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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 2, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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challenging night starting off with may 29th, but our officers did their best to address these issues and we thoroughly evaluated here. dozens of oakland police officers are being disciplined for using tear gas after a series of violent protests following the death of george floyd, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now the opposite face a total of 33 disciplinary actions for using tear gas on a large crowd last year. hello again. i'm andre senior and i'm heather holmes chief laurent armstrong says those officers violated department policy. he sat down with ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky. told us that hundreds of officers have now been retrained in crowd control tactics. but one thing i want the community to know is that this department is holding itself accountable. oakland police chief laurent armstrong said he's issued 33 disciplinary actions against officers following the tear gassing of demonstrators on june 1st 2020. it happened
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after a youth march downtown that started at oakland technical high school. some in the crowd came down broadway towards the police station, where officers deployed tear gas. we deploy gas outside of policy, and for that we had to hold officers account. the department has a strict policy that only allows police to use tear gas. when there is an immediate threat, the chief said. hundreds of officers have since been retrained in crowd control tactics. sheaf. why did it take a full year for you to come out and say that there's going to be disciplined that we're retraining officers that we acted inappropriately and out of policy? this was an enormous task of them that this investigation was a man of a magnitude that we had never seen in this department. that investigation included four separate reviews that found violations from officers and their supervisors up the chain of command. the chief initially defended the tear gas, saying there were molotov cocktails being prepared, which turned
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out not to be true. that angered many in the community like activist cat brooks. i want to see the new chief laurent armstrong, who keeps saying that this is a new day inside of opd actually do some things that make it a new day inside of open day, the chief idhe's goi to be more careful in the future about vetting facts, and that was a lesson learned for the department about how we share information. the episode came on the fourth day of chaotic protests that at times turned violent 33 1st responders, including 21 officers were injured in the early days. do you have anything you want to say directly to, especially the young people who are at that protest? yes i want to say to the young people that i apologize that you you had to experience what you experienced. in oakland, evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news and no 1 11. oakland police are reporting an uptick in carjackings, opd says. armed carjackings are up 115 over the
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same time last year. as of sunday, there were 200 carjackings in oakland, compared to just 93. at the same time last year. police say the stolen cars are often used in other crimes, such as residential burglaries. also up in oakland, are instances of gunfire. police say that during the. last week of may. there were 174 shot spotter activations. that is an increase of 119% over the same time last year. a new information tonight about two shootings in richmond that we first told you about last night. police say that this ford mustang is possibly linked to those two shootings. they happened just minutes apart in richmond yesterday. the first one was at 20th and nevin at about 4 39 in the afternoon. the victim took himself to the hospital and is expected to survive. not less than five minutes later, a man was shot several times there at 12 and bissell. he is in critical condition. now if you have seen this mustang or have any information, you're asked to give richmond police a call, we'll autopsies of the nine men
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who were killed at the b to a light rail yard last week have been completed. santa clara county medical examiner says all the victims died of multiple gunshot wounds in their deaths are considered homicides, investigators say. vita employee sam cassidy killed co workers in two buildings last wednesday using 39 millimeter handguns. they say he took his own life as law enforcement officers approached denny's restaurants in the south bay holding a fundraiser for the families of the victims. the chain donating 50% up today and tonight dining proceeds. the families from each santa clara county location. cashiers at the restaurants also accepting donations from people who are not eating at denny's today, and all of that money will go to the family's south bay. denny's locations are open until midnight. or 24 hours. officials in san francisco we're now pleading with the public to try to help find an 84 year old grandmother who has been missing now for five days. the district attorney's office is joining in the effort to find this woman, jean chang,
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kan fung and tonight, flyers with our picture are displayed throughout the city. last friday, chp officer saw her out walking and assisted her by dropping her off near the marina district, safeway. but she never returned to her home and the richmond district today, district attorney chase a. boudin asked people in the community to help find her. we want everyone to imagine. this is your mother or your grandmother. we need to step up. we need to find her, and we need to get her home to the people who love her and who she has loved and supported for her entire life. police say foul play is not suspected, but authorities worry she's vulnerable elderly and there's a language barrier. she speaks only cantonese and taiwanese. well. today president biden rolled out a new push to get 70% of americans, at least partially vaccinated by the fourth of july. the plan includes free childcare for parents who need to get their vaccines free, uber and lift rides to vaccination sites, along with extended pharmacy
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hours and tax credits to employers who give employees paid time off to go. vaccinated the president said. it's not about politics. the vaccine is free. it's safe, and it's effective. getting the vaccine is not a partisan act. well west virginia is giving away guns, trucks and hunting and fishing licenses to people who have at least one covid shot and anheuser busch says it will buy america's next round of beer or seltzer. once the country reaches the 70% gold, and there's an effort into noma county to get people vaccinated as ktvu deborah villalon reports the medical associati ha regular pineapple? slushy wicked slush serves italian ice with soft served accommodation. customers come back for again and again. thank you. on this day, a menu special covid vaccinations walk in no waiting. you know, it's
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fantastic. it's in a very, you know, high traffic area driving home from work. this couple spotted their chance and within minutes gotta covid shot and a sunday welcoming open, you know, free, not as forced, i guess kind of because it's like you don't have to make an appointment to come and go and wanted done for me. thank god we're just going where the people are and just trying to make it as convenient as possible. sweet treats are is the latest lure from the local medical association after closing its big clinic at the fairgrounds. it hit the road doctors and nurses have set up in brewpubs seeking twentysomethings and now younger. i wanted to get the 12 to 15 year olds, you know, where are they going? where are they hanging out? where would be cool? mom take me to get a slush. these twins came on their 12th birthday. got the song, the suite and the shop. you can like a birthday gift, i guess. yeah, um, like your present 123 20 home from college. this student calls it.
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a win. win is a cool location in hills berg, so it's awesome that they're using it as a hub for vaccinations and after a rough year, all around the owner of wicked slush post people find their sweet spot and make the time overcome their doubts about vaccines. and maybe seeing how many other people are doing it, you know, people. people tend to say, well, i'll see if it kills you first. and then when nobody jobs did they say all right, fine. i'll get it about 50 people came by wicked slush, including parents and children, who got vaccinated together. overall sonoma county is makings given at about six in 10 residents fully vaccinated in hills berg deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. more than 51% of californians. age 12 and up are now fully vaccinated for the coronavirus. another 12.5% or partially vaccinated. california has administered more than 37.6 million doses of coronavirus vaccines, and there are now more than six million
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and there are more than six million more doses currently on hand. new at 11 tonight. alameda county has reportedly thrown out more vaccine doses than any other county in the state, the sacramento bee says just over 7000 shots were wasted. that's less than half a percent of the nearly two million doses the county received. the paper says that most were fighters shots, which have to be stored in extremely cold temperatures, the county tells the mercury news it's records show about 1700 wasted shots and that various health care providers account for most of the rest by people gas. they $50 per day on gasoline. wow sticker shock at the pump of the rising gas prices. it is impacting right share services. plus why economists say california could rebound faster post pandemic and the rest of the country.
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buses. starting monday, the agency will reduce the physical distancing requirement from six ft to three ft. transit says they are making the adjustment because coronavirus cases are down at vaccination rates in alameda and contra costa counties are up. the reduction in minimum distance will allow a c transit to more than double its rider capacity, well, gas prices in the bay area in case you haven't noticed, have skyrocketed as more of the economy opens up again. and at
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the same time using a rideshare service is getting tougher and more expensive amid a driver shortage ktvu ever, goss says. details now on when we can finally start to see those gas prices flatten out. hey area, gas prices have jumped a dollar 27 from a year ago now averaging $4.34 a gallon now that fingers are going back to normal demand is ramping up. oil production does not rebounding as quickly and that has brought oil prices up very quickly, and thus gas prices like pay for gas. they $50 per day on gasoline. hector castano's drives 300 miles a day, picking up riders for uber and lift. he's busier than he's been in quite a while, with more people needing rides to work in airports and fewer rideshare drivers available to pick them up over the weekend. one man tweeted an eight minute drive from sfo, running one $100 on lift and uber. he ended up taking a taxi for just $30
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uber and lift. both say they are temporarily boosting pay for drivers to incentivize more people to drive for them. uber says drivers averaging 20 hours a week are making close to $25 an hour live, says drivers in their top markets last month averaged 30 to $35 an hour. it's not what you're so experiencing. no, it's less than that. castano's says he's making close to 12 to $15 an hour. driving full time and sometimes goes long distances to reach people where no one else is available to pick them up. that's why a lot of drivers they don't want to keep driving. that's why we are short of drivers, while gas prices could climb a few cents higher next month, experts say it's unlikely they'll reach $5 a gallon to save on rideshare services. search for coupon codes online and comparison shop across the apps reporting in palo alto, emma goss, ktvu fox two news. economists say california is poised for boom times once the pandemic lockdown has ended. the l a times reports that our state is
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expected to add jobs faster than the country as a whole. u. c. l a economists tell the paper unemployment could be below 6% by the end of the year. it's currently at 8.3% experts say that california consumers are ready to spend due to covid stimulus and low infection rates. officials from california urged the epa today to allow the state to set its own vehicle tailpipe pollution standards. the action would reverse a trump administration policy and could help usher in stricter emission standards for new passenger vehicles nationwide. the biden administration has said it will withdraw trump error restrictions on state emission rules. it's also moved to allow california to set more stringent pollution standards for cars and suvs. california attorney general rob bonta called the state's vehicle emission standards critical to the fight against climate change. california congresswoman barbara lee has now thrown her support behind me a bond to for an assembly bay for an east bay assembly seat. opened when vontaze
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husband rob what rob was appointed california attorney general congresswoman lee said that mia bonta will bring a progressive social, economic and racial justice lens to our state legislature, the congresswoman said that my labonte will address issues such as homelessness, environmental justice, saying criminal justice reform. mia bonta is ceo of an oakland community initiative that prepares young people for college. she's also president of the elevator unified district board. we'll do foot patrols in san francisco and the offices are bilingual. why they say that makes all the difference in protecting the community. and as we move forward in time, we're going to see temperatures begin to drop off a bit, especially into the weekend. we'll talk about that when i see you next, plus the new study that shows just how devastating wildfires are to california's beloved giant redwoods.
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when you're born and raised in san francisco, you grow up wanting to make a difference. that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together.
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board. um uni bus. this happened on may 2nd on the number five fulton street bus. other passengers came to that woman's aid, and she left before police arrived. the suspected arsonists in two other boys got off the bus and were last seen running on mcallister street. police say they need the public's help in identifying the woman and finding her attacker. and in san francisco's chinatown officers are stepping up efforts to try to reduce crime and violence against the asian community. until now, many china tail merchants have been reluctant to report crimes as ktvu zambelli reports tonight, though, that is changing, thanks to the relationship that these officers are building with the community. oh my ah,
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the chinatown foot beat unit for san francisco police greets merchants by name, them all, george. um, no, no, no, no, no. officers who speak chinese build relationships with shop owners who speak limited english to build trust. bilingual then they know they can say something. and the police officer, they can help them out. police say chinatown merchants have been reluctant to report crimes, but that is changing. especially important now with hate crimes targeting asians. i know there's a comfort level when they see an officer that can speak and communicate, and that looks familiar to them. officers in the foot patrol units. a chinatown is their second home a part of their childhood. every time i see a grandma getting robbed or an old asian uncle getting beat up on the street that could have been my mom. my business, yo, yo, make sure all their safety the owner of house of dim sum tells me she's touched by the officers going the extra mile. after a
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number of burglaries in the area. they provided her with the lock to secure her shop. this was the old the old lock, and then this is the new luck. the officers partnered with c. c d. c, a nonprofit to buy 100 locks to give to merchants, many touching small luck, but it means everything after that burglary, the community really stepped up the walk shop was burglarized a month ago, the owner tells me she appreciates the frequency of the police foot patrols. we just felt sense of security. we still feel that way because they're very visible, the officers say. community policing is essential to improving relations with the public. people nowadays really need from the police that we should try to implement throughout the entire city and throughout the entire nation. police say the officers were out on foot patrol seven days a week. they say it's about reducing the fear of crime, along with fighting crime in san francisco, chinatown, amberleigh ktvu fox, jeannie.
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use. okay we're looking at temperatures from today that's going to show up on the bottom of this little graphic i've got for you, though. santa ros was 78 san francisco is 59. you'll see where they go tomorrow. temperatures warm a little bit. we did cool today. tomorrow we warm up, especially in santa rosa, where they're going to touch on 90 degrees. same with concord comes up three degrees. santa rose is coming up almost nine. almost 10 degrees tomorrow are actually 11 degrees, right? um and so we're looking at warmer day. not hot, just warmer and then we're going to get in a position where we start to cool off significantly for the bay area weekend, especially sunday and into monday, which is a little later than the weekend, but i want to show you the fog footprint in the morning. you can see it kind of work its way in. that's at about three am five am and look at that coverage is quite a bit of quite a bit of fog across the central part of the bay over towards hayward and fremont. slow burn off, maybe a little and deliver more valley north bay. not so much fog and with less fog. they're going to end
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up with a warmer day. so current temperatures, you can see them there. you see where the sea breezes you see where the sea breezes, not 10 degrees cooler and conquered right now than it was last night. so that shows the cooling. this system here is going to play. it's nice looking weather system way up here. it's going to play a big part in the next, uh. four or five days, it's going to bump up against the high. it's a low, big low, and it's going to just weaken the height of the point that by sunday and monday, our temperatures are generally going to be the hotspots are going to be in the seventies and low eighties. something like that, so not not one hundred's. so with that in mind tomorrow, a little warmer and then the cooling begins. it really begins in earnest, though, as we head into, um. as we head into sunday and into monday, and i don't know why the cat always does this. i don't know why she'll be sleeping, how there shall be sleeping behind me. no problem. and as soon as i start talking, she gets up and starts moving around, so i'm not. it's like she's on cue or something. anyway she's under the side now,
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holmes. yeah, yeah, i know. i don't know if you're a cat person, but i can't control her. just so you know, like there's nothing i can do, i could. i tried to push her off here earlier and she got, i guess. yeah she wants some face time. yeah, sure. she is cute. alright, thanks, bill. appreciate it. preliminary study results of found that a single wildfire last year in the southern sierra nevada wiped out a large portion of the world's giant sequoias, according to the study, the castle fired two short at least 1/10 of the world's mature giant redwoods. researchers use satellite imagery to determine that up to 10,000 of the majestic trees were killed. scientists plan to hike through the redwood groves next week for the first time since the fire to get a firsthand look at the damage. all right, you bond that stephen curry is not in the nba playoffs. well how about the next best thing marks up next to show us what we're learning about sepp? hmm. but first, nasa is planning a mission to venus for the first time in more than three decades,
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scientists say they found evidence of microbes living in the clouds of the planet. you're watching the 11 o'clock news on ktvu, and we'll be right back. hey, sandwich fan! ne
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every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. here we are rolling into june with two bay area first place teams giants enjoying there's with a day off as the cubs cover the town for a four game series over the weekend, and the a's had to work to stay in first place tonight, bob melvin. in fact, he's racking up his 8/100 career managerial win for oakland tonight, and he had some help from his guys offensive lead mark canha. a five run third inning. there's a clean strokes the center. it's going to fetch a couple of the aids begin their build
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their lead against the upstart mariners and a couple of batteries later, mitch moreland, designated hitter picket to ride here. 444 ft to be exact two run shot his fifth five. nothing lead. made it all the come fear for shaman a to do his thing. he goes complete game four hitter, eight strikeouts ends it on a nice around the horn. double play complete game victory. a's take two out of three from seattle. they got the day off tomorrow. bob milk sitting on 800 winds and we talk about basketball. you can imagine how tough it is to be the younger brother of steph curry. you never get any attention, right? not now steps out of the playoffs, said brother cept doing his thing. he was feeling it in philly tonight with the 70 sixes. they've got no joel embiid is out with a knee injury. so chef doing his thing. 30 points that i got a little showmanship there and down go the wizards
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four games to 16 is now will meet atlanta madison square garden, the place of their victory luminaries are back chris rock, spike lee. doing their thing and terrible sportsmanship here by the knicks. it's nerlens. noel look at him, hard nut or his shoulder. trae young at halftime things are getting a little testy, but atlanta would prove worthy of that test and in essence, it was just a showcase for trade to do is think, buries it right there. he had 36 points. yeah think about your in new york city, baby, and they win it four games to one. knicks are done. bring it back west, would you? l. a is the place maverick fans coming out in numbers to see luca dance it do his thing he doesn't disappoint. they'll score after this turnover had 42 points. 14 assists on 37 shots. 15 100 maps have the
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clippers down just a cheap shotl cheap shots happened in the national hockey league tonight. playoff step up in canada, canadians and winnipeg montreal's jake evans, empty netter for no good reason. mark shift, li drills him up high and evans wound up being taken away out of stretcher. he is apparently okay canadians win 53 and shift. li shouldn't sea ice for a long time should be suspended. all right? you know about man's best friend is couples best friend to my favorite video of the day? check. this out. go the dance fr
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our first dad's after the wedding valves gotta love it. three's not a crowd there in that family. nope it's great. kids are getting so big. haley's about to go off... you can stop holding your stomach in. college. you still exercising? (exhales deeply) clearly. i look at a clint eastwood or a chuck norris and i think, there's no reason i can't stay tough like... (giggles) oh, tickles! but... ow. that hurt? no. not r--ow. oh. what? it's probably nothing. you feeling okay? yeah. maybe we'll just run a couple of tests, just to be safe. what kind of tests? if there's anything wrong, i'll give you a call. oh. okay. so how's the real estate market doing? well, interest rates are low, so it's a great time to be a buyer, but if you're a seller, you really have to... bend over? is still a quality-- (glovea quality property no, no, no. i need you to bend over. oh. right.


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