable rides and wifi availability. cruiser, wrapping up work that includes installing routers in stations and cellular antennas in tunnels. subways expected to reopen in phases starting next month. until then, workers will be testing track improvements,
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signal systems and new overhead wires to ensure that their functioning properly and meet all safety standards. uber may stop allowing drivers from seeing ride destinations before picking up passengers right now, drivers are allowed to see where passengers want to go and to set pricing as well, the company says. since allowing the practice last year service has become unreliable and is ultimately hurt business. uber says it's allowing too many drivers to decline requests that are less lucrative, the u. s supreme court has ruled in favor of google in an $8 billion copyright dispute with oracle. the case concerned more than a lot 1000 lines of code the google used to create its android operating system that were copied from oracles, java platform or co. sued google over the use of its code and won its case in appeals court. but this morning, the high court reversed its decision, saying google, google's use of the code was protected under the copyright doctrine of fair use. coming up here, undefeated
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through the tournament. lose only one game. you're feeling pretty good, right? i guarantee you. that's not how the zags air feeling just a heart break for them in the championship game. i think real basketball fans wanted to see it tighter game that what they wound up with jalen suggs, saturday's hero had no encore against baylor gun say, go down, quick. nine nothing get continued. gerard butler's get the moves 22 points for him to get baylor out quickly. could see their confidence. gaming mark you had
11:27 pm
no answers waiting all night to that zag comeback that never worked. suggs however, he's got some nice moves. he's gonna be a top nba pick. certainly in the top five years, 22 to lead the bulldogs but just couldn't get him over the hump. second half. mork adam flagler love for jonathan to shop. hold up. can they make it look easy? taylor's defense, the really was the story they're up. 13 here, kiss burt did night again. mark mattel doesn't other end it's flagler draining the three baylor goes punkers and white hat. they're pumped for their second school national title. 86 70 zags finished thirties one and one couldn't quite get it done with perfection. san francisco giants tonight tight went down in san diego. they get a pinched at home run, and the padres are threatened about a little more than just the last tonight. giant bands
11:28 pm
always show up big in san diego fernando to tease. gotta watch him on this swing early in the game is first at bat on the backswing. it appears he pulled his left shoulder out of joint and that's exactly with the determination is it's a left shoulder separation. he is going to miss some time and $350 million guaranteed player padres or sweating that one. were thinning evan longoria will leave the yard against third already off to a nice start solo homer on a one to pitch in it's 21 giants, but we pick it up the seventh 22 tied off the bench comes mike. it's trim skis and was bothering so he didn't start picking to ride that leaves the art that holds up the game winner as jake mcgee with the save his second man, i don't know what's going on with the a's right now, but they haven't sniffed the victor. yet frankie montage was not the stopper. it gets ugly in the second against the
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dodgers to weld bases are loaded and corey seager promptly unloads them with a bullet to center. mark can you can't catch up with it. everybody scores quick for nothing lead and the miserable night continues. will smith deep and right off the foul pole out there that's gone. dodgers go under rob 10 3, the a's. r o and five. okay with the extra time tonight, let us check this out back by popular demand. jim nist, who comes prepared from illinois. has manny bog in a meat against minnesota. he sticks the landing. very impressive. not so get up. show everybody what you been up to, right? guys for the sign of the times exactly right. and how did he have that thing lodged in there is what i wanted. that's a great question. why didn't move all
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round? right where you needed to be. oh stuck the landing. all right. see you guys. night marin. goodnight frank. thanks for joining us, everybody. good for joining us, everybody. good night. -(stella panting) -the vet called. stella's test results came back. he wants me to bring her oh, no. come here, you. oh, jay, i'm so sorry. that is the bad thing about loving animals, right? but think about all the wonderful things you gave her, like a beautiful home, delicious food... (lid thuds) ...our marital bed. i'm sorry, jay. stella will not be forgotten. i'm not putting her down, you goblin. she needs a surgery. that is such great news. oh, what's wrong with stella? she has an elongated soft palate, which is why sometimes it's hard for her to breathe. and she snores a lot. any chance that they can do you, too? this is a serious operation. they have to put her out. jay: what happens if she doesn't wake up?


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