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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 24, 2021 12:00pm-12:59pm PDT

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pile of rubble. chaos in florida after a part of a condominium building collapsed. rescuers pulling dozens of survivors from that rubble, but there are still many more people missing. we're gonna have the latest on the investigation that is now underway, plus drought conditions continue to get worse across california. the measures many communities are now taking to conserve water and a rare sight underneath the golden gate bridge. look at that ship that's carried a giant crane for china, the challenges crews face getting it to the port of oakland. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon to you. i'm clotting, wang infer gasia mikaelian and mike mibach, a major search and rescue effort is underway right now in south florida after a condo tower partially collapsed more than 50. people are unaccounted for. and could be trapped in the massive pile of rubble. live picture here from the scene. at least one person is dead. dozens have been
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rescued. and at this point the cause of the collapse is not yet known. ktvu is elissa harrington as the story. i was sleeping in a deep sleep, and i heard a huge crash, which i thought was a crash of lightning. but it continued for i'd say 15 20 minutes. barry cohen lives at the champlain towers, south condos in oceanfront building in surfside, florida near miami beach. cohen was rescued by firefighters after part of his building collapsed in the middle of the night. i opened up the door, which goes into the hallway, and there was a huge pile of just rubble. the whole area that the north wing of the building had collapsed. aerial footage shows the destruction twisted metal pieces of the building hanging off balconies, furniture, mattresses and crushed cars. little surfside has experienced a catastrophe.
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this is the very. that moment in our community, and especially the city of surfside was something like this actually happens. the collapse happened around 1:30 a.m. eastern time it took out a whole wing of the high rise. witnesses say it sounded like an explosion. some ran to the scene and heard people screaming for help. looks like a bomb went off nicholas balboa, who lives nearby heard a child calling for help and saw the boy's hand sticking up from the rubble. he stayed and talked to the boy to keep him calm, while others called firefighters over. to pull him out. it was just chaos. it was just terrifying images of 9 11 kind of came back. i mean that. i think it's the most stark contrast i can make. um but, yeah, i was just, you know, hearing his voice and knowing the age that he most likely was, i can only imagine just the terror that he was going through search and rescue teams are using heavy machinery to tunnel into the wreckage. they have out search dogs and drones
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and say recovery efforts could take days. mayor charles burkett said he does believe there are people buried, the building has literally pancaked. it has gone down, and i mean there's just feet in between. stories where there were 10 ft. uh, that is, uh, is heartbreaking because it does it mean to me. we're going to be successful as successful as we would want to be to find people alive. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. new at noon with gun violence on the rise in alameda county community leaders are calling on local officials to take action. the community leaders gathered just a few minutes ago at the lake merritt amphitheater where deadly shooting happened just this past saturday. now they are calling for gun violence to be declared a public health emergency by alameda county and by the city of oakland. they say they want $100 million to be invested back into black communities where gun violence
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hits the hardest. we know that the government alone cannot save us they cannot pretend picked us. we are asking for a commitment of resources so that our community can put into place the strategies that we know will work that will allow us to bring build a stronger, healthier engaged, resilient community where there is opportunity, and there is hope and where gun violence has no place, community leaders say. this year, there has been a 77% increase in shootings in oakland and happening now the. oakland city council is holding a meeting where a vote on a budget to redirect $17 million away from the oakland police department is expected that proposed budget would instead shift that money to the department of violence prevention and then double the spending for that department to add more community ambassadors. oakland mayor libby shaft says she wants to keep the police department staff from falling below the current 717 officers and also reduced spending for overtime. oakland has to pass a
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new budget by june, 30th president biden released his plan to address the rising gun crimes nationwide, and in his speech, he did mention the bay area. the president presented his strategy yesterday at the white house. the plan includes allowing state and local governments to use coronavirus relief funds to hire additional police officers. there's also a zero tolerance policy for gun dealers who violate federal law, and the president is also trying to curb gun trafficking by creating strike force teams in five regional locations, including the bay area, local and federal law enforcement. can better coordinate to trace illegal gun sales back to shady gun dealer and hold them accountable. 90% oakland police chief laurent armstrong says the additional money will help out indeed armstrong in san francisco police chief bill scott were among those in the virtual audience during the president's announcement. the biden administration is extending the nationwide ban on evictions for another month. the director of the cdc
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extended the moratorium until july, 31st. it had been scheduled to end next wednesday. in many people who have done unable to pay rent during the pandemic, we're worried about being evicted landlords who have opposed the moratorium and challenged it in court or against any extension. they've argued the focus should be on speeding up the distribution of rental assistance. the cdc says. this is intended to be the final extension of the moratorium. san franciscans struggling to pay rent during the pandemic will have another six month reprieve. the board of supervisors voted yesterday to extend the cities of eviction moratorium, mirroring the state's protections. the city's moratorium has been in place as an emergency order for 30 days but will now be extended until the end of december, the port of oakland received a container ship carrying a giant crane and then that crane made its way from china in cleared its final hurdles, sailing under the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge before reaching his terminal. eight views. emma cost witness now live with details on this impressive
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voyage. good afternoon to you, emma. good afternoon, claudine. it is an impressive voyage, clearing both of those bridges effortlessly. pretty much the container ship is now in the port of oakland, and it only had a narrow, better room to pass under both of those bridges. carrying a crane that when upright stands 300 ft tall list container ship embarked on the last leg of its long voyage from shanghai thursday morning. it's a very specialized operation to bring a crane here to the port of oakland. just before sunrise. when the tide was low, the ship glided below the golden gate bridge and sped along to its last and trickiest hurdle, clearing the bay bridge with only about five ft of room, the california highway patrol temporarily paused, traffic along the bridge. everything went really well. the crane came in under the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge. smoothly the port of oakland is trying to modernize and cranes like this health
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report keep up with the record cargo volumes coming in, thanks to a surge in online shopping ct in the air to either take it off a vessel or on a vessel when container ships come in. they're arranged in such a way that these giant cranes make loading and unloading. so much more seamless. it's kind of like a jingle puzzle. you have to know which container to pull off and where to put it. exactly how to find it. it's a very difficult thing is you can imagine so with bigger cranes, you have more flexibility in moving that cargo on and off the ships. this is the fourth giant crane to arrive at the port of oakland this year, all of them serving his assets to help the port to stay competitive, increased jobs and grow maritime business. now docked at the port or at the, uh, terminal that owned by every port terminal services like rain can come off the ship this weekend be
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reassembled, tested and put into place for operation reporting live demagogues. ktvu box two news. okay, thanks so much, emma. while the u. s drought monitor has released a new look at california's drought situation, the map released this morning shows the entire north bay and then parts of the east bay in what they are calling exceptional drought. the other parts of the bay area are in red, and that's considered extreme depth drought. this comes as many santa clara county residents were hit with new water restrictions. ktvu s an rubin reports. the stakes are high reservoir levels are low, and now the san jose water companies announcing new rules to limit water consumption for the million customers they serve. we're taking this very seriously. we consider this to be an extreme drought. we are asking our customers to cut their used by 15% nearly all the rules focus on outdoor use the first only water lawns and plants twice a week for 15 minutes at a time, and not
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between the hours of 10 and eight residents are assigned watering days, mondays and thursdays if you live in an odd numbered home, tuesdays and fridays for even numbered addresses, 50% of water uses outside use, and that's an area where we can all conserve and cut down. there are also limits on filling fountains and ponds and limits on car washing at home. residents are now only supposed to use commercial car washes, use recycled or recirculating water. we have to really be proactive about this week cannot control the weather, but we can. control our own actions at antonio alcaraz gardening and landscaping there already helping their clients comply with water saving rules. we talked to the clients and tell them like, hey, you know this is going on? because sometimes they don't. they don't know what's going on. so we tell them and then they're shocked when we told them they're changing the settings on irrigation timers when necessary, and they say something else has changed, too. we've been getting a lot of cause for from clients that want us uh either
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san jose water says they have no way to enforce these rules, however, if they don't meet their goals by the end of august, they might consider imple or penalty and rubenwo nee this noontime, some scary moments for drivers in fremont. what we're learning about a highway shooting that led to a multi the vehicle crash. plus there's always risk in any medical procedure, but i feel that the risk of not getting the vaccine was actually higher than getting the vaccine. many beria parents faced with the decision on whether or not to vaccinate their children against the coronavirus, the new warning that will be added to those vaccines by the fda, and one more somewhat cooler day out there before we start to get to a warm up this weekend, we're going to check in with meteorologist mark tomorrow for the forecast in your neighborhood.
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warning about rare cases of heart inflammation. tw jesse gary tells us that decision comes as the cdc takes a closer look at the cases. for parents weary of the covid pandemic battle, 2021 offers another vexing question. is the vaccine safe enough for their children? there's always risk in any medical procedure, but i feel that the risk of not getting the vaccine was actually higher than getting the vaccine. san jose parent jennifer sobolewski gave the green light for her 14 year old son, justin. to get the double dose. he hasn't had any side effects and wondering if you can comment on. you know the impact of covid 19 infection on the heart wednesday at the cdc hearing experts different on the safety of recommending children and teens get covid vaccinated. multiple people and experts chosen randomly sounded off during the public comment portion of the meeting. there have been several severe adverse events reported after
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receiving covid-19 injections review the risk of these vaccinations for all ages sin h0 deaths in those aged 12. the mel issue involves mile card itis and pericarditis inflammation around the heart and of the heart. about a month ago, there was concerned with an increased number of cases being seen in young adults that were receiving the mrna vaccines at that time. u. c s f pediatric infectious diseases specialist dr theodore rule, says experts are studying cases to see if there's a direct link between the vaccine and illness. one of the big questions is, are we just noticing something? because we're looking more closely, or is this actually happening at an interest rate? the sobolev skis are comfortable with their decision, even with the new questions. even so, the fda says it plans to add a warning to covid vaccines so that parents are completely aware of the risks in san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox two news, all
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right, let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo. we had that live picture of san francisco looks like the fog's kind of burned off and a lot of blue sky out there. yeah that's kind of been the repeating theme each and every day mike and claudine with the temperature is actually kind of in that mild range. so what happens is when the marine layer deepens enough that lid. if you think of it, it kind of gets kind of gets busted open, and that's when the clouds can actually clear out and that's always a challenge trying to forecast when that could happen. so another sunny day across a good portion of the bay area's mike mike has been observing so far, we will warm up those numbers as we head into the weekend. so with that we've kind of scaled back on the heat and also the hot stay, so it's like the hottest day could be on saturday now, and we're not talking about much in the way triple digits, except as you do work your way closer to say, lake county and up toward maybe vacaville and northern sonoma county. those temperatures will be heating up quite a bit, but as you can't see it is warming up this weekend. in fact, you can see this excessive heat watches is in place for lake county as we head into the weekend. and up to our north
12:18 pm
the overall theme with this pattern this up this this big, hot dome of air will settle in over the pacific northwest. so that's where the focus of the real heat will be up toward portland and seattle and even up in reading as well, temperatures easily topping 100 degrees satellite showing you the clouds from this morning and right now we have lots of clear skies out there. it looks like we still have some patches near portions of the coastline. current numbers in the sixties for san francisco a pleasant day inland, getting up break from that real extreme heat toward concord, walnut creek in livermore and the wind starting to pick up as well throughout the afternoon hours. right now, you can see fairfield that southwesterly wind that's a sustained wind at about 24 miles an hour. here's our live camera checking out sfo this afternoon up above some cloud cover this morning that cloud cover beginning to lift on out. this area of low pressure has kind of been in charge of our patterns. why? it's actually been kind of
12:19 pm
pleasant out there with mild to warm temperatures, keeping those temperatures in check for today and a little bit tomorrow, though we begin to warm things up for your friday and then into the weekend, it will be warm to hot inland. but as i mentioned, the real intense heat will be up to our north portland, oregon this weekend could have temperatures approaching 108 degrees, so that's where the extreme heat will be. as we head into the weekend for today for us, mostly sunny skies. it is breezy with temperatures ranging for the low sixties coast side lots of seventies out there, the warmest locations back up into the lower eighties got have been in this pattern over the past. still three days or so we will begin to see a change, though for tomorrow's temperatures do begin to trend up still fairly comfortable, then warm to hot england 96 degrees, and then we'll cool things off a little bit in the sunday and into monday. i know 96 seems hot. remember last week, guys, we had temperatures. around 110 111 degrees, so least we will not be approaching those levels from last week here in the bay
12:20 pm
area. you don't want to return to that. okay. thanks so much, mark. no, no, no. well still to come at noon. it is a heated debate at downtown streets remain closed for outdoor dining, even though the state has fully reopened the decision in the city of palo alto, and why i'm not sure if there's anything i can say to my family members to convince them to take the covid-19 vaccine. i'm not even sure if i'm convinced. hi darius, i think that people respond more to what we do than what we say.
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so after looking at all the data and the science about these vaccines, i got the vaccine. and i made sure my mom and dad got the vaccine. because these vaccines are safe. ♪ ♪ delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference. oh, i've traveled all over the country. talking about saving with geico. but that's the important bit, innit? showing up, saying “hello! fancy a nice chat?” then we talk like two old friends about sticky buns and all the savings you could get by bundling your home and car insurance.
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they all reached last night. the pair down package of $1.2 trillion over eight years includes all lead pipes in the nation being replaced. the package also includes investments in clean transportation, infrastructure, clean water infrastructure, universal, broadband and other sectors, the president said. not everyone got what they wanted, but also says the agreement with the senators will create millions of jobs investments will be making as a result of this deal are long overdue. they'll put americans to work in good paying jobs, repairing our roads and our bridges. they'll deliver high speed internet to every american home, bringing down the price that people pay now for internet service. and they'll close the american digital divide, political analysts say this rare bipartisan backing could open the door to the president's more sweeping $4 trillion proposals later on for now, president biden's as other white house priorities will be done separately in a congressional budget process known as reconciliation.
12:24 pm
controversial along the peninsula. palo alto city leaders have voted to keep some downtown streets closed to vehicles for the entire summer as ktvu azenith smith reports. not everyone agrees with the decision. i call this a little piece of heaven, the owner of cooper cafe slice of heaven with nancy capaldi calls this outdoor oasis. it's a little piece of europe everywhere in europe. you have piazzas right where diners can eat and relax on this stretch of ramona avenue in one of paul altos historical districts, couple and other. owners invested thousands of dollars for outdoor seating this summer is here. we have good weather, or don't take this away from us to try to, like, breathe again and recuperate a teeny bit parts of ramona avenue university in california avenues have been close to traffic since last year to help restaurants survived the pandemic. the city was planning to open thejuly afa late night vote and a lot of debates will remain closed until september. 30th next door to cooper. gallery. my
12:25 pm
business is definitely gotten better because my neighbors around me have brought more business to the block. a lot of us have given up our entire retirement savings just to get through the pandemic, and now it's kind of like, well, we're going to reward the people on university avenue, but anyone on the side streets you know you're left to be on your own. robert fisher owns two restaurants on side streets, paulo alto creamery and reposado. he calls the street closures. unfair they can't get to the retailers because they have to zigzag through the streets and you know what's going to happen when all the businesses come back, and people are in offices? where is all that trafficking to go? it's going to all end up in the residential streets and our little survey we have would have to say yes, it's great have to be says it's terrible. councilman greg tanaka says the city plans to gather sales data from restaurants and retailers and study the closures during non covid restrictions with business is barely hanging on and government loans running
12:26 pm
out. it's the last thing anyone wants to see more for lease signs if we don't have a fiber downtown, then we have a lot of closures. azenith smith ktvu, fox two news well, the effort to recall governor newsom is moving forward after state election officials released a final report join only 43 total signatures with were withdrawn in the newsome recall effort. there are 1.7 million verified signatures that's well above the threshold for the recall. the next steps include estimating the cost of the election. the legislature will then have 30 days to comment on that estimated cost. the secretary of state will then certify the signatures and lieutenant governor then must schedule a date for the recall election. 60 to 80 days after those signatures are certified still to come in new new information surrounding the state's backs for the win campaign, l officials say it paid off and help to get more people vaccinated. plus, we feel very blessed. we have amazingly awesome kids who.
12:27 pm
bring a lot of joy into our family and to each other. it is a lifelong dream for so many couples, but for those in the lgbtq community, it can take years to achieve the challenges they face and the programs that are out there
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of florida in the southern part of the state near miami, where the search and rescue effort for victims continues. this noontime want to pull up some security camera video right here that shows the one wing of the 12 story residential tower collapsing early this morning. this was 1 30 local time in the town of surfside, which is about 10 miles outside miami. at least one death has been confirmed and 35. others were rescued from the rubble and twisted metal, including that young boy saw here. is a live picture from a helicopter there in that town over the scene of the collapse. you can just see that massive pile of rubble there also officials have just updated the number of unaccounted people earlier this morning, they said that was about 50 50 people had been unaccounted they say the number of unaccounted people is nearly 100. 136 units
12:31 pm
collapsed, leaving that huge pile of rubble and twisted metal. of that building is not there anymore. so we're working hard the there's not a lot that little surfside can do except ring the alarm bell and we rang the alarm. bell and mayor cava sent the calvary, as did the governor, and that has made all the difference in the world. they've got resources like you can't believe here. we've got the dogs. we've got the equipment and we're going to do our very best to save as many people in that pile of rubble as we possibly can. construction was being done on the roof of the building in recent days, but at this point there is no word on whether or not that construction is linked to this collapse. more coverage online at ktvu dot com throughout the afternoon, with the family of a 30 year old man who died in police custody is demanding answers from the antioch police department. as ktvu is deborah villalon reports, the family accuses police of putting a knee on their loved one's neck. but the department argues it never happened. it is really a little
12:32 pm
bit unreal to be here six months after the fact and to realize that there is just so many questions that we have no answers to. these aren't the first tears shed by angelo cuentos family at antioch police headquarters and the death of 30 year old angelo has become a community flashpoint. please believe me. but i go to sleep. hearing the voice of cassandra kinta college. is he okay? or what's happened you to dead? that is cassandra's voice, angelo as well and police on cell video after angela lost consciousness in the family home. it was two days before christmas, his family said angelo had suddenly become agitated and paranoid. so they called police for help. the officers kneeled melt. on the back of his neck until ox chief has said officers pressed on a shoulder blade,ily has fila
12:33 pm
claim first step in a lawsuit alleging police restraint caused angelo's death. this is a situation where they literally amen and snatched this young man from his mother's bosom attorneys say a private pathologist supports their claim position will fix it is not new. we've been fighting this issue over 30 years. it came out many years ago, as as a technique that should not be used because it's a high percentage of death. we're not gonna stop. we're going to keep on fighting on this. the six month anniversary, the quinto family was able to enter angela's ashes at an antioch cemetery. especially painful because with investigations pending they have no peace, no results cause of the still pending. undetermined what's taking them so long? but there's the loss of a son. but there is the idea that you can get no closure
12:34 pm
because you can't get answers. the things that i think any human being would want to know. in a situation like this in the wake of angelo's death, city leaders are pushing ahead with police reforms, including the addition of body worn cameras in antioch deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. the man who was shot and killed in pittsburgh early yesterday morning has now been identified. police say, 19 year old jaha mahmoud of antioch was killed as he sat in his green honda on eldorado drive after briefly going into a house. please say that's when a gunman walked with car and shot him as he tried to drive away and then then later crashed into a telephone pole. police have not made any arrests in the case, three month police are investigating the highway shooting that led to a multi vehicle crash that started last night on interstate 80, the driver of a red pickup truck said he was heading south when he saw the driver of a black kia driving erratically now soon after the kia started shooting at him. no one in the truck was heard in. the driver of the truck actually says you started to
12:35 pm
follow the kia as it tried to get away. after that, he just took off and i was chasing him through the side of the road. i just didn't want him to get away, especially after that kid got killed in, uh, marin south of california. the chp joined the pursuit and it ended at autumn all parkway where the suspect hit two other vehicles and the driver of the kia was arrested. santa clara county's health and hospital committee is holding a special hearing on the sheriff's office purchase and use of military style equipment. the sheriff's department has a long list of inventory of weapons and equipment, which. lethal and less lethal. it includes guns, large vehicles, a dive boat and surveillance equipment. the committee is hearing reports from the procurement department, county counc and the corrections department and sheriff's office. whether or nop police officers on their campuses. some students have said that they feel intimidated with police at their schools. a recent proposal replaces school
12:36 pm
resource officers with more counselors focus on mediation rather than disciplining students. but people who support officers on campus say officers reduce outside threats and surveys do show the majority of students, parents and teachers wants police to remain on campus. well, people living in downtown 11 an apology from the police chief for tear gas incident. i want to show you some home video of the tear gas canisters that landed on the balconies at a condo complex on franklin street during last summer's george floyd protests. the video shows those canisters setting fire to a community garden and one of the elderly residents being helped down off the rooftop to escape the gas. one man told ktvu that he was not participating in the protest and was just watching from his home when they were hit with the tear gas. it just seems sloppy. you know, there there. it doesn't matter who goes down with their big production. it's just they're just like, you know, blowing things up. oakland's police chief has since apologized for tear gassing use protesters on
12:37 pm
the ground, but it's still unclear if he even knew what happened at the franklin street condos. the department has not yet responded to our request for comment. creating a family can be a lifelong dream for so many people and as ktvu christian captain, reports for lgbtq families achieving that dream can be costly and sometimes difficult. ask just about any parent and they'll tell you their children are a gift. but for lgbtq families, it's a gift that requires more work, dedication and in many cases, more money. sandy ramola larios married her wife in 2000 and eight and says family was a priority. yes, it was. yeah, we definitely and we were married. maybe about a year before we started trying, and you know the same sex family. it takes a little while longer. there is definitely some intention. two boys and a girl later her family is now. complete she says, for same sex couples reproductive services are often not covered the way it would be for heterosexual couples experiencing infertility in the
12:38 pm
costs can add up quickly. you have to spend money on sperm. and then if you take it to the next level of in vitro that also costs a lot more money. i'll not covered by insurance. so even though we've made cathy second, mora is deputy director and family law director for the national center for lesbian rights, she says access to insurance to help cover the cost of conceiving challenges in the option and foster care system and outright discrimination are all obstacles she is working to overcome. there are many families who are still excluded from legal recognition. and many parents and prospective parents who are still excluded from paths to parenthood, she says. while there are more opportunities than ever for lgbtq families to make their dreams of children come true, there is still a lot of hard work to do to make that path clearer and easier. so that's why we do a combination of policy and legislative advocacy cases that have the potential to change the law and just raising. public knowledge and
12:39 pm
education about what people's rights are. and that doesn't change. jill jacobs works for family builders by adoption and said there has to be an intentionality for same sex families to get started. that simply isn't there for male female couples have to put some planning into it to become an lgbt family. yeah you have to. you have to look at the different paths and there are several different ones. you have to figure out what's right for your family. what's the best fit? what fits your values? what's going to be the best for you? and then you have to be strategic. it's not some then that can just kind of happened, jacob said. in some cases, international adoption may not be an option for lgbtq families because some countries still specifically forbid adoption by same sex couples, foster children, she says, may find kindred spirits in lgbtq parents being lgbt going through the coming out process. you've you've dealt with some adversity yourself. you've not had, you know, cookie cutter life, and that's really important to parent children who have been to foster care.
12:40 pm
tom and billy felix built their family through family builders by adoption. the couple saying kids were part of their plan from their very first date. we knew we weren't just going to have kids without involving somebody else in the process, so i mean, it was going to be more complicated, no matter what. so i think for us, it was around well, which path do we take? they fostered five. have children adopted two and are in the process of adopting a third son. expanding their family has been a labor of love, knowing that we went into it so on purpose like is helpful like i think we're both really clear like this is what we want to be doing now. despite any past obstacles, they can take a moment to realize they are living their dream come true. we feel very blessed are we have amazingly awesome kids who bring a lot of joy into our family into each other. christian captain ktvu, fox two news. and to catch up on more issues and stories important to the lgbt community here in the
12:41 pm
bay area, just head over to ktvu .com slash pride still to come at noon, britney spears breaks her silence for the first time in 13 years, she explains how the conservatives ship controls not just her money, but her life, plus one more cooler day before warm up in this weekend, ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is going to have your full forecast that's coming up. threaf
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new infections and unvaccinated parts of the country. this comes as public health officials are trying to convince young people to get their shots, christina coleman reports. america is seeing progress, and it's fine against covid-19. cdc data shows the seven day average of new daily cases has plummeted to about 10,000 down for almost 250,000 in january. the daily death toll is now below 300. but the delta variant threatens to hurt the progress. public. health officials blame the strain for a surge of recent cases in missouri. which now leads the nation with the highest rate of new infections at springfield's mercy hospital, doctors say the majority of patients are young and unvaccinated. i think this weekend of the patients in the icu. 60 to 65% were under the age of 40, and that's shocking compared to last year. nationwide public health officials say people between 18 to 26 years old are the least likely to be vaccinated and
12:45 pm
account for the highest rate of new covid cases, health experts say if young people remain hesitant, we could see localized surges of infection. there are some parts of the country only 25% or a third of the state is fully vaccinated. missouri, alabama, arkansas, tennessee. low vaccination rates. so those are the areas that i'm really concerned about. we need to focus on getting the vaccination rate higher. and on wednesday, cdc advisors determined the benefits outweigh the risks when it comes to giving younger people pfizer or moderna vaccines this coming after rare cases of heart inflammation and teenagers and young adults following their second dose, the fda says well at a warning about the condition to fighters and modernist covid vaccines. christina coleman, ktvu fox two news. well san francisco is going to require all 35,000 permanent approval from the fda, the city the shot for all government employees, workers who refuse and who do
12:46 pm
not get a medical or religious exemption could be fired. city employees will have 10 weeks after the vaccine is approved by the fda to get their shots. it is the last day of the mass vaccination site at levi stadium. it opened up in early february and has vaccinated more than 350,000 people. the site is one of the largest in california, really one of the busiest, nearly 12,000 people receive shots on one particular day in april, and those who recently received the first dose at levi's. you need that second shot. well, they can now go to any other vaccine location in santa clara county, the county's vaccination site is now more vaccination rate is now more than 80. state health officials say california's vaccine lottery worked like it should and helped increase vaccination rates at in areas most at risk, officials say. people living in counties considered the least vaccinated actually saw vaccinations increase in the last four weeks. those areas represented almost a third of all the doses given for the week and in june 14th. the biggest prizes were given
12:47 pm
out on june 15th. the same day the state reopened its economy. all right, let's check in with ktvu mew neurologist mark tamayo marked last time we checked in with you. that wind was blowing pretty good behind you. yeah you know, it's nice to report the weather outside of actually, i can actually experience it myself, right? yeah, it is breezy once again, claudia and mike, with the with the winds easily topping 20 miles an hour. so, yeah, that's a typical breeze that has been kicking up and you'll definitely notice it right around the bay shoreline and even out towards the immediate coast as well. no wind advisories, but still is that typical breeze we track this time of year. here is a look at the overall trend here. let me clear out those arrows to clean it up a bit, and we're showing you the forecast trends. so today, one of the cooler days of the week it's still warm. but then we begin to bump up those numbers into your friday and especially by the weekend and primarily for the inland spots. thankfully we're not talking about the extreme heat here in the bay area, but up towards lake county. and places up up in northern california,
12:48 pm
up in the pacific northwest. that's where the heat will be focused, especially up in portland and seattle, showing you this a satellite. we had some cloud cover this morning, clearing skies into the afternoon hours, so right now, most areas reporting mostly sunny skies, we'll check in and factors a closer look at the satellite. we still had those onshore winds as well. those arrows indicating. that wind coming in from the ocean current number of seventies in fact, fairly pleasant out toward concord. and while the creek oakland 68, santa rosa, 70.5 moon bay 63 degrees, we'll check out that wind and you can see fairfield a stronger wind their sustained out of the southwest at about 24 miles an hour sfo 14 miles an hour looks like a light wind, at least in the south bay for san jose. right now, here's our live camera checking out the open estuary. there's san francisco and the distance. always nice to see. some blue sky up above so mostly sunny skies for you're a thursday forecast and you can see temperatures kind of held in check by this guy over the past couple days, this
12:49 pm
big area of low pressure it sticks around for today. tomorrow we begin to warm things up, but temperatures still in that manageable range. but then, as we head into the weekend, we're tracking that big area of high pressure warm to hot inland mid to upper nineties, maybe a few spots close to 100 degrees as we head into a saturday, but the real heat focused up to our north. i was just taking a look at the forecast ties portland, oregon on sunday 109 degrees that's projected high medford, oregon, 112. even a seattle 99 degrees this weekend. so you get an idea they're going to be getting the real intense heat that portion of the country for us, though we are heating up, just not that hot forecast ties this afternoon 60 seventies warm spots will be in the lower eighties kind of talked about the breeze a bit and the winds topping 20 miles an hour as you can't see into the weekend. we warm things up for you friday into the weekend. it's hot england on saturday a little bit cooler in his sunday can see the bayside locations kind of in that comfortable range. lower eighties on saturday, and
12:50 pm
the beaches have not been warming up too much, mainly in the sixties. and that'll be the case as we head into the weekend, so heating up we're just not talking about that crazy heat we had here in the bay area last week temperatures maybe upper nineties by saturday, yes. nice to avoid the triple digits. mark. thank you for that. britney spears has asked a judge in los angeles to end the council of conservative ship that has controlled her personal life and finances for more than a decade. spirits addressed the court by phones, saying the conservatorship is doing more harm than good and his quote abusive. she also says the legal arrangement has prevented her from marrying her boyfriend and having more children. the conservatorship is run by spirits. his father, james, james spears, and an investment firm during the last 13 years, spears has released two albums and has had four four year residency in las vegas, estimated to be worth more than $138 million. there's no word when a ruling on spears requests will come on still to come in in the travel industry, starting to boom again
12:51 pm
nationwide, but here in the bay area, it's a bit of a different story. the deals being offered in san francisco to attract more visitors. county say they hd
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
hundreds of pounds of illegal fireworks ahead of the fourth of july holiday. investigators targeted conquered antioch, pittsburg and san pablo over the past few weeks, and they seized a total of £300 of illegal fireworks. authorities are reminding people that all fireworks are illegal in contra costa county, and that includes those so called safe and sane fireworks. and now the punishment is more serious than ever. there's a new ordinance that was just adopted by the board of supervisors. so if you're caught this year, fourth of july in possession of these, you also could be cited and arrested. people are being encouraged to watch professional shows this fourth
12:55 pm
of july instead of setting off those illegal fireworks on their own travel is picking back up across the country, but not necessarily here in the bay area as ktvu jana katsuyama reports bay area hotel occupancy is among the lowest in the nation.olden gate bridge, tourists stopped to take photos a welcome sight for hotels in the popular tourist area near gear. deli square. i just want to take advantage of the summer and enjoy traveling, and just they haven't done it because of covid in such a long time. it's nice to build to get back out here nationwide data from analytics firm costar showed that from june 6 to june 12th, the hotel occupancy rate was higher than 60% for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the san francisco go in san mateo area, though, are still around 49% so we definitely have occupancy available in our hotels right now. kevin carroll, ceo of the hotel council of san francisco, says one reason is that san francisco is a big destination
12:56 pm
for conventions and business meetings, which have been cancelled or went virtual due to the pandemic. that means many hotels are offering special deals already seen where there are deals deals and they're putting together packages for people. would come in and that's a result of supply and demand. hotels such as the hilton have discounted rooms under $200 without the heavy traffic of the convention business or the business travelers, which haven't quite started back yet. you can really get some deals in san francisco like never before, and that's providing a narrow window where visitors can get free parking discounts on attractions and other perks. we're just really happy that there is a lot more open than we thought. so yes, there were deals on the airline and the hotel. it was great at the argonaut hotel in fisherman's warf. they say they're seeing fewer international tourists. it's quite different these days. i was 50 to 60% of our hotel guests arrived by vehicle and so our packages reflect that. many of our packages include
12:57 pm
parking breakfast for the families. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news, san francisco giants and oakland a's fans going to this weekend's bay bridge series. we'll have another transit option. both the bay and golden gate ferries will resume service starting tomorrow to and from oracle park. passengers are required to wear masks and tickets must be purchased online. the giants are also giving away free tickets to fans who get covid vaccine starting tomorrow. anyone who gets vaccinated at one of its 15 select vaccination sites in the city will get two vouchers for select games between july and september. the free tickets are being given out on a first come, first served basis while supplies last. well, his pride month continues. president joe biden sent out a message of support to lgbt q young people. if you're a young person in the lgbtq community, and they're going through a tough time right now, i want you to know a few things first. i'm proud of
12:58 pm
you for being who you are being true to yourself. i want you to know you're not alone. your president has your back and lots of other people do as well. second thing i want you to know well, president biden and second gentleman dug em. hospitals recorded videos of encouragement for the it gets better project, the global nonprofit each year reaches mill. means of people and young people who are struggling. a bay area school will soon be renamed for an iconic 99 year old rosie the riveter park ranger in the west contra costa unified school district unanimously voted yesterday to rename elsa bronte's juan crispy middle school. betty reid soskin middle school vote came after an eight month process involving community meetings. soskin was chosen for her resilience and her contributions as an activist students in oakland's promise program were treated to a broadway performance during their virtual graduation ceremony. and i am not throwing away my shot. i am not throwing
12:59 pm
away my shuts. you want just suck my country. i'm young, scrappy and hungry, and i'm not throwing away my during last night's ceremony, students watch actor julius thomas, a third who might be best known for starring in the hit musical hamilton. the oakland promise program provides financial and advisory resources for oakland youth to help them prepare for college. regardless of where you and up or whatever you end up doing, just not like you will do great. can wait to see and hear about y'all like accomplishments about your projects. the oakland promise program was started in 2016 with the vision of providing access to higher education for every child in oakland. congratulations to all the graduates. absolutely congrats. well, thanks for watching ktvu fox two news at noon and of course, for the latest news and weather. just be sure to joan did download our ktvu app and we'll see you again at four. doctor. ross starts right now. e
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