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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 4, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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uh, throughout our community and in our schools is to encourage vaccinations. taking steps to protect teachers and students. the announcement by marin county public schools surrounding the covid vaccine and what happens if those teachers aren't vaccinated, plus scary moments for homeowners in one pleasant hill community, the series of events just moments before someone opened fire after a stranger entered their home, the fact that it took this long to find him is what really, um, kind of blue. me away. body discovered on an east bay hiking trail in the same area where a runner went missing three weeks ago. what we're learning about the investigation and questions that still need to be answered. news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon. afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian and how everyone i'm frank mallicoat ian for mike mibach this noon, the superintendent of marin county education office says all adults in school settings will need to
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provide. proof of vaccination or negative covid test to start the school year. the guidance supplies until 116 private public and parochial schools in that county ktvu zahle rasmus joins us live with details on that alley. well, frank, most marin county schools start the new academic year in just a couple of weeks, and when they do all the teachers, staff and administrators in those schools will have to show proof that they are fully vaccinated against covid 19 or submit to weak. covid tests. marin%-pcounn program for teachers is similar to what san jose unified school district is doing. we are saying you should be vaccinated and we need you to be vaccinated if you are not yet fully vaccine, you will be going through the weekly testing. mary jane burke, superintendent of marin county office of education, says she doesn't know for sure how many teachers and staff are vaccinated in marin county, but she believes it's pretty high somewhere around 90% this is a pandemic. this is a public
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health issue. we know that vaccinations matter we know that they can essentially ensure better and stronger levels of safety. this afternoon, burke and marin county public health officers will have an online forum to give guidance to school districts across their county on how to implement the new program. we know how to open school safely. we demonstrated our success. marin county we had almost three million student days last year and only 19 cases and that was without vaccination for half of the school year so we can do this children. under age 12 are not eligible for the covid vaccine. yet knowing which adults around them are vaccinated in which are not will help public health officials track any potential outbreaks this fall. we're seeing that vaccines are working at preventing hospitalizations, so our goal is for every children to have as normal of a school year as possible. and ensuring that all staff are vaccinated as one of the ways that we can keep schools open and the marine
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county superintendent says she believes eventually the state will require all educators across california to get the covid-19 vaccine just like there are other vaccines are required to get now for measles and whooping cough and other diseases. reporting. thank you. the first day of school for students in the oakland unified school district is just days away amid another surge in the covid pandemic. the school district has committed to returning to full in person learning for the first time in more than a year, the first day of school is this coming monday, but right now it's not clear how many teachers have been vaccinated and the district does not require covid vaccinations or testing for teachers or students. i do hope you are with us this morning on mornings onto when i spoke live with the oakland unified superintendent, dr kyla johnson. trammell i asked her about the district not having a vaccine mandate. we are working in tandem with the county and the
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state. and so we want to make sure that this is the decisions that we're making are in alignment with the guidance that we have given. now we are in the middle of a pandemic. and if we've learned anything over. will continue to change. and so our guidance will continue to change. oakland teachers are set to vote on the district reopening plan in the next few days. bring county has a high vaccination, right 86.5% but the number of coronavirus cases there are surging. in one community, according to the chronicle, the current spike in covid 19 cases is mostly among unvaccinated african americans. rank county officials say out of 32 cases recorded from july the 12th through the 22nd 30, where unvaccinated people in 27 of those people were african american county health officials are now focusing their efforts on getting more african americans vaccinated knew it knew in san francisco
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international airport is reporting an increase in the number of four travelers who are getting covid vaccines at the airport. sfo announced today that it has surpassed 30,000 vaccine doses administered at the airport this week alone. airport says more foreign travelers are making the vaccination a part of their visit to san francisco 80% of new vaccine appointments are from non u. s. citizens 1000 doses have already been administered to visitors from 58 countries. an intruder was shot and killed after entering a home in pleasant hill. happened on shadow mountain court near the diablo valley college campus. ktvu is elissa harrington spoke with a neighbor who said the same intruder tried to break into her home as well. a man is dead after he allegedly broke into a home unpleasant hills shadow mountain court. this happened tuesday around 5 45 in the afternoon. officers were first called about a man acting, erratic and vandalizing cars.
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neighbor laura brian, who did not want her face on camera, said he hit the side of her units so hard it took pictures on her wall, kind of stumbling all over the place, making loud noises fell into my front planner and then kind of made his way across the street, which is in front of my house and started kind of breaking into some of the cars. um banging on their windows took aside mere off one of them, brian said the man tried to break into her home. she hid behind a couch and called 911. thank goodness my doors were locked because he was messing with the handle. i could see the handle going right and left kicking my door screaming when he realized he couldn't get through my front door. he went back to the side yard, and, um, he was kicking the side gate trying to get in that way, brian said right when officers arrived, the man then went to a duplex next door. he entered through the front door and was shot by the person living there. responding officers heard that gunfire they found the intrude. on the living room floor, suffering from at least
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one gunshot wound. he was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead. police were able to interview several witnesses and say that all parties involved did stay at the scene and are cooperating with the investigation in pleasant hill. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news, concord police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened shortly before 10 o'clock last night on pine street near detroit avenue. concord police say they responded to gunshots in the area. when they arrived, they found a 22 year old man who had been shot. he was pronounced dead at the scene. two additional gunshot victims were located at the scene taken to the hospital. this case is still under investigation and autopsy scheduled today on the body found near pleasant ridge regional park. investigators telling katie views amberleigh, they believe it's the body of a runner who disappeared three weeks ago. around 6 30 tuesday evening, a caravan from the alameda county coroner's office arrived at a private road leading to the pleasanton ridge regional park to pick up the
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remains believed to be philip kray check of berkeley. the mystery of the missing runners solved by a volunteer searcher around 2 30 in the afternoon. that person located in individual deceased individual matching the description of philip cry check. police say the discovery was made about a half mile from the trail with a 37. year old had planned to run july 10th. it's devastating, especially for the community, because, uh, this just doesn't happen. shock and disappointment. this grim development comes in the midst of a continuing effort by search volunteers long after law enforcement ended its search and the fact that it took this long to find him is what, really, um, kind of blew me away, law enforcement says the discovery was made in rugged terrain with trees and easy area for someone to slip and fall. it's. unclear if the area had been searched. previously sergeant ray kelly with the alameda county sheriff's office tells me clothing and shoes found appeared to belong to the abbot. runner is their foul
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play or any type of suspicious activity. or is this a more natural type of death questions? law enforcement hopes that an autopsy can't answer. we don't know at this time if there was any sort of injury or if he had to come to some sort of heat distress. krycek was a scientist, a husband and a father of two young children. he struck a chord with this volunteer who tells me he mountain bikes in the open space area. maybe when we were searching, maybe we were just feet away from him. and if that's the case, it would be would be pretty heavy to know that maybe we didn't look to the left just long enough to find him. sergeant ray kelly says they may have a preliminary cause of death if there are obvious signs of a catastrophic injury, family members say they're grateful for everyone who worked hard to bring prey check home in pleasanton, amberleigh ktvu fox two news still to come at noon. new information about a man shot and killed on highway four in antioch? no parents should
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be burying their kids. and then for two, you know his baby asset and now come into the world, you know, without a father heartbreak from the man's friends and family, who are giving us a look into his life and the loss that will stretch far into the future, plus new york governor andrew cuomo faces more calls. to resign after a probe concluded he harassed nearly a dozen women. i'm brian dennis in new york. i'll have that story coming up, and it's a much cooler day for most of us across the bay area. even cooler weather coming tomorrow. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo has your full forecast comin feeling sluggish or weighed down? it could be a sign that your
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parties to resigned from office. even president biden has weighed in as foxes. brian dennis shows us this all comes after the new york attorney general released its fines of five month investigation into sexual harassment allegations against that new york leader. embattled new york governor andrew cuomo, facing mounting pressure to resign after a months long investigation, found he sexually harassed nearly a dozen women. i think he should revive. i am sure there. some embraces that were totally innocent, but apparently the attorney general decided there were things that weren't if he refuses to resign, which i call for his resignation months ago, he
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needs to be impeached. immediately new york's attorney general, revealing the findings of the five month probe showing cuomo groped, kissed or sexually harassed 11 women and retaliated against one yesterday the governor remain defiant and denied the allegations. he showed a video montage of him kissing and touching people. as part of his defense. i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. one of his accusers, former age charlotte bennett says she's not buying the governor's apology. i don't believe him, and i don't want an apology. it's not necessary. it's fake and his propaganda video was not only uncomfortable and inappropriate but downright weird and unnecessary. the albany county district attorney is conducting a separate criminal investigation, saying, quote. we will be formally requesting investigative materials obtained by the eggs office, and we welcome any victim to contact our office with additional information about 74% of state lawmakers are now calling on governor
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cuomo to resign, step down or be impeached in new york, brian dennis ktvu, fox two news. a new poll finds growing support for the recall of governor gavin newsom. the survey 1000 likely voters by emerson college and next are found, 46% said. they're in favor of recalling the governor. that's up 3% from july, the number opposed to the recall was flat at 48% just 6% said. they're undecided. the same poll shows 40% are still undecided about who should replace governor newsom if he has voted out of office talk show host larry elder as the most supportive any candidate at 23% businessman john cox and reality star caitlyn jenner, both pole at 7% support, state assemblyman kevin kiley has 5% loyola law professor jessica levinson says the governor has a peculiar race ahead of him. for governor newsom. the biggest threat isn't who one of the names on the recall list. i don't think any of those people
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could beat him in a head to head in california. the biggest threat is again voters just feeling either apathetic or kind of angry and that's where he could potentially be in trouble. the recall election takes place september 14th. now tonight, we will bring you the california recall debate live right here on ktvu. it'll include republican candidates john cox, kevin faulkner, kevin kiley and doug oc. governor newsom is not participating. we'll have it live for you right here on ktvu starting at six p.m, and you can see our six o'clock newscast over on ktvu. plus all right now it's time to check in with ktvu, meteorologist mark tamayo and mark i beginning to see some blue sky out there, but that marine layer is a little bit stubborn today. yeah the satellite definitely showing that that the stubborn marine layer this afternoon across parts of the bay area, so good afternoon, frank and gaseous we do have yes and, um areas of fog still kind of hanging tough near the coast and right around
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portions of the bay, and that's kind of helping with that cool down today across a good portion of the bay area for today and into tomorrow, take a look at the overall temperature curve. you can see yesterday's fairly hot inland today. we're calling things off tomorrow. probably one of the cooler days of the week and then someone of a brief temperature spike as we head into friday. satellite is showing you or maybe telling you the story out there with the fog right near the immediate coastline out toward half moon bay pacifica, san francisco, but look at this. it is still moving across the bay out toward toward the bay bridge. you know, it looks like it's approaching a berkeley, emeryville, oakland and even alameda this afternoon, so right around the bay will have partly cloudy skies, more sunshine inland and keeping it cool right near the immediate code. line with some fog temperatures. most areas a bit cooler compared to yesterday. at this time, you can see most areas a big minus sign in front of those values that's leading to actually a mile to warm day inland. currently we have some seventies out toward concord and livermore, san jose checking in 70 san francisco 59
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santa rosa in the mid sixties. here's our live camera showing you still some overcast over sfo this afternoon, and this is probably the area. what would you should just have partly cloudy conditions so not complete clearing this afternoon? them this big area of high pressure has been heating up the interior it begins to lose its grip for today. still the hotspot upper eighties right around 90 degrees, but that's not incredibly hot. and as i mentioned, the cooling trend will continue right on through thursday with somewhat of a brief temperature spike as we head into friday and somewhat into a saturday, here's the plan for today temperature of san francisco 64 a bunch of seventies up in the north bay for santa rosa, novato nevado center fell napa and you can see lots of eighties england. the warm spots close to 90 degrees. that could be the case for antioch this afternoon. look ahead. your five day we're going to cool things off, as you can see into your thursday that a quick quick warm up by friday little bit of some cooling by saturday. it looks like we're cool things off and bring them some more relief by sunday. so if there's any good
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news with this forecast, at least we're talking about a warm up, but it is not an extended period of oppressive heat here in the bay area just to warm up as we head into friday and then some relief by the weekend. yeah, thank you. markets push to protect renner's the federal eviction ban extension announced by the cdc and why some say it's unfair you know when you're at ross and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like... yes!
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will last until october. the decision came following calls from progressive democrats demanding the biden administration take action. as caroline shively reports. there are now some questions, though about how the supreme court will respond after it ruled a change of policy could only happen through legislation. yeah this was the reaction on the capitol steps when news of the new federal eviction moratorium reached activists, including congresswoman cori bush, the missouri democrats spent three nights sleeping on the steps to protest the old band that ran out on saturday. today, she said, the work isn't over. i am just happy that people right now are not fearful that they'll end up with that eviction notice on their doors and that we have bought some time. the new ban on evictions lasts until october. 3rd the cdc issued it for counties with substantial and high levels of community transmission of covid 19, about 90% of americans now live in
12:23 pm
those areas. the center reports that mass evictions could increase the likelihood of new spikes in covid cases. republicans point out that the moratorium may be great for renters, but it is crushing some landlords. we've had enhanced on unemployment benefits now for a year and a half, and these landlords which for some of these landlords, this is their only income. what about them? and what about the fairness that they deserve? both sides want states to speed up dispersal of the federal relief money to renters? only a small percentage of the 46 billion has been given out so far. i don't think that's the fault of the moratorium. that's the fault of something wrong with the system. president biden said he expects the moratorium to be challenged in court. but while it's being litigated states will have time to push that money out to americans behind in their rent in washington, caroline shively ktvu fox two news. san
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francisco mayor london breed has agreed to pay more than $22,000 in fines for ethics violations she committed while in office. the biggest violation involves a scandal around disgraced former public works director mohamed new route he paid for some of her car repairs in 2019 and 2018. mayor breed asked then governor jerry brown to release her brother from prison. she used her mayoral stationary, which is considered inappropriate influence. there were mistakes made. i take full responsibility for those mistakes, and i've learned a lot since, um, you know, becoming mayor and being in office. mayor breed also failed to report money used to pay for her float at the pride parade, which qualifies as a campaign contribution. san francisco is moving forward with plans to reduce traffic in several neighbourhoods streets. 31 streets were closed as part of the safe streets program to give residents safe places to walk and stay socially distant. chronicle reports. the city is currently making four of those
12:25 pm
locations. permanent sanchez street in nowy valley shot well in the mission lake street in the richmond district and golden gate avenue. these sites had strong neighborhood support, and the closures are not expected to cause significant traffic jams on adjacent streets happening today in san francisco, south van ness avenue with the mission street intersection is closed to all traffic as part of the van ness improvement project. the road closure started this morning and is set to last through six o'clock monday morning. caltrans crews are replacing damaged pavement. the closure will impact traffic in the area. newly and transit bus lines are being rerouted around that intersection and another day of delays for thousands of airline customers this past weekend storm in texas, affecting hundreds of flights nationwide spirit airlines cancelled more than 400 flights yesterday, while american airlines cancelled around 350, stranding thousands of track. dollars in airports all across our country wasn't just the bad weather that caused the issues, either.
12:26 pm
american airlines says three quarters of its cancellations came from a lack of pilots. air travel in the united states has recovered to roughly 80% of its 2019 levels. the drought leads to new water restrictions across california. the impact thousands of california farmers plus more restrictions, announced his officials scramble to contain the new surge in covid 19 cases. i'm jonathan, syrian
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early next month. this comes as the delta variant leads to an increase in covid cases nationwide. jonathan syria, reports from atlanta. the numbers keep picking up the u. s now averaging more than 84,000 new covid cases every day of 45% from last week and the highest number since february. as the new surge accelerates, more cities and states are imposing covid restrictions, including new york city, which will require proof of vaccination for most indoor activities. and the vaccination push could soon be getting a big boost. the fda announcing they're aiming to give full approval to pfizer's vaccine by early next month. you have over 300 million doses of mrna vaccines given in the united states alone. the fda
12:30 pm
has said they're already accelerating the pfizer vaccine. now it looks like they're putting it on a fast track across the country. transmission rates are up. we're seeing the biggest spikes in florida and texas, which now account for one out of every three new covid cases. president biden ramping up pressure on governors who are refusing new containment measures, including mask mandates, i say to these governors, please help. but you aren't going to help at least get out of the way. the people are trying to do the right thing. but at least nine governors are banning local officials from requiring masks and some are also considering bans on businesses mandating vaccinations for returning workers. we could have counties and cities all doing their thing and different standards, and that would be confusing. it would be bad for business. we're also seeing a major spike among children and teens with cases up 84% in just the last week in atlanta, jonathan serrie ktvu fox two news, a big
12:31 pm
push is underway in the south bay to get more people vaccinated as the delta variant spreads. santa clara supervisor cindy chavez is leading an event right now in an effort to get more than 80% of county residents fully vaccinated. she and other community leaders are at the vaccination site in san jose. they say santa clara county must achieve its goal of getting more people vaccinated. we've been in one of the most challenging periods, uh, in our in our history, um and we're afraid that if we don't completely get vaccinated, uh we will continue to have to fight and we hope that we can, um get as many people vaccinated to subdue the coronavirus and the variant. right now. 78% of santa clara county residents ages 12 and up are fully vaccinated. another 6% have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and the push is on by san francisco leaders and health officials to get more people in the city
12:32 pm
vaccinated. you call it the group backs to the max took to the streets yesterday. volunteers use music and signs to draw people's attention so they could talk to those. who are not vaccinated. city's public health director, says the delta variant of covid-19 should be a wake up call for those who are hesitant about being vaccinated. this is covid on steroids. this virus is different from the virus rouz dealing with a little bit ago. the difference now between being vaccinated and not getting vaccinated could be the difference between sniffles and suffocation. the city. also taking the unusual step of allowing people who have received the single dose johnson and johnson vaccine to receive a supplemental dose of moderna or the pfizer vaccine, if that would make them feel more comfortable and more protected, more testing a vaccine clinics are being held in alameda county this week to
12:33 pm
encourage people to protect themselves and others. health officials offering a pop up site yesterday at the greater st paul church. in oakland, both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated. people were getting tested. many are concerned about the spread of that delta. very i just recently got back from a long road trip. um, i was passing through arizona, nevada and new mexico and i just wanted to make sure i didn't bring anything but in oakland covid tests and vaccines will be available today at friendship christian center. sonoma county says it is also expanding testing services due to greater demand. an effort is stepping up to get teachers and students vaccinated as schools are reopening or preparing to open around the state. state school superintendent tony thurman, promoting ways that schools can get students and staff prepared for a safe return to class. just this morning he was at a school in los angeles were
12:34 pm
vaccination clinic has been set up to offer vaccines to people ages, 12 and up, thurman says. this is part of an all out push to get more people vaccinated before schools reopen. we know that it seems like a tough time to be thinking about going back to school. but in person instruction is important for our kids, and we know if we follow the guidance that's come out from our state department of public health and the cdc. we know that we can get there. but it does mean that we need to do social distancing when we can always wearing a mask, getting vaccines and using covid testing. superintendent thurman says he plans to go to more school openings across the state to help support getting all of the states open schools. safely open for in person learning, california high school students who failed a class can have that grade removed from their grade point averages, but there's only a short time to make those changes. state lawmakers passed an emergency measure that allows high school students to change their letter grade to a passed not passed market they
12:35 pm
apply by sunday, august 15th, so that means an f would change to a note pass, but it would not count against the students gp a grades of a d and higher could be changed to appear. us and class credit would be given, but someone who was unhappy with an a b c or d grade wouldn't have that grade included in their gpa. most california colleges, including the u. c, and the cal state systems will accept the past. no past great point calculations, but some out of state schools might still figure in the actual grades. california department of public health holding a zoom meeting later tonight for alameda county students and parents. so part of a series of forums conducted in both english and spanish to provide covid information as schools began to reopen the program is directed to areas hardest hit by the pandemic. tonight's meeting will start at six o'clock and does include education, medical and mental health experts. you can register for the zoom by
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going to our ktvu. publics friends of a man shot and killed on highway for an anti auker speaking out, they say the 26 year old victim was about to be a father as ktvu crime reporter henry lee says the shooting was the second deadly shooting on highway four. in just weeks yet again another deadly shooting on highway for this time in antioch, the victim 26 year old lawrence s club on of stockton, seen here in a photo from his facebook page holding his college degree. the shooting happened at about 7 30 monday night on eastbound highway four. hillcrest avenue. esteban died at the scene. i'm heartbroken, you know, that was my boy. rashad it's and grew up with esteban and pittsburgh. his friend was going to be a father for the first time with the baby boy due in october, his profile pictures on facebook show a man enjoying life and being happy. no parents should be burying their kids and then for two you know his baby assets now come into the world, you know, without a father, just senseless, senseless violence, and, uh, it
12:37 pm
just needs to stop. michael crutchfield was previously the victims supervisor at dhl and tracy. you could tell he was raised the correct way. he was not doing any bad things. he was a hard working young man that came to world works sometimes 60 hours a week, the chp shut down a large portion of the highway to look for evidence, including shell casings. authorities say freeway shootings can be complicated crimes. scenes. that evidence isn't going to remain in a static location the way we would if there was a shooting outside of a home or inside of the building where there's a controlled environment prosecutor simon o. connell is the acting second in command at the contra costa county da's office, he says investigators are exploring all possible motives, whether that's because they are mistaken for being somebody who was arrival whether a gang member has chosen to target someone, and then there is collateral damage or there's road rage. um it is a pandemic as the chp tries to find the shooter, friends of desk laban
12:38 pm
are saying farewell. i love you, lawrence. um you know, watch out over us as part of the investigation, the cvp will look at security cameras, shot spotter devices and license plate readers in hopes of finding the shooter henry lee ktvu fox studios, oakland police made an arrest for a shocking murder happened back in march 58 year old andre weston is being charged with killing 58 year old william van who was beaten and stabbed before being set on fire. police say there was an altercation between the two men and that western dust fan with an accelerant and then set him on fire. ban was a homeless man who suffered burns over 80% of his body. he did die five days later and i'll completes her try to combat violent crime after of recent spike in the city the department has investigated 75 homicides so far this year. that's compared to four nine, the same time last year. back in february, the department was experiencing
12:39 pm
more than 500% increase in violent crimes and homicides were up some 560 now 75 homicides are still unacceptable, and there's a lot of more work to do on behalf of this department, but i just want. residents of oakland community of oakland to know that we are focused and that we are doing our best to manage despite in violence, the chief laurent armstrong, credits the community for playing a key role in keeping oakland safe. he also says he will continue to work on the department's violence reduction strategy to further reduce crime in oakland. there are more police patrols in walnut creek after several grab and run theft at the nordstrom store in broadway plaza. last night, the walnut creek city council voted unanimously in favour of the increased police presence. the city had to approve the proposal because the patrols involved voluntary overtime by officers and will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. not everyone likes the idea. what would happen if an incident
12:40 pm
should happen there inside nordstrom. the liability would then fall upon the citizens of walnut creek, not nordstrom. and that's why i'm speaking against the proposal. of any officials say vehicles belonging to organized groups have been seen on video checking out broadway plaza. nordstrom says it plans to reimburse the city for the costs. dixie fire is now among the top 10 biggest wildfires in california. it's burned through 428 square miles in his at 34% containment. this fire grew about 20,000 acres in just the past 24 hours. the entire perimeter of lake al manar and the town of chester is under an evacuation order. the fire has jumped highway 89 crews say hot, dry, windy conditions are making this firefight very difficult. flames have destroyed 45 homes and businesses. some 12,000 more are still threatened in south lake tahoe. wildlife officials are searching for a black bear cub burned in the tamarack fire officials at lake tahoe
12:41 pm
wildlife care say the six month old cub escaped its enclosure by tunnelling under an electric fence. they say the bear is not in immediate danger and is not a threat, but they do want to find him as soon possible people in the areas of black, bart heavenly valley in sierra tracked are being asked to be on the lookout had thousands of farmers are being ordered to stop taking water out of the states rivers because of the drought, the state water resources control board approved the emergency order yesterday resolution affects water rights to the sacramento in the san joaquin river systems. however there are exceptions for drinking water and some other needs order will take effect in two weeks. taking steps to help prevent wildfires. what pg and e says about power safety shutoffs this wildfire season and how many we should expect in the months to come. plus, it's a much cooler day for much of the bay area. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo as your full forecast said the trees are blowing in the breeze here along highway 24 in the east things we'll b
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this fire season, but it's ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz reports they hope to make shutting off the power a last resort. the huge dixie fire and smaller fly fire have n sparked by trees falling on pg and e power lines are firefighters have been on the front line. a significant
12:45 pm
increase it fires this year that have already burned significantly more acres than we were at the same time period last year, which is why pg and e and other utilities have been called to task by the california public utilities commission. the focus readiness plans to shut off power to reduce wildfire risk fully understand the tremendous responsibility that we have. in preventing catastrophic wildfires. public safety power shutoffs are unnecessary tool in preventing catastrophic wildfires. but regulators want to make sure it's a last resort, especially for those who depend on it for life saving medical devices. the consequences of loss of power. are far beyond inconsequential be. jenny has the responsibility to manage their grid responsibly and they have a duty to keep the safety and well being of their customers as their highest priority. pg and e says it will decide on public safety power shutoffs
12:46 pm
based on not just wind and weather conditions, but now looking at specific trees that could potentially strike lines. or those lines targeted as higher risk of sparking a fire this year. the utility predicts about five major ps ps events each could last more than califw how disruptive. it is to lose power, to ease the burden on our customers and our communities that we have the privilege of serving. while models seem to pinpoint and build a high fire risk map work is also underway to sexualized the grid to limit outage size and under grounding of lines is happening to it all follows power lines being blamed for about half of the most destructive wildfires in california history. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. we'll take a peek outside the bay area this noontime we had some trees blowing in the window like kind of in mount diablo area. mark tamayo i think you're up in the north
12:47 pm
bay. i see it happening where you are as well. yeah a bit of a breeze. a in fact that breeze always kind of comes in like clockwork. each and afternoon each each and every afternoon garcia with her, and by mid afternoon, we're talking about those winds. maybe going up above 20 miles an hour or so is that typical sea breeze that usually cools us off and that'll be the case for today across the region, so no major heat that's kind of the headline. for today. we are calling things off compared to yesterday, tomorrow one of the cooler days the weekend, then a quick temperature spike as we head into friday satellite, we have lots of clouds still hanging out near the coast not only near the coast but also right around portions of the bay as well near san francisco right around the east bay shoreline looks like that fog patches trying to a break up a little bit, but still this afternoon. we are expecting partly cloudy skies around the bay and keeping it cool coast side now as far as temperatures compared to yesterday, at this time, most areas have big minus side in front of these values. so today, as expected a little bit cooler and that cooling will continue as we head into your thursday. good numbers out
12:48 pm
there. san francisco checking in 59 64 in oakland, a bunch of seventies and lend out toward concord while they creak and liver more ed san jose, check it in right around. 70 speaking of those winds, there's fairfield's one of the stronger winds. at least you can see sustained on the southwest 24 miles an hour. sfo westerly at about 16 miles an hour, so it is breezy and those winter pick up into the afternoon hours. here's a live camera checking out sfo this afternoon where we still have some overcast, so probably by mid afternoon. we're talking about partly cloudy skies for this portion of the area, but still some lots of fog out toward the coastline is area of high pressure is losing its grip. so as a result, that's the source of some cooling for today. in fact, the overall weather pattern we're watching this area of low pressure develop offshore, and this will keep the cooling trend at least in check right on through thursday, wants this moves on out. temperatures begin to a rebound by friday looks like a two day warm up across the region friday and into saturday, but we're not talking about the extreme heat here in the
12:49 pm
region. take a look at the numbers you can see 60 seventies eighties warm spots right around 90 degrees. the clouds coast side partial clearing around san francisco and that more sunshine inland. you can see what happens tomorrow. we cool things off and then a quick temperature spike those readings up a good. 5 to 10 degrees across the bay area and then by the weekend will gradually cool things off. so it looks like especially by sunday. so we're not talking about extended period of hot weather, but still, you will notice that warm up as we head into friday. thank you, mark. the san francisco giants are condemning racist social media messages sent to relief pitcher j. jackson he entered monday's game against the arizona diamondbacks with the giants up 8 to 5, but jackson was unable to hold the lead. the giants still went on to win, but jackson received several direct messages containing racist language j. is totally open to criticism about his performance, but any time race is, um you
12:50 pm
know, we get racist comments from anybody. it's completely unacceptable. um. and quite disgusting, to be honest with you. kapler says giants players and staff have rallied around jackson, who is also thanking fans for their support. he tweeted huge, huge, huge thank . you guys have sent an outpouring of love and support after inappropriate messages. thank you from the bottom of my heart. and how about those giants tonight? giant ace kevin gausman will take them out and game three of the four game set against the diamondbacks giants need to pump up their offense to after losing last night. 321 a former teammate medicine bumgarner to seven and he struck out for even scored a run madman told reporters after the game is still a strange feeling that is no longer than a giant uniform. today the aids go for a split in their two game series against the padres at the coliseum last night, he's got hammered 8 to 1, and it didn't take long to get on the board. first batter the
12:51 pm
padres lead up guy and see you later, tommy pham will let it rip. that's a solo home run. padre scored three more in the second inning, andpitch at the coliseum. was about 10 15 minutes you go. it's underway. coming up heading back to the classroom after more than a year of distance, learning how many communities are helping children get the supplies they need just days before the start of the brand bel
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
program that punishes them for earning anything over a poverty level income. ktvu is tom baker tells us about a bill in washington that could help change the rules that have now been in place since the seventies. sec supplemental security income has caused many disabled folks to live,
12:55 pm
enforced poverty and in fear of getting a job or saving money. it's for disabled people under 65 for homework is difficult or impossible, as well as seniors without assets or access to resources. but it's a system many disability experts and advocates say is hopelessly flawed. it's a very weird system that punishes people, right we're trying to work, so it pushes people into poverty where it's a program that was initiated to help people not be in such dire situation with poverty. currently 10 million sse recipients would lose their government benefits if they have over $2000 in the bank. you can own your home and your car and still get sse, right? its income lets the issue my house is falling apart. it needs about $50,000 in repairs. um because i purchased it, as is. and i'm not able to save
12:56 pm
money in order to pay for those repairs. anything above two grand uncle sam can deny applicants or kick folks off and they tell you that you're supposed to report your guests. back to your birthday. it's not like that so ridiculous. what why would i report against like, i'm noause they had the babies all the baby's birth money. all the birthdays. all the christmases all the holidays, putting one account and. they couldn't get it as a result of that, whether it's you know, getting that car going back to school, um, paying for education? um um and anything that would make their life better. the $2000 limits set 32 years ago is less than half of what it's worth today. and their health care is at risk because sse is linked to medical that created a very big premium for charis hill and like it averages like $600.
12:57 pm
that's over half of my income, and so. had no to stop working likelized a more common sense approach needs to apply. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news, already, some businesses are defying an indoor mask mandate that went into effect in seven bay area counties. just yesterday, managers at danville ball say they will not be enforcing the mandate. the facebook post says. quote we believe everyone has the right to freedom and not constant retracting. restrictions from the government. the post continues, if you would like to wear your masks inside while ubell feel free if you don't want to. that's okay. the mandatory indoor mask mandate applies to everyone, regardless of their vaccination status in every bay area county except napa and solano. some business owners tell us they've had people get hostile over this return to face mask rules. how many copies of the constitution u. s constitution. maybe your
12:58 pm
emotional you're upset, but you're also you know that this person is possible disease vector. so you try to stay away. what am i talking about? your passport, some angry customers it recycled bookstore in san jose posted their masculine confrontation on youtube. so managers say they're now left on the hook to regulate these new rules in west oakland at the community foods market, they have noticed a similar situation when a woman without a mask started throwing food at a manager well, children in richmond now have new backpacks just in time for the start of the new school year. 1000 backpacks were given away this morning at the bay area rescue mission in richmond to kids in need. the backpacks were also loaded with much needed school supplies. this backpack giveaway has been a tradition for the rescue mission now for 20 years. our goal is to love our community and love without limits. so we are all about loving our community without limits. so these kids after a terrible year of covid, we want to set these kids up well heading into
12:59 pm
the school year with the gifts, supplies everything for them. the area of rescue mission teamed up with chevron this year to make sure every child who signed up received a new backpack and those school supplies. at ktvu is partnering with supply bank dot org for our annual back to school drive to donate, go to ktvu .com slash school. disneyland has announced a return of its annual pass program. it's being called the magic key passes, there were four different levels ranging from $399 to $1399 a year there were different restrictions and blackout days, depending on which pass you by the lowest price passes only available to southern california residents. highest level or the dream. key has no blackout dates, but you still need to make reservations, and it includes free parking. these magic passes will be available starting on august 25th still the happiest place on earth, even for this big a lot of people. good good.
1:00 pm
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