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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 3, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. searcher finds a body near an east bay trail and tonight officials say that they believe it is the remains of a runner who went missing three weeks ago. pretty heartbroken over this. we've invested a lot of time and energy and care as a community as one team to find philip and to bring him home, a disappointment and sadness
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tonight after authorities and volunteers spent three weeks searching for philip kray, check. good evening, everyone and heather holmes and i'm alex savage, frank and julie both are off tonight. the body was found this afternoon about 2000 ft. from a trail that's not often used by the public at pleasanton ridge regional park, ktvu samuel alito. guests live tonight from pleasanton with the latest details on this case, amber alex were outside the pleasanton police department. this is where law enforcement officials made the announcement that the missing runner have been discovered just this afternoon. around 6 30 tuesday evening, a caravan from the alameda county coroner's office arrived at a private road leading to the pleasanton ridge was no park to pick up the remains believed to be philip kray check of berkeley. the mystery of the missing runners solved by a volunteer searcher around 2 30 in the afternoon. that person located an individual deceased individual matching the description of philip krajcik,
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who's been missing approximately three weeks. police say the discovery was made about a half mile from the trail with a 37 year old had planned to run july 10th. it's devastating, especially for the community, because somehow we see this just doesn't happen. shock and disappointment. this grim development comes in the it's of a continuing effort by search volunteers long after law enforcement ended its search and the fact that it took this long to find him is what, really, um, kind of blew me away. you know, everybody tried their hardest. law enforcement says the discovery was made in rugged terrain with trees, an easy area for someone to slip and fall. it's unclear if the area happen. searched previously, sergeant ray kelly with the alameda county sheriff's office tells me clothing and shoes found appear to belong. to the avid runner. is there a crime here? is there not a crime here is their foul play or any type of suspicious activity. or is this a more natural type of death questions? law enforcement hope that an
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autopsy can answer. investigators say nothing has been ruled out as to what happened to create check or how he ended up in an area he had not intended to go. we don't know at this time if there was any sort of injury, or if he had to come to some sort of heat distress. krycek was a scientist, a husband and a father of two. young children. he struck a chord with this volunteer who tells me he mountain bikes in the open space area. maybe when we were searching, maybe we were just feet away from him. and if that's the case, it would be would be pretty heavy to know that maybe we didn't look to the left just long enough to find him on the top, and autopsy is scheduled for wednesday. sergeant ray kelly says they may have a preliminary cause of death. if there are obvious signs of a catastrophic injury, family member say they are grateful for everyone who worked hard to bring cree check home. alex yeah, just a sad ending to this long search for so many involved amberleigh live
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tonight in pleasanton. amber thank you. national night out. events are happening tonight, all across the country in oakland, community groups and law enforcement gathered at the ella baker center on 34th avenue. organizers say their goal is to create a space for people that's free of violence. the whole point is to present a positive vision for safety that isn't rooted in the carcel state that doesn't rely on policing in prisons, but that relies on healing that relies on art and culture and just really providing people with the resources. they mean to have autonomy and dignity in their lives. national night out was started in 1984. it is held on the first tuesday of every august. the idea is to get people outdoors interacting with their neighbors and their local police departments to raise awareness about crime and safety issues. and work to improve neighborhoods and communities now to the lotus on the coronavirus, and let's give a look now at the latest numbers from the state. new cases were down yesterday from the day before, just over 7300. new cases were reported. 11
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more people with covid-19 died hospitalizations, though, continue to rise. 348 more people are in the hospital compared to the day before, with the total now up to more than 5000 patients. test positivity remains at 6.7% some bay area cities are now considering whether to follow new york city's lead where today, the mayor said everyone will be required to show proof of covid vaccination to get inside a number of places like restaurants, gyms and theaters. ktvu is azenith smith joining us live tonight after talking with some bay area health officers, azenith smith. well alex many bay area businesses have voluntarily instituted a that. vaccine requirements, like three below theaters here in san jose, and the hope is that more establishments will do it on their ownpreading deltt city leaders in san francisco berkeley are pushing for a mandate. if you want to participate in our society fully, you've got to get
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vaccinated. following new york city's announcement requiring proof of vaccination for indoor restaurants, gyms and theaters, some various cities may follow works point out again. right now, we've seen that a number of bars. and restaurants and other entities are doing that. i would not be surprised if you see a similar order come down for san francisco or the bay area counties. as soon as this week. san francisco supervisor matt haney is among those pushing for a vaccine mandate in the bay area as covid hospitalization surge. we are in danger of actually going back to seeing case levels and hospitalizations at the level that we had at the height of this pandemic. berkeley's mayor says that city is also exploring proof of the shot and i've heard more people asked that there be proof of vaccination than being. forced to wear a mask indoors. alameda county is not considering it for now, a statement reads in part, emerging research shows vaccinated people may also spread the delta variant businesses can choose to implement vaccination
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verification systems, but it shouldn't replace requiring everyone to wear masks dr. monica gandhi of ucsf says. bottom line the country needs more immunity. i don't think anyone thinks that we can mask our way out of this pandemic. or socially distance or ventilate because we did all of that many bay area bars, restaurants and theaters are already requiring patrons to show proof of vaccination at the door at three below theaters in san jose, business boomed after implementing it. we had people attending the movies coming to dine at the cafe writing to us saying i'll see you this weekend. if you want. shut down, get vaccinated at tony and alba's restaurant in san jose. this customer forgot his vaccination card not able to dine inside it so okay. i didn't get offended. i mean, it's the right thing to do. and there are questions surrounding implementation and enforcement. some businesses say they've had some challengers, but for the most part, they've received broad support what could be
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problematic is this if this isn't a regional mandates, alex alright as in the smith live for us tonight. thank you, as in it, and today was the first day mask for required indoors in most of the bay area. the order is in effect in every bay area county except napa and solano, and it applies to everyone. one, regardless of vaccination status. some businesses tell us they've had people get hostile over return to masking rules, including the example of a woman who started throwing produce when she was asked to put on a face covering at an oakland market, she just like, get upset about the situation and she drove half watermelon and, you know, i mean on the manager store managers tried to take over the situation, and then she thrown a bigger watermelon to him. the mass mandated is in effect in alameda, contra costa. marin san francisco, san mateo, santa clara and sonoma counties. four of those counties are seeing high rates of covid transmission, mostly among the unvaccinated and more testing
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and vaccine clinics. clinics are being held an elevator county this week to encourage people to protect themselves and others. health officials offered a pop up site today at greater st paul church on martin luther king way in oakland. a number of people were getting tested both unvaccinated residents and fully vaccinated people who are concerned about the spread of the delta variant. just recently got back from a long road trip. um i was passing through arizona, nevada and new mexico and i just wanted to make sure it and like, bring anything back at in oakland, people can get tests and vaccines it friendship christian center tomorrow as well as friday, and then allen temple baptist church on saturday. sonoma county says it also is expanding testing services due to greater demand. we have much more on the latest coronavirus search coming up tonight at 10 30 house, san francisco is making it even easier for people to get the vaccine, a new poll finds voters are evenly divided on
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whether to recall governor newsom next month. the emerson college next star survey of likely voters found 46% are in favor of recalling the governor. that's up. 3% points from july. the number opposed to the recall was flat at 48% 40% of people are still undecided about who should replace governor newsome. talk show host larry elder has the most support of any candidate at 23% businessman john cox and reality star caitlyn jenner, both pole at 7% and state assemblyman kevin kiley stands at 5% loyola law professor jessica levinson told us earlier that newsome is working hard to try. to energize his base for governor newsom. the biggest threat isn't who one of the names on the recall list. i don't think any of those people could beat him in a head to head in california, the biggest threat is again voters, just feeling either apathetic or kind of angry and that's where he could potentially be in trouble, levinson said. the
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perception of a close race could boost voter turnout among newsome supporters. the growing number of lawmakers, including president biden are now calling on new york governor andrew cuomo to resign after the state attorney general found he sexually harassed several women. fox news madala rivera has reaction now to today's bombshell. report what i said was if the investigation, attorney general concluded that the allegations are correct. that back in march that i would recommend he resigned. that's what i'm doing today. president biden joining the rising number of people calling on new york governor andrew cuomo to step down. cuomo facing political fallout after a months long investigation, alleged he sexually harassed at least 11 women by engaging in unwanted groping kisses, hugging and by making inappropriate comments. new york lawmakers reacting to the report. i continue to believe that he should resign
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the fact that there are 11 women coming forward, um, is deeply deeply disturbing the scandal, even hitting the bipartisan infrastructure deal. senator joni ernst has filed an amendment to the package to ban funds for any state where the governor has been found to have sexually harassed employees. but cuomo is denying wrongdoing, saying the facts are different from what was presented in the report. i want you to know directly for from me that i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. cuomo is refusing to step down and he talks about welcoming the judge and jury in the case. he may just want to welcome the judge, because i'm not too sure a jury is going to be that welcoming of this defense, new york state assembly speaker says cuomo has lost the confidence of the democratic majority and can no longer remain in office, he adds. they look to finish impeachment investigation once they get all
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of the evidence from the attorney general in washington mall, the rivera fox news, an effort to prevent shoplifting in the east bay coming up tonight, the department store willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to prevent thieves from targeting their high end items and a bit of a cool down coming our way as we head into tomorrow and beyond. i'll talk about that and then a warm up towards the weekend back here after the break. also new information tonight about a man shot and killed on highway four coming up after the break. we're going to hear from loved ones who say the 26 year old was about to be a father? no parents should be burying their kids and then for two, you know his baby asset that now come into the world, you know,
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and arrest in a shocking murder back in march 58 year old andre weston is charged with the murder of 58 year old william van police say the victim was beaten, stabbed and then set on fire. police say there was some sort of altercation between those two men. weston doused van with an accelerant and then set him on fire. van who was homeless, suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 75 to 80% of his body and died five days later. police call this a horrific and senseless is killing. we have some new
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information tonight about the victim of a freeway shooting in antioch that we brought you last night is breaking news right here at 10. well tonight, friends of the man killed on highway four. now talking about the loss. ktvu crime reporter henry lee is live for us now at the chp office there in martinez with the very latest at henry investigators any closer to determining a motive. not this time, heather. now the victim is going to be a father for the very first time in just a couple of months and now loved ones are in mourning as the chp tries to find whoever is responsible for this latest deadly shooting on highway four yet again, another deadly shooting on highway four this time in antioch, the victim 26 year old lawrence s cloven of stockton seen here in a photo from his facebook page holding his college degree. the shooting happened at about 7 30 monday night on eastbound highway four near hilton. west avenue s. laban died at the scene. heartbroken you know, that was my boy. rashad it's and grew up with s cloven in pittsburgh. his friend was going to be a father for the
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first time with the baby boy due in october, his profile pictures on facebook show a man enjoying life and being happy. no parents should be burying their kid and then for two you know, his baby assets now come into the world, you know, without a father, just senseless, senseless violence, and, uh, it just needs to stop. michael crutchfield was previously the victims supervisor at dhl and tracy. you could tell he was raised the correct way. he was not doing any bad things. he was a hard working young man that came to world works sometimes 60 hours a week, the chp shut down a large portion of the highway to look for evidence, including shell casings. authorities say freeway shootings can be complicated crimes. scenes. that evidence isn't going to remain in a static location the way we would if there was a shooting outside of a home or inside of the building where there's a controlled environment prosecutor simon o. connell is the acting second in command at the contra costa county da's office, he says investigators are exploring all possible
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motives, whether that's because they are mistaken for being somebody who was arrival whether a gang member has chosen to target someone, and then there is collateral damage or there's road rage. um it is a pandemic as the chp tries to find the shooter, friends of desk laban are saying farewell. i love you, lawrence. um, you know, watch out over us. now. as part of the investigation, the chp will look at security cameras shot spire devices, an license plate readers to try to find the shooter reporting live at the chp office in martinez, henry lee ktvu fox studios and hopefully the security cameras will turn up some valuable evidence. henry lee. thank you, well, the city of walnut creek agreed tonight to step up its police presence at the nordstrom store their broadway plaza after a series of grab and run thefts elsewhere, the city council voted unanimously tonight and face. for of the proposal, the city had to sign off on the plan because the patrols would be done by officers on voluntary overtime
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and at an estimated cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, officials say vehicles belonging to organize groups targeting high end stores around the bay area have been captured on video casing broadway plaza, just a handful of people attended tonight's meeting, and that included one man who spoke out against the patrols. what would happen if an incident should happen there inside nordstrom. the liability would then fall upon the citizens of walnut creek, not nordstrom. and that's why i'm speaking against the proposal. nordstrom says it is concerned about the safety of its employees and its customers. the company said it plans to reimburse the city for the overtime costs. the stubborn dixie fire is prompting new evacuation orders in plumas county after the fire jumped highway 89 near lake almagor tonight. the town of chester is under an evacuation order as well as the entire perimeter of lake almagor, which includes many homes. hot dry winds have made firefighting conditions very difficult. the dixie fire
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has now burned more than 250. 54,000 acres and is 35% contained. the flames have destroyed 45 homes and businesses. 12,000 others remain threatened, and that dixie fire has just in the last half of a day has made it down to the south shore of lake almagor, which is right down if you're going to like alvin, or you know where that is, there's a lot of stuff thereby greenville. also there's a red flag warning going into effect tomorrow through thursday evening for that area, as the winds are going to pick up a little bit, so not great. news and the dixie fire story for us. we got more of the same. we warmed up today, a few degrees, so we popped up a little bit temperatures tomorrow we're going to drip down into thursday. they bought them out and they come back up towards friday and saturday. so a really nice little pattern for us, quite frankly, so tomorrow's forecast highs and you know why? i think it's a nice pattern, right? i keep saying it, but this is so important that we do have these cool, higher humidity days. better air quality, but it's really all about fire right now. you know the long the more
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days like tomorrow like wednesday that we can get. the better off. we're going to be all of us are going to be you know if we can avoid these big heat heat stents. these were the highest from today. it was warmer today in those inland valleys warmer than yesterday. 98 in fairfield, 96 in antioch highs tomorrow. going to come down a couple of degrees. as i just pointed out, there's plenty of fog out there. there's this low. i talked about last night's. it's up to the to the pacific northwest, and it's going to stay close enough to us that we're going to continue with this pattern, which is advantageous in a lot of ways, so we'll talk about that. i'll see you back here with the forecast. it includes temperatures where you live, and the five day thanks, bill well, coming up an indication that concern over the pandemic could be slowing down. we'll tell you about the decline in sales. clorox's reporting plus school set to start in just a few days in oakland, but some teachers say they want more safety protocols before heading back to class and coming up later tonight, chilling new body camera video from surfside, florida what officers saw the moment they arrive to the scene
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of that collapse. condo. to ban d
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other cleaning products brought on by the pandemic last year, appears to be over last year. demand for clorox cleaning products led to empty shelves. it limits on how many items people could buy. but now, clorox says, sales in its health and wellness unit declined to 17% in the most recent quarter. clorox shares had their biggest one day drop in more than two decades. following 9.5% overall, those stocks rallied on wall street today, with tech and healthcare shares lifting tomorrow. markets. the dow was up 278 points. the nasdaq gained 80 points and the s and p was up 35 banks and energy stocks also moved higher. millions of people receiving disability benefits are stuck in a federal program that punishes them for having more than $2000 in a savings account. ktvu tom vacar spoke with advocates who say
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the system is flawed. see supplemental security income has caused many disabled folks to live, enforced poverty and in fear of getting a job or saving money. it's for disabled people under 65, for whom work is difficult or impossible, as well as seniors without assets or access to resources, but it's a system many disability experts and advocates say is hopelessly flawed. so it pushes people into poverty, where it's a program that was initiated to help people not be in such dire situation with poverty. currently 10 million sse recipients would lose their government benefits if they have over $2000 in the bank. you can own your home and your car and still get sse, right? its income. that's the issue. my house is falling apart. it needs about $50,000 in repairs. um because i purchased it, as is. and i'm not able to save
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money in order to pay for those repairs. anything above two grand uncle sam can deny applicants or kick folks off and they tell you that you're supposed to report your guests. thank your birthing it not like that. so ridiculous. what? why would i report gifts like i'm not using that correct people tell me they got turned down because they had the babies. all the baby's birth money. all the birthdays. all the christmases all the holidays, putting one account and. they couldn't get it as a result of that, whether it's you know, getting that car going back to school, um, paying for education? um um and anything that would make their life better. the $2000 limits set 32 years ago is less than half of what it's worth today. and their health care is at risk because ssc is linked. to, medical advocates say disabled folks are already so marginalized a more common sense approach needs to apply.
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tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. coming up more on the ongoing push to get more people vaccinated. the bay area county considering a mandate that all school employees get the shot, plus san francisco will bring you bring the vaccine to you details on that program and the extra protection the city is offering if you receive the johnson and johnson vaccine, and later tonight, sports director mark combined is brings to light an obscure rule that got in the way of a giants victory tonight in arizona. also, the drought prompts new water restrictions later tonight how we will impact tonight how we will impact thousands you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget.
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babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! new cases every day a month ago,
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up to more than 200 new cases per day as ktvu christian captain, reports these numbers are prompting officials to take a creative approach to try to encourage more people to get vaccinated. with more than 77% of the city's eligible population vaccinated san francisco political and health leaders are coming together to push for the remaining unvaccinated population to get immunized against covid-19. you probably be using music to catch the attention of passers by volunteers from vax to the max took to the streets, talking with those who are hesitant, urging them to get vaccinated. we just really here to try to encourage them to, if not get the shot, at least find out the facts about. it before it just saying no, i'm not going to do it. the city's director of public health doctor grant colfax, saying the surge of the delta variant of covid-19 should be a wake up call. this is covid on steroids. this virus is different from the virus route dealing with a little bit ago. the difference
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now between being vaccinated and not getting vaccinated could be the difference between sniffles and suffocation. the city now saying that it will dispatch mobile vaccination clinics, two groups as small as five. 5 to 12 people. we will bring our doctors and nurses and equipment and other resources to you, the city also taking the unusual step of allowing those who have received the johnson and johnson vaccine and are concerned about a breakthrough infection to request a supplemental shot of either pfizer or moderna. i think the important thing is that right now we don't have conclusive data on additional shots beyond what cdc is recommending, but again in consultation with infectious disease expert so we do believe this is safe, um, and that we will accommodate people if they so request, san francisco's department of public health says the move to offer additional vaccine to those who request it is not a change in policy. they say they will accommodate those requests, but they're still not recommending boosters at this point in san francisco
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christian captain ktvu fox two names marin county is reportedly considering a vaccine mandate for its public school employees, according to the marin independent journal county health and education officials will discuss the issue tomorrow when an online webinar some private schools in marin county are already requiring their employees to be vaccinated. the marin county office of education says more than 96% of its staff have verified that they are fully vaccinated and as katie was, greg lee explains tonight, one state lawmaker once all school districts to make mandate vaccines or weekly testing as parents around the state prepared to send their kids back into the classroom. bay area state senator josh becker called on school districts to require vaccinations or frequent testing for teachers and staff. now is the moment for us to create a wall of safety around our kids standing in front of the vaccination site in east palo alto, becker urged adults in schools to do
10:33 pm
everything they can to avoid any interruptions to in person learning this year. if we lose a year, another year of in person learning will be 100% on us as adults, but this pandemic has had very catastrophic and very concerning effects on the mental health of children. the isolation, the lack of socialization. the state mandates everyone in california public schools where a mask indoors regardless of vaccination status that strong criticism from some parents. states provided money for testing and other measures but left safety plants up to districts san jose unified went a step further requiring teachers and staff to be vaccinated or be tested twice a week. individually myself and open schools california we have come out in support of, you know, teacher and staff mandates for vaccines. um you know, i think in some district san jose certainly was the first to do it. we support that. megan bacigalupi leads open schools california a group of parents committed to ensuring in person instruction for kids. believe vaccinated students and
10:34 pm
teachers should be able to go masculine. we asked san francisco unified superintendent dr vincent matthews on the nine if his district would require vaccines for staff. currently what we're doing is assessing exactly where we are who has been vaccinated and who hasn't and then we'll be using that data just as we do with all our health and safety measures were using that data to assess next steps. the california teachers association continues to urge members to get vaccinated and sent us the statement. we support the growing number of school districts who have worked in concert with educators and local unions to develop robust testing and vaccine verification policies. state senator becker reiterated he believes the right protocols are in place for schools to be very safe. greg lee ktvu fox two news. some oakland school teachers say they're concerned about safety as school opens on monday, oakland teachers are set to vote over the next few days on a tentative agreement with the district for reopening the district will require all
10:35 pm
students and staff to wear masks. it's also offering the option of distance learning for families that don't feel comfortable today. some teachers and parents said. it's not enough and they want vaccine and testing mandates. this is a full reopening with no social distancing masks only required inside, not outside. there's no real way and teachers and students and parents know this. that students can be kept safe at school, the district says at home covid test will be available at all school sites. this afternoon, the cbc issued a new eviction moratorium that will last through october. 3rd. it comes after all, wide ranging federal ban expired of the weekend. the new guidance from the cbc will ban evictions in counties with high rates of covid-19 transmission. the new moratorium will come for roughly 90% of renters in the us, the white house says. it's hoping to get millions of dollars in emergency aid approved by congress to people
10:36 pm
who need it. we are really pressing states to get this money out and to extend the infection moratorium. some states, including california, new york and new jersey, have enacted their own eviction bands, according to the census bureau around 3.5 million americans could be facing eviction within the next two months. speaker nancy pelosi issued a statement after divided administration made that announcement saying in part quote today is a day of extraordinary relief, thanks to the leadership of president biden, the imminent fear of eviction and being put out on the street has been lifted for countless families across america help. is here, is anybody down? the angels still to come tonight? dramatic new body camera video from surfside, florida showing the moments, officers arrived to find people buried under the rubble of that collapse. condo and a bit of a cooling trend coming our way and then a warm up for the weekend. we'll look at it in the five day forecast coming up next. and law enforcement
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officers lined the street to pay tribute to the officer stabbed to death near the pentagon. the very latest on the investigation, including what we're learning about th
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. collapsed. really there in disbelief of what they're seeing new video tonight from the early morning hours of june 24th. that's when that condo complex in florida suddenly went down service. i police releasing this body camera footage. they were the first to respond to the scene, and you can see all the dust and smoke as officers. spoke to witnesses who were in shock it what had just happened. 98 people died in the collapse. the cost has
10:40 pm
not yet been determined. a pentagon police officer has died after he was stabbed in a violent attack just outside of the complex today, defense secretary lloyd austin ordered the flags at the pentagon to fly at half staff, and officers lined the streets near george washington university hospital to pay tribute to the fallen officer as he was taken to the from the hospital to the medical examiner's office. pentagon police have not released many details about exactly what happened, but they have said that 27 year old austin william lands from georgia allegedly stabbed that officer to death. he was then shot and killed by another officer. the attack prompted an immediate lockdown at the pentagon. the incident is over. the scene is secure, and most importantly, there's no continuing threat to our community. the fbi is on scene leading the investigation. police have not said what they believe the suspects motive was and they have not identified. the officer who was killed.
10:41 pm
frontier airlines says it is supporting flight attendants who wound up restraining a passenger with duct tape. no, no. nope chip. chill out. authorities say that 22 year old maxwell barry got belligerent after a few drinks on a flight from philadelphia to miami saturday. he is accused of groping to female flight attendants and then attacking another one crew members duct taped buried to his seat until the plane landed. he was arrested and charged with three counts of battery. those crew members, by the way, who were involved or unpaid leave us gymnast simone biles return to competition today, taking part in just one event. she won the bronze medal during the balance beam finals, the 24 year old made headlines all around the world after withdrawing from several events, saying that she wasn't mentally ready. bile said she lost spatial awareness in the air, which jim gymnasts called the twist ease. she also revealed that her aunt had died just two days ago. biles said. this
10:42 pm
bronze medal means even more than her goals. i'm pretty happy. i wasn't expecting to meddle just to have one more opportunity to compete at the olympics meant the world to me about the satisfaction. biles now ties the record for the most olympic medals won by a u. s gymnast with shannon miller. each of them have seven medals. nice to see her pick up that medal. absolutely well, coming up california issues some new water restrictions. plus, he's fully understand the tremendous responsibility that we have. in preventing catastrophic wildfires. pg any working to prevent even more wildfires and says that more power shutoffs might be needed this year and, thankfully, no dangerous fire weather in our five day forecast, chief meteorologist bill martin is up next with what you can expect for the rest of this week after the break.
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i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen.
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or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. state regulators today to discuss how it plans to use power shutoffs to keep virus from sparking as ktvu brooks jarocz tells us, pgd says they've made improvements to their pre emptive outage system, but there may be more of them this year. the huge dixie fire and smaller fly fire that merged with it in the sierra nevada may both have been sparked by trees falling on pg and e power lines are firefighters have been on the front lines. a significant
10:46 pm
increase it fires this year that have already burned significantly more acres than we were at the same time period last year, which is why pg and e and other utilities have been called to task by the california public utilities commission. the focus readiness plans to shut off power to reduce wildfire risk fully understand the tremendous responsibility that we have. in preventing catastrophic wildfires. public safety power shut off are unnecessary tool in preventing catastrophic wildfires. but regulators want to make sure it's a last resort, especially for those who depend on it for life saving medical devices, the consequences of lots of power. are far beyond inconsequential be. jenny has the responsibility to manage their grid responsibly and they have a duty to keep the safety and well being of their customers as their highest priority. pg and e says it will decide on
10:47 pm
public safety power shutoffs based on not just wind and weather conditions, but now looking at specific trees that could potentially strike lines. or those lines targeted as higher risk of sparking a fire this year. the utility predicts about five major psp s events each could last more than a day and a half and effective to 360 californians. we know how disruptive. it is to lose power, and we've been working on stop to ease the burden on our customers and our communities that we have the privilege of serving while models aimed to pinpoint and build a high fire risk map work is also underway to sexualized the grid to limit outage size and under grounding of lines is happening to it all follows power lines being blamed for about half of the most destructive wildfires in california history. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. thousands of farmers are now facing orders from the state to stop taking water out of the state's major rivers due
10:48 pm
to the drought, the state water resources control board approved the emergency order today, and it takes effect in two weeks. the resolution affects water rights to the vast sacramento and san joaquin river systems. there are exceptions for drinking water and other needs, alrighty, then taking a look at our local weather, it turned out to be another nice day, temperatures inland warmed up a couple of degrees today, too. pictures tomorrow will be a little bit cooler. the next 48 hours. temperatures are going to trend down and then they're going to trend up for the weekend, so it's not going to get real hot and it's not going to get real cold. it's really going to stay almost just about right and you've got the clouds outside this live camera shot. obviously the bay bridge and never ceases to. it's amazing when you look at that left dog leg in that that bridge, isn't it like, yo, you know you can think of the bay bridge is straight across. look at the dogleg it takes at treasure island. um fog out there now. fog pretty much in the morning and a little bit further inland than today. not a heck of a lot, but a little bit further inland, and that will set us up with, uh, you know, a little cooler start. hence a little
10:49 pm
cooler day tomorrow. this system here you can kind of see it right here. this guy. so this guy, this low is kind of hanging on and it's close enough to us that it's taken. the fog pushing inland is taking the smoke and blowing it out of here. it's keeping the fire danger reasonable. it's the reason for the cooling tomorrow. it's the reason again. we're not seeing heat advisories and spare the air day. so we're fortunate to have that this part of the country. they're in a severe drought, too. but in the last two weeks, they have really made up a lot of ground with a lot of rain coming down even tonight in denver and albuquerque in el paso, it's moved from phoenix from salt lake city, a little bit east, but that's some tropical moisture has been delivering significant rainfall. these areas that's not going to blow it up and give him you know, great, uh, water conditions, but it's not going to be a severe drought. many areas in that region. the fog is shooting across the bay now, tomorrow is going to be a little bit foggier in the morning. i think we'll see some fog into livermore valley. i think we'll see some interest walnut creek, which is a little
10:50 pm
further than we had this morning. these are the current temperatures which are running about where they were last night, maybe a little cooler. the winds are doing what they do. 25 miles an hour west at fairfield's sfo was gusting to 20 earlier. now it's 14 sustained. and then this high, which is really trying to heat us up and could really mess with our air quality and could really increased fire. danger is being kept at bay by this low up here, and so there's just tug of war going on, which has been going on pretty much all summer. this low is going to push it away tomorrow, the high it's going to push the high further away, stood up the hot in the valley. but for wednesday and thursday, tomorrow and thursday, temperatures are going to be generally cooler, which is great. so that locanda that's i pointed, that's why pointed to low out right off the top because i want you to see that's the mechanism for this sort of i almost call this a mild pattern for the bay area for august. yeah, i would call it mild, especially tomorrow. the next day. there's that bite of cool air. there are the forecast highs for tomorrow. i'll check them out the hotspots 90 in antioch. that's
10:51 pm
way down from the 97 we saw today inland. there is the five day forecast. i'll see you back here at 11. okay bill. thank you. disneyland announcing today that they will return the magic key passes. there are four different levels ranging from $400 a month to $1400 a month. the base level allows visitors to make reservations on certain days of the year and is only available to southern california residents that highest level or dream key has no blackout dates and includes discounts on food and merchandise, as well as free parking magic passes will be available starting august 25th. all right, coming up tonight in sports. the giants face an old friend in madison bumgarner sports director mark gavin newsom. be here to show us how this all went down in arizona, still so strange to see him and a uniform, other offended giants. alright, then coming up on the 11 o'clock news, a popular oakland thai restaurant, take a look robbed at gunpoint. more of this surveillance video showing t
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
and steph curry juggling avocados for some reason. with you in the vinyl room tonight. all right, you know, it's hard to criticize anything the giants have done this year, but i kind of think they missed the boat on this. if you're a giants fan, come on. did you want to see buster posey and brandon crawford steppin against madison bumgarner world series heroes that just didn't happen. neither went up in the lineup. don't understand that. butin arizona tonight, you'll see why that hurt them. it was 99 degrees. there are no where alex and heather would have been him. they'd been in the game tonight. out, right heel. johnny cueto in trouble. 1st and 2nd kurt castle here it is uses this mask to corral the ball's movement. you cannot do that. long story short, no
10:55 pm
equipment. anything to stop the movement of a ball. so now much to the chagrin of gabe kapler and the rest of buster posey wouldn't have done that right? instead of 1st and 2nd. you got runners at 2nd and 3rd keep play as dribble. cabrera two pitches later, a two run rip that scores a couple and it said three arizona lead madison bumgarner scored all the way from first. no way scores from second, but you've got to give him credit. big lefty. how's it going on vs his ex mates, he went seven innings gave up only one run very sharp been collecting his sixth win of the year. kurt gasoline who did the big faux pas for the giants did collect their only run of the game with his fifth home run of the year. mad bum is six and six. the d backs improved to 40 under 500. their 34 74 got to go get them tomorrow you cannot
10:56 pm
lose a couple in a row to the d backs, but there's other good news for the giants with regard to the dodgers, but not the padres. aids could help themselves could help the giants. they help neither apparently that day off yesterday didn't do a whole lot of positive. in oakland tonight. san diego. look at these young little leaguers, man they look decked out like young pro players. sean man happened so good a bleak but its ninth pitch after about a tommy pham will leave the yard one nothing. an f four to third gave up eight hits, five runs. he's now 87 uncharacteristic of him of late come. the fifth city. the padres are leading or nothing. and the della with guelleh gives it up the stroke to the can't draw of the nolan, and he's got himself a two run double six love padres and the a's left plenty of men stranded, but they did not leave anybody here. starling marte, a
10:57 pm
newcomer, and that is the rip that will leave the yard, his first as an a had three hits and storm base. so that's the positive signed, however, it was all padres elvis andrus, robbed in center field about trent christians. that's a big time played 2 11 in progress. pure robbery 81 final, houston beat the dodgers of the a are 5.5 games back. you've got willie mays, barry bonds joe montana as the all time sports heroes and you've got to put steph curry right up there with them. they combined none of those guys as as much as steph signed for today, four years 200 million.60 million, uh, in his last year, 53 million throughout the contractors, the average is the first nba player to have 2 $20 million plus deals. he'll be 38 at the end of it. $200 million. plus two
10:58 pm
of me side. uh perfect face of the franchise. they say life begins at 40 staff is going to have a good series in his forties. i'll tell you that someday he'll be in the hall of fame and years from now, but this week. 49ers john lynch will be there in captain ohio. a lot of young fans think of him as the 49ers brain trust the president. however you've been around a while you remember at stanford. he came to the cardinal as a quarterback and eventually a guy by the name of bill walls, looked at him and said, you know what this guy would make a great defensive back turned him that way. and in the nfl, he was a perennial all pro. safety and, of course, very grateful for the man who usually is just called the genius and returned to stanford. as still bill saw a lot in me, and i'll forever be grateful for that, because i
10:59 pm
don't think i'd be on the stage and can if not for bill walsh and in his the things he said to me, and i'll leave it at that. because i do want to keep some for the speech, but i'm incredibly indebted to him. absolutely okay. we've got to check this out. what was the reception like to the houston astros at dodger stadium tonight that spans down there still remember the 2017 world series. here's the cheaters greedy. check this out. i love it. you love jose el to bay of buried the brunt of a terrace, a leadoff man and they let them have it. garbage cans flying out there. plastic, of course. and eventually, the dodgers would lose three. nothing so not your total revenge right there, and mookie betts did make a nice play there. that's the sporting life for right now. we'll have more at 11 o'clock. of course. alright appreciate
11:00 pm
it. mark. thanks mark coming up next here at 11. i think there's a good chance that we do have some sort of indoor vaccine mandate for certain types of environments like restaurants. i think there is a very good chance that that is going to happen. some city leaders here in the bay area, pushing for a widespread vaccine mandate. his cases continued to surge. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now some pay area businesses are already requiring proof of vaccination, but there's talk of making it a requirement to help drive higher vaccination rates in love again, everyone i'm alex happened, and i'm heather holmes. frank and julie are off tonight. new york city is already rolling it out, announcing that people must be vaccinated if they want to go. bar restaurant gyms and entertainment venues. gait whose azenith smith joins us now live and as this in bay area cities are expected to also follow suit. yes heather is some city leaders in san francisco and berkeley say


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