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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 23, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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sporty live. thank you. mark. mm. next at 11. it has been six months. since the terrible lloyd and i have spent many sleepless night trying to make sense of what happened, angelo canto finally laid to rest today, six months after he died in police custody today, family and friends held a rally to demand answers. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. okay toes, family says police put a knee to his neck for 4.5 minutes, but police deny that hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage in tonight for frank and i'm julie julie haener. the family called 911 when the man was having a mental health crisis, police came to their home and restrained him. and as ktvu is deborah villalon reports, the family's attorney says there is still no coroner's report on what killed him to police
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brutality. these aren't the first tears shed by angelo cuentos family at antioch police headquarters and the death of 30 year old angelo has become a community flashpoint. please believe me that i go to sleep hearing the voice of cassandra kinta collins. is he okay? or what time than you see dead? that is cassandra's voice, angelo, angelo and police on cell video after angela lost consciousness in the family home. it was two days before christmas, his family said. angelo had suddenly become agitated and paranoid. so they called police for help. the officers kneeled knelt on the back of his neck until he was completely unresponsive for the last 4.5 minutes, anti ox chief has said officers pressed on a shoulder blade, not an airway well within rules. but the quinto family has filed a claim first step in a lawsuit alleging police restraint caused angelo's death. this is
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a situation where they literally came in and snatched this young man from his mother's bosom attorneys say a private pathologist supports their claim. positional fix it. it's not new. we've been fighting this issue over 30 years. we're not going to stop. we're going to keep on fighting on this. the six month anniversary, the quinto family was able to inter angelo's ashes at an antioch. cemetery especially painful because with investigations pending they have no peace. no results cause of the still pending. undetermined what's taking them so long? but there's the loss of a son. but there is the idea that you can get no closure because you can't get answers. the things that i think any human being would want to know. in a situation like this. in the wake of angelo's death, city leaders are pushing ahead with police reforms, including the addition of body worn cameras in antioch
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deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news, the 90, the human rights institute at san jose state, released its annual report today examining the region's growing race and income gap. the report is called the silicon valley pain index, researchers say the reports show a sizable job. racial and wealth inequalities over the past year as the pandemic and the resulting economic downturn disproportionately affected people of color. we're not here just to talk about the problems we are hoping that this inspires solutions because what is being inflicted on the silicon valley residents is totally unacceptable. the report also looked at the interactions between police and silicon valley residents and found people of color had a higher risk of being cited for minor infractions than white residents knew at 11. a cellphone helped police crack a stolen car case that involved three east based cities. last saturday. a man playing basketball at grove park in berkeley had his keys and his
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suv stolen, but his cell phone was in the trunk, so police tracked the phone and they learned the suspects had committed a grand theft at the macy's store and pleasant id officers, then track the suv two 35th avenue in oakland, and that's where they arrested those two suspects. not a free bond, where police tonight are investigating a freeway shooting that led to a multi car crash. the crash happened at about five o'clock tonight on auto mall parkway at grimmer boulevard. but all of this started on interstate 8 80 in hayward, the driver of a red toyota pickup, said that he was headed south when he saw the driver of a black kia driving erratically. at some point, he said, someone in the kia opened fire at him. after that, he just took off and i was chasing him through the side of the road. i just didn't want him to get away, especially after that kid got killed in, uh, marin south of california. fortunately the pickup driver was not hurt. the chp joined in on the pursuit, which ended in
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fremont, where the suspect hit two other cars. police say the driver of the kia is 28 year old kevin sanders. he was arrested for a number of crimes, including attempted murder and hit and run. san francisco board of education approved a budget today of more than a billion dollars for the next academic year. board members unanimously approved that $1.1 billion operating budget, the board says. $140 million of that will come in the form of federal stimulus funds that are supposed to help students returned in person learning in the fall. superintendent dr vincent matthews says the stimulus money will be key in supporting students as they return to campus from distance learning. travel is picking back up ktvu jana katsuyama joining us lot tonight and, hoty is among the lowest in the country, alex data showed that san francisco and san mateo are lagging behind the national average, according to costar, which is an analytical in firm
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that tracks hotel occupancy. but it turns out that that is leading to some deals in san francisco that you don't often see. in san francisco near the golden gate bridge, tourists stopped to take photos a welcome sight for hotels in the popular tourist area near gear. deli square. i just want to take advantage of the summer and enjoy traveling, and just we haven't done it because of covid in such a long time. it's nice to be able to get back out here nationwide data from analytics firm costar showed that from june 6 to june 12th, the hotel occupancy rate was higher than 60% for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the san francisco go in san mateo area, though, are still around 49% so we definitely have occupancy available in our hotels right now. kevin carroll, ceo of the hotel council of san francisco, says one reason is that san francisco is a big destination for conventions and business meetings, which have been cancelled or went virtual due to the pandemic. that means many hotels are offering
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special deals already seen where there are deals. hotels are putting out deals and they're putting together packages for people. would come in and that's a result of supply and demand. hotels such as the hilton have discounted rooms under $200 without the heavy traffic of the convention business or the business travelers, which haven't quite started back yet. you can really get some deals in san francisco like never before, and that's providing a narrow window where visitors can get free parking discounts on attractions and other perks. we're just really happy that there's a lot more open than we thought. so yes, there were deals on the airline and the hotel. it was great at the argonaut hotel in fisherman's warf. they say they're seeing fewer international tourists. it's quite different these days. i was 50 to 60% of our hotel guests arrived by vehicle and so our packages reflect that. many of our packages include parking breakfast for the families. and hotels say they plan to continue the deals through the summer, but they
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are expecting business travelers to return around september. alex alright, ktvu is jana katsuyama live in the newsroom. thank you. jenna travel surge is happening as millions of americans venture out many for their first vacation since the start of the pandemic, but airlines staffing shortages are causing some problems. american airlines was forced to cancel hundreds of flights over the weekend after bad weather compounded the staffing shortages. both the t s a and most domestic carriers are in the middle of a hiring blitz right now, but until staff is fully back on board, there could be some turbulence you're talking about restarting essentially from almost scratched an industry where furloughs occurred, and a lot of people got let go. rental car companies are struggling as well. many sold off parts of their fleet and now can't buy new cars fast enough making inventory tight all across the country. state health officials say it appears the vaccine lottery helped increase vaccinations in areas most at
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risk, the state said today. people living in regions considered the least healthy, saw vaccinations increase each of the last four weeks. those areas represented almost one third of all doses given for the week ending june 14th. biggest prizes were given out on june 15th the day of the reopening the recall election of governor newsom cleared a key hurdle today after election officials said there are enough signatures to move forward. the next steps include eliminating or estimating rather the cost of that election. after that, the legislature has 30 days to comment on the estimated cost. the secretary of state will then certify the signatures. the lieutenant governor then must schedule a recall election. 60 to 80 days after the signatures are certified. coming up tonight a $100 million problem here in the us after the break what stanford university found out about gunshot wounds in children. also ahead tonight. one man accused of eight shoplifting incidents around san francisco
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finds the cost of pediatric care for gunshot wounds is growing. and u. s taxpayers are paying for a majority of it. initial hospitalizations on average cost $13,000 totaling more than $100 million per year
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in the us, the study found that pediatric gunshot injuries are uniquely american problem with nine of every 10 firearm injuries to children worldwide occurring in the united states. president by. announced new plans today to target gun dealers who break the law amid an alarming rise in gun crimes nationwide. the president's plan calls for a number of actions, including allowing state and local governments to use coronavirus relief funds to hire police officers fight crime and a zero tolerance policy as well was announced. for gun dealers who violate federal law. also five regional strike force teams to curb illegal gun trafficking will be sent out across the country, including one coming here to the bay area, local and federal law enforcement can better coordinate to trace illegal gun sales back to shady gun dealer and hold them accountable. 90% oakland police chief laurent armstrong says the additional
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funds will be helpful. he and the san francisco police chief, we're both in the virtual audio. today during the president's announcement, a man accused of eight separate shoplifting incidents in san francisco was charged by prosecutors today and his ktvu christien kafton tells us the city's district attorney has announced a new partnership to try to curb the brazen crimes. okay let's go on the record on 62 people versus luego romero, san francisco's district attorney's office wednesday filed formal charges against jean luc romero dating back to mid name, including marshall shoplifting and robbery at various walgreens and cvs locations in the city, his attorney, pointing out the case has already captured headlines around the bay area. i think there's a unique pressure in this case, given that this case has garnered some media attention, the prosecutor pointing out that this is far from the suspect first encounter with law enforcement. i would also know that the defendant does have a pretty lengthy from the city's
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district attorney is highlighting the charges as he works to show how seriously he takes out of control, shoplifting. throughout san francisco. the prosecutor releasing a statement reading, in part quote local businesses and neighborhood stores are the backbone of our community, and we are working to protect san francisco stores and consumers. there have been dozens of high profile cases of seemingly consequence free shoplifting at pharmacies throughout san francisco, 17 walgreens and numerous cvs pharmacies around the city have reportedly been shut down as a result of rampant theft. the district attorney's office is pointing to a new partnership with alto alliance in oregon. ization that works to reduce shoplifting as an indication of how seriously he's taking the problem. aalto alliance is a multi pronged solution that combines comprehensive analytics intelligence prosecution. and deterrent marketing to provide results of fewer incidents, the organization saying it works with retailers, police community members and prosecutors with the aim of reducing repeat offenses. the
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organization responding to inquiries about how it hopes to impact san francisco with a statement reading in part, quote, alto attorneys represent the retailer in court as the victim of crime seeking judicial outcomes for recidivists that change their behavior. these outcomes could range from drug or mental health treatment referral, or as a last resort incarceration. in the case of luego romero, the suspect, who was in court wednesday, he entered not guilty pleas and is scheduled to be back in court friday to determine whether he should remain in jail. christian captain ktvu fox two news. debate in pala rialto over street closures coming up tonight. why some want them permanently closed to traffic, while others say that would be unfair. downtown is our center of commerce. this is where business is done, and it's not a park. then a nice cool pattern out there today and yesterday. tomorrow is going to follow suit. but then as we head into the weekend temperatures kind of come up
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quite a bit. we'll talk about that when i see you back here at the five day forecast, plus wildfire prevention efforts around the state have reportedly fallen, but the governor has said otherwise. the new report that shows the the new report that shows the numbers attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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it's time for my monthly book club! tit's an opportunityup for us girls to connect and remind each other who's on mute. and this is how we have to meet. because when we spend time indoors with people,
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we can still spread covid faster than nancy's gossip. that's why i'm still masking wherever i go. because until i'm vaccinated, a mask helps slow the spread. which means the sooner i can get back to a friend's house to judge their interior design. we can't hear you, dolores! officer is stepping down next week. this according to palo alto online doctor marty fencers shop told the board of supervisors that he will be making his second attempt at retirement fencer shot worked for the county for 29 years before retiring in 2013. he returned last year during the pandemic. and he helped the county have the highest covid vaccination rate of any large county in the nation. there's a controversy on the peninsula city leaders have voted to keep some downtown streets closed to
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traffic until september as ktvu is azenith smith tells us, not everyone agrees with that decision. i call this a little piece of heaven, the owner of copa cafe slice of heaven with nancy couple calls this outdoor oasis. it's a little piece of europe everywhere in europe. you have piazzas right where diners can eat and relax. on this stretch of ramona avenue in one of paul altos historical districts, couple and other owners invested thousands of dollars for outdoor seating this summer is here. we have good weather or don't take this away from us to try to, like, breathe again and recuperate a teeny bit parts of ramona avenue university in california avenues have been close to traffic since last year to help restaurants survived the pandemic. the city was planning to open the streets in october. the date was pushed up to july after a late night vote and a lot of debate. the streets will remain closed until september, 30th next door to copa cafe is the pamela walsh gallery. my business is definitely gotten better because my neighbors
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around me have brought more business to the block. a lot of us have given up our entire retirement savings just to get through the pandemic, and now it's kind of like, well, we're going to reward the people on university avenue, but anyone on the side streets you know you're left to be on your own. robert fisher owns two restaurant on side streets, paulo alto creamery and reposado. he calls the street closures unfair. they can't get to the retailers because they have to zigzag through the streets and you know what's gonna happen when all the businesses come back, and people are in office is worse. all that trafficking to go it's gonna all end up in the residential streets and our little survey. we have about half said yes, it's great. have to be says it's terrible. councilman greg tanaka says the city plans to gather sales data from restaurants and retailers and study the closures during the covid restrictions with business is barely hanging on and government loans running out. the last thing anyone wants to see more for lease signs if we don't have a fiber
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downtown, then we have a lot of closures azenith smith ktvu, fox two news governor newsom overstated how much work the state has done to prevent wildfires, according to a report by cap radio and npr. governor said that 35 priority projects included work like firebreaks and controlled burns on 90,000 acres of land. in 2019, however, an analysis of state data shows work was actually done on less than 12,000 acres. ahead of cal fire said the agency did fall short of its goals in part due to lack of environmental clearances and permission from landowners. alright temperatures today uh the mild side again we had a few days. been like a holidayeat warnings. advisories record heat the whol. and this week we've got this one. 10 are about where you'd like to see him. i know which
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is really helpful. this low is the reason you know it's right here. it's kind of sitting right offshore. the rotations like this, and that's going to sit there again tomorrow. so what's that mean? more of the same tomorrow? i'll be just like today. maybe i think it will be a little bit warmer and parts of the bay but maybe a little bit cooler in the inland valley, so we'll see. but this can be splitting hair. it's gonna be very similar. so tomorrow lot like today. and then friday, you'll notice a bump up in temperatures and then on saturday and sunday, it'll keep bumping up and that sunday be pretty warm. i think some of the hotspots in the bay area sunday i'll make it into the mid upper nineties, maybe a low 100, you know, you get eastern fairfield. something like that. you've got the winds going the right way for higher humidities, which is what you'd like to see. and that's first win. so when you see an arrow pointing from west to east that's our worst win, so hey, we're right now has a west wind at six miles an hour. san jose that's sometimes you get anomalous readings. but san jose what's that? when did that sounds a it's a northwest, right coming from the north. um and so the satellite loop shows
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showers to the north and to the east of us, but nothing for us clouds moving inland tonight like they did last night. most bay area counties, pardon me will have some form of cloud cover. tomorrow morning. like this morning. it'll burn off slow. then we get this high that builds in notice. it's a little bit further north. that's going to create record highs for portland, seattle bend, redmond all these areas sisters up in oregon. they're gonna see some really hot temperatures right. out to the coast as well. so there's gonna be record setting. heat there that heat bleeds into well, but that's on sunday and monday, and most of the heat will remain to the north of us, which is slightly unusual. fog burns back tomorrow, you get a day tomorrow. i like today, so this is the tomorrow forecast, and then there's some highs. then you say the five year forecasting a little behind here, so there's the five day forecast and you can see it just kind of stair steps up. it's not a biblical heat event like we saw last week, but it's gonna be pretty hot, especially the valleys to the north. i'll
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see you back here tomorrow. night. okay, bill. thank you. up next in sports tonight in a season. giants pull off yet another one in extra if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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one of the most important things you can do is to make sure you call 811 before you dig. calling 811 to get your lines marked:
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it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines, we provide you the information so you will dig safely. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines, the giants, i guess anywhere they play these days is the happiest place on earth. and today it was right next door to disneyland. plenty of giant fans down in anaheim, see a pitcher's duel. shohei otani and kevin gausman, but you know they got that, but then they get more of the extra innings to two. looks like the angels are going to win it as one leg. arras slides into the safe sinco upon for the review. replay indicates that buster posey tagged him out and the giants
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get new life. so it goes to the 13th one run in on a bases loaded, walk another on a wild pitch. and then steven duggar, grab the right side to get the shift on. he will wind up getting credited with a two run single brandon crawford hustling all the way in from second base. and then two batters later, mike stockman has struck out five consecutive times leading up to this had two strikes out of it the times when he pick it arrived that thing out to right field, three run shot giant hitters struck out 19 times today, but they win at 93 there 22 games over 500, the oakland a's are coming to san francisco overomorrow, dn texas, where the rangers have been dubbed down to sean murphy deep and gone, 443 ft to one deficit now to matt chapman will give him a
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lead kind of a dunker in the center field. looks like somebody might have had a chance of catching that sky bolt in 32 a's but come the bottom of the seventh inning. nate hello. that is a blast stuff. yusmeiro petite and dulles. garcia also hit a home run his 20th 53, and in case you haven't noticed, the eight have lost four out of their last five. the atlanta hawks have never won an nba championship. franchise actually one back in the fifties, when they were in st louis. but this atlanta squad like none ever before in the tl, actually, they were up in milwaukee to face yana scented grupo. and trey young was ready for talks up five from the third. have you ever seen a guy quite this open for three in the nba? what were the bucks doing right there? just playing alone in the gym so much, dan. that's too much time, yana says. come on, we can't let
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that clown on us like that. this time, young will miss to get it going the other way. janice underneath high percentage shot. plus he's felt he had 34 points. 12 rebounds. 35 seconds left, huh? will take the lead as young will miss. but clint capela up on the offensive board at 19 rebounds to go with a dozen points, but milwaukee down 34 seconds left. chris middleton had a good look at it. he will miss 1 16 1 13. atlanta will win the game to take a 10 lead in that series. all right, not to forget hockey stanley cup playoffs wild finish in this one. you need to check this out game six aisles and tampa the lightening up 32 in the series over time. one minute in anthony bob ilya will steal it. and seal it with a goal right there. fourth seen a game seven. and if you remember the lightning beat the aisles
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eight to nothing a couple of nights ago, so they rebounded nicely. that's the sporting life right now. great finish. thanks julie. she told us about that, and the next game is on that, and the next game is on thursday okay, here's the number for poison control. ask for carol. honey, we're gonna be fine. enjoy your reunion. oh, it'd be a lot more fun if you were there. i really am sorry about that. i just can't miss the chance to bowl on jay's team. mnh. that's why i ordered these glide rights. if you break 'em in properly, they're supposed to give you a completely frictionless-- (thud) (groans) if i'm being honest, the reunion might be a little more fun if phil isn't there. otherwise, i spend the whole weekend telling him who's who and explaining inside jokes. and if all that explaining is going out, the alcohol is not going in. hey, mom. before you go, you have to sign this for school. mm. you don't have to read it. it's all boilerplate. honey, i am running really late. (whispers) ask your dad. right here, buddy. s--uhh! (thud) i have to get the letter signed because i failed my assignment on the revolutionary war. i recreated the battle of bunker hill using one of my old science projects.


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