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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 2, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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transphobic. homophobic it's an instamatic and it's racist like it's it takes up all the boxes, bigotry returns to an east bay school tonight, students and parents speak out about the hateful messages left on campus. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. authorities in san ramon are investigating racist and homophobic stickers that were found in california high school. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. it happened about a month ago, but parents and students are just finding out about it now we've also learned this isn't the first time that something like this has happenedt the school. ktvu is azenith smith is here and after speaking with the superintendent, as it well, julia letter was sent out to parents last week. and the superintendent is now apologizing for not notifying the school community sooner.
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california high school in san ramon. a sign reads, words matter, and they do back on march 24th l, two people placed r cameras capturee culprits wearing masks and hoodies. officials say the stickers removed as soon as they were discovered. well, first, my heart breaks that's the first thing. um and my second thing is fear. um and in anger. lisa levy is a parent in the district and president of p flag and advocacy group for the lgbt q community, she says. two of the stickers, said s s which stands for super straight. it's being used kind of in this in a very angry attacking. it's being used by folks who have already been very vocal also says the ss is made to look like propaganda. another sticker had a dog, a trance flag and a hurtful message. it says. your parents will use
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your real name when they bury you. this isn't the first time back in 2016 racist graffiti was found in the boys and girls bathrooms at california high. honestly it's kind of a shocker that something like this would happen. cal. hi so honestly disappointing while the staff was notified last month, parents they're beginning to find out. i didn't have to go to specifics about the stickers, but they should have told something like this is happening and they're investigating. this brings out the transparency from the school side. the superintendent spoke to us by phone and said the district's focus is getting to the root of the problem. last week, the district decided when issues surrounding discrimination arrives, they will always send a letter home. even though we've made a decision that we will always communicate this information. it hasn't been our caste practice. i would argue that it probably hasn't been the past practice of other school district's as well. it should be from my perspective. and it will be going forward. advocates say more community education needs to be done. we
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really need to start teaching kids really early on that okay to be different, and there are these other ways of being. thank you and the superintendent says if and when the individuals involved are identified swift and appropriate action will be taken julie azenith smith if staff was notified about this about a month ago, why is it now that parents and students are just learning about it? it's been. you said like a month since this happened, right? and, you know, i asked the superintendent that and he said that there is a procedure that takes place and i guess the district talked about termss gettingd they want to make sure that those who are affected our talk to you are are, you know, made sure that they have the resources they need. so they're to me. it
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seems like there are these steps that needed to happen. and so just last week, they decided well, no matter what type of discrimination happens, we need to inform the school community, julie, alright, azenith smith reporting live tonight as it thank you. new details tonight about a demonstration last night in oakland peaceful may day rallies and marches during yesterday afternoon gave way to some skirmishes with police last night has already say about 70. demonstrators marched from frank ogawa plaza to other parts of the downtown. police say some of the group began throwing bottles and cans and officers. two officerse hurt in separate confrontations. we haven't yet about their condition. police say they arrested seven people on charges, including assaulting a police officer and assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer. authorities say they've received no reports of any property damage, the livermore city can soul is set
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to decide tomorrow whether a planning commissioner can keep his seat after making insensitive remarks during a public meeting last month, john stein said that he didn't want a downtown. he didn't want downtown to become a ghetto during a discussion about bringing a low income housing project to south l street and railroad avenue. stein apologized to the city council last week, but some say he should still be removed from his seat. the council is set to meet at five p.m. tomorrow. may is asian pacific american heritage month. the kickoff was held today in san francisco. and while it was a celebration ktvu is candese charles tells us that it comes as the a p i community is facing some serious issues. this month, a time of celebration has existed for over 30 years. but this is a year like no other asian pacific american heritage month started in 1978, but bay area ap i committee leaders tell me
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this may be one of the most important this is a really important month where we can rally support. build bridges strengthen relationships to attack those forces of hate, which are soro form so painful right now, since the start of the pandemic, the. p i community has experienced a rash of violent attacks. in spite of it all the a p i community and allies came together in san francisco soma district sunday to kick off a month of celebrating the ap. i community newly appointed california attorney general rob bonta spoke at the event celebrating and supporting the ap committee. maybe more important now than ever. these moments like today of coming together, standing, strong, denouncing and candy.ate is so e decided that it's really important year to be out in a neighborhood and to showcase the many cultural district's that we have in san francisco clad inching of the a p a heritage foundation helped put
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together sunday's event and said the foundation has come up with more ways than one to celebrate the month. there's something for every generation and every age from art to film to activism. but if you can't make it to an event, you could always donate a national movement in a p i fell and three given may launched may 1st and his running the entire month of may offering more than 179 profits to choose from there, representing 20 states and 55 cities. but if you can't give money, i'll tell you, i'm a model of the asian pacific fun suggests that allies look into the bystander training offered, but advancing justice. she also suggest simply acknowledging that your ap appears may not be okayay look okay on the outside, but underneath the surface, we are struggling with ah, heightened fear and anxiety. just being outside. candese charles ktvu fox two news, a deadly boating
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accident off the coast of southern california is now being called a human smuggling operation and renewing calls for immigration reform officials received initial reports this morning of a boat appearing to need assistance with a few people in the water, but his jet skis, helicopters and boats arrived on the scene. the situation intensified. multiple people were pulled from the water, and three people drowned. more than two dozen who made their way to shore were taken to hospitals for injuries, including hypothermia, people in the water drowning, getting sucked out the rip current there. there's people on shore on reports were cpr in progress, talked about immigration. this incident comes on the heels pleh congress to pass immigration reform as the number of illegal immigrants entering the country has now tripled from this time last year. meantime the man believed to be the operator of that smuggling. soul is now in custody, and border officials are questioning him as the investigation into the capsizing continues. cruise in
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santa cruz county have stopped the progress of the vegetation fire burning in the same area as the seas. ew lightning complex fire last year.sin firee didn't burn any structures, and no one was hurt. so far, no word on how the fire started. part of the bay area is under a red flag warning through tuesday. the warning comes just as welfare prepared this week begins here in california. ktvu is greg liggins tells us it may be made, but we're definitely already in wildfire season. solano county firefighters were battling a vegetation fire sunday afternoon in the area of hay and dalli roads a few miles south east of interstate 80 with low humidity and wins anticipated to gust up to 40 mph. there was potential for the fire to spread quickly before firefighters got it
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under control. right now we're guesstimating the fire to be about 4 to 5 acres. we had winds about 2025 unknown in the dust yet i haven't pulled the information from the weather from our icu. it was a wind driven fire. light flashy fuels. the cause of the fire is under investigation. but what is known is drought. conditions throughout the state are the key ingredient to potentially more fires like warning or not, firefighters are preparing for a potentially busy year. this is similar, the others that we have in our fleet in nearby fairfield, the department has replaced an old brush rig with a new one replaces a early two thousands version that didn't have this. same capabilities and keeps one at every station. it's a piecef ui tt could see a lot of action this fire season. we're definitely already department and we have a lot of wildland interface with in fairfield, so it's something that we spent a lot of our time and effort to ensure that we're prepared for
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caliph iron doesn't fully staff until july, but says it's already taking measures to mitigate fire danger during this red flag event, increasing our engine coverage. increased our dozer coverage, putting pan cruise on during the weekends and then step in our aircraft. the copter will be staffed this weekend as a result of that, whether event compared to last year, this season's totals through april. 25th show the number of acres burned statewide have more than doubled, and the number of fires are up. 65% well, looks like we're gonna have a long season on that's unfortunate for all of us. another thing cal fire has done this year is limit the amount of controlled burns by farmers and ranchers. the irony is the burns helped reduce fuel for the fires. but cal fire says some of these fires have already gotten out of control. so in some cases, the risk is considered greater than the reward. greg liggins, ktvu fox two n. that red flag warning is in effect for part of the bay area tonight.
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we'll talk about that, how long it lasts and their warm up coming in the five day forecast will see you back here after the break. also another dead whale found in the bay area. this one was discovered by a don't settle for products that give you a sort of white smile. try new crest whitening emulsions for 100% whiter teeth. its highly active peroxide droplets swipe on in seconds.
11:13 pm on the so you're ready for the day with a fresh face for a fresh start. for a limited time get a 5th cartridge free. been administered here in california, 50% of the state's population of around 40 million people has received at least
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one dose. 32% are fully vaccinated. there have been roughly 3.6 million coronavirus cases in california since the start of this pandemic and more than 60,000 deaths. india hit a record today for the number of deaths in one day from the pandemic. the situation in india has other countries now trying to find ways to help india fight this huge second surge of the coronavirus, fox news alex hogan tells us that one of the ideas being looked at would be waving patents on vaccines. india is calling for international help as the country battles a devastating covid-19 surge on sunday. india's daily counts dropped slightly from a high of more than 400,000. but daily death set a new record at about 3600. experts believe the real numbers are much higher. we need oxygen we need. uh we need vacants for transporting it. we need medicines. uh anything any
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any such help hospitals, morgues and crematoriums are overwhelmed as india's health care system reaches a breaking point. meanwhile the country's vaccine rollout is off to a slow start with only about 2% of india's 1.3 billion people fully vaccinated. the concern now is lack of lifesaving resource is we don't have enough mentally doesn't want hospitals, the covid. isis in india is putting pressure on the u. s and other western governments to waive patents on covid-19 vaccines. supporters say evening intellectual property protections could allow l relying on excess supply from wealthier nations. the white house says it could have a way forward in the coming days. we believe that the pharmaceutical companies should be supplying at scale and at cost to the entire world so that there is no barrier to everyone. getting vaccinated. the world trade organization had signaled that it's considering a proposal to temporarily suspend protections
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on patents to help fight covid-19 be binding. administration says it's open to the idea in new york. alex hogan, fox news, drake speech in marin county will be closed for nearly four months starting tomorrow. the park service says the crews will be restoring wetlands and repairing roads in that area. drake speech is a popular spot along the point, reyes national seashore, the park service says beach access will be closed from the intersection of drakes beach road and sir francis drake boulevard through august 31st. another dead well was found today in the bay area group of y scouts who are out cleaning the beach. joining us now is the founder of the group c valor. eric jones. eric you were with the boy scouts when they found the whale there on angel island. what do we know about the whale? and could you tell from looking at it? how it may have died? sure from what i could tell, it
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looked to be about a 30 ft. very well. i think it was a male. there wasn't any obvious signs of trauma like from a ship strike, but i'm not emory. mammal experts, so i'll leave that analysis today. experts hopefully, they could do a necropsy and see what killed this one. i'm wondering what the reaction was from all the boy scouts when they first spotted the whale. they're seeing the real world of nature there right in front of them, right? i mean, everybody. everybody loves whales and mammals, and i think everybody was pretty sad, but i think overall they were, they were excited to be part of being able to help get it up on the beach so that experts can come in and trying to figure out what killed this one's. well, it's now as far as i know. it's the fifth whale, and it's the second one that we've told in three weeks is that what you do? i was reading about your group. it's a very interesting group c valor. but is that one of the things that you do, which is to whales? and if so, how did you.
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have something that we set out to do the way that on april six were out sailing and we came across the will that had been killed and we called it into the coast guard, and about an hour later, the coast guard called back and he had the marine mammal center on the phone and marine mammal center. asked if we could go back and take some photographs and. they said that they were going to send a boat out to tow it and we actually have experienced tony big boats and everything. so i think we volunteered and we were told it. as far as a safar as we could t. and then ie morning, another boat came and we told it the rest of the way to angel island, so it's definitely not something that we set about to do, but i think we have the experience had the equipment today that we're able to help. keep it out of the navigational channels where it
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was a hazard and then also get it up on the beach and then tie it to the beach so that it doesn't drift off the beach until the experts. eric, i've always wondered here. oh i'm sorry. i've always wondered not go ahead. and maybe you know the answer to this. maybe you don't. but the ocean is huge, and some of these whales are being killed when they were hit by a ship wouldn't the whale see the ship and steer clear of the ship? i mean, again. i would i would pose that question to the experts. but what i think happens is the ships of this going too quickly for the whales to be able to get out of the way. some of these ships are going at 15 20 knots and i solutions is perhaps too slow the bigger container shiink thia discussion that people. having because again it's very concerning that i've been sailing three times in three weeks and two out of the three
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times we've now found and then towed dead whales. i mean, that's just it doesn't seem normal. eric, we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight. we're gonna leave it there. thank you so much for what you do. thank you very much for having me appreciate it. oh okay. we're looking at the weather. we have a red flag warning in these areas. you could see it just feathering into solano county here up towards vallejo and that red flag warning is going to say in effect through tuesday morning, and it's really gonna be for these winds just funneling right down through the big valley for the sacramento valley and into the northern san joaquin red flag warning is a concern. and of course it does seem like, you know, fire dangers. definitely little earlier each year. it's a little earlier this year because the last two years have been dry. and so it doesn't take much when you you don't have rain, below average rainfall for two years in a row. we're in a drought, no question about it, and that certainly promotes dangerous fire conditionsthere'no fog out there, either with winds
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going that way, the fog kind of gets shredded apart. there might be some patches trying to show up, but the fog just get shredded. so you see where the wind contours are tomorrow morning. right around. well, actually, let's go back tomorrow morning, right about here about 89789 tomorrow morning. that's when the winds of the strongest okay and you can see the conscious look at the contours to see where the wind is, too. so ah, lot of us and we're gonna go to tuesday morning. ah lot of us. don't won't notice the wind it all and then tuesday mornings, the next sort of thing this these events overnight events and they get going they get really empowered in the early morning hours, and so that's the next one into tuesday morning, so the plan red flag warnings saves the factor tuesday. i don't think most of us won't notice the wind is what i'm getting out. no father, the coast winds are very light out there as you can see right now. 20 miles an hour sfo. that's but it's out of the west. that's not a northerly wind. current temperatures are running well ahead of where they were last night, and that yellow area to the north. that's where the winds of the strongest and that's where the air is sinking. this is the
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most aggressively and that's why you have the strong winds. it's a combination of things when they're sinks. it warms. that's the deal. so forecast tomorrow you're going to find temperatures in the nineties and the antioch and conquered 89 livermore and the five day forecast set you up with just more warm weather. so monday, tuesday wednesday, all warm spots upper eighties low nineties. and then the next week, and it cools off a little bit. so fire dangers up there. so be careful pay attention, and we'll see you back here soon. all right, bill. thank you. coming up in 11 30. just a few minutes away. it's sportswear, joe fonzi and jason appelbaum breakdown. leigh nfl draft as the niners make a big splash drafting trey lance, with their third pick. but spending plans to the american people why they
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>>hey, thanks martins! yeah, you're welcome. american people. the president says his proposals will help rebuild america and strengthen the middle class. fox news mark meredith tells us that republicans are hoping to reach a deal that will bring the cost down. president biden is calling on congress to spend trillions of dollars raised taxes and do both fairly fast this week. the president's gonna be hitting the road looking to make his case to the public about why so much spending is needed. these proposals are brokennd childcars
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well as they provide a boost in spending for social programs. then there's also the $2.3 trillion effort to repair infrastructure, something that both parties say they are interested in working on. the biden administration insists there is room here for a bible. artisan deal. i think the american people are long overdue. they've been promised that their infrastructure be fixed for 50 years. where is the delivery on that? and i think that's really what this is all about. some conservatives argue these proposed new programs could make too many americans governmn there's the price tag that even with tax increases on corporate america proposed, republicans are outraged. when i look at this, this is a staggering amount of spending like someone with a new credit card. and these are for things that we don't necessarily need. we certainly can't afford, but they're going to delight the liberal left of the party. there indication some republican lawmakers, they're gonna be making their way to the white house this week to see what kind of deal can be reached. the president as i mentioned be hitting the road is gonna be visiting a community college in southern virginia on monday and make two
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stops in louisiana on thursday. also this week, the white house is expected to give us an update about what's going on with the state of the vaccine rollout and the pandemic overall in this country that will happen at the same time nel restrictions between the u. s and india where covid cases are surging, traveling with the president and wilmington, delaware. mark meredith fox news and that is our report for tonight. thanks so much for joining us sports wrap with joe and jason is coming up next. and jason is coming up next. see you la this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually doesn't cover everything you need. it's long on pages. short on coverage. that's why three was created. it covers your entire business in just one policy. because small business owners have enough on their hands. so go with three and leave those old policies
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in the bay. season and look who's in first place in both of the western division. i believe in our players. i believe in the group in that room. how the newest giant came up with their biggest hit today, while a familiar face stole the show with the aids. i mean, the guy's human highlight reel. trey is coming to the bags. i didn't am goes by the code. why the 49ers think they've found their quarterback of the future. shiran. when it comes to local players selected in this year's draft, one bay area


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