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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  August 4, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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deeply regrets that choice. he contracted the virus on a day trip to new orleans to visit his nephew. you know one moment you're sitting there and you enjoying tv and the next moment they talking about sticking tubes now you throw, possibly if your oxygen doesn't go up within the next hour, and as dad dad is frightening is frightening. daniels was discharged after or a week his nephew remains on a ventilator in a medically induced coma. health officials are hoping that federal approval of a vaccine will persuade people who are skeptical to get the shots. the fda could give full approval to advise pfizer's vaccine by early next month. the latest numbers from here in california showed that more than 8500 new cases were reported yesterday. statewide that's up by more than 1200 compared to the day before. 54
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more people died of the coronavirus. there were only 11 deaths the day before test positivity is also now up to 7% compared to 6.7 the day before, and that's the highest since early february, and nearly 5300 people are hospitalized. that's an increase of 162 patients. compared to the day before. families around the bay area are preparing to go back to school kids in oakland head back next monday. ktvu christian captain here now and christian, that means a return to in person instruction at a time when we're seeing coronavirus cases really going up, yeah, that's exactly right. frank education experts agree, though, that the best place for kids is inside those classrooms. so now districts around the bay area and up and down the state are rolling out their plans. for what this. full year is going to look like in just a matter of days or weeks. kids around the bay area will be
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back in the classroom education leaders and districts around the state say the classroom is the best place for children, state superintendent of schools tony thurman says following state health and safety guidelines. schools can reopen safely. we know that we can get there. but it does mean that we need to do social distancing when we can always wearing a mask, getting vaccines and using covid testing districts around the bay area. now laying out their plans for the 2021 2022 school year. oakland schools return august 9th san ramon valley schools the following day, august 10th with about 750 students set to attend virtual academy. fremont school district returns august 18th, same for san jose students. the district there will acquire all teachers and staff to be fully vaccinated or submit to weekly covid tests. marin county following suit we are saying you should be vaccinated, and we need you to be vaccinated if you not yet fully vaccine you will be going through the weekly testing. san francisco students are set to
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return to class in less than two weeks. dr novena baba from san francisco's department of health says the risk of transmission in classroom settings is low and in person instruction can be done safely. will say that we are not expecting cases within schools to be zero as dr woolridge said, community transmission and in home transmission will still occur. but the goal is that we have everything in place to prevent transmission from happening within schools. and keep in mind that things will look different at schools around the bay area and across the state. all schools will require masks to be warrant for those attending in person, and many schools will have new start time so families will have to check wr district to see what time to drop those students off when school begins. we're live in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. alright, christian. thank you. just about 30 minutes ago. we also spoke with state superintendent tony thurman and we asked him if there is a possibility that schools would shut down again,
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if covid cases keep going up, and we begin to see outbreaks of various schools we like to avoid being in a situation where we can't provide in person instruction to our students. most of our parents have said that they want it. many of our students struggled from the lack of connection to appears into and two teachers, while some students a small number actually did well during distance learning. thurman went on to say that students must have access to a working computer and to live instruction with the teacher to get equality. education thurman believes schools can safely return to the classroom if all of the precautions are taken and everyone who can get vaccinated does so. the first day of school for kids in the oakland unified school district as we mentioned just a moment ago is now just days away amid another surge in the coronavirus pandemic, the school district has committed to returning to full in person learning for the first time in more than a year. the first day of school is this coming
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monday, however, right now it's not clear how many teachers have been vaccinated and the district doesn't require coronavirus vaccinations or testing for students or two teachers today we talked with oh us the superintendent, dr kylo johnson, trammell on mornings on to the nine and asked her about the district, not having a vaccination mandate. we are working in tandem with the county and the state. and so we want to make sure that this is the decisions that we're making are in alignment with the guidance that we have given now we are in the middle of a pandemic. and if we've learned anything over these 18 months, we know that the situation will continue to ce will continue to change. oakland teachers are set to vote on the district's reopening plan over the next few days. a new tonight the white house is working on a plan to require nearly all foreign visitors to the united states to be vaccinated.
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officials say the requirement would be part of the administration's phased approach to easing travel restrictions into the country. no timeline has been set yet, and the plan is not expected to go into effect any time soon. as the white house says it is keeping travel restrictions in place for now due to the delta variant. now to some new information in the case of a man who was shot and killed when he broke into a home in pleasant hill, our crime reporter henry lee live for us now at the pleasant hill police department and henry, several neighbors reported the suspects suspicious behavior last night. yes heather. they say they were that he was trying doors and vandalizing cars before he broke in and pleasant hill. please tell me the man who shot him well. likely not face charges because this appears to be a case of self defense. a man acting erratically was shot and killed by a pleasant hill resident after barging into the victim's duplex, the residents there uses personal firearm, discharged several rounds at this person legally owned a nine millimeter handgun. the
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man killed was identified as 46 year old john crudes of pleasant hill. police say the resident who rents the home and opened fire will not face charges because this appears to be a case of self defense. he and his witness wife was. cooperative they are not looked as with his time and there are no suspects outstanding. it began at about 5 45 tuesday afternoon when police began receiving numerous calls of a man with a beard and no shirt on vandalizing cars and banging on windows near shadow mountain court, and there was a loud bang on the side of my house kind of shook the pictures on the wall. laura brian, who didn't want her face, shone says she saw a stranger outside her home, banging on car windows and acting strangely kind of stumbling all over the place. making loud noises fell into my front planner and then kind of made his way across the street. the man then broke into cars parked on the street took a side mirror off one of them, but then he came back and try to get into her home. thank goodness my doors were locked because he was messing with the handle. i could see the handle
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going right and left kicking my door screaming when he realized he couldn't get in. he went next door and forced the unlocked front door off its hinges. that's when the residents shot him in the chest, and head officers were on scene and heard the gun. fire resident themselves are your typical average people who never experienced anything like this before and came back with a pretty traumatic experience. now john cruz, the man who was killed was a married father of three. his family declined to comment, as did the man who opened fire. he told me i don't think that's a good idea will be up to the contra costa county d a to make a final determination as whether that resident will face any criminal charges reporting live at the pleasant hill police department. henry lee ktvu fox two news. all right, henry. thank you. and concord police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened shortly before 10 o'clock last night on pine street near detroit avenue, police in concord say they responded to gunshots in the area. when they arrived, they found 22 year old saul's
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and ego with gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene to other gunshot victims were also located at the cnn taken to the hospital. the case is still under investigation. coming up, a body discovered on a hiking trail in the east bay and it is the same area where runner went missing three weeks ago. what we're learning about the investigation and the questions that still need to be answered, plus frustration continues to go up as the california tdd backlog continues to grow. we'll show you where you can go for help amid all the chaos, and as we head into your thursday, temperatures are going to trend down again. it was cooler today. it's going to be cooler tomorrow and then it jumps up on the weekend. i'll see you on the weekend. i'll see you back you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less.
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you'll say yes for less! from south texas. that's where emergency responders right now are on the scene of a horrific crash. authorities say an overloaded van that was caring about 25 passengers. most of them migrants crashed on a remote highway. at least 11 people are dead and more than a dozen others injured. now this crash happened just after four p.m. local time. investigators say that van designed to only hold 15 passengers was top heavy and rolled over when the driver lost control on a curve. authorities are still waiting for autopsy results on the body believed to be a runner from berkeley who disappeared three weeks ago. the body was found near pleasanton ridge regional park, the alameda county sheriff's department says the discovery was made about a half mile from the trail. where 37 year old philip krajcik had plan to run on july 12th.
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excuse me. july 10th. the area had rugged terrain with trees where critic may have slipped and fallen. it's not clear if the area had been searched. previously almost a year and a half now into the pandemic in california's economic development department is still getting waves of complaints and it is still very difficult for so many people to reach anyone there. kate, who's rob ross joins us now live from the newsroom with an alternative drop. their complaints continue to pile up at california's economic developed development department. but when many people may not realize is there is a place they can go for help since the start of the pandemic in the layoffs and furloughs that followed complaints about california's economic development department skyrocketed. many have said they were wrongly classified. i did not know why i was rejected and i had difficulty actually had zero response. i mean, he kept sending me the emails, saying that some would be back to me as soon as possible. that went on for three months. but there is a place people can go
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for help that has had success untangling the unemployment insurance bureaucracy, their local state senator and assembly person, california senator josh becker of san mateo county, says his office has received approximately 1000 complaints and resolve the vast majority of them has been absolutely. exhausting for our team, and we had to put such a huge amount of our team focused on e d. d after months of rejection from the e dd this laid off sales worker turned to san francisco assemblyman phil ting's office for help got a response literally within an hour. and that was impressive and exciting because it was the first breakthrough i'd had after probably two months and he'd found that her unemployment insurance was mistakenly being sent to florida. problem solved. that makes me appreciate local government. state legislators all received funding to hire temporary staff dedicated to helping with the dd problems. this legislative aide has personally cleared some 400 e dd complaints for those who
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contacted assemblyman ting's office, she says the pdd is not exactly a tech savvy operations. sometimes it takes a while because they have outdated systems. and horrible software, um, to get everything untangled, one legislative aide told ktvu that while the backlog is going down, their offices still add a new complaints faster than they can clear. older ones. my colleagues and i are working really, really hard. to help people with their claim issues. what legislators can only help their own constituents. so the most important step in getting help is to find out who your representatives are in sacramento. we've included a legislator locator link on our website at ktvu dot com. just click on web links in the newsroom. rob roth ktvu fox two news, glad to see that some people are getting help of voice so much frustration still remains. rob. thank you. cal fire is responding to a new
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wildfire tonight that's quickly grown to 500 acres. it's burning in plaster county in the bear river campground that's near colfax. cal fire has also released this video of the river fire live pictures now and there are now evacuation orders in the area. they say that there's an immediate threat to homes and they're also call in for more air resources and engines to tackle this fire. the dixie fire burning employments county has exploded by more than 30 square miles under red flag conditions. the entire perimeter of lake al manar and the town of chester are now under an evacuation order. the dixie fire has now burned nearly 430 square miles and is only 35% contained. it's also destroyed 45 homes and businesses and more than 12,000 buildings are threatened. as of tonight, the poor air quality
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remains in effect for areas near bradford island in the san joaquin delta. the warning applies to residents in the northern and central regions of the san joaquin valley, bradford island is about nine miles northeast of antioch. the fire started early monday morning. at least 200 acres have burned so far, at least two structures have been damaged. fire crews are letting the flames burn since the fire is surrounded by water on all sides. no word yet on how the fire started, cal fire says this year is shaping up to be the worst year for fire, surpassing last year's record today, state officials took part in a drought briefing. cal fire says fire activity is up 12% compared to the same time last year. but fire officials say the most alarming increase isn't a number of acres burned. so far, fires have burned more than 500,000 acres compared to 200,000 at this time last year. we're definitely not out of the
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clear. we're not anticipating wedding range for several months to come. and, uh you know, like i said, one thing to remember is we talk people like to talk about fire season. but truly in california. there is no fire season. um, it's a year round event, state water officials say climate change is the root cause, they say the lack of rain, coupled with record temperatures is a recipe for wildfire. yeah so we have to this next few months as we get into august and september october, which are our worst fire month, we have to start. hoping and crossing our fingers that we get more weather patterns like we're seeing, at least for the bay area right now, and what we're seeing is low pressure center offshore, mild to warm temperatures. today was a little bit cooler from oslo cooler still, and we got to root that on because it's going to. we're going to get fire weather for sure we're already having some, but we're about a month ahead in terms of fuel moistures. they're just they're they're they're like they're late september so things are burning really
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easily, so it's kind of scary time. there are red flag warnings up here. this is for the dixie fire zone in southern oregon. red flag warning in that area that wins will pick up humidities or, uh, not quite incredibly low, but the winds are going to pick up and that's that's going to be the big issue up there and that lasts you can see the zones right? one last told 10 o'clock tonight that's near the dixie fire, and then the eastern partially up towards bernie macarthur. that is at nine. pm it closes down on thursday tomorrow night, so we'll keep our eyes on that. of course fire is i was talking to someone today about i go. you know the thing we really i don't. we're not really concerned about much else. other than whether that is not going to be accelerating the fires. so when we look at this fat weather forecast, i feel pretty good in terms of what we're seeing in the nine bay area counties. what we're seeing are these temperatures that warmed yesterday? they're cool today. they cool tomorrow. they bought them out and they weren't back up. but it's not going to go. go into this incredibly hot fire zone weather pattern is just going to be, um, warmer and you can
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see the fog offshore. what's happened is there's this low if you're with us last night, this big low, it's just sitting off washington and oregon little bit further off in the ocean, and it gets close to us. somebody gets close to us. it takes the fog. you can see it up over the towers. it spreads it out. pushes it inland. we get greater quality. we get less than fire danger. um, and it's bay is classic bay area weather and we're fortunate we had a really pretty good summer. in terms of that. i mean, think about the rest of the country is breathing smoke from california fires and we in the bay area. i've had very little smoke issues knocking on wood, not saying that we're not going to was saying no longer we can go with this pattern. this pattern includes this guy right here shallow. so is that thing says we can give as long as those and we've had some, uh, iteration of those lows all summer long and that low sitting up there is just enough to keep the heat in the valleys and away from us. so what i just say tomorrow is going to be cooler. black, you're noticing hot spots the mid eighties. when i come back, we're going to look at the long range forecast, which does include that warm up and we'll
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have the five day when i see after a few breaks. senators say they almost close the deal on a trillion dollar infrastructure bill, but now it gets really complicated. i'm caroline shadley in washington. i'll tell you how it could affect the roads, bridges and internet in your neighborhood coming up and coming up tonight on ktvu news at six, governor newsom was in mendocino county today to tour the side of california's largest wildfire in history. what he said about working with federal agencies. also the secretary of defense expected to announce a mandatory vaccine policy for all active duty military. we'll have details coming up
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connection with the bipartisan infrastructure package, making sure that every state gets something out of the deal. fox news caroline shively tells us there are still major concerns
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about the future of the measure. that pothole on your street. those old water pipes in your neighborhood and even the internet in your house could be in line for an upgrade with a trillion dollar infrastructure package now being debated in the senate. wondering what exactly is in the 2700 page bell. so our lawmakers already it's twice as long as the bible. we got it, uh, we got a sunday nine. we're amending a ghost. uh we don't nobody's everybody's fiercely along with their staff, and i'll never finishing. senators are voting on amendments this week that could change the basics of the bill. but as of now, it allocates $110 billion in new funding for roads and bridges. 65 billion. and for broadband 65 billion for rail 55 billion for water systems and 39 billion for public transit. everybody needs something everybody's going to get something is going to be done. the authors of the bill say it's paid for by going after certain uncollected taxes, but some senators are skeptical.
5:25 pm
many of the so called pay fors amount, too flimsy budget gimmicks that in reality do no such thing. so do they have the votes as democrats? of course we need 10 republicans to help us. on the bipartisan bill, and i think there there i think i think it's gonna work. if he's right. the bill heads to the house where things get even more complicated. house speaker nancy pelosi won't hold a vote until the senate also passes the massive $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill. no vote there yet the house is already out on recess in washington. caroline shively fox news joining us now for more on all of this is dr lauren right. she's a lecturer in politics at princeton university. thanks for joining us tonight. first of all, what are your thoughts on all of this back and forth, while it's a success for the white house, especially because biden was so personally invested and seeing this through, uh, you know, we've
5:26 pm
become so polarized and people's party id doesn't have a lot to do with policies sometimes, but what we do know is the public responds really, positively to bipartisanship and so progressives might not get anything they want out of this bill, but there is a public opinion boost that's worth it. how can senators vote this week on a 27 100 page bill that they just got on sunday? that's a lot of reading. it is a lot of reading, and there's certainly staffed up and i'm sure there are plans to have those pages gone through with a fine tooth comb. it's not all that uncommon in washington, especially for a package the size. they're to be thousands of pages, so they've they've done it before, and they can do it again. and i think, you know, probably not all of the 17 republicans who voted to advance the bill to this debate stage will hang on until the end, but they almost certainly
5:27 pm
will get the 10 that they need and there probably won't be too many amendments. doctor. why has it taken so long just to get to this point on a bill that theoretically helps every single american we all use. roads we all use bridges. we all use the internet and many of us use trains, among other things that are in this bill. well, it does take a very active white house and government experience and relationships. certainly help here, you know, we remember former president trump and nancy pelosi had somewhat of a handshake deal on a $2 trillion infrastructure package. we never saw that because it never became a priority. uh this is popular legislation that benefits people of both parties in the senate. certainly their constituents benefit across the board. and so it's easier to compromise on something like this than it is something where there's severe ideological.
5:28 pm
rather than practical differences, but in washington, we know that things have gotten so heated and so partisan and if you just look at 11 of the last 15 elections, whether it's midterms or presidential elections and one of those, um at least the house, the senate or the white house has changed hands. and so that seems to indicate the parties don't work together that well anymore. and last question here in the piece before we came to you. we heard about how nancy pelosi wants to tie this vote, uh, to another vote on a $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill. bottom line is, are we going to see an infrastructure bill? and how long until we see that? probably before the 2022 midterms? i think nancy pelosi wants to push this along and drive the agenda forward, and that's very smart because republicans are very likely to
5:29 pm
get back the house and 2022. so sometime before then we'll see both past. i don't know exactly how long it will take. all right. we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight, doctor. thank you so much. much. thanks. vacation and a vaccine san francisco international airport says it's covid vaccine clinic is seeing an uptick in so called vaccine tourists coming from all over the world, plus concerns over the rise in delta variant infections is mountain. we'll hear the latest from an infectious disease doctor about this as the push for vaccinations continues to ramp up. are defined an indoor mask
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mandate that went into effect in seven bay area counties yesterday. managers at danville bowl say they won't enforce the mandate, facebook post says we believe everyone has the right to freedom and not constant retracting restrictions from the government. the post continues saying, quote if you would like to wear your masks inside while you bowl feel free if you don't want to. that's okay. the mandatory indoor mask mandate applies to everyone, regardless of their vaccination status in every bay area county except napa and solano. some
5:33 pm
businesses tell us they've had people get hostile over a return to wearing face masks. san francisco international airport is reporting an increase in the number of foreign travelers who are getting covid vaccines right there at the airport gate fees. tom vacar joins us now live in the newsroom with the number stopped. well it's really interesting vaccine. tourism is the fastest growing category of visitors to the san francisco airports medical clinic. yeah airport officials say that many people have flown and continue to fly into sfo so called vaccine tourists, a thai travel agency offers $6400 vaccine trips to the us at sfo. they get the free single dose johnson and johnson vaccine about 80% of our new appointment. at our medical clinics are for non us citizens. and they are this is what we would call vaccine tourism people that are making a vaccine either part of their trip or the reason for their trip into the san francisco bay
5:34 pm
area. most of the vaccine tourists come from south of our border and asia. but in reality, they come from all over the world we've given out about 1000 doses. now two people from 58 different countries around the world, so it's really on the rise drum to kasey and some of his friends from tokyo, where vaccines are in very short supply came here to study this have state where vaccination is required. right now, most of the japanese people can't get vaccinated right now. that's why probably they have a chance to come to the you asked to get vaccinated. gibson arnold from southern california got a shot and the negative pcr test required by hawaii. i looked all over in los angeles forever and couldn't find any places campaign are spending a couple days here before had not hawaii and this was the place that came up found it online. and this is the only place i could find some 20 u. s. states do not require you to even live in the state to be vaccinated there, including california, alaska, announced starting in
5:35 pm
june, it would provide free covid vaccines upon arrival at any of its four major airports, new york city's mayor announced pop up vaccination sites at tourist spots get the worldwide problem of san francisco airport can help solve it, then good for them now. only five nations. the us russia dubai in the united arab emirates, the mel divas in the indian ocean and bali in indonesia offer covid-19 vaccines to tourists. the rest do not as yet tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. alright, tom. thank you. big effort is underway in the south bay to get more people vaccinated as the delta variant spreads. santa clara county wants to get more than 80% of county residents fully vaccinated supervisor cindy chavez, another community leaders were out of vaccination site today in san jose. they say santa clara county must achieve its goal of getting more people the shot. we've been in one of the most challenging periods in our in
5:36 pm
our history. um and we're afraid that if we don't completely get vaccinated, uh we will continue to have to fight and we hope that we can, um get as many people vaccinated to subdue the coronavirus and the variant. as of this week, 78% of santa clara county residents 12 and older are fully vaccinated. another 6% have gotten at least. one dose of the vaccine. well, joining us now for more on the delta, very and the ongoing push for people to get vaccinated as dr jon swartz berg, professor of infectious diseases in vaccine ology at u. c. berkeley public health, doctor, always a pleasure, this delta variant boy has raised a lot of new questions. how can the vaccinated, stay safe and avoid those breakthrough infections? well the most important thing, of course, is if you're not vaccinated, get vaccinated, that's foreigners. the most important thing you can do if you are fully
5:37 pm
vaccinated. you still want to be careful because of the tremendous transmissibility of this variant. that includes what we call the non pharmaceutical interventions that i'm sure many of your listeners have heard ad nauseam, but it's masking social distancing and not getting together and with in congregate settings that is with lots of people, particularly inside. those are the things that are going to protect you often it's called the swiss cheese defense. that is, you have your vaccination, but then you have in front of that you're masking in in front of that you have the social distancing and in front of that you are not getting together in congregate settings. it makes it awfully difficult for that virus to get to you. okay, so, doctor, we learned today that for the federal authorities are aiming to give the pfizer vaccine final approval by early next month. we know that there has been some reluctance, see on the part of some people to get the vaccine until it actually is fully approved. how much of
5:38 pm
a difference? do you think that that will make this transition from emergency use authorization to full on approval to get more people to get the vaccine? well to me, somebody who is living and breathing covid now since the very beginning and keeping a very close eye on the vaccines and all the scientific data about it, um it's not going to make any difference, but i think to the general public it will make a difference to have. the fda, saying that it is fully approved. i think a lot of people are waiting for that that will give them the psychological assurance that it must be okay in there, they'll go ahead and get it, so i'm i'm really, uh, anxious to get this fda approval. yes. and do you think felt that it could could help more public and private institutions mandate a vaccine? if it in fact does get this full approval from the fda? well, well. vaccines can be mandated now by by private
5:39 pm
companies. i think that a lot of them are waiting to have the fda approval having that. firm ground under them, i think will make them more comfortable in mandating vaccination. we have been talking throughout this newscast about the return to children to school. there is an added worry for parents here, doctor since children under the age of 12 probably won't be eligible for vaccination until well into the fall. so what sort of precautions should parents be taking? well, it's the same thing we talked about. at the beginning. it's the non pharmaceutical interventions. yes it's riskier. now. with delta having kids back in school, but at least by my calculus, i think it's the benefits of children being in school outweigh the risks, but it's not risk free. so i'm asking again is critical for these kids who can't get vaccinated. that's i think, number one, um, good ventilation in the schools helps a great deal. try not to get lots of kids together. that
5:40 pm
may be very difficult. try to have kids spaced as far apart as they can. that may be very difficult, but the one thing that kids can do, um, is where that mask all right, doctor schwartzberg. always a pleasure. thanks again for coming on today. thank you. the debate over border security is intensifying as republicans and democrats disagree over how to deal with the surge of migrants as coronavirus cases continue to rise, plus governor andrew cuomo, facing mounting pressure to resign as more lawmakers weigh in i'm brian dennis in new york. i'll have that story coming up.
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they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. number in more than two decades. in a new court filing, the department of homeland security says customs and border
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protection encountered 210,000 people in july at the southern border that's the most in one month since the year 2000. the fact the matter is from january through july. approximately 1.3 million people. have been apprehended coming into this country. without documentation. we need the short term solutions as well as a long term solution to addressing this immigration. health officials are also struggling with the rise in covid cases at the border. the white house has reportedly going to begin offering vaccines to migrants in u. s custody. there are growing calls for new york governor andrew cuomo to resign following an independent investigation that said he's sexually harassed. 11 women. fox news, brian yannis tells us prosecutors across the state are now moving forward with criminal investigations as well. the people have spoken leaders have spoken. it's time
5:44 pm
to go. new york city mayor bill de blasio adds to the growing calls for governor, andrew cuomo to resign after a months long probe found he sexually harassed nearly a dozen women pressure now mounting from both sides of the aisle for the governor to go, he continues to say that he is the victim. not all those that he abused. do the right thing resigned and if you do not, we will impeach you. district attorneys from albany county, westchester, nassau in manhattan, have made former request for evidence obtained by the attorney general's office to help with ongoing criminal investigations. and the governor cuomo included in that aeg report are allegations of unwanted touching from a now 30 year old state trooper who cuomo allegedly personally asked to be on his private security detail. the governor denied all of the allegations in a video released yesterday, but former aide charlotte bennett says she doesn't believe the apology. he clearly cannot accept responsibility.
5:45 pm
for any of his behavior. new york state assemblyman ron kim says some of his colleagues are pushing for immediate impeachment, the top prosecutor in the city of new york's had claimed that he broke federal and state laws we have as a legislative body and ethical and legal duty to remove them from his position of power, the state assembly speaker says. they'll be moving quickly to finish the ongoing impeachment investigation in new york. brian yannis fox news. coming up justice for san francisco grandfather the rally today to bring attention to the deadly attack of the elderly thai man and the increasing number of hate crimes against the a p. i community and the fight to recall governor gavin newsom taking center stage tonight a preview of this evening's debate when we come back, significant, cool down today, we're going to lose more numbers tomorrow's and little bit cooler and then a warm up just in time for the weekend.
5:46 pm
the details on your forecast and the five days.
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5:48 pm
san francisco this morning to remember an asian man killed in the city justice for vita justice were being the group called for justice for 84 year old vita rutan, apac d. he was a grandfather from thailand. he was killed in january after he was violently knocked down while out for his morning walk. this is the fifth rally in support of his family. they come out for every court date for the man charged with the murder and call for an end to anti asian hate and violence. sometimes it's really hard to hold back the tears when i see what's going on, and it happened to my mother. my mother was beating mug three times herself, and i was i was pushed around and punch when i
5:49 pm
was on the bus myself, so i'm in every single asian american that i spoke with have had some kind of violence or some kind of crime done to them, so it's really it's really different. called to deal with. the group is also call in for the recall of san francisco de a chaser boutin. they feel that street crime and drugs are on the rise due to his policies more than 51,000 verified signatures have to be collected by next wednesday to trigger a recall election. a lot of children in richmond now have new backpacks just in time for the start of the new school here when 1000 backpacks were given away to kids in need this morning to give away happened at the bay area rescue mission there in the richmond the backpacks were also. loaded with much needed school supplies. this giveaway has been in tradition for the rescue mission for 20 years. our goal is to love our community and love without limits, so we are all about loving our community without limits. so these kids after a terrible year of covid, we want
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to set these kids up well heading into the school year with the gifts, supplies everything for them. the bay area rescue mission teamed up with chevron this year to make sure every child who signed up received the move. backpack as fellas, school supplies and a reminder that ktvu is partnering with supply bank dot org for our annual back to school drive you would like to donate just go to k t v .com/ school. all right in and as we head outside, we've got temperatures today that look like this for these, uh. pretty nice. i mean, it was cooler today at 90 40 an act that was a little cooler, but not as cool as the fairfield that dropped a good 5 to 8 degrees from yesterday. fairfield 89 degrees today, so really, a pleasant day, and like, i keep saying, we've got this really robust, sort of onshore flow of air that is keeping the air quality nice and is setting us up for lesson. fire danger, which is great and giving you scenes like this around the bay area where you got the flag
5:51 pm
blowing the right way you got blue skies really good air quality. i mean, as you look out in here. you see that blue, right? he doesn't have a hazy texture to it all, even inland. we're not seeing smoke. we're seeing a really nice like i say, robust onshore flow, which is not the case for the rest of california or the rest of the country. in terms of air quality. this is the reason this low pressure center up here. that's a nice looking system, isn't it? i mean, that's something you'd expect. i don't know that's a good looking system for this. her august that looks like september october kind of a deal. um but either way, it's around and with it around, it's going to continue to set us up with this mild pattern for at least another 24 hours, and then we'll warm up for the weekend. there is the fog coming in across the avenue all the way out to the ballpark or it's just getting it out to the ballpark across market street. we are looking for a plan tomorrow, which will be very much similar to today, maybe a degree or two cooler. in some cases, so with that in mind, let's look for temperatures in the mid eighties tomorrow in the warmest spots 80 maybe upper eighties like in
5:52 pm
brentwood right now, 89 brett with 82 liver more look how much cooler it is. then yesterday yesterday at this time, right fairfield 12 degrees cool or 12 degrees cooler and every more so very noticeable cooling today. tomorrow is cooling will be not as noticeable but it'll be down a couple clicks. fog footprint for the morning. there you go, and that's what this low does that low. i showed you early on that it takes the fog and just motors it and puts it all the way into the inland bay valleys in the nine bay area counties and we start off cooler tomorrow. so that's the plan and this temperature footprint. you can see it. you just you can see the cool error right? the greens and the yellows representing seventies and sixties and you're not seeing even if in sacramento you really not seeing purple, you're seeing nineties, probably low nineties, so there's delta breezes are kicked in as well. this is tomorrow. fired, angel, take a little bit of a backslide. temperatures will be like this 85 in antioch 80 in livermore, 78 napa. so with that in mind. warming up as we go into friday.
5:53 pm
that's kind of the not a big warm up but enough that we get back into the mid nineties. that's the warmest day and then temperatures kind of slide back down. so that low that i pointed out off the top of the weather cast. huge so if we can keep something like that anchored their semi semi permanent we could, you know, get through this thing, okay as we get into the fire season months, i'll see you all back here at six o'clock with updates. all right, bill, we'll see you then. thank you. in just moments the first california recall debate will get underway right here on ktvu will feature for the leading republican candidates hoping to replace governor newsom, our political reporter greg lee joins us now with a preview. greg heather frank. good evening, all eyes on southern california tonight. we're. four of the 46 candidates in this race will make their case to voters on the stage in orange county tonight, businessman john cox former congressman doug o. c. assembly member, kevin kiley and former san diego mayor kevin faulconer. this comes just two weeks before every registered voter in the state over seve a mail
5:54 pm
in ballot for this election reminder. election day is set for september. 14th experts have made it clear turnout will dictate the outcome of this race. democrats trying to leverage their 2 to 1 registration edge in the state late joyner, conservative radio host larry elder, who was leading the polls will not participate. and neither will the governor, though both were invited. speaking of those polls, numbers moving the wrong way for camp newsome. the most recent poll from emerson college, and next are found 46% or in favor of recalling the governor up 3% from july. the number opposed to the recall stayed at 48% with just 6% undecided elder lead. all other candidates by double digits in that poll, but 40% of people said they were undecided when it comes to a replacement vote. so a lot to see tonight we're expecting the four men to be asked about education, crime, homelessness and taxes. the question is what kind of fireworks might we see on that
5:55 pm
stage? frank? another yeah, that is the big question and greg wondering here if you think that these candidates are going to go after each other, those who were on the stage and maybe larry elder or do you think there is someone else they're going to target with their attacks. well, we certainly know that the obvious answer for this is that they will go after governor newsom. he will not be on the stage tonight. he will certainly not be in the building tonight. but they all want to make their case about why they believe voters should vote yes. on that first question of about should governor newsom be recalled. but to your point, i think certainly we will see them go after larry elder because he is leading all the polls. he has all the momentum. he's raising a lot of money. in fact, he has a fundraiser in bakersfield tonight instead of participating in this debate. so any time you're the front runner, people want a piece of you so we're likely to see them go after larry elder and then we'll see if they go after each other as well. yes, given that larry elder is leading the polls by a wide margin, i'm wondering why is he not
5:56 pm
participating tonight? and then also will these four with these four candidates who are going to be, uh, in the in the debate? how important is it for them to introduce themselves to voters? since they're so far behind larry elder. so number one when we talk about larry elder at this point, if anyone has listened to his radio show or read some of the things he writes, we know that he is very conservative, oftentimes more conservative than voters in california or voters have a taste for in california, but at this juncture he has the most name recognition. so a lot of people when they answer that poll, you go for the name that resonates with you, and that has been larry elder, so his team took an assessment tonight, i think and realize that let's just keep riding this wave and see what happens. in fact, his spokesperson said that they would only hurt the gop if this turned into a bit of a firing circle. tonight it would only help governor newsom and we're certainly seeing that be the strategy for governor. newsom is his team has already sent out a statement about 20
5:57 pm
minutes ago, saying that this is again a republican recall, led by larry elder. all right, greg lee a lot for us to watch again. that debate is coming up in just a few minutes. right here on ktvu. and that does it for us. the six o'clock news begins in minutes over on ktvu. plus so that we can bring you that debate. yeah. that debate is set to start in just a few minutes as we mentioned right here on ktvu, and it will include republican candidates. john cox, kevin faulkner, kevin kiley and doug o. c. who greg was just mentioning we will be back for the 10 o'clock 11 o'clock news again. if you're looking for the news of the day here in the area. be sure to join us over on ktvu plus c a letter everyone good night.
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california right now, important questions about the comeback after covid the economy and the future of the golden state from the richard nixon presidential library and museum in yorba linda. this is the california recall debate now, here are christine devine and alex michaelson. it's not. and good evening. welcome to the california recall debate. we are live at the nixon library in your belinda and we are live right now on fox 11 in los angeles. ktv you fox two in the bay area and also the salem radio network. all right. come august. 16th every


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