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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  August 2, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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people can spread the virus to others. that is why everyone. that's where face coverings when in public indoor setting only nap in solano counties are not on board their adhering to current guidelines by the california public health and centers for disease control and prevention, which recommends wearing a mask but does not mandated solano county said in an email to ktvu quote, adding restrictions on businesses does not align with our data since the virus spread is predominantly happening at home and in private social settings, and not in businesses. those counties that are mandating it are not sick. any social distancing or capacity limits on businesses as they have in the past and are not restricting indoor dining or bars here at always waffle shop on park street in alameda, the owner is concerned with the new restrictions may do to restaurants. i'm just concerned that people are going to be afraid, you know to come out without, you know the mask or with the mask, but customers seem to be taking the mask mandate in stride. covid is up
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with the variants and it's really dangerous and we need to wake up and wear masks. against each other, whether vaccinated or not, health officials report covid case rates are higher than in june and that hospitalization rates are also soaring. they also say the vast majority of patients in the hospital with covid have not been vaccinated for the virus in contra costa county. we are alarmed at the rate at which covid patients are filling our community hospital debts. the number of patients in local hospitals due to covid have doubled in just the past 10 days and increased by more than 400% in the month of july. health officials say the best way to stop the spread is to get vaccinated, but until hospitalization rates drop significantly, the mask mandate will be in effect. people say they'll gladly follow the new rules. i'm all for it as long as we can stop the spread whatever it takes. no, he gave it to them, and we just. back from napa county public health. they're not part of the mask mandate. they say the mandates
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could be a disincentive for people to get vaccinated. so heather, there's clearly a lot of disagreement here. yeah there certainly is a rod a rod roth live force there in alameda. thank you. a new at five tonight. kaiser permanente, announcing this afternoon that it will make covid-19 vaccines mandatory for all of its employees as well as doctors. when we look at our current conditions with the delta variant in our current state of our hospitals, we are approaching 1/4 surge, and we believe that this is what we need to do to keep our employees our frontline workers safe. our patients safe and most importantly, also making sure that we're doing what we need to in the community to bring an end to this pandemic, kaiser says. by september 30th they expect more than 230,000 people who work for the health care system to be fully vaccinated. those who are not will be tested twice a week for covid, they say here in northern california, 78% of kaiser workers and 95% of positions are already fully vaccinated. the u. s. has
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reached a covid vaccination milestone. as of today, 70% of americans, 18 and older have now received at least one dose of the covid vaccine. the milestone was reached a month shy of the goal set by president biden. the white house says the seven day average have administered doses is now over 660 per day. that's the highest point it's been at since july. 4th vaccination rates have climbed in part due to the threat of the highly contagious delta variant. here in california. there's a wide gap between the number of medical enrollees who are vaccinated compared to the overall population, according to state data about 45% of adult medical enroll. these have received at least one dose. that's compared to about 70% of all eligible californians. there are big gaps in all 58 counties in the state. san francisco has the highest percentage of vaccinated medical enrollees with 65% but that's eclipse by
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its overall rate. of 84% experts say one major reason for this is that it's harder for low income people on medical to take time off from work, while the white house is sending its own message tonight about vaccinations. mhm. if you get sick with the delta variant, we estimate that you could infect about five other unvaccinated people. later in this newscast, see what's being done at the federal level to convince more people to roll up their sleeves for the vaccines and incredibly stubborn delta fire on bradford island continues to burn now with virtually no resistance from firefighters. some property has already been lost. ktvu tom vacar joining us now live from sherman island with a look back at the island that he just left a short time ago. tom. yeah, i just want to show you something here. what you're looking at? is bradford island out here in the delta, though there are several levied up
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islands island tracks that have in effect, no official fire protection whatsoever, and this is one of them. bradford island in east contra costa county, accessible only by ferry caught fire early monday morning and has been burning ever since. many of the 48 residents have been evacuated. the fact that the 2200 acre island which is used for wheat, farming, cattle grazing and natural gas extraction, is actually reclaimed peat moss makes it more complicated, so the levied up below sea level track burns even more doggedly, the normal farmland and it's going to require us to be able to flood the island to be able to fully extend it was this fire. this island is so remote and so hard to get to. we haven't seen one piece of official fire equipment here. the other problem is with the wind blowing constantly. this fire could last for hours and hours and hours. we have no idea how much damage has been done or will be done earlier on the eastern contra costa fire protection district sent one
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engine to the island by ferry with assistance from other county and state agencies, but they were not effective against the wind driven fire. leaving it up to those who stayed behind to protect their properties. no nothing at all. it's just us with a couple of water tanks. that's all we have. they could do a water drop and put out half the fire, but they're just choosing not to do for some reason. i'm not sure why. hopefully we can save the trailer in the house here in the property. we're gonna do the best we can. with what we got. the fact is, this is just one of several delta tracks that are not covered by any fire district and must rely on the willingness of other agencies charged with protecting their own jurisdiction. first to lend a hand if and when they can. it is an untenable situation that needs a solution sooner than later. already lost. i believe five homes, i think. now flooding this island to have an array of other complications, which will interfere with farm labor necessary to bring in the harvest, not to mention the
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harvests in the homes themselves. that is the situation in bradford island. it looks like this fire could continue for days. it's awfully windy out here as it is all the time. not far from here are giant windmills, and so that will aggravate the situation even further. reporting live. tom vacar ktvu fox two. now going to be a huge challenge to get this fire out, tom. thank you for the update. we'll cruise finding the dixie fire burning in view county are hopeful that they will wait for containment and just a few days on august 13th that is a week from friday. so far, though, that fire has burned close to 249,000 acres in his 35% contained. 45 structures have been destroyed in the fire more than 3100 or threatened. the fire broke out back on july 13th. the cause is still under investigation. firefighters are also making progress on the tamarack fire that lightning sparked fire broke out on the fourth of july along the california nevada border. at last check. containment had grown, though, to 82% nearly
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69,000 acres have burned here. and u. s forest service crews now have 84% containment on that big bootleg fire in southern oregon. that's up 10% from yesterday, but the fire is so big officials say it may not be fully contained until early october. now several 100,000 acres have burned since this fire was started by lightning nearly four weeks ago. new at five claims of racially charged statements being made after a car crash in mountain view have turned the case into a hate crime. investigation mountain view police officers say they've booked shamir simmons on suspicion of a hate crime threatening an officer. suspicion of driving under the influence as well as other charges. simmons is accused of making racially charged statements after getting into a crash on via street yesterday. he is also accused of leaving the seed after investigators caught up with him. they claim he threatened to kill one police officer's wife and children. well, a wild chase on
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bay area freeways ends when the suspects trying to carjack two vehicles on 6 80 contra costa county, the chp helicopter recorded this entire incident. get his henry lee joins us now live from our newsroom. the incredible video, henry. well heather, this driver has a history of fleeing from police. and during this latest chase, he went the wrong way several times, according to officers, but vallejo police and a chp helicopter. we're all over it. we're back on columbus approaching green about now. speeds of 90, a wild vallejo police chase caught on video from a chp helicopter. it began at about 9 30 saturday night. things soon got even more dangerous when the suspect began going westbound on the eastbound lanes of interstate 7 80. hey, sorry to this pursuits our wrong way again. extremely dangerous and you cringe the entire time, hoping that they don't hit somebody. chp officer sean bowyer's with the chp golden gate divisions air operations. fortunately our helicopter was in the area was able to see the suspect vehicle. go in the wrong way
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was able to follow it. the suspect continued south on 6 80 in past highway four into contra costa county, sparks began to fly. all right. looks like we're gonna be coming to a stop here. okay trying to turn around. he lost another tire. now the suspect ignored of vallejo police car and headed north in the south bound lanes of 6 80 back toward highway four. he came face to face with oncoming traffic. looks like they're trying to carjack a pickup truck. the pickup driver wasn't having it and took off. they try to carjack a second driver. the vallejo officers on the ground, intercepted them and arrested them. the suspects hopped out of the vehicle and attempted the two separate vehicles. luckily, the vallejo police department was close enough. were they able to detain both individuals? filenko police did cancel their pursuit a couple of times because the suspect went the wrong way. but the chp helicopter, the eye in the sky stayed overhead when a suspect goes the wrong way on the freeway. that doesn't mean they're going to get away, often one of our helicopters overhead or airplane. we'll just follow until they come to a stop and arrest him at the same point, the driver 28 year
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old scott barrett jr. is a parolee he and his passenger 30 year old serial atoms were arrested on a number of felony charges and warrants. now the suspect behind the wheels also arrested for driving without a license. he's being held without bail because of a parole violation reporting live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox studios. yeah, i'm in such a lengthy chase henry really glad that no other vehicles were involved here. absolutely yeah, there was a one woman who complain of pain. i think she was bumped by the suspect vehicle. thankfully she's okay. yeah at least nothing beyond that. alright. are henry lee reporting for us tonight, henry? thank you. the city of san francisco has a planet thinks will help prevent fatal overdoses. coming up who the city plans to target to try to ease the problem. also schools across the country getting new guidance on how to open safely as the delta variant continues to spread and barred rolls out of planet thinks will convince more people to start riding the trains again. we'll have details on the expanded service,
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and when i come back, we'll check in on that weather temperatures today. not too bad. they warmed up a few degrees like five degrees in some of those inland. spots fogs away from the coast ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details.
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every time nacho fries came back, that bold seasoning was drawing something closer. and once they taste that warm nacho cheese sauce... they won't stop till there's nothing left. taco bell's fry force. now serving at a taco bell near you. expanding, hoping to provide pre pandemic levels of service soon, ktvu james torres shows us the changes that went into effect today, bart is now doubling its service. it's great news for any part writer all around the bay area. that means more trains and less wait time. it's easier to take part back and to drive. the convenience of bark is about to be more convenient. starting
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today, more trains are now in service each running longer. that. means wherever you are going, you likely will not have to wait longer than 15 minutes for the next train, both for workers who work at restaurants, bars hotels who have those later night shifts. it's going to be a big help for them and for people who want to go out and have fun in the bay area, bart says its ridership and demand for service continues to rise that might slow down soon due to the growing threat of the covid-19 delta variant, even if there's going to be a little bit of a slowdown, we know the demand was there, you know, a month ago. so we're eager to do this. there's still people who are having to go to work every day. people like eric palmer today. today's the first day that i actually started taking it again. he's taken the train from lafayette to san francisco for work this morning. despite growing covid cases he feels comfortable to ride the transit. yeah i mean, i think just as long as everyone keeps mask wearing and you know, go after those vaccinations, according to bart, masks are required, and social distancing is encouraged when
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possible. there's also new technology on train cars to help slow the spread so air is being filtered out of each car every 70 seconds and then in the past several months, barge staff have replaced all of the air filters so they now filter out even smaller air particles. trains will now run until midnight monday to saturday service is still limited on sunday, though bart expects that to change by february, people have been ready for bart to stay open later and run more frequently. it took us some time. but we're ready today. i'm james torres ktvu. fox two news well san francisco's historic cable cars are back in service for the first time now in nearly a year and a half, alright. people cheered at the cable car turned around their panel of market street this morning as the first cars picked up passengers. san francisco near london breed celebrated along with tourists hopping on board one of the cable cars right now only the pal hide line is back open,
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which runs between union square and fisherman's warf and rides are free for the month of august. i love going down the hills going up the hills. just looking at the scenery. you get to see all the beautiful buildings. it's just all around. amazing experience, uni has been getting ready by checking all of the trains, hiring inspectors and re certifying operators, the paul mason in california lines are expected to presume service next month. okay checking on the weather. well, first of all, checking on the smoke out there. we've had smoked the last few morning showing up in sacramento. roosevelt places around chico as well in butte county. you can see the air quality, especially up here around red bluff. you see some of that what happens late at night is that smoke kind of gets chills and it sinks. it starts to move down these canyons feather river canyon into orville into chico. and then the same with the dixie fire or the tamarack fire, which has been doing that to sacramento. so there's the air quality pretty good in the bay area. you see all those grains across the country that
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the story is more of the same, which has been week after week of smoke transporting itself from up in this region in our region all the way across the country and you can see all those yellows that smoke from our fires. that's impressive stuff, and it's been going on now for a number of weeks. as you know, so it's definitely. not going to end anytime soon as those fires continue to burn aggressively beautiful out there right now. that's oakland. and you can see that the twin towers there. the federal buildings, um some cumulus car alto cumulus clouds their little bit of fog at the coast this morning but didn't stick around very long at all. and we had a beautiful day. we have greater quality in the bay area and as a matter of fact, for this time of year, the air quality is outstanding. right? normally you'd expect a bit of an inversion fog at the coast and then some. some haze. even some smoke from those five years, but just stunning air quality today as we head into tomorrow more of the same temperatures today did warm about five degrees or so. temperatures tomorrow are going to be about the same as they
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were today. so that means low to mid nineties in the warmest inland valleys. you can see where the fog is and where it's not when he's coming a little closer. well i've been pointing this out. this is all that some tropical moisture that's been. just day losing parts of the four corners region, tucson places in arizona. those guys are like two and 300 times their rainfall their normal rainfall amount for the last month with the rain that they've seen so very aggressive rain and lightning and thunder for them. we're getting a break in our mountains. finally we had a lot of lightning strikes up there the other day, along with some heavy rains as well and some possible. mud, mud flows and debris flows up around. um oh, gosh. up around the tamarack fire, and so right now, you see those clouds, most of those clouds are above the ground. most of those are not fog, and so the fog should return tonight, but not aggressively. there is the marine layer in terms of temperatures. you can see the greens, so you see, it's not pushing really far inland and that allowed these temperatures to really heat up. and so without in mind, we are running about 10 degrees warmer and
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liver more than we were last night. this time, eight degrees warmer concrete. so tomorrow a warm day. just like today. very similar fire. danger edges up. we're not in a red flag warning environment, but the fire danger just via it's warmer right. it's drier fire. danger clicks back up. and so we're back sort of in that zone where we start thinking about enforced. we have a fire that tom baker is on out there. i'm bethel island, and that's you know, a lot to do with the fact that we haven't had rain in a couple years. we've been the drought and also it's pretty warm temperatures in the mid nineties and humidities are just in the twenties. i'll see you back here a little bit with the five day forecast. thanks, bill. the return of indoor masking might be frustrating for some health officials say it is necessary coming up. we'll talk with the bay area doctor about the risks, the rising cases and the rush to get shots and then coming up tonight on the ktvu news at six o'clock, mcdonald's target and kohl's or just some of the latest big name companies to announce mask requirements once again what the new guidance means for employees and
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our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. a mask in public once again, they stressed that more people should get vaccinated as we have been reporting renewed mask mandates for everyone are now going into effect and all but two bay area counties bay area internal medicine physician dr ranjan missouri joins us now, once again with perspective on latest strategies to fight the virus. thank you so much doctor for being here. these new mandates we all know aimed at combating rising rates of infection. what kind of difference do you think they will really make? so heather? it's going to make a big difference. we know that it's been over 18 months of battling this pandemic and one of the main things that helped
5:24 pm
us decrease the rate of infection is masking an indoor masking, so we know it works. it's just that we now have to implement it once again. let's talk about the delta varied how much more can take. he just is it. it is very contagious. so from what we can understand right now, it's 10 times more contagious than the alpha variant, and the cdc is actually comparing it to smallpox, which is a big deal in itself. the things that i would like to point out, though, that it has increased viral load and also increased viral shedding. that means you don't need to be near a person who was infected for half as long as you know, as before to actually get infected yourself. so that's very important to remember. in terms of its you know how contagious it is. what about symptoms? doctor does it cause different covid-19 symptoms so you know we're still learning about this, but from what we're hearing the symptoms between unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals are slightly different when it
5:25 pm
comes to delta very in, um, in vaccinated people. you're getting more just the runny nose, the common cold like symptoms. and then, of course for the unvaccinated, you're getting all the symptoms as prior and they're just more severe ending up in the hospital and obviously dying. okay thanks for the clarification there while we are talking doctor about the need now to mask up once again, do we also need to break out the bleach wipes again? so how do i think that's a personal choice? um we know that covid is transmitted through respiratory secretions, but i will say this much in high traffic areas. it's all always recommended to clean the surfaces regularly. and sanitize them. well it seems like we're all kind of re evaluating right because for some of us, it seemed as though we were on the other side of this, and we might have let down our guard. just a bit. so what about invitations now to let's say events. people are planning weddings and other large gatherings. should we, in fact, go to events like that?
5:26 pm
right now? well, that's a tough question, because it's a personal decision that people are going to have to make. but i'll say this much. there is still a lot of unknown about covid out there were we learn new things every day. now. look at this delta variant. it's stone as for a loop, so i will say this much if we're more cautious in this stage, um, and the more caution that we heat in general when it comes to covid, i think the better and safer that will be and i think you can read in between the lines for that. okay, we all know, doctor that that you know, experts are saying the key to getting us out of this to getting this pandemic under control is vaccination. so how many people what percentage of americans need to be vaccinated for us to, in fact, get on the other side of this, so that's a question. i think that's you know, we don't really know the answer to any more. and i'll tell you why. because uh, the virus any virus it wants to maintain its longevity and covid is doing the exact same thing. it's mutating so that it's running ahead of us. we
5:27 pm
need to do whatever we can to decrease the spread. and right now, those two main things are getting vaccinated and the second thing is masking. um at first we thought maybe getting heard, you know, reaching a herd immunity of 80% will kind of bring it into this pandemic. i don't think we're going to see that. i think covid is something probably that's going to be around, probably for the rest of our lives, and it's going to turn into something like the flu where we're going to get vaccinated. of course, this is just, you know, hypothesis. we're still waiting to learn so much about it, but i think right now, the things that i would like to stress and i think that you know the two things that are very important for us to remember is if you are eligible to get vaccinated and you haven't been vaccinated yet. you need to get in line and you need to get your shot. and on top of that, you need to keep your mask on. all right, dr. ranjan missouri really appreciate it. thank you so much. thank you. heather, a new team hopes to reduce the number of overdose deaths in san francisco will break down how this will work coming up travelers starting to run into
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there is some sort of a police action involving the oakland police department that's happening along 5 80 right at high street. you can see from these live pictures there. cars drivers just stop there on the freeway, not going anywhere, and obviously you have some chp cars, maybe police cars that have the freeway fully blocked. we are being told this is a sig alert, so this is going to be a long term closure potentially of the freeway, and obviously, you can imagine traffic backing up in both directions here at high street along 5 80. this is all because of a police action that is taking place here working to obviously get more details on exactly what is unfolding, but this is an area avoid here during the evening commute on this monday night, traffic stopped at a full stop in both directions at interstate 5 80 in oakland, right at high street because of police activity will continue to gather more information and get you an update. as soon as we know more, we'll move on here and san francisco has launched a new street overdose response team. okay to his
5:32 pm
christian captain tells us this is in response to the rising number of deadly overdoses on city streets. which last year topped more than 700. that's more than those who died with covid. san francisco. police regularly patrol the city's streets. but now teams looking to prevent overdose deaths will be joining them. the number of overdose deaths in the homeless community has doubled in the last year, according to the mayor's office. those on the streets near u. n plaza say they know getting high can be dangerous, even deadly. and whenever you're getting high with somebody assuming you're with somebody, which is probably the better way to do it anyway. you don't know if that person is going to be overdosing. and if they don't have like that, on our count or whatever. then they just take back your bad news. you know what i mean? i heard. thank you, sir. now the city is rolling out a new street overdose response team made up of firefighter, paramedics and public health workers, paramedic michael mason says one of the best predictors for someone who may have a deadly overdose is someone who survives an overdose. but not only are we responding directly
5:33 pm
to folks that have survived a non lethal overdose, just the act of finding out who they are. you're adding them to a high risk registry. they're being flagged for follow up care. the aim for follow up care is preventing another possibly fatal overdose. healthcare experts say the shock of a near deadly overdose may provide a unique opportunity to reach someone in crisis. the aim is basically to meet people where they are immediately after an overdose to try to engage him into care, try to start them on medications to help with their treatment and to help to save their life. the street overdose response teams are part of a broader $13.2 million effort aimed at trying to reduce fatal overdoses on the streets of san francisco, an effort that includes more treatment centers, more treatment programs and the distribution of opioid inhibitors like this one, which, if administered in time, can prevent a fatal overdose in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. the vaccines are working. that's the message from the white house amid a
5:34 pm
rise in covid cases, all tied to the more contagious delta variant. today, the u. s finally hit the milestone that president biden set for the fourth of july. 70% of adults now have received at least one dose of a covid vaccine. our political reporter greg lee, joining us live now from the newsroom with more on the progress the country is making in terms of vaccines, greg yeah, looks good evening, the cdc reports a 44% increase in cases from last week. but in a sign of progress, there has been about a 70% increase over the last few weeks in the average number of new people getting vaccinated. while we desperately want to be done with this pandemic, covid-19 is clearly not done with us. as coronavirus cases surge across the country. the white house covid-19 response team continue to point to the efficacy of vaccines even against the delta variant. more cases seem to be driving more shots and arms, especially in southern states hardest hit by new infections. in the last seven days alone,
5:35 pm
three million americans have gotten their first shot. that's the highest seven day total since july, 4th. and just today we hit 70% of adults with at least one shot. that's a gold president biden hope to hit back on july 4th. the team reiterated biden's new vaccination rules for federal workers and contractors and applauded local governments and members of the private sector. doing the same. the cdc's recommendations have led to several states and counties reinstating masking recommendations and mandates in public indoor settings, regardless of vaccination status. this in response to new data about how much more contagious dealt it is even amongst fully vaccinated people if you get sick with the alpha variant you could infect about two other unvaccinated people. if you get sick with the delta variant, we estimate that you could. in fact, about five other unvaccinated people. however cdc director dr rochelle walensky again called this pandemic of the
5:36 pm
unvaccinated, dr anthony fauci said. vaccines are doing what they're supposed to do. protecting people from serious disease and death and breakthrough cases. rare as of july 26. the cdc received 6500 reports of breakthrough infections that resulted in hospitalization or death. among 163 fully vaccinated million people. that is a percentage of 0.0 or less. the task force said. it's working with states, especially those with low vaccination rates to remove any barriers, even offering vaccines at schools. and while progress has been made, the experts acknowledge there's much more work to do. are still about 90 million eligible americans who are unvaccinated. and we need them to do their part. roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated. now more signs of progress, one of those southern hotspots, louisiana
5:37 pm
has seen a 302% increase in the average number of newly vaccinated people per day. that's a trend experts would like to keep seeing. live in the newsroom. craig lee ktvu, fox two news. all right, greg, thank you. the department of education is hoping a new returned to school road map will help schools to reopen safely this fall. it unveiled the new guidelines today asking schools to request that students mask up. the cdc director understands. not everyone likes that plan. hopefully, as we have vaccinations for kids and less disease in the community will be able to room to scale back on the mask wearing several states, including texas, iowa and south carolina, have laws banning schools from requiring masks, contra costa county, says the 136 jail inmates and staff have now tested positive for the coronavirus, including three new cases today, they say inmates and staff are isolating and receiving appropriate care. detainees are isolating and
5:38 pm
designated areas of the martinez detention facility and the west county detention facility in richmond. they say no inmates have required hospital care all staff working in county jail facilities are tested for covid 19 records early today, britain opened its borders to travelers from the u. s and the european union. people who are fully vaccinated can entered the country without self isolating for 10 days. british airline companies and its tourist industry are hoping for a late summer travel boom. traveller said london's gatwick airport were clearly excited about the new rules. finally the restrictions are open so i can come. it's less complicated. i just need to get like a b to test being putting. vaccinated um and i'm going to visit a friend's or just good to find. you know, people that we haven't seen been in a long time since a very excited almost 89% of adults in britain have received at least one dose of vaccine and 73% have been
5:39 pm
fully vaccinated. i knew at five tonight. san jose police hope releasing new surveillance video will help them solve a 2018 homicide case. i want to show you now some video from misty glencore shows a car believed to be tied to that june. 2000 and 18 killing. investigators say that a heavyset man drive. this lexus shot and killed the victim, con blue outside of a home. the gunman and two other men then fled in the black s 3 50 sedan. witnesses told us at the time that the victim was married with three children. police have not released any suspect suspected motive. in this case, the california republican party may endorse a candidate this week in the upcoming recall election of governor newsom. reports say the top contenders for that endorsement or larry elder, kevin faulkner, kevin kiley, or doug oc, delegates of the california gop will take a virtual vote this coming saturday, august 7th once the party makes a decision that candidate would get support in the form of party money, as
5:40 pm
well as other resources, and ktvu is presenting a debate on wednesday, with some of the candidates hoping to replace governor newsom in the special recall election later this year. you can watch it live on channel two between six and 7 30, the southern california man has now been arrested in connection with the january 6th capital. riot prosecutors say that glen allen brooks of huntington beach, texted a picture of himself to members of his church group and one of those members, then contacted the fbi. in the photo brooks can be seen among the mob with a white beard and a red jacket, officials say the 61 year old entered the capitol building by climbing through a broken window. brooks was accused of unlawful entry and disorderly conduct on restricted grounds in a criminal complaint that was filed back on july 27th more air travel, bringing back some familiar problems for travelers coming up the pain that comes along with reopening, plus, they hope to save their school. what graduates of mills
5:41 pm
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taco bell's fry force. now serving at a taco bell near you. flights, and that's creating problems at airports, a combination of the big grounds and summer thunderstorms are causing delays. thousands of flights were delayed across the country over the weekend, the u. s said. another pandemic era record for travel on sunday with more than 2.2 million people going through airport checkpoints. well the senate is beginning work on a nearly $1 trillion infrastructure bill, which took a small bipartisan group several months to come up with as fox as lauren blanchard explains, democratic leadership wants to move to a vote quickly, but republicans want to take it slow. let's start voting on amendments, the longer it takes to finish the bill, the longer will be here. senate leader chuck schumer wants a vote and soon on the nearly $1 trillion bipartisan
5:44 pm
infrastructure bill unveiled over the weekend. the bill the result of months of bipartisan negotiations. republican leader mitch mcconnell wants a robust amendment process in the senate, calling the bill a jumping off point. democrats want the bill passed as soon as possible. full consideration of this bill must not be choked off by any artificial timetable that our democratic colleagues may have penciled out for political purposes. democrats want the infrastructure bill on the president's desk sooner than later because they want to move on to another massive 3.5 trillion bill that will cover party priorities left out of the bipartisan bill, republican leadership says democrats are rushing the infrastructure bill. in order to get what leader mcconnell calls a socialist shopping list. the majority leader leader is eager to get through this legislation onto the democrats. next piece of what is partisan legislation and that's a $3.5 trillion tax
5:45 pm
and spending spree. but that's not a good reason. mr president for rushing this infrastructure bill through the senate, the next bill will be passed through reconciliation, meaning democrats will be able to pass it with a simple majority. we all have to try to get everyone of the 50 democrats on board, which is no small feat. but we did it in the american rescue plan, and i predict we're gonna do it here. leader. schumer says he wants the bill ready for a full senate vote before senators leave for recess next week in washington. lauren blanchard fox news. graduates of mills college held a rally today outside alameda county superior court in an effort to keep that school open came mills college sing mills college, your eyes, the mills college alumni association filed a motion last week it asked a judge to order college administrators to turn over thousands of pages of financial documents. about the colleges pending merger with
5:46 pm
northeastern university, the alumni association says it's demanding transparency from its elected trustees. they have asked for simple things like a list of assets or conversations that have been taken with other partners, and they've been consistently denied. we wonder what they are hiding and why we are only asking for truth and transparency and to have our seat back at that table to which these alemany trustees deserve earned. and have that motion also asked the court to order the college not to take any action toward the merger with northeastern for 60 days, diplomatic standoff at the olympics as a sprinter says she fears for her safety inside her own country also see how lightning splits a large tree in big bear, and we're back here right after the break. we've got the weather forecasts that includes a little bit of a warm up that a bit of a cool down the pattern that's going down the pattern that's going to change the next few.
5:47 pm
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but it will help you and your family stay safe olympian ever to win a medal queen wearing the red jersey with the number five on it will take home at least silver after canada beat the us in the semifinals today, canada will face off against sweden on friday for the gold medal laurel hubbard of new zealand also made olympics history earlier today, becoming the first transgender athlete to compete in weightlifting. well another big headline from the olympic games today. foxes benjamin hall tells us superstar gymnast simone. biles will try to win one more meadow in tokyo this week. simone biles will have one more chance to win gold at the tokyo olympics. the gymnast will compete in the balance beam final on tuesday, one week after withdrawing from the team competition to focus on her mental health. her comeback will be a big boost to team usa as she won bronze in the event at the rio olympics. she's kind of like a mentor and like a
5:50 pm
bigger sister, so she really helps me out when i'm struggling. meanwhile a diplomatic standoff continues to unfold at the olympic games. polish officials say they have granted a humanitarian visa to a sprinter from belarus. 24 year old christina timon of sky up. she defected after accusing team officials are forcing her to fly home from tokyo and said she feared for her safety. she's at the polish embassy safe any minute. quite good condition, although the whole situation of course, um how to quite negative footprint on her. the standoff began after the olympian criticized team management for putting her on a relay with short notice. team representatives then reportedly rushed her off to the airport to board a flight to istanbul. but instead she sought protection from japanese police. belarus sports officials insist she was sent home due to her quote, emotional and psychological state. good! we have known her for a long time.
5:51 pm
there was something strange in her behavior. she was getting away. sometimes sometimes she didn't want to talk. the sprinter plans to leave for poland in the coming days where officials say she's welcome to continue her sport in london. benjamin hall, fox news now to southern california, where some amazing video shows the aftermath of a lightning strike up near big bear, the bolt hit a jeffrey pine tree officials believe the tree and the san bernardino national force was at least 200 years old, and you can see it doesn't take long before it becomes engulfed in flames, and then within minutes, it splits right in half. firefighters continue to battle deadly wild fires that are raging across parts of turkey for the sixth straight day, seven wildfires are burning through forests near the country's beach destinations. yesterday the european union announced it will be sending water carrying planes to join in the containment efforts there. fires are being fanned by scorching temperatures up above 100 degrees, strong winds
5:52 pm
and low humidity. at least eight people have died in the fires, which started earlier this week. all right back now to that breaking news that we told you about just a short time ago, and unfortunately, there is no good news here to report because traffic right now in oakland on 5 80 at high street remains at a stop. these are live pictures now coming to us from sky foxx, not an ideal time to be traveling on the interstate. traffic in both directions. shut down. this is all due to some sort of police activity so again if you are in the east bay try to avoid interstate 5 80, because right now, as you can see here in these live pictures, 5 80 at high street traffic in both directions at a stop, and as we zoom in, you can see at least one vehicle trying to back up a driver frustrated by what's taking place here trying to back up and get off the freeway. obviously there really is not an alternative here. you've got to feel for those folks who are stuck in this but again, this is due to police activity will
5:53 pm
continue to monitor the situation and bring you any updates. yeah whenever you see the doors open on the cars in the their their time they're settling in for the long haul. we've had a nice advantage, advantageous weather pattern around here the last few weeks, and it says hi in this low in close proximity, you'll see it coming up here, but. is low in this high that the low is keeping the high from dominating the pattern for us right on the in the bay area, and so what that does is, it gives us sort of a milder pattern, and we might normally see if that high were allowed to push our direction. so ahead this week. it's kind of minor changes as this low keeps this high, uh, at bay if you will. now, of course, out in the desert southwest, they're getting hammered with heat in montana and idaho as well because that high is right over the top of them. beautiful air quality. i mean, you can see it when you look out there right now that that air quality is almost looks like early spring, you know, after a rain or something, so we've had that
5:54 pm
that low is responsible for a high percentage of this air quality. right? and so is that air goes on shore more abruptly or more briskly. then you get that nice air and that's what we're seeing now, and that's what we will see for the foreseeable days as you look at the five day forecast going to continue in this pattern, which makes me happy it the fire danger is always high, and it's going to stay high. but it's not as high as it could be, or would normally be. so let's keep that in mind. um there's no fog at the coast yet, but there should be back again tonight. that low also lifts them or inversion and the fog just goes away. you need a big high if that high was positioned more over the top of us that that high pressure would create, the inversion would really cinch it and there'd be fog up and down the coast. so that big l. that's the reason this weather is sort of the way it is, and you can see they've got this little bit of a sea breeze. not a lot, though it was warmer today inland. is that high? pushed a little further our way. nudge the low a little further that way, and you can see 90 in concord right now. 88 walnut creek. those temperatures are running above where they were
5:55 pm
last night. at this time, temperatures are winds. pardon me generally about where they should be. um uh, 23 at sfo, which is to be expected. 12 santos, a the fog forecast for tomorrow morning comes back to the coast and you see, not all nine bay area counties have fog. they'll be fogged, but it's not like it has been. we've been seeing that big footprint. so tomorrow morning. right was tomorrow small tuesday. yeah, tomorrow's tuesday and then you see this the warm up and temperatures in the inland valley stay hot, but we still keep our nice little cool bite of marine air as we go along through the day tomorrow, temperatures will get into low nineties in some places. so like 95 nanny out, that's a little more than a loan ideas in fairfield, 95 90 to morgan hill again. we're very fortunate. you know, i showed you off the top of this. the weather segment earlier, the first segment, i showed you the air quality across the country, and i mean they got they got heck, heather. they got smoke from our wildfires in texas and in new orleans and, uh in new
5:56 pm
hampshire, so we for having so many fires around, we've had really, really good air quality in the bay area. been fortunate. thank you. bill. appreciate it. all right, coming up on ktvu news at six. a preliminary hearing was held today in the murder case of a cow polly student who disappeared 25 years ago. we'll tell you about the emotional testimony also kind controversy as several school districts try to meet a new state requirement to offer online learnin way for f
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
roses parade over the weekend. several floats were given a test run in the city of erwin deal and the san gabriel valley. now fiesta parade floats, which designs and constructs the floats
5:59 pm
constructs the floats offer parade officials a chance to check out each of its designs. it was a big day for the company that had to lay off about 30 employees during the pandemic. the ceo says more than half of his staff is now back at work. last year's parade was cancelled due to the pandemic. this is katie fox two news at six. and we begin tonight with breaking news we're following in oakland, where interstate 5 80 is shut down in both directions. good evening, everyone. i'm alex seven, and i'm heather holmes. frank and julie are off tonight. the cause of this closure appears to be police activity on an over crossing when he gives you now a live picture of the situation from sky fox. you were looking at 5 80 in oakland, near high street, and as you can see the closure in both directions is creating a massive backup tonight. cars are at an absolute standstill in both the east band and westbound directions, and they have been for quite some time. now both oakland police and the chp are here on the scene. we
6:00 pm
are continuing to monitor the situation and the traffic impact, which will be long lasting again. this is monday evening, commute time and you have got traffic in both. actions on 5 80 completely stopped. you can follow us on twitter and ktvu .com for developments on this major traffic tie up on 5 80 in oakland. all right, now we turn to the latest on the coronavirus and in just six hours a new indoor mask mandate goes into effect for most of the bay area, and health officials emphasized the action is an effort to avoid reimposing business closures and other restrictions. we're trying to maximize utilization of masking endorsed to provide this added layer of protection without closing any business activities imposing capacity limits or shutting down any activities. well the new order takes effect at 12 01. tonight it was announced today by health off


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