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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  August 3, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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space area, so obviously there are going to be some questions about how all of the volunteer searchers and the search and rescue teams didn't see the body beforehand, but obviously was off a trail. so those are some of the questions obviously. the other questions now have to do with how this person came to came to be found here in this area. what the circumstances are of this person's death. but again, we do believe the body of philip krycek has been discovered, according to authorities in the pleasanton ridge open space area, based on ktvu, fox. two news at five starts now. be time we talk about the coronavirus said it is day one back under mask mandates for most of the bay area while you are now required to mask up if you go inside a business, the push from health officials is still simple. they say get vaccinated. the difference now between being vaccinated and not getting vaccinated could be
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the difference between sniffles and suffocation. good evening, everyone. i'm alex savage and i'm heather holmes frank. julie are off again tonight. today is the first day that mask are required indoors in seven bay area counties. the order applies to everyone, regardless of their vaccination status. this new mask mandate comes just a few weeks after the state fully reopened back on june 15th. since then california has seen a rise in cases of covid 19 and health officials are concerned about the contagious delta variant. it's really nothing new, and i think it's uh, i think it's very essential for us to wear it because i just feel like there's people that are not immune to it yet, and this is mostly for them. it's a little discouraging because i kind of thought we were out of the woods. um it's obviously nice to be able to work out and breathe hard not to worry about it being on your face. um but i also understand you know, numbers are going up again. so make sense and it's got to do
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what you gotta do. i guess the mask mandate is in effect in alameda contra costa. marin san francisco, san mateo, santa clara and sonoma counties. four of the counties are seeing high rates of covid transmission, mostly among the unvaccinated the number of people getting vaccinated is up more than 44 million doses of covid vaccine have been administered here in california, according to the latest data, there are now an average of over 69,000 shots a day being given statewide. that is a 41% increase in vaccinations over the last two weeks, 63% of california age, 12 and up are now fully vaccinated and just over 9.5% more have received at least one dose. we have live team coverage for you. ktvu political reporter greg lee has details on the push to mandate vaccinations for teachers, but we start in san francisco where they are trying to do everything to make it easier for people to get the shot. christian yeah, alex, even with those high vaccination rates,
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hospitals like this one behind me are starting to see the rates of covid cases skyrocket from about 12. on month ago per day. now to about 200. that's one of the reasons why the city is pushing so hard to get more people vaccinated. with more than 77% of the city's eligible population vaccinated san francisco political and health leaders are coming together to push for the remaining unvaccinated population to get immunized against covid-19 you probably be using music to catch the attention of passers by volunteers from backs to the max took to the streets, talking with those who are hesitant, urging them to get vaccinated. we just really here to try to encourage them to, if not get the shot, at least find out the facts about. it before it just saying no, i'm not going to do it. but the city's director of public health doctor grant colfax, saying the surge of the delta variant of covid-19 should be a wake up call. this is covid on steroids. this virus is different from
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the virus route dealing with a little bit ago. the difference now between being vaccinated and not getting vaccinated could be the difference between sniffles and suffocation. the city now saying that it will dispatch mobile vaccination clinics, two groups as small as five. 5 to 12 people. we will bring our doctors and nurses and equipment and other resources to you, the city also taking the unusual step of allowing those who have received the johnson and johnson vaccine and are concerned about a breakthrough infection to request a supplemental shot of either pfizer or moderna. i think the important thing is that right now we don't have conclusive data on additional shots beyond what cdc is recommending, but again in consultation with infectious disease expert so we do believe this is safe. um and that we will accommodate people if they so request. san francisco's department of public health says the move to offer additional vaccine to those who request it is not a change in policy. they say they
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will accommodate those requests, but they are still not recommending boosters at this point reporting live in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news, alright, christian. thank you. here's a look now at the latest coronavirus numbers in our state. new cases were down yesterday from the day before, just over 7300 new cases were reported 11. more people died
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every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. preparing to welcome back students in person, one bay area lawmaker wants to see school districts follow the lead of the state and some employers and require vaccinations or weekly testing for staff. our political reporter greg lee joins us now with this last minute push, greg heather good evening at a news conference today, state senator josh becker pointed to specific examples in the private sector and in government. requirements are
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quickly being put into place to protect students. he said. he'd like to see a 100% vaccination rate for teachers and staff. as parents around the state prepared to send their kids back into the classroom. bay area state senator josh becker called on school districts to require vaccinations or frequent testing for teachers and staff. now is the moment for us to create a wall of safety around our kids standing in front of the vaccination site in east palo alto, becker urged adults in schools to do everything they can to avoid any interruptions to in person learning this year if we lose a year, another year of input some learning it will be 100% on us as adults, but this pandemic has had very catastrophic and very concerning effects on the mental health of children. the isolation, the lack of socialization, the state mandates everyone in california public schools where mask indoors regardless of vaccination status that strong
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criticism from some parents. the states provided money for testing and other measures but left safety plants up to districts. sanders that unified went a step further requiring teachers and staff to be vaccinated or be tested twice a week. individual myself in open schools california we have come out and support of, you know, teacher and staff mandates for vaccines. um you know, i think in some districts, santa's a certainly was the first to do it. we support that. megan bacha gloopy leads open schools california a group of parents committed to ensuring in person instruction for kids they believe vaccinated students and teachers should be able to go mask less. we asked san francisco unified superintendent dr vincent matthews on the nine if his district would require vaccines for staff. currently what we're doing is assessing exactly where we are who has been vaccinated and who hasn't and then we'll be using that data just as we do with all our health and safety measures were using that data to assess next steps. the california teachers association continues to urge members to get vaccinated and
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sent us this statement. we support the growing number of school districts who have worked in concert with educators and local unions to develop robust testing and vaccine verification policies. state senator becker also reiterated he believes the right protocols are in place for schools to be very safe for in person learning. he does encourage all students over 12 and eligible for the vaccine to get it in studio. gregory ktvu foxx, junior seven. all right, greg, thank you very much. well. some oakland teachers spoke out today about their concerns with the long awaited return of classes on monday. they say oakland teachers are set to vote over the next few days on a tentative agreement with the district for reopening the district. is requiring all students and staff to wear masks it is offering the option of distance learning for families that don't feel comfortable sending students to the classroom. vaccines are encouraged, but not required, and they are not yet available for anyone under 12. today some teachers and parents demanded mandatory vaccines and testing
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before going back to class. we cannot allow this. murderous plan to go forward. it makes no sense whatsoever. the school district oh, usd and other school districts are not even planning. testing of students, so we don't even know what the status of students our. the district says at home test will be available at all school sites. testing is recommended for staff and students if they have covid symptoms, regardless of vaccination status, and if they are unvaccinated, the district recommends testing once or twice a week as the covid-19 delta variant rises across the country. the mayor of new york city is once again urging people to get vaccinated. mayor bill de blasio is fed up and cracking down on covid regulations. the mayor announced today that new york city will require proof of vaccination for a wide variety
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of indoor activities that includes dining theaters and gyms. have the solution to the thing that is killing so many people and is now threatening once again. our ability for people make a living. why is this hard? just go get vaccinated? this is not difficult. mayor de blasio also said that employees in 11 hospitals run by the city will have to choose either get fully vaccinated or get tested on a weekly basis. if they don't they cannot work anymore. this also applies to health clinics operated by the city's health department, and this all starts in august. well damaging results from the new york attorney general's office following its months long investigation into governor andrew cuomo. and it found that he did sexually harassed several women, something that the governor denies. fox news, brian yannis tells his prize president biden today joined the growing chorus of leaders calling for governor cuomo to resign. embattled new york
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governor andrew cuomo defiant after a months long probe found he sexually harassed multiple current and former staff members and state employees. i want you to know directly from me that i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances his denial coming shortly after the new york attorney general's office. released its findings from a months long independent investigation into the governor, alleging a disturbing pattern of behavior, including inappropriate kisses, touching and sexual remarks. some suffered through unwanted touching and grabbing of their most intimate body parts. others suffered through repeated offensive sexually suggestive or gender based comments. a number of them endured both during his remarks, governor cuomo directly addressing one of his 11, a key users 25 year old former age charlotte bennett, claiming he only asked her questions about
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her sex life to help her deal with past sexual assault. charlotte i want you to know that i am truly and deeply sorry i was trying to help, obviously, i didn't cuomo now under mounting pressure to resign as a growing number of lawmakers and constituents call for his prosecution think he should resign four months. cuomo has denied any wrongdoing. his political fate, now in the hands of new york's democrat controlled state assembly, which is looking into possible impeachment in new york. brian yannis fox news. and a sad development within the last 30 minutes in the search for a missing runner who disappeared in pleasanton ridge regional park last month, a body matching the description of 37 year old philip kray check was discovered this afternoon by volunteer searchers. he had been missing 22 days. friends family and law enforcement were holding out hope that he would be safely located and brought back home.
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we're all pretty heartbroken from the corners bureau of perspective will do a positive identification, but everything leads us to believe that that it's likely that we did find philip up there on the ridge. we uh, obviously his family is forefront in our thoughts and prayers right now, but i could just say that collectively that our our mood is very somber, were pretty heartbroken over this. we've invested a lot of time and energy and care. uh as a community as one team, uh, to find philip and to bring him home. we wanted to bring them home, alive and safe and so to deliver this news today is hard for all of us. krycek went missing on july 10th after telling his wife that he was going on a run there in pleasanton ridge regional park when he did not returned home after several hours. his wife reported him missing. authorities are still trying to determine what went wrong. what caused the official cause of death again that will be deterred. by the coroner. san
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francisco mayor london breed has agreed to pay more than $22,000 in fines for several ethics violations she committed while in office. ktvu is evan sernoffsky has been following this story all day. and evan, how much do we know about these violations and won't what they were? that's right, alex. the mayor agreed to pay fines related to those ethical violations she committed while in city government. each incident drew widespread attention and raised questions about the mayor's personal and political. relationships the biggest violation involves the scandal around disgraced former public works director mohamed new rue he paid for the mayor's car repairs in 2019, who was later charged with fraud in a widespread city hall corruption probe, and you may remember in 2018 while mayor breed asked then governor jerry brown to release her brother from prison. he's serving a 44 year sentence for manslaughter. an armed robbery breed was all. also
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dinged for not reporting money used to pay for her float at the pride parade, which technically qualified as a campaign contribution now earlier today, the mayor addressed the fines. there were mistakes made i take full responsibility for those mistakes, and i've learned a lot since, um, you know, becoming mayor and being in office and as i said in my statement, i made it clear that at no time have any of the things related to the stipulation had any impact on the decisions that i've made as mayor. now the agreement will be finalized at the ethics commissions meeting later this month, and the mayor will be required to pay the fines out of her own pocket live in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news, right, evan, thank you, the contra costa county coroner has identified 26 year old lawrence s cloven as the victim of the shooting on highway four last night shooting happened just after 7
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30 in the chp closed all the south, um at the eastbound lane. excuse me between summers ville. road in hillcrest avenue in antioch to investigate that shooting officers were called to the area for crash on the freeway near hillcrest avenue, and our crew saw a red car that was damaged and up against the freeway center divide. the coroner says the 26 year old victim is from stocked in. he was the second person shot and killed on highway four within the past several weeks. oakland police chief lebron armstrong today addressed the public about the city's recent spike in violent crime. so far this year the department has investigated 75 homicides. that's compared to 49 the same time last year, the chief says when or says when he took over in february, the department was experiencing over 500% increase in violent crimes. homicides were up 500% today, the chief says oakland homicide rate is now down to 58. 75 homicides is still unacceptable and there's
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a lot of more work to do on behalf of this department, but i just want residents of oakland community of oakland to know that we are focused and that we are doing our best to manage to spike in violence, the chief creditsing oakland safe. he also says he will continue to work with the department's violence reduction strategies on ways to further reduce crime in the city. the dixie fire continues. to grow in butte and plumas county is forcing a new round of evacuations. cal fire says the fire jumped a containment lines last night and is now threatening the community of greenville in the plumas national forest. the dixie fire has burned nearly 395 square miles and is 35% contained. the flames have also destroyed 45 homes and businesses and is still threatening about 3100 more homes. and just today, they issued a red flag warning for that area up in the northeast part of california. for some winds. they're going to move into the area starting
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wednesday and lasting through thursday, so that's not very helpful for the dixie fire, either or for the southern oregon fire. for us. we've got a nice weather pattern. i mean, it's been a really manageable pattern force. take a look at the trend here. it's for the warm up today. we did see that and then we're seeing this cool down on wednesday and thursday and then a warm up for the weekend. none of this is out of control. none of this is record setting stuff, but we are going to get a nice little cool down and then when we warm back up again, it's not that big a deal. it's not going to warm up into the 100 just going to warm up back into the low nineties. so that's some really good news in terms of our weather. air quality looks good. there's mount diablo with little no green on it. except for the um, oaks and what's left on there in the bushes, but the grasses are all dry fuel moistures extremely low. the fume oysters are kind of what you might expect to see in september. right now, some of the numbers were seeing that just tells you how much moisture is in the grasses or in the trees, for that matter, so here's the satellite loop. looks good, right? we've got a little bit. everything on here is that low up here's yet that flow around
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it. so that's that thing is keeping us in good shape in terms of good air quality. think i meant just listening? good air quality. and semi my call this kind of mild weather for us. you know, it could be a lot worse and then out here. i've been talking about this a lot out in the nation's, uh, you know, the western united states, we're all under a drought. you know, you go from arizona and new mexico to colorado is that these guys are getting rained. then they really made up quite a difference. they're not going to break their drought, but their new moving out of the severe drought realm because of this day after day after day of monsoonal moisture and for us just day after day after day of coastal fog, it's come back. it's right along the coast. it's out in avenues now coming up to 19th avenue. it'll be around tomorrow morning, and it's going to continue pretty aggressively at the coast. it's going to be a little further inland each morning. why because that low that i was talking about that move the map and show you that low that lows kind of lifting up the fog bank. so what's happening? it's going to be nice day tomorrow, a little bit cooler, little cooler on as we head into the middle of the week, and then we warm up as we head into the bay
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area weekend, but none of this is extreme extreme weather, which is great for us. the dixie fire is under a red flag born starting wednesday, and that last through thursday, alright still thank you. vaccination mandates mask mandates a booster shot and infectious disease expert joins us next to talk about some of you know when you're at ross and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like... yes! that's yes for less! you've got this school year, and we've got you with the best bargains ever at ross. get your yes for less at our new store in east san mateo. california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power.
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you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. shots into arms here in the bay area. san francisco launched vax to the max an effort to convince skeptical people to get vaccinated, even fear of the fast spreading delta variant is likely playing a role here. vaccination rates are up more than 40% over the last two weeks in california, joining us now to talk more about this doctor, peter chin hong from ucsf. so dr chen hong. we are seeing the vaccination rates start to tick up. we know the companies and health care providers are mandating the vaccine. is that part of what
5:25 pm
you attribute this to? yes um, but probably the most driving force. alex is what you mentioned, which is fear of the delta variant. i think people were really shocked by what happened in province son last week. i'd say thursday was a big day for all of us really realize what we're facing and so. that's responsible to the 30 to 40% increase in vaccines over the last week, higher it even in some areas like some salt southern states. all right, so even though we have we're you know, we're seeing more people getting vaccinated and people who are vaccinated now, after once again, where masks when they're indoors. does that make it more challenging to try to make the argument and convince an unvaccinated person to get the shot when they're looking at and saying? well, you know, maybe they're looking at and saying, what's the point? i'm still going to have to wear mask no matter what, yes, so i think the main communication point, alex is really to distinguish an infection like
5:26 pm
personally, i'll be infected. i would be happy to be infected a million times if it prevents me from going to the hospital. i think they're two different stories of somebody who was unvaccinated. you may go to the hospital, get a breathing to die and somebody who is vaccinated. you get an infection, you're most likely just going to feel like you have a cold? all right, let's talk about schools reopening here in the next couple of weeks. it's going to happen. the students are going to be going back. for the most part for in person learning here. let's talk about how we do this safely. do you think we need to require vaccinations for teachers, administrators, students who are over the age of 12 who can get the shot? should that be part of what we the protocol we have in place for schools to safely reopen. it would not be a bad idea. all in the same way that we're mandating vaccinations for health care workers. whenever you put somebody in charge of somebody who is vulnerable, and
5:27 pm
in my case, it's stations. in the case of teachers. it's learners or students. i think we have a higher responsibility. and i think building that wall of immunity around somebody who can get vaccinated is really a good step. all right. how about what we saw today? new york city, requiring everyone to show proof of vaccination to really do anything you might want to do. go to a restaurant. go to the theater. go to the gym. do you think that we need to do the same thing or something similar here in the bay area. i think it would not again not be a bad idea, and it will have to, uh. affects the first is that it will inspire confidence and diners and will keep the businesses open because right now there's been a decline in people dining indoors for right reason. people are nervous. they're afraid. the second reason is that it may increase vaccination rates since you've been talking about that in france when they instituted a similar mandate for dining. one million individuals went to get.
5:28 pm
get out and get vaccinated who are unvaccinated? so despite having a lot of controversy, i think it does have the benefits and those two tangible ways. so it's interesting because in new york they are not putting a mask mandate in place, but they do have the vaccine requirement here in the bay area, sort of the reverse where we're seeing mask mandates for folks when we're indoors, but no vaccine requirement to go out and be able to enjoy yourselves at a restaurant or business or anything like that. which of these approaches, do you think is going to turn out to be more effective in slowing the spread? well i'll exciting. this is a question on the exam, where all of the above is the answer. so in in the bay area, as you know, in san francisco with the bar alliance, i think they're going to take baby steps was trying something like that out summer. someone's already doing it. let's see other people take it personally with such a high proportion of vaccinated folks in the bay area, it probably one being much of a difference in terms of people now. not
5:29 pm
going. in fact, it may inspire confidence for people to go, who are vaccinated? alright appreciate your time and your inside us. always doctor peter chin hong from ucsf. thank you for doing it. thanks so much. alex businesses asked to enforce mass magnetic mask mandates once again and now some worry about how customers are going to react. plus, do you have plans to see hamilton in san francisco? the new covid requirements you're going to have to show before you're allowed in. side and frightening wildfires means power could be cut yet again. how often pg and e says it may need to shut off the l
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majestic mountains...
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scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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counties woke up to new mask mandates this morning, but some businesses are worried that customers tired of rules will take out their frustrations on them. getting kazan. rubin live now in san jose, with more on those concerns, and, yeah, business owners say the majority of their customers are happy to comply. but it's the few that art that pose a problem. at recycle bookstore in san jose. customers need to have a love of literature and a mask. unfortunately a few come with only contempt for the rules have any copies of the constitution constitution that these guys posted. they're massless confrontation to youtube. the books were managers are still fuming. you're emotional. you're upset,
5:33 pm
but you're also you know that this person is possible disease vector. so you try to stay away. and now the bay area's back under a mask mandate, but store managers aren't sure it will make a difference. now we've got the point where people are tired of this, so they just don't care and we're just a hurdle in west oakland at the community foods market. they've noticed the same thing. managers are left to enforce the rules and deal with unruly customers. like the day um, ask this woman started hurling produce. she's just like, get upset about the situation and she drove half watermelon and you know, because you know the manager storm managers tried to take over the situation, and then she throwing a bigger watermelon to him. they hope the mandate will make people more compliant and we try to protect everybody. you know the re instituted mask mandate also happened to coincide with the reopening of san jose city hall this week. we recognize that we have to continue to be very cautious, and obviously the mass mandate is important. we have to get vaccinated. we have to wear masks, but we also need
5:34 pm
to carry on the business of the city, and so for the first time in ages, a city council meeting went on in front of mass constituents who say they're happy to be seen and heard. i'm sure this was planned ahead of, you know the delta spikes and things that are going on, so i feel fine being here with a mask. it's nice to be here in person. as for how long the mask mandate will last bay area, health officials say they'll keep monitoring the data and vaccination rates to determine when it might be lifted. heather and it really is so unfortunate that it is the businesses who have to shoulder the garden here really appreciate an ruben tonight force in san jose. well, if you have plans to see the broadway hit hamilton in san francisco, be prepared to show your vaccination status. sf broadway, says anyone with tickets for the show must show proof of vaccination or a negative covid pcr test taken within 72 hours of the show theater go orders can take a photo of their vaccination card as proof. the producers say
5:35 pm
they want to make sure everyone in the audience as well as on the stage and behind the scenes is safe. in addition, inside the theater, everyone must wear a mask that it's not a surprise as that is part of all of san francisco in the bay area's covid protocols right now, but you will be required to wear a mask on top of it as an extra safety measure, organizers say they are not making any alterations to the staging of the show. sf broadway says the cast members are all either vaccinated or getting tested on a daily basis. some restaurants in the los angeles area are going beyond. just requiring people to wear mask and summer now requiring proof of vaccination. others require everyone even if they are vaccinated to provide a recent negative copa test or take a rapid test right there at the door. reaction from customers has been mixed. and honestly, probably for that. to be honest, i had been vaccinated. but that doesn't mean that i want to share the information with anybody or that i should have
5:36 pm
to just to go out and eat. the restaurants that are now requiring proof of vaccinations say that their customers tell them they feel more comfortable about going out to eat, knowing that everyone in the restaurant is vaccinated. pgd just met with state regulators to discuss its use of state power shut off to try to prevent wildfires. the utility anticipates those events happening even more often this fire season compared with last year, potentially affecting thousands more customers. investigative reporter brooks jarocz joining us now with help the genie says it's making major improvements to make cutting the power of last resort. brooks. well, alex, better weather forecasting under grounding and hardening the grid or three efforts to reduce potentially catastrophic wildfires. but the drought and climate change aren't helping anything. the huge dixie fire and smaller fly fire that merged with it in the sierra nevada made both have been sparked by trees falling on pg and e power lines are firefighters have been on the
5:37 pm
front lines. a significant increase it fires this year that have already burned significantly more acres than we were at the same time period last year, which is why pg and e and other utilities have been called to task by the california public utilities commission. the focus readiness plans to shut off power to reduce wildfire risk fully understand the tremendous responsibility that we have. in preventing catastrophic wildfires. public safety power shut off or unnecessary tool in preventing catastrophic wildfires. but regulators want to make sure it's a last resort, especially for those who depend on it for life saving medical devices. the consequences of loss of power. far beyond inconsequential. be jenny has the responsibility to manage their grid responsibly and they have a duty to keep the safety and well being of their customers as their highest priority. pg and e says
5:38 pm
it will decide on public safety power shutoffs based on not just wind and weather conditions, but now looking at specific trees that could potentially strike lines. or those lines targeted as higher risk of sparking a fire this year. the utility predicts about five major psp s events each could last more than a day and a half and effective to 360,000 californians. we know how disruptive. it is to lose power, and we've been working on stop to ease the burden on our customers and our communities that we have the privilege of serving while models aim to pinpoint and build a high fire risk map work is also underway to sexualized the grid to limit outage size and under grounding of lines is happening to it all follows power lines being blamed for about half of the most destructive wildfires in california history. the pg and e says it has improved its notification process in 2019 during a power shut off, there were major issues getting information its website crashed.
5:39 pm
the cole center was down. the utility says it has improved customer mapping data to make sure you get a notification and is now making those message messages clearer and concise. alex trying to improve the process, okay, brooks jarocz live in the newsroom. thank you, brooks. support to recall governor newsom grows and a front runner for the job emerges. political expert joins us live next to discuss this new poll
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
the survey by emerson college and next are of 1000 likely voters found 46% are in favor of recalling the governor. that's up 3% points from july, the number of posed remained flat at 48% and 6% are undecided. 40% were still
5:42 pm
undecided about who should replace governo. talk show host larry elder has the most support of anti candidate at 23% businessman john cox. reality star caitlyn jenner, both pole at 7% while state assemblyman kevin kiley is at 5% here to discuss the new poll is katie political analyst brian sobel and bryan. nice to see you. how troubling are these numbers for noose up, heather? good to see you, too, and they are troubling as you get closer to an election, people start paying attention and as people are paying attention, these numbers are changing, and they're not changing in gavin newsom saver. in fact, they're going in the other direction. uh now, one thing to consider is that there is a huge number of people who are registered to vote versus maybe those that action across the state of california will send in their ballots. so among those people, i think governor newsom maybe doing a little bit. uh better. that is to say
5:43 pm
those who may actually return a ballot may favor newsome do a larger degree than this law is showing. what do you think is at play here? brian? is this about a lot? lack of motivation and that opponents are just that more enthusiam enthused about. excuse me. let me let me rephrase our opponents of governor newsom, just far more enthused. then newsom's supporters. yes i think so. i think there are a lot of people around california that want to take out the pandemic. homelessness all the other vexing issues in california. the fires they that droughts everything. they are looking for somebody to lay some blame er, and in this case, it's going to be the governor and you recall that in the history of the state of california, there's only been one governor been recalled. that was in 2000 and three when greg davis was recalled in favor of arnold schwarzenegger until it's rare, but all the stars may be lining
5:44 pm
up for what may be a close race here on the question of whether you want to recall the governor, the second part of it. other is if you want to recall the governor, who is it that you want to see you replace the governor and talk show host larry elder is the favorite right now. polling somewhere in the 23 to 25% among the 41 other candidates race yes, and he is among the short list of candidates brian that the state gop is looking to endorse coming up on saturday. how important do you believe that endorsement will be here all green? republicans are well out registered in the state of california, and to the extent that it galvanizes republicans that would work well for those who are for the recall if they can coalesce around one candidate, and so it may mean something. at the end of the day. turnout is going to be the key thing here whether people are motivated what's going on in california?
5:45 pm
positively or negatively to return that ballot, either to recall the governor or not. yes, i mean that the different motivation levels here is really significant. so you touched on some of the challenges for newsome. i mean, is it really covid here? is it turn out? is it both? i think it's both of those things i think covid is has been huge. it's been a very tough issue for the governor of any state, frankly, and it's true for governor newsom. it's been back and forth mandates. the science has been something he's tried to. to stay with. but then there's the problem of just running businesses and people getting out and about, so he's got all those kinds of things. and then there are these intangibles like being. caught in a restaurant himself without a mask or his kids being caught on. uh, you know, at a day camp without mass. these things are what anger people and motivate them to return a ballot in some cases. yes brian, we're just
5:46 pm
about out of time. but are you surprised at all by these numbers? because it was just a few weeks ago when newsom was, you know, barnstorming the state touting the big budget surplus showing off his budget priorities. and now this poll really shows that this recall election is in a dead heat. close to a dead heat. you're right. and i think, at the end of the day that the newsome camp has to continue battling on on the positives, but again, there is an angry electorate out there a certain percentage who want to blame somebody and. when you're at the top of the ticket, that's who you like, good or bad. all right, brian sobel reporting our political analyst today, brian, thank you so much. and remember that you can watch the debate coming up. live here on ktvu channel two from 6 to 7 30. it is happening tomorrow and a reminder that you can see ktvu news at six over on ktvu plus. people living with disabilities punished for making too much money. the result, potentially
5:47 pm
losing their supplemental income. it's a very weird system that punishes people right for trying to work coming up next. how a system set up to help is instead keeping them in poverty, and we are tracking that middle of the week forecast. you see the fog behind me here. we've got temperatures that are trending down as we move into the next couple of days. i think most couple of days. i think most folks will like that. i'll have you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. this is the silence volvo never wants you to hear.s. so we're as committed to protecting you in an accident, as we are in preventing them. this is volvo on call. is everyone okay? making us one of the safest cars in the us.
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chewy has what you need to keep tails wagging and pets itch free all season long. shop pet prescriptions and more at today. babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! federal benefit program. they say it punishes millions of people anytime they earn more than a poverty level income. gabi's tom baker tells us in new bill in washington could help if it passes. sec supplemental security income has caused many disabled folks to live, enforced poverty and in fear of getting a job or saving money. it's for disabled people under 65, for whom work is difficult or impossible, as
5:50 pm
well as seniors without assets or access to resources. but it's a system many disability experts and advocates say is hopelessly flawed. it's a very weird system that punishes people right for trying to work, so pushes people into poverty, where it's a program that was initiated to help people not be in such dire situation with poverty. currently 10 million ssc recipients would lose their government benefits if they have over $2000 in a bank. you can own your home and your car and still get s s i right? its income. that's the issue. my house is falling apart. it needs about $50,000 in repairs. um because i purchased it, as is. and i'm not able to save money in order to pay for those repairs. anything above two grand uncle sam can deny applicants or kick folks off and they tell you that you're supposed to report your guests. back to your birthday. it's not
5:51 pm
like that so ridiculous. what? why would i report gifts like i'm not using that caliber people tell me they got turned down because they had the babies all the baby's birth money. all the birthdays. all the christmases all the holidays, putting one account and. they couldn't get it as a result of that, whether it's you know, getting that car going back to school, um, paying for education? um um and anything that would make their life better. the $2000 limits set 32 years ago is less than half of what it's worth today, and their health care is at risk. because s s i is linked. to medical that created a very big premium for charis hill and like it averages like $600. that's over half of my income, and so. had no choice but to stop working like immediately, advocates say disabled folks are already so marginalized a
5:52 pm
more common sense approach needs to apply. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news, alright, a pretty nice day out there today. fog return to the coast and you can see it here now shooting across the bay of by the salesforce tower and again air quality not half bad right now, considering we're in august here in the air quality can easily not be so great. but you. see the marine. there's a little shallower, but it's going to deepen out tonight. um claremont hotel right there. you can get pretty good visibility. there's just barely see the campanelli right there. so whenever you can see those things from sutro tower, you got pretty good air quality. there's a low pressure to the north of us. you can probably pick it out up in the gulf of alaska. this guy in that system there, it's pretty significant. it's a nice looking system, and it's going to settle down over the bay area over the next 24 to 36 hours. it's going to live here for maybe 72 hours. and that's going to drop our temperatures down, and it's not a big drop off, but instead of mid nineties, low nineties upper eighties in the hotspots
5:53 pm
and then along the coast fog is a constant. that's not going away, and there it is. now that's a live picture of our live picture. that's a current satellite picture of the foggy you see that finger shooting across the bay right there, it's going to have a pretty good coverage tomorrow morning. i think the fog will current temperatures. there's that 97 out there in the valley, so it's worn out in brentwood are 95. even brought with 97 in fairfield, 79. napa little bit cooler. these temperatures running about three degrees warmer than they were last night at this time, so just the red weren't that's what we got now, tomorrow temperatures cool down there high is going to keep the inland areas hot, but there's low to the north of us is going to continue to keep the beaches and most of the bay area reasonable and kind of in the kind of temperature footprint that you expect. there's the low that hangs on wednesday through thursday, bring a few clouds might bring a little bit of drizzle, especially up to the marine county area. bodega bay area. it should be a pretty just mild period tomorrow morning.
5:54 pm
there's the fog footprint gets into the livermore valley burns back slow and then there you go, right and there's still heat. you see purple, you see one hundreds in the inland valleys, but we are surrounded with the greens and the yellows, which are sixties and seventies. so 19 antioch tomorrow, 89. careful. i like that. that's good numbers. 80 in santa rosa air quality is still good. i mentioned well to the north of us up in the northeast part of the state up around the dixie fire. a red flag warning is going to go into effect or as we head into wednesday night into thursday as they get winds that law is going to create unfortunate win situation for them up. there it should expire on thursday evening. around eight o'clock, i'll see you back here at six with updates. okay, bill. thank you. some good news for warriors fans, stephan curry and the warriors have agreed on big contract extension. the two time nba m v p has reached a four year 215 million contract extension. this makes curry the first player in league history to
5:55 pm
sign to $200 million plus contracts. his current deal expires next summer. the extension will keep curry in san francisco and here in the bay area through 2026. millions of americans could face eviction this summer, while billions in federal rental aid goes unused. i'm caroline shively facing eviction could sot
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a break from the federal government. fox news caroline chevrolets in washington now, with the details on the new eviction moratorium tuesday afternoon, president joe biden said he has asked the cdc to help renters in america who are facing eviction after a
5:58 pm
moratorium expired over the weekend. i've sought out constitutional scholars. to determine what is the best possibility that would come from executive action or the cdc's judgment. what could they do that was most likely to pass muster. constitutionally more than six million renters across the us are behind in their payments, according to moody's data. that's putting a lot of financial hardship on these families. so if they're not able to pay the rent, then, of course the landlords are gonna try to evict them. the cdc under the trump administration put the moratorium in place because of the covid pandemic. president biden extended it, but landlords challenged the order, saying they need to pay their own bills. i'm old over $65,000 i know that i can. two or go through litigation in court, but i do not expect any of that money. congress has approved $36 billion for emergency rent aid, but republicans point out only a very small percentage of it has
5:59 pm
been distributed when people do get evicted. it is because of the incompetence of this administration and the democrats are running washington even with this new moratorium. white house officials say they've asked states to do everything possible to get unused funds to renters and landlords were really pressing states to get this money out and to extend the eviction moratorium. the census bureau reports. as of a month ago, 3.6 million people said they faced eviction by early september in washington. caroline shively fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. new developments in the search for missing east bay runner just about an hour ago, investigators announced that they believe they have found the man's remains today at approximately 2 30 pm citizen volunteer was searching for philip critic in the area of the northern part of the pleasanton ridge open space
6:00 pm
ridge area. uh and that person located an individual to see. individual matching the description of philip krycek. the discovery comes more than three weeks after the man went missing back on july 10th. good evening, everyone i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. frank and julie are off tonight. we're also learning that discovery was made in an area that is not traveled by the public. ktvu sam burleigh was at the news conference this afternoon with police and she joins us now live with the latest. this developing story. amber alex were just outside the pleasanton police department where they made the announcement. it is obviously a very sad day for everyone involved crisis family, the volunteer searchers and law enforcement now pleasant and police say around 2 30 this afternoon, a volunteer searcher found human remains. with clothing and shoes that matched that of philip crisis. the discovery was made at the pleasanton reach ridge regional park. he's


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