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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 7, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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for more now on the red flag conditions, let's go to ktvu meteorologists mark tamayo mark either under. yeah those winds was northerly winds already accelerating right now. so that red flag warning basically in place right now into what your weekend and beyond. so it's that that pattern. really concerned with typically and say, august september october, but it's so dry out there. of course, is you talked about fire season is already here. so red flag warning posted for portions of the bay area kind of put this map together just to get an idea that lot of wind observations on this map here but if i come in closer, mount st helene a. that one site already. that's a current gust of up to 34 miles an hours so already developing this offshore wind, it is a dry wind direction. so as result of fog has that no impact. we typically wants the fog around increase the moisture levels, but not the case. so the red flag warning in place until six a.m. monday for the north bay hills for solano county, in
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fact, until six p.m. on monday, east bay hills in the east bay valleys, winds gusting easily over 40 miles an hour could be over 50 miles an hour for the berry hill's up above 2000 ft. relative humidity right around 10 to 20% here's the forecast model shown you the projected wind speeds for a few spots and all so the relative humidity levels you'll see those winds pick up. this is saturday morning, eight o'clock, then we warm up into the afternoon hours still breezy and you'll notice single digit relative humidity out toward fairfield and out toward conquered. so this is not the pattern we want to see. but unfortunately this develops as we head into the weekend was the strongest with expected saturday morning. well that maura this warmer weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. right. thank you so much. mark this is the earliest red flag warning and almost a decade for parts of the bay area. ktvu deborah villalon joins us now live and deb, this is something we usually do not see until late summer or even the fall.
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yeah, absolutely. andre and starting out in drought and with such dry fuels, you have to wonder. how much worse it gets from here. the winds it five sustained. mark skinner grows 10 acres of grapes and apples. 1000 ft up on the sonoma napa line, he watches humidity like a hawk. i've seen it down to 14% in in october. i saw it down the zero the drought conditions have really put us in a position that we didn't want to be in right now. october conditions in may from the north to east bay. these are normally the months for fuel management, clearing that. rotation before it dries out, but it already has. is there potential that we're gonna have fires this weekend with the conditions? absolutely but hopefully they'll continue to be kept relatively small. it puts the hair upon my neck and it puts us all in a heightened level of concern. oakland fire transition this week into wildfire response earlier than ever, but had to because of fires popping off in april is showing the fuel is volatile.
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not only volatile it's almost explosive and again, we would expect to see this in late summer this weekend, the hills will have park closures and extra patrols, keeping a high profile and watching for fire starts. lessons learned 30 years ago in the devastating oakland hills fire lessons learned again with 20 seventeen's tubbs fire, bringing better alerts, evacuation plans and coordination. we are better prepared both as emergency responders, and it is a community as a whole and then just write beyond there is where the fire came last year, survivors of repeat wildfires are rooting for the return of summer fog. they are already weary. if you think about all the #### we've had to deal with them last. last year fires covid. ah! everybody in town being out of work. it's crazy. i mean, what else do you want to throw at me? it was 2013 the last time the national weather service issued such an alert
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for these areas so early in the season, pg and e, though, says it is not planning any public safety. power outages at least not this time. andre still early deborah villalon reporting for us live depth. thank you. speaking of which such an early red flag warnings concerning for how the rest of fire season could play out, get a little bit of inside here on what we can expect. we talk to cal fire chief john cox. what we've experienced over the last five years really tells us that these red flag conditions are when we're really at the mercy of mother nature, you know, we can't control the wind and that is really our biggest adversary. so any time that we get these anticipated winds that come with hot temperatures and very, very low relative humidities, we get highly concerned because our ability to control fires in a short amount of time becomes very challenging. wilcox went on to say that the public. can do their part to guard against well fire by making sure they
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have a clear, defensible space around their homes and a reminder you can download the ktvu weather app to track the conditions this weekend. there you'll find hourly updates as seven day forecast and you can send us your weather photos as well. it is free by the way to download needed nine hundreds of people gathered in san francisco's mission district to turn on thousands of lights over valencia street. ktvu samuel alito tells us businesses in that area are excited about the new addition. sisters are proud to bless these bloods. lighting of valencia street in san francisco friday night signals a renaissance to show the community that valencia is back to spread some joy and some love when we really needed as we emerge out of this extremely difficult and dark year. a festive atmosphere to accompany this new addition, the lights will be on every night over a
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10 block stretch from 14 to 24th street to attract foot traffic. third street performer tells me he recently returned to san francisco after moving out of state when the pandemic hit things. they're coming back, and so you know, it's nice was one of our team vest. yes or not. cycling apparel store reopened thursday for in person shopping the first time since the pandemic. now there's just more more people vaccinated that it just seemed like it was the natural timeto come back in here and open up. owning a small business was romi disa lover sally's dream since she was a little girl, she and her boyfriend signed a five year lease and held their grand opening last weekend. the bay area native says her service in the military. helped her take on the challenge off opening a new business during the pandemic. my time in the navy anyways, kind of sets you up for success that you just kind of take roll with the punches and the lights are a
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reflection of that resilient spirit, a project, the merchant's association says is completely funded by donations. we learned out of this pandemic that if we want to put our mind to something, we can all work together as a unit to get through something very, very difficult. lighting ceremony to hundreds of people. plan is to have the lights up for a couple of months on depending on community feedback. merchants see they may become a permanent fixture in san francisco. amberleigh ktvu, fox two news, san francisco's popular roller disco church of eight wheels welcome back customers today for the first time. and more than a year. customers skated along to the music. there are also wearing masks and staying six ft. apart the church of eight wheels is allowed to reopen now that san francisco
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is in the yellow tear. the roller disco says it's installed in your air filter system, and customers must have their temperatures taken before entering the building. we're trying to make sure that we can get the people and safely taken skate safely, they won't get sick and they'll be able escape forever. never go down into another lockdown. church of eight wheels says it's also created a new system to clean the skates using uv lights. got mark tamayo locations. tita alright ago. we've got our mobile vans are waiting to go to schools. when you're talking about is the next phase and getting the bay area vaccinated coming up how health departments are prepping to inoculate 12 to 15 year olds and oakland, where libby schaaf unveils her budget for the city, focus
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16 and older are now vaccinated for the coronavirus. that's nearly 14 million people. 18% have had one dose of a two dose regimen, which is almost six million people. in all close to 32 million shots have been administered well, the bay area's preparing to give the covid-19 vaccine the 12 and 15 year olds group as soon as next week. ktvu jana katsuyama tells us about the outreach effort. this week. contra costa county covid vaccine clinics had plenty of open appointments and now allow walk ins. i had choices to go
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to where i wanted to get the shot, so it worked out really well, gone are the long lines from the first wave. we have thousands of open appointments across all of our sites, and we want to fill them. contra costa county health officials say with more than 70% of eligible people in the county, receiving at least one dose. now it's about making access easy for the remaining people and planning for us. second wave of children we have about 90,000 kids in that 12 to 15 year old range on dweeb in talking to all of the school district's and making plans to vaccinate them. the fda is emergency use authorization could be as soon as next wednesday when they reviewed the fizer 12 to 15 year old trial data, kids, we all played together more freely that we over the parties be parts of clubs, marin county's public health officer says. their goal is to vaccinate at least 50 purse. scent of kids within the first week they become eligible mobile vans are waiting to go to schools got to
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be a grassroots movement. t o crush this virus, congresswoman barbara lee of oakland and doctors at an online town hall friday, say outreach to parents will be critical. the real trouble is going to be about consent about parental consent because there will be a requirement for that. they said schools, faith centers and drop insights need flexible scheduling and resource is for parents who work or face language and transportation barriers. some also same or vaccine doses should be made available to pediatricians. many of the steps that have to be taken. we do all the time for flu, vaccine and music, months and rubella. we already participate in the vaccine registry. if the fizer vaccine is authorized next week for 12 to 15 year old children, the dose will be the same as adults so providers can use the same supplies and distribution protocols. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news, so fizer and beyond tech announced today they are seeking full approval from the fda for their covid-19
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vaccinations. now the companies say they have started the biologics license application. it is the next step. up after getting emergency use authorization now since that was granted in december of the companies say they have delivered more than $170 doses of the vaccine across the u. s oakland mayor libby schaaf unveiled her city budget today, which includes a slight decrease in police funding. community groups have called for slashing the police budget in half, saying the money would be better spent on community programs. mayor shaft says the city is setting up a means of new non police response for emergencies like mental health related calls. but she says surveys show residents who want to retain police protection. we have had a gut wrenching year in loss of life and violence. this is not a moment that we can take back any public safety. what we are doing is we are building new while we are
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sustaining and doing what we know works. mayor shafts budget would also allocate $41 million for homeless services. the city council will take up the proposals on monday. acenas a man is now under arrest after allegedly hitting a police officer with his car and then leaving the scene. police located and arrested jonathan hall a short time later, the 27 year old has been booked at santa clara county man jail. the officer is recovering in the hospital. he was hit just after 12 30 this morning near the intersection of son chris. savvy with perry lane. he was conducting a traffic stop and was outside of his vehicle when he was struck. the witness says the car that hit the officer was speeding and out of control. all of a sudden we see another model bmw speeding by at least 100 mph at the bend on. he was already losing control at that point, and he ended up hitting a police officer way didn't really see it happen,
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but we ran towards the scene as soon as it happened just to make sure he was okay. we're told the officers. injuries are not life threatening. there is no word yet on what the suspect is being charged with. you may not be ready for the next big one, but your phone could be up next. we're gonna explain the shake alert system that notifies you before in earthquake hits and a merry whether we are tracking a pretty big warmup is we head into your weekend and also an increase in the fire danger. maurine the warm weather pattern on a warm period in your five day forecast. that's all coming up. and how the state is taking steps to move state is taking steps to move away from gas appliances so you went to ross and saved big on shoes? oh, yeah! and snagged “yes, please” brands at “no way” prices. hurry in for fresh styles for the whole fam... ...and say cheers to spring
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reports a draft of new building code standards would require new homes to have the proper wiring for all electric appliances, the california energy commission said it wants to encourage the technologies of the future. several bay area cities, including san jose and oakland, have already banned natural gas in new homes to combat global warming. three earthquake struck near truckee last night, the most powerful a magnitude 4.7, but some people here in the bay area received alerts, warning them of a possible six point oh quake. ktvu tom vacar explains the shake alert system. earthquake drop cover! hold on and 9 35 pacific time on thursday night and much quicker than in the blink of an eye. the west coast shake alert system notified hundreds of thousands of northern californians to expect an immediate earthquake to provide that quick warning. shake alert makes its decision to alert in nanoseconds decided
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by a sophisticated computer program called an algorithm, but because they're still not enough sensors in the area north of truckee, where the quake hit. shake alert thought that the moderate 4.7 magnitude quake was actually a much more serious six point. our earthquake early warning is not a perfect system. we estimate the magnitude and in this case we overestimated the magnitude by just a little bit. the alerts are near instantaneously passed on to critical infrastructure operators such as bart and caltrans. at the same time, they're sent to consumer applications such as my shake android emergency alerts and wireless emergency alerts. a warning came of a six point oh quake because the bigger the earthquake, the broader the reason of shaking and hence the broader region of people that would be alerted in this case, as we add more stations as we have densest station coverage, it just means that there are more stations with more data available more quickly. so far california has
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installed 780 of a goal of 1115 sensors, ultimately to be cited has more earthquake sensors are built out, the system will be increasingly more accurate because the system words from every earthquake it senses and improves its predictions. even if people did not feel any shaking. but they still got an alert. we hope they still took that protective action and your phone if you download my shake could also be a part of the sensor network. using the my shake apparatchiks detecting the earthquakes with the phones themselves. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. and a very weather. lots of sunshine today. more sunshine in your weekend forecast and some warmer temperatures. that would be the headline as we head into by your saturday and also with the fire danger. that is a big concern as we head into a first thing saturday morning, you can see the temperature profile tomorrow mid to upper sixties coast side around the bay low
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eighties. inland spots near 90 degrees. some gusty winds all linked up to the fire danger for tomorrow, so that will be a big concern. and also this a wind advisory out towards solano county with winds gusting, possibly toe over 30 miles an hour, so this essentially in place for saturday, here's the set up. we had those dry winds moving in from the north already developing for tonight, and the red flag fire warning in place right now, all the way until six a.m. monday so this is an extended period of dry weather. and also some gusty winds as well. we're gonna be watching out for that. in fact, here's the forecast model. i'm kind of take a look at the wind speeds throughout the day, and you can see by the afternoon hours single digit relative humidity, so that's what this pattern does. it just really wipes out the fog and some really dry conditions setting up right now. we have mostly clear skies out their current numbers. most areas in the fifties and still some sixties so fairly mild friday night across the region
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tomorrow morning, we'll start out the day. mid forties to the mid fifties, and then into the afternoon hours. lots of sunshine highs from the mid sixties coast side warmest locations as we talked about oper eighties to the lower nineties, see well, those a warm up for tomorrow and it looks like this warrant pattern is here to stay as we head into a next week of fact, fairly hot, well, inland forecast highs for tomorrow. san francisco 73 santa rosa 89 could be a bit windy up in the north bay, especially up in sonoma county throughout the day on saturday, san jose. 84 san matteo 82 degrees. look at santa cruz 80 degrees. here's a look ahead into your sunday. still, lots of sunshine still breezy conditions, but temperatures may cool off a little bit, and it looks like we'll have a rebound into early next week, but we better have a nice forecast for all the moms out there on sunday, though, looks like well, that'll be the case as you can see temperatures. not as hot, just kind of hopefully in that pleasant range on sunday. certainly good news for those air heading out to brunch with
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mama. thank you so much for well. bart is testing new, easy to read displays that it's lake merritt station. they're flat screen displays with side by side messaging and information writers need while waiting on the platform. they show train arrival and delay details and his trains enter the station. the signs show the line by color, the number of cars and whether it's an older or newer model train with more doors. displays are part of a pilot project. and if all goes well, bart plans to upgrade other stations as well. baby deer in napa had a close call this afternoon. animal services got a call that ah, fun had fell 10 ft into a drain hole. it's silverado country club officer naval nt seen here climbed down into the drain and rescued that little dear. fortunately they say the fun was not hurt and was reunited with its mother coming up in sports. the giants celebrate willie mays birthday in fine style, we might say, and the a's were right there with them celebrating in their
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own stuff. sports director mark obadiah next. but first a live look outside this friday night looking towards san francisco and the bay bridge from our emeryville camera, windy for some of the up here tonight. you're watching the 11 o'clock news right here on channel two. we'll be right back. mew. back. e
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vine room? no no way. the giants were not about to let the san diego padres come to town and put a damper on this great week when we've been all celebrating in the bay area, the birthday of the great say, hey kid, willie mays. i'll have a bad day. dear willy, happy birthday to you. way love you,
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willie. absolutely great job by riddell right there with very bonds alongside fantastic to see willie at the ballpark and celebration continues. buster goes deep to run shot. he's got eight. already giants build up for nothing. lead padres come on to tie it for four and the giants. unbreak it in the seventh as austin slater also goes deep ticket to ride that's a solo shot five for the final. jake mcgee is eight save of the giant start the weekend off right for willie and their own sake, the a's kool and the gang mode, right, sell a break. sean minaya's pitching tonight first of all. about this. so with the side in the third inning takes care of care buyer a. thomas and phillips had no hitter broken up in the eighth inning, seth brown drove in a run with a single. it's 11 bottom of the
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ninth inning and time for downtown brown do is think. you're right, dad. baby is done. brown walks off the res love the call from gland keiper right there, two out, walk up the first of brown's career, and they take the ball game over tampa to once. good pitching in that one, some fantastic pitching. from the cincinnati reds. left hander wait. bailly what is going on this the fourth no hitter seasons barely a month old. have a look at the final out. ground former wizardry from wade miley, no hitter and baseball history. yes itwas cleveland's jordan luke, low
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grounding out there. miley becomes the fourth pitcher to throw a no hitter. this year. he walked a couple and struck out. 81 cleveland battle reached on an air, but that was it and the reds take the indians. three. nothing another no hitter tonight. the shark's fault of the coyotes five to their seasons about done, but the quakes are your south bay winners tonight. check this out. they bring out the magic wando to take care of salt lake real salt lake 87 minute watch wondolowski from danville, the header and his second goal of the night in a four minute span two on the fire. it'll break stuff to a nice start the young season. that's the third straight win, and they are 31 and oh, and just to wrap up the week all of us a channel to another happy birthday to willie mays, 90 and looking spry out of the ball yard back
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to you guys. christina! andre yeah, absolutely still going strong love to see it. all strong love to see it. all right, mark. thank you. okay. okay, here she comes. together: happy mother's da-- aah! what are you wearing? you don't remember this shirt? you made it for me for mother's day in kindergarten. it's adorable. it's perverted. it looks like you were felt up by that creepy guy around the corner. ew! why him? 'cause he's got, like, freakishly tiny hands. thank you! i cannot believe you kept that shirt. of course i kept it. i'm your mother. i keep everything you make me. please take that off. oh, when i'm dead. today is my special day, and i am gonna enjoy me some coffee. you know that's a pencil holder, right? i do now. jay: go first. no, you can go first. manny, go first! no, jay, you go first. ah, somebody give me a present! oh, jay, a diamond necklace! [ laughs ] thank you! you deserve it.


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