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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 2, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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millions of people across the bay area will once again be under an indoor mask mandate, regardless of vaccination status. when i first got the vaccine, i thought i wouldn't have to wear a mask ever again. i always have a mask around me, so i think it's not too much of a change. i hope that the latest mandate will not really greatly impact. you know the
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our daily business. mixed reaction to the new mandate that comes less than two months after california fully reopened and removed all covid restrictions. good evening, everyone. i'm alex savage and i'm have their homes frank and julie are off tonight. the mandate takes effect at 12 01 tomorrow morning in seven bay area counties. napa and solano are the only ones that did not opt into this new health order. getty em. agus joins us now live from walnut creek with how people and businesses are responding tonight, emma. heather people have shared a mix of anger, frustration and annoyance over the new mask mandate, particularly when it comes to indoor exercise. and when i first got the vaccine, i thought i wouldn't have to worry mask ever again. but now it's back. i guess it's just no well vaccinated or not, masks are coming back on the virus has changed. we now know that even vaccinated people who are infected with the delta variant can transmit it to other people
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at sonoma. fit a gym and nevado, the owner worries about mask backlash. it's tough for us to be the masked police. it's really annoying to have on the mandate will allow a person to remove their mask briefly to complete a gym activity if the mask causes breathing difficulties, this woman said, with masks required, she'll stop going to her gym. i've been vaccinated. i've done my part. i feel like this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated and i'm want people to be accountable, and i would rather not have to mask too. mara. i'm angry about it, actually, um, because people won't step up and do the right thing. the salon owner says nothing changes at her salon. employees and customers have kept their masks on even after restrictions were lifted. i think my client should be wearing masks, a matter of fact, i will be supplying in 95, so make sure i'm protected and my employees are protected some bay area residents never parted with their masks, even after june 15th and are glad to see the mask mandate return with
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some people choosing not to get. vaccinated i think it's really important that we, you know, continue to wear it and show others that it's written to, um state mass and get vaccinated. health officers are clear that the mask mandate does not restrict indoor dining or any specific activity and say it adds another level of protection, especially to protect children ineligible for the vaccine and people who are immuno compromised. heather obviously, we are not in a place that many of us suspected we would be in this far into the pandemic. but here we are. emma goes. thank you. facebook is now requiring its employees across the us to wear masks when they're at the company's facilities. it's mask requirement is for all facebook employees, regardless of their vaccination status. and that requirement takes effect tomorrow. more companies are pushing their workers hard to get vaccinated today, kaiser permanente announced it will require it's employees and physicians to get the shot as cases continue to surge. ktvu
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is azenith smith joining us live tonight from san jose and azenith smith. isar employs some 230,000 people. yes and health experts say that similar vaccine policies will likely become more common as vaccines are the most effective way to protect people here at kaiser. they're encouraging businesses, industry leaders and health care systems to also get people vaccinated to make sure that they end the pandemic. kaiser permanente. the nation's largest nonprofit healthcare organization, is now requiring all staff to be vaccinated. this is the next step in fighting the pandemic when we look at our current conditions with the delta variant and our current state of our hospitals, we are approaching 1/4 surge nearly 78% of kaiser permanente employees and 95% of medical group positions are fully vaccinated. and while those numbers are high, kaiser wants its entire workforce vaccinated by september. 30th majority of
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our nurses have been vaccinated and for those of our nurses to have religious reasons or medical reasons that accommodation is in place. the move comes as new data from the cdc shows in long term care facilities. 46% of nursing aides and 57% of nurses are fully vaccinated compared to 75% of physicians to me. that's a no brainer. the idea that a patient would go into a hospital and there'll be some chance they would get infected from their nurse or from their doctor is unconscionable. dr bob wachter from ucsf says vaccination rates in the country need to be hired to get out of the pandemic. education and incentives aren't working. i think vaccine mandates are going to become more and more common as it takes less courage for a political and a business leader to enact it. employers including disney, facebook, google and wal mart, all man dating many employees to be
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vaccinated, as well as federal and state government employees. if we can get everyone vaccinated, we can be out of this in a matter of weeks. and kids can go to school and you know, parents can send their kids to school with compass with the school year approaching, sen was a unified as requiring all staff to be vaccinated or be subjected to frequent testing. state senator josh becker is pushing all school districts in the state to do the same. if we lose more time if we lose another year that's on us. well back here at kaiser starting on august 23rd unvaccinated employees must undergo testing twice a week. kaiser says they're working with the labor groups and again, those unvaccinated folks can get a medical or religious exemption. alex the vaccine requirements just keep coming. ktvu azenith smith live force tonight in san jose as it thank you. equinox and soul cycle spin studios will require proof of vaccination for customers
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and employees. this mandate will take effect in new york city in early september, and from there it will eventually cover all of the chains locations around the world equal says it will quote, work with customers and employees who have not taken the vaccine for medical or religious reasons. the company says an internal survey shows 96% of members and 89% of employees are already vaccinated bar today expanded service to near pre pandemic levels. that means wait times for trains have now been cut in half and trains are now scheduled to run every 15 minutes. most of the time mask are required in social distancing is encouraged when possible, bart says there is also new technology on train cars to help keep riders healthy and help prevent coronavirus trans. mission here is being filtered out of each car every 70 seconds and then in the past several months, barge staff have replaced all of the air filters so they now filter out even smaller air
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particles. morris says its ridership and demand for service continue to rise, though that could change due to the growing threat at the delta variant, but the transit agency says trains will be there because they know there is demand today. the white house announced 70% of adults in the u. s have received at least one shot of the covid vaccine. president biden had hoped to reach that goal by july. 4th as our political reporter greg lee tells us even though cases are increasing, so our vaccinations. while we desperately want to be done with this pandemic, covid-19 is clearly not done with us as coronavirus cases surge across the country. the white house covid-19 response team continue to point to the efficacy of vaccines even against the delta variant. more cases seem to be driving more shots and arms, especially in southern states hardest hit by new infections. in the last seven days alone, three million americans have gotten their first shot. that's the highest seven day total since july, 4th.
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and just today we hit 70% of adults with at least one shot. that's a gold president biden hope to hit back on july 4th. the team reiterated biden's new vaccination rules for federal workers and contractors and applauded local governments and members of the private sector. doing the same. the cdc's recommendations have led to several states and counties reinstating masking recommendations and mandates in public indoor settings, regardless of vaccination status. this in response to new data about how much more contagious dealt it is even amongst fully vaccinated people. if you get sick with the alpha variant you could infect about two other unvaccinated people. if you get sick with the delta variant, we estimate that you could. in fact, about five other unvaccinated people. however cdc director dr rochelle walensky again called this pandemic of the unvaccinated, dr anthony fauci said. vaccines are doing what they're supposed to do. protecting people from serious
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disease and death and breakthrough cases. rare as of july, 26. the cdc received 6500 reports of breakthrough infections that resulted in hospitalization or death. among 163 fully vaccinated million people. that is a percentage of 0.0 or less. the task force said. it's working with states, especially those with low vaccination rates to remove any barriers, even offering vaccines at schools. and while progress has been made, the experts acknowledge there's much more work to do. there are still about 90 million eligible americans who are unvaccinated. and we need them to do their part. roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated. greg lee ktvu fox two news today, senator lindsey graham confirmed that he has tested positive for covid 19. he tweeted that announcement earlier today,
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saying he started having flu like symptoms saturday night and then went to the doctor this morning. he also wrote that he is glad he is vaccinated because he is certain that the symptoms would be far worse if he hadn't been the senator from south carolina will now be quarantining. for 10 days, the cdc has renewed emergency powers that band families and single adults from seeking asylum at the southern border to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the value and other advocacy groups have been pushing the biden administration to lift the ban, but the department of homeland security said it will continue to enforce it. the ban does not apply to unaccompanied children. more news on the coronavirus tonight at 10 30, the city in the north bay that could end its outdoor dining program is even as cases search and a pretty mild weather pattern around the bay area. fog is just returned to the coast. that's going to be a player tomorrow. we'll talk about the temperatures you can expect as the week moves on, plus a d u i arrest leads to
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accusations of a hate crime and threatening a police officer after the break tonight, we hear from the suspect who says all of this was a misunderstanding. also, we're following some developing news tonight from the east bay where police have shut down eastbound highway four in antioch for a shooting investigation will tell you what we'r
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authorities have shut down a portion of highway four and antioch police say it's because of a shooting investigation. these are live pictures were getting from antioch at the eastbound on ramp to highway four from contra loma boulevard. at this point, the chp isn't saying if anyone was wounded in the shooting, or whether any arrests have been made, but there were reports of a crashed in this area. the chp shut down the eastbound lanes between summers, ville road and hillcrest avenue at about 7 40 tonight. antioch police tell us there's no word on when the lane to the freeway will reopen. will of course, bring you the very latest on this investigation as we learn more. a man has been arrested after police say he was driving under the influence crashed his car and made racially charged statements at the other people involved. he now faces hate crime charges. gate museum. burly joins us now live from the mountain view. police department and amber. you spoke
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with that suspect tonight, heather. the man tells me he spent. more than 16 hours in jail before being released on his own recognizance early this morning, he says the charges he's facing, including hate crime are unfounded. from yes, yeah, shamir simmons says. mountain view police officers handcuffed him sunday around noon, he's accused of driving under the influence, hit and run battery and a hate crime following a collision with a couple in a van simmons suspects the situation escalated because he was rude towards response. officers they looked like a swat team was here just for supposedly an accident report. simmons says the accident happened at the corner of villa street and chiquita avenue. he says he was backing into a parking space when he struck a van that it pulled up behind him. the driver he looked at his vehicle. i looked at my vehicle i said, i'm so sorry. i don't see any damage on your vehicle. can i give you some money for the inconvenience? just so my
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insurance doesn't spike simmons says there may have been a language barrier with the hispanic couple in the van. but police say that driver called and reported a different scenario. quote according to the color the other driver involved in the collision have become agitated and after the collision physically assaulted both him and his wife, who was a passenger in the vehicle. the caller's stayed at the other driver had also made racially charged statements at them before running away from the scene on foot. i did not put my hands on him in any way. um i didn't threaten him, and i didn't say anything racially to their simmons says he walked to his home. nearby and was confronted by police as he was returning to the scene. police released this mug shot, saying quote simmons threatened to kill our officers, wife and children. as a result, he was also subsequently also arrested on suspicion of threatening an officer. i was very nervous, so did i threaten officer? no i did not a neighbor who did not see what happened. defended simmons. he is somebody that is
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a role model for the people that live in our area. simmons says he worked for the man. review wissmann school district for more than 11 years. he's a supervisor with at risk kids at theory, cough elementary 75% of them is of the latin community. so to put that label on me, it's very disheartening. i'm going to have, simmons tells me he's worried about losing. his job is scheduled to be in court. september 30th. have also reached out to the couple in the van through the mountain view police department but have not heard back heather amberleigh reporting live for us tonight, there in mountain view, amber. thank you. san jose. police meantime, hope that newly released surveillance video will help them saw the homicide case from a few years ago. i want to show you now the video that was taken at misty glen court on june 21st 2018, and as you can see, there is a car believed to be tied to the murder of a husband and father of three. here, investigators say a heavyset man driving this lexus
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shot and killed the victim, kwan lew, outside of a home, the gunman and two other men left in the black es 3 50 sedan. police have not released any suspected motive. in this case. we're learning more tonight about the four people who died in a helicopter crash in colusa county yesterday afternoon. this happened around 1 15 in a field near highway 45, right by the sacramento river. 67 year old bill van and his wife, susie, are among the four victims. the couple was from williams, where bill was a prominent almond farmer. 62 year old bobby keaton, also from williams and 71 year old charles wilson from rockland, also died in that crash, the faa and the ntsb are both investigating already checking out our weather. we had a pretty nice day today. last couple days have been okay temperatures warmed up a few degrees inland. today, the main weather players right now is that big low behind me. see that big. it's on that side that big blue blue, though this guy is hanging out, and it's
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enough, it's not. it's not making it cold around here. but it's enough that's keeping the coastal onshore flow going. it's keeping the air quality really nice is keeping temperatures down, is keeping fire danger slightly away in this pattern is going to be with us for a while. so with that said, we go looking at smoke. you can see the smoke in yellows represented by the air quality in these areas, so just coming down into sacramento now the air quality at night has been getting bad because the smoke runs off the american river and kind of runs down in and same with off the dixie fire, and we look across the country, which is the bigger story where smoke is basically infiltrated. almost all of the contiguous states at some point, except maybe, well know, almost all of them have some smoking them now, but you can see the path of this smoke. so all those yellows up there. so with that, said the air quality's been great right temperatures have been really pleasant. we haven't been talking a lot about a lot of big fires. a lot of, you know, red flag warnings or spare the air days in that pattern. that big low i showed you is the main reason why 82
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degrees today in santa rosa 92, indiana, jack, that was the hot spot temperatures tomorrow. a lot like these. i think we might see a couple mid nineties nineties 93 in some places, but it's going to be a pretty nice day again tomorrow as the fog as you see here returns the coastline. it went away. today we had plenty of sunshine coast site today. you probably saw that and the sunset was happening out in the sunset, but the fog's back now we'll have the complete forecast for your neighborhood when i see in just a few minutes. okay looking forward to it. thanks, bill. simone biles will have one more chance to win gold at the tokyo olympics. the gym, nist will compete in the balance beam final one week after withdrawing from the team competition to focus on her mental health. meantime a diplomatic standoff continues to unfold at the olympic games, paul officials say they've granted a humanitarian visa to a 24 year old sprinter from belarus. she defected after accusing team officials are forcing her to fly home from tokyo and said she feared for her safety at the polish
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embassy safe and in quite good condition, although the whole situation of course how to quite negative footprint on her. the standoff began after the olympian criticized team management for putting her on a relay with short notice. dame representatives then reportedly rushed her off to the airport to board a flight to istanbul. but instead she sought protection from the japanese police. belarus sports officials insist that she was sent home due to her quote, emotional and psychological state still to come tonight, there will be a lot of changes for students this upcoming school year and not just masks and social distancing at 10 30 tonight. and the controversial education programs some bay area districts will use for students who decide to learn remotely at first, though, in two minutes a man leads authorities on a dangerous chase through valeo and several the area freeways and the chp helicopter caught i of wild polio
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of the suspects drove through the city at times on the wro rog to contra costa county to people there. authorities say they had to call this chase off several times because it got just too dangerous. however the chp helicopter was following the suspect the entire time and as our crime reporter henry lee tells us tonight, authorities say this driver has a history of fleeing from police. we're back on columbus approaching greenmount now speeds of 90, a wild vallejo police chase caught on video from a chp helicopter. it began at about 9 30 saturday night. things soon got even more dangerous when the suspect began going westbound at the eastbound lanes of interstate 7 80 started to this pursuits now wrong way again extremely dangerous. and you cringe the entire time, hoping that they don't hit somebody. chp officer sean bouquets with the chp golden gate divisions. air
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operations. fortunately our helicopter was in the area was able to see the suspect vehicle. go in the wrong way was able to follow it. the suspect continued south on 6 80 in past highway four into contra costa county, sparks began to fly. all right. looks like we're gonna be coming to a stop here. okay, trying to turn around. he lost another tire. now the suspect ignore the vallejo police car and headed north in the south bound lanes of 6 80 back toward highway four. he came face to face with oncoming traffic. looks like they're trying to carjack a pickup truck. the pickup driver wasn't having it and took off. they try to carjack, a second driver of vallejo, officers on the ground, intercepted them and arrested them. the suspects hopped out of the vehicle and attempted to carjack two separate vehicles. luckily, the vallejo police department was close enough with able to detain both individuals. filipino police did cancel their pursuit a couple of times because the suspect went the wrong way. but the chp helicopter, the eye in the sky stayed overhead when a suspect goes the wrong way on the freeway. that doesn't mean they're going to get away, often. one of our helicopters overhead or airplane. what does
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follow until they come to a stop and arrest him for safe point. the driver 28 year old scott babbitt, junior is a parolee he and his passenger 30 year old serial atoms were arrested on a number of felony charges and warrants. the suspect behind the wheel was also arrested for driving without a license. he's being held without bail because of a parole violation. henry lee ktvu fox studios homicide investigation is underway in san francisco's soma neighborhood tonight after a man admitted to police he had stabbed someone say 30 year old ryan suva walked into the richmond police station on saturday morning and told police about the crime. he told police he'd stabbed the victim inside an apartment o block of folsom street officers, then went to the crime scene to find a 76 year old man who had been stabbed to death. suva was arrested on murder charges were coming up tonight, a controversial remote learning program why some bay area school districts will outsource online learning and why some teachers say it is not the best
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option also ahead, travel bouncing back from the pandemic, with millions of people flying once again the different problems, though, that some airlines are now facing and coming up later tonight, a cat halts play between the orioles and the yankees sports director mark ibanez has the details in tonight's check this out. also the most profitable company in the world is from right here in you know when you're at ross and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like... yes! that's yes for less! you've got this school year, and we've got you with the best bargains ever at ross. get your yes for less at our new store in east san mateo.
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you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. program and acted to help local businesses during the pandemic. the temporary ordinance was adopted in june of 2020. it allowed restaurants and other businesses to set up tables and serve customers outside at a time when indoor activities were not allowed. the city also
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waived permits and fees as businesses reopen indoors. the city says the need for this ordinance has come to an end. it does take away a few parking places, but but more people are enjoying the eating outdoors than it would have parked there. so i think i think i think they're going to stay. people wants to eat outside. they feel comfortable. they feel safer and hopefully these things you know is going to continue. now if the ordinance is repealed tonight, it doesn't mean an end to all outdoor dining. the city says it is working with businesses that use outdoor spaces on shifting them into other programs such as park lets students who aren't ready to go back to class in person have the option to stay home for remote learning in some school districts, but those kids may end up with different teachers than their on campus counterparts. as ktvu zan, rubin explains. some districts are looking to outsource their online classes this year. the los altos school district was ready for kids to return to campus. what they weren't ready
10:31 pm
for a mandate from the governor in july, requiring they offer an online option two. we got notification of it just, you know, three weeks ago or so, and you know the expectation to implement that it's difficult, and so what they did was outsource it. using a company called stride, which will provide the courses and the teachers at a cost of about $3000 a student, and they're not alone. the palo alto unified school district is using stride to the fremont union high school district and the mountain view los altos union high school district are using a company called edge annuity. they say it's a better option than having their own teachers split focus like last year. then they were looking on the screen and looking in the classroom, but that definitely takes away from the experience. to being in the classroom and concentrated on the students in front of you. this is not distance learning. they're calling it independent study and the california teachers association has concerns. released a statement saying
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outsourcing was never the intent of the law, adding quote any contract service must be bargained with the local teachers union. we are concerned that students will be short changed and feel further removed from their school community. you're certainly not going to get the same level of adult interaction and teacher interaction right on a daily basis, both los altos and voila plan to have liaisons making sure independent study students don't fall behind. we're hoping that this is the bridge. for most, and that they will be able to come back. um vaccinated, masked and ready to learn. and with the start of the school year fast approaching, these districts are trying to determine exactly how many students will participate in the independent study programs and also what a transition might look like if they decided to go back to in person learning during the course of the year. in los altos and ruben ktvu, fox two news. the department of education today released its new roadmap for returning to in person learning, the department
10:33 pm
says it's backing the cdcs recommendation for everyone in schools to wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status. however some states such as texas, iowa and south carolina have lost banning schools from requiring masks. this ought to be up to the parents whether the children wear a mask when they go to school, that's apparent decision. hopefully as we have vaccinations for kids and less disease in the community will be able to scale back on the mask wearing. the department of education is urging paris to get eligible students vaccinated before school begins. the department is also encouraging schools to use covid-19 relief funds to improve ventilation and buy more personal protective equipment. today, travelers from the u. s and the european union were allowed to enter britain without quarantining as long as they're fully vaccinated. british airline companies and its tourist industry are hoping for a late summer travel boom. this comes as britain has been able to boost full vaccination to 73%
10:34 pm
of adults. 89% of adults have had at least one dose. the u. s is set to the u. s. did said another pandemic era record for travel on sunday. the us a. says more than 2.2 million people went through airport checkpoints. a growing number of passengers comes just as thousands of flights were delayed across the country over the weekend. those problems hit florida, particularly hardware spirit. airlines cancelled about a third of its flights because of bad weather and what it called operational challenges. many airlines remain short staffed. you know what that means? cable cars are back in san francisco for the first time in almost a year and a half the beloved tourist attractions reopen today. two riders, the cable cars have not been out of operation for this long since the entire system was rebuilt in the eighties, and as kate vis, elissa harrington tells us rides are free all month long.
10:35 pm
all right, people cheered at the cable car turnaround on powell and market streets as san francisco's historic cable cars, rolled down the tracks and picked up passengers for the first time in nearly a year and a half. i love going down the hills going up the hills. just looking at the scenery. you get to see all the beautiful buildings. it's just all around. amazing experience. tourists lined up to hop on board rides are free for the month of august. i've never been on one since we're on vacation. i think it'll be exciting. no trip to san francisco is complete without a ride on our cable cars. mayor london brie marked the occasion by riding a cable car with members of the public money has been spending time during the closure to prepare for this moment by checking all the trains and infrared picture hiring line inspectors and re certifying operators. what we did a refresher. it's like writing a black show. it's pretty funny need everybody's excited to be back. officials call this a soft launch with
10:36 pm
mock service. that's because the sfm to is still testing the line, and it is not on its regular schedule service was suspended because of the pandemic. and right now only the powell hyde line is back open that runs between union square and fisherman's wharf. a later face will add the powell, mason and california. signs back into operation in san francisco. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, a fire is still burning tonight on the small island in the east bay. that and has already destroyed several homes at 10 45 tonight why authorities are having trouble accessing this fire, and we're watching the fog roll in through the golden gate bridge. right now i'll have the forecast that includes the rest of the weekend. the weekend when the five day comes up next, plus the bipartisan infrastructure deal could head four vote. this week, but it's far from a sure thing more on the hurdles that the bill
10:37 pm
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do you even eat bread? in the world. that's according to fortune global 500 list for the 2020 fiscal year. apple recently posted its biggest quarterly profit in its 45 year history. $57 billion blowing right past the nation's largest retailer, wal mart and e commerce giant amazon. now when it comes to revenue, walmart claimed the top spot on the list, which ranks the top 500 corporations worldwide. on wall street. today, stocks were mostly lower, the dow was down. 97 points. the nasdaq gained eight points and the s and p. 500 was down eight points. more corporate earnings reports are due out this week, including gm, cvs and craft of the u. s senate could vote as soon as thursday on the $1 trillion infrastructure bill. tonight the senate began voting on amendments to the bill with
10:40 pm
their august recess now just a few days away. senate majority leader chuck schumer promised republicans that the parties will work together to go through the massive 2700 page bill. it was finalized after weeks of negotiations with the white house to provide billions in new spending on roads, bridges, broadband and the electric grid. let's start voting on amendments, the longer it takes to finish the bill, the longer will be here are full consideration of this bill must not be choked off by any artificial timetable that our democratic colleagues may have penciled out for political purposes. the bill could also face a rocky road in the house, where some progressive democrats want to see more of their priorities. the house won't take up the measure until september, u. s officials say the number of unaccompanied children crossing the southern border likely reached an all time high in july. preliminary numbers from the department of homeland security shows the number of children picked up by
10:41 pm
immigration authorities probably topped 19,000 last month. the previous high was 18,800 in march. most of those crossings were concentrated in south texas, a third officer who responded to the january 6th insurrection at the us capitol has died by suicide. officer gunther hayashida was found dead inside his home on thursday. machida was assigned to the emergency response team within the special operations division. he joined the d. c. police department in may of 3 2002 other officers in that same department. died by suicide a month after the insurrection. rasheeda leaves behind a wife and three children coming up tonight a large wildfire forces evacuations in hawaii. plus there's gonna require us to be able to flood the island to be able to fully extinguishes fire. a challenging firefight right here in the bay area. the dilemma. firefighters are facing as a fire burns on a remote island in contra costa county, and this was the sunset
10:42 pm
tonight from our roof camera, looking out over the. oakland estuary. alex and i were talking about this earlier, our chief meteorologist bill martin has your complete five day forecast. hopefully some more beautiful sunsets like this coming up next.
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whipped wildfire on the big island of hawaii. that fire has burned a record 62 square miles in dry grasslands to homes have also been destroyed. evacuation orders have been lifted and gusty winds are expected to ease tomorrow. the dixie fire burning in butte and plumas county, says picked back up once again, forcing a new round of evacuations. authorities say the fire jumped containment lines tonight. and is now threatening the community of greenville. so far, the fire has burned more than 249,008 and is 35% contained. 45 buildings have been destroyed in the fire and more than 3100. others are threatened. this fire started back on july 13th. the cause is still under investigation. well, a fire is still burning on bradford island, and firefighters are having trouble accessing the flames to try to put them out. the island is in contra costa county, about nine miles northeast of andy. daca as ktvu tom vacar tells us tonight, fire officials are considering
10:46 pm
whether to let the fire burn since it's surrounded by water on all sides. bradford island in east contra costa county, accessible only by ferry caught fire early monday morning and has been burning ever since. many of the 48 residents have been evacuated. the fact that the 2200 acre island, which is used for wheat, farming, cattle, grazing and natural gas extraction, is actually reclaimed peat moss makes it more comp. located so the levied up below sea level track burns even more doggedly, the normal farmland and it's going to require us to be able to flood the island to be able to fully extinguishes fire. this island is so remote and so hard to get to. we haven't seen one piece of official fire equipment here. the other problem is with the wind blowing constantly. this fire could last for hours and hours and hours. we have no idea how much damage has been done or will be done. earlier on the eastern contra costa fire protection district sent one engine to the island by ferry with assistance from other
10:47 pm
county and state agencies, but they were not effective against the wind driven fire, leaving it up to those who stayed behind to protect their properties. no, nothing at all. it's just us with a couple of water tanks. that's all we have. they could do a water drop and put out half the fire, but they're just choosing not to do for some reason. i'm not sure why. hopefully we can save the trailer in the house here in the property. we're gonna do the best we can. with what we got. the fact is, this is just one of several dealt tracks that are not covered by any fire district and must rely on the willingness of other agencies charged with protecting their own jurisdictions first to lend a hand if and when they can. it is an untenable situation that needs a solution sooner. then later already awesome that we five homes. i think flooding the island has a whole array of other complications, which will interfere with farm labor necessary to bring in the harvests. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news, alright the smoke from that fire being pushed off
10:48 pm
to the east as the winds are blowing in the right direction to keep the bay area in a really good air quality pattern we've had, like i mentioned before the air quality almost feels like something you'd see in early spring or late or middle. bring it's got nice, clear air quality. we haven't seen spare the air days we've been doing great. so the temperatures today is 95 in antioch and fairfield. those are the hotspots at 93 concord right there, and then you see the how much cooler does right 71 in oakland, 70. this is typical bay area whether and thinking about where you know here we are early august. this is that's pretty spot on. that's what i expect. maybe a little cool about right and say, maybe little cool in san francisco, but, um, that's not what we want. we want that five day forecast. what happened there? hang on. this happens sometimes. used to doing it at home. yeah, right. and then i'm here. there we go. okay we're back. those are the highest from today. and then here is the fog. we're looking at c five along the coast, a bunch of fog back at the coast is clear off for a while. today and now it comes back and it will do what you would expect, which is just kind of hang
10:49 pm
around the bay tonight. it's not going to have a huge, huge inland push, and so that's going to set us up with the day. um, basically tomorrow, a lot like today. but like i say, with less fog, certainly there's the satellite loop and you can see the low, but you can't really see it. but there's a little pressure center sitting off here, and that's scooch ng all that some tropical moisture all the smoke most of the smoke out of our area, and it's been very advantageous for us. big rain as i've been mentioning all week in the central part of the rockies and down towards the four corners area that continues that's been going on three weeks now, the monsoonal stuff and we've been missing out on we've had some activity in the mountains but not as much in the sierra but not as much as they have certainly. there's the sea breeze pretty aggressive with the greens about 1 degrees cooler right now on napa, but seven degrees warmer and conquered right now, so a little bit of a difference from last night. the winds are blowing significantly fair fit almost 30 miles an hour, so we got a plan tomorrow. that's a lot like today. it will be
10:50 pm
about the same. some areas might be a little cooler. summers might be a little warmer. the first thing you'll notice is the fog for the forecast model. it doesn't get that far tomorrow. so it's not really getting into concord. so it is going to be some nothing like that for a fog footprint, and then it burns back quickly, and you get a day tomorrow, just like the day to day. almost exactly. maybe a little bit cooler. you know, it just really depends. so like the got the 95 fairfield in 95 in the eniac, which already showed you 76 in vallejo, 93 in concord, so those would be the warm spots and those two endless spots to be a little warmer than what we saw today. then the five day forecast which this top tier numbers, not bad in the in the terms of concern for fire, air quality heat advisories, things like that, so it's not august, right? it's not hard to get 100 degree readings and conquered in those areas and we're not seeing them. we're seeing low to mid nineties, so i think we should take that and run. i'll see you back here to love it. okay. see you then. bill thanks chipmunks on the south shore of lake tahoe have tested positive for the plague. the daily to beg your pardon, the tahoe daily tribune reports that the taylor
10:51 pm
creek visitor center. keep a beach and their parking areas will be off limits through friday. during that time, the national forest service will be doing vector control treatments to those areas. the facilities are expected to be open once again by the weekend. the plague is naturally present in parts of california, especially at higher elevations, including the lake tahoe area, and eldorado county spokesperson says there was no human contact with the chipmunks that tested positive for the plague. coming up tonight and sports the giants alex dickerson snaps his seven game hitless streak, but the grand slam but wasn't enough to give san francisco the win over arizona are sports director market banias is coming up next to let you know, then coming up tonight on the 11 o'clock news. we continue following that developing story in the east bay, where parts of highway four have been shut down as authorities investigate the shooting will get a live report from that scene tonight at 11.
10:52 pm
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but it will help you and your family stay safe you in the bottle room tonight. yeah, no problem for the giants at all right there, playing one of the worst teams in baseball. they get a grand slam their leading 71 just kind of cruise on it. not quite that easy even against the arizona diamondbacks newcomer chris brian's family in town from vegas, mom, dad, wife and baby. he didn't do a whole lot with the bat, but you know what? that other guys who did micah strip ski just a screaming mimi that leaves the yard. two run shot. that's his 18th giants out to a tune out the lead in the third come to fill feel even better giant fans. alex dickerson ticket to ride with the bases loaded grand slam is 11th. he also had a triple 71
10:55 pm
lead. i'm not gonna just coast on him not so fast as drew book, cabrera with a crushed his arizona puts heat on in the fifth inning, cutting the giant it's lead to 75. that's a two run shot have it. he gives up a two run double the christian walker 88 going to the 10th inning. they got that magic man at second base to start the inning. buster posey with a sculling shot to left field. he's got an r b i double and stephen duggar followed with an r b i single donovan solano, a bumped on the safeties. please and 11 8 is the final first before game series going by way of the team with the best record in all of baseball, and it looks like we might have a long term love affair going between the san francisco giants and that newcomer chris right there off
10:56 pm
to a good start case. you missed it over the weekend. this is brian getting ready to make his debut, and the fans just love this guy right up the bat. as he does make his debut on the field with a huge ovation. second and fat. he will leave the yard is 19th homer of the year, of course, his first with the giants. it's all good. just get him signed to a long term contract, right? sounds like the families behind it, and he's off to a good start with this new t first run of the day when you talk about making a first impression. on me and my wife. uh pretty pretty good one. kyler would not let go of the jersey last night. you know, he's he's recognizing the giants lower now, and he keeps saying daddy to that logo, so it's really special. i mean, you know, i'm over the moon radio. meanwhile stunner in the olympics over in japan team usa women's soccer stunner they came in as the overwhelming favorites.
10:57 pm
remember they had a 44 match. unbeaten streak they lose to canada one nil, and that means the best they can do is highly touted as they were is wind up with a bronze medal. i guess the bena list better than no metal at all. hey you know, you think it's just kind of one of those things you take for granted. steph curry is a free agent who's going to sign with the warriors. no problem. well you just never sure to. the ink is dry right? but it looks like an extension is imminent. just about wrapped it up and what's going to take to keep the greatest shooter of all time with the golden state warriors? how about the max max? four year deal worth? it's almost laughable 205 million. for four years. the official announcement expected in the next day or so, maybe quicker, alright, free agent free for all continues lots of moves today fairly valuable reserve piece for the warriors off their bench. kent bazemore is
10:58 pm
joining the lakers. he reportedly turned down more money from the warriors to get with lebron and you'd have to say do a little ring chasing. and who can blame them? chris paul, by the way, is going to be staying with the phoenix suns. that might be the biggest move made today. meanwhile i guess you could call this edition of check this out venture into the animal kingdom. and why not? this is yankee stadium tonight was the most exciting thing that happened for the yankees because they lost badly. kitty at intermission right here several minutes and several people trying to track that cat down. who, uh, was fairly frenzied felt bad for the poor thing, matty. they finally got somebody who wasn't afraid of him, and they they safely escorted the little kitty out of the house that ruth help. i mean, it just went on and on
10:59 pm
and on. all right, what else do we got? how about victor republics of the nationals plane with a praying mantis on his head? yeah you didn't even notice it now, while he's in this kind of he's in the den. dugout then he goes out to the outfield guys. that's why he still doesn't notice the in stick stuck with him right and to top it all off. how about this? we take you to a zoo in indonesia. a woman dropped her sunglasses into the ranga tanks, quarters and that during a tag pretty bright there with her, her baby and she's going to try the shades out, right. it's pretty bright might be a little bent out of shape, but, uh, like i said, venture into the animal kingdom to finish it out, that's all good stuff. thanks so much mark coming up next here at 11 tonight we bring you some developing news happening in the east bay. that's where authorities have now closed part of highway for all due to investigating a
11:00 pm
shooting the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now and there has been yet another shooting on highway for in east contra costa county tonight. hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. frank and julie are both off tonight. the chp shut down the eastbound lanes of the highway between summers fill road and hillcrest avenue at about 7 40 tonight. ktvu zama. gosh, joining us now live from antioch m. i know you just arrived there at the scene. do we know at this point if anyone was injured in this shooting, alex chp contra costa is handling the investigation. they haven't shared details yet on who was implicated in the shooting or if arrest has been made. this is live from control, oma boulevard or the eastbound lanes happened blocked off by chp officers. we can see more of the lanes that are blocked off, and we also have video from around eight pm the evening, there were reports of a crash in the area. you can see there's a red sedan


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