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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 11, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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tonight he's promising. he's not going to change his ways. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. chp arrested the 25 year old yesterday on two counts of reckless driving and disobeying a police officer. hello again, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. that driver is now out of jail and new at 11 tonight. ktvu jesse gary with the exclusive interview and jesse that driver says his driving isn't dangerous, that's exactly right. julie. he just got out of jail tonight after spending the night in santa rita jail. he's home. how do you think he got home? how do you think he made the trip? that's right in the back of a self driving vehicle with no one behind the wheel. i'm not going to back seat right now. like you feel me like i'm waiting for my car to charge 25 year old param sharma says his antics behind the wheel are not to show off, but to show self driving
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vehicles are not only the future but the present as well. monday someone recorded cell video of sharma in his tesla on interstate 80 with no human behind the wheel, as required by california law. it's just so dangerous cause a dangerous. when they're being driven by humans on by dangerous when they're being driven by robots that haven't been certified. chp officers arrested sharma, charging him with two counts of reckless driving. charming says he's driven 40,000 miles on bay area roadways over the past few years, sometimes in tesla's with tinted black windows. he's posted videos on at least one social media platform under the name gold collar lavish, he says, driving or technique. clean, not driving, but writing this way isn't dangerous. i've been great chick before really hard and the car stopped. it came to a complete stop like you almost really knows what he's doing. and i think people are just tripping and they're scared. tesla has been working
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on level five fully autonomous technology for the past five years, but it is not implemented and it isn't foolproof. there have been several high profile fatal accidents involving tesla's self driving mode, including one in mountain view in march of 2018 when the sensors on the vehicle became confused by the markings with road, the driver or the car plowed into an abutment charm is charged with two counts of reckless driving due back in court. on the sixth of july. he promises he will continue to drive around the bay area in the back seat with no person in the front seat at the helm. heather s o again, he sees no problem with it with his actions and the potential danger that he could be causing out there on the roadways, heather, i went over this with him extensively. i did bring out the march of 2018 accident where the driver was in the front seat reading wasn't paying. attention he was in the
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front seat reading, not paying attention and ran it and button and, unfortunately was killed. he says that he is very tall that he can if something goes wrong, reach over and grabbed the steering wheel with his arms if something were to happen, he also says that he goes through several test runs in the front seat with the car to make sure can handle the stretches of roadway that he's driving on when he's in the back seat, and he says, once he's comfortable with the car can perform. perfectly then he'll do it from the back seat with no one in the front seat. i countered the following you don't know what the future holds, and you can never know. all eventualities. what something goes wrong. he doesn't believe something will go wrong. i hope for his sake and he lets keep in mind. he is young. and when you're young, you really don't know all the twists and turns that life can present. let's hope that. maybe he understands that it's great to do that. you know if you're
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in your own driveway, but not on the roadway, where there are other people with their other kids, because something can out of the blue. go wrong headed. yeah. all right, jesse gary reporting live forced tonight, jessie. thank you. ah huge announcement today from major league baseball. they said that the aids are free to relocate if they can't reach a deal on a new ballpark in oakland. interviews. jana katsuyama is here now, with reaction from the team, the city and the fans. jenna frank. this came as a shock to the fans who don't want to see their team become the los vegas, portland or san antonio. is that just a few of the cities that reportedly are being considered, but the team's president tells us that time is tight they release in oakland. runs out in 2024, theo oakland, a's motto rooted in oakland reflects the long history, hometown fans sporting green and gold since 1968. but now the team could be uprooted and move out. major league
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baseball released a statement tuesday saying quote we have instructed the athletics to begin to explore other markets while they continue to pursue a waterfront ballpark in oakland. theeighties gave the oakland city council their proposal in january to build a 34,000 seat. one front ballpark at howard terminal. they say the $12 billion project would be privately financed and include retail and housing with the city reinvesting 855 million in infrastructure improvements. we need the city council of oakland to actually take its role as the lead agency and vote affirmatively on the project. one former ace player says the team has helped oakland youth reach for big dreams. opens produced so many major league ball playersn. joee all had that dream growing up here. no and it all happened because of the open aids. many fans don't want to see another team leave. these are oakland, you know, and they leave the gold out of state. i'm just i'm gonna be upset about that, as
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supporter and i would really want them to stay here. we really wanted to continue to stay here and the city should hold them up. the bay area council says oakland has a lot at stake. economic standpoint, it's really important to keep the a's and get this project done and a lot of people existing jobs as well as future jobs depend on it. they shouldn't be pressured by major league baseball. but opponents with the east oakland stadium, alliance and shipping companies say a ballpark at the port would hurt the industrial area. we have 325,000 truck moves at that facility. you're right now. on dit provides critical infrastructure. by oakland mayor libby, shop's spokesman said quote today statement makes clear that the on lee viable path to keeping the a's rooted in oakland is a ballpark on the waterfront. mayor shaft is calling on the community to come together to try and find a way to find a fiscally responsible waterfront project.
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frank jana katsuyama live force. thank you, governor newsome today announced a new $12 billion spending plan. to try to tackle the homeless crisis here in our state, get two political reporter greg lee has details now of the governor's plan. and just how all that money would be spent. $12 billion. that's how much governor gavin newsom wants to spend to tackle homelessness in this state or committing today to a five year plan effectively and family homes. in the state of california. the historic investment is the latest proposal from newsome's $100n made possible by a $75 billion surplus. it's not just doubling down. on strategy. this is a new order of magnitude investment and the transforming the homeless crisis and state of california. the spending plan over two years calls for $8.75 billion to create 46,000 units of housing a major chunk
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of it to expand project home key, which gives cities money to convert hotels, motels and other buildings into homeless housing. he would also go towards rental support. mental health resource is new housing for families and grants for local governments. what's happening on the streets and sidewalks is unacceptable. no open. no one should be pleased with that. voters agree. anu berkeley igs poll shows newsome's approval rating up to 52% but low marks on major issues, including 57% saying he's doing a poor job on homelessness. support for recalling the governor remains unchanged from january. 36. opposition to the recall has grown to 49% political science professor dave mcewen says the budget surplus gives the governor a huge boost. this is like santa claus, the easter bunny and your favorite uncle giving you a gift all at once, in terms of the political timing of how positive this could be while facing a recall you some announced the plan in
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san diego, the city's former mayor, kevin faulconer, wants to replace the governor. he called the proposal week and late saying no amount of money will solve this crisis. us without a leader who has the political will to buck the status quo and take bold actions to get people off the streets. the big city mayors coalition, which includes san francisco, oakland, and san jose, has been asking for a major investment from the state to address homelessness. they applauded what they called a bold announcement. greg lee ktvu fox two news. bay area. advocates for the homeless say this could be a transformative program in san francisco. the city was able to move 2500 people off the street as the city put people in hotels to prevent the spread of the coronavirus with 161,000 homeless people in california backers say the home key program could be away too quickly clear camps and provide services. got available real estate that we've never had before. um and potentially
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money from the state, so it's just a magical moment. we also heard from some business owners who say that converted hotels bring down property values about a third of homeless people struggle with mental illness or substance abuse. still ahead tonight of an accused of groping a young girl and then punching and spitting on her when she fought back now police are asking for your help to try to find him, plus a heartbroken mother is speaking out publicly for the first time since her 11 year old daughter died, allegedly from abuse that she suffered by the girl's father and stepmother.
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is behind bars tonight today. police arrested mark ben do chief. he's a transient who police say attacked and killed a man at civic park. the victim was found early yesterday morning inside the gazebo there at the park. police say he was unconscious and had a head injury. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. banducci was spotted walking on contra costa boulevard near crescent drive and pleasant hill and was arrested on murder charges. he's being held in martinez on one man. million dollars bail. the mother of an 11 year old girl who died after suffering abuse allegedly at the hands of her father and stepmother, is speaking out publicly for the first time, she tells ktvu is amberleigh that she gave up her parental rights six years ago to try to protect her daughter, never
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imagining that the girl's father would later be accused of torturing her daughter. they took that from her. sandra garcia made this poster board with photos of her daughter on i e ds memories of a happier time. there is a memorial in garcia's bedroom for the 11 year old angry myself. i'm angry at them, and i feel sometimes like it's my fault, too, because i didn't fight for her and he was living with her father, rene diaz and her stepmother, crystal when she died in their home in rodeo march, 23rd. the couple has been charged with torture, mayhem and child abuse after authorities discovered signs of abuse a navy. what were they doing? they just watch her die. garcia says. she gave birth to an aii when she was 16 while in a relationship with ds. she says. they split up soon after, and that anna he lived with her until she was five. garcia says she gave up custody to the couple when she
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was trying to get out of a relationship with a man who was abusing drugs, thinking that they were gonna take care of her and love her like i did with her first birthday, garcia says. she kept tabs on i 90 with photos given to her by the girl's paternal grandmother, but that the couple didn't allow her to see her daughter. he was that. why didn't he protect the home where the abuse allegedly took place now sits vacant. ah small memorial for the girl still stands. garcia tells me she moved into this two bedroom apartment in richmond in february after saving money for two years working at a supermarket, hoping to have a home suitable to reunite with an ie wanted to suffer everything my daughter suffer. renee and cristal diaz have pled not guilty. the couple scheduled to be back in court next monday. the prosecutor tells me he's waiting for test results, which could determine whether they'll also be charged with killing
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and i'ii in richmond, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. policing milpitas tonight or ask you for help to locate a man suspected of groping a young girl tonight. they released this sketch of the attacker. he's described as a 40 to 50 year old white man with crooked yellow teeth, salt and pepper beard and also a poor complexion. investigators say the 13 year old was walking through murphy park near grand teton drive yesterday when the man touched her, punched her and then spent on her. girl that hit the man back and he ran away. coming up here. state officials looking into the possibility of ending social distancing implement the change and enticing teenagers to get the covid-19 vaccine by offering access to one of levi stadiums, most exclusive rooms. we'll tell you about the special vaccination event held tonight. and the area whether we are wrapping up another hot day, england but
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everybody cools off. eventually as we head toward the weekend, we'll have more on your forecast coming up.
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at ended workplace social distancing by august. the proposed change comes from the states division of occupational safety and health, it would end physical distancing requirements at workplaces after july 31st workers would also not be required to wear face coverings when not in close contact with others. vote on the revisions is expected to take place on may 20th tonight. the state says appointments for 12 to 15 year olds to get their coronavirus shots will be a very global started on thursday, the fda gave their authorization for the age group yesterday and the cdc and state
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approval are expected over the next two days. the state says. it's my turn booking site is ready to make appointments of this evening and santa clara county, some teenagers got the chance to get the covid-19 vaccine. in a locker room at levi stadium, ktvu azenith smith has more now on. the special youth event. teenagers that levi stadium tuesday night not to watch a game but to get the fizer vaccine in a locker room. this 17 year old was the first in line i heard there was ah, like a giveaway at the stadium, and i thought that was pretty cool. and plus, i just wanted to be safe and get the vaccine. a thrill for mama die hard niners fan see the inside of the stadium versus the outside said to clara county, teaming up with the 49ers for special vaccination night for high school students. each team receiving a tour of a levi's locker room free niner swag, a dj and soured. oh, sam were
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there too. we're prepared if a couple 1000 students come, but we'll also considered a success. if only a few 100 come right now in santa clara county people 16 to 19 make up nearly 19% of case. says the second largest infected group. following those ages, 20 to 29. that's the age group in which most of the transmission of much of the transmission is taking place in right now, and it's sort of, you know late teenagers to young adults on def unless we can control transmission and those groups. we're not going to get to herd immunity yet teens and young adults are getting the shot at lower rates than older residents. the main reason they've only been eligible since april. 15th experts say it's wise to get adolescents vaccinated sooner rather than later. the outbreaks in michigan and minnesota over the earlier this spring. directly tied back to youth sports. we've seen that in a few places in the bay area as well. sonck zanon vaccine large
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unvaccinated population that's perfectly capable of transmitting. i'm actually a raiders fan, so i kind of kind of hard experience coming to revise, stating that the much more successful team this 16 year old says it was all worth it to visit levi stadium and getting the vaccine a big moment for his family. most of them are now vaccinated. azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. your oh way haven't started off the week with some warm the hot temperatures, especially inland, we will eventually go the other direction and maybe at some drizzle to the forecast as we head toward the weekend hides from this afternoon, though, still, ah, hot day inland up above 90 degrees toward fairfield, antioch and conquered san jose 83 oakland 67. you can see san francisco right around 80 degrees 18 60 degrees out that warm with some fog makes they come back. i near the coast and your portions of the bay. in fact, the fog is expanding and coverage right now, with the help of an onshore breeze
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already pushing back into the bay for tonight. current numbers, it is 48 degrees in half moon bay. we have some fifties around the babe and well inland. the warm spot still in the sixties to the seventies for this 11 o'clock hour out toward the fairfield in the mid seventies. there's a live camera up above the fog layer. this looks like summertime with the a dense fog making a comeback near the coast and your portions of the bay. the plans of our border once again started out with some great coast side and right around the bay shoreline and then into the attitude hours, the clouds clear back to near the coast and temperatures. inland stillborn, the hot, probably not as warm as today. warm spots in the upper eighties to write about 90 degrees, so we begin toe cool things off. the inland spots as we had into your wednesday, here's the deal for him. are there is the wednesday forecast, keeping it cool coast side and that we are tracking a system that will move in the from the from the north here friday to saturday some or clouds a cooler forecast and maybe the chance of some drizzle. first
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thing tomorrow morning is not real rainfall, but still would be nice to have a little bit of some drizzle round here, and we'll track that chances we head into the weekend, at least for tomorrow. some fog start out the day some warm temperat francisco 64 livermore 89 napa 84 degrees. look ahead your five day we continue to cool things off into your thursday and then we bring in some more fog friday morning and then possibly some drizzle. it's not the real rainfall, but i guess we'll take anything we can get. maybe a little bit of us a mistress and drizzle first thing saturday morning. okay, mark. thank you. the drought, along with a number of ongoing major projects will add up to higher bills for santa clara valley water district customers. the board approved a rate increase of up to 9% for the next fiscal year that starts in july. along with pain for emergency water supplies. the district says the money will help pay for the pacheco reservoir expansion and for the seismic retrofit of anderson down we're coming up in sports.
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because doing right by our members, that's what's right. chow. pedigree the warriors have ingrained in him somewhere. i mean, who figured they were going to knock out the teams with the two best records on back to back nights? they pull it off in san francisco tonight. and you know who was in the house. well care bunnies? yeah back and bringing good luck. it was the tortoise and the hare on the court as phoenix got out to a 16 point lead devin booker at 34 chris paul at 24. they were controlled escape. but here come the warriors. it's tied
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later, and jordan pool from way downtown. this guy is truly starting to develop. into something else. 20 points for him tonight and the warriors on their next possession. it's andrew wiggins. what a night he gets it up class. he had 30 points on 17 of 24 shooting, and they are psyched up where step you're saying have enough night one of 11 from three. arguably though he'll connect on the biggest shot of the night. watch the crazy left hand is you see the replay with 45 seconds left, put the warriors up by four and. there is still wound up with 21 points and the warriors win it won 22 1 16 there a half game up on memphis for that eight slot, playing serious two more games in the regular season. all right, i think it's just fun to say right san francisco giants have the best record. in major league baseball. may
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right but have fun with it while it lasts, and they look pretty good against texas. beautiful afternoon out there. 7200 spans. where nice, different jerseys but getting along just fine. first pitch of the game. willy calhoun. you know him. he grew up in the bay area. he is robbed. however my mike talk hman and logan web will benefit from that nice defense since the giants come from a one nothing deficit. take the to one lead. mike is stransky showing signs of life with that bad at little something to do with that? he shoots one down the right field line. he's got an r b i double talk man who walked three times scores and the giants can't break it open if you will. in the sixth, curt casali grounded to third. wow charlie culberson, second straight game wild throw the first two runs will score for one lead, four to final and the giants hit the road for pits. for on thursday. all
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right, take it depend way pack boston band there at the historic ball yard downtown, taking pictures to prove he was there, and he sees matt chapman in the seventh break a 11 bullet left runners were at 1st and 3rd to 1 lead. and if you follow the age, you know they had elvis andrus come into play shortstop for marcus simeon. this year. he's got off to a real slow start with the bad comes through the that single right there to deliver the r b i d a's wind up winning three to get the best record of the american leg. all right, let us check this out. remember d'angelo russell, former warrior. he was here briefly. this is the old invisible share. no god, i love that. that's something fragrant. yeah. e got in trouble. times at school. admit me to god, that's a good
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one. that's why i showed it. all right, all right, see you all right, all right, see you later. okay good want some coffee? say yes. it's french press. i was doubtful, too, but i honestly can't see myself going back to drip. i'm so happy you don't live in a tough neighborhood anymore. we're so sorry for just dropping by like this. are you kidding me? i'll take any chance to spend time with this little princess. i love her little hair, her little toes. and she loves her grandmother. i don't love "grandmother." so, cam and i have been revising our will to specify who should take care of lily if, god forbid, something happened to us. god forbid. i said "god for--" so, we've been dropping by unannounced to, you know, casually assess our candidates. not all of our candidates. no, t-that's true. we did not drop by missour-ah. it's "missouri." no one from missouri would say "missour-ah." i'm so sorr-ah. so, anyway, claire and phil were our first thought,


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