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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 9, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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you should feel like you shouldn't have to be massed up after more than a year of masking up vaccinated. californians are now just six days away from no longer having to wear mass in most situations. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. so vaccinated people in california will no longer have to wear mass starting june 15th. except when it work. hello again. i'm andre senior. frank is off tonight and i'm julie julie haener at an emergency meeting. cal osha discussed new recommendations from top health officials. but for now, people at work will still have to mask up. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live with more on that board meeting. janna. it was a long board meeting, julie lasting some four hours with some very emotional public comment now the board couldn't vote on any changes because of public notice rules, but they did decide to consider changes at their next meeting. california health officials announced they'll align with
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the cdc masking guidelines when the state reopens june 15th and let some people go mask free, indoors and outdoors, fully vaccinated. people can resume everyday activities without wearing a mask except in a few limited settings, the cdc's in states say others will need to keep their masks on indoors. individuals who are not fully vaccinated must continue to wear. masked indoor public setting. the news wednesday was welcome to sum. it was kind of a goal to get vaccinated. so you know, once you're vaccinated, you should feel like you shouldn't have to be masked up because not here already protected from everybody. still others say they plan to transition more slowly. but if i was in a small office with a lot of people, i think it would be just like i've been restored. i'd still want to the social distancing and maybe we're a master wall. the question of whether masks will be required in the workplace remains undecided. cal osha standards board held an emergency meeting wednesday night, board members discussed three main issues whether masks
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should be required indoors whether employers would need to provide n95 masks spirit, her masks for employees who want the extra level of protection if i as an employee want access to an n 95, i'd like to have it available within. reasonable time. u n 95 respirators. you know people are really tired of wearing a face covering and whether businesses will be required to verify vaccination status of the public and employees, so they're balancing the safety of the world because in one hand and the ability to implement the guy that lines you see hastings law professor dorit reiss says federal and state laws require cal osha to consider more factors in the health department. your right to go into a business without the mask don't necessarily trump the right of the workers there to be. safe. professor rice says cal osha must consider allowances for employees and customers with religious exemptions or conditions under the americans with disabilities act, the cowl osha board decided to take a
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vote, possibly as early as their next meeting on june 17th on new rules that could better aligned with the c d. c and the new state rules. jana katsuyama reporting live for us tonight. thank you on the peninsula, businesses are gearing up for tuesday when california fully rio opens its economy classic bowling center in daly city, is now operating at 50% capacity, but come tuesday, the owner says he will be able to fill all 60 lanes with bowlers. the owner says plastic partitions will remain and employees will be required to wear a mask for the foreseeable future. at maria montessori house, a daycare facility in south san francisco, the owner says the return to normal will be gradual. board of supervisor president we're going to follow state guidance like we have in the past and we're going to open up mateo county. there are a few exceptions to full reopening. they include large concerts and
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the airport. facebook says it will offer employees the option to keep working remotely if their managers approved. the company says it plans to fully reopen its u. s offices in october. mark zuckerberg told employees he expects to work remotely at least half of the year, he said spending more time with his family has made him quote happier and more productive at work. california is still attempting to find two of the 15 winners of the first back. for the win drawing each will get a $50,000 prize from that drawing that occurred last friday. the state is conducting its cash prize drawings for people who have received at least one covid shot vaccinated. people also have a chance that at $1.5 million grand prize police in palo alto are looking for 11 people who swarmed into the louie baton store and stole $100,000 in handbags as ktvu xas. a. smith tells us police are trying to determine if there were the same group that stole from neiman marcus last month outside the louie baton store at the stanford shopping
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center. shoppers will see more security after thieves made off with three dozen luxury handbags totaling $100,000, which shoppers won't see boarded up windows from shattered glass. police say the thieves just walked in. no way. what that's insane. that literally gives me the chills that's like crazy. the high end highest top in monday at 5 30 at night, a group of 11 people. ran into the store and swiped 36 designer handbags, then took off. one witness snapped photos of one of the thieves as she left hand bags in tow. this is such a nice shopping center where you don't really hear things like that happening, so it's just shocking to me, but it has happened before on may 19th at the neiman marcus a few doors down from louisville, aton, a group of at least 10, people stole 43 handbags worth $150,000. police are trying to determine if it's the same group the getaway. cars were different. i'm surprised about not being surprisedional
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coalition of law enforcement and retailers that deals with organized crime theft, shoplifting has gotten significantly worse since the pandemics will end up likely amazon or other online marketplaces. the nonprofit working on federal legislation to regulate it. i've been to a bunch of places where you know they have security, they're holding it back, but obviously that isn't working. last year, security cameras captured burglars using river rocks to smash jewelry cases at bloomingdale's $83,000 gone in a minute and 20 seconds. then there's this scene from six years ago, a stolen car drove through the bloomingdale's window and a smash and grab shoppers worry. who's next. any of these stores are on radar. it sounds like police say the suspects left in five cars. they're described as young people in their late teens, early twenties, all wearing face coverings in paulo alto. i'm as it smith, ktvu is l
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condition tonight after she was shot at a park in the north bay, santa rosa. police say the shooting happened just before three o'clock this afternoon at buyer park and gardens on west avenue, police say when with several gunshot wounds at this time, police do not any suspects. firefighter is in lake tahoe are monitoring a small brush fire that started this afternoon that fire is burning near rubicon bay along highway 89 north tahoe fire says crews have stopped the fire from spreading. the fire burned nearly three acres and is more than 50% contained tonight. the cause of that fire is still unknown, but cal fire says it was fueled today by those gusty winds. new at 11 p. jeannie says they are getting ready for an even earlier fire season. the director of fire science tells the sacramento bee. the dryness of the vegetation is at least a month ahead of where it would normally be. they've already began drills. prepare for possible power shutoffs utilitys
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caused by power equipment. controversial program towing cars with unpaid place to park those vehicles because the empty i won't stop giving them tickets and towing their homes away stealing that belonging. also ahead. tonight we are learning about how much the election to recall governor newsom could cost coming up after the break who will pick up the $400 million bill?
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sleep, the marin independent journal reports that council members voted unanimously this week to ban camping within 50 ft of areas they deem critical. that includes schools, hospitals, police and fire stations and waterways camping on public lands will also not be allowed during the day. the new rules go into effect july 9th during the pandemic, san francisco stopped towing cars with unpaid tickets, but that practice will soon start up again as kate. reviews henry lee tells us protesters today said the decision unfairly. julie haener tell us that got protesters gathered outside sfm to headquarters on wednesday. they're upset because san francisco will once again tow cars for unpaid parking
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tickets, which they say unfairly targets the homeless. we're here today to tell the mta to stop telling people's homes stop poverty toes. protesters say the city had suspended these types of toes during the pandemic, but we'll once again tow cars with five or more unpaid tickets in a couple of weeks. people have no place to live but the vehicles and they have no place to park those vehicles because the empty i won't stop giving them tickets and towing their homes away. feeling their belongings. cities decision to resume poverty tones is shameful and it acts as a barrier for low income communities of color to get back on their feet during shelter in place, city officials say they are sympathetic to those who have to sleep in their cars. in a statement, the city attorney's office said in part, homelessness is a difficult issue that the city works tirelessly to address every day at the same time, homeless or not, if you have a car and park it on city streets, you have to park it legally. the same rules apply to everyone. these aren't for the health and safety of the community. these are for debt collection. these are, um
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not essential to the functioning of the city. tory larson is one of the attorneys representing the coalition on homelessness, which is a pending suit against the city over the towing issue, she says, towing cars belonging to the homeless is a violation of the fourth amendment against unlawful seizure. she's seeking a court order barring the practice. we're not asking them to apply the law unequally were saying that nobody deserves to lose their vehicle for this reason, even if your house even if you have the means to big of a punishment for a non crime, the same he says there are payment alternatives for those who can't afford to pay their tickets and that just letting them pile up isn't an option. san francisco resumes towing cars with unpaid tickets on june 21st henry lee ktvu fox two news members of san francisco's asian american community, are expressing concern over efforts to defund the police department. asian seniors and community leaders held a rally this morning on the steps outside city hall. they say, cutting funding and police staffing puts the aapi community at risk, especially while there is a rise. hate crimes. yesterday i learned
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that there's a group that is proposing to take 6.8 million more from the police department fothe homeless. we have a serious problem with the homeless. taking more money from the police department is not the answer. the group plans to deliver letters to the border supervisors, urging them to support near london breeze budget plan which protects police officer staffing an election to recall governor gavin newsom is expected to cost $400 million. and now there are questions about who will pick up the tab exactly. one year ago, organizers started gathering signatures to recall the governor now is planning for that election gets underway. some counties are wondering how they'll pay for it. as of right now, funding is not in the budgettate senator ana caballero, who chairs the subcommittee, overseeing the part of the budget dealing with the recall, says the state will be taking care of the costs. the state
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has never not that stood up and helped counties to make sure that we pay for elections. it's one of the state's responsibilities and quite frankly, we take it very seriously. so i wouldn't worry about it. we're going to take care of it. lawmakers have one week to pass a balanced budget, but lawmakers say funding for the recall election can be added later. president bind is in britain tonight for his first overseas trip since taking office, the president is planning to meet face to face with a number of european union leaders ahead of the g seven summer the president says he is looking to strengthen. u. s alliances with european countries to push back against russian aggression and for democracy around the world. after arriving in europe, president biden spoke to american troops and their families at a british air force base clear, the united states is back and democracies in the world are standing together to tackle the toughest challenges. issues that matter, most to our
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future that were committed today he was trend next week, president biden will attend the nato summit in brussels, and then he'll sit down for face to face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. president says he wants a stable relationship wit that the us will respond in a robust way if russia takes threatening actions. coming up young activists on a mission across northern california. why they're marching 300 miles from butte county to san francisco. plus why could soon be more expensive to camp at yosemite national park at a very weather today? one of the cooler days the week but we will soon more things back up just gradually. well, i born your forecast coming up.
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right now trying to combat climate change. ktvu deborah villalon tells us the group started in butte county and will finish monday in san francisco. tonight they sing tomorrow they'll walk seven women aged 16 to 29 are on a two week trek with blisters to prove it. we're marching 266 miles from paradise, california to san francisco to demand good jobs for everyone so that we can fix this climate crisis that jobs they're talking about are in president biden's civilian climate core part of his infrastructure plan, the c c c would hire you young people to work in parks, forest and public lands, much like the conservation corps. after the great depression each year that we don't act. the crisis gets worse and worse and that we
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have an incredible opportunity right now. you got to be careful with it. this is the final leg of their walk passing now through sonoma county fall without wild fires fires year after year make their activism very real. i want a future where i don't have to leave my home every year where i don't have to pack evacuation bags where fires don't destroy my community. yes you hit that and completed it. early stock was the state capital, joining up with other members of the youth led sunrise movement for me. i've been organizers since i was like 12 years old. um but i never done something so fun and cool like this getting to know one another, and it's been adventure and we're all here with the same goal, so it's been very empowering through this activism. i've just i see so much power in my generation, and even though time is running out, i'm really inspired and actually very hopeful. they walk up to eight hours daily and mostly camp out as they pass through rural areas. it's so incredible being being able
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to slow down and walk through communities that you would normally just like drive through their encouraged that even in some conservative counties, reactions have been positive. they would ask us what we were doing and we said we are fighting for good jobs to stop the climate crisis, and they were all for it in santa rosa deborah villalon ktvu fox two news. you're somebody. national park is proposing a feat increase for overnight camping to keep up with the rising cost of campground operations. if somebody says fee hikes would allow the park to do things like make upgrades to restroom and shower facilities restore native plants, park wide and repair and replace signs throughout the park. now proposed fee hikes range from fort $25, depending on the campsite and the size of the group, the seventies, accepting public comment on the proposed fee increases through july 10th. the proposed fee increases are slated to take effect in october. how had a barrier weather temperatures have been cooling off a little bit over the past few days, but we're
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going to work things up by just a few degrees tomorrow and probably more pronounced warming. as we head into the weekend, but no major heat waves in our near future just yet. take a look at some of the highs from this afternoon. in fact, no nineties, no eighties as we take a look at the maps right now, just some sixties and seventies, the warm spots only approaching 72 to 74 degrees. and what's interesting while we had some quiet weather here, we actually have been tracking some showers and thunderstorms up to our north. especially earlier this afternoon out toward reading. out towards chico as well. things have dissipated a bit, and still we have mostly clear skies are partly cloudy skies right now, some patchy fog is trying to regroup. there's still a breezy conditions out there winds around 16 to 18 miles an hour as you can see, sfo west relate about 12 miles an hour for this 11, 0 clock hour and current numbers, most in neighborhoods are in the fifties for tonight with the san francisco 54 overnight. we'll start out tomorrow morning if you thought that this morning was cool. tomorrow
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morning. pretty chilly as well. cool spots right around 40 degrees in santa rosa nap up so chilly start tomorrow morning, jeffy wanna bundle up and probably some patchy cloud cover as well near the coast and near the bay shoreline. so temperatures tomorrow morning 40 to 53 degrees and then into the afternoon hours. partly cloudy skies for the coast. more sunshine for the rest of the region and forecast highs from the fifties. all the way to the seventies. so here's this cooler weather pattern as you can see, setting up kind. really moved in yesterday and today tomorrow were to warm things up by just a few degrees in a few neighborhoods, and then we've kind of been watching this frontal system coming onboard friday. this will bring in a few extra clouds. we once had hopes that we could bring in some showers, but it looks like that the shower chances mainly to the north of the bay area, as you can see by friday up towards eureka toward cape mendocino. so for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies after some patchy cloud coverage temperatures in the sixties and seventies and look ahead pretty quiet. forecast
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but a little bit warmer as we head into the weekend, so it's looking pretty nice. yeah, it looks good, mark. thank you. nasa's latest rover on mars is now looking for signs of life on the planet, the agency says the robber perseverance has left its landing site and is now searching one of the oldest craters looking for signs of ancient microbial life. the six wheeled rover landed on mars back in february. nasa says the plan is to collect rock samples and test technologies that could support people. landing on mars old brilliant major league debut for young giants pitcher out of sacramento but was it enough to get the giants into the victory column? sports director marco baniyas up next.
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first place continue to be so at top of the word american league western division, looking the part six out of the last seven. nothing like spectacular. they're just playing good, solid baseball, in fact, a lack of home runs of late, no lack of sunscreen for that kid right there and lather it up. good dad. kids like hey, lay off, dad, you got scoreless into the second inning. mark canha. it's an important play right here could tell. marty a thought he made a great catch to end the inning with due out, but the ball as you'll see on the replay actually comes loose in baseball. you have to actively pull it out of your glove. it's n goes, is a two run triple for canada, and he's going to score when jed lowry wraps it back to the mound. matt peacock can he hadn't leave the game with an injury? sean man, i'll. it's beautifully for the a's went
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six strong allowed. no runs two in the ames victoria to get ready for a weekend against the royals. four games. all right, the giants almost have that feel good story going for sammy long they kid out of del campo high school at fair oaks and his major league debut. in fact, he struck out seven of the first dead guys he faced nasty left hand stuff he went for indians gave up just one run, one hit and his. family on hand to see it. it looked like he would be victorious, too, because the giant scattered a couple of runs kind of had their b squad in there today. offensively jason vossler off the therapy pell oh, cal gibson, and it's one nothing. they go back to back to back up catcher ted with trump with a solo homer to now think it was to nothing and then to one into the ninth. the rangers tied it and they win it in the 11th breaking a 33 tie. little by
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brock hold. jake gave it up with two outs right nba playoff time. rudy go bear is your nba defensive player of the year despite what dream on dreamd so much for centers being a diet breed, as you know who's the mvp nicola yokich? not that it did him any good against chris paul. it's actually a guard's league. come on, watch chris fall set up. his fellow guard devin booker, just smooth with the jumper. he had 18 points of the sons take control of this game again against the nuggets. look at paul still got the handles. he looks completely healthy, beautiful path for tory. craig paul had 17 points, 15 assists and no turnovers. but this kid needs a do over. help his parents looked like they're getting a kick out of it. the nuggets by themselves down two
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games to none against the phoenix suns. all right, i guess the title for this should be risk versus reward. check this out. i know how much fans like foul balls, but, uh, this mom down in san diego with baby in hand? wow that's a great grab. watch the replay, guys. she makes the dress just rather, the head that wasn't being here and everybody's fine. she's got a souvenir, and the baby will have a story to talk about. all right. this is the mets versus the owes jonathan villar to 11 in progress right here. cedric mullins of the orioles lays out beautiful catch out there in center field. matt harvey, the pitcher definitely approves of that. the funny thing about it, though the orioles lost 14 to 1, so that catch didn't matter. all that the way that's the
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sales. yeah they lost. all right. that's the sporting life. get it back to you guys. my favorite video is that little boy celebrating in the sounds. that was gnext door neighbor, d. he and luke were pretty close, so we have to tell him. i'm a little nervous about it. i think we should break it to him slowly. like how? well, first we'd say, "luke, your friend walt has a cold. you shouldn't go over there." next day--"bad news. walt's in the hospital, but he's still cracking jokes with the nurses." next day--"they're trying an experimental drug. fingers crossed." next day--"his body rebelled. he's in a coma." next day--he rallies, next day--coma, next day--coma, next day--coma, next day--eye flutter-- stop. just stop. stop. oh. luke, we have some bad news for you. it's about walt. i'm afraid... he passed away. um, it happened yesterday. he finished writing an angry letter to the postmaster general, and he just fell asleep.


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